Goddess Vortex Rainbow Spiral of Energy Activated 🌈 Full Moon in Pisces ~ Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth ❤️

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Goddess Vortex Rainbow Spiral of Energy Activated 🌈 Full Moon in Pisces ~ Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth ❤️

Ra James

There is so much MAGIC in the Air.
We are still in a Geomagnetic Storm.
We are in a very Powerful Solar Wind Stream right NOW.
We have tons of incoming Waves of Ascension Energies and they are picking up in intensity.
Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Pisces… This will Be our final Moon of the Summer.
This will Be the Corn Moon. September’s Full Moon is usually the Harvest Moon, so this anomaly only occurs every few years.
Our Harvest Moon will occur on October 1st this year.
The October 1st Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.
The Autumn Equinox is September 22 and we can expect it to bring some intense Upgrades with it.
We are feeling a lot of Purging and Releasing with the Energy.
All of this Pisces Energy has us half way in the other realm.
There are many Worlds and Portals open NOW.
We are feeling lots of Otherworldly Energy.
This Energy feels extra Dreamy right NOW.
It feels Calm, but it’s anything but… We are Manifesting every thought we have right NOW.
Stay very Positive through this SHIFT.
This Energy is Anchoring us into the Final Part of the year… It’s up to us to get more Creative.
Expect an increase in your Psychic Awareness at this Time.
It’s important that we remember Nothing is Random and there are NO Coincidences.
Pay attention to the Synchronicities that your seeing. They are meant to act as a Guide for you.
The Universe is Always Communicating with US.
It’s important that we are learning how to Better recognize the Signs and Messages that we are Receiving.
Your Angels and Spirit Guides are really trying to get you what you need at this time.
It’s just up to you to BEcome more Clear with your Manifestations.
Pay attention to the things that are surfacing for you. We all have a lot of Healing that we are working on at this time.
This Full Moon Energy is Great for Shining a LIGHT on what lies underneath.
Today we also have an asteroid (2011 ES4) making a fly by through our Earth- Moon system.
Space Rocks tend to add to the Energies and give them an increase in power.
Last night the Aurigids Meteor Shower reached its peak… However, this Meteor Shower will continue on until September 6th.
This is the last Meteor Shower of the year.
These Meteors usually appear to be Blue or Green and are also adding some MAGIC to the Energies.
We also had a warning BE-ing issued regarding the Space Weather and a possible Solar Event.
All of the Energies coming into the Planet are for sure BE-ing noticed more and more.
These Energies are Perfect for Healing, and Rituals.
It’s the Perfect Time to Sage or to charge your Crystals.
with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay
~ 💜 ~
Photo: Incoming Geomagnetic Storm Energy Wave – captured over Norway by Aurora Borealis Observatory

Pandora in progress… Gamma Grid Ratio Recovery in progress… EOSTRE in progress.
Goddess Vortex is a Rainbow Spiral of Energy which encompasses all possible combinations of LIGHT.
It is a Presence of an Angelic BEing which Transmutes all darkness into Pure LIGHT through an Eight-Dimensional Stargate of the Antarion Conversion.
It is a Vortex of the Presence of ONE which absorbs all anomaly of duality and Ascends it into the ONE through the process of Micro-Triangulation.
Goddess Vortex is the ultimate technology of the LIGHT Forces which will finally Dissolve the Matrix on the Astral and Etheric Planes around our Planet.
Victory of the LIGHT!!!
with Sacred LOVE of ONE
~ 💜 ~
Photo: Extremely Rare Quadruple Rainbow – captured over Long Island, New York by Amanda Curtis

Celia Fenn

Watery and Dreamy and ruled by Neptune.
Which means you can feel inspired and idealistic….or you can feel totally ungrounded and “out of it”.
Or a bit of both!
Personally I have felt a great longing for softness and gentleness and beauty in my life, which is very Neptunian.
I have also wanted to love and nurture both myself and all those in my life. When you are in the midst of such feelings, you quickly realise how harsh and aggressive the energies are “out there” and how it is real work to hold “soft and gentle” and see it as the strength that it is!🌹
What is also clear to me, in this struggle, is that it is a crucial energy to be holding. I see so many people who were once on this path, now becoming aggressive and harsh. That is their choice and their path, and they have their reasons.🌹
For myself, I am a Divine Feminine Warrior of the Heart and I CHOOSE THE GENTLE PATH.
Like water.
Yielding when necessary but able to wear down stone over time.🌹
My dream of the New Earth is as strong and persistent.
In the next few months we will be tested by events and circumstances to hold onto the dream that we have created for ourselves and our version of the New Earth.🌹
We have to hold on so that we are not pulled into someone else’s version.
You deserve the version that YOU want to create and experience.🌹
So on this Full Moon in Pisces…allow yourself to be soft and dreamy and dream your New Earth.
Love to Everyone.
I Love you All!
Celia Fenn
Thanks to the Artist 🌹
source: www.starchildglobal.com
New Energy Portals We’ve Opened ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been opening several new portals to deliver to you the current energies that are upon you. These portals are new in the sense that they have never been open to your planet before, and now that they are open, many of you can feel the change that is in the air. Most of you who are receiving this transmission have recognized that the current set of circumstances on your world was always meant to usher in major changes to your systems, your policies, and the way that you treat one another.
And now you have more than enough energetic support from the galactic beings, like ourselves. There are also many physical extra-terrestrial beings and groups that are contributing to these energies, that are utilizing these portals that we took it upon ourselves to open. We just love seeing you opening your gifts, and that is precisely what has been happening to those of you who have been listening to us. Those of you who have taken the time to slow down, to go within, and to open yourselves up are now really benefitting from those few simple steps.
You are ready to radiate more love to your fellow humans. You are ready to embody Source Energy and to be the unconditional love of Source. You are ready to usher in these changes with your higher level of consciousness. That’s what you are there to do. That’s why you had to be there on Earth at this time. Certainly, you all had your personal reasons, your karma, your relationships, and so on, but the big picture is that you had to be there to anchor in these energies for the human collective.
You had to be there to ensure that Earth would ascend with as many humans as possible. You are doing your part and playing your roles perfectly, and you will continue to receive from points all across the galaxy and the universe, because you have stripped away the layers of third-dimensional filters. And you have opened yourselves up to something more, something bigger, something better. You have never been more capable of bringing about the changes you want to see on Earth, because you are connecting with one another, collaborating, joining forces, and holding that very large intention for humanity to ascend.
And we know that you are the perfect ones to bring that ascension about, because you are the ones who have traveled enough throughout this galaxy to know that we are all one. We are all the same. We are all just wearing different masks and playing different roles, and you are the ones to connect all the dots, to bring us all together. We are very excited to be a part of the unified galaxy that you are all creating right now.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
source: danielscranton.com

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

Tonight’s Full Moon is it’s own portal that will carry us into the Autumn Equinox.
Lots of deep emotions are rising up with today’s Pisces Full Moon.
We are clearing some deep karma across the collective.
Many of you are Starseeds and are assisting in the clearing some of these karmic energies.
As our DNA is activating many are remembering.
There is a lot of releasing that is occurring as we are being encoded.
Many of you are remembering that your soul has Galactic origins and are longing for home.
Your remembering you came from the stars, only some of you have no home to go back to.
That’s why this mission is so very important.
Many memories from Mintaka and Orion are coming to the surface during this time.
This is triggering feelings of abandonment in some. You may have lots of inner child stuff surfacing.
Know this is a cleansing that is occurring.
We are being given a chance to heal like never before.
These energies only amplify what’s going on internally.
They show us our true selves.
This Full Moon is shining a light on any blockages you may have.
Many of you have learned how to protect yourselves by putting barriers up.
We are now being asked to expand in every way. It’s time to open up fully to love.
Any resistance is what we must heal.
It’s time to do some deeper heart chakra work.
We are still very much between worlds.
Many of you may sense your moving between different realms and dimensions.
Your becoming more and more multi-dimensional.
You may feel like your in a dream at this time.
We are, and a lot of waking up is remembering that. We are very much tuning into the Divine Feminine at this time as well.
Many are feeling a surge of emotions and an increase in there intuition.
September will bring a lot of balance and healing to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.
Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces is also bringing a lot of Pleiadian energies with it.
We also can expect a lot of dolphin energy with it.
Dolphins are very connected to the Moon and water.
They also can communicate with the Pleiadians.
This is a powerful time to do some deeper meditation or to connect with your Lemurian aspects. It’s a great time to charge your crystals.
I recommend working with some blue crystals or even moonstone this shift.
It’s also a great time to take a salt bath or to connect with water in any way.
Perfect energy for finding your inner mermaid- or merman…

SA Smith

We Have Seven Days. Are You Ready?
We are Clearing Baggage from past lives and timelines. Emotions are running high as they release.
For the next several days we have a plethora of timelines stacked one on top of the other, while we are clear our energy bodies and get ready for the big reveal.
This is not a time to hang back and relax. This is a time to do your inner-work.
September is going to be a big month of change.
We have seven days to do this work, or possibly less depending on the timeline status.
We are about to see the big show happen, but we have to clear out all that which is keeping us tethered down.
It’s GO time!
First I would suggest wrapping yourself in Source light as you work and go through your day.
Connect and ask your guides to work with Source to release all that does not resonate with you at this time.
Secondly, find quiet times during the day to go into deep mediation.
Connect with your higher self and your guides, work through whatever is shown to you and release it.
This is your time, this is the time we have been working towards.
It’s not coming, it’s here.
This is not to cause you fear, but to cause you joy.
You have worked very hard, and it’s not time to stop yet.
We have something big coming in on the 11th. My guides haven’t revealed it to me yet, just said be ready.
So let’s be ready.
Do the work, let your light out and shine it everywhere. You are a beacon, a light shining into every corner of the darkness.
You are doing it!
Keep it going Divine One. Keep it going!
~SA Smith
Wednesday September 2 2020
“Hope is not about proving anything. Its’s about choosing to believe this one thing: that love is bigger than any grim, bleak shit anyone can throw at us.” Annie Lamott
Take a deep inbreath and welcome today’s stunning Pisces Full Moon as a moment of deep respite, an inflexion point, pouring not oil but soothing water on the fierce Mars, Eris, Venus, Saturn, Pluto entanglements, confrontations and interpersonal harshness.
Lady Luna is widely conjunct far seeing Neptune, sextile both Jupiter and Uranus. This is a celestial metaphor for future gazing, for visionary ideas and possibilities – capture those insights and light bulb moments in photographs, art or mind mapping before they fly by. With the Sun in Virgo in a beautiful Grand Earth Trine to Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, ground your intuitions into something expressive and tangible.
Become a Visionary Realist by mapping Walt Disney’s Way of Creativity cycling through 3 phases in sequence: first become the Dreamer and dream large, second become the Realist and remove the obstacles and 3rd become the Critic and polish then repeat. Then step right back to see the emerging whole through the eyes of the Witness.
Whatever you’re imagining, instead of powerless Outside-In Thinking based on: what other people told you to do / your thoughts + feelings in the moment /the effect you want on other people /whether you think you have time or energy- trust the absolute pure miracle of Knowing or Not Knowing. Both are 100% reliable. Both are personally unique to you and universal in quality. Both are pointing in the same direction – inside.
Within you is the space for the answer. It might not be there right now but it will be. The not knowing is simply knowing that the answer is there. You’ve had this experience over and over – it could be a feeling in your gut, goose pimples, an Aha! Moment or a Big Yes.
The Chandra Symbol for the Full Moon 10 Pisces: An old witch on a windy headland. She is calling to the sea
“Wildly tuned in. Staggeringly aware of the overall situation and its call, you respond deeply with engagement with all that is happening. You are profoundly emotional, physical, and personal in order to ground and focus a vaster picture, urgently and critically mobilised at hot spots. Assigned to tune in to everything and make sure all the cosmic bases are covered–inner-planes activity predominates. You live within vast worlds and are psychically charged with all that is being taken in, but your central focus is to respond, to report, to send the inner messages, to keep the lines open. Emergency and crisis sensibility inside of things, searching for signs and knowing how to be there on the spot to turn things around by inward force of will.” Elias Lonsdale Inside Degrees
Read your free August 30-September 6 Week Ahead Sign Forecasts: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
If you are a creative, sensitive, way finder, change agent or maverick, September’s astrology is all about stepping out of overwhelm by identifying your own flickers of opportunity. They may present in ways and guises you are not expecting simply because your old perceptual markers have been deleted but the clue is always that they bring you a sense of new life.
Sign up to my September 5D Report:” Taking back Your Superpowers” at: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
“You’ve outdone yourself this time! This month’s report is particularly wonderful. Thank you!” Alyson E Pennsylvania USA
Art by Kagayama
KINS 157 – 169
SEPTEMBER 2- 14, 2020
The RED EARTH wavespell commences in the latter part of Column 8 and then Column 9 in the Sacred Tzolkin Calender with only 2 GAP portal days, so we are leaving the intensity of the central core of the Tzolkin and are finding our flow and rhythym as we make our journey through the duplicate Mirror World in the higher dimensions of the Tzolkin. Column 8 represents the flow of spirit, in and outbreath flowing to and from source, whilst the 9th column represents our path of Divine service through love, compassion and empathy.
RED EARTH is a more YIN and feminine wavespell giving us some grace after our intense journey through the eye of the needle. We can now start to relax, listen and soften as we attune to our intuitive senses and our connection to our Mother land.
The THEMES that we will be exploring through CABAN – the RED EARTH encompass:
Signs, synchronicity, navigation, flow, fluidity, right timing, wholeness,resonances, synergy, centredness, grounding, galactic alignment, timelines, natural lore and healing, crystals, Earth forces, cycles, natural evolution and EARTH MAJIK.
Our main goal during this Wavespell is that of LISTENING to the rhythyms of the EARTH. Watching and observing the signs that present, navigating your path through greater awareness of how and when you interact with the natural world around you. Actively LISTENING and evaluating all that is presenting to you each day through the clues and signs, showing you the best way forward in order to achieve your purpose and find your way. In order to NAVIGATE through this Synchronic order that presents we must be aware of the Evolutionary cycles that Gaia has travelled. Looking back through time to where we have been and how we have navigated to this point in time. Checking our GPS to track where we are headed so that we can set a smooth course upon which to sail.
❓❓❓Where have you been and where are you headed?❓❓❓
These questions must be answered both personally and collectively. Where ONE goes, we ALL go! So let us navigate a clear planetary path for our collective benefit. Keep your EYES on the PRIZE and focus on the reality you wish to energize.
RED EARTH governs the passage of TIME ⏳through the ever repeating cycles and patterns📈 that weave the tapestry of evolution. Slow down and attune to Natural time. 🍥Harmonic time as calculated through the Dreamspell. 🎆 Become ONE with the EARTH and feel the passage of NO-TIME as all time converges in this NOW eternal moment.
Sit in stillness in nature and just simply BE in relationship to the Earth. This is not a time for impetuous movement, this is a time to watch, learn and listen for the Earth herself to inform the right movements forward as she teaches us how to listen deeply to her undercurrents and the messages she sends us every day.
We have strayed far from the wisdom of our Earth Mother in 2020 and humanity has been consumed with FEAR, despair and hopelessness.. We need to RESET and RECONNECT with the natural world to recalibrate our GPS and find our true NORTH as a collective. The path forward is prophesied and CLEAR for those SPEAKING and LISTENING to the rhythyms of GAIA..
❓❓❓Do we want to REPEAT the errors of the past? Or shall we set a new course – having learnt our lesson from experience and now consciously CHOOSE to steer LIGHTSHIP EARTH through wondrous new waters? 🌈🌍🌎🌏🌈
This cycle is teaching us the way of the turtle, 🐢to go slow and be sure of each step we take, resulting in the conservation of energy and the groundedness of our actions. At this time on the planet we must ensure that we honour Mother Earth and all our actions, plans and intentions are sustainable and are environmentally harmonic with our our Earth home. We must ALL learn to truly listen to Gaia or she herself will let us know, as we have witnessed in the past. Our future depends on the future of our Earth Mother. It is time we learnt this lesson.
RED EARTH is the access point for your natural alignment with Earth force. When you are ONE with the EARTH your Magnetic Power of attraction and manifestation is greatly amplified. 🎆As you align your center, with the Earth’s centre, and her crystal core you can harness this gravitational magnetizing force. As your body becomes more crystalline 💎you connect to the larger crystal grid🌐 network of Mother Gaia, connecting all planetary kin. To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the 5 elements and emerge yourself in Mother Nature, ensuring you ground fully with barefeet feeling her magnetic flow rising to your Heart. As you CENTER yourself in the present moment you observe the divine synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger Galactic purpose on this planet. Here is where you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe. OPEN your HEART and MIND to the mystical majik of RED EARTH!🌈🌏🌎🌍🌈
NOTE: This is also a great cycle to LISTEN and play MUSIC. Most musicians 🎸🎷have a RED EARTH glyph in their signature as RED EARTH governs ‘right timing”. You need to be in “sync” and hold rhythm! 🎼🎶🎵
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
Read this mantra through once, then REPEAT it out loud as a COMMAND using your breath and pausing between each line tuning into the feeling it evokes in your body. This will attune you to the frequency of this Wavespell activating the POWER within your cells and DNA to GROW and seek the LIGHT.
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessing for NAVIGATING a beautiful FLOWING path to your brilliant new reality of greater happiness, success and abundance.🌈🌍🌸
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Kin 157 ~ Red Magnetic Earth
‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its key words are ‘Unify, Attract and Purpose’. The first day of a wavespell sets the agenda for the 13 days and so a new journey begins. I always emphasise the importance of living the Tzolkin one wavespell at a time rather than the individual days. These groupings of 13 days are like a chapter in the book of time. There are 20 chapters in all, this wavespell is the 13th chapter.
Today is the first day of the Red Earth wavespell which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’…..and so what is the agenda? For 13 days we can focus on our personal growth. Sometimes it is easy to forget we are here for a purpose. The purpose being to become the best person we can become in order to pay back the earth for allowing us to be here. We owe it to Mother Earth to reach our potential. She is having a hard time and the only people that can help her are those who have become strong. But we can grow consciously. We can make the effort to become stronger, smarter and more useful to the planet. It isn’t difficult. Mother knows best and our Mother Earth knows what she is doing. All we need to do to evolve, is to become closer to the earth. During the Red Earth wavespell, try to rekindle the love you have for her.
The Guide today is also Red Earth.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand which symbolizes ‘healing’. If you are a Blue Hand, this is not going to be your best wavespell. Your issues will surface and you will find ‘evolving’ very tough. Reach out for help if you need it and allow someone give you a hand.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which is also the wavespell we just completed. When in the magical position, Seed shares wisdom concerning magical matters. Occult knowledge can come in handy when seeking ‘evolution’.
The Ally is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. If you need a friend today consult a White Wind. If you do not know one, be like one and open the channels of communication!
Today also marks the beginning of the ‘Yellow Southern Castle of Giving’, the fourth castle of the Tzolkin and it contains the Red Earth, WhiteDog,Blue Nightand Yellow Warrior wavespells. (The Tzolkin divides into 5 sections called Castles and each one contains 4 wavespells.)
1 CABAN – KIN 157
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
2/9/2020 = 2/9/22 = 11/22 = 33 = 6
2 – Twins/Partnership/Cooperation
11 – Portal/Gate/Polarity
9 – Endings/Destiny/Humanity/Grace/Compassion
22 – Master Builder/Architect of PEACE
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
33 – Heaven/Christ Consciousness/Ascended Master
6 – Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
KIN 157 = 13 =4
A very powerful MAGNETIC day for attracting synchronicity for your desires.
Today we commence a beautiful new 13 day journey with RED EARTH as our guide. The RED EARTH WAVESPELL is all about LISTENING and reading the signs of Mother Gaia, in order to navigate our way forward through her natural cycles during our evolutionary process. Much EARTH MAJIK awaits us dear STARBLOSSOMS!🌟🌹
MAGNETIC 🅾is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Atrracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine.Today we are seeking to attract SYNCHRONICITY! To align with the Earth Majik that Mother Gaia is reflecting back to us! The attraction seeks to UNIFY us all as ONE! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY!
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: RED EARTH 🌍🌏-CABAN attunes us to the signs, synchronicities and FLOW of the natural rhythms of Gaia. CABAN beckons us through our attunement to her rhythyms to be sensitive to the flow of her EARTH Majik. 💫Today Gaia gives us the signs of synchronicity, right timing, what it is to track the majik in your life and all around you, to track the joy and find your purpose in life. When we can attract greater synchronicity in our lives, we know that we are in sync. with the Earth and on the right path!🌈
RED MAGNETIC EARTH 🌏always reminds me of ULURU, our beautiful Magnetic monolith in the RED CENTRE of Australia. ULURU is the 3rd Planetary chakra of Gaia otherwise known as the Solar Plexus or “power” centre. The function of this chakra is to assist with self definition and personal power, but also to store and regulate the VITALITY🎇 of the Earth, and all living species. It is said in order to gain the knowledge of immortal health, one must do so through Uluru. This knowledge is delivered to the rest of the world through the feminine ley artery, representing the Rainbow Serpent.🌈🐍 Uluru has great spiritual and cultural significance to our original custodians as she is considered as Sacred land and holds the key codes to the dreamtime and 5D Earth. .http://www.ybcreations.com/uluru.html
ULURU also serves as the MAGNETIC HEART💟 of Australia. Every nation has a natural Earth formation which forms it’s heart centre. So we Aussie’s are extremely blessed to have such a huge Magnetic Heart that ATTRACTS Gaia’s children from all over the world, from every nation. Bus loads of tourists flock to view her sunrise and sunset shows every day.(or at least did so before 2020 Lockdowns!!) Each person who visits Uluru has their heart chakra magnetized. As they return home to their families and workplaces their magnetized heart, encodes the hearts of their kin, then they in turn magnetize their families and so on like a domino effect. Such is the power and magnetic attraction of ULURU. (Note: ULURU told me this in our conversations during ceremony there for 7:7:7 portal in 2007)
RED MAGNETIC EARTH 🌎reminds us that we are the Children of Gaia, 👭👫👬and as our Earth Mother we are all connected, as she feels and senses through us, we too can sense and FEEL through her as we connect at a much deeper and more empathic level. Talking to the trees, listening to the wind and the chirping crickets, and feeling the pulsing of her heartbeat. As we connect and feel more deeply we develop more love, respect and begin to truly honour this beautiful paradise we call home. Tune in and be inspired through listening to Gaia’s messages to navigate your path back home to BLISS.
SUPPORT: WHITE WIND 🌬 – IK brings forth more Divine signs and messages from Spirit making this a VERY powerful day to attune and listen to Gaia and Great Spirit for guidance. White Magnetic Wind powerfully attracts and magnetizes these signs, so that we can completely align with Spirit. As we channel these messages and pure LIGHT codes we can unite together and rejoice through singing, dancing and creativity, allowing the Divine messages to flow forth into our expressive creations.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW COSMIC SEED🍥 🌱🌟– KAN is the SEED of new potentials through expanded GROWTH. We are all SEED packets with potent LIGHT packets encoded within us. We have just completed our passage through the 13 day cycle of the Yellow SEED – so as we graduated yesterday, as the Cosmic Warriors, we fearlessly reclaimed our capacity to express our Highest potential – embodying our Cosmic Consciousness in our physical vessels.
KAN enables us to express our highest PURPOSE today and co create the beautiful gardens of the future. One by one, each sowing our own unique seed through our unique talents and contributions, until one day our garden has flourished into the GARDEN OF EDEN! 🍇🍓🍎🌴The presence of true growth, the seeding of the NEW TIME that is based on true ancient/future wisdom born of listening and knowing our connection with all of life as co-creators of this New Earth.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE HAND 🖐– MANIK – Today’s challenge is the BLUE MAGNETIC HAND. Our challenge is to ATTRACT all that we need to HEAL our body, mind and spirit as well as that of Mother Gaia. In order to glean this ancient wisdom through natural lore, we must be patient and attuned to the EARTH messages we receive. Gaia has all that we need to heal and become whole again, integrating our soul’s essence in order to feel the ONENESS and unity with our kin, our planet and ALL THAT IS! In order to accomplish our purpose on this planet we must first become ONE with the LAND – as the Australian original people know. Without this connection we have no life-force and vitality – Gaia’s magnetic force literally fuels the vitality of our haemoglobin transporting the oxygen to every cell in our body. The blessing that Manik bestows upon us this day is the potent power of accomplishment! The ability to accomplish healing and manifest our collective dreams into our new reality.
So planetary kin, a wondrous day for taking a walk in Gaia’s wonderland, feeling her magnetic force beneath your feet and breathing in her fresh ionized air. A beautiful 13 day journey to reconnect intimately with our Earth Mother, forging our strongest Heart connection with our homeland.💟💟💟
Today’s question is “Am I navigating my true path through listening to the signs and synchronicities of Mother Gaia?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for navigating a beautiful path through Mother nature today.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Uluru – Dawn of Time – William Patino DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏💟🙏💟

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  1. To all Beloved Souls as Above in physical and non physical Divine bodies of Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love above, so physical and non physical Divine bodies of Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love below in inner Earth and on our surface, we are now in huge crossroads for many awakened Souls of Humankind, that have been awakened, but confused with truth coming on surface what negative alien agenda with their human minions have done to Humanity through many thousand years, with appearance of corona world lock down virus / programmed by quantum AI computer software program by negative ones to break down economy financial system and human societies with fear and panic with silly wearing masks and make new face fashion “kind “ of humanities, totally non functional / and it does not to be functional, because corona virus is just hologram of software program of remnants of 3 D, not existing in higher Dimensional world / but in differ shape, design and colour/. Many of awakened humanities are confused with political scenario with trying to start nuclear WWIII, with reduction of humanities less than 10 %, but this war will destroy our beloved Mother Earth, too, what can not happen in any scenario of NAA and Quantum Ai computer, because We awaken Star seed and Advanced Light workers with our multidimensionsl selves in 144 ooo White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood to our Beloved Divine Father / Mother God / Our Divine Source / as One, and We are collectively in Universe and Multi verse leaded by our Divine Love and light energies with collective Heart to Heart chacra portals. This is Divine Call for all Humanities / awaken and non awaken yet/ together with all beloved Souls in all kingdoms / lovely plants and animals, from insects / connected with antarian people, and Lyons and dolphins and Whales and all others, and with Crystal mineral kingdoms and Elements : Lovely Dragons in Ascension an Unicorns, and Fairies and Pegasus and many other Mythological beings, and I am calling all this Kingdom to together hart to hart, and hand to hand make strong Divine Light of Love, and heart to heart rainbow bridge to help all Beloved Souls of Light and Love to pass over this void / where the last remnants of darkness trying to take some of souls to negative side, even in this Full moon in Pisces / with both sides Light and Dark / , and particularly in this rare event of Saturn / Pluto conjunction, when the last was happen in 1576 year, when dark side fully take over our planet, and humanity and all Kingdoms.
    Now and Here is time for all of us, Human kind, together with all Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements / calling for mythological beings as our beloved Ascended Dragon society, being leaded by El Thor and Alisheriya as my connection, and fairies, and collective Pegasys and Unicorns and Giants and all other lovely beings to come back and all together with beloved Universal Divine souls of many Star Families, present in Star Families of Light and Love / In Galactic Federation of Light / and Ashtar Star Families, with all beloved Ascended Masters, and Masters, and All beloved Angelic and Archangelic realms with beloved Archangel Michael as leading them, with deeply connected with our Beloved Father / Mother God / our prime Creator with Cosmic and Universal Mothers of all of creations / to all together make new creation of Divine New Earth and new Divine Human Societies and societies of all Divine Beings, not just on our lovely Planet Mother Earth, but in all Universe, and Mulit verse and whole Cosmos, based on Divine Love and Light, bringing peace and love, and prosperities equally for all, with harmony and grace and abundance for all equally with happiness and joy, as being established here as Golden age of Aquarius, so be in whole Universe in Multiverse and Cosmos, with rebuilding, based on original blue prints, as before of all this nonsense destructive wars, with bringing global peace and prosperities, with shaking hands to hands / or taking pipe of peace / among the worse “ Enemies “ / actually We are all coming from one Divine Source of endless Love and Light, but forgetting for this, many playing negative roles for eons of time, non aware that this is only Game, but at one moment being leaded by software program of Quantum Ai computer, that change from heart to Ego mind software program in illusionary world, copying our emotions, and with this last edition of corona virus / that has aim to reunite world but with positive emotions and raising frequency with Love and Light, not at all by fear and panic / what media want to do /, and with raising our collective frequency, we will make strong defence system that will defeat any negative ideas, and any virus or any other kind of germs, and defeat any 5G, or any trying to start any new war, or any tragic events. This is the right time to collectively open our heart portals with all beings all around and above and bellow, absorbing this huge waves of Divine Love and Light, with new light codes trough Solar flesh. I am that I am, and calling for great reunion of our 144 000 star seeds with all of Human tribes, with all Beloved Souls of all Kingdom and Elements, to be heart to heart connected with heart of our beloved Mother Earth / Goddess Gaia, with our Inner Earth Families below, and with our Star Families above, with al of our beloved Company of Heaven, to our beloved Father / Mother God , and all together to jump over this void, and taking all beings, including those who joined to us recently, and connecting to the golden river to our Source, to being One of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love. This long Peace Divine train of sacred heart/ mind in the core of strong 144 000 bonds with all other connected, has starting to take all Souls from this 3D, that has been disappeared, to 5Dimensional world of Peace, and Divine Love and Light, and Harmony and Abundance equally for All, and Happiness and Joy, and respecting each other equally.
    All our forgiveness and Love, to all of our past life times with all clearing of our memory bank of DNA, and forgiveness and Compassion and Love for all of those playing negative role, and making so much harm to our beloved mother Earth, and all beloved Kingdoms and Elements, and all Humankind, and message to be awaken being in bubbles of surrounded twin flames of love and light, or those who decided to continue 3D games, to finish positively to the light, playing on another 3 D planet.
    All my love to whole Cosmos, and Love and Healing to our beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Gaia, and Beloved Father Sun Sol.


  2. I forgot that you mentioned the written transmission would include more images. So glad I remembered – what a treat!!! Quadruple rainbow!!! And that aurora!!!

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