LEAP OF FAITH – Divine Feminine Christ – NEW Crystalline Frequencies – Kin 161- Red Overtone Dragon

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LEAP OF FAITH – Divine Feminine Christ – NEW Crystalline Frequencies – Kin 161: Red Overtone Dragon ❤️🐉



by Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,

In every moment, you are being guided on a path to Oneness with All That Is.

There are times when the lessons on the path may feel more difficult than others. You may question if you have taken a detour off the path of your Soul Purpose. You could even wonder if you are doing something wrong.

There is a sure-fire way to discover the answer to these time-honored questions. The answer lies in Gratitude.

It can be necessary to give thanks for the challenges, difficulties and obstacles on your path. We know this is a very difficult thing to do. You may worry that giving thanks will make you receive more of what you are currently struggling with. Feeling angry for what you are experiencing gets stronger, and resistance to What Is may suddenly take over your consciousness. This idea of being thankful for circumstances that seem unfair and monumental does not sit easily for most people.

It is just at these times that trusting that you are being guided and cared for in every moment is necessary. You are on an accelerated trajectory and all that you need to be in harmony with your greatest Soul Reality is being provided moment to moment.

When you can release the attachment to outcomes, as frightening as that may seem, you are demonstrating the required neutrality for living a more Divine Life at this time. Your Soul is asking you to rely therefore on Radical Trust, even if it means leaping empty handed into the Void.

Every step you take, bless it. Ask to be in Alignment with your Soul’s Highest Purpose on Earth. That sets the stage for Divine Orchestration of all that is required for you to be in perfect Harmony with that prayer. It will be chosen by your Soul with all the lessons, experiences and challenges provided in perfect timing, all in Divine Order. Trusting this process may be one of your greatest challenges.

It is time to step into the Equanimity that allows you to offer all outcomes to the Wisdom of your Soul. Ask to expand your Faith and Trust in the process. Remember you are not alone, ever!

As you open your heart and mind to Gratitude, trust that you are being supported by a Love that never ends. All is well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
August 21, 2020

source: shantagabriel.com




Your fruitfulness is expanding. Your Counterpart is ascending quickly in their new role.
Today the Holy Spirit is here to redeem you both from cyclical cycles of heartbreak and heart wounds.
The memories and triggers of past situations in love, that were to hurt and destroy you both, are dissipating. This healing is valuable for you two to fall in love without the need for heartbreak. This spellwork was cleared from the Divine Masculine Christ’s ancestral bloodline to the Almighty I AM.
That spellwork forced the Masculine in repeating cold hearted betrayals, ghosting, affairs, ego driven childhood wounds, etc. We have attained victory on clearing this seed point out of the entire ancestry of the Universe, star systems, star family, etc. amen.
A loyal faithful partnership is the new cycle. Being the chaser in these cycles also ended in August 2020. God has already cocreated your King / Queen of Love Counterpart with you, as you witnessed the death of these old cycles. You are safe and protected to continue walking forward into your Union of the Beloved, releasing betrayal from your heart. Hurt pain and suffering are no more. Relase, trust, and let love in.
The spells that were blocking the Divine Feminine Christ from true love have been broken. This is freedom and restoration of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Magdalene Seed Branch Bloodline. Ancestral DNA is complete. The portal is opening. True love is entering. Long term growth in your new cycle of balanced unconditional love has commenced.
source: www.kundalinitwinflames.com
HUGE Incoming Frequencies containing potential for Data Upgrades and Circuitry Recalibration.
These NEW Crystalline Frequencies are Expansive and their WAVES are Clearing so many Attachments to old timelines and SHIFTING the Vibratory Resonance within our Cells.
The Upgrades will bring a Whole NEW Sensory receptivity and extension of our Intuitive Sensitivities.
Tiredness and Thirst as the Physical Vessel Recalibrations and Aching Bones as the old Data is Clearing.
The “SOLAR LOGOS” Keys are Activating.
The Crown and Third Eye circuitry (Galactic Headset) is linked to our Galactic Receptivity and Connectivity as we integrate NEW Layers of AWARENESS and Deepen our Connection to our Galactic Families.
A Whole NEW Timeline is BE-ing Birthed and Anchored Right NOW!
with Sacred LOVE of ONE
~ 💜 ~ Pars Kutay
Photo: Incoming Divine SOURCE Energy of ONE… That Rules our Hearts and Souls… captured today September 6, 2020 by Karin Perko
I am sharing with great love and an open heart: –
I know you are going through intense inner changes at the moment, as am I.
The new and higher Divine Soul Self, is busy forming there within you to a much higher and greater degree.
Yet, the old you, although gone in truth, is still there trying to grab your attention, as is the old World.
Allow this non-being, the no-form to expand within you, for all the Great Soul who ever walked this earth as fully empowered Christed Beings, pointed you to WITHIN yourself: “The Kingdom of Heaven is INSIDE of you!”
Look carefully: not OUTSIDE but INSIDE.
You ARE Divine.
Divinity lives within you.
You carry all of Heaven and all of Creation, indeed, the whole Omni-Verse within you!
No-thing is missing!
You are all and everything and you are whole and complete. When you step further and higher in the truth of who and what you are, you will find that that freedom arises in the highest degrees and with it a renewed sense of joy, awe and wonder!
You are transforming into the highest Soul Self which indeed the Divine created you to be and become. You are the Master walking the Earth. You are the Light, the Love, the Wisdom, the infinite Soul.
Your Soul has traversed the Cosmos, has taken on many forms and experiences throughout the galaxies and star systems and Universes. Just like it chose to take on a form here on this planet. Yet, in this moment, the whole earth and all upon is is being transformed in a much Higher State and Form of existence. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and indeed, all our energy bodies are going through intense transformation and rejuvenation. We are stepping into the highest Soul Self, the empowered Self, the Self which reflects all of Life and IS it!
There is indeed no end and no beginning to your Soul Divine Self. You ARE everything ever created and all of Creation with there WITHIN you.
You are living on the earth, but you are not OF it!
You are the Master of your own experience.
Your thoughts and words co-create.
You are powerful!
Yet what is power, if not steeped in pure, unconditional love and an open heart? For when one is filled with so much love, then love overflows into all one is and creates. One is the Love, the Loving and the Being Loved. One is the Seer, the Seeing and the Seen.
The more your heart opens to the filling of the Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Power, the more the fountains of Joy arises within!
You find joy in all and everything.
There is a sense of awe and wonder.
Miracles abound, and you are living life and life more abundantly!
Let love unfold you.
Let love grow and become you.
And then, be ready to be transformed into the Divine Source Self within as you walk in and with Love, Light and Wisdom. Within you, harmony and balance, and beautiful sprouting forth of the Infinity within you!
What a blessing!
What transformation!
What Infinite Love!
Judith Kusel

Maria Nesa

Dear all
We are in the middle of all old structures clearing as the Goddess and her feminine embodiment is set free from judgements and all patriarch control structures… the witnesses of the judger is that of strong medicine woman who stand together to form miracles together as the divine masculine support her and nourish her with love and care.
God is the embodiment of the balanced masculine and feminine within each as the Christ rise within all hearts.
More gifts(supplies) will start to fall from the sky (literally) to all in need all across the planet.
It is the gifts of the Goddess as she is set free and as all old contracts and old wounds of the intent to harm is cleared and dissolved. Anything that is tried or created with dark intent cannot manifest in the physical any more!
This is happening on a cellular level as well as a collective level and so a universal level.
And so it is.
Maria Nesa
source: www.thegoldenagegoddess.com

Asara Adams

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We send you Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT, in this NOW Moment, and we invite you to open your Heart to our message for you…
As you are going through this Grand SHIFT of Earth, you are able to discover your True Spiritual Mastery.
You have learned so much during this lifetime and all past lifetimes.
NOW, it is time to apply what you have learned.
One of the most important things to look at, is the Power of your Focused Attention.
Your Focused Attention creates your experience of Reality.
All Creative Forces and Energies flow towards what you are Focusing on and will bring you more of it.
This is a Powerful thing to Know and Understand.
It means, simply by withdrawing your Attention from the unwanted and directing your Attention to the wanted experience on a consistent basis will move you into a NEW Reality.
You have this Power by what you Think, Feel, Say and Do.
This is what Creates your Experience.
Experiences of LOVE, HARMONY, PEACE, ABUNDANCE and WELLBEING are a result of allowing the Perfect Divine SOURCE Energies to flow through you and to express themselves into your world.
As you focus on these kinds of experiences, you are allowing more of the Divine SOURCE Energies to flow through you and your Reality responds directly to that.
Unwanted and unpleasant experiences are a mis-qualification of the Divine Energy and the more you are focusing on them, the less the Divine SOURCE Energies can flow through you.
So, how do you allow for the Perfect Divine SOURCE Energy to flow through you unhindered?
Whenever you think of your world to be less than Divine Perfection of LOVE and HARMONY, you are closing of this stream of Divine Energy.
You are in a sense giving power to an existing experience that is already the result of mis-qualified SOURCE Energy.
When you take this power back and place it back to the all-powerful God / SOURCE, then you are allowing more of the Divine Perfection to enter your Life.
To do that, simply place any experience that you are contemplating or thinking about into the large hands of God…
The more you do that with every experience, the more you are creating a Powerful Momentum and Alignment with God.
The more you are Aligning with God the more your Reality BEcomes Divine Perfection.
KNOW That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way.
Dear Ones, you are Loved beyond measure. Always.
I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I bring you this Truth.
Thank you, Archangel Michael! 🙂

Channelled through

Asara Adams


~ 💜 ~
Photo: New Earth – The Chi Energy Flowing over Scotland… captured on September 3, 2020 by Georgina Liap
Sunday September 6 2020
A heads up! An Appointment with the Future
We are now picking our way through the wreckage of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction across the bridge towards the beacon of December’s Jupiter/Saturn Aquarius Conjunction.
Everything counts. Everything matters- especially you, your resilience and your grit -as you negotiate the challenges of September, October and November designed to take you into a very different landscape.
This week and next, kicking up a stationary storm at their most impactful, both Mars and Jupiter slow right down then change direction. Mars turns retrograde at 28 Aries while Jupiter turns direct at 17 Capricorn.
Make a note of the days between September 7-11 when strongly assertive energy will be felt on the world stage and in your own life. And the days between September 27-30 when Mars clashes with Saturn as the Lord of Time and Karma turns direct
Think of Mars as the core energy source of human experience. Wherever Mars is retrograde in your own chart, it’s about taking back Your Self.
Focus on your physical embodiment, emerging from the trance of 24/7 virtual hypnosis to see where you’ve abandoned parts of who you are.
It’s about living in real time, connecting face to face, making stuff, getting outside, moving, breathing more fully.
It’s about asking yourself deeper questions about your private desires, dreams and goals.
It’s about re-working, re-templating or re-tuning projects whilst re-balancing your energy patterns, your drive, your assertiveness.
Jupiter direct in Capricorn means taking back your Core and your Creator Power.
Gas giant Jupiter moving Direct from September 13th brings new opportunity. You can probably already feel the energy building, a sense of purpose arising. This is a time when many of us creatives and way finders will find a renewed sense of purpose, cross paths with new people, have light bulb moments and insights, make the breakthroughs – and give ourselves permission to follow wherever they lead-despite what’s happening in the 3D world.
If you are a creative, sensitive, way finder, change agent or maverick, September’s astrology is about emerging from the trance of overwhelm to prepare for the huge events of October/November.
For essential strategies, sign up to my September 5D Report:” Taking back Your Superpowers” at: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
Get your free September 6-13 Sign Forecasts at: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
is devoid of Mind.
The Nature of Mind is Clear Light.
-Prajñaparamita ( referring to the
Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma )
Kin 161 ~ Red Overtone Dragon
‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and its key words are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day of a wavespell is when the energy really shifts upwards and onwards. Take advantage of it and feel empowered. This is not a relaxing energy, I repeat, this is not a relaxing energy. If you planned to take it easy today, cancel that plan and instead make use of this empowering energy and put it to good use.
Today is Red Dragon which represents ‘Nurturing, Birth and Being’. The Dragon represents ‘birth’ and this can mean a new life, a new career or the birth of a project. As it is an ‘Overtone’ day, any thing you begin today will have a good chance of success. ‘Nurturing’ is also a key characteristic and therefore Dragon days are great for taking care of one another.
The Guide today is the Red Moon which symbolizes ‘going with the flow’. Surrender yourself today and may this free you to believe that everything is going the way it should. Red Moon energy usually equals relaxation but as it is a number five day, this may prove tricky….
The Challenge is the Blue Monkey who loves to monkey around but this can leave monkey quite tired. All that monkey needs is a little nurturing but it doesn’t seem to come easily. If you know a monkey give them a hug, they may be having a hard day.
The Occult power is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘ Life and Enlightenment.’ When the Sun shines in the magical position expect revelations and insights into things previously that were a mystery to you.
The Ally is the White Mirror which symbolizes the ‘reflecting truth’. If you need a friend today and you don’t personally know a White Mirror, your best bet is to find someone who is always honest and truthful and ask them for help.
Did you know that today begins a new tumble down the Tzolkin? The math in this system is so fascinating…you can slice it up many ways. 13 times we tumble down through all the glyphs (or solar seals), always beginning on a Dragon day. Of course, ‘birth’ is a key word associated with Dragon energy and so now we prepare ourselves for the ninth (out of 13) tumbles… visiting each day as we whizz past. A lot can happen in 20 days! Thanks for reading.
5 IMIX – KIN 161
I empower in order to nurture
Commanding being
I seal the input of birth
With the Overtone tone of radiance
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
6/9/2020 = 6/9/22 = 6/9/4 = 19=10=1
6 – Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
9- Endings/Destiny/Humanity/Compassion
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
10- Authority/Power/Manifestation
1 – Leader/Origin/New Beginnings
🎼 iT’S A LOVELY DAY TODAY! 🎶🎵 A beautiful RADIANT day, for birthing new creations. Divinely PERFECT!
Today we start afresh atop a new column in the Tzolkin Calendar… column 9 which is all about completion/closure/Destiny/Service/Compassion and Humanity… all these codes will be added for the next 20 day journey. As September is the 9th month we have a double 9 code amplifying these themes. A powerful cycle for bringing COMPLETION in order to commence a new cycle!
Day 5 in the RED EARTH WAVESPELL 🌏 of evolution, through navigating our way through the signs, synchronicity and Earth Majik. Flowing and aligning with the rhythyms and cycles of Nova Gaia. Today we are focused on B-EARTHING the new – our NEW lives and our NEW world.
OVERTONE 🎆– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance✨ Number 5 represents the Center, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER🔘 of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation⏺ returns to the center and then RADIATES 🔆outwards. Overtones command the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their POWER radiates from their soul essence, through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power. 💥
✨✨✨TODAY’S energy of the 3 RED siSTARS – DRAGON, MOON AND EARTH combined with the OVERTONE tone of RADIANCE is very feminine and astoundingly beautiful!
These 3 Divine sistars are the NEW EARTH MIDWIVES bringing forth this New World and New Era. 🐣🌍🌎🌏🎆
The Overtone works with spiritual power… in New Zealand Maori language we have a specific name for this… the word is MANA – meaning the power which comes from spirit which radiates and gives one the glow of spirit🎆… and today is a day of Mana” … a day of Mana where our surrender to the flow of the Goddess. empowers the New Time, reflecting the Majik of BLISS through our joyful childish exuberance.
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED DRAGON 🐉– IMIX represents our Divine Mother and our Birth Mother. The beautiful nurturing energies that envelop us with unconditional love so that we can become RADIANT beings.🎆 The OVERTONE DRAGON is a wonderful majestic and regal energy of a Divine Sovereign 👑Mother Goddess, 👸caring for the welfare of her citizens in her QUEEN-DOM. She is commanding responsibility for empowering her children to GROW and RISE through accepting the RADIANCE of their own soul essence.
Today we have the power to nurture our creations, our dreams and what it is we wish to birth, both now and in the future. Collectively this energy allows us to BIRTH the NEW TIME. An era of radiance and PEACE birthed through the power of the 3 Sisters who are bringing forth this New World through the Mother Dragon’s Den – the void of creation, COMMANDING it into being.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED MOON 🌜👸– MULUC brings forth the Goddess energies of intuition and FLOW through her Universal Waters. We can flow with deep sensitivity to the blood lines and waters of the Earth as they bring forth new life. We are drawn to FLOW with the synchronicities that lead to the greatest vitality. Today we are responding to the FLOW of life, and what appears in our path. Accepting responsibility and trusting that all things will flow smoothly with ease and grace. RED OVERTONE MOON represents the divine women who walk beautifully and powerfully with their abilities to respond and listen to the Earth’s calling, fully in sync with her messages.
❓❓❓What WISDOM is GAIA sharing with the Earth keepers and grandmothers today?
Attune to the ancient wisdom of our mothers and we will find our most positive FLOW to birth this new world. 🐣🌎✨
SUPPORT: WHITE MIRROR 🛡– ETZNAB reveals all that inhibits the flow from one world to another, from your old life to the New! The reflections of many worlds and doorways brings us to a timeless space inside, open, receptive to the many dimensions that reflect truths and initiations into the many worlds that we truly inhabit, beyond the physical. The OVERTONE MIRROR beautifully illuminates our new path – casting a deep shadow on the obstacles to your RADIANCE and empowerment. Trust in the POWER of the SWORD of TRUTH to cut away all illusions and bring CLARITY and confidence in our new direction.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SOLAR SUN 🌞– AHAU continues to ILLUMINATE our choices today, so that we can continuously EVOLVE and effortlessly respond to the flow of life. The SOLAR SUN beautifully PULSES forth the RADIANCE that we embody… the POWER and self-confidence we have claimed through our Sovereignty as divine Solar CHRISTED BEINGS. 👑🌞🎆
Today we have the SUPERPOWER to realise our FREE WILL by fearlessly shining our LIGHT as independent SOLAR SOVEREIGN beings. 👑 THY KING/QUEEN-DOM COME👑👸
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE OVERTONE MONKEY 🐒 – CHUEN challenges us today to perfect our responsibilities by bringing our duties into a sequence of flow that creates joy and fun. Effortless flow and joy begotten from being fully present in the now and not being overwhelmed by the future “burdens”. Responding to your spontaneous Heart’s desires which lead you to make the best choices. Creating a RADIANT life by being HAPPY and carefree – focused on the wonderful innocence found through the present moment. Attained through the act of spontaneity and synchronicity. Going with the FLOW of each day.
CHUEN beckons us to TRUST in the MAJIK of change, and the healing this brings to us. As alchemists we may feel the power to transform any situation with a divine innocence radiating a command to push all boundaries that hold us back from truly healing our lives. Trust in the MAJIK of the larger pattern to provide what you need to B-EARTH your New reality. Despite ILLUSIONS we are making GREAT PROGRESS to birth our New World. 🐣🌎🌈
❤❤❤So precious hearts once we REALIZE that we are fully healed, ALL IS POSSIBLE, and we can awaken to our Sovereign power to birth the NEW!
✨✨This Divinely feminine power👸, provides us with the opportunity to B-EARTH a NEW TIME and a NEW EARTH in the coming days. 🌏❤🌍❤🌎
Today’s question is “What dreams have I nurtured, that can NOW be COMMANDED and B-EARTHed into the full RADIANCE of creation?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for B-Earthing your beautiful New cell-ves today.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Creation – Unknown Artist DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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