New Moon in Aries – A RESET ~ Seeding the New ~ Decree to Dissolve Fear ~ Maha Kali ~ Shakti ~ Kundalini Energies

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New Moon in Aries – A RESET ~  Seeding the New ~ Decree to Dissolve Fear ~ Maha Kali ~ Shakti ~ Kundalini Energies

Right now: Moon at 22°04′ Aries, Sun at 22°24′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.
Sabian Symbol for 23º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 23º Aries.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.
Sabian Symbol for 23º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 23º Aries.




-SA Smith

I’ve been watching in fascination the last two days as these full white pillars appear on the Schumann Resonance.
These are full on spikes at certain time intervals on the Schumann Resonance.
Spikes like we used to see regularly after our Magnetosphere would show us the incoming energies, before the Schumann Resonance went down for three days in August of 2020.
When it came back up it looked very different and never reported with the same depth again.
What is happening to cause such a huge spike at these unique times?
The first day it appeared they were about 21 hours apart.
Day Two they’re almost 24 hours apart exactly!
Is Someone or Something trying to get our attention?
Can our Galactic Friends send pulses into Gaia that manipulate the Schumann Resonance?
Is this what we’re seeing?
Or is it something completely different?
What do you think??
I guess we’ll watch and learn together as The Collective.
Exciting times we’re in Divine Ones.
🚨🚨🚨 9.04/2021.. . Never seen before..!! phenomenal impact on the last veil, Heaven is tearing itself apart..!!
As a result of the propagations of electric waves and sounds break into our density, Incoming waves, electromagnetic pulses, cosmic radiation, ′′ disturb ′′ in these times the atmosphere and the upper atmosphere…
In addition the ionosphere is connected directly to Earth’s electric charges… so the effects are major.. on earth and life forms..
Red / blue areas are under high load and black / white is extreme!
The Aries New Moon is exact at 22° Aries.
The number 22 is considered as one of the most powerful numbers, able to turn all dreams and desires into reality. In its full capacity, this number is the master builder, which means that it provides the power to achieve almost impossible things.
Tachyon chambers are bringing tachyon energy because the surface of the planet has been blocked from tachyon energy. One aspect of the tachyon energy is to harmonize everything. Tachyon chambers are working as huge harmonizers of the planetary situation.
“NEW MOON In Aries, April 11/12th, 2021 ~ A RESET”
This powerful New Moon in Aries is on April 11th, 2021 at 11:30pm ADT. This will be a powerful activation and depending on where you are AT in the moment; the outcome may be surprising or not.
The Sun conjunct the Moon is always the most powerful for BEGINNINGS. This of course begins a new 28 day cycle for you.
The Sun will be sextile Mars and as well as The Sun will be sextile Jupiter. This ~ depending on your own frequency, may mark a bold new start. Or a freedom from fear that has held you back. And/or, a monumental RESET allowing your Heart to expand into higher dimensional/consciousness and awareness.
Mars also will be trine Jupiter. The freedom from fear and monumental shift just may FIND YOU in a great expansion of awareness. Of life and of shedding MORE of your old ways.
The old ways of non aware thought, leading to HEART awareness and MULTIDIMENSIONAL living and BEING.
What it is for you will match your energy perfectly. As things unfold you will know if the ways of the past still have a hold on your thought patterns. OR if you have prepared fully to now live as a 5th dimensional BEING through your Heart.
This 5th dimensional WAY IS NOT FAR AWAY or apart from YOU. IT exists ONLY through the access portal of THE HEART.
There is no bypassing this way of being into higher dimensions. It is only through the heart fully activated. The mind quiet, thoughts quiet, and LIVING through the heart.
In this HEART PORTAL we activate you NOW. Through this eternal Being, beyond this Universe, in the now, through love.
In love,
L’Aura Pleiadian
New Moon Aries – Scorpio / Kali Full Moon Gateway of UNION of Cosmic+ Earth + Sacred Sites+ Individual Kundalini Energies
I was shown the coming New Moon in Aries (11/12 April) as the gateway of New Pathways and connections…. Specifically connections between Cosmic Wisdom and Earthly Wisdom. I was shown the MotherBoard, Pyramids of Giza in Egypt as the Altar where Cosmic Guidance Meets Earth Wisdom/ Memories / Records and Heritage.
The Knowing is that the same holds true not only for the Ancient Sacred Energy Portals/ sites of Earth (all interconnected with Giza Pyramids as the central nerve), but for each of us individually too. In other words The Kundalini Energy of The Earth, Our Individual Kundalini Circuit and The Cosmic Kundalini Energy will begin to Merge/ Union as a result of Gateways that this New Moon In Aries will activate. And the energies will continue to accelerate till the Scorpio /Maha Kali Full Moon (April 27) that this New Moon Leads to…
Maha Kali is the other Name of Shakti or Kundalini Energies. I have been posting articles about the rerouting/ resurrection of the Kundalini since the Venus-Sun Conjunction on March 26. Those of you who participated in the meditation were informed about the role of the Shamanic Earth Wisdom Keepers and Lemurian Water Priestesses….their initiations for anchoring a New Blueprint. That of the Return of The Goddesshead-The Shakti/ Sophia/ Shekhinah.
We have seen some Earth resurrections too since then particularly in Egypt, relocation of 22 ancient mummies and unearthing of the Golden City of Aten. The Water Serpent Priestesses have also been assisting us in travelling through the Underworld/ womb to uncover our unhealed wounds/ mother wound/ father wound/ generational/karmic wounds from the depths of our unconsciousness and bring them to light for healing and Forgiveness so that the rerouting/ resurrection of the Kundalini may take place without hitting uncomfortable roadblocks.
Now we have the opposite forces coming in with this new moon..Air and Fire…to balance the Earth and Water aspect!! We are talking about Kundalini Energies remember….they can be chaotic , explosive and all the more reason to get the woundings/ barriers/ blocks healed and cleared if we wish to make use of the full import of this convergence/ union of Cosmic Wisdom + Earth Wisdom with our own KundaliniCircuits+ Ancient Sacred Energy Portals of Earth acting as the Bridge between Heaven and Earth.
The Starseed Wisdom is to Now Unify with Earth Wisdom so that Manifestation/ Foundations of a New Age can be seeded/ anchored. I spoke about the 4 elements air, water, fire and earth and their role in manifestation in an earlier post. Many of us may find ourselves called to engage more with Earth Energies Now, as it’s an essential anchor / foundation for the New Blueprint . I had talked about the role of the Templar Knights in this respect too in earlier posts. Also this Union of Kundalini Forces (cosmic and earth) will open up new doorways of the Etheric Libraries/ Akashic Records that are housed in the Sacred Ancient Earth Energy Sites ( pyramids of Giza being the motherboard connecting into the rest of the sacred sites dotting our planet)….ie new keys will be accessible for the Rise of the Ancient Past Wisdom (Egypt leading the roadshow it looks like)
What will it look like? The GoddessHead is reemerging , ready to reclaim her crown….we don’t know what it will look like… but we can be sure it will be potent, energetic (perhaps chaotic too) and has the capacity to move at supersonic speed!!! Are You Ready???
Equal Give and Take is a Fundamental tenet of the Universe and ensures Balance . Whenever this balance is disturbed , chaos follows…be it individual relationships or planetary Imbalances. We are being called to bring back Balance/ Reciprocity in all our relationships…personal, with the Earth, Water, Air/ Cosmic and Fire Elements…..for only then a Firm and Steady New Foundation of NewEarth can be laid.
Questions to ask and address at this time:
#How is my connection with the Earth and how am I extending my gratitude for the Earth energies that feed , cloth and sustain me?
I have found myself being called to work with the earth in very physical ways ( working with the soil, clearing the old and rejuvenating the soil, planting seeds,carrying water and food for her voiceless expressions of LifeForce/ birds/ cows/ dogs/ squirrels etc on my morning walks) in the past few weeks…and not just energetically with her Flower of Life ley lines/ kundalini/ dragon lines. And in return I have found her connecting with me at a whole new level…Herbs and plants/ ravens/ birds are opening their wisdom/ magic with me like never before… thoughts are manifesting into reality at lightning speed…
#Am I too involved with Cosmic / Galactic Wisdom/ Starseed Wisdom (floating on etheric rainbow clouds) at the expense of Earth Wisdom/ not grounding/ anchoring this higher vibrational energy into Earth in energetic and physical ways that benefit others?)
#where in my life is the equation of give and take not balanced and how can it be rectified.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
🔥♈🔥Aries New Moon April 2021🔥♈🔥
The Aries New Moon falls on April 11th or 12th depending on your timezone, and carries powerful energy for manifestation, intention settings, and new beginnings.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a New Moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle. This energy combined sends powerful waves of freshness into our lives, beckoning us to make changes, plant seeds, and to embrace a new chapter.
At the peak of the New Moon, it is completely invisible, and the night sky looks like a blank slate full of stars. That blank slate is what each of us is being granted on this April New Moon. It is blank for we get to fill it with our desires. We get to choose what we wish to draw, paint, or write across our canvas.
Under this New Moon, our powers of manifestation are heightened and our ability to draw in and attract what we desire is enhanced threefold.
The choices, words, and emotions we put out into the world are always coloring our reality, but at the time of this New Moon their influence is accelerated.
Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and the choices you are making at this time. Be sure they are aligned with that which you wish to attract. Be sure that you are focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.
Watch your language and how you are choosing to speak to yourself and others. Your words are powerful, so be sure you are speaking with loving-kindness.
If you find yourself saying or feeling self-sabotaging or self-limiting thoughts like, “I can’t do that” or “nothing ever works out for me”, see if you can stop the thought and switch it to something more positive and affirmative like, “this may be challenging, but I can try.” Or, “things are always working out in my favor, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time.”
In the beginning, it can feel like work to weed out these harmful thoughts, but as time goes on, it becomes easier, more fluid, and more natural.
Allow your thoughts to be an expression of opportunity and hope. Shift your thinking from limitation to abundance.
Use the energies of the New Moon to speak kindly to yourself, and to remind yourself that there are always opportunities to begin again, to try new things, and to make different choices.
At the time of this New Moon, we have Venus, Eris, Ceres, Mercury, Chiron, the Sun, and the Moon all in the sign of Aries, making for a strong dose of this fiery energy.
The energy of fire is about passion, moving forward, and allowing our desires, rather than out fears to guide our way. Fiery energy can also be impulsive, which when used in the right way can help us make leaps forward and shift out of any stagnancy we may be feeling.
The last year or so has created a lot of opportunity for stagnancy and feeling stuck, but the winds are now shifting. This New Moon brings strong forward-moving energy, which is powerful enough to shift us out of any situation we feel deeply entrenched in.
You may have to take some action, you may have to follow an instinct or an impulse to help get things moving, but know there is cosmic support on your side.
The fact that no major planets are in retrograde at the time of this New Moon also supports this energy, and indicates that the Universe is really giving us the green light to forge ahead and to make some bold choices.
Pluto is also very active on this April New Moon, along with Venus. The combination of Pluto and Venus energy at this time may stir our relationships and get us questioning where we are choosing to give our power away.
Is there a relationship, either with a person or with an event or situation in your life that is making you feel powerless?
We may be drawn to focus on this at the time of the New Moon, or we may feel power struggles play out in some of our relationships.
If this manifests, know there is always a path to making better choices. Rather than get stuck going down the same old path and repeating the same conversations, see if you can switch it up and try something different, as you never know where that may lead you.
Venus and Pluto energy at this New Moon may also heighten our emotions in general. We may feel extra sensitive, or in need of some loving support from those around us and from our higher self.
Our inner child may feel like it needs a nice warm hug, a bowl of its favorite cereal, and perhaps even a day binge watching a soothing show.
Be sure to give in to any calls that your body, mind, or soul makes to take rest and recharge your batteries. With all this forward-moving energy it can be tempting to rush ahead, but you have to know when to take pause too. Trust the wisdom of your inner being for it will be your guide.
Enjoy this fabulous, ultra-creative, fresh energy that is coursing through the cosmic skies. A new beginning is here, so take this energy and shape it in whatever way you desire for you are a powerful creator!


This Aries New Moon is happening on the 11th of April. It is the first New Moon in the astrological year and it is all about relationships and change. We are clearing the things that are keeping us stuck in the old ways of relating. The energy influx is really powerful right now and is supporting us to continue creating new ways of relating. New Earth energy is flowing in, re-filling our systems, re-aligning, upgrading our DNA.
Open up to the energy and receive. Don’t be afraid to release the old ways. It will be awkward at first but then you will get used to the new and start enjoying it. What is the new way of relating that would make you feel come alive inside? What do you miss in the old? Feel into it and start creating. Feel, observe, notice. Plant the seeds. Focus on your heart. Love. You will feel the collective energy, tension, anxiety. Release it and focus on what is yours. Feel only yours. Drink more water and keep your body hydrated. You will also feel a lot of Ascension symptoms right now because of the high frequency energy coming in. Vertigo, nausea, pressure/tension in your head and different parts of your body, nightmares, not being able to eat/sleep/stay awake, etc. Rest as much as you can and take care of yourself.
An Australian native chequered cuckoo bee.
Photo made by Marc

New Moon in Aries- The Fire + Inspiration Returns, Putting the Pedal to the Medal, You Are Brilliant + The World Is Craving for Your Creations

On April 11/12th, we have the glorious and bright New Moon at 22 degrees of Aries. New Moons always follow a dark period of gestation and contemplation. They bring in new ideas, fresh perspectives and new beginnings. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, is known to represent passion, purpose, entrepreneurship, fiery ambition and innocence.


Get ready for a fire to be lit under you [email protected]@! The New Moon in Aries wants to wake you up from your slumber and to propel you into a warrior mode of possibilities and brilliance. The New Moon in Aries wants you to believe in life and in yourself again. This is an excellent new moon to begin a new business idea, project or plan. The universe is ready for your creation. Are you ready to step out and to begin again? Are you ready to show the world what lies deep within you?


In ancient times, the New Moon in Aries was one of the most important new moons of the year as it was the symbol of the beginning of the astrological new year. Time to shed that last layer. Time to begin again. Time to wipe the slate clean. A rush of energy and vitality is here for you again! This is an excellent time to get the ball rolling on projects or plans that inspire you into action and that light up your heart. No playing small. No second guessing what you came here to do. The Aries New Moon wants to give the courage to not only dream it but to create it and to BE it! Any previous doubts or hesitation will be wiped away by this powerful new moon cycle.


The New Moon in Aries is calling you to rise up and proclaim victory and resilience. The fires within shine bright with La luna in the ram’s den. A spark of inspiration and forward movement is what this next cycle will bring into existence. Wherever 22 degrees of Aries is in your natal chart is where you will begin to feel inspired and ready to take action.


While the flames of passion and courage will be pronounced and encouraged, it is important to remember to remain grounded and centered. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus( and asteroids, Chiron, Eris and Ceres) all in Aries, we will be tempted to rush and to be rather impatient. Remember to slow down, literally and metaphorically speaking. Aries rules the head and without awareness and precaution, accidents and mishaps could be likely. Aries is also the 1st zodiac sign, so quite like a tender newborn. It will be important to remember our innocence and that anything that is new takes time and grace to mature.


Being that Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, a fighting spirit of awareness and movement is here for this New Moon phase. Make sure to ground yourself as much as possible. This could prove to be difficult as we will want to move and groove and do so with speed. Aries deals with raw and vital energy that “can’t stop, won’t stop”. Remember within all this fiery forward movement to still take it one step at a time. Our levels of patience will be rather low at this time, so check yourself before you rush into anything new. While there will be a clear sign from the universe to get moving, there is still a call from spirit to remain humble and strategic, even amongst all the fiery flames of passion and exuberance.


There are some intense and lovely aspects that will be occurring at the time of the New Moon in Aries. The first will be a harmonious trine between Aries ruling planet Mars and the planet Jupiter. Mars, in astrology, rules warriors like action, passion and courage. Jupiter, in astrology, represents abundance, expansion, and wisdom. Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius will bring in a rush of enthusiasm and drive. This is the aspect of an abundance of brilliance and creation. We will be all fired up and ready to expand to our greatest potential with this aspect. An idea or inspiration is what their meetup will bring forth and this aspect heralds taking a big chance on something that might be risky or out of our comfort zone.


The second aspect at the time of the New Moon in Aries will be a tense square between Venus and Pluto. Venus, in astrology, represents beauty, love, comfort and money. Pluto in astrology, represents transformation, power, intensity and the darker side of our psyche. Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn could further emphasize the intensity of our feelings around relationships and money. Hot, passionate and fiery disagreements could occur when these two come together. Keeping our cool with others, especially within romantic relationships could prove to be difficult. An ounce of discernment and grace would do wonders with this pivotal and powerful aspect. Listening instead of reacting is recommended. If you need to have an important discussion make sure you are giving the other person the space and room to be heard and acknowledged. This aspect could definitely produce some off the wall passion and if not handled properly, obsession and jealousy.


The Aries New Moon is here to inspire you to begin again and to it boldy, courageously and with passion. We are being encouraged by the sky gods to rise up to our full potential to not be afraid to try something that is out of our comfort zone. You are so much braver than you give yourself credit for. It is time to honor that voice within that says,” Give it a go”, ” What do you have to lose?” ” You have everything you need to begin again.”

The Aries New Moon wants you to believe in new beginnings and that at any time and under any circumstances you can start again. She is here to bring in: fiery flames of brilliance and courage, the willpower to go after your dreams and desires, and the recognition of your innocence to believe in the impossible and the fighting drive to go make it happen.





Sunday April 11 2021

A heads up! Seeding the New…..

Feel a growing sense of possibility and potential this week seeded by the fiery Aries New Moon on April 11/12th in a Super Conjunction of Chiron/Mercury/Ceres/Sun/Moon/Eris and Venus.
Cardinal Fire sign Aries works through the 1st Ray of Will and Power, so it’s time to engage in birthing what is emerging. This means identifying new paradigms just appearing over the horizon and following the clues. If it feels right, gently initiate something new and untried in your life-no matter how small it may seem.
Pluto’s shamanic drums will be beating loudly and insistently from now until he stations Retrograde on April 28th, just after the extremely potent Super Moon in Scorpio. From the 11th – 17th April, Venus, Sun and Mercury each conjuncts Disruptor Eris in Aries then squares the Great Eliminator one by one. Expect a rise in public protests against the restrictions of governments across the world. Witness it playing out in the reignited street warfare of tribal conflict in Northern Ireland and in the changing power dynamics of Britain’s Royal family following the death of its patriarch.
The week ends on Sunday 18th with a new Sun/Mercury cycle at 28 Aries square Pluto in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. So much has been taken away since the January 2020 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction-lives, jobs, incomes, freedoms -and now it’s time to identify the shape of what’s left and nurture the green shoots that are pushing through the rubble of old lives gone dark.

Morgan Le Fay

Decree to Dissolve Fear
Beloved I AM Presence in me and throughout the Universe, and beloved Ray-O-Light and Thy Invincible Legions! I call upon Thee now to descend upon my four lower bodies and remove all the patterns of fear of my being.
Ray-O-Light! Ray-O-Light! Ray-O-Light! Sweep, sweep, sweep completely from my Subconscious and Conscious Mind all human fears! (3)
Ray-O-Light! Ray-O-Light! Ray-O-Light! Sweep, sweep, sweep all the patterns of fear from my cell memory! (3)
Ray-O-Light! Ray-O-Light! Ray-O-Light! Clean! Purify! Transmute my atomic structure into Thy Light now! (3)
By the Light of God that Never Fails!
Do it today! Do it to stay!
For Divine Light I AM! And Its Joy I claim!
Decree given by Ray-O-Light through Morgan Le Fay



New Moon in Aries. Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Juno stations retrograde – The skies are filled with fiery energy that pushes us to make a fresh start. “Clear the decks, take action, just begin” yells Mars out of bounds trine Jupiter in Aquarius. But Venus and the New Moon square Pluto is edgy, controlling or just plain scared. Change isn’t always comfortable. It’s okay to be afraid, it’s not a weakness. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You have all the fuel needed to manifest your desires. This is a powerful initiation, a baptism of fire, an opportunity to arise from the ashes.
Relationships too may figure strongly around this time, especially with Juno’s station. She asks us to look at where we are stopped believing in one another, wandered away from truth, lost sight of the vision we hold together. If you are unpartnered, it may be time to explore where future goals have fallen out of alignment with your inner compass. Reassess, reconnect then commit to a new beginning.
Degrees and Times
New Moon 22°Ar24′ – 03:30 (BST) 12th April
Venus 26°Ar44′, Pluto 26°Cp44′ – 04:20 (BST) 12th April
Juno 24°Sg02′ R – 11:12 (BST) 12th April
Painting – The Flame (Goddess of Fire) by Odilon Redon
Kin 118 ~ White Magnetic Mirror
‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its key words are ‘Unify, Attract and Purpose.’ We are now entering the 2nd wavespell of the Blue Western Castle of Burning. Day one of any wavespell is about identifying the purpose of the 13-day journey ahead and preparing for departure. This wavespell has no Portal days in it, a relief after the ten in a row we’ve just endured.
Today is White Mirror which represents ‘Reflection, Endlessness and Order.’ Embarking on a journey of truth is what the White Mirror wavespell is all about. If you are prepared to face the truth and be totally honest with yourself, this wavespell can deliver insights and clarity. Some folk shy away from the truth but it is always better to know where you stand. Take a good long look in the mirror…know thyself. Reality checks are essential if you are to keep grounded and focused as you continue on your path.
The Guide today is also White Mirror, so there is no getting away from the truth.
The Challenge today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance.’ When in the challenging position Yellow Star doesn’t twinkle so bright. Sometimes the truth is ugly and Yellow Star doesn’t like to look at it. If it doesn’t sparkle or isn’t beautiful, Star isn’t interested. That’s OK though…..just means you have to try a little harder.
The Occult power is the Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams and Abundance.’ The dreamer of the Tzolkin has a huge imagination and when in this magical position, these dreams really can come true. Dream big today but be truthful about which dreams stand a real chance and which dreams should stay in your head.
The Ally is the Red Dragon, the nurturer of the Tzolkin and a symbol of birth. If you need assistance today look upon a Dragon for help and support. These folks are always caring and today that nurturing they offer comes in handy. If the truth hurts today a Dragon can take care of you.
Today is my Galactic Birthday! Yes… your daily forecasts come courtesy of a White Magnetic Mirror which is fitting as I am attracting you – to come and look in the Mirror!



1 ETZNAB – KIN 118
11 APRIL 2021
I UNIFY in order to REFLECT
Attracting ORDER
I seal the matrix of Endlessness
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of
11/4/2021 = 11/4/4_1 = 2/4/5 = 2/9=11 =2
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
5- Change/Freedom/Transformation/Liberation/Movement
9- Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace/Endings
KIN 118 = 10 Manifestation/Leadership/Authority./New Beginnings
KIN 118 occurred 9 months ago on 25th July 2020. This day is highly significant as July 25th of every year marks the DAY OUT OF TIME/D.O.O.T. in the Dreamspell 13 moon calendar – when we enter the TWILIGHT ZONE🍥 of NO-TIME.🎆. Last year KIN 118 the TRIPLE MIRROR DAY – aligned with the ZERO POINT – NO TIME.. where TIME is an ILLUSION that does not exist. D.O.O.T. days feel extra trippy 😵😳😵😍as we bypass the illusory world and enter another dimension of SPACE-TIME.
So today KIN 118 loops back to this D.O.O.T. portal making this an EXTRA potent day of REFLECTION and escaping the ARTIFICIAL TIME MATRIX. Today’s day code totals 11 – which also symbolizes a GATE or DOORWAY🚪 so today the DOORS 🚪🚪ARE WIDE OPEN to other worlds, and we can make a QUANTUM JUMP in our collective EVOLUTION. 🍥🎆🍥🎆
💥A huge WAKE-UP CALL today, as we are called to FACE our true REFLECTION and that of the REALITY we are CHOOSING to exist within. A potent opportunity to CHOOSE to walk through to a NEW REALITY.
CONGRATULATIONS🎉🎊🎆 WE made it out ALIVE!! Having SURVIVED the INITIATION of FIRE 🔥that CHICCHAN the RED SERPENT 🐍 FORCED us through, we now reach the next level of Spiritual initiation. Today we enter the great HALL OF MIRRORS for our INITIATION OF TRUTH.🕊
For the next 13 days you will be FACED with the true REFLECTION of your innermost being, in order to arise as a purer version of your true self. Collectively we will be forced to face the TRUTH through the REFLECTION of our Global Systems and governance… ALL WILL BE REVEALED through the DIVINE LENS of TRUTH.
The themes for the WHITE MIRROR wavespell are authenticity, reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification. Whatever distortions are in your frequency will be MAGNIFIED and reflected back to you in order to be ACKNOWLEDGED and HEALED. It is time to do some serious, deep soul searching – set yourself a GOAL for this wavespell.
❓❓What is it about yourself that is crying out to be HEALED and brought into LOVE? 💝💝💝
MAGNETIC🅾 is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate this new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to UNIFY all as one! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY!
The MAGNETIC tone is seeking to attract your TRUE SELF today, and for the next 13 days, as you return to find your SOURCE! To UNIFY all fragments of your soul in order to embody your mighty I AM PRESENCE! 🎆
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE MAGNETIC MIRROR🔎 – ETZNAB represents the HALL OF MIRRORS, where you can stand and FACE your own REFLECTION and dare to SEE the TRUTH of what is! Standing in full integrity ETZNAB will reveal the endlessness of your soul throughout the echoes of time, the recognition of your soul’s immortality throughout multi-dimensional realities of existence.
The Maya believed that the MIRROR contained the other side of the veil after death. Death is a transcendance from one state of being to another. This 13 day cycle will allow you to transcend your old self, and just as you shed your snake skin, the MIRROR cycle will continue this shedding in another form, continuing the process of polishing your inner diamond self UNTIL your pure diamond soul reflection is fully revealed. 💎
These energies bring forth great healing and accomplishment through our clarity of mind by the endless solutions revealed to us in the Mirror. We are able to stand in the Hall of Mirrors and reflect upon a multitude of different perspectives in order to see, FEEL and know the TRUTH. Anything that is not in alignment will be stripped away and discarded. The sword of truth cleanly cuts away all distortions leaving you with a clean foundation upon which to build. Do not limit yourself, your options, or your possibilities as they are infinite! Be OPEN and receptive to what is revealed in order to reflect and receive from a timeless place in the order of the Universe.
🔰🚫🚷This MIRROR day and 13 day MIRROR cycle will REVEAL many distortions, untruths and illusions within the collective consciousness and the FALSE reality of this Matrix game that the general populace has been brainwashed to believe. This whole CV…HOAX has run its course and will finally HIT THE WALL. The PLANDEMIC will be totally EXPOSED, through all the manipulative AGENDAS that have been driving the narrative. People will be forced to WAKE-UP and FACE the TRUTH.. as no falsities will last in the MIRROR world… all EYES will SEE the TRUTH beyond the smokescreen!
Total TRANSPARENCY is the order of the day in our new World…so once the SPOTLIGHT is shining in the Hall of Mirrors there is nowhere to HIDE…. many illusions will be SHATTERED during this period… stay tuned….and get ready to STEP UP as an AGENT of TRUTH!..
The MIRROR star glyph also represents a Mayan PYRAMID💠⏏ – from the top view looking down. The pyramid AMPLIFIES energy so we are in for more INTENSITY! The DOUBLE PYRAMIDS can be joined together at the base forming an OCTAHEDRON (i.e. Diamond shape) which forms the crystal core of Mother Gaia. By placing ourselves in a Golden Octahedron, or visualizing one in our home we can activate it to clear out the debris, entities, lost souls and discordant energies by spinning it and pulling in all the energy spiralling it up through the apex back to SOURCE, transmuting it back to harmonic frequencies through the golden mean spiral. A brilliant tool to utilize during this MIRROR wavespell, restoring order and clearing any distortions in our bodies, our homes and environment.
SUPPORT: RED DRAGON 🐉– IMIX inspires us to respond in a caring and compassionate way to everything that is reflected back to us, and accept RESPONSIBILITY for what presents. The 11 coding today, represents TWINS or PARTNERS and this whole 13 day cycle will bring your relationships INTO the SPOTLIGHT. We learn and grow through facing our SHADOW, and the REFLECTION from our kin casts the greatest LIGHT on our inner state. Before pointing the finger👉 and playing the BLAME GAME – be silent and take a moment to REFLECT on what is being revealed through the words, actions and behaviours of others, and indeed your environment.
❓❓Are you PROJECTING your traumas and wounds through your relationships with others?
If you are not TRIGGERED by what presents, and can remain in OBSERVER mode, than you can EVOLVE past the MIRROR games that keep us tied up in constant loops. The less baggage you carry, the LIGHTER your load. FREE yourself and others through stillness, holding your centre and lots of self-reflection in order to gain the most soul growth through this cycle.
The HAWAIIAN prayer of Ho-oponopono for SELF-LOVE and FORGIVENESS is an excellent tool to use during the MIRROR cycle.
Mother IMIX is asking us to be kind and gentle with ourselves during this GREAT REVEAL, practising self care, nurtance and totally accepting and honouring what shows up.
We are guided to attune to the responsibility of fully AWAKENING, in order to B-EARTH a greater vision of ourselves and our planet based on TRUTH, INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY and unconditional love. Unconditional LOVE and acceptance of self and others is the way to UNITE as one family b-Earth-ing a new consciousness.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE COSMIC NIGHT🍥🌃 – AKBAL dives deep down into the abyss, bringing LIGHT through the HALL OF MIRRORS to all our deep subconscious distortions. COSMIC AKBAL as the SUPERPOWER today and during this 13 day Wavespell is a HUGE blessing. We can access the very depths of our own personal subconscious and that of the Collective.. The deepest darkest pit – can be revealed and transmuted in this cycle. NO-THING can linger in the swamp anymore! The plug🛀 is being pulled out and the cess pool💩 is drained!
ALL IS REVEALED through the LIGHT of TRUTH and LOVE. Embrace that inner child once afraid of the dark. Use your intuition to attune to the signs that AKBAL is revealing through your DREAMS. Allow more LIGHT to reveal what has been blocking our personal and collective abundance today. COSMIC AKBAL provides access to endless ABUNDANCE. So CLEAR your path for ABUNDANCE TO FLOW, unlock the FLOODGATES with your GOLDEN KEY! 🔑
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW MAGNETIC STAR – 🌟LAMAT is the beautiful DIPLOMAT of PEACE assisting us in bringing more HARMONY and balance to our relationships. LAMAT aligns with the energies of ROMANTIC LIBRANS craving intimacy and social interaction. The blessing of this MIRROR CYCLE is that with MAGNETIC LAMAT as the GIFT you can easily ATTRACT your MIRROR DOUBLE – preferably once your baggage has been cleared and transmuted!
LAMAT challenges us to connect with the inner BEAUTY🌹 of our soul essence. To channel messages directly from Spirit which leads us to greater balance, harmony and divine alignment. Clear the distortions and remove the dust in order for your DIAMOND💎 CORE to be revealed, the crystal clear CLARITY and BRILLIANCE, SHINING BRIGHT for all to see that you have MASTERED the trap of the HALL OF MIRRORS! Walk through the YELLOW DOOR and you are FREE to become the YELLOW GOLDEN CHRISTED HU-MAN!
✨It is absolutely BRILLIANT that LAMAT🌟 the shining STAR and PEACEMAKER is the blessing with the emphasis on beauty, PEACE and creating HARMONY in our world. Celebrating TIME as ART🎨 is the full expression of LAMAT, as the holder of the Harmonic Matrix codes. Magnetic LAMAT beckons you to UNITE with your kin today for this very purpose – CELEBRATE your LIFE as a living work of ART! 🖼🎨🎭
✨✨✨A beautiful opportunity exists for those souls who are READY and heeding THE CALL – to ESCAPE the ILLUSION of the MIRROR WORLD and enter a new beautiful realm – the HARMONIC TIME where LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 🌹🌸🌺
✨The TRUTH now, you SHALL hear! ✨
Attune to the pure resonance of your HEART, which shall show you the way forward escaping the tyranny and confusion in the HALL OF MIRRORS.
NOTE: These codes today will be operative for the whole 13 day cycle so utilize this cycle to access your TRUE SELF and the ABUNDANCE within.
Today’s question is “What REFLECTIONS are arising to be CLEARED, in order to ATTRACT more beauty, PEACE and HARMONY in your life and in our World ?”
Divine blessings for the courage to SEE and LOVINGLY embrace your true inner diamond being.💎💝💎💝.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Alice through the LOOKING GLASS DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

New Moon in Aries Puja (Blessing, Incantation, Prayer, Workshop, Etc.)


Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the parenthesis” feel free to change this as your instincts tell you; allow your inner self to be the administrator. If a direction is indicated, please face the corresponding view. 

We use nature as a rhythmic reminder, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration. Everything said and done can be done in a “divine light” if we keep this underlying tone. The following words hail from many different traditions.

Specific Points of Interest from the “Macro Goddess Collective.”

The Aries New Moon can encourage rejuvenation and forwards momentum; if you so wish, enlist its help. 

Common Themes & Energies of this moon are as follows:
~ Influx of energy & life force ~ Self-sufficiency ~ Independence ~ Courage ~ Major friendship/relationship changes ~ Powerful moves in Path of Service ~ Plans for long term future ~ Quest for action ~ Previous anchors & distractions shift & dissolve ~ Ego wants outward connection, yet spirit craves solitude ~ Trust the direction that your inner flame guides you towards ~ Development of innate gifts

Let’s Begin!

((( Start our sacred journey by envisioning a “Platinum Stream” connecting yourself to the Earth. Then from “The Heavens,” associate yourself with the same “Platinum Stream” entering through your crown chakra and linking within your “Emerald Green Heart Chakra” )))

(((Summon “White and Rainbow” light coming in from the heavens and into your chakra system; then penetrating deep into the Earth)))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the East. I am one with all, and thus I have nothing to fear. I will allow new positive energy to manifest into my life.”

((( List the new things you wish to experience in this now; please leave your comfort zone )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Southeast. I summon the presence of the highest and most sacred aspects of myself. It is with this energy integration that the world changes for the better. “

((( Connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and angelic helpers, take a moment to feel the love and appreciation they have for you, then ask them to help you envision an ideal reality for yourself and the world )))

” I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the South. I return to my infinite self with grace and beauty. The presence of source energy is ever-present within my being. ”

((( List the things you need, spare nothing, no matter how trivial )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Southwest. I am as free as a bird when I am mindful of my many blessings. All things that I encounter have a positive effect because I see it all as divinity.”

(((List the things you are grateful for)))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the West and bless all things!. Every blade of grass is precious; every life I see is a child of the “Infinite Multiverse. “

(((List the things you wish to accomplish in your lifetime, the bigger, the better)))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Northwest. I encourage the ever-expanding growth of the universe by constantly striving to be my best. I improve all things every day; even my best becomes better.”

((( List your best qualities and envision them becoming even better )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the North. I am healthy and prosperous. I am a complete being with talents and abilities beyond even my comprehension. “

((( Invision your ideal life, then Invision how this would affect your community, your city, your world )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Northeast through happiness and Joy; I express myself in this powerful way to create a better tomorrow for us all.”

((( Connect with everyone joining us in energy today, then feel the feeling of rising as we all arrive in this sacred space in divine essence and timing. Envision everyone joining us, smiling from their hearts. )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to all of the unnamed directions to summon forth the creative energy of our reality to focus upon the intent we have just presented.”

((( Invision tremendous amounts of “Rainbow Light” bombarding you, your hopes, and your reality )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit inside to sit while “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” speaks directly to my heart.”


Please Speak ” Mitakuye Oyasin, Aho ” aloud when you return from the silence.



Pleiades 1 Messages April 11 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Atmospheres adjust to momentum.

Energy waste decreases.

Extraphysical shows.

Intuitive fullness in progress.

Discernments are called to expansion.

Divine Doctors are present.

Direction of Order in progress.

Copies – – – evaluated in *Árguan Council. Disconnections continue.

Alignment of fields for JOURNEYS in progress. Collaterals present.

Archetype sensors are installed.

Projectors for *NON+++ AIMED! 58% (non-regressive).

Projectors for NON+++ AIMED and in REVERBERATION! 58% (non-regressive).

*Oumsheryam+++12+144 active and reverberating! Active efficiency 63% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.





This article has 3 Comments

  1. Dear beloved Lightworkers in body and spirit forms, above and below, with all Company of Heaven, it is another important crossroad “ Called Taurus Stellium “, ot intense concentration of Cosmic Divine energies, to be accepted by mass human consciousness and go to higher 5Dimensional frequencies, of Divine Love and Light energies of harmony, abundance for all, and happiness, and respecting each other equally with new Divine technology with healing of our genetic material with rectifying of our body hologram, and free energies, and multiplicators to replace our slavery physical work and new non polluting antigravity transport system, with living in light crystal cities and many other advance technology, giving us Divine gifts, or staying in covid 19 vaccine zone of space time loop matrix, controlled by dark side.
    I am calling this period of final and important bifurcation of our time line as “ Metatron effect”.
    Once upon a time, were Archangel Metatron, very high dimensional Archangel, close to Divine Source, but under very dark influence of negative side of artificial source, started to be changed with unclear mind and being separate from his heart to loose connection with our Divine source, or true God/Goddess self, and with falling to lower frequency of zone of controlling Ego mind, started to be changed to narcistic, selfish beings to work for himself, and being master over others. He collected all knowledge, being given to humanity by Divine for a period of our awakening and with taking control over Quantum AI computer program, helped by very negative draco reptilian race, during many galactic wars, and destruction, he took control and power over many Galaxies, with focusing on our planet, mother Earth, knowing for upcoming of a new divine races of Humanity, to be awaken in period of time, and helping in raising frequency on our planet, together with all Souls from all kingdom and elements, and with planet Earth, to get out of this program and get back to Divine Source of Divine Love and Light. He with negative side of Quantum Ai, destroyed two planets in our Solar belt, one between Mars and Jupiter, planet Maldek with left asteroid belt with closing conscious of 8th portal to Universe and muliverse, and the other behind Pluto, leaving Oort cloud asteroid belt, with closing conscious of 12th Portal to Cosmos and Divine Creator / or our Divine Source /, with taking control of closing space / time cycle of 10 conscious dimension of 10 main planets, playing role of false god in Jupiter. This was followed by disconnecting of our consciousness with Heart centre and connecting to controlling under ego mind controlling program of negative side of Quantum Ai computer, and being slave race, and food, or doing war shipping for negative Draco reptilian races for eons of time.
    Fallen Archangel Metatron, as a false god with Saturn as a judge worshipping under his rules, had changed many of Divine knowledge, given to us, as making controlled “ Metatron’s cube”, and 10 circle without inner circle/ presenting our heart to heart connection in Tree of life of Kabbalah / instead of original 12 circle with inner circle/, and 10th columns in Stonehenge circle / original being 12 /, with repeating cycles life/death of our Souls in dark matter of Cygnet Constalletion, instead to back of 12lf Zodiac Constellation / original being 13th as portal to Cosmic pathway / extending number of days from lunar months of 28 days to months of 30/31 days. There are other changes, but must under dark spelling of number 7, or 11, or 9, to be all of us being in control program matrix of close time space repetition. This is Old negative and Artificial Metatron’s life times, holding us back through controlling Fear program, including the last : virus – covid with trying to apply vaccination, both design for mass reduction of Human population, to prevent our Awakening and Ascension.
    The other positive and Organic Metatron’s life times is starting NOW and HERE with awakening 144 Avatars, connected with all Humanity and other Divine Souls from all Kingdoms and Elements with Hearts/ Divine Souls, to absorb Divine Cosmic energies of pure Love and Light, with connected Rainbow Souls, who accept this life time to 5 Dimensional frequency of Aquarius, with Divine Love and Light and Harmony, and Happiness and Joy, with Grace and Abundance, equally for everyone, as Here, and Now, to all Cosmos. Now and Here is new Portal of five planets in Aries / “ Archer”/, at new zero point to crossover to Cosmos and connection with our Divine Source / Prime Creator or God/ Goddess self / at the point of Orion /” Hunter”/ Constellation / to push with mass Human consciously self, leaded by our Hearts Divine Love and Light selves and connected with 144000 Avatars with above and bellow, as guidance with reunited all Light workers, and Light warriors globally with all open human and other Soul’s hearts and those ready to join with us. Those, who are afraid and guided by controlled ego mind with old metatron’s cube, if they can not to be awaken NOW and HERE, of time of Divine Taurus, strong Divine Light of Love energies / as Buddha and Archangel Michael and my Avatar self being in Taurus sign, coming NOW and HERE at zero point at Orion constellation consciousness, to raise 5th Dimensional train or convoy to frequency of 5th Dimension and connect with true God/ Goddess self as part of One, and together with our beloved Mother Christoss Terra / New Mother Earth, and Beloved Father Sun Sol, and all in this Solar belt, and Golden Pink Galaxy, and Universe, and Multiverse and all Cosmos.
    All my Love and Compassion and Forgiveness to my past life times, and to all, who are still playing games to darkness of old Metatron past life times, and wish for reunion of Divine Heart of New Metatron and corrupted Ego mind / to be free/ with old Metatron, to be again great Archangel Metatron again, with old Divine function, as being before. Two time lines become One, toward Divine Source of pure Love and Light, and Metatron effects to become Matatron affect on awakening and ascending of Humanity and all other Souls in this Cosmos.
    All my Love to all in this Cosmos, and Love and Healing energies to our beloved Mother Earth / Archangel Gaia Sophia, and beloved Father Sun Sol.


    1. Namasté Magnificent Brother,
      I Love You and Thank you for Your Service.

      This is the first I’ve heard about Metatron BEing a fallen Archangel. I asked Higher Self who just so happens to be Metatron about your Most curious post about Me.

      I’m not entirely sure who or what you’ve been speaking to, but I can assure you that Metatron/Myself hasn’t fallen into any darkness, nor am I controlled by ego.

      Metatron is alive and well in physical form, living a life of immense Happiness, Joy and Love.
      There is no darkness here, or fallen Archanges, only a game of Choice. What do you Wish to Believe?

      I leave you in the Love and Light of our one Infinite Creator


  2. I am glad that somebody read what I write even lovely Soul Metatron in physical form by himself, not telling that i drink so much alcohol or using marijuana, yes it is game of choice, and I am in divine service to help humanity as much as help by Divine Light / higher knowledge /, so to choose right direction leaded by inner Divine Souls, lost in many quantum possibilities of Quantum trap, some still under dark control.
    In Love Divine service.

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