The Diamond Violet Flame of Transmutation

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The Diamond Violet Flame of Transmutation:

Judith Kusel

The Violet Flame was taken away from the planet with the fall of Atlantis, when human beings nearly blew up the earth. The mighty Violet Flame, with its great power to transmute lower energies into very high frequencies and vibration, indeed, the Christed Light itself, was abused by the Atlanteans, and they it was withdrawn by the Intergalactic Counsels.
It was returned in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence, and then again a few years later, and since 2012, it has merged with the Diamond Ray, to now form the Diamond Violet Flame of Transmutation.
Are you in toxic environments or with toxic people? You may use it to cleanse and clear the energy fields in and around your home and around your city or town. You may send it into war zones, or disaster areas, or where people are angry, fighting or where there is unrest. Indeed, that would be part of the highest service work you may wish to render.
Archangel Zadkiel, Amethyst, Gabriel, St. Germain and Lady Portia are the Keepers of this Flame and you may wish to invoke them.
How to use the Diamond Violet Flame:
1. Invoke it mentally or you may invoke it loudly.
2. Think about it, visualise it, imagine it, or sense it.
3. Ask it to blaze a trail in front of you during the day, purifying your pathway.
4. Send it to people who are sick.
5. Use it to transmute your anger, fear, negativity, or clouds of it in or round others.
6. Send it to heal disharmony in relationships.
7. Send it to places to purify the energy of war and disruption.
8. Send it to your body where you hold physical blocks.
9. Send it down phone lines, or internet/wifi connections to purify the web.
10. Send it to the astral planes to help stuck souls who have not passed over.
Decree for the Diamond Violet Flame:
The Diamond Violet Flame will take the old into the heart of the Divine Source for clearance. Its energy does not only transmute, it also cuts away the old with the incisive power and clarity of a diamond and raises everything to the 5th dimensional frequency and even above that.
I AM the Cosmic Violet Flame.
I AM the Flame of Mercy.
I AM the Flame of Joy.
I AM the Flame of Oneness.
I AM St. Germain.
I AM Gabriel Zadkiel.
Judith Kusel with acknowledgement to Diana Cooper

The Heart Sutra says that there is “nothing to attain.” We meditate not to attain enlightenment, because enlightenment is already in us… We see that we do not lack anything, that we already are what we want to become, and our striving just comes to a halt. We are at peace in the present moment, just seeing the sunlight streaming through our window or hearing the sound of the rain. We don't have to run after anything. We can enjoy every moment. People talk about entering nirvana, but we are already there.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


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Elaine Degiorgio 

The source of all energy is the Creation itself. We lost our connection to the infinite source of energy with the separation of our own Spirit from the Creator and our attachment to the manifested material world. Our journey is to return to the state of oneness with the Creator. The closer we get to this accomplishment, the more energy we have available to us. The process of freeing energy is also the process of freeing ourselves from the limitations of our attachment to the material realm and our own limited thought processes.

Chantal Christine

Greetings With love We come to remind you about what is unfolding

You are a beacon of Love and Wisdom into this reality. Let go of your doubts and seek to Love no matter the challenges you must face.

Shift your gears into the Dimension of Pure Love. This is a commitment to your Divine Purpose, being in service to All with no expectation only LOVE to fill you IN

Do these Act of Kindness with Gratitude and Grace especially when NO ONE is watching no advertising no gathering only sharing your HIGHER HEART.

Your Heart is the key to awakening to a Higher Consciousness.
Humanity is Awakening at an exponential rate your world is aligning with your Truth.

You are very much Loved

Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay Guardian of the Mother Arc, Elder of the BlueRay Council 💎

Light Coded Art – Gratitude to the artist 💙


If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

by GalaxyGirl

Greetings light holders. We ancestors step forward. We see from a vantage point different than your own. We see the interweaving patterns of love, of creation from Father Sky’s hands to Mother Earth’s womb. Such balance is returning to your world. Humankind must feel the aliveness of the earth under bare feet once again, must realize all is sacred. Mother Earth is to be loved and protected once again as the native peoples of her form taught and practiced.

The sky people are returning. We see them with uncloaked vision. The sky people offer wisdom, hope, new beginnings, new medicine. We have been in understandings of their ways.

When we were embodied they would visit, they would teach. We would learn of the sacredness of the starlight reflections on the rippling water, of the energies that were infused within the Mother. We would feel how she would share her energy, her prana with us, in the food we would grow and harvest. She would nourish us with her plants, her animal life is sacred to us, we could drink from her waters without illness or disease. Disease came to our land when the white men came. We have forgiven them this. But now is the time of the rebalancing and this history is not to be repeated. New days dawn. Father Sky has brighter colors of blue, of the throat chakra of the higher dimensional vibrations. Mother will be green again, the heart chakra blessed for all who see and feel her energies of deep love for humanity.

We native peoples are Lemurian seeds, many of us. Many of you were us. Many of you feel this ancient wisdom, this stirring deep within your cellular memories. You remember dancing naked with joy in the drum circles. You remember your warrior ceremonies to protect those you love, your mother, your child’s mother, your planetary mother. All life is sacred.

The divine feminine is returning in her full form. She is beautiful. She will be free once mankind ceases her destruction, so that she can grow and heal.

We are the ancestors of your past, of your native lands when they were lush and full of life. They shall be again. We see the sky people returning rapidly in their sky canoes. We know them. They are our friends. We are here to tell you to welcome them. The oppressors that bred fear within the hearts of men are being removed. We see this as happening now. The sky people mean no harm, they offer healing for the mother and for humanity. The change is here. We dance the native dance. We sing the native song. We celebrate the victory. The prophecy complete.

We are the ancient ones, the ancestors of your past memories. We see you as our own, for our lineage lives on within the cellular memories of the Nova Gaians reborn. (I am seeing waterfalls and hearing the loud roaring of water. Lush greenery surrounds, many animals are nearby watching). Yes, young one. The Earth is pristine in her beauty. The animal kingdoms, expectant.

So too should those of you who resonate be expectant of all good things. These bows and arrows of fear melt into smoke and mist to the awakened ones who command it to be so. The point of the spear of truth is sharper than any fear of the mind. Master your mind and master your fear. The enemy we see evaporating into the mist of long forgotten dreams to be replaced with better memories.

Young ones, old ones, wise ones. We see you in your struggles. We hear the mother’s cries as she gives birth to the new. You are her children. You are the rainbow warriors of the way, from the stars, to be soon joined by the star people of your other lineage. You have many pasts, you have many futures, but there is only now. Feel the warm earth of the Mother beneath your feet. See the woven tapestry of creation. See the warrior within you as balanced and compassionate, whose goal is to serve and protect family and home. We shall see peace on earth again.

We surround you, young one, in a circle of light. We place our woven blankets of heritage over your shoulders, for such is the story of life. Knots, threads, dead ends, new patterns emerge, beads of many colors representing the mineral kingdoms – the jewelry of the mother, all interwoven in the massive story of earth. We place a feather headdress upon your head, crowning your crown chakra so that you may hear the star people and your own inner whispers more clearly. We smudge you with holy smoke. We paint your face with the clay of the earth. The sacred clay shall give you strength in the coming days. You are one of us. Peaceful warrior, be at peace, be truly at peace. Remember your calling. Protect the mother and all things shall fall into line.

Honor your brother, your sister. Respect your elders and care for the less fortunate. Share your plenty of harvest. Form your village. Feel your calling. It is time for new moccasins. A new path has arrived. You are ready. We are the ancestors. We honor you this day.


The Tzolkin Times

10 hrs

Kin 257 – Red Planetary Earth

The number 10 is called ‘Planetary’ and it’s key words are ‘Manifest, Perfect and Produce.’ The 10th step of any wavespell is about manifesting what you need, it provides perfect opportunities.

Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution and Navigation’. We are all evolving all the time although it can be indiscernible as it happens slowly, unconsciously and subtly. As we grow older it is easy to look back and see how we have grown up, softened, matured. But while we go though the process it’s so hard to see. You are a work in progress! On Red Earth days, we can be more conscious about our evolution and take steps to ‘navigate’ our way down the right path.

Today’s guide is Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Survival and Instinct’. The serpent has incredible acute senses, always aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. Let this energy guide you through your evolving day.

The Challenge for the day is the Blue Hand and so people born on Blue Hand days will find evolution more challenging then the rest of us…challenging but not impossible, they just have to try harder.

The Occult or Magic energy of the day is brought to you by Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’ suggesting the awareness about magic is the key to evolution.

Today’s Ally is the White Wind, the communicator… and so if you need assistance, grab a White Wind as they are everyone’s friend today, they offer support and good advice.


Christina Papageorgiou

10 CABAN – KIN 257
26 MARCH 2020


I perfect in order to evolve
Producing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Planetary tone of manifestation
I AM guided by the power of life force.

26/3/2020 = 8/3/4 = 15 = 6
26 – Empowerment through Compassion & Trust
8 – Infinity/Eternity/Flow
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family
4 – Form/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
KIN 257 = 77 = 14=5 Freedom/Change/Transformation

Another HUGE PLANETARY transformative day, in our ever evolving Ascension journey.


Day 10 of the spectacular YELLOW STAR WAVESPELL – where we are AWAKENING our sparkle,🎆 and using our creativity to attract more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART! 🎨

And so we reach day 10 in the final countdown to piercing the veil through to SOURCE!🌞 Today we are perfecting the manifestation of PEACE and HARMONY in our beautiful new world that we are collectively cocreating. Perfecting the creation of the reflection of TIME=ART – As ABOVE so BELOW! It is decreed! 🌟

PLANETARY🌏 – Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation. The 10th stage of the Yellow Star Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the harvest stage where we happily reap our manifest splendour. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the Beauty and harmonious flow that we desire. Our lives are transforming, our minds and hearts are at peace! All is well in our beautiful world!

CONSCIOUS SELF: RED EARTH 🌏 CABAN A much softer, feminine, flowing energy today, following after yesterday's masculine Warrior challenges! The Warrior questioned and thus rejected the status quo, now CABAN is bringing forth the era of PEACE! Time to build the foundation for these new peaceful societies. Changing the combatative and competitive culture to one of peace and unity, in harmony with Mother Gaia and the natural synchronic flows. The time is NOW, in this present moment! Stop pushing everything into some future time! Bring forth your ideas into the NOW in order for them to be made manifest. Stop stalling and start creating!

CABAN🌎 is the energy of GAIA and today it is DOUBLED as we have RED EARTH tribe uniting with TONE 10 – the PLANETARY level MANIFESTATION code! This adds phenomenal PLANETARY POWER to this day – really expanding the BIG PICTURE to a GLOBAL LEVEL…. CABAN reveals the SIGNS and synchronicities pointing the way for your best focus point in order to MANIFEST your highest Starry potential…. many clues will be revealed today on a GLOBAL level as GAIA will be talking to the masses! RED EARTH will be indicating which flags are RED and which are WHITE today… CABAN will answer your question of what is next, by providing the signs and synchronicities showing you how to NAVIGATE the best path forward. RED EARTH will show you which path is treacherous and best avoided (beware the quicksand!), and which paths are CLEAR – leading you to the greener pastures.
The question to ponder today is, “How can I ground my ideas, through synchronisation and appreciation of nature to manifest what I desire in this physical world?” Do your ideas support Peace on Earth? Are they sustainable, renewable and sympathetic to all of nature's kingdoms? If you are in the natural flow, then your constructs will be supported by spirit flowing naturally into form. Watch for synchronicities today guiding you into this natural flow.

NOTE: HUMANITY will need to be alert and LISTENING👂 as GAIA will most definitely be communicating her current emotional state – so be mindful of Planetary movements and events – particularly in the Grids.

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED SERPENT🐍 CHICCUAN We move from our minds to our gut instincts today. Tapping into our inner wisdom and knowingness, our intuition will guide us in the right direction. What FEELS right and what feels wrong? Tuning into and listening to Mother Gaia to guide us with the right timing to initiate our actions. CHICCUAN will help you build a strong foundation for a sustainable and enriching life where all your needs are provided for. Respecting Gaia's needs, ensures the survival of our human species. You become a part of nature, woven into the web of life, as you organically merge into the landscape. The Earth is your Eden providing all the FRUIT you desire from your Utopian endeavours.


CHICCUAN in the Higher Self position on a PLANETARY day – puts the SPOTLIGHT 🔦 on our two Planetary Serpents – the Rainbow Serpent and Quetzacoatl the Feathered Serpent… so watch out for Grid activations🌐 and activity in the form of Volcanic🌋 eruptions, Earthquakes etc..

Bali in Indonesia is celebrating the New Year – NYEPI – according to their moon calendar, and so today we have a synchronic alignment of energies.

Bali is the PLANETARY purification portal and yesterday on March 25th, as is the annual tradition, the whole island SHUT DOWN in darkness to PURGE all demons from their beautiful Holy island. Synchronistically this year the WHOLE PLANET is in LOCKDOWN, so we in effect have a GLOBAL NYEPI – where we sit in stillness honouring Gaia, allowing her to RESET to the natural Harmonic Matrix as Lemuria rises once more!

Today the Balinese people will be switching on the LIGHT💡 in full luminosity🎆 – celebrating the purging and the VICTORY of THE LIGHT over darkness💥 .. Our two Planetary Serpents 🐍🐍will be enjoying their romantic reunion today in the Bali vortex, as their full VITALITY and LIFE-FORCE is restored in Bali's temples and sacred waters.

NOTE: The two dragon/SERPENTS guarding the entrance to the HEAVEN'S GATE TEMPLE in Bali. 🐉🐉🕍


SUPPORT: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌈🌉 CIMI brings forth the collective unions and co-operation to build our New PEACE filled and BEAUTIFUL Cities of LIGHT! Co-operative alliances, non-profit organizations, and large scale humanitarian organizations are arising to solve all our Planetary problems. Be they Poverty, Hunger, Water access, Housing, Climate regulation, and de-urbanization. New technologies, healing modalities and wondrous new solutions are at hand. All problems have already been solved! The solution is now made manifest in the material realm! It is done! The RAINBOW 🌈BRIDGE 🌉is constructed and the Rainbow tribes of Gaia are skipping on the homeward path.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SEED 🌾 KAN is blossoming today and bringing in the keys to constructing our New Earth – allowing us as Planetary Star🌟Seeds🌾 to fully blossom🌸 and flower 🌺into our fullest potential🌹…in so doing, as each and every StarSeed OPENS and blossoms, then so too does Gaia, and our beautiful planet becomes a sacred Divine garden of ROSES🌹🌹🌹 once more.

KAN brings forth the energy for all the new wondrous solutions to take root! The ideas in the minds of man must be perfected, and then acted upon in order to be made manifest. A brilliant example of this is how Nikola Tesla visualized the blueprint of every invention he designed in his mind's eye. He continually refined and honed it in the aethers until he was satisfied that it was perfect. Only then did he create a working model made manifest in physical reality. Tesla was in total sync. with natural laws, using his uncanny psychic abilities to bring forth inventions that were harmonious with the planet, in order to make life better and more joyful for us all.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE HAND 🙌 MANIK brings forth the blessings of Healing, Knowledge, Wisdom and accomplishment – allowing us to have all these GIFTS at our disposal. The shadow of BLUE HAND is that of lacking the resources, skills, time, energy or knowledge to bring forth your ideas into the full COMPLETION stage. MANIK is encouraging you to become aware of your resistance and distractions. What is getting in your way? Learn to FINISH what you start, by taking small steps each day, toward your long term desires. Use your commitment, focused intention and openess, to assist you in achieving your purpose. Experience yourself as a TOOL of the LIGHT! Take satisfaction in each step you take along the way, and if the job gets too difficult then ask for help and do not get overwhelmed with the enormity of the task. “Many HANDS 🙌make LIGHT💡 work” so call in volunteers and willing participants to cocreate your wonderful imaginings. As united LIGHTWORKERS we will need to reach out to others for help and also become accustomed to stepping up into our greater Divine Missions and being the Starry Wayshowers 🌠 that we came here to be… shining BRIGHT in the sky for all HU-MAN-ity to SEE.


GAIA is strongly calling all the PLANETARY WIZARDS to unite in their collective VISIONS of UTOPIA today… Meditating and being in stillness in order to PERFECT our Manifestation of this GRANDE PLANETARY NEW DREAM of PEACE ON EARTH!


Today's question is ” How can WE perfect the MANIFESTATION of the Divine Harmonic Matrix of Mother Gaia?

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for PERFECTING extra-ordinary GLOBAL manifestations today!.

Namaste' 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak'ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: 1. Gates of HEAVEN – Pura Lempuyang Temple and Sacred Mt Agung Bali Indonesia 2 Dragon stairs , 3 Mt Batur at sunrise DIVINE GRATITUDE🙏🙏🙏
to Unknown Artists

Pura Lempuyang is one of the nine main “Directional Temples” on Bali, which protect the island from evil. They are all established in auspicious locations (mountains, caves, cliffs) in very beautiful settings. MT Agung is known as the ‘mother mountain’ and it is the most sacred peak in Bali, the ultimate embodiment of spiritual power.


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