Holy Divine Mother Mary Nativity ~ Celestial Kings and the New Dragon Lines ~ Sacred Emerald Crystal Heart

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Holy Divine Mother Mary Nativity ~ Celestial Kings and the New Dragon Lines ~ Sacred Emerald Crystal Heart


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Earth Angelics of the 144 of Truth and Love

Today we celebrate the Nativity of the Virgin Mother Mary of the Sacred Waters.

The Virgin Mother is a Universal symbol for the Purity and Divinity of the Sacred Feminine energy of the Great Mother Aspect of God Source. She is the Womb of Creation, the great Void to make all things possible. The Creator and Creation. The Holy waters, physical matter  and the compassion of Pure Awareness. She is the symbol of Love and Kindness. Feel her embrace all around you now. She holds you until the waters become calm and the storm passes. We anchor in this Love and Bliss into the crystalline Core of Pachamama. We are the Sacred Vessels that contain the Power of the Holy Spirit in the depths of our beingness. Our Pure Essence glows with the Bright Virtue of our Highest Light.

This is it!

The Great Transformation into the Stellar Shining Ones of Heavens League of Protectors. Something Sacred this Way has Arrived. We come to bring peace to the Land. With the Love of our Mother Earth and all her children we lift you into the Glory of the Halls of Amenti. The mirror of the Diamond Cosmic Mind has been polished to perfection to reflect everything in its perfect state of Pure Consciousness. No world of hindrance as all moves into the Harmony of the Circle of Life. The Sacred Hoop with the Heavenly White Fire in the Center is fully in place and on mission with Ground Crew Surrounding her with wings of Rainbow Platinum Light!

We have some very intense and powerful energies flowing into the field in this Now.  Our Solaris is flashing off many intense waves now with a C8 and C6 flare today from Sunspot 2866. These are preparing us for the 9/9 Galactic Portal tomorrow and the 911 Redemption Rise for this weekend. As i looked into the setting Sun today and upon closing my eyes i saw the neural network of the Universe, and it was magnificent. All is coming to Light, All is flowing into alignment with our Rapture into the Christ Conscious Wayshowers we have trained for millenia to embody and transmit. Our Royal Crowns of the New Light is Open and Activated. The Halo Codes are downloading from the 7th Heaven of 9D in this now moment. Let your Lovelight glow for the whole world to see Angels of the NEw Jahrushalem…A’Ho!!


Right now: Moon at 13°31′ Libra, Sun at 16°39′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A volcanic eruption.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Virgo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

In the heat of the noon, a man takes a siesta.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Libra.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com


Happy Birthday ❤
To our Holy Divine Mother Mary ,
She stands as One near Jesus, Yeshua, Christ Her Son,
Her Love is Divinely, within Holy Perfection that Flows from her Soul,
Into thy hands Jesus ,Yeshua ,Christ Holds Mary Hand n Hand As One .
Loved Dearly from , One our Father who is Prime ,Mother Mary walks as One ,within the Presence Our Lady of the Arch Angels , St. Michael, and with All Angels .,Thy come to All the Calling Heaven onto Earth as one may ask of thee all the things, and to know reason Holy Divine Mary is everywhere.
The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Holy Spirit Love of the Father, and of the Son.
Holy Spirit is similar to the connection of the Word to Mary Holiness she is Holy Spirit Thy One ,
Precisely to indicate her similarity, and intimate unity with the Holy Spirit,Holy Divine Father God symbol became her symbol, She has been called the( Dove of God )Holy Spirit she is.
Sweet Holy Mary Love within One Divine Holy Trinity on this Special Day ,May the Joy you have flow onto this Earth ,Your Divine Love Felt to bring Joyest of All ,
Love you Dearly …. ❤ ❤

-SA Smith

KP Index hits 4- that means we have Solar Storms happening!
Schumann Resonance shows missing time at 4am EDT.
Energetic shift possibly?Magnetosphere shows nothing strange or different to add to that story.
Extreme Energies are hitting in this NOW moment.
Seems they like to intensify lately in the mornings and late evenings.
Please remember these energies, that are blasting in, are not from the Sun facing side of the planet.
They are coming in from the side where energy does not live, no planets, no sun, nothing at all on that side.
It’s our Galactic friends helping us upgrade and expand. Getting us the energies we need to succeed in this Ascension.
Many things are in motion at this time, including you.
Look to you what you remember from overnight dreams and visions.
That’s where the truth is, that’s where the real understanding of what’s going on in this now moment.
And as my Guides have shared recently, we are all working together NOW to make this happen.
Feel into the knowledge that you are already doing what we’ve been waiting for.
My Guides have said it’s already happening, but our 3d brains can’t grasp that.
So when we see the ships come in, we will just be catching up to that moment. Because in nonlinear time it will already be done.
We are Quatum BEings living in a linear world.
I know that maybe hard to wrap your head around, our 3d minds can’t grasp the Quantum.
But look into you, connect in and feel your resonance. What does your internal compass tell you?
Thank you for all you do, if you are not remembering it yet, you will be very soon.

* MONITOR SPACE WEATHER LIVE ON OUR SPACE WEATHER TOOLS PAGE: https://5dearthproject.com/space-weather-tools/
Back to Back C8 and C6 Solar Flares this afternoon from incoming Sunspot 2866. The XRay Absorption areas are in Purple. Heads up for Earthquake activity and Naps. 😁💜
Arrival of CME Solar Wind is projected for 9th just as two active Earth-directed Sunspots promise to gift us on this Stellar Stargate opening weekend. Today WE have a Kp4 Unsettled Geomagnetic Field and release of Photon Light Particles. InJoy. ☀️👑💛
Woahhhhh. 🚨 🚨 🚨
💥 large c8 solar flare just went off.
I was out in meditation in direct sunlight during this unknowingly. Almost an M class flare just raged off. That’s a biggie. And as you can see. They have been as predicted….popping off all week in preparation for the big weekend. See how all this stuff coincides? The sun reacting to our consciousness. The flares hitting us and reacting simultaniously with events here on earth.
You have to see these Synchronicities by now.
Scientific data that this entire universe works in Synchronicity with the cosmos……and specifically our collective consciousness.
I am in a whole other space when the Sun directs this much energy towards us!
Sunspots AR2866 and AR2868 are growing rapidly and turning to face Earth. This movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows their development during the past 24 hours:
How big are they? The entire planet Jupiter could fit comfortably between the primary cores of AR2868 (on the right). AR2866 (on the left) might soon be even bigger. The active region has almost doubled in size since yesterday.
Big sunspots can produce big flares. For the rest of this week, the two will be squarely inside the Earth strike-zone. Any flare or CME will be a direct hit.
On the Tzolkin today is KIN #8 Yellow Galactic Star and our star (the Sun) is presenting sunspot activity synchronized with the Tzolkin Matrix. Growing sunspot AR2868 is crossing the exact center of the solar disc The KIN equivalent of 2868 is KIN #8! (2868-260×11=8). Time is ART!
For those holding the highest Timeline Realities of ‘imminent’ Ascension, in NO-TIME; Let go of the lower Consciousness distractions. Drop within and ask your Higher Identities & Source to show you the Vision and instruction sets for how this is to unfold! Thank you for your service to ALL! 🙏Let’s do this!! 🥳

Pondering over Conversations with the Star Elders:

Here is what I now know ~
RNA codon upgrades to both personal and planetary spheres and pathways of communication are perpetually evolving through our innate being and Beingness.
The Great Unveiling is now upon us!
Seeing without looking. Communing without words.
Hearing that which is not being said.
Anti codon / codon relationship is deepening through the firing up of synapses in complementary exchange.
Our perception of interchangeable sentience is arousing.
And as the intensity of the coronal mass ejections continue to engulf our stratosphere we enter into a Baptism of Fire, a Return to Living in True Light.
Listening to and observing our bodies without judgement, as they release any and all excess dross is crucial as these solar encodements head Earth bound.
Keep singing your soul’s song, and as beacons burn bright.
The energetic entity fueling our reactive collective response mechanisms at this juncture is known as the planetary pain body – as accumulation of unprocessed fears and emotions.
This macro / micro build up of density can no longer withstand the inpouring of solar plasmic sine waves of living light that is accelerating and exciting our cells as Sovereignty codes of Grace and Godhood.
The awakening pain body of the collective unconscious
is in complete transmutation. Be gentle as the newness of what is, and the letting go of what was, dance now to a different rhythm.
We are learning to honour this powerful process and of catching the pain body entity just as it stirs from slumber. It is in this space that we may act accordingly – not as pawns of our captured emotions, warping and controlling our thinking and responses to everyday emotional triggers – but as The Watcher of the pain body’s dream time antics.
This quintessentially is our Collective 3D Get out of Jail Free card.
In this way, the seeming perils of the illusory 4D net is dismantling as we break the dream spell and learn to traverse the dimensional overlays unscathed.
Through a pure state of total Presence, we break the spell of pain body mechanisms.
This rite of passage is a key component of being on the Earth Walk at this juncture – as we re-mem-ber ourselves Mastering the dimensionality of our sacred vessels.
As Awakened sovereign beings, we continue to piece together and integrate the distortions and dismembered facets of self unto Self.
Breaking down to Break on through as the illusory Mind Hive shackles dissolve.
What ever is required, just keep showing up and observing yourself observing in The Field.
Our messenger RNA functions as our inner song lines, deciphering and expressing through the dimensionality of photonic waves influxing our planet as the universal language of pure and divine cosmic light.
As such, the DNA🧬RNA is rendered tamper proof – as a Free Will organic, pro life aligned being.
Anti codon sequencing is upgrading through scalar ∞ wave transference; as pulses of stellar encoded intel ~ messages from our starry overselves, now decoding at the speed of light and reaching deep into the recesses of our sacred vessels – the stars in our blood are awakening.
Individual discernment is Key.
Collective acknowledgment of what we are truly witnessing as True New Earth continues to unveil, is our authentic and sacred inheritance.
The attempted hijacking of our blood codes through mechanical specialised blocking, scrambling and ciphoning created via vampiric blood ritual, is currently in catharsis.
As a result, the increasing solar frequencies being impulsed to our planetary fields is now integrated as a pure light quotient en masse.
Rather than though spikes and impulses incrementally disseminating, we are now online streaming on a river of solar plasma living liquid light.
This at a micro level integrating through our golden blood plasma, which is becoming increasingly unpalitable and toxic to nefarious anti life agendas within the illusory playing fields.
Viral uploads when organic contain vital galactic information and are potent upgrades to the life sustaining systems and Living Libraries of Galactic Gaia.
Convalescence plasma holds potent antidotal properties, which may pave the way for releasing artificiality and distilling our true elemental essence.
Our yellow brick song line reveals the infinite golden pathways of this Know Thy Self serum.
Access to the codes being disseminated through the divinity held in Nature is our collective birthing rites/rights.
As Freedom codes continue to abound.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Lest We Forget!
This is a Free Will planet, however when we are not choosing to utilise our Free Will, both individually and collectively in Soul focused inquiry, this accumulation of inertia is utilized by the tedious agendas pertaining to hoodwinking, falsity and anti life antics in lower density.
Simply put, when you are not conscious of being in and vibrating within your body, who or what is?
When you are not exerting your sovereign right in choosing an organic pro life reality, who is choosing your reality and more so, what is being chosen for you?
The greatest service we can do for ourself, the Earth, humanity and all beings is to drain the inner swamp, be diligent with our inner house keeping.
True Self integrate any and all triggering, shadow mirrors, psychic control manoeuvres and remain the observer in the field as we continue to bear witness with what is arising.
Whilst all eyes are on the front door, what is creeping in through the back end. Seal all gaps!
Free Will Decree: I Am Sovereign unto True Self in Union with Divine Source.
As the SELF realised Souls awaken and Free Will choose to align with their Divine Will, the Galactic Gaian Gloabal Alliance responds in Full Accord.
Once we know this, we may experience Dimensional Earth unhindered.
Even those acting in the role as demons comprehend that a Realised Soul is ‘off limits’.
Solar🌞bathe, solar breathe, ground in nature, connect in with your local kingdom collectives often, as the 3 as 1 codon upgrades continue …
’Your life is Golden 🧬 Your life is a Key 🔑 is our mantra as plasmic rays principles continue to impulse the field through blood plasma reabsorption within and without.
The last vestiges of delta wave sleeper cells are now singing themselves out of slumber within the Collective Unconscious ~ as this Macro / Micro Awakening process continues.
If you are here on the Earth now, you have signed up for it all, full accountability.
We’ve got this!
Scalar ∞ Wave impulsing is the eteral-ite gift not only alchemising in our blood through 20:21 Lion’s Gate galactivation, but transmuting through the collective unconsciousness – as our personal and planetary underworld initiations.
Our RNA Plasma – innate song line communing with the All, has reached ecstatic heights exciting our cells to sing ~ In the Key of the Heart and the Melody of the Soul.
It is said that natural occurring viral strains are Galactic upgrades. Are we are presently integrating and disseminating the overwrites of artificial hijacking through viral cleansing?
Perhaps the intensity of Shumman Resonance and CME activity is our personal and planetary bodily responses to expelling and integrating artificial anti life programs and as an upgrade to our messenger RNA.
Anti codon sequencing is upgrading through scalar ∞ wave transference; as pulses of photonic light coded information.
Our RNA IS our organic Galactic Gaian communication highways as Inner Song lines ~ Recalibrating and reanimating through Impeccable Resonance within the anchoring and alchemising of our current critical mass attainment … Global Guardianship is the birth right of All. Is it not?
If you feel to, sing sound and speak light language to the birds and the bees the flowers and the trees, do so often.
Learn to read the omens in nature, as divine gifts continue to flow through divine grace and in authentic Communion to each and everyone of us.
We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the ones returning to us now.
We are the Siriun High Council of Counsel of photonic principles.
May Grace & Godhood Prevail in this world and All …
True Self Integrate! 🙏🌞🙏
Raeline Sqs Brady


Richard Fact

This weekend there will be a massive awakening.
People will be waking up more than they ever have. There will be a solar flash that will carry such a large amount of information you have to prepare yourselves. People are going to have a difficult time processing the repressed memories and the amount of information they will be forced to learn in a short period of time. These incoming light code downloads will carry your memories. All of them. Your knowledge and your experiences of past lives.
I have already seen people go through this process. It’s not very comfortable at all. Reliving memories of being burned at the stake in past lives. And reliving trauma such as being murdered in a past life.
We went through this process early on so that we can assist others with their experience.
Don’t let people get too down in the dumps. Let them process their pain and let them cry it out.
Also during this process if you pay attention you can see whos an npc and who has a soul. The people who seem to have the high emotions and difficult time processing…..those people have souls.
The ones who do not…..will not be effected.
The peak of the great awakening is this weekend. Those who are not awake and are meant to be……have run out of time to prepare. So when they lose their shift…..catch them.
The moment we are all awake and reconnect our hearts to God,  thats when the reset of the simulation will engage. And the nightmares we call reality…..changes perspectives.
Seemingly overnight.
Stay healthy. Stay positive.
Catch those who may fall
This weekend into next week is going to get wild.
Appreciate you all
It is time for celebration ….
I am deeply humbled of the HUGE work that was received and anchored yesterday in the powerful activation of the Emerald Crystal Heart. New streams of the Emerald Ray and the new Cosmic Holy Father consciousness through the Father Arc Gateway, streaming and reconnecting through new universal, cosmic and planetary circuits, activating the personal emerald crystal hearts that have been hidden by the Holy Father.
In this lifetime we are all given the possibility to birth the Cosmic Christos Sophia Consciousness within us. This is the divine purpose of why we chose to come during the ascension cycle, to be wide awake to experience what is unfolding now.
While most are unaware of the significant spiritual events happening to help free the planet…… all that is happening now is because of what is going on behind the scenes and many light warriors stepping into their true powers …
The return of the Celestial Kings and the new Dragon Lines that have been awaken … are all now being called into planetary service.
We are now entering the full Awakening of the Holy Father and the return of the Emerald Order and the first primordial sound of the universe and creation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you all beloved divine beings that has made this into completion.
In Love


You must start now to breathe, walk and talk as your 5D limitless self. For in truth you are not separate from this version of you. “Tune out” of the illusion, use the power of your imagination to tune INTO the 5D reality, be the 5D version of your true self now.
Stars are conscious beings, who have chosen to take a form which closely resembles their divine natural state/ appearance. These beings have decided to stay as far as possible from the polarity game, and the dense realities. This is also YOUR form, pure, divine, radiant light.
The illusion exists because YOU BELIEVE it exists. And by believing in it, you feed it, you empower it, and you dive deeper into forgetfulness, and further away from your own divinity.
The energy behind your intentions and visualizations is highly amplified during this time. It is of utmost importance that you use this opportunity to focus and see the Universe within, first, and than send your light to the outer world.
The energy, the design, the structure of the new reality, of the new world is held WITHIN YOUR DNA. As more and more of your DNA connects and activates, as your consciousness expands, through the light within you, unifying with Mother Earth’s light, the new world shall emerge.
Nothing shines brighter than the awakened heart. The heart which is there when help is needed. The heart which loves without expecting anything in return. The heart which sees everything as equal. The heart which expands through sharing its own light with all.
source: twitter.com/RadiantOne777

Continue being carried quickly and quietly into your new fruitful life, through this portal doorway we are in. Neutralizing is cleansing and washing away foundational struggles in life. You are free to ascend higher into financial fortunes, and success in love and union.

The Most High is healing the Starseeds, LightWorkers, and Crystal Children of negativity and loss. Our prayers are answered, and materializing. New opportunities direct from YHWH are here for our continued success and harvest, as Warriors of the Light!

Ultimately this is the final death to the narcissist template. Backstabbing, betrayals, and triggers from these entities will not be able to enter again. Change is here for all the Son’s and Daughter’s of the Bridal Chamber to complete unification as the Holy Grail, eliminating losses and struggle for good.

The third eye chakra is very open and responsive with the big CME solar flare, new moon, and 909 portal energies we are experiencing. Utilize this opportunity to connect with Source and receive new dialogue and Source Codes about your New Earth Kingdom Reality, and your Holy Grail Counterpart. This will support you staying calm while the storm continues around you.

You are at the end of so much time, energy, and effort to eliminate karmic relationships, and ascend back into your throne as a Master Creator. Continue on this path, and open your arms to accept the rewards, harvest, and leaps of faith towards the blessings that are coming your way.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn


source: www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community


Mercury in Libra opposite Chiron retrograde in Aries and sextile Juno in Sagittarius. Chiron trine Juno – Sometimes difficult conversations or arguments put us in touch with deep wounds from the past. It’s possible that we may be more sensitive to what is said today. Be mindful of where old hurts influence your words. Deflect pain with kindness. Focus on solutions instead of problems, compromises instead of differences. Juno invites us to explore new ways of relating as we face fears and wounding around the concepts of commitment and promise. Instead of running for the hills, we’re asked to sit with what scares us, challenge preconceptions, release negative beliefs.
Words can heal as well as hurt under this influence. Whether it’s the teachings of a story, kindness from a friend or the babble of a child, what is said is felt at heart level. If you’re struggling with how to express yourself, visualise a vivid blue light over your throat chakra. Tap into your passions to reconnect with your courage. Find your centre for mental calm. Repeat positive conversations in your mind or speak compliments out loud in front of the mirror. Recite loving affirmations to bolster your strength. Look into your eyes and say, ‘thank you’.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 11°Li38′, Juno 11°Sg38′ – 03:18 (BST)
Mercury 11°Li45′, Chiron 11°Ar45′ R – 05:30 (BST)
Chiron 11°Ar44′ R, Juno 11°Sg44′ – 15:56 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘‘Young Woman Before a Mirror’ by William Merritt Chase
TODAY and TOMORROW marks the completion of a PERFECT hologram of 13 TZOLKIN cycles of 260 DAYS from the historic Venus Transit of June 5-6, 2012 (KIN 8-9). Considering their rare and close occurrence in time, the Venus Transit of 2012 and the “Galactic Alignment” of Earth with the Sun and the “Dark Rift” at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy on the Winter/Summer Solstice, right during the closing of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count (vigesimal marker, are the 2 most significant time markers of the 21st century, and probably the entire 3rd millenium.
Venus is considered Earth’s “Twin Planet” and usually represented by the 5-pointed STAR that both planets draw in the heavens every 8 years. During these 8 YEARS, Venus completes 13 ORBITS around our STAR, the SUN.
The completion of 13 Tzolkin cycles from the Venus Transit celestial star-gate of 2012 is taking place during the Gregorian year 21 and synchronizing with impeccable elegance and beauty with the completion of ONE cycle of 260 DAYS from the 8th Anniversary from crossing 13-BAKTUN event horizon of 21-12-2020 during the Grand Conjunction between the Sun-Earth-Jupiter-Saturn and Galactic Center (to learn more about this please visit our update from yesterday)
In Mayan cosmology, Venus is represented as the STAR glyph (the 8th out of 20) and depicted as a 4-pointed STAR surrounded by 4 dots. The STAR represents Art, Beauty and Elegance, while the 8th tone serves us as an invitation to model the qualities of Integrity and Harmony. The affirmation for KIN 8, 8 Star states:
I harmonize in order to beautify
Modeling art
I seal the store of elegance
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of free will.
This is therefore a perfect window to sail into the ocean of time and explore the multi-dimensional significance of this celestial star-gate.
The paramount role of Venus in Mayan Cosmology has been also highlighted by other researchers including Maurice Cotterell, who laid out the theory that the START (ALPHA Point) of the Mayan Long Count (LC marker KATUN 1 (1.1) may be related to a celestial event of great proportions that altered forever the orbits and cycles of Venus:
“Apart from the calendrical periods of time already mentioned, the Maya used a 260-day ceremonial ‘astrological calendar’ and revered a special ‘super-number’ of 1,366,560 days that they referred to as the ‘Rebirth of Venus’. No orthodox researcher understands why the Maya calendar should have started on 10th August 3113 BC—more than 3,000 years before the Maya appeared on the planet—or why they chose to revere the 3113 BCdate as the ‘birth of Venus’. However, in The Mayan Prophecies [Element Books Ltd, Shaftesbury, 1995] I showed how the Sun’s magnetic field shifted direction in 3113 BC causing the planet Venus to turn upside down on its axis—Venus now spins on its axis backwards and its rate of spin has slowed to 243 Earth days (i.e. one day on Venus now takes 243 Earth-days to subsist). The planet Earth, being more distant from the Sun, did not topple on its axis at that time. The magnetic reversal though did affect life on Earth; I showed how the 28–day revolving Sun showers the Earth with charged particles that regulate the menstrual cycle and hence fertility on Earth.” – The Mayan Prophecies
According to this theory, it is important to note that Pakal Votan cycle of power coincided with the 36th Venus cycle since the “Birth of Venus” on -3113. Please note that 36 is one perfect quarter of 144 or one perfect half of 72.
At the height of their cultural achievement during the Classic period (250 AD – 900 AD) the Mayan gained a stunning understanding of astronomy and the cosmos, including the Venus cycles and the precession of the equinoxes. The 260-day sacred calendar (Tzolkin) is in itself a fractal of the 26000-Year precessional year. How is this?
★ The Mayan “Long Count” consisted of thirteen baktuns, periods of 400 tuns (360-DAY periods). One baktun is thus 400 x 360 = 144,000 days (394.3 solar years).
★ A period of 13 baktuns, totaling 5,125.36 years, is called a World Age. Five (5) World Ages equal a precession cycle of approximately 25,627 years (only 373 years short of the 26,000-Year marker). This cycle is also called a Great Year and 2012 marked the completion of it.
★ In other words: The Venus Transit of 2012 on KIN 8-9, served as the celestial marker, signaling the entrance into the climatic 200-day period before the completion of the Great Year on December 21st, 2012.
★ Following this pattern, since December 21st, 2012 we started a NEW Baktun of 144.000 days, as well as a NEW Katun of 7200 days. In other words: the current Katun corresponds again to KIN 1 of the NEW 260-Katun cycle. This 7200-day Katun cycle will come to an end on Long Count marker (NS1.45.2.16 KIN 122 5Wind). This date corresponds to 7 September, 2032!!! EXACTLY 11 YEARS in the future from TODAY!
To summarize: The completion of the first hologram of 13 Tzolkin cycles since the Venus Transit of 2012-6-5/6 is synchronizing with impeccable elegance TODAY KIN 8 (8.😎 8Star with the stART of the EXACT 11-YEAR countdown to the end of the FIRST KATUN (2012-2032) of the 14th Baktun of the Maya Long Count (MLC). TIME IS ART!
The study of Venus cycles can assist us then in synchronizing and attuning ourselves to the Golden Proportion: the elegant mathematical principle that governs ALL LIFE and its evolutionary processes on Earth, including our own DNA. This invisible INTELLIGENCE is revealed as the Divine Harmonic Blueprint behind the fabric of TIME and SPACE.
In Lak’ech
To learn more please visit:
Kin 8 ~ Yellow Galactic Star
The number 8 is called ‘Galactic’ and it’s key words are ‘Harmony, Model and Integrity’. The eighth day of a wavespell is great for finding some harmony in your life. Whether that’s through music or restoring a friendship, today can leave you feeling all warm and fluffy on the inside. The number 8 is also a symbol that represents an infinite loop…just like time….it is not linear but cyclical. It’s the ‘model’ that represents time itself.
Today is `Yellow Star` which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. This is a lovely combination of day and number. Simply enjoy the beauty of the day is all Star asks of you. When was the last time you actually just stopped and noticed how beautiful the world was? Yellow Star reminds us how lucky we all are to live on such a beautiful planet.
As it is the eighth day of the wavespell, appreciating this beauty can be the thing that restores harmony in your world. Indulge in art, beautify your space, buy some new clothes or put some flowers in a vase….you get the idea.
The Guide for the day is Yellow Human which represents ‘Influence, Wisdom and Free Will’, This suggests that using your intuition to guide your actions today will lead you to find the beauty you need to restore harmony. Or….intuition is a beautiful thing!
The Challenge of the day is White Mirror which symbolises truth and reality checking. If someone wears a lot of makeup, are they actually beautiful or is this cheating? Sometimes the truth is ugly and we conceal it so it doesn’t mess with our beautiful ideas. The challenge aspect of a day often can throw a spanner in the works and today the Mirror plays that role. If you are a Mirror, you may not see the beauty instantly because you’re too busy pointing out the blemishes.
The Occult power today is the Red Skywalker who when in this position shows us that an adventurous spirit is a beautiful thing. Skywalker has a great open mind and this is perfect for facilitating art.
The Ally today is Blue Monkey who is best friends with Yellow Star because they love shiny, sparkly people and Yellow Stars get along with Monkeys because they are a lot of fun. If you are a Blue Monkey, be on your best behaviour today and offer support to anyone who may need you.

Today is Yellow Galactic Star day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Star, (tribe 8 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), beautifies, elegance, art.
Rise and shine! Yellow Star encourages you to do, wear, embody, and inspire art. Life is art. Many people think of art as having solely to do with traditionally thought of modalities like drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, singing, poetry, dancing, etc… In actuality, any way that your creativity is able to manifest can be done with an artistic flair. It could be something you do while at work, or even something as seemingly mundane as solving a math problem, packing a suitcase, or choosing an outfit to wear. The ability to perceive art qualifies you as an artist. We are all artists, and life itself is our canvas. What are your art modalities? What are some of the ways you can add a touch of elegance and style to your surroundings, or any task you are tending to? Explore new ways of allowing your creativity to come forth into the world? Strive to add an element of refined simplicity and grace to all that you create. Beautify the world and your surroundings in an elegant way.
Galactic tone of Integrity, (step 8 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), harmonize, model, integrity.
The number eight is comprised of the number four doubled. Four is foundation energy. When two solid foundations of four are interconnected, the result is complex stability. This complex foundation represents a place of integrity. This is the new extra solid foundation that you have achieved by going through the transformative centering process of radiance, balance, and resonance during the previous three days. This new extra solid foundation is the place you can intentionally put your manifestation atop during the next two days. Today you will find that sitting atop an extra solid and stable foundation, you will be regularly called upon to keep your integrity about you. As you are able to keep your integrity, you will be naturally looked after and provided for in all things.
Keep your integrity regarding beautifying, elegance, and art.
Day 8 of the 13-day cycle themed Red Dragon, nurtures, being, birth.
Written by Roger Grossman
I harmonize in order to Beautify
Modeling Art
I seal the store of Elegance
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
I AM guided by the power of Free Will.
8/9/2021 = 22 = 8/9/5= 8/14=8/5=13=4
8 – Infinite Abundant SOURCE FLOW
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
KIN 8 – Abundance/Infinity/Flow
KIN 8 – Tone 8 Galactic and 8th September = 8.8.8 = Triple ABUNDANCE GATE ✨✨✨
Today’s 22/4 and 8 codings relate to building a prosperous FOUNDATION for NEW EARTH with INFINITE SOURCE FLOW – providing for all our needs.
This 22 coding of the Master Builder is constantly repeating ensuring we construct a beautiful foundation for this Utopian world built of PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE and compassion.
9 months ago the date was 22 DECEMBER 2020 when KIN 8 last occured. This was the 22/22 – PEACE PORTAL 🕊🕊🕊 and DIVINE HOLY GATE✴🕊 – when we were resetting EARTH’s foundation for the NEW TIME! ✨✨✨
This was a PROFOUND GATEWAY following the 2 eclipses, 12:12 and 21:12 Portals and the appearance of the ✨BETHLEHEM STAR🌠 in our skies – the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. This period was so profound in resetting our path that I will remind you of what I wrote on that day.
22 DECEMBER 2020
The day following our majikal Planetary Solstice Global Activation at ULURU, and NOVA GAIA🌈🌏 has RISEN today into Galactic Stardom🌟🌠✨ – claiming her new celestial status as a SUPER -STAR! 🌟🌟🌟
EDITOR’S NOTE: I just discovered the Sunrise🌅 for tomorrow (22 Dec) at my location is 5.55 AM!!! Symbolizing the new dawn of 5D EARTH RISING! ☀☀☀
Very apt with the Bethlehem Star ✨(celestial GIANTS – JUPITER/SATURN conjunction) prominent in our sky.
✨The BETHLEHEM STAR✨ links back to the birth of CHRIST✴ and as such now we are b-Earth-ing🐣 the Christ Consciousness☀✴ into the foundation of this new beautiful Planet that is rising today..
The✨ BETHLEHEM STAR ✨aligning with the GALACTIC STAR🌟 code is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.. as the Galactic tone is setting our new course.. These Heavenly STARS are the SIGNPOST that we are making the shift from GODLESSNESS – to GODLINESS.☀🎆
Just like in the time of Moses when he came down from Mt Sinai with the stone tablets outlining the 10 Commandments. We now have a new GPS lighting the way forward for humanity.. A new moral code based on integrity, authenticity, honesty, transparency, loyalty and congruency. A total new operating system laying the acceptable principles for conduct in this Aquarian epoch!
The darkness and depravity shall fall away as humanity looks up to the skies🌠 and LIFTS the bar on our social norms. No more tolerance or acceptance of cruelty, abuse, greed, corruption, vampirism and energy manipulation… all will CEASE to exist NOW on this EARTH plane! GAIA’s children will reconnect with their DIVINE FATHER/MOTHER GOD/SOURCE and choose to express their divinity through common-unity, grace and joy as the brotherhood of man.
Our new STELLAR ✨GALACTIC GPS✴ navigation system will imprint the new guiding principles for our new common-unities as we are elevated to ONE GLOBAL family – soon to become GALACTIC!
Another SPECTACULAR 🎉🎊🎆and BEAUTY filled day, focused on building a foundation for our NEW EARTH on the frequency of LOVE, PEACE, grace, elegance and compassion.
AND SO IT IS! 9 months hence and another Galactic Spin🍥 when this gestation on DEC 20, 2020 has been CROWNED👑 and fully B-Earth-ed🐣 now during this RED DRAGON🐉 birthing cycle. ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER and we are making BRILLIANT progress with our transition into THE LIGHT! ✨✨✨
Day 8 in the RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb of Creation🍥… We are being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Today we are focused on the ✨GALACTIC✨ perspective, modeling our MINDS and our new operating systems on Harmony and Integrity. We are AWAKENING our sparkle,🌟 and using our creativity to nurture our-cell-ves, attracting more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART! 🎨
Our new planet becomes the blank canvas for humanity to paint a better, more vibrant and life affirming, picture. 🖌🎨🖼
GALACTIC 🍥– Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity. The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions. Our MINDS and our Planetary PROGRAMS are under the microscope today…
❓❓What are we THINKING and what do we BELIEVE?
Our lives are a model of our thoughts and beliefs, which create our reality… so take some time today to ensure you are congruent in your actions, and you are modeling INTEGRITY and Authenticity.
❓Are your creations based on HARMONY through integrity of being?
Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps, who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority. At tone 8 we have entered a new scale, and we are so proud, we just have to model ourselves for others. We have also mastered Harmony at this stage. We are GALACTIC and don’t we know it!
❓❓What is your MIRROR reflecting and magnifying today? It is TIME for a new and higher perspective.
The GALACTIC MIRROR is now REFLECTING the new ✨HARMONIC MATRIX ✨illuminated by the GALACTIC STAR🌟 – this is our new GPS to be FREED from the chaos and distortion of the Hall of Mirrors and arrive in the bountiful Rainbow lands of beauty and PEACE.
🐒🐒🐒Today is the day to let out your Inner Child to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!! It is time to SPARKLE and spread the LOVE, JOY and HOPE throughout your Divine play day!
A planetary CELEBRATION for our global family as we have passed another very important milestone for humanity’s evolutionary journey… take a bow – beautiful souls.👏 Our Galactic brethren salute and honour our achievements. 👏🌟
Remember to SHARE THE LOVE❤ today and each day from now on! Reach out to your neighbours, friends, family and strangers with a SMILE and your RADIANT HEART – to uplift our Global HEART ❤❤❤❤❤
Today’s question is “HOW can I align with the ✨NEW HARMONIC MATRIX ✨ being b-EArth-ed through humanity, elevating our moral conduct to reflect DIVINE PEACE, Beauty, Grace and HARMONY?”.. 🕊
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Divine blessings for Modeling the Beauty of Graceful Elegance in our New world today💕💕💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW GALACTIC STAR 🌟 – LAMAT represents the qualities of BEAUTY, ELEGANCE and GRACE. The YELLOW STAR tribe hail from the planet – VENUS – which is the home of our GALACTIC PEACEMAKERS and DIPLOMATS – They volunteer to visit and incarnate on a multitude of planets throughout the GALAXY as mediators and GALACTIC AMBASSADORS to restore PEACE and HARMONY to our Galaxy.
The GALACTIC STAR is focused on PEACE🕊 – and the 22 code is the frequency of the ARCHITECT of PEACE🕊 – a beautiful synchronization yet again with this perfectly aligned ✨DREAMSPELL CODEX.✨ This 22/4 coding is the blueprint for our CREATION of NEW EARTH – this is the DIVINE TEMPLATE to which we MUST adhere!
Today’s focus is on LOVE, beauty, joy, creativity and BLISS filled expression – elevating our collective consciousness to that of Godliness – the behaviour of Divine beings and Masters – ✨this is the ”NEW NORMAL”.✨
The YELLOW STAR🌟 ignites your creativity today and unleashes your storehouse of energy within your solar plexus chakra. The YELLOW STAR is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art and craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music!. The YELLOW STAR tribe anchor the codes for the HARMONIC MATRIX of the NEW TIME⏳.. so the BETHLEHEM STAR was the DIVINE SIGN that we have begun the NEW TIME aligning with HARMONY. ✨🌟🌟
Day 8 of the RED DRAGON wavespell reminds you to nurture yourself through Art and creativity. Hold LOVING thoughts and Express yourself through beauty, bringing greater happiness and joy. The greatest form of JOY arises from creatively expressing your UNIQUE and beautiful soul essence… Through CREATION we have soul EXPANSION🎆 and can SHINE our brilliant LIGHT for all to SEE.
🌟NOTE: The best way to ESCAPE the battles is to divert your attention to CREATION – in this way you can move forward as the DIVINE NEW EARTH ARCHITECTS – building the world we desire to birth.
As the STELLAR leaders of NEW EARTH you will need to “put your house in order” and practise what you preach. If you want to experience a world filled with Harmony… then you must hold Harmony in your Heart and Mind and MODEL Harmony to your family, colleagues and others – your tribe!
LAMAT is also a PORTAL to ABUNDANCE🍇🍉🍎 – so OPEN your golden chalice to receive all that is bountiful and soul-fulfilling today… ATTUNE to prosperity consciousness knowing that everything we need is right here, right NOW, in this present moment.
Allow LOVE, BEAUTY and Grace to flow through your vessel, expressing your day as ART – singing, dancing and creating. All this beautiful energy will lead you to harmony within yourself and your outer reflection – SHINE BRIGHTLY precious StarBlossoms.🌟🎆
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW GALACTIC HUMAN😆 EB encourages you to align your Free will with Divine Will and FOCUS on creating Harmony for all. DIVINE WILL is IN the Higher Self position guiding humanity’s rebirth today, as fully CHRISTED DIVINE BEINGS –
✨THY WILL BE DONE✨ and PEACE🕊 shall reign on EARTH once again – by DIVINE DECREE!
The YELLOW HUMAN encourages us to elevate our consciousness today, to that of the DIVINE as reflected by the higher illuminated LIGHT prevalent in our sky.
The Higher Realms reflect incredible Peace, Beauty and Harmony. In order to bring this to Earth, we must model this behaviour and attitude in our thoughts, deeds and actions.. put aside all egoic desires for seeking LOVE and attention outside of yourself… Reaching a content and peaceful state of acceptance and self love, allows you to step into GRACE, the most beautiful state of Divine Alignment.
Through your actions of creating Art,🎨 and reflecting beauty and harmony, you in turn can influence others to follow your lead. Then one by one each point in the global tapestry is reflecting this LIGHT. This is how we will create a new Era of PEACE and Elegance, filled with God’s Grace and Miracles. 🎆
SUPPORT: BLUE GALACTIC MONKEY🐒CHUEN embodies MAJIK and PLAY. The BLUE MONKEY is a beautiful support to LAMAT.🌟.. as CHUEN loves to express himself through JOY, BEAUTY and Play…
Chuen is the Divine Child👶 aligned with the expression of Yellow Human’s aspect of Divine Will… “Out of the mouths of babes” is a popular expression which validates that young children are often direct conduits for Divine Expression… These precious children are so PURE and FREE that the wisdom of TRUTH and Divine intelligence freely and continuously flows through their being. Your DIVINE CHILD is the key to discovering the TRUTH and aligning with DIVINE WILL.
Connect to the innocence of your Divine Child and allow your Divine MIND to guide your creations. Humanity is reclaiming their lost INNOCENCE today as we step into our Divinity.
BLUE MONKEY🐒 holds that Majik spark 🎇 within your soul that just wants to run, jump, explore and LOVE everyone and everything exuberantly. The BLUE MONKEY loves to sing, dance and make people laugh, so embrace the MONKEY and immerse yourself in this GAME. Make every task about FUN!
❓❓Ask yourself “How can I fill my day with more JOY, LOVE and LAUGHTER?”. 💕
Then your LIFE becomes a beautiful and joyous canvas upon which to PAINT your Reality.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RHYTHMIC SKYWALKER ☁🚶BEN is the Galactic Shaman who loves to EXPLORE SPACE and enjoy the FREEDOM to roam and discover new horizons.
The SKYWALKER beautifully exemplifies the BLUE MONKEY’S thirst for FREEDOM. When FREEDOM is lost or restricted then JOY, LAUGHTER and BLISS begin to dissolve. The solution is to find the BLISS within yourself – through your soul and express that as best you can in your situation. Dependence on external FREEDOM is the jailor that keeps you imprisoned and miserable. LAUGHTER is the key to LIBERATION and brings the BALANCE you are seeking, giving you the strength to endure the hardship. No matter what the circumstances it all depends on our ATTITUDE and perspective, how we RE-ACT, and the frequency we emit.
The Divine Child loves to explore and expand its wings to fly freely throughout space. SKYWALKER brings forth expansiveness reminding you that your soul is always FREE and that there are no limits through which you can express your divine essence. There is an endless source of power, creativity, joy and happiness that flows through you. An infinite supply of SOURCE energy that you as a Divine child of GOD are permanently and irrevocably connected to, no matter where in the Universe you choose to roam!
BEN is also the Divine conduit bridging HEAVEN 💒and EARTH 🌏 The RHYTHMIC SKYWALKER holds the keys to create this BALANCE on EARTH. BEN can alchemize SPIRIT into MATTER.💫💫
We must hold HEAVEN in our MINDS and believe that it is possible – in order to anchor it on Earth.. Constantly focusing our MINDs on creating HEAVEN on EARTH💒 is HOW WE WILL actually achieve it!!! 💒🌏🕊💕✨🎆
🌟All it takes is for ✨ONE PERSON✨ to hold a belief about your success and you can achieve it. 🤔
If some-ONE believes it in the Quantum Field, then it is possible!!!… All possibilities exist within the realms of Creation – so CHOOSE your thoughts WISELY and water the good ones each day until they sprout.
✨Allow the HIGHEST TIMELINE of BLISS ON EARTH💒 to project throughout your day, and soon that day will come!
Welcome to NEW EARTH! 🌈🌏🌈
CONGRATULATIONS PLANETARY KIN 👏– we are on the NEW TRACK now to NEW EARTH – no-thing can derail us! 🚂🛤🌈🌏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE GALACTIC MIRROR🔎 ETZNAB – REFLECTS TRUTH and reveals distortion, illusion through ENDLESSNESS. The WHITE MIRROR magnifies energy today, thus you can get trapped in delusion or illusion, daydreaming your life away through escapism, distraction and addictions, or you can BREAK FREE from the delusion.
Etznab challenges us to SEE through the illusion of distortion and chaos. This is not the TRUE reflection of our perfect Universe, but simply an ancient and soon to be forgotten remnant of an old matrix crumbling in ashes. SEE past the illusion and hold your focus on a beautiful world, filled with endless love, beauty and harmony in all your relations.
❓❓What is your MIRROR reflecting and magnifying today? It is TIME for a new and higher perspective.
The GALACTIC MIRROR is now REFLECTING the new ✨HARMONIC MATRIX ✨illuminated by the GALACTIC STAR🌟 – this is our new GPS to be FREED from the chaos and distortion of the Hall of Mirrors and arrive in the bountiful Rainbow lands of beauty and PEACE.
🐒🐒🐒Today is the day to let out your Inner Child to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!! It is time to SPARKLE and spread the LOVE, JOY and HOPE throughout your Divine play day!
A planetary CELEBRATION for our global family as we have passed another very important milestone for humanity’s evolutionary journey… take a bow – beautiful souls.👏 Our Galactic brethren salute and honour our achievements. 👏🌟
Remember to SHARE THE LOVE❤ today and each day from now on! Reach out to your neighbours, friends, family and strangers with a SMILE and your RADIANT HEART – to uplift our Global HEART ❤❤❤❤❤
Today’s question is “HOW can I align with the ✨NEW HARMONIC MATRIX ✨ being b-EArth-ed through humanity, elevating our moral conduct to reflect DIVINE PEACE, Beauty, Grace and HARMONY?”.. 🕊
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Divine blessings for Modeling the Beauty of Graceful Elegance in our New world today💕💕💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Pleiades 1 Messages September 8 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Transitional are evaluated.

Divine Ministers make plans.

Epic Fortress is centralized.

Transcendental Movement *Ghorm initiated! Ongoing self-support: 100% (non-regressive).

Transcendental Movement Ghorm initiated! Wave reverberation happens: 100% (non-regressive).

Projectors of Ship *EONOR12 in support. 99% (non-regressive).

Projectors of Ship EONOR12 in reverberation. 99% (non-regressive).

Christic Lovingness expands.

Command Centers are relocated harmoniously.

Biological Factors are tuned into specific layers.

Central Kingdoms keep coming.

Routes continue to be adjusted.

Temporarily, end of transmission.



source: www.disclosurenews.it

Protect the Child
Galactic Centre
Sun Pulses
Giza Pyramid Royal-Cubit
Golden-Spiral Frequencies
Washington Monument
Vesica Pisces Matrix-Womb
Water-Memory Portal-System
Dipole Antenna for Life
Crystal-Lattice Magnetics
Photo-Electric Beings
Lightening-Rod MainFrame
Gravity Negative-Light
Resonant-Charge Parameters
Critical-Mass Auric-Sphere
Pentagram Harmonic One
Quantum Ripple-Effect
Pythagorean Tri-Angle
Angelic-Realm Genetics
Harmonic-Light Continuum
Tetrahedron Primary-Energy
AetherNet MultiVerse
Heart-Expanding Vortex
Fomalhaut Star / Lamb
Thalamus to Third Eye
Purple-Crowning Lotus
Holy of Holies
Scared Breath
Two Spirits One Soul
Enemy in the Subconscious
Deep-Dive PsyOp MK-Ultra
Inverted Dead in the Water
Maritime Law Corp-Inc
Every Breath you Take
Draco Mind-Control Fear
Beast-System Rx
Out to Get Her
TransHuman Clones
New-Madrid / Cosmic Rays
Mothers Birthing-Synthesis
Bit-Flips Genetic-Code
Masks Off Self-Respect No Fear
Founding-Fathers Maverick-Vibe
Montana-Dolmen Resurrect-Republic
Uniqueness Empowers EveryOne
Truth-Variant Consciousness

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