Sword of Unity – Kin 69 ~ Red Self-Existing Moon

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Susanne Amara

Sword Of Unity flying into land…
The sword is landing, the code has been such a deep journey, so many streams converging and embodying, the journey has so many elements and this is one important part of the sword.
The Innerverse
A whisper of soul’s expression in the fabric of the firmament.
Codes of Sovereignty, Radical Authenticity and Presence, Shedding of skins, and Descending Source Primal Light into the fabric of our being.
The Universe is the YOUniverse is the INNERverse.
The inverse…the opposite of the way we have been…
The space in between.
The ‘dark matter’ the unknowingness in the voidal potential
The polar of separation…is unity and oneness.
The fractals converge.
The tuning forks harmonize.
Harmonic Convergence.
This is the VERSE of the INNER planes of our unity heart calling us home, into the plane where we live and breathe beginning a powerful journey dancing in the frequency field of Divine reflection.
ᗩᗯEᔕOᗰE ᒪIGᕼT ᑕOᗪEᔕ
Bҽαυƚιϝυʅ Ⴆʅҽʂʂιɳɠʂ
source: www.facebook.com/susanne.amaraa

Judith Kusel

10 hrsShared with Public
Extremely powerful energies are pouring in at the moment.
Allow them to integrate as this is dissoliving the old timelines in massive tidal waves of energetic upgrades, going right into the subconscious false programming as the shackles and bonds are falling off and the new is rising in powerful ways and potent speed.
Give your body space to rest and integrate.
Decide to become in the here and now, a radiant beacon of light and love which radiates out in the world and positive lovingly impacts upon it.
Become the inspiration, the leading light, filling the world with love and uniting all of humanity and all sentient beings, into one heart, one mind, one soul.
Judith Kusel
Photo: Full Moon Light Tower – Lunar Halo, Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK by Gary Woodburn
Every thought we have has a HUGE impact in the World.
Our World is experiencing extreme volatile emotions NOW and it is for us to understand the TRUTH and Understanding BEhind it.
Simply put, this is a Call for UNITY, LOVE and COMPASSION.
It calls for Commitment to Accept what is perceived and to choose right action and NOT reaction to Neutralize and bring PEACE and HARMONY to our World.
This is our Collective HIGHER Consciousness that Beckons us!
with Sacred LOVE of ONE,
~ 💜 ~

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THE ECLIPSE DOORWAY…has opened. A potent 4-week journey in-between 3 ECLIPSES. The more AWARE you are of what ‘power you have’ to now manifest at lightning speed, the more productive this season will be for you. We won’t see 3 eclipses again until 2029. This is also the DOOR OPENER energy on the next decade, where we’ll see more shifts in 10 years, than we have in 10,000 years…
This rare doorway, I liken to a ‘portal of light’.
TODAY IS THE POWER DAY OF 6:6…Beloved Ones, Just after the Full Moon Eclipse we experience the sixth day of the sixth month 6:6 – bathing the globe in the energy of HARMONY, femininity, family, collaboration and a call to your SOUL HOME. As I’ve explained in Saturday’s energy forecasts (The TIP-OFF) this is an “unparalleled opportunity to open up your heart and allow soul to ground you through your divine presence.” Listen to me speaking about ‘how’ and what else this special weekend of opportunity brings ✨
I explain the details of the next 4-weeks and guide you through every nuance in this week’s Eclipse Doorway edition of The Tip-Off with my special 12-page ‘Eclipse Guide’. Be grounded and learn how to practically integrate cosmic energy into your life. Join our community of light, who evolve every day, with The Tip-Off https://elizabethperu.com/the-tip-off

Christine’s Message June 2020

Thursday, June 04, 2020

from Christine Day

Hello,   This has been an incredibly intense time on a third dimensional level and the Pleiadians are saying that more drama is to unfold over the coming months. Their message is for us to bring our focus within our own hearts. To hold a steady platform of reconnection within our Heart by connecting and utilizing the powerful light energies that are coming onto our planet.

Those of us on the path have pre-agreed to anchor the energy of light, which exists within our unique God light that is activated through our Hearts. We get to consciously choose moments of connection in our Heart space. This is our individual role right now. There is nothing more essential than to take this action and set a new wave of consciousness across our planet.

This is the time for each one of us to do some deep introspective work within our human component while we simultaneously take moments of creating building blocks of realignment within our Hearts.

Focus on your human feelings, which are arising within you through everything that is transpiring within your outer world. Spend the time with your feelings, whatever they are, whether they make sense or not. You are being triggered by the many different diverse happenings that are taking place within your life, within our country and within our world.

These feelings that are arising within you are being sparked by the outer happenings. They have been held within you, as they are your old feelings from past experiences unexpressed. Whether this is fear, struggle, anger, rage, betrayal or simply feelings out of control… it does not matter the content. What really matters is that you utilize this time to feel the feelings, own the feelings and use the conscious breath to work deeper within the feelings. You can liberate yourself and let go of the old patterns of the past that keep you in a cycle of self-sabotage in your day-to-day life.

Together we unite within our Hearts, our true meeting point. I send my love and blessings out to each one of you at this incredible sacred and intense time.

Keep letting go and trusting the vastness of your own Heart.

Love and blessings,


source: www.christinedayonline.com


If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.


Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked


Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

Gaia Portals open fully with the Marches of Time.

Stores of Illumination open.

Spores of Illumination enter.

Heavens are viewed within.


source: gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2020/06/06/frugals-call-upon-the-higher-aware-and-are-rebuked



Archangel Elyon is Showing Off, The “Eden Setting” is Causing That Sensation, Introducing “SA”

The day is now 36 hours and starts and ends at 3AM or 3PM in an alternating fashion.

At the time of this post 1:11 early morning gate, on the 3D date 6620, the following 3:AM will start this new day. Simply follow this parallel around the globe until it hits your local time at three.

If you are cognizant that a new day has begun, it is customary to send love and kindness to someone.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is:



– When pure letters come up (Sunrise, Sunrise of Michael), things usually get intense, and to top that Gaia will continue to remain in the spirit dominant setting, and we now see changes to the violet flame. There is so much going on and the truth of the matter is that on a macro scale, the Earth, Sun, and elements are pushing for real change harder than anybody else is at the moment.

– The word “SA” in the calendar brings up an auspicious energy being of a star cluster who’s nickname is “SA”. This being is very mysterious and is a force that no race would dare mess with, as if they do, they could cease to exist because “SA” sustains most (if not all) of the life in this sector in a very real and physical way. When we feel it, it is very palatable and is marked by a warm connected, and heavy feeling in our guts, that is incomparable to anything else.

3D briefing:

– One way or another or another, organized darkness is determined not to allow the US to open back up, and ultimately this is going to have drastic global implications. That being said, an alternative agenda with absolutely no connection to the prior agenda wishes to do the same, even though their plans will cancel each other out the return to “The Old Normal” is not possible.

– What will start out as a demonstration will have the White House under attack by many different organizations, but not all of them will have anything to do with the causes presented. This is giving the malevolent sleeper cells of the world a perfect disguise to facilitate their plans and that is exactly what is about to happen. The attacks on the white house are going to be called domestic, but like stated it will be a mix of international and intergalactic agendas converging on an opportunity.

-The organized riots (not the protests) are tantrums for things being done behind the scenes. There are specific threats associated with the investigation, arrests, and harassment of specific people. Those with the eyes to see will clearly see this truth unfold in the upcoming days.

– It is not conducive to hurt your fellow man, if something needs to be changed, say it in an intelligent way and stand your ground. If enough people are passionate about it (and indeed they are) change will happen. If you insight violence, you nullify your perspective, and it shows that your argument won’t hold up an intellectual debate. The problem is that the peaceful people who DO have an intellectual argument will be bunched up and swept away with the others who are using this as an opportunity to cause calamity.

– Propaganda death must first be achieved for the success of “Organized Darkness’ Agenda” and that has dramatically failed. You are seeing the divide in government between the anarchist leaders and everyone else, and this is because the media’s coverup stories have become less and less effective on the masses. We will see some interesting micro 3D timelines where there is a mass “Red Pilling” or ” Walking off the cliff” so to speak.

On our 5D timelines…

– Fire, tornados, thunder, and lightning is the latest array from Archangel Elyon, who says to fear not, and enjoy the fireworks. You may feel water that is not there, this is a side effect of the macro matrix overlay that was put in place to implement the many things Archangel Elyon is implementing at the moment. These events will not affect us on the 5D timelines but it will provide us with many things observe.

– When you take a seat pay attention to what direction you are facing, as you will be influenced by the elements and the Archangels in charge of that direction on that day (they change often). In other words, switch seating when you feel the energy is off, it may just be the direction that you are facing does not match your dominant desires.

– There’s a wonderful macro timeline where the universe is extremely playful, this is where we are headed. We see snippets of this going and coming, but when we fully merge with this timeline it will be evident. The “Eden Setting” is the main setting of this change and that is as close as a humanoid can get to directly interacting with the personality of Infinity Expanding Creator Source. This place is beyond unique, and it’s such an anomaly that it can only have been placed there by the will of divinity in a very direct way.


Today’s Tools:

Tools will be active until the next post.

Use the legend below to help you decipher how to best use today’s weapons.
(Passive) = No intention needed to use or arm. It will work on its own when you accept its presence. All you need to do is give permission and it will work on your behalf. (Active) = Intention Needed to use (Aggressive) = Will attack before anything has a chance to do any harm to you, beyond space and time.

We have gone through great changes and thus the weapon-based tools indicated below can be inserted into the ground to call forth downloads.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive anywhere within the universe)

The Violet Flame team is in 3 after a long stay at 9, considering the status of the world, this means that transmutation is about to get heavy.

The Violet flame team is as follows, and is in no particular order: Archangel Germaine, Archangel Ansiel, Archangel Briathos, Archangel Emanuel, Archangel Raguel, Archangel Zadekiel, Archangel Dabriel, Archangel Agla, Archangel Gzrel, Archangel Tatrasiel, Archangel Agla, Archangel Harahiel, Archangel Aeshma, Archangel Sablo, Archangel Abraxos, Archangel Harahel, Archangel Nuriel, Archangel Galizur, Archangel Orion, Archangel Bathkol, and Archangel Adonachiel.

Archangel Michael’s legendary sword can handle anything, as it is completely omnipotent, no level of consciousness can be achieved that this couldn’t slice through. It is also an amazing weapon against electronics and technology as it can override any circuitry.

(Passive, Active and Aggressive)
Archangel Issac’s Radiant field looks a lot like Magnetos forcefield and it reacts to any life form with either loving energy, or a with a transmutation-al blast of vast power.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Leo’s Swords of plenty is a passive and aggressive attack sword that has a complete will of its own. Do not try to yield at all, you will only get in the way, equip and go.

Archangel Gabrielle’s shield of truth allows righteousness and justice to be your greatest defense. When equipped, this allows truth to protect and serve us. This shield also helps bring abundance to our lives.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Shepard’s orb is a presence of divinity that allows anyone that you are engaged with a clear path to forgiveness or a direct audience with infinitely expanding creator source on the matter. This is a truly compassionate tool of divine orchestration.

(Passive short range)
Archangel Tzdeikiel’s pendant of justice lessens all judgment against you and casts you in a favorable light.

Vahu Mana’s timepiece allows you to savor a positive feeling or thought. It brings an element of majesty to your everyday moments, and it prevents the interference of malevolent time travelers.

(Passive, Active & Aggressive)
Archangel Chamuel’s radiant peace allows you to be secluded in a peaceful bubble, no matter what is happening around you. It also allows those in your heart

(Passive and Active)
Archangel Jerimiel’s enhanced intuition allows the voices of your soul to become louder it allows the judges of spirit to be more obvious than ever before.

Archangel Mitatron’s sword of swift justice puts an end to all things in a standstill. This will move things in one way or another, be advised when yielding that the method in which it manifests is completely unpredictable.

Archangel Claire’s charm of pure intentions allows the person who equips it to see how to act from a place of love at any given moment. This helps patience, kindness, and compassion a great tool when working with kids.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Mendrion’s orbital thrust provides a swirling forcefield around you as it forcibly removes all that would do you harm in it’s swirling winds. This is debatably the most powerful aggressive shielding mechanism one can equip because its radius is extremely wide and unforgiving.


Today’s Assignments:

We are still working on a macro level, and thus the format will stay consistent, please use today’s current tools if you need assistance performing the tasks below.

The elephant in the room is the planned attack on the White House. We do NOT have permission to stop this, but we can still protect the pure hearts involved and hope they can relay a peaceful message to the group via their heart connection.

Locate the pure hearts in the crowd and in the White House by searching for colorful auras. Use a light blue shield for them, remember you are on a higher timeline so technically you are help from above.

More than a few malevolent galactic races are trying to feed this conflict from behind the Moon, do not confuse the natural energies of the full moon from the manic inducing malevolent energies they are sending. Use any means necessary to neutralize this threat.

In the middle of all this, our heartaches with wishes for the healing of things on the lower timelines. In an effort to encourage the rising of the correct force within the lower timelines, we will send heart chakra emerald green radiating love by envisioning emerald green light originating from your heart chakra and engulfing the world, please hold for at least a 72-second count.

source: archangeliccalendar.com/2020/06/06/archangel-elyon-is-showing-off-the-eden-setting-is-causing-that-sensation-introducing-sa



The Heart of Buddhism – To be a kind person

 added a new photo to the album: Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa, the Karmapas (1-16).

My fear and doubts have vanished like mist into the distance, never to disturb me again.
I will die content and free from regrets.
This is the fruit of dharma practice.
~ Milarepa

Thanks to: The Three Jewels



Happy Saka Dawa! If Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment, so can you!
No matter how insignificant you feel, no matter what problems you have, and no matter how many afflictive emotions fill your mind, never underestimate your potential for a single moment. Like a diamond covered by dirt, your buddha nature is there, waiting to be discovered.
~ Chamtrul Rinpoche
(Saka Dawa is an important date in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar where we celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana.)

If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

Kin 69 ~ Red Self-Existing Moon
The number 4 is called ‘Self-Existing’ and its key words are ‘Definition, Form and Measure.’ The fourth day of any wavespell is about looking at things in finer detail. ‘Well informed is well armed’ they say. Check your facts, gather information and make sure you have a plan to proceed that is based on fact, not guess work. Don’t throw yourself blindly into to a situation or sign any documents until you are sure that you know exactly where you stand.
Today is Red Moon which represents ‘going with the flow’. These laid back days are all about surrendering to the universe, relinquishing control. The moon has such a powerful affect it is pointless to attempt to turn the tide. Going against the flow will only lead to a Tsunami. As it is a number four day, this suggests that looking at the details and taking measure will help you relax. Gathering everything you need to know will put you in a place where you can have peace of mind, you can relinquish control once you understand better what is going on.
Today’s Guide is Red Serpent which represents among other things, self-renewal. A snake can shed its skin symbolizing the old, and out grown. When Red Serpent guides us, it is showing us that we have the ability to re new ourselves too.
The Challenge of the day is Blue Storm, which represents big, sweeping changes. On these relaxing days, Stormy people get annoyed because they can’t change things. Surrendering to the Universe is tough for them. But just as it is good for everyone else, surrendering is good for Blue Storms as well. Take a chill pill today and you’ll be fine.
The Occult power is the Yellow Human, the psychic of the Tzolkin. They provide the magic today and when Yellow Human is in this Occult position, their channeling becomes more powerful. For everyone else, expect your intuition to deliver unexpected messages.
The Ally is the White Dog and so if you need help today find a puppy to play with. Dogs know how to relax and can show you how its done. If you are a White Dog be aware that not everyone finds it so easy to relax and may need your help.
It’s a Portal Day! Amplify all the energy of the day …this gives us an opportunity to go through a gateway or portal. Enjoy!
source: www.facebook.com/TheTzolkinTimes
4 MULUC – KIN 69
6 JUNE 2020
I DEFINE in order to PURIFY
Measuring flow
I seal the process of Universal Water
With the Self-existing tone of form
I AM guided by the power of Life force
6/6/2020 = 6/6/22= 6/6/4 = 16 = 7
6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family/Romance
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
22 – Architect of PEACE/Master Builder
7 – Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude
KIN 69 = 15 = 6 6/6/6 code for TRIPLE CHRIST energies merging with the GODDESS! 👸
Today is a G.A.P day – A Galactic Activation Portal day, when the dimensional doorways are flung WIDE OPEN, adding more power and intensity to the energies of the full moon lunar eclipse (in 8 hours time!) which happens on this 6/6 portal in the Southern Hemisphere!! Wow! BOOM! 💥💥
Day 4 in the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER WAVESPELL of surrender, letting go, forgiveness, networking and building bridges. Today we must SURRENDER to the FLOW of new and pure consciousness. letting go of all that was, in order to embrace and BUILD the NEW!
SELF-EXISTING📦 – Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form and we have ourselves a square shape.Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place. As tone 4 focuses on the MENTAL realm, it is now time to construct your new HIGHER PURER MIND, using these newly developed capacities to assist you in the MENTAL construction of your new reality. As thoughts are the building blocks of FORM.. what you THINK is what you CREATE! Let’s build a better box!
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED MOON 👸 MULUC the GODDESS is really ACTIVATED today through this STRAWBERRY FULL MOON fuelling the FULL MOON eclipse in SAGITTARIUS – the sign of the Archer, the Pioneer and the Freedom fighter seeking JUSTICE and LIBERATION.. Along with the GAP day energies BLASTING OPEN this celestial PUSH for FREEDOM and LIBERATION – in full SURRENDERING of the old paradigm.
MULUC activates the GODDESS energies, assisting us in connecting with our intuition and going with the flow of Universal waters, soft, yielding, receptive and fluid. As it is a MENTAL plane day, we are guided to DETOX and purify our thoughts which we can more easily define, through our feeling body which the MOON is activating.. So have a union of the emotional body and mental body, simultaneously being purged together. .
The GODDESS is ensuring that we can PURIFY our past as the dark shadow of the moon reveals what is lurking deep below, then the LIGHT of the SUN fully illuminates the path where the SHADOW has been.. clearing the old hard drive and reformatting our memory bank in order to create new SPACE for new Majik to enter our MINDS.
Today we are more sensitive to the collective FLOW 🌫of conscious thoughts, deliberately releasing old world beliefs, and the old mental construct which defined us and our society. In so doing, we can define our new cell-ves and our new world, building a bridge to our New Reality, through our new more compassionate and wiser thoughts..
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED SERPENT 🐍 CHICCHAN activates our survival instinctual responses. In order to go with the FLOW of what this New Golden Era is promising us, we must TRUST and SURRENDER our FEAR based responses. This eclipse and GAP Moon day will forcibly UNCOVER what has been lurking in your Scare-city programming, revealing the false MIND control and Hypnotic delusions that have shaped our false collective precepts. We cannot continue to define and shape our existence and our reality on the erroneous systems we have been forced to adopt and believe it! We live in a beautiful ABUNDANT world where the majority of people are PEACE LOVING citizens, so this is what we must energize and promote.
We must collectively LET GO of the shore and totally SURRENDER to the flowing current allowing the RIVER of LIFE to take us to our new destination. Guided by our instinct for survival where our most vital life force guides and energizes us, we must transform this energy into pure connectedness with the grand plan for our lives, and HU-MAN-ITY.
SUPPORT: WHITE DOG 🐕 OC represents TRUST, unconditional love, service, loyalty and compassion. DOG is GOD spelled backwards and the dog is a faithful servant of the Divine – being a role model of tolerance, acceptance and giving unconditional LOVE. All these qualities need to be embraced as our furry companions are teaching us.
Our MINDS become softer and more compassionate today, as we release attachment to outcomes and control. This allows us to accept the flow of life moving us in the right direction. We SURRENDER the MIND to align with our HEART and intuitively understand the connectedness of all things.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW PLANETARY HUMAN😊 EB’s SUPERPOWER is Wisdom, Intelligence and Abundance. As this occult power has the PLANETARY TONE – the influence of his power can be felt on a GLOBAL LEVEL. The PLANETARY tone also boosts manifestation power on a PHYSICAL level… enabling your new thoughts to shape and define your New Reality into existence. What you focus on can be MANIFESTED quicker with this SUPERPOWER boost.
EB enables us to upgrade our MIND today, to that of Divine Mind choosing more compassionate thought patterns that are clear of self servitude and focused on the well-being of others, particularly through collective Abundance and prosperity. Allow the NEW ABUNDANCE to FLOW through your receptive MIND and manifest in your reality. FREEDOM, JOY, PROSPERITY and all your needs provided for, totally eliminating any FEAR of LACK. ABUNDANCE is your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT!🌻💐🍇🍓🐬💰 HOLD THAT THOUGHT! 🎁🎁🎁
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE STORM 🌩🌪🌀 CAUAC is providing more purification power further amplifying the effects of the eclipse. CAUAU guides us to more creative solutions with our NEW HIGHER MINDs. Catalyzing transformation, cleansing, purifying and upgrading our MENTAL processes, through the art of SURRENDERing to the energies of BLUE STORM. We are evolving to higher and purer forms of consciousness each day on our Ascension journey. Through this purification we ignite and access greater capacity of MIND and naturally begin to exhibit telepathic thought, empathic connections and intuitive knowingness, gaining greater trust and confidence in our MINDs ability to translate DIVINE MIND.
Today our challenge is to purify the MIND and our belief systems, allowing for the FLOW of our first instinctive thoughts. This enables us to initiate our full SURRENDER to PURE DIVINE MIND! We are evolving to DIVINE HU-MANS so we now need to THINK like the true Creator Gods that we are becoming!
Today’s question is “How can I PURIFY my instinctual responses, trusting the flow of the NEW and PURE Consciousness to evolve my HU-MAN MIND..”
Divine blessings for the release of the PAST programming, in order to construct your new Telepathic Mind – welcome to the HIGHER DIVINE MIND!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Lunar Eclipse DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown Photographer 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Harmonic Convergence 2020


Yesterday in Planet Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Universe
Every year, the window between June 5 to June 8 serves as a holographic time container for the RARE Venus Transit pair of 2004-2012:
June 5-6, 2020 – NS1.32.12.7-8 KIN 68-69 (3Star and 4Moon) marks the 8th Anniversary of the 2nd Venus Transit (OMEGA) of the 2004-2012 pair that took place on KIN 8-9 (8Star and 9Moon) on the Galactic Maya count…
… and 3 DAYS later, June 8, 2020 KIN 71 (6Monkey) marks the 16th Anniversary of the 1st Venus Transit (ALPHA) of the 2004-2012 pair that took place on KIN 211 on the Galactic Maya count, enclosing in this way the double Transit cycle – Venus to Venus, conception to birth. ALPHA + OMEGA of the 5-Star Pentagram that Earth + Venus create every 8 years while they dance around the Sun.
Venus Transits Pairs are events of VERY RARE occurrence and therefore VERY SPECIAL significance as they only take place every 113 or 130 years, hence ONCE IN A LIFE-TIME.
★ Considering their rare and close occurrence in time, the Venus Transit of 2012 and the “Galactic Alignment” of Earth with the Sun and the “Dark Rift” at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy on the Winter/Summer Solstice of December 21, 2012 on the Maya Long Count marker are the 2 most significant time markers of the 21st century, and probably the entire 3rd millenium. These two rare celestial alignments signaled in SPACE the closing of the 13-Baktun cycle of the Maya Long Count in TIME.
★ Since the Venus Transit of 2012, we have been compiling on this page a detailed and extensive record of events signaling an ongoing process of synchronization between KEY astronomical positions of Venus through the fabric of SPACE and its corresponding positions within the fabric of TIME. This ongoing process of synchronization is reaching a NEW climatic point as Venus completes 13 orbits from the last Transit occurrence EXACTLY 8 YEARS ago, and 26 ORBITS from the first TRANSIT of the 3rd Millennium on June 8, 2004.
These are FRACTAL markers of KEY harmonic significance within the fabric of TIME-SPACE. How is this?
This is a milestone of UNIQUE harmonic significance as 16 YEARS correspond also to a PERFECT SQUARE Matrix of 4 cycles of 4 YEARS each.
Number 4 DEFINES SPACE as the SQUARE and the 4 Directions (East – North – West-South). Even the astronomical symbol for the Earth is DEFINED by a circle divided in 4 SQUARES (Quarters)
It is at these time intersections when we can observe and measure these quadratures.

This simple mathematical proportion is the governing principle behind the most FUNDAMENTAL cycles in Nature:
★ 4 Seasons in a Year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
★ 4 Phases of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)
★ 4 Daily Watches in a Day (Midnight to Sunrise, Sunrise to Mid-day, Mid-Day to Sunset, Sunset).
★ These 4 stages are represented by the 4 Primary colors of the Cosmology of Time:
1- Red (Initiates)
2- White (Refines)
3- Blue (Transforms)
4- Yellow (Ripens)
2600 DAYS. 260 DAYS. 26 ORBITS
★ This milestone is also in PERFECT RESONANCE with the Galactic Count, as 2 Pentagonal Cycles of Earth + Venus correspond to 26 ORBITS of our closest planet around the Sun. 26 is a Fractal of the 260 DAYS contained within the Tzolkin Matrix.
★ 60 DAYS ago on KIN 8-9 we precisely completed a MASTER-NUMBER Milestone of 11 Tzolkins since the rare Transit of 2012 that closed the first Transit Pair Pentagonal Cycle of the 3rd Millennium. 11 Tzolkins correspond to 2600 DAYS + 260 DAYS
★ The pentagonal cycles that we are now closing (2012-2020) and opening (2020-2028) are a reflection of this larger cyclical pattern and serve also as mirrors of each other. They hold polar opposite aspects of a LARGER HOLOGRAM. We will explore here in detail their complimentary twin nature.
★ The Venus transit of June 5-6, 2012 (noted as 6.5 – 6.6) marked the END of the 2004-2012 Pentagonal cycle, and the START of the 2012-2020 pentagonal cycle. 8 YEARS from this threshold, the Pentagonal cycle is closing and ending PRECISELY on this KIN 65-66 transition window. 6.5-6.6 : 65-66
On the Diagrams of the 2004-2012 Pentagonal cycle we can notice that the position between the first Venus Earth conjunction (ALPHA) and the last conjunction (OMEGA) varies slightly every 8 years with an average difference of 3 DAYS between conjunction dates (June 3rd, 2004 (ALPHA) to June 6, 2012 (OMEGA)in this case. More recently on June 3, 2020, on the 5th DAY of this Crystal Moon (KIN 66 1 WorldBridger) we started a NEW p<entagonal cycle 3 days earlier from 8 Years ago.
This 2-3-DAY receding interval in TIME between the completion of each Pentagonal Cycle is also a reflection of the Fibonacci Sequence at work. How is this?
There are 2-3 DAYS of difference in-between the completion of each 5-Pointed Star every 8 YEARS. During these 8 YEARS Venus completes 13 ORBITS. 2,3,5,8,13!
NOTE: June 8th 2020 marks the completion of 16 YEARS from the 1st Venus Transit of the Millennium. The next day will correspond to KIN 72 7Human, and mark the LAST DAY of Venus transiting the Underworld (8 DAYS of invisibility) before resurrecting as Morning Star on June 10th 2020, KIN 73 8Skywalker, coded by TONE 8 and SEAL 13.
From the perspective of the synchronic order of TIME the Earth-Venus INTERNAL conjunction of last June 3, 2020 (NS initiates the 8-YEAR pentagonal cycle is taking place at a window of time of compounding fractal resonance. This TIME-SPACE is enshrined by unique inter-temporal aspects. How is this?
★ This Earth-Venus internal conjunction took place at the 13 degree marker in the sign of Gemini (The Twins) is signaling the completion of the 13th orbit of Venus around the Sun since the rare Transit of June 5-6, 2012.
★ This celestial event serves as celestial pre-amble to enter the first eclipse window of 2020. This window will START with a partial lunar eclipse on June 5-6, 2020 synchronizing with the EXACT 8-YEAR marker from the Venus Transit of 2012, and END with an annular solar eclipse taking place EXACTLY on the solstice point of the year (the highest position of the sun in the northern hemisphere)on June 21, 2020.
★ It is during this window that Venus will re-emerge as Morning Star in the Eastern Sky, precisely on the 12th day of the 12th Moon of the 13-Moon year (June 10th 2020, NS1.32.12.12 KIN 73 8Skywalker )
Considering the transcendental coordinating role of the Number 13 across fractal cycles in Nature (13 days, 13 weeks, 13 moons, 13 Venus orbits, 13 years, 13 baktuns…), the Restoration of the memory of the Sacred Power of 13 represents then the archetypal Healing of the Creative Power of the Divine Feminine in ALL things… How is this? There are several aspects to consider:
★ The turtle represents the ancient primordial goddess carrying the 13 scales on her shell.
★ The 13 lunar cycles in a solar year honor the Sacred Cycle of fertility and the Creative Power of the Divine Feminine. Indigenous cultures around the Earth understood this and honored this cycle. The 13-month, 28-day calendar was the standard time-keeping system for the Essenes, Egyptians, Polynesians, Celtic, Maya, Inca, Lakota, and Cherokee.
★ The human being has 13 joints, 20 fingers and toes, and 33 (13+20) vertebrae on the spinal column. These are all the KEY numbers present in the mathematical structure of numerical harmony embedded in the 13:20 Natural Time Frequency.
★ The difference between 13 and 20 is 7. Seven is the Number of Creation (7 Musical Notes, 7 Colors of the Rainbow, 7 Days of the Week)
★ In Sacred Geometry Number 7 corresponds to the completion of the 1st stage of Creation: The Seed of Life (represented by 7 circles)
★ In Sacred Geometry Number 13 corresponds to the completion of the 2nd stage of Creation: The Fruit of Life (represented by 13 circles)�
Number 13 corresponds to the 7th position on the Fibonacci Spiral. This numerical sequence present in ALL Nature is therefore embedded also into the Wavespell structure. Within the progression of first 13 Fibonacci numbers [0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144] we can appreciate that number 13 corresponds to the 7th position. This reaffirms the sacred geometrical relationship between the 7 and the 13 as the basic elegant mathematical principle behind the Cosmology of Time [4:7::7:13]. In other words: Number 13 holds the 7th stage of Creation of the Fibonacci Spiral.�
“The vastness of the universal order of time is knowable through simple mathematical codes and laws, the most basic being the ratio formulation: 4 : 7 : : 7 : 13 . Coded within this formulation is the ratio of the universal frequency of synchronization: 13:20. All numbers are composites and/or factors of each other. The primal numbers of time are 4, 7, 13 and 20. […] The frequency of the Law of Time is 13:20 – between the 13 and 20 is the 7. Between 1 and 7 is the 4. Herein lies the form constant that establishes the ratio 4 : 7 : : 7 : 1 3 . Four is the ROOT, seven is the STEM and thirteen is the FRUIT. This is the primal ratio and cosmology of the Law of Time.“ – José Arguelles
In his groundbreaking book entitled “The Venus Blueprint”, former sound engineer now writer/researcher Richard Merrick, who has written several books and numerous articles on Harmonics and the Phi ratio, unveils the sacred science behind the construction of humanity’s greatest temples, specially the Rosslyn Chapel. By applying the principles of resonance he unlocks the secrets of Scotland’s legendary chapel, and finds solid evidence that the orbital pattern of Venus was once used as a “temple template” to design psychoacoustical chambers capable of focusing and controlling entheogenic communion.
On Chapter 3 of his book (The Birth of Venus) Merrick brings to surface the cyclical resonance of both Venus and the Moon with the number 13:
“I came across a very revealing harmonic relationship between Venus and the Moon: Since the lunar cycle is twenty-eight days, as a median between the 29.5-day sidereal month, the Moon orbits Earth thirteen times year. At the same time, Venus orbits the Sun thirteen times for every eight Earth years. In this way, the Moon and Venus are harmonically related through the Earth´s orbital frequency as a proportion of thirteen, expressed as the ratios 13:1 and 13:8 respectively […] From a harmonic perspective Venus and Moon are really two sides of the same resonant coin.”
Richard Merrick
The Venus Blueprint
The completion of 13 Venus orbits since the rare transit alignment marks therefore a FRACTAL SYNCHRONIZATION of PERFECT harmonic resonance. How is this?
★ Since ONE DAY in Venus (224.7 days) is longer than ONE YEAR (243 days), Venus completes 12 days or rotations on its own axis during these 13 years
★ December 12 (12.12) also marks EVERY YEAR the 13th day of the path of the Sun across the 13th Constellation (Ophiuchus – “The Serpent Holder”) creating a PERFECT Numerical Mirror alignment:
13:13 ON 12.12.
★ 12.12 (Gregorian) marks EVERY YEAR the first Golden section of the 13-Moon year that takes place on the 28th Day of the 5th Moon (5×28=140).
★ 12×12 = 144. 144 to the 12th number of the Fibonacci sequence. The ONLY SQUARED number of the entire series present within the SPIRAL.
★ The 13-Baktun count of the Maya measures 13 cycles of 144.000 years each
★ 144 degrees is the angle formed by 2 sections of 72 degrees each, within the pentagram that Earth and Venus Draw in the sky every 8 years..
★ The Restoration of the Venus Cycle Hologram is therefore MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. It as reflection of a MAJOR SYNCHRONIZATION OF CYCLES at different FRACTAL TIME-SCALES with Number 13 acting as the COSMIC yardstick that also serve to synchronize LIFE itself. How is this? We will explain now how The Moon, the Sun, the Earth and Venus are synchronizing during this 12th and 13th moons of the year with the Ancient Maya Long Count.
Since time is FRACTAL, this transition from 12 to 13 is taking place at multiple TIME scales including the Maya Long Count.
How is this?
The Earth-Venus pentagonal cycle contains:
* 45 sets of 13 WAVESPELLS or 9 sets of 65 DAYS each (GALACTIC COUNT)
Since there are precisely 104 MOONS of 28 DAYS each (+ 8 Days Out of Time) contained within an 8-YEAR Pentagonal Cycle, we are closing and opening a PERFECT FRACTAL of a SACRED VENUS ROUND OF 104 YEARS compressed as 104 MOONS. These 104 MOONS correspond to 104 KIN on the Tzolkin Matrix that can be mapped within a 260-MOON Tzolkin Matrix where 1 KIN = 1 MOON:
★ The first moon of the cycle (moon # 001 – ALPHA) corresponded to the Crystal Moon of the year of the White Rhythmic Wizard (2011-2012) coded by KIN 194 12 Wizard.
★ The last moon of the cycle (moon # 104 – OMEGA) corresponds to the current Crystal Moon of the year of the White Magnetic Wizard (2019-2020) coded by KIN 38 12 Mirror�
Since the “Venus Blueprint” is encoded with the Moon cycles, the holographic cyclical synchronization that is taking place between the Earth, the Moon and Venus and the Galactic Count it is also extending to the Vigesimal Order of Time, known also as the Maya Long Count. How is this?
NOW seems also relevant to remember that after crossing the Event Horizon of December 21st, 2012 on December 22nd 2012, we started a whole new baktun cycle of 144.000 days (the 14th Baktun since the start of the Great Cycle of History) and also entered a brand new 7200-day KATUN that is coded by KIN 1 1Dragon. This KATUN 1 marks the START of a NEW 144.000 day baktun cycle governed by number 13 on Traditional Maya Long Count. In simple words: Number 13 act as the “Baktun Bearer” of this entire 144000 day cycle that started on December 22nd, Long count marker
Therefore, from 2012 to 2020 we have been making a TRANSITION
an entire 144.000-day cycle
coded by number 12 at the root
[ 13th Baktun ]
an entire 144.000-day cycle
coded by number 13 at the root
[14th Baktun ]
This KATUN coded by KIN 1 started on December 22, 2012 on Long Count Marker (ALPHA Gateway) and will come to an END (OMEGA Point) in 2032 -09-07 on Long Count marker The energy of Red Magnetic Dragon serves us then as an invitation to ask ourselves how can we birth a nurturing and regenerative culture for the future and RE-ALIGN our energy towards that positive Vision.
Our intention here is to offer an analysis based on tools and templates that can serve us in the process of re-harmonization with Nature that Humanity is now undergoing while in extended Quarantine… These NEW tools affirm the arrival of the Noosphere and the 2nd Creation in the form of crystallized Templates of Divine Order, revealing the harmonic resonance patterns present in the cycles of Venus.
This 14th stage of the evolutionary process will come to an end on March 26, 2407 KIN 72 (perfect half of 144). This cycle will end then in EXACTLY 543 Tzolkins from June 9, 2020 KIN 72.
The next day, on the 12th DAY of the 12th MOON of the 13-MOON Year Venus will rise as Morning Star.
�This resurrection of Venus on the Eastern Horizon right before the Sun was revered as sacred by the ancient skywatchers.
★ For the Maya NEW Venus Round of 104 years would start with this event taking place on 1Ajaw.
★ This coming rising of Venus on the Indigenous Maya count will take place on 2 Lamat,associated with the Polarity (2) of Venus (Lamat). This is the equivalent of KIN 28 on the Dreamspell Count.
★ 28 is the Number associated with the cyclical power of the MOON and is in perfect resonance with the interval between Earth´s and Venus` distance from the Sun. How is this?
Distance from the Earth to the Sun: 1.00 AU (Astronomical units)
Distance from Venus to the Sun : 0.72 AU
Interval: 0.28 AU
This powerful harmonization of cycles via the COSMIC cyclical power represented by Number 13 is a function of a UNIVERSAL HOLOGRAM at work: the “12+1 MODEL”. How is this?
Mathemathics is the language of Nature. At a fundamental level everything in creation is governed by the same fractal geometrical structures.
COSMOMETRY is the study of those fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles that are at the foundation of reality, and the application of this knowledge in the design of human social and technological systems. This new field of study is helping us to reach a unified understanding of cosmic coherence to new levels of integration and wholeness. Within this framework, the 12+1 MODEL is represented as the Geometry of The Vector Equilibrium, the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos.
Planet Venus has been associated throughout history with prophets Muhammad, Jesus and Quetzalcoatl. This is now of special relevance considering that:
★ 3 DAYS ago, KIN 65 (5×13) marked the last day of the 2012-2020 Earth+Venus Pentagonal Cycle. This day corresponded to the 13th Day of the 5th Cycle of the Tzolkin governed by the Seal coded by Number 13. This 13-day cycle started on KIN 53 1 Skywalker, analog of 1 Reed ~ the symbol of the historic prophet Ce Acatl Tompiltztin Quetzalcoatl who walked the Earth for 52 years (947-999 AD) and who left the prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 “Hells”, that was fulfilled with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987
★ 8 June marks every year the anniversary of prophet Muhammad’s death (OMEGA) in Medina on 8 June 632. Muhammad is contemporary to the life-span of Mayan Prophet Pakal Votan on Earth (603-683)
★ The 16th anniversary of the 1st Venus Transit of the 2004-2012 pair on June 8th, 2020 corresponds to KIN 71 6Monkey.
★ Within the Galactic Maya Cosmology of the Solar System, the Star and the Monkey are the only PAIR of Solar Seals that represent Planet Venus and BOTH Transits (ALPHA + OMEGA) occurred on the 2 only signs/seals associated with Venus:
June 8, 2004: KIN 211 3Monkey
[Monkey: Solar-Prophetic aspect of Planet Venus]
June 5-6, 2012: KIN 8 8STAR – KIN 9 9MOON
[Star: Galactic-Karmic aspect of Planet Venus]
NOTE: This transit started during the last hours of KIN 8 (June 5, 2012) and ended on the first hours of KIN 9 (June 6th, 2012
“… Venus power is the power of Art [Star] and the power of Magic [Monkey]. Art is the natural function of the power of accomplishment. The magic comes from the correct aligning of our will with the Divine Plan, because the Divine Plan consists of all the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Nature are not always what modern science says they are. They have much more to do with putting the mind in the correct place. […] “There is not a separation between Divine Law and Natural Law, so the Revelation of the Law of Time is actually a Divine Revelation of a natural law. That’s why we say, “a Divine Plan for a Divine Planet.“ – Jose + Lloydine Arguelles / 28 Meditations of the Law of Time
The prophetic significance of this 8-Year cycle was presented 16 (8+8)Years ago by José Arguelles on an article entitled “The Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion”. Since Venus is still going through its RETRO phase, this 8-YEAR and 16-YEAR Pentagonal Cycle milestones that we are now completing are then a perfect opportunity to re-visit this essay from José Arguelles, precisely entitled “The Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion” where he described the profound prophetic significance of this cycle within the chrono-topological map of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987:
This is a perfect point in TIME to re-examine the original vision of this transcendental portal for humanity extracted from this “time-capsule” from 16 years ago:
“First there was the Harmonic Convergence, then, 16 years later, came the Harmonic Concordance. That opened a 260-day cycle from Blue Crystal Storm (November 8, 2003) to Blue Crystal Storm (July 26, 2004), the Day of the Great Calendar Change. But even before this 260-day sacred cycle is complete, with just 48 days to go, comes the Venus Transit of 2004. Venus transits always come in pulses eight years apart, separated by either 130 or 113 years from their points of initiation (130 = 13 x 10, 113, a prime number). That means the concluding transit will be in 2012. This is the sign in the sky that the Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion are now beginning.“ […]
“The Law of Time has manifest on the Earth and now it is raising to a new level of consciousness human beings from all sectors of global society. In the synchronic order of the New Time, the Venus transit occurs on the 10th day of the Crystal Moon, on the day Blue Electric Monkey, Kin 211. In the Cube of the Law, the 10th day of the moon is Cube four, the position ruled by Pacal Votan. In one week it will be the 52nd anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan, a discovery that augured the beginning of the time of the Mayan prophecies. The day Blue Electric Monkey, also a Galactic Activation Portal, is the first of the clear signs on the western edge of the sarcophagus lid, indicating that today, the Venus Transit, is a sign of fulfillment of prophecy.��The full significance of the Venus Transit is that it inaugurates the Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion, the conversion of humanity to the New Time of 13 Moons/28-days. The war has already been won by the righteous of the Earth who have chosen to leave the fires of the old time to live according to the perfect harmonic standards of the New Time. The only victory is by entering into a New Time. The Law of Time dispenses spiritual benefits. The Harmonic Conversion will be the conversion of humanity to a path of unprecedented spiritual enlightenment. This is so only because a dedicated few pioneered the way to demonstrate that the 13 Moon/28-day calendar is the manifestation of the Divine Plan.
Eight years of Harmonic Conversion means that we are being given a new spiritual path to follow. The noosphere’s conscious realization awaits those who pursue the new spiritual path. In this path, synchronization with natural universal time is the prerequisite for entering a great new human mystery play called the Mystery of the Stone, the journey of the human soul through Middle Time. […]
At the same time, 13 Moons 28-days opens pathways to universal peace on Earth through a reformulation of the human mind and its social order. The Harmonic Conversion, then is the final conversion of the biosphere into the noosphere. To truly appreciate the noosphere you must realize that from its point of view there is only mind. To enter the noosphere you must know your own mind. You must understand the past is a fiction, only NOW exists. All that the Earth and her biosphere knows is NOW. Time and the Earth will reorganize us in the NOW…”
The Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion
By: José Arguelles
With so much confusion and chaos transpiring around our planet now, it is wise to save some time to focus our attention in the sacred harmony, elegance and beauty of the movements of our HOME planet in relationship to our TWIN Planet and brightest Star in the night sky. By shifting our focus of attention from chaos to harmony, and seeing the world from this Higher Perspective, we are building a coherent mental field of harmony around the Earth. When our brains/bodies/cells entrain with this UNIVERSAL PATTERN coming together then our thought-forms / mental waves entrain in TIME with the Sacred proportions and ratios we can see present in ALL NATURE and also present in the FABRIC of TIME. This process is also known as the “telepathic reconstitution of reality”…
We hope you enjoy this evolving journey back to Harmony with the stars and the Cosmos!
May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!
To learn more about the prophetic relevance of this window please visit pART 11 of the Noospheric Emergence Series: https://tortuga1320.com/2020/03/27/noospheric-emergence-part-11-fractal-redemption-the-end-times/
The 13-Moon Calendar establishes a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in right relationship with each other and the planet. The conditions for change are ripe, now more than ever. We do not have the luxury to ignore this clarion call. Our lives and the lives of generations yet to come depend upon our willingness to do what must be done. Harmony, balance, and synchronicity is what we have to gain. Adopting a new calendar means a new society and a new way of doing things.
The proactive choice now is to change the calendar yourself. That’s right. The way to change the old paradigm is to begin to live by a timing standard that is a harmonic reflection of the cycles of nature. The 13-Month/Moon 28-Day Calendar is an indigenous calendar for a sovereign humanity, a new calendar for a new time!
To learn more please go to:
To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2020, please go to:
To download a PDF copy of the 2018-2019 transitional 13-Month, 28-Day WALL Calendar please go to:

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    Influence of dark side from dark part of moon, becomes very strong in these days, and going to remove their the last important barrier; President Trump, who deserve the greatest honour with his alliance in releasing so many children from satanic hands of dark elite, from underground tunnels and bases, and it is of great importance to be fully protected, and with another reason to young protestant, who are under dark influence of ego mind, changed by dark network over smart phone certain frequencies, and also leaded by dark draco reptilians in human bodies, I am asking for full Divine protection and giving full permission for Divine intervention and our beloved Star families and beloved Company of Heaven to take all forms: from Physical, plasma etherical and Emosional and Mental level, though already exists Southern nodes Lemurina- Jupiter- Sagitterius- Alcyone opened Portals for all Beloved Light forces, together with my Avatars selves and 144000 Avatars White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood, and beloved Avatars in northern nodes of Atlantis, connecting with Southern nodes Lemuria to be reunited, connected with me Sandra and Meg, and all other lovely light workers of Ashtar on the Road, and all others, to give final reunion of Light Love forces of our Planet and Divine Light Love Forces from Heaven / final Heaven down and connect with Earth for final resolving opposing dark – light energies toward to Divine Light of Love energies. Dark energies still can accept the Light, means knowledge that the all of these dark payers, still existing on this strong influence of Divine light of love energies, just being in shadow of their own fear, or acknowledged of their crimes against humanities and whole planet, Mother Earth and all Souls from all kingdom and elements, are have hearts and Souls made of Divine Father Mother God, and still can transfer to the Light. This is our last call for them, hiding behind dark side of moon, to be cleared from dark energies, and come to Light side, and We, all humankind are giving them our Forgiveness and Love and Compassion, so their carma will be cleared, to pass to the Light side, and their true identity.
    Our divine call for our Divine light of love energies in our beloved Star and Inner Earth families, and Divine Company of Heaven / Beloved Angels and Archangels and Ascended Masters and others / is open to come to Physical – Etherical- Astral form, though Southern Nodes, and together with our Avatars selves and 144ooo White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood, and all other lovely Light workers and Light Warriors, to give full protection to President Trump and White House, and to make great influence on mass of young and manipulated people to stop violence and chaotic way of protest, as in US and everywhere, and turning young people to be calm, and accepting Ascending energies from Saggiterius, and prepare g them selves for another lunar eclipse, particularly on 21st of June.
    This is our final time of clearing and healing our shadow part of Ego mind, to open light way to throat chacra, as upper heart chacra, and clear and heal all our dark 3d part of memories, written in our past life times in memory of DNA, and filled by Divine light of love energies, for well connecting 12 layers of DNA, and collective human societies cleaning from past dark memories of artificially making racism, because We are All One.
    All my love to whole Universe, and Love and Healing to beloved Mother Earth, and beloved Father Sun.

    1. just to add, that downing of Heaven to Earth, and physical etheric forms of our belved Divine helpers can start Now and Here at Southern Lemurin part on 7th June, 2020. with our full permission and delitfullness.

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