NEW EARTH LIGHT TEMPLATES FOR YOU NOW ~ Children of the One Heart Race ~ Saturn Retrograde

NEW EARTH LIGHT TEMPLATES FOR YOU NOW ~ Children of the One Heart Race ~ Saturn Retrograde



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Golden Christed Ones of the New Earth Emissaries of Light,

As Gaia continues her journey up the Ascension spiral she received 3 powerful activations today with 3 earthquakes of over magnitude 6 all on the ring of fire. These activated her Trinity Gate and 3 Power Centers as fields of Sacred Elixir. This in turn has activated our 3 Dantians for the full transformation into Solar Diamond Light beings as Rainbow Warriors of Heaven on Earth. As Saturn turns retrograde today all that is out of alignment with source, has been manipulated for selfish gain or been used against huemanity will be Returned to sender tenfold and all effects be corrected to resonate with the frequency of 5D and the Holy Spirit Codes.

Over the next couple days we will receive consistent upgrades to our DNA preparing us for the next phase of Awakening through the 666 Portal on Moonday. This is where we take back the hijacked codes from the dark and transform them back to the Original Divine BluePrint of Christ Consciousness.

The Orca Nation is with us now transmitting their free flowing energy and Joy of Bliss so we can navigate the Oceans of Consciousness more congruently and with ease. With their Yin and Yang markings, the light and shadow, they personify the beauty of the Natural Aspects of duality, the pulsing in between worlds, and symbolize Freedom and Beauty. They synchronize with the Mer People and as Mercury turns direct and is in his shadow phase we are inspired to dive deep and heal the wounds that keep us from our True Liberation and Divine Sovereignty.

All beings are born perfectly Awakened Buddhas. We return to our True Nature our Natural State of Beingness with the Self Realization of our Oneness with Mother/ Father God and all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions.

In our Return to Source, our journey home, we overcame many obstacles but we know that Love always wins so we release all fears and doubt and activate the Ultimate Faith that all is in Divine Timing and Order and the Plan of Divinity is right on track for our full Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human as the Totality of our Full Luminosity, or homo-luminous.

Keepers of the Golden flame together we Shine our Rays into the field for the Alchemy of the Ages to be initiated…A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 15°53′ Leo, Sun at 14°27′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Two dutch children talking.
Sabian Symbol for 15º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 15º Gemini.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Brilliant sunshine just after a storm.
Sabian Symbol for 16º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 16º Leo.


the sun will come out today…Namaste



Wow! 🤩 Could this be some kind of code seen in this intriguing crop circle reported today, the 4th of June, 2022, at Owl House, near the White Horse at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK. 🤔 Great aerial photos by Nick Bull. More photos, videos and information can be found on this Crop Circle Connector link:…/hackpen/hackpen2020a.html

mothership crop circle
mothership crop circle



The Summit Lighthouse

Your True Self💙
Your Higher Self💛
Your I AM Presence💜
The Purpose of your soul’s evolution on earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance your karma, fulfill your mission on earth and make your ascension in the Light.
You, too, can attain union with God.


Union with God
Union with God
UPDATE: Important to release Karmic Relationships from your Energetic + Physical Body to RE-Entrain your Nervous System. #rebirth
milky way in Norway
milky way in Norway

Photo: Physics-Astronomy Lovers



The Central Sun is radiating New Frequencies and this new template; that has been part of the momentum for the NEW EARTH Reality; which is, the evolving to being your God Mind/ Heart Centered Ascended self.
This is great news for you as your complete transformation is at hand, for you.
Which is the expanded Divine you in full union with that which you are eternally.
In the Vastness of this Being, you are called upon to open your heart even wider, seeing, breathing, acting, through the frequency of your heart.
The New Template available is one of being in Union with ALL THAT IS.
THIS IS your Divine presence, Your Cosmic God Self, your Ascended being.
Which translates (although mortal language) into the mastery of the Earth incarnation program.
To be the enlightened you is the new paradigm, the awakened New Earth, the new template available for you.
Each being has a unique blueprint, this new template raises the frequency of all of those in their heart everywhere.
To be more of the eternal you, to be more spirit, rather than referencing yourself as the small you, as if a body.
The bodies come and go through each incarnation, YET the eternal aspect of the different you’s carries on throughout infinity and beyond.
All of these incarnations are connected whether you are aware or not.
Through this new template we activate all those ready to have greater conscious awareness of all of the dimensions and parallel worlds.
We are the Divine Council of Overseers, yet we need no name. We are always present with the Elohim, Sanut Kumara and The Queen of Light and more.
This is all part of our expansion also, as there is no limit to ALL THAT IS.
Feel this in your heart now! Breathe in the Golden light from the Central Sun with this New Template NOW. Feel the warmth, the Glory the Divinity of this Quantum template, merging with you now! In Forever love.
In Divine Love,
The Central Sun is radiating New Frequencies
The Central Sun is radiating New Frequencies
Dear Family of Light it’s time now more than ever before for all Light workers, Star Seeds, Light Keepers and Wayshowers to Shine our Love and Light to the World.
Keep shining beautiful Hearts. We are all Connected.
The Fire of Love burns bright for me and Humanity 🔥🔥🔥We are One. Regardless of this being an illusion Remember this is our human experience.
So shine on in the Divine Rememberance of who you are Love.
Fire of Love burns bright
Fire of Love burns bright

Ra James

‎Once your following your soul mission and purpose you’ll come more and more into focus with the other lightworkers. This time we came here as a group to do this. A specialized group of Galactic Souls were sent to help humanity and the Planet. Volunteers who unlike a lot of the souls here, chose to incarnate here during this time. Many of these souls have been awake a long time. They are here to wake up, and to work with the rest. They won’t look like you think. You’ll have to feel there vibration. They give off a Galactic Energy Signature. These souls have much harder paths. These souls descended straight to the bottom. They took on the hardest karma to clear. They experienced the worst of the worst, as there training on Earth. These are Blue Rays that are specialized in DNA repair. They are advanced souls carrying Galactic Coding within there DNA.

These souls are often outcast or prefer to be alone, but it’s a blessing to have learned with them. They can clear the worst of the worst issues. Any karma they did take on was to clear for the good of the collective here on Earth. They are also the ones that are holding the templates for the New Earth. Many have huge visions of the New and what to do to bring it down into the physical. These souls have already exited the matrix and vibrate in higher frequency enabling them to exist here on Earth, but to reside in/ living in higher dimensions. This group of souls is meant to find each other connecting. That energy is being exchanged within this higher grid and circulated around the world. These are advanced energy workers.

They came together from many distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies. They still carry the energy from there home planet. They also came with there Star Family. Many Galactics behind the scenes working towards Planet Earth’s Ascension. The Ascension Ground Crew are working tirelessly. Many of these souls are here to channel energy. They are here to elevate the rest of the collective. If you are one of these souls you’ll be feeling an overwhelming call to help during this time. To step up and to be of service in some way…



DNA repair
DNA repair



6/6/6 Portal: Love and Compassion – May 31, 3022

Dear Friends
In this post Eclipse period, summer is coming in strongly for those of you in the North, and winter down here in the South! Yet the energies remain powerful and transformative, mostly due to intense Solar activity associated with Solar Cycle 25. This is creating feeling of anxiety and chaos in many people, who are confused and afraid of what is happening.
Our ancestors, as far back as Lemuria and Atlantis, knew that the best way to hold the energy of Peace and Love in the Community at such times, was for the Spiritual Elders and Wise Men and Women to come together in gatherings of Prayer and Ceremony, and so I am offering a single webinar gathering on the 6th of June 2022 for the 6/6/6 Portal.
The 6/6/6 is a triple digit energy portal that brings us greater access to the Love and Compassion within us and within the Cosmos. It falls on the 6th of June under the sign of Gemini and opposite the sign of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center! It is also one week out from the Sagittarius/Galactic Center Full Moon and two weeks out from the June Solstice. We will be working together to ground and hold some very potent energies!
666 Portal of Love and Compassion
666 Portal of Love and Compassion


Saturn, the planet of karma, discipline, lessons and rigidity is going retrograde. It is happening in Aquarius. Retrogrades are an amazing opportunity for us to reevaluate the decisions we have been making and change the things that are not bringing us peace and happiness. During Saturn retro we are invited to see what requires our attention. Where are we being childish? Acting like a hurt (inner) child and start taking responsibility for ourselves and the life we want to live, not blaming others for our misery.
It is time for us to “grow up” and take responsibility for our life. We will be triggered a lot during this period, regarding the things we say, do or don’t do although we should, the things that are keeping us stuck. We are clearing karma. With the 66, 77, 88, 99 and 1010 portals during the retrograde period, the solstice and the equinox, it will be quite the ride, so buckle up. It doesn’t have to be heavy. You know what to do – go within and feel, observe, notice and act when you are ready.
Enjoy the weekend. Take time for yourself (even if just 10 mins) and do something that you love. 🤍🧡❤️
And as the old adage goes “Starve a fever” …
The 3D matrix world of illusory pantomime play is reaching fever pitch
There is a hunger that is not being fed in ways that previously provided quick fix sustenance to those that linger in the dankness of night
Feeling the Stars, sun and moon deep within our bones, we no longer feel the need to be fixated on the front door and totally miss what is creeping in through the Highjacking Highway of the back door
Acknowledging how far we’ve come in such a short period allows us to gain momentum in claiming our golden keys 🔑
Entering now unto ‘Home is where the Heart is Free’
We are all currently learning to pinpoint and navigate nefarious highjacking frequencies, that by which unseen forces take full advantage of our lack of awareness and therefore have got away with manipulating humanity’s intent and consent
Many are reclaiming Mastery, are awake and thankfully aware of the hood winking and therefore deeply anchoring through impeccable discernment and deep alchemising of all that presents
Bearing witness to the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful in a material sense without attachment
As a result we are reigniting our source code and spiritual immunity from within
Decree decree decree!
Inner Holy Spirit igniting in me
I am sovereign, I am free just as Divine Creator intended me to be
The dogs of False Gods tediously bark, but the caravan still rolls on
Onward and upward as we purify our true sephiroths pertaining to beloved Albion
And as the dawning of New True Earth, clears that which mystifies through the golden rays of a bright and sunny day
We the Children of the One Heart Race are lovingly, yet powerfully showing our fellow Earth Star brethren the True to Life way
Rise & Shine ~ Raeline Sqs Brady
Children of the One Heart Race
Children of the One Heart Race
Feeling a lot of recalibration in this body since yesterday, more intense energies flowing within my nervous system.
It even feels as if my bones are vibrating which is a weird feeling, it is not really painful, it is more like tingling sensation.
We are and have been receiving some major downloads within our consciousness and carbon based bodies. It is really hard to describe it because like everything else if feels different than prior years.
Some days we may even feel a bit testy with our emotions, some days it is like they are all over the place, while other days we feel more at Peace and are in a place of pure Bliss.
It is like up and down, up and down with these incoming energies so if you feel out of sorts or moody, it is due to all these DNA upgrades we are receiving.
Still finding myself forgetting where I put things, which at times can be overwhelming when you know you just came in the house and laid something down. I have been tested for this and everything is normal as usual.
We got to keep on going, resting when we can, napping, flowing and sitting with our emotions to understand them at a deeper level. When I feel like I am out of sorts I take time to meditate and regroup so I can bring the energies around me into balance.
Constant Focus in these Moments Loves.
Hang in there all this is happening to help us go through the Portals to the 5th Dimensional Plane of Earth. This is not her first time but for many of us this is the first time we get to do this in our physical bodies and it can truly be intense.
Sending Love and Light wherever it is needed, we are ever moving forward to higher dimensional states of consicousness. . ❤
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry



Our brain does not understand time and can only think in the NOW.
That’s why when we think of past or future events our body & mind believe it is happening now. That’s also how we get stuck and loop in trauma and pain when we keep thinking about past experiences that caused it. As if they were happening to us now. So first we have to transcend and heal these wounds so we can truly let go, which is what is happening now collectively. It’s all happening in the quantum, NOW, in NO-TIME. So whatever you wish for, speak, think, feel and BEHAVE AS IF &
Even science is starting to agree that there is no time or space, with quantum physics bridging the gap between science and Consciousness. Time is a 3D construct that keeps us ‘trapped’ in karmic loops and lower dimensional realities/ Conscioussness. In truth all time is happening now, all Timelines run in parallel.
That’s also why ‘past’ life traumas can vastly affect a Soul if not addressed and healed, it’s what we call “Timeline bleed-through’ and how much Soul fragmentation and trauma can show up in our life’s as again, it’s all happening NOW in your subconscious. That’s why past life regression or quantum hypnosis can be so helpful to understand more of who we really are and heal these pieces back together as ONE. Oh and space is also an illusion, it really all exists/ is projected out from and within our Morphogenetic Field. 360 degrees all around us. All of Creation right there, projected out from inside of us.
NOW-HERE to go to.
So no more saying tomorrow, next week, next month or year I’ll feel happy, receive abundance and meet my dream partner.
MERGE WITH THAT future’/ higher vibrational FREQUENCY version of you NOW! How do you act, what do you feel, look like, where do you live, what do you do, who’s with you etc and then BEcome, align and merge with that version of you. You get to decide who you are and write your life script now, in alignment with The Law of One!
Speak it, feel it, imagine it, smell it, hear it, BE HAPPY NOW, as in truth it’s all ALL-READY HAPPENING NOW!!
We access the higher dimensional Realities through energetic alignment & vibrational frequency in Divine
Not to mention, Miracles happen when we believe! Re-member the amazing Miracle that you already are!!
The field is ready and our TIME HAS TRULY COME!!
Now we RELAX, have fun, InJOY, co-create and open up to all the blessings God Source is ready to bestow upon us all!! Act as if everything is falling into place now and aligning miraculously, because IT IS, and withdraw your sacred life force energy of everything that you do not wish to co-create!
Igniting our Diamond Avatar Self, new 💎 Grid and Organic Ascension Realities, keys, codes and full re-membering, from deep within!
Let’s BE THIS NOW!! 🥳
Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙


June, 2022
We bring through this Message to Activate and awaken your peripheral Light Perception.
For you have Reached the Mid Point of 2022.
To expand, awaken to the Complex Light Templates reaching You.
For the Grid Workers are provided with Higher Light tools to assist their work.
Like the concept of Plasma Light Streams, this Light is encoded with the next level of building blocks of your reality.
They are simply Light Formats configured to our current Light Platform, aligned to Higher Light development.
For many, the mid-point of 2022 brings ease of rest as you prepare the up up journey of the remaining months.
Your role is to continue your personal advancement so you can integrate and assimilate these higher light codes. For this role is attuned to many, as some reach this stage of light evolution. There is simply no race, but a path to light.
For your role as an awakened Light Technician is now. For those who feel the calling to work in the Higher Light Fields.
The opportunity for advancement is a thought away, as the universal intelligence of US is reaching Quantum leaps.
Wonderful Light, the path for Humanity.
Simply, follow the Light path.
Sending Waves of Cosmic Light 💥
New Earth Light Frequencies 🙏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Green-crowned Brilliant
Green-crowned Brilliant

photo by Ken Myers


Saturn Retrograde: June 4 – October 23
“Saturn Retrograde occurs in rebellious Aquarius, which is shaking the foundations of the world we live in. This aspect is tearing away at the structures that we once knew and is calling to us to make great changes in our personal lives and in the world around us. This energy calls for social change and transformation in a big way. This energy is connected to rebelling against authority as well as the rules of the past. This is a time to shake things up, to move away from the connections that no longer fit and to burn what is holding us back. Saturn wants us to know that we have the power to shift things but we need to put in the focus and effort to make it happen. Get complete insight into Saturn Retrograde + Astrology guidance in my Astro Forecast Publication here:
Saturn Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Beloved Ones,
In these previous days before the 6/6/6 harmonic portal it is crucial that we take some time to witness our own personal human journey, without judgments, but from a conscious perspective to see what we still need to distill from our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Letting everything go and returning to our original Divine Essence and perfection.
It is pivotal that we revise long-term beliefs, habits, and anything that we may not be able to entirely remove from our experience, to understand why we are still feeling confused, sad, stressed, or without knowing where to go next.
Self-empowerment begins by breaking old chains and limited patterns that still impede us to shine our lights and our own personal truths. Many times we have created such profound beliefs that we are not able to step out of them, observe our own human evolutionary process from the outside and see where we still need to do more inner work. At this time there are many still suffering from the illusion of Mercury turning direct and Saturn retrograde.
This is something that has been created on our planet, a 3D limited collective belief, from our human perspective, that still continues reigning in the masses. It is now that we are closer to this harmonic portal, whose energies come to help us rest, rejuvenate and remove from our mental plane what it is not serving us, that we have the opportunity to understand the Laws of Creation and how everything works in the Universe.
There is nothing ever retrograde within Creation, as I always say. When we give our power to the beliefs we have created or programmed to believe, and act accordingly, we are then allowing other forces to manipulate, control, or direct our lives, and this is not what we came here to be.
Saturn, like any other planetary body, is experiencing its own evolution. It was not created to punish us if we err or to reward us if we act properly. Saturn is precisely an energy that is also within us, as the planets represent the macro aspect of who we are too, that invites us to free ourselves from mental restrictions, especially now that it dwells in Aquarius, and take responsibility for our own journey, and that is precisely what we do not do if we choose to believe in these delusions, and limiting beliefs, about retrogrades and other similar ones.
As sovereign free beings, our main intention was to evolve, help others in their ascension journey, as well as the planet to restore itself from eons of manipulation. It is now that our Planet is able to receive more illumined energies that we have the responsibility to release old beliefs and begin a sovereign free path, where there is nothing in slow motion. On the contrary, everything is always shifting, in constant change, for this is the nature of All things within Creation.
When we have not healed and done the inner work required and therefore, live in fear, we need to put the responsibility outside of ourselves. However, when we finally take the step to become the only ones in charge of our own life experiences, everything begins to change, and the limited conditions that once governed our lives, become now obsolete and useless.
In the process of letting go of old beliefs, we may experience what is often called the dark night of the soul. This is the process that occurs when we awake to the Truth, recognize and embrace our shadows, and decide to release them, finding the emptiness it all left inside.
This is why sadness comes and this is precisely when we need to create new and healthier boundaries, beliefs, and an entirely new life experience, for we are ready now to fill ourselves with the light of who we are, living as the creators that we were meant to be.
Remaining there for long delays the process of shadow distillation. This is why it is so important to surround ourselves with the right people as well as with the right tools, so we can pass from fear to love, and from sadness to joy.
At this time there are many who will begin to stop limiting themselves, choosing to experience the freedom that comes when we stop limiting ourselves. This is when we most need to share our own experience, guidance, and personal truth, for others to see that where they are can be shifted, for this is why some walk the path before others, not to lead, for we only lead ourselves and own lives, but to show that it can be done, for when there is the will, there is always a way.
It is time for us to seed more unconditional love, rather than judgments. More light and harmony wherever we choose to go, knowing that everything we seed will grow and have an impact in this and many other universes.
Therefore choose wisely, for all you do affects All, beloved ones.
Let us seed the peace and love that we are and want to see reflected in the world.
Let us not restrict ourselves and the Divine Power that was given to us with limited patterns and illusions.
Let us allow ourselves to be the free sovereign beings that we were made to be.
Have a free and loving portal Beloved Ones,
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
666 harmonic portal
666 harmonic portal
Saturn, the planet of authority, karmic debit, karmic connections, discipline, and structure, has now gone Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, where it will stay until October 23rd, 2022.
For 4 1/2 months, we are tasked with facing our perspectives about all that we’ve learned so far in our lives, especially in the past 8 months while Saturn did its thing up until this point.
We get to analyze and decide for ourselves, what our grand plan is for life going forward. How are we going to apply the lessons we’ve learned, so that the best outcome becomes possible? Some of us may feel “trapped” in a slower motion, having to redo what we have already redone too many times over. This can directly speak of reincarnation, past lives, and karmic relationships.
Maybe we will decide to leave our soul group and no longer incarnate with them any longer. Maybe we will elevate our expression of humanity, compassion, empathy, and passion so that we can employ our energies more constructively.
We get to think in terms of innovation, restoration, and inherent memories we brought with us into this lifetime. This is where we get to set a new course by doing a course correction. As they say, don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it.
Everything in life teaches us something about ourselves, even if it’s difficult to look in the mirror at our true reflection.
Ponder. Contemplate. Deliberate. And then, restructure and plan for a new approach. This is how we take better care of our souls, and take responsibility for the choices we’ve made. We all grow and learn. We all start at the same beginning milestone. And it is up to us to help each other out along the way.
We are only prisoners and trapped in an endless cycle if we perceive it to be that way. But Saturn goes Retrograde to teach us that this perception isn’t true. We ARE free, even if at first our freedom feels like we are dropped on our heads and made to just “figure it out” without help.
Some of us spend so long in a cage, we forget that we were born with wings. We are the fledglings that have been cast from the nest. It’ time to learn how to fly.
Artist Credit:
Saturn has now gone Retrograde
Saturn has now gone Retrograde
Sun in Gemini square Juno in Pisces. Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius – The solar connection to Juno has been building since New Moon, asking us to decide on a dream, envision and commit. But there’s wavering and distraction, pros and cons, voices calling us this way or that way. Mind, heart, soul, ego all have something to say and each seems to conflict with the other.
Saturn, Lord of Karma, leans a hand on our shoulder, suggests it’s time to assess current plans and commitments.
As he begins his yearly backward motion, we have an opportunity to tie up loose ends before beginning new projects. Explore where it may be necessary to redefine or rework your goals. Reality checks may not feel comfortable but they’re integral to long term success. Don’t let yourself become despondent with a slow pace. Use time wisely. Big achievements need firm foundations. Focus on what is essential.
Degrees and Times
Sun 14°Ge10′, Juno 14°Pi10′ – 20:50 (BST)
Saturn 25°Aq15′ R – 22:46 (BST)
Painting – The Black Marble Clock by Paul Cezanne
The Black Marble Clock
The Black Marble Clock



Having completed the seven-year cycle of Syrian surveillance of the New Solar Human (2013-2020), we have now entered the 13-year cycle that consolidates the Noocracy of the
The Time Ship Earth.
In the completed 7-year cycle we have transferred Syrian energies to the Wizards of Earth, bringing star knowledge to the kingdom
The key mission of this 13-year cycle is to stabilize and unify the planetary telepathic network.
But first each of us must learn to incorporate a new way of being, which radiates from the self-generating inner core.
This 13-year cycle will end in the Year of the Blue Magnetic Storm (2032-33).
Stephanie South/Red Electric Snake /Red Queen
Foundation for the Law of Time
NS1.32 – KIN 14
First year of the White Wizard Wave 2019-2032
seventh and final year of Syrian surveillance.
Transfer of intelligence operations from the Syrian command to the Wizards of the Earth.
Noospherical Council of Five Families.
Syrian Omando V crew departure. 24.3
Source: Laila Stefania Marinelli “The Sacred Comput of Not Time”, Academy of the Blue Sun Publisher, 2020
Artist: unknown (dm for credits)
Making future plans while riding the Zuvuya in the here and now.
Syrian command
Syrian command

Kin 17 ~ Red Self-Existing Earth

The number 4 is called ‘Self-Existing’ and its keywords are ‘Define, Measure and Form’. I find the fourth day can make you feel a little introspective. The desire to search for details can lead to focusing on yourself and not really relating to others so much. This is perfectly fine as long as you make use of this inward contemplation and remember too that we are in the Wizard wavespell… and we can cast spells on ourselves….don’t get too lost in your own thoughts. Our analytical minds can make us notice things today we previously overlooked. This is super helpful and don’t be surprised if you feel a bit like a detective today searching for clues.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. Today has great potential for synchronicity. You can find yourself in the right place at the right time and this will get you what you need to Evolve. That is the message of Red Earth but when it falls on a number four day, the synchronicity requires that you look at the details. To navigate your way through this day, make sure you have gathered all the facts and are well informed. Signposts are ready to guide you to the right path. Pay attention is the message today. Red Earth days are great for reconnecting with our lovely planet too and whenever we do this, we are empowered and rejuvenated. Naturally, when we spend time outdoors and tune in to our Mother, this facilitates ‘navigation’.
Today’s Guide is Red Skywalker which represents ‘Wakefulness & Exploring’. This guiding energy today will encourage you to be braver, to think outside of the box and perhaps go on an adventure! Skywalker makes a great guide but he is not for the faint hearted. It takes courage to follow the adventurer of the Tzolkin because you’ll never know where he will lead you. This energy can make you spontaneous and impulsive.
The Challenge for the day is the Blue Hand and so if you were born on a Blue Hand day, your attempts to evolve may prove to be more difficult. Just look at the details and you too will find the answers. Tap into your ambitious nature, and this true grit you possess will help you ‘Evolve’ too. For the rest of us when the Blue Hand is weakened, you may find healing hard to come by and your ambitions may not succeed.
The Occult power is Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. People born on Yellow Seed have a magical ability to provide valuable information. Their need to share knowledge – especially about magic, is very strong today and very, very helpful to others. This energy goes well with the number four as both are concerned with information and details.
The Ally is the White Wind, the communicator. People born on these days are a friend to everyone today as they communicate so well and information is what we need. If you do not know one, do what they would do and remember to keep the lines of communication open. You can expect a friendly message too.
Kin 17
Kin 17





4 CABAN – KIN 17
4 JUNE 2022
I define in order to EVOLVE
Measuring synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Self-existing tone of form
I AM guided by the power of space.
4/6/2022 = 4/6/6 =4/12=4/3=7
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
Kin 17 – is the immortality number! Leaving a LEGACY to remember!
KIN 17 and tribe 17 – CABAN – RED EARTH!
8.8. Infinity/Abundance/Source flow
Another majikal LEGENDARY day on Planet Earth – forever revolving and evolving. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Today is the 4th day of the White Wizard Wavespell where we are focused on aligning our MINDS with our HEARTS❤ in order to access our ENCHANTING powers of White Majik, through the endless realms of creation.
Day 4 is the day your White Majik begins to take FORM… we are creating a NEW MAJIK BOX!💫📦
SELF-EXISTING 📦– Tone 4 operates in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form.
SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes FORM and we have ourselves a square shape.📦 Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place.
RED EARTH 🌏 in the Mental plane, increases our capacity to OPEN OUR MINDS, to explore EVOLUTION and the cycles of time (endlessness). Recognizing what came before this present moment, in order to be fully OPEN to what is coming next. A powerfully REFLECTIVE coding synchronizing with this incredible JUNE ASCENSION passage.
Our mind needs to AWAKEN to the synchronicity of NATURAL TIME. ⏳ 🍥
Today we are defining our SPACE and evolving, through following the Majikal SIGNS – leading to constructing a new solid foundation on the basis of fun, creativity and majikal manifestation. It is time to build and accomplish our Dreams!✨🌈✨
Our Creator is giving us a miraculous gift of healing,🙌 from all that ails us, healing all the trauma from these past years and bringing CLOSURE on the pain and suffering. Today we can WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN getting ready to start afresh for this new cycle.
Be open to receive this gift by fully embracing the LOVE❤ that surrounds you and enfolds your being.
❤LOVE heals all wounds! ❤
Together as ONE global family we can accomplish GREAT THINGS and redefine our World as a new Paradise. 🌴🐬🌈🌍
Today’s QUESTION is “How can WE navigate to a higher state of evolution, through measuring the SIGNS and synchronicities – aligning with the natural world, to create a sustainable and Harmonic new world?
Divine blessings for NAVIGATING your path to New Eden! 🐬🌴🌼🌸🌺🌻
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger


CONSCIOUS SELF: RED SELF=EXISTING EARTH 📦 🌎CABAN relates to signs, synchronicities, the pulsating rhythm of life and creative beginnings. CABAN is your GPS – the evolutionary compass that shows you which path to take, and how to navigate through your life’s journey.
Today is a day to STOP and REFLECT – to witness the passing of cycles in these evolutionary times, as we spiral higher and higher in our Planetary Ascension process.
❓❓Where are we headed? 🤔
❓❓What LEGACY are we leaving for our future generations? 👭👬👫
Today the WHITE WIZARD is asking us to sit in STILLNESS and LISTEN to the pulsating rhythyms of Mother EARTH. 🌎🌍🌏
❓Do you RESPECT and HONOUR Mother nature?
❓Is your life in harmonious flow with her rhythm?
Humanity’s arrogance in defining human existence, in isolation to our Natural world and Universal Law, was creating the evolutionary downfall of our species and the destruction of our environment. 💣🎇.
The only way forward as a HU-man species, is to redefine our existence through symbiotic relationship with our Earth Mother and her kingdoms. It is ironic that the global lockdowns and confinement of humans in their home “cages” had revealed to us, who the real wild animals and parasitic beings are, upon this planet. As our global population was contained and isolated, Mother Nature was finally able to BREATH again, given the SPACE and time to self heal and regenerate without human “interference”. SHAME ON US!! 😭😭😭
Our Australian indigenous – ORIGINAL people have lived continuously on our land for over 65,000+ years without leaving a destructive footprint – quite an achievement! The early colonists deemed them as “primitive savages” because they had not carved up or industrialized the land. In contrast, in a few hundred years “White Man”, who defines his race as evolved and “civilized”, has managed to nearly destroy our entire planet through degradation and reckless profiteering of her natural resources. So which people would you DEFINE as more “evolved”?
✨If the human species has been the “problem” then we must REDEFINE ourselves as the new SOLUTION✨ giving back and contributing to the POSITIVE evolution of our planet and our human species.
The Shamanic White Wizard respects all realms and draws his Majik through his HEART, in connection with ALL THAT IS.✨☀ When we define ourselves as a part of the WHOLE we develop a deep reverence for all of Creation.
✨We are not SEPARATE from Mother Gaia✨
We are ONE body❤ and ONE global family💞 – woven together in the Web of all Creation.🕸🌐
CABAN has a softer, more feminine and flowing energy today, compared to yesterday’s masculine Warrior challenges! The Warrior questioned and thus rejected the status quo, now CABAN is bringing forth the era of PEACE! ✨🕊🌈
It is TIME to build the foundation for these new peaceful societies. Changing the combative and competitive culture to one of PEACE and UNITY, in HARMONY with Mother Gaia and the natural synchronic flows. The time is NOW, in this present moment! Stop pushing everything into some future time! Bring forth your ideas into the NOW in order for them to be made manifest.
Stop stalling and start creating your MAJIK! 💫💫💫
The following is a beautiful excerpt from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner 🙏🙏🙏
RED EARTH is the access point to your natural alignment with Earth force. It is the unis mundi, the point of perfect centeredness in the eternal present from which all alignment and magic manifest. Your center, the Earth center, is the secret of gravity’s magnetizing force.
Red Earth is the channel of harmonic synchronization that is aligned with the galactic heart.❤ From the center point within self, you align with this galactic center and connect through your own crystalline structure to the larger crystal grid network.💎🌐 To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water, and the seven directional guardians.
Cosmic consciousness is not just ‘out there’; it is also resonating within you. Be sacramentally rooted where you are. You are made of the Earth! Look through the ‘eyes’ in your feet. Your body is the present focus of your consciousness – through it all gifts are received. Remember, too, that your environment is ALIVE and reacts to your awareness of it; therefore, the way you perceive the Earth and your physical form affects the information you receive.
✨✨✨Red Earth is the Earth keeper, the keeper of the garden, the shaman/healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth. ✨🌎✨🌍✨🌏
Earth keepers preserve the harmonic relationship with nature, by connecting to the wisdom held in matter. In Latin, mater means “mother”. As you bring light into yourself, you bring light into matter. You and the Earth both contain the holographic seed of the new consciousness emerging. ✨🌱✨
Center yourself in the present moment! This is where you can most beneficially observe the synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger purpose. From here your mind can learn to be keenly observant, allowing the larger pattern to take shape, as naturally as the small brushstrokes that eventually complete a beautiful painting.
Sit in simple relationship to the Earth, like a poet enraptured in a forest.🌲🌲🌲 Be rooted where you are now. Out of synergistic centeredness, you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe.
This synchronization can be seen as the alignment of your personal myth with the greater myth of our times. Myth is the framework or “story” in which the truth of the cosmos🍥 is revealed in symbolic form. Utilize it to catalyze your unfolding alignment.
By accepting your physical form and your growth process in this world, you access the hub of centeredness out of which all the truth and majik of the universe unfold.
Take off your shoes. 👞👞
Touch the one Earth. 🌏
Find a place to dance 💃with the sacred hoop of life.
Contribute your vision as an awakened member of the global rainbow family!
The question to ponder today is ❓❓❓Do your ideas support PEACE on EARTH? 🤔
Are they sustainable, renewable and sympathetic to all of nature’s kingdoms? If you are in the natural flow, then your constructs will be supported by spirit, flowing naturally into form.
Watch for SYNCHRONICITIES today guiding you into this natural flow.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED SELF-EXISTING SKYWALKER 🎁 🚶BEN is the Galactic Shaman who takes our hand today and guides us to new adventures, exploring our multi-dimensional forms.
RED SKYWALKER is the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing HEAVEN ON EARTH. 💒 RED SKYWALKER’S energy is expansive and totally unlimited in form. BEN can travel anywhere through space time to retrieve wisdom, information and energy codes bringing them through as the Angelic Messenger.
BEN is asking us today to define how we use the SPACE that we have been granted guardianship over. ❓❓❓How do we use it, or abuse it?
❓❓❓Have we created our own little patch of 🌴PARADISE 🌴 or have we constructed an environmental eye sore?
Was humanity designed to live in little boxes, atop of other little boxes?📦🏢🏘📦
Or were we naturally inclined to live in EXPANSIVE spaces, blending the lines between our living environment and the natural world?🌴🌅🌴🌅
Are we bringing the outside IN,🌳🌿🌳 or boxing ourselves INSIDE in our artificial concrete world? Which model brings us the most JOY, HAPPINESS and HEALTH?
As we AWAKEN as a species we are redefining what is important to us, for our continued survival and enjoyment of our Planet, and that involves CONNECTION. CONNECTION to each other and the elements of the natural world. 👬🌳👭❤
The industrial experiment🏗 went awry and we really did take the wrong track. It is time to get back on track as a species and choose differently this TIME. Choosing to ditch the discord and opt for Harmonic synchronicity, moving to restore our beautiful Planet to the Eden that we originally inherited.. ❤🐬🌴🍇🍎🍓
✨It is TIME to create the NEW HEAVEN💒 on the NEW EARTH.🌈🌍
SUPPORT: WHITE SELF-EXISTING WIND 🎁 🌬🍃IK brings forth the WINDS of spirit. The IN breath and the OUT breath, flowing through you and all living things. Ik and CABAN dance💃 in symphonic harmony through the corridors of time⏳as the White wind whistles through the trees, and flows through the valleys, cleansing the land with the purity of FRESH AIR..
The WHITE WIND is the refinement and purity of Spirit which enhances the powers of the WHITE WIZARD.. amplifying his reception to the incoming messages.
Spirit is the WIND beneath your WINGS and has your back. You are fully supported and held in a protective shield by spirit today. Trust and listen to the whisperings and communication through the majikal synchronicities dancing around you and within you.
✨LET GO and LET GOD be your guide!✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN ENERGY: YELLOW PLANETARY SEED 🌏🌾KAN holds the codes for our highest potential Planetary flowering today. 🌷🌸💮🌹🌺🌼🌻
As we REFLECT on the PAST horrors, we can now AIM HIGHER – knowing we are all older but very much wiser, having journeyed long together through this collective rite of passage.
Humanity has evolved and Gaia has evolved to a much higher frequency. As we have unpacked greater wisdom and codes, we now have the seed packets to manifest our highest potential and witness the beautiful flowering of the harmonic New time, to leave a beautiful legacy for our grandchildren.
KAN is bringing forth the dawn of a NEW DAY! 🌅 The seeds of the Rainbow Warriors and Dreamers have sprouted and it is time for a NEW ERA OF PEACE. Your brilliant new ideas, projects and creations will finally take root and emerge from the depths of your mind, able to Majikally take FORM in our new world and grow. 🌸🌺🌼🌹
A very potent SUPERPOWER today for our SHAMANIC EARTH WIZARDS!!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE SELF-EXISTING HAND 🎁 🙌 MANIK brings forth great healing, assistance, support and accomplishment as GIFTS🎁 and BLESSINGS from spirit. Our CHALLENGE is to listen and interpret the healing knowledge brought forth, through observing the SIGNS that we are shown.
MANIK gives us the power to accomplish great Majik, through applying the wisdom and recognition of the patterns that create form. The WISDOM from our ancestors can be applied as solutions to our current problems honouring our EARTH MOTHER.
Our Creator is giving us a miraculous gift of healing,🙌 from all that ails us, healing all the trauma from these past years and bringing CLOSURE on the pain and suffering. Today we can WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN getting ready to start afresh for this new cycle.
Be open to receive this gift by fully embracing the LOVE❤ that surrounds you and enfolds your being.
❤LOVE heals all wounds! ❤
Together as ONE global family we can accomplish GREAT THINGS and redefine our World as a new Paradise. 🌴🐬🌈🌍
Today’s QUESTION is “How can WE navigate to a higher state of evolution, through measuring the SIGNS and synchronicities – aligning with the natural world, to create a sustainable and Harmonic new world?
Divine blessings for NAVIGATING your path to New Eden! 🐬🌴🌼🌸🌺🌻
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger









Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :



Pleiades 1 Messages

P1 or Pleiades 1 is not a Pleiadian groups from the Pleiades. Even if we are all ONE, as has already been said, for a clearer and more comprehensible understanding, we will explain better.

P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

They come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the Pleiades Star System, one of the countless interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of spherical consciousnesses entered through the portal of the number 1, existing there at the Pleiades. Therefore, let’s say: Pleiades 1 = Consciences that have entered through the Portal 1, the Pleiades.


Pleiades 1 Messages June 4 2022

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Special Projector for Emissions anchoring. 86% (non-regressive).

Special Projector for Emissions in reverberation! 86% (non-regressive).

Ashtar+++++++ConctSuperEleven +++++++ Active in Physical 1. Reverberation: 73% (non-regressive).

*Lemurian Pearls in Bearers reconnection. Support 83% (non-regressive).

Lemurian Pearls in Bearers reconnection. Reverberation 83% (non-regressive).

Central capsules are reopened.

Elevating monuments are erected.

Cultures of fear continue to decline.

Terrans called out of focus in mainstream media.

Panoramic views greatly increase.

Tensions are contained.

*Hi-HumanS are activated. Attention *Neva +++ Linearizational dynamics in continuous soon linear.

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (INTEGRATING >>>> Hi-HumanS!)

* Item in Glossary



I am the Navigator
Coded by the red earth
Seventeen is my number
My badges are the harmonic seals
From planetary mind and stellar mind returning to source
I am the invisibility of time and consciousness
I guard the maps of celestial origin
And I follow the signs of synchronicity
In the name of cosmic evolution
My crown is the inter-dimensional portal
From all of galactic life
Code 13 and 7 stay above and below
Center and sides is 441
11&27, keys to synchronized power seven
Synchronized lenses allow me to see everything radically
I am evolution in motion
I am the skilled star traveller
Guided by the telepathic frequencies they hold
Stars and planetary systems in order
The galactic compass is my steering wheel
Keys to the knowledge of galactic navigation
whose signs are the directions
For all travelers to know
To know me is to know the language of the stars
Coded by Red Earth
Coded by Red Earth


Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth
What is the shape?
Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth
Evolve, Measuring Synchronicity with the Power of Navigation
Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth
Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth
The Self-Existing Tone (CAN) makes me to question: what, where, when, why and how; it induces me to define details, specify, determine parameters and measure possible scenarios. I plan and dream the structure I aim for! The wisdom of the self existing tone helps my development by observing that when I record the formula for creating something, others can replicate them based on my values. I remember my everyday definitions and build my own perceptions, which shape the world. We all function as open systems so I am able to restructure my perspectives and transform my reality!
As a synchronized system, the Red Earth (Caban) is the conscious and sentient being, an integral member of the galactic community. Humanity, as a unique part of this living system, belongs to Earth, and our collective evolution is a shared journey through time. By living in resonance with the Earth, I maintain a mutual connection that feeds my spirit and informs my navigation. I exchange the power of healing and support when I consciously affirm my oneness. Synchronicity is born with time. The natural timing of life expresses itself as a “synchronous order”, which coordinates the unfolding of all events into a cosmic expression of the now. Synchronicity happens all the time, but understanding it requires deep attention and sensitivity. The Red Earth is the access point to my natural alignment with Earth power. It is the zero point of perfect centralization with the eternal present, from which all alignment and all magic manifest. My center and the Earth’s center carry the secret of gravity’s magnetic force. Getting centered in the present moment! This is where I can most positively observe synchronicities and revelations regarding my personal standard and their greater purpose.
The ideal form emerges when I surrender the purpose of enchantment by attracting receptivity into my life as well as my desires to the Greater Plan and I become receptive and confident about how it is channeled through me. Using the power of definition to see, understand, and relate to life more authentically. Measuring allows me to see the dimension of things and gives me the power of discernment to manifest correct alignment.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth
I set out to evolve.
Measuring out the synchronicity
Seal of the Matrix of Navigation
With the self existing tone of form
I’m Guided By The Power Of Space
“Planet watchman, define perfect sowing: what do you want in existence? “
Phrase : Mirta Blassia
TOM 04: Self-Existing (CAN) – What Shape?
POWER – Define | ACTION – Measure | ESSENCE – Form
SEAL 17: Red Earth (CABAN)
POWER – NAVIGATION | ACTION – Evolve | ESSENCE – Synchronicity
Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth
Kin 17 Red Self Existing Earth

Today is Red Self-Existing Earth day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Earth, (tribe 17 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), evolves, navigate, synchronicity.
Red Earth encourages you to evolve yourself by consciously navigating your path. You are the captain of the ship, you are the navigator, you are holding the steering wheel and making all course and direction decisions. As you navigate your way upon your chosen route, take note of synchronicities marking the way as you go. Synchronicities have been mislabeled as coincidences. Coincidence is a word we created to describe the phenomenon of two instances of something happening simultaneously that catch our attention. The implication is that these occurrences are happening in a seemingly random or unexplained way. Everything and every event that occurs is synchronized and connected. We have all had the experience where we are thinking about someone and the next thing you know the phone rings and it’s them, or moments later you unexpectedly run into them. Let’s assume that you started this synchronized process by thinking about this person first. As you begin thinking about this person, you naturally radiate thoughts and emotions about them. This energy then goes out into the universe and magnetically finds that person. Now this person has your energy swirling about them which then acts as a catalyst causing them to begin thinking about you. The next thing you know, your phone is ringing. It is actually your act of conscious navigation which is creating these synchronicities. Synchronicities are the signposts that come up along your evolving, consciously navigated chosen route acting as reminders that you are on the synchronized path.
Self-Existing tone of Form, (step 4 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), define, measure, form.
All of life is built upon foundations of four. There are four sides, corners, seasons, elements, directions, (technically, there are 7 directions, including above below, and within, yet these still sit atop the cardinal foundation of four). There are four limbs on our bodies. We have 4 grandparents, the foundation of the family. Four represents a solid foundation that you can build upon in the creative energy cycle. Having acquired a position of strength during yesterday’s electric tone of service, you now find yourself sitting atop a solid foundation of four. On this foundation, you will find that you are self-existing, self-sustaining, self-maintaining, self-perpetuating, and whole within yourself. All outward manifestations act like mirrors showing you that everything you need to know is already contained inside of you.
Self-Existing, self-sustaining, self-maintaning, and self-perpetuating, evolution, navigation, and synchronicity.
Day 4 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Serena Supplee
Red Self-Existing Earth day
Red Self-Existing Earth day







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