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Divine Masculine Christ – Shekinah the Divine Mother



6 hours ago
Divine Masculine Christ Update
On December 25 2020, Shekinah, the Divine Mother, united and merged with the Divine Masculine Christ. This occurred in Spirit, and will birth through this Capricorn Season.
The 33 degree Celestial lineup was activated in the 33 vertebrae of the spine of the Divine Masculine, for Union. The Omega Stargate Portal is now open, gifting us the opportunity to receive the download of the Holy Spirit, merging into the seed of the Divine Masculine Christ. This is biblically know as Jacob’s Ladder.
The Light Body Container surrounding the spinal column of the DM is prepared and ready to hold the Spirit of YHWH, and bee-come anointed as Christ. This is all through the Acts of Shekinah. This Union brings forth the Alchemical Marriage and Birthrights of lavish abundance and overflow.
She is the balance needed to raise up the Kings of Christ, into their new position as Leaders of Christ Consciousness, and the Alchemical abilities of the Holy Grail. This new balanced Christ-like embodiment is replacing the distorted masculine ego driven beast system. This is the New Heaven and New Earth.
This is the full restoration Holy Grail Bloodline, seed branch, and timeline of HiEros Gamos Unions. We are merging Heaven to Earth in our physical embodiment, and Sacred Marriage, of the flesh. Alchemy. WE ARE ONE. Sealed All Praises to the Most High !!! 🙌🏻🕊🏆
Love Carolyn 🌹

Marika Moretto

We’ve been in full direct connection with the Central Sun for a few days.
This means we’re continuously absorbing HIGH Frequency Photon particles!
It’s very important to BE Aware of this.
Our DNA is BE-ing Updated and Reprogrammed.
Blocks that have binding and limited it so far are removed.
This Never happened before!
This is why Observe what happens with Gratitude.
This process, obviously, requires a deep cleansing of the matrix and the physical body.
Know that the memories of pain stored in our thin bodies belonging to other incarnations are NOW ′′Awakened′′ and Reactivated, all at once.
What does this mean?
The only way to HEAL memories of pain is to Relive those memories.
Repeating information, meaning a situation, cancels it.
And this information of pain disappears, as if it ever existed in us.
It’s important to understand this precisely because these days we’re solving ancient and very ancient ′′ knots ′′ even if only in minutes.
We’re reliving and solving Massive amounts of trauma and fears in a few moments. Instantly. This is why these days we may have even more amplified emotions, and overlapping, that come and go, and that dominate our entire BEing.
Until interacting with the physical body, and from him to expel the ′′toxins′′ of these painful memories. The physical body has many ways to unload this information of pain: but first of all is tears.
Crying is precious because liberating. Let the pain out: whether it’s a cry of joy, of confusion or of sadness… let it act:
Resistance to change has been permanently abandoned!
If you still feel continuous sicknesses, please know that it’s perfectly normal.
Especially linked to the first three Chakras: what are commonly referred to as gut viruses that therefore involve diarrhea and vomiting, are simply mechanisms to release such energy work in progress.
Migraines mean subtle work in the mental plane: for those who are very ′′rigid”, rational, very mind-bound. And it may also have continuous disturbance or pressures at the top of the head, temples, the back of the head.
Chest pain and mild tachycardia are simply unlocks of the fourth Chakra, which happen gradually for each one. The throat is under pressure at this time, precisely because communication is missing right now.
This is why blocks related to the Fifth Chakra are removed and this could cause voice lowering, difficulty speaking, sore throat or simply need to remain silent.
Know that the Nervous System is brought to the limits of endurance in this Energy SHIFT.
So insomnia or difficulty sleeping is perfectly normal.
And in the Astral we’re disposing of everything.
So Dreams are Loaded.
The important thing is to understand what is happening:
understanding brings relief and gives Peace of Mind.
Who wouldn’t feel any of this: it’s fine.
It means that he has already completed these processes.
Everything is always absolutely subjective: it depends on what the SOUL has chosen to do here in this incarnation.
But it’s really important to understand the immense work our body is doing lately. So far the Central Sun has worked ′′intermittently′′ precisely to prepare us for such a direct, intense, and continuous connection with him – this is what’s happening NOW…
So in these years we have been prepared for this exact moment.
The continuous illnesses we’ve had over the years have been a preparation for the deep work that is NOW coming to an end.
It’s fair to point out that whoever started this journey years ago has Now come to the conclusion of this Karmic cleaning and DNA is so easily reactivated in no time.
For those who have never worked before, obvious that they will now have more difficulty absorbing these processes but will be accompanied gradually.
This is to say that there is absolutely NO ′′deadline′′ for Ascension.
In the next few years anyone will have the chance to Ascend into 5D.
Surely those who will find themselves starting an inner work will have more difficulty than those who have already started it.
This is simply because the Frequencies are increasing and increasing, and for this reason the Energy pain can no longer remain in this reality.
So she will be stimulated to Heal at all costs. Sometimes gently, sometimes decisively and resolutely.
Those who still live in the low frequencies will find themselves increasingly difficult here, and they will have to start an inner work, or choose to abandon this reality and proceed in other third-dimensions.
Every SOUL chooses and will choose what is best for their Evolution.
In this we are BE-ing followed and cared for by the Higher Dimensions.
So let’s thank these precious days when our body literally gives way to our SOUL!
A body that’s  breaking up, to rebuild itself in the NEW ENERGY UNION.
Let’s LOVE it even more.
And let’s Honour it.
It’s the tool that lets us be here, doing what we have to do.
Our body from NOW on will undergo Great Healing and Transformations.
Simply because the Healing  we’ve done so far, NOW materializes in the material plan.
Matter is ready to ′′receive′′ the SOUL.
And it BEcomes a manifestation of it.
And it is Just the BEginning.
Happy Rebirth!
~ Marika Moretto 💜
Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy of Photonic-Plasma Light Codes – via Fra Chicca Sghinni
This is a moment of cosmic rebirth of the highest kind and I am feeling these very powerful energies intensely today. Indeed, it has been buiding up into crescendo and will continue doing so in the next few months.
The Whole Universe is being systematically reinvented and a massive rebirth and reshuffling is occurring.
With this the New Earth is rising at immense speed and you indeed, your physical body is going through intense changes too, so you will need to rest more and seek stillness and quietude.
The deepests shifts are recurring withn us, as our soul reconnects more and more with the Divinity within as an outpouring of energies directly from the Divine Source is pouring into our Stellar Gateways and upper chakras, igniting the highest Christedness.
The energy is beautiful white gold and I have been shown the earth from up in the cosmos, and indeed she is pulsating with this beautiful white-golden energy, in her new Earth state, as the old is dissipating more and more.
The shifts now are immensely powerful inner shifts. A deep remembering of the immortality of your own soul and its true magnificence. We are remembering our God and Goddesshood and indeed we are moving back into the original primordial paradise creation!
We are being prepared for immense changes which will occur in 2021 up to 2032 and indeed, by then humankind and the earth will be totally different.
We are moving back into the Heart of Love and indeed Unity and Oneness, yet this needs to come from deep within ourselves, embracing All-that-is, before we can embrace the whole of New Earth and the Reborn Humanity.
What a potent and powerful moment this is!
You will have more and more transcendental experiences, and more will be revealed on all levels now.
This is but the very beginning of enormous quantum changes on all fronts!
Judith Kusel
Photo Credit: Cosmic Rebirth by Douglas Fresh, Fine Arts America

Ashtar and The Galactic Federation: New Earth is Being Born

Via Lynn Rondell

12/26/2020 EraOfLight

Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channel along with the galactic federation of light coming through to bring you a message about the energies that are hitting your planet now about exactly what is going on as they started coming in around eight or nine last night, not only energy’s solar energy we’re going to say but you have a conjunction of three planets that are lining up to produce a very special outcome we’re going to say and to really generate more energies along with this winter solstice December 21st.

These planets are lining up as they have not lined up like this for a very long time. It would be called the Christmas star or the star of Bethlehem. It’ll be called a lot of different things. This conjunction is coming about now as it is a very magical time and this conjunction of planets is not only bringing forth new energies by the way we mean new energies, new energies to work with that have not been seen on this planet for a very long time.

These energies are coming through, these new energies, to bring a huge shift in the collective and a huge shift forward for all of you  but something very special is happening and will be happening up until December 27th.

There is a messiah as she has been on your planet for a very long time, she will now be given the activations that she needs to really go forth on this planet carrying not only Christ’s DNA but she is going to be carrying Christ consciousness energies and she’s going to really come into fully her awareness of her mission and what she is to do on this planet at this time for not only Mother Earth but for humanity as well.

This conjunction of these planets lining up are actually supporting her awakening at another level at a much deeper level we’re going to say so that she really will come into her all-knowing, she really will come into her awareness and she really will come into all that she is gifted with and has been gifted with to go forward on your planet now.

This is a very magical and special time not only with the energies rolling forward for all of you with the solar flare and solar blast but it is a magical start to a new planet being birthed to a whole new cycles of energies coming forth onto your planet and plane, all planes, we’re going to say, all dimensions as you’re really going forward now with the new earth.

The new earth is being birthed out of what we’re going to say “out of the reptilian and draconian era” into a whole new level, into a entire upswing, into not only going to the fifth dimension but into that knowing that what once was in this third dimension and what once was down so low and all those who strive to keep this planet and humanity now down that has ended.

You are being birthed to a new earth, a new generation for humanity, a new level of awareness, a new level of clarity, a new level of peace and compassion and justice, a new level of unity is being birthed as well as unifying this beautiful collective of humanity up into the cloud as ONE.

You will be going forward from now as a unified collective of light and the more that wake up they jump into this cloud and you, they are then operating as one big body of light. You’re operating not as the selfish gains of one but you’re operating as the greater good for all on the planet and we mean “all” on the planet being Mother Earth, being humanity, being the animals, being the plants and all that is.

So a new earth with these energies that are coming in, with this alignment of this planets in the conjunction that they are in. A new world is being birthed, a new planet is being birthed, a new civilization is being birthed, a new residence for all is being birthed and humanity is rolling through as it has never been before on this planet and plane.

You all have come through a huge portal, you all have come through a huge gateway. The gateway and portal have opened up a few days ago now you’re going through it, you are through it and now you’re experiencing the energies that are coming onto the planet for all of you.

The gateway is opened two or three days ago, this channel will talk about that. You’re through this portal, you’re through the gateway, the conjunction of planets is helping this messiah come in to fully knowing what she is to do and awakening her gifts as well to lead forward this planet and humanity not only to the fifth dimension but to lead forward this planet and humanity back to their hearts.

You came through a huge shift, you’re already through it. Now the portal and gateway are open, now you’re realizing what’s really rolling forward for all of you. You shifted, it it’s a huge shift the portal and gateway you’ve gone through it. You started through it last night, you’ve gone through it, now you’re going to be bathed with the energies from the sun, now you’re going to be bathed with this solstice December 21st and it’s going to give you another huge shift forward.
You had to go through the portal and the gateway which you accomplished. It opened three to five days ago, you roll through it, all of you, even those that are not going to the fifth dimension are through this portal and gateway as well as Mother Earth has entered it and she’s through it as well.

You’re now going to do another shift up in your consciousness but you’ve done what needed to be done. You’ve changed this planet to one from the dark to the light, you’ve gone through the gateway and portal you’ve shifted up all humanity and now the sun is going to send a huge solar flare and blast tomorrow.

It could be as early as very early in the morning this next morning tonight. Get out there, put your feet on Mother Earth, bathe in the light, know that you have shifted humanity. New earth has been born, she’s not going back down ever to the third dimension. This is huge, we know that a lot of you, a lot of the channelers are bringing through this message but this is huge. You’ve passed through the gateway, the new earth she’s born, you are all shifting up very quickly. You’ve done a shift from the dark to the light and now you’re about to do another huge shift in your consciousness and the energies that are coming in for all of you will do whatever is needed in your energy body.

I Lord Ashtar, along with the galactic federation of light, nine of the twelve councils which is about five thousand beings of light, are coming through this channeler. This is huge, you’re through the portal, you’re through the gateway, the energies are now hitting. The work is done so to speak now the sun is sending down the energies onto all of you today, tomorrow a little bit the 26th and the 27th.

We are so happy to bring this news through this channeler. You have passed through the gateway, you’ve passed through the portal, the sun is going to help, you have shifted, the new earth is being born. From this minute moment forward your earth is never going back down, she’s never going to go down to this third dimensional matrix. The new earth is being born, the new humanity is being born, everything has shifted energetically, galactically, angelically for your ascension not only but for this new earth, we’re going to say the new resonance of Mother Earth and all of humanity to continue up on your journey upward and onward.

I Lord Ashtar, along with the entire galactic federation of light are so excited to bring through this message, a huge monumental moment was seized last night and these energies are now coming through, they’re going to come through today, they’re going to come through tomorrow and they’re going to come through the 26th possibly the 27th. The conjunction alignment of planets will allow for this messiah to really wake up and for all her gifts to come through to her so she can continue really helping humanity not only raise up to the fifth dimension but journey back to your hearts.

We’re sending you so much love, we’re sending you so much light on this beautiful, monumental, wonderful day and love.

**Channel: Lynne Rondell
Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you angelic, our galactic federation of light. Amazing channeling, my brain is still a little shifting around there. I’m so happy to bring through this message for all of you. I did feel my ears start ringing about eight o’clock last night, a lot of energy pushing through all night.
I think it took me till probably midnight to get to sleep with a lot going on but I’m happy to bring through this message. I’m very excited for the new earth I’m very excited for all of humanity and I’m very excited to be journeying with all of you.
Sending you such love, such light and blessings



It begins to occur between those who open up to a higher consciousness and those who refuse to support it or are simply not yet spiritually ready to introject it into themselves … a real dichotomy by extension … the now obsolete acquired beliefs in the course of multiple existences, they are extinguished, gradually replaced by new ideas and thoughts … the separations within biological families are increasingly compulsive … lighting the way towards union with the true families … those of the soul … now souls are attracted by vibration, frequency, rhythm and color … because they feel the urgent need to unite creatures with their own characteristics … many are forced to leave their comfort zone …
and this in order to question your personal belief system … and begin to look deeply within yourself … it is necessary to come out of ignorance due to forgetfulness I hear the inertia of the soul, since ignorance itself is always at the root of expressions of disaffection … a new and higher consciousness of all that is visible and audible is rapidly manifesting itself, in the consciousness of the world, Through the light of higher dimensional energies that now, more than ever, are spilling onto the earth, despite appearances leading us to believe anything else, they also help the matter of our world to transmute its raw energies auric … let’s work to rediscover the most radiant part of ourselves …. because only when our being becomes a cabin of love, the sun can permeate our lives …. with love for everyone in this Universe
🦄🌷🦋🥀❤️🌹🌻🌞🌼🥰😘🍀🙏🏼❤️🥀🍀❤️🥀🍀🙏🏼 ,.
A new human race and star civilization has born
December 26, 2020
Dear children on earth, I am your Mother Divine, the Mother of all creation. I come today to share news.
This Christmas has been such a monumental moment for human history. The entire planet and human race has gone through a rebirthing moment, and now has been uplifted to a much higher realm. The consciousness of the planet and human race had a total makeover. The old way of living has been totally removed, what remains is the new human, the planet wide new human race has been born. Now the birthing process has been done.
What the new human means is that the blueprint of humanity has been upgraded, consciousness wise, ushering in the new humanity. This new humanity is the advanced version of the human race, which means humanity, from this point on, is qualified to be a star race, a race that is accepted by the Galactic society and can have equal rights in the Galactic and can get involved in the Federal Galactic society. the Human race now is here to be reckoned with. What an achievement.
After this achievement, the Federal Galactic society has officially accepted the human race as a star race. And from now on, every move the Galactic makes involving humanity and the planet earth, humanity will have a say. There will be no more illegal invasions or some other intrusive activities to the planet and humanity is allowed according to the laws and the rules of the Galactic society. Human Race finally has grown up and being treated as a grown up.
In the time to come, there will be more information about the Galactic society and rules and roles humanity plays. The education is needed in terms of how and what the Galactic is and what humanity will need to understand in order to play the roles in the Galactic society with equal footing. The Divine and the light workers will bring the necessary materials to the planet so that eventually, the planet and humanity will be equipped with the knowledge and feel confident facing the members of the star nations, and lift herself up to the status that humanity has worked hard earning it.
I love you dear children of my heart. I am your Mother Divine. Celebrate the remarkable achievement and know that the planet has advanced, and the new human race has been born. Go in peace now. So it is.

Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 58

December 25th – December 30th 2020

Dissatisfaction – Vitality – Bliss

‘The Gene Keys teaches us many things, and one of the greatest things it reminds us is that loss is not what it seems. It is actually an opening to greater joy. The one who appears to have left is actually allowing us to feel more whole. That’s the sole reason for their leaving.

When awareness arrives, it’s as though the most beautiful dawn has come into our being. We become a cultivator of seeds, and we use the experiences and sufferings of our life to bring more light into our heart.

All the people we’ve ever loved all our lives will all be there in front of us when our heart one day opens absolutely.’

– Excerpt from The 64 Ways

“The ancients named this Gene Key, this Hexagram – The Joyous. But how can we have joy without sadness. Loss is a part of human life. We all lose those we love. How we deal with loss is a deep, deep part of our learning within this Gene Key.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –



The Sun in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries – Old wounds are visible now and we may feel more vulnerable or self-conscious than usual. Physical or emotional scars could feel like flaws that we must hide from others or a weakness that should be overcome. But, if we can share our pain, then each of us shines brighter. Old hurts can become teachers. Old wounds can become gifts.
Be willing to lend a hand to those who are elderly, sick, troubled and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Rest if you’re ill. Allow time for recuperation and then strengthen yourself slowly. Change how you think about sickness. Push yourself enough to work through your fears, blocks and challenges but not so much that you break. Breathe light into what hurts you to alleviate pain. Don’t let your suffering define you.
Degrees and Time
Sun 04°Cp59′, Chiron 04°Ar59′ – 07:37
Painting – ‘The House With The Cracked Walls’ by Paul Cezanne
Kin 12 ~ Yellow Crystal Human
‘Crystal’ is the name for the number 12 and its key words are ‘Dedication, Cooperation and Universalize’. The 12th day is so near the end of the wavespell that there is not much you can do now to aid your mission along…..if you started one on the first day. The best thing to do now is to talk to others and share your experiences. ‘Cooperation’ is a key factor to understanding the 12th day. Instead of trying to make sense of all this by yourself …learn from others as this is the best way to gain deeper understanding of the calendar.
Today is Yellow Human and the key elements for the sign are ‘Influence, Wisdom and Free Will’. The Yellow Human is a sensitive soul who doesn’t easily communicate but who is on the receiving end of much wisdom intuitively. They must be aware that their cup can runneth over sometimes, so it’s good to share this wisdom and off load some of it. However, they have free will and no one can tell a Yellow Human what to do. If you are a Human, today you will be in your element, for the rest of us we can tune in and receive wisdom too and also we have free will to do with this wisdom what we like.
Today’s Guide is the Yellow Seed which when in the guiding position, is motivating us to gather information and exchange knowledge. So, there’s a lot of information to take in today whether you are
channeling or Googling. Also because it is a number 12 day, its best to be sharing information in a group setting.
The Challenge of the day is the White Wind which represents ‘Communication and Spirit’. Look out for crossed wires and misinformation today for when White Wind is in the challenge position, communications can go awry. Be very careful with what you say and don’t believe everything you hear.
The Occult power is the Red Moon which represents ‘going with the flow’. This suggests that magic comes easy today if you just let go and release control. I believe it’s this aspect of the day that boosts the intuition….for when we let go and relax out inner voice can be heard.
The Ally is the Blue Hand and if you know one they could come in very handy today. Take their hand and let them assist you.
12 EB – KIN 12
26 DECEMBER 2020
I dedicate in order to influence
Universalizing wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the Crystal tone of cooperation
I AM guided by the power of Flowering.
26/12/2020 = 26/12/22 =8/3/4 = 15=6
26- Empowerment through compassion
8- Infinity/Abundance/Source FLOW
12- Acquiring wisdom & strength
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
6 – Heaven/Christ Consciousness/Harmony/Family
KIN 12 =3 Holy Trinity/Spirit code for building our new foundation of PEACE and Harmony.
A beautiful DIVINE and Heavenly day aligning with DIVINE WILL.
Day 12 ALREADY of our journey with our RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb of Creation… We are being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Today we are Universalizing our DIVINE WISDOM and connecting with our kin to influence the way we communicate and cooperate in a more LOVING and compassionate manner.. Pure crystalline connections through our world wide web! 💎🕸
Day 12 is a day to take stock of your intentions, motivations and influence. Filled with an abundance of yellow (golden energy) from the combined energies of Yellow Human and Yellow Seed. It is a day of gentle empowerment and cooperation.
CRYSTAL – Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation.
The veil of illusion and false deception of the old matrix has finally been dissolved. Through the space and freedom engendered by yesterday’s Spectral phase (of dissolution and release), new partnerships emerge. Energy comes together and CRYSTAL beings form. Stories must be shared of the wondrous and brave adventures we have been on!
The Crystal energy is brilliant for gaining crystal, clear, clarity and guidance for your next steps forward.
Communication and networking flows. Information from Spirit and all realms flows, freely accessible by all of the new CRYSTAL beings connected to GAIA’s crystalline communication grid! Day by day, we are getting closer to linking telepathically to this Universal Grid and each other. The Crystal Deva’s are very excited and anxiously awaiting to be of service. Ditch your “smart” phones and 5G and tune in to the new kid on the global block – 5D! The channels have commenced broadcasting, transmission is ON! This is the NEW Aether-Net! – GGG – Galactic Global Grid! FREE subscription includes unlimited Akashic Records downloads! No freezing, crashing or dropouts! Galactic LIGHT speed assured! GET READY for Galactic Google! Life will never be the same again! 🌐
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW CRYSTAL HUMAN💎 😊 EB is preparing your circuits for transformation. Become empty, that your thirst may be quenched by the bounteous gifts poured from the GOLDEN chalice of the spiralling galaxies. Open and receive all that YELLOW HUMAN offers in the chalice of your own body.
YELLOW HUMAN represents free will and wisdom. The wisdom that evolves from aligning with Divine Will, surrender to the Universal Mind and your cup will runneth over with Universal Wisdom. Once filled with wisdom it is the turn of the Divine Mother to fill your golden chalice with the love of SOURCE and creation energies. The well from which to drink, then manifest your desires.
Today is THE day to take control of your human vessel. It is high time you traded in your little human to that of a better and more spectacular high tech Divine HU-MAN. Upgrading the egoic lower desires and commanding your mind to shift to a higher frequency, tuned in to higher dimensions. By making wiser choices you can then step into a more influential position, dedicating your LIGHT and wisdom, as a role-model for others to follow.
Reclaiming your power and aligning your free will to that of Divine Will and dedicating yourself to Divine Service as you fully anchor and activate your Galactic soul GOLDprint. This enables you to download greater wisdom and guidance, directly from the Universal Grid, for your upcoming Galactic Mission, and becoming the beautiful compassionate and humble Master that you are.
YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST ☀demonstrated the ideal way that humans need to conduct themselves on Planet Earth. Exhibiting elevated consciousness through CONNECTIONS – continually performing LOVING deeds for the Healing and betterment of others in Service to the DIVINE. YESHUA spent his lifetime teaching others about his FATHER’S wishes through alignment with DIVINE WILL so that we can experience HEAVEN on EARTH.. Today’s 6 HEAVENLY code offers these codes for us to align with the CHRISTOS 🎆energies that were ACTIVATED yesterday on CHRIST-MASS day – celebrating the birth of our CHRIST.
✨CHRIST/KRYSTIC CONNECTIONS are our priority from this day forth. ✨
The energies are very conducive for surrendering your Free Will and fully aligning with your mighty I AM presence, ☀ becoming the Golden Angelic Christed HU-MAN GOD being that is your birthright. We are GODS in training. At some point we must make the decision to remove those training wheels and let our golden chariots fly!☀🎆
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED💎 🌱 KAN is the Higher guiding force today which is absolutely BRILLIANT! KAN is the GREAT AWAKENER – calling for Humanity to WAKE-UP and start GROWING… Looking for the LIGHT as nutrition for your SOUL, in order to expand and rise from the depths of the deep dark soil… We have been incubating long enough in this RED DRAGON void – in the belly of our Mother God.. it is time to RISE🌄 and AWAKEN! ☀
KAN is providing the opportunity for us to align with our HIGHEST POTENTIAL… we have a DIRECT super connection to our GOD SELF… the unlimited CREATOR energy to manifest splendour here on Earth.
KAN encourages you to put down strong roots, lean towards the LIGHT, fully OPEN your petals and BLOSSOM. When your golden chalice is filled with the love of the DIVINE MOTHER your soul blossoms as your 1,000 petal lotus opens and expands. 🌹The gift of higher consciousness is achieved through the pathway of Divine Love and Compassion.
SUPPORT: BLUE CRYSTAL HAND💎🙌 MANIK provides beautiful healing energies today and the power of accomplishment. We can take positive ACTION based on our wiser choices, to cocreate the beautiful compassionate world that Humanity craves. MANIK brings forth the access to greater knowledge through the portal he opens. Humanity can now access greater healing wisdom and wonderful new inventions, creations and advancements through the flow of higher information in our Universal grid. As our great MINDS link together in this Crystalline Consciousness Grid we can ACCOMPLISH whatever we put our collective MIND to! The UNIVERSE is our NEW LIBRARY. Go forth and dedicate your wisdom to HEAL our world.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED LUNAR MOON 👸 MULUC allows you to connect with your higher senses and intuitive guidance from Spirit so that your ideas, creativity and impulses flow naturally and effortlessly. Today’s DOUBLE MOON SUPERPOWER is challenging you to purify and cleanse your physical vessel, the container for your Spirit to flow through, so that you can hold greater Divine wisdom. Purifying your MIND and your vessel so that these spontaneous impulses can create more LOVE and connection through empathy and deep compassion. Through compassion and acts of loving kindness we forge stronger connections and rapidly advance as a species into the higher realms.
MULUC the GODDESS👸 is returning to our planet and standing alongside Father God so that we have BOTH of our Divine parents present once more… no more patriarchal dominance! Our Mother God was backlined for too long – the qualities of empathy, compassion and nurturing were not valued in our society.. The caregivers were awarded the lower wages as their contributions were not held in high regard.
The GODDESS has arrived and now the NEW WAY requires that EVERYTHING holds the frequency of LOVE, compassion, fairness and equality – with HARM TO NONE! In order to receive DIVINE LOVE and Nurturance we must EMBODY these energies and dedicate our lives to PEACE as we are all weaving and creating the beautiful harmonic Matrix together in our tribes.🕸🌐 💕
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE CRYSTAL WIND🌬🍃 EK relates to the breath or voice of SPIRIT. Today’s challenge is that you are SWITCHED on and tuned in to SPIRIT in order to receive and transmit HIGHER GUIDANCE and rather than your lower egoic desires.
❓What channel are you attuned to?
❓From what level are you making your choices?
❓Are those choices based on love, compassion and service to others? Or are they coming from a place of fear, survival, greed or service to self?
Focusing on the greater good and the whisperings of SPIRIT will put you on the right path. A greater connection to SPIRIT protects us from our lower destructive selves. Let WHITE WIND lift you towards the heavens.
Spend some time in stillness today on this Holi-day, communing with God/Goddess/Spirit to forge a stronger and purer connection to your SOURCE of wisdom. Allow the messages and images to download until the projector ceases and then you have arrived at the zero point of nothingness and pure GOLDEN SILENCE☀🎆 Then tap into the infinite well of DIVINE LOVE💕 and transmit this back through the GRID🌐 bathing our Planet in the beautiful blanket of the utmost comfort and nurturance as we loving embrace in our United resolve to become better humans, better inhabitants and caretakers of our beautiful New World. 🌈🌍🌎🌏🌐
Become the hollow bamboo today and channel the inspiration of Spirit through your influential wisdom, music, dance, yoga, breath, singing, light language and whatever form of WIND that seeks to whistle through your being. Hold no FEAR and allow it to FLOW effortlessly… RADIATE your INNER LIGHT🎆 as you telepathically connect with our Planetary kin through the Universal Crystalline Grid of Creation.💎🌐. Send forth the SPARK🎇 of inspiration that will allow others to see in the Dark,💡 guiding them back home to the loving embrace of infinite SOURCE. 🌞☀🎆
✨✨✨ Come fill your GOLDEN HOLY GRAIL with the GOLDEN LIGHT nectar from the Gods, until your cup runneth over! This is the holy sacrament. AMEN…
Kodoish✨ Kodoish✨ Kodoish✨ Adonai Tsebayoth🙏🙏🙏 – Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts.
Today’s question is “”How can we share our Divine wisdom, through compassion and acts of loving kindness, positively influencing others to follow our lead and co create a better and more caring world for future generations? 💕💕💕
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
DIVINE BLESSINGS for connecting to the UNIVERSAL CHRISTOS GRID of loving kindness.. ✨🕸💎💕🎆
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈



These are called Scud clouds. This was recently captured in South Carolina.

photographer by 📸 Zachary Lane
A Miracle: At the ULURU Ceremony in Hawaii
“Wow!! Exactly at the Uluru ceremony, Hawaii’s Volcano Goddess Pelé became active and unexpectedly showed us her fire and then she put another on top!! A beautiful glowing double rainbow manifests itself – the rainbow bridge that the ceremony was about !!!! It was said!! The intention of the ceremony is for the rainbow snake to become the rainbow bridge!” That’s really a fantastic sign I’m missing the words right now!!
The portal into the light age is openIn the background you can see the Jupiter Saturn conjunction! – an epic photo my friend Peter Leitch” — post by: Manuela Harrison —
Nader Nabhan

 added a new photo to the album: EGYPT — at

Egypt Giza


The most epic shot of the Great Conjunction, taken tonight in Giza 🪐✨💖 be sure to zoom in!… An event that will only be repeated after 800 years, the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn above the Sphinx.
Captured by the ever talented Amr Abdulwahab

Richard Melchizedek

Dear brothers and sisters 💜

There has been a major activation and upgrade coming through the last 2 weeks. Starting at the base of the hypothalamus running down the spine to the back of the heart and across the top of the shoulder blades. We are going through another Merkabah upgrade. The central energetic core column is widening as your energetic capacity to support frequency increases.
Many of you may have been experiencing physical pain within the shoulders upper back and neck as you are adjusting to your new Merkabah fields. This will start to loosen in the coming days as you continue to open deeper to the portal of your heart. It is important to be doing conscious breath work to assist in the plasma activation within the staff areas of the body as the crystalline channels are online.
Our base field coding is being anchored into a higher support framework for the ascension coding that is coming through December 24 Stargate portal.
Yes I said “December 24th” there are powerful alignments occurring everyday from the 12-12 portal as we shift into the acceleration of 2021. The alignment that is occurring on December 21st is to bring through rainbow plasma diamond coding for the Kryst Birthing stargate on the 24-25. This is the rising of Phoenix.
2020 has been about many rising from the ashes of their old lives and stepping into the embodiment of Kryst consciousness as God, Sovereign, Free to be the conscious Creators of the New Earth.
This is the rebirthing of who you are in its original templates of creation as the illusion of the 3D veils are crumbling.
The Dawn of New Earth is here and the rising of Rainbow Tribe is now.
Be prepared to let go of all you held onto as this is the time for a new view to see your golden path.
Remember this is always about love and freedom. Your focus is to be your best version of you. The one that love themselves in silence and sees the reflection of your kryst light in others.
After every storm the rainbow 🌈 always rises.
2020 is the storm and the Kryst Birthing window is the rising of the Rainbow 💜
With Love,
From my heart to yours
Uluru- fist pic taken 2 days ago and other pictures today

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