Mayan Galactic New Year ~ July 26th 2021 ~ YEAR of the YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED

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Mayan Galactic New Year ~ July 26th 2021 ~ YEAR of the YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED🌱

Christina Papageorgiou


26 JULY 2021- 24 JULY 2022
3 KAN – KIN 224
I activate in order to TARGET
I seal the input of FLOWERING
With the Electric tone of SERVICE
I am guided by the power of ELEGANCE
The YEAR of the LUNAR STORM🌀🙏🌩🌧 is OVER!!! And what a tumultuous and chaotic year it was of great social unrest and upheaval! 🌪🌪🌪
The role of the LUNAR STORM was to reveal all the discordance and polarity conflicts in our world through challenges to STRENGTHEN us.💪 Through resistance and adversity is born STRENGTH. Thus the STORM acted to uncover and dissolve the disharmony, asking us to CHOOSE what sort of world we want to live in.
The LUNAR STORM🌀🌩🌪 has created a CLEAN SLATE for us to build a harmonious foundation for our new world! The LUNAR STORM lived up to its promise and now here we are embarking on a de-LIGHT-ful NEW GALACTIC YEAR filled with much JOY, HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE! ☀☺✨
The ELECTRIC SEED YEAR🌱 is the third year of the current 13 year ✨WHITE WIZARD CYCLE💫💫💫 that commenced on 26 JULY 2019. This cycle involves rediscovering our innate MAJIKAL gifts through our connection to Spirit and re-establishing the collective White Majik enchanted DREAM-SPELL upon the Earth plane. A new era of great Majik and enchantment through greater connection to SOURCE and each other through our pure precious HEARTS. ❤❤
This year we are ACTIVATING our MAJIK💫💫 – our gifts, our talents, our wisdom and strengthening our connection to SOURCE through devoted SERVICE to Spirit. We are using our MAJIK to empower and LIBERATE others from egoic control and oppression. The key learning is to use the POWER that comes from our pure HEARTS❤ – always acting with compassion in reverence for all lifeforms.
The YEAR of the YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED🌱 – builds on the energy of the STORM to now create a wonderful fertile cycle of GROWTH🌿 and CREATIVITY. 🎨The focus is on TARGETING AWARENESS – awakening to the realization that the old paradigm of suffering, oppression and lack does not serve us in our new path of blossoming to our highest potential.
We are now headed for a new period of GROWTH 🌲through LOVE, SERVICE and CREATIVE EXPRESSION – an elegant new world where we can celebrate and experience our lives through ART, LOVE and compassion. A world where we BOND together with common interests to create this wondrous UTOPIAN world that is our future collective destiny. AMEN! 🐬🌴🌷☀
The YELLOW SEED 🌱– KAN- 🌿 is tribe number 4 – which represents the EARTH element and manifesting form in the physical realm. The 4 builds a strong and stable foundation upon which we can construct a new stronger form which is rapidly taking SHAPE now. The 4 represents stability, practicality and sustenance. All the raw materials we need – the energy, resources and codes are held within the blueprint that the SEED pod contains.🌾. it holds a living library waiting to be UNLOCKED by those that hold the KEY to do so! The desire for GROWTH, and soul expression through tapping into our innate gifts, talents and abilities – all coded within our DNA waiting for this time to be EXPRESSED for the benefit of all.
KIN 224 = 4/4=8 Infinity/Abundance/Flow – the codes of KIN 224 hold the frequency of coming together with partners to create a foundation of ABUNDANCE supported through the infinite FLOW provided by Spirit.
For more detail on KIN 224 click here for the daily post

2021- 5 -YEAR of LIBERATION💥

The first 5 months of the ELECTRIC SEED YEAR are still in the year 2021 – which is a 5 frequency, this denotes change, freedom and liberation through transformation. The 5 signifies movement and instability which was catalyzed by the LUNAR STORM to set us FREE from bondage. As we transition into this ELECTRIC SEED year of SERVICE the first half will be still liberating us from the old energies as the new overlays take ROOT. However during this period the 5 will create positive MOVEMENT – the impetus for us to move forward on our destiny paths. 🚂🚃
2022- 6 YEAR of HARMONY🌟🌻
2022 is a number 6 frequency which is a beautiful harmonic coding. The 6 embodies the HEAVEN energies and CHRIST consciousness, it represents HARMONY, Romance, Family and fertility. The number 6 looks like a pregnant lady so it holds much promise for fertility, growth, creativity and new beginnings in alignment with the SEED energies. 🌾 These energies will favour unions through family and kin folk all coming together through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS desiring PEACE, LOVE and happiness.
These 7 months will be much more joyous as the guiding energies of the YELLOW ELECTRIC STAR 🌟will seek to anchor the new✨ HARMONIC MATRIX ✨– the NEW TIME – which is the purpose of KIN 224 – to SEED the NEW TIME.
💚PERIDOT💚 is a beautiful lime green crystal born from volcanic eruptions – this crystal symbolizes NEW BEGINNINGS, growth, fertility, creativity and the energy of SPRING. PERIDOT is known as the stone of compassion, it is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. This friendly bright green stone also has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity; it also brings delight and good cheer. PERIDOT is brilliant for gaining inspiration, initiating NEW IDEAS and projects. PERIDOT provides the energy to BIRTH the NEW.
PERIDOT enhances fertility, conception and birth so this will be a very prevalent energy in the coming wave of NEW Galactic souls and walk-ins that are incarnating this year. 💚🌊💚🌊
💛CITRINE 💛 is the stone of HAPPINESS, JOY and ABUNDANCE. It brings GOOD LUCK and new fortune through upliftment, bringing a new found optimism and faith in life. CITRINE protects from negative energies through raising your vibration, increasing your self-esteem and confidence, and encouraging a positive attitude. CITRINE promotes happiness and joy, and encourages a culture of SHARING. It increases creativity and activates your intuition, helping you to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
💎LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTALS 💎– these clear quartz terminators contain the keys and codes to unlock past gifts, wisdom and abilities from our Lemurian lifetimes enabling access to our intuitive and psychic abilities. They are believed to carry a high consciousness, transmitting a message of peace, unconditional love and oneness. The energies we are grounding now into the physical plane during this ELECTRIC SEED year.
NOTE: Wearing the colours of green and yellow will also be fortuitous this year!
The ELECTRIC SEED – KIN 224 is the third day in the WHITE WIND WAVESPELL🌬🍃 so IK – the VOICE of GOD/SPIRIT 🌬 – has a very strong influence in setting the tone for this whole year. DIVINE WILL through the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT🕊 will muster in a breath of FRESH AIR🍃 as the masses will AWAKEN to their DIVINITY allowing the breath of Spirit to animate their being.
The triple winds of change will bestow us with much needed BENEVOLENT CHANGE – ensuring that the DIVINE PLAN for humanity and our PLANET takes precedence over all else. This energy bodes well with the ELECTRIC TONE of SERVICE through KIN 224. Our new found purpose will be expressed through our devotion and loyalty to SPIRIT as Angelic Messengers attuned to the VOICE of Spirit, guiding our DIVINE MISSIONS focused on PEACE, cooperation and harmlessness.
Develop a SPIRITUAL routine to connect with SPIRIT each day, to gain absolute CLARITY on how and WHERE you need to FOCUS your energy in order to GROW and be of Service to others. 🌱🌲🕊🎆
The TONE of the year will be experienced through the ELECTRIC tone, which operates in the EMOTIONAL realm. The first tone of creation is MAGNETIC which is in the Spiritual Realm and represents SOURCE and UNITY consciousness, the next tone is LUNAR which operates in the Physical realm. The LUNAR TONE is analogous to SOURCE⏺ energy dividing into 2 separate components – such as YIN and YANG, masculine👨 and feminine 👩– negative and positive – in order to experience itself through opposing polarities. This causes clashes, challenges and disharmony as witnessed in the LUNAR STORM YEAR. 🌩🌪
During the third ELECTRIC🌩 phase the 2 units became energized and are thus ATTRACTED to each other. They are drawn to UNITE through bonding together 💏– which then creates a THIRD unique energy through this merger. 👫
This tone will draw people together – particularly twin flames and soul mates, romantic partners and platonic partners – all seeking to unite and create a new entity birthed through them, in order to fulfil their joint Destiny.
The 6 frequency in 2022 will harmonize these relationships providing the opportunities for many marriages💒 and beneficial liaisons. 💏Brilliant codes for the new emerging 5D common-unities. 👫❤👬❤👭
The ELECTRIC TONE is EMOTIONAL energy. ELECTRIC energy creates a short fuse, particularly in those souls that are confused, pining for LOVE or not focused on their Divine Missions. The ELECTRIC energy can be so powerful that if not grounded and channelled constructively it can be very destructive and destabilizing. It can lead to EMOTIONAL tantrums, dependency, neediness and obsession.
The SHADOW ASPECT of KIN 224 operates through the CHALLENGE of the ELECTRIC WIZARD. If one is consumed with EGOIC desires and self pleasure this powerful energy may cause harm to oneself and others. It is very important to become EMOTIONALLY MATURE and harness this energy for the betterment of HUMANITY. Though FOCUS these strong energies can be creatively utilized rather than being destructive or chaotic.
EXPAND your focus from bonding with one 💏to the joy of bonding with all. 👭❤👬❤This energy can be better harvested through the higher aspects of this tone which encompass being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE. 🕊✨
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or SPARK 🎇for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It adds potent POWER to anything you choose to CREATE with this energy. Together with your divine counterpart offer your united energies this YEAR to be of DIVINE SERVICE to HU-MAN-ITY.. 👬👫👭
Consciously contemplate🤔 on HOW you can ACTIVATE🎇 your electrical power to send waves of pure charged energy to uplift and AWAKEN others through your acts of DIVINE PLANETARY SERVICE!.
On a PLANETARY level the ELECTRIC SEED will rapidly AWAKEN💥 many dormant SEEDS/SLEEPERS through the electrical bolt of TARGETING AWARENESS! If the LUNAR STORM🌪🌩 did not rock them the ELECTRIC fork will!
The ELECTRIC tone provides rocket fuelled 🚀 jet propulsion 🎇 so once AWAKENED the new SEEDS will be off and running. The ELECTRIC tone holds great CREATIVE power desiring to be expressed.. Do not underestimate this POWER as Elon Musk and D.J.T both are ELECTRIC tone kin attracting tremendous POWER, resources and energy to fuel their mission. This power is unlimited in its potential. 🔥🔥🔥
Maybe you wish to add more Harmony and PEACE to our planet. Or perhaps be involved in community projects, such as building and designing beautiful harmonious and sustainable living spaces for our new world. Connect with your TRIBE to share your ideas, resources and power. When two or more gather in service to humanity their powers are compounded infinitely! Now is the time to step up and SHINE your LIGHT 🌟brightly so that others can SEE in the DARK and find their own LIGHT within.
NOTE: As this is a SEED🌾 year – there will be a strong focus on organic gardening, seed cultivation, natural food production, herbal and natural medicines and industries where we GROW things from scratch. Natural plant based diets and foods high in CHI – sunshine and prana, will also be favoured and encouraged. Community projects, new inventions and new initiatives will be accelerated – particularly as this new GALACTIC YEAR is illuminated by TWO successive AQUARIAN full moons- the sign of the unique inventor, pioneer and humanitarian.
COLOURS: 💛 saffron yellow
COMMON MAYAN USAGE: seed, corn, iguana
SYMBOLS: well rooted 🌱seedling, solar plexus/POWER chakra, Mandalas- seed of life, fruit of life and flower of life.
NUMBER: TRIBE 4 – foundation, form (measure and cycles)
THEMES: Awakening, Flowering, New beginnings, Seeking the LIGHT, GROWTH, fertility, creativity, confidence, fertile ground, planting SEEDS, CREATION, gestation, opening, SEEDing manifestation, ABUNDANCE, ability to realize your dreams, opportunities and new possibilities, blossoming, teaching, learning, highest potential.
YELLOW SEED kin are BRILLIANT teachers, coaches, healers, farmers, florists, parents, childcare workers, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, inventors and any industry requiring GROWTH of new ideas!
The YELLOW kin💛 are the RIPENERS 🌾 they take the energy and bring it to fruition🍇 to achieve its maximum growth. A very potent energy for CREATION.
The ELECTRIC SEED is encouraging you to fully FOCUS on what you can create from your ripening ideas that have been incubating within the depths of your mind and your soul. NOW is the time to plant the SEED of your intentions, projects and DREAMS. 🌱🌾
It is TIME to take INSPIRED ACTION to realize your VISION and DREAMS, your soul’s desires. ✨🌻✨ The SEED holds the holographic power of its own completion – to achieve wholeness through optimum growth, blossoming to your innate potential.
❓❓🤔What is inside you that is bursting to be birthed into creation? What resources – nutrients, water, sunshine – do you require for your idea to flourish?
❓❓How can you apply Divine inspiration to fuel your passion in order to inspire and AWAKEN others?
❓❓What gifts and latent talents lie dormant in your being, which you need to AWAKEN and apply in your higher purpose?
SHADOW ASPECTS: Fear; insecurity, lack of confidence; stagnation; refusal or reluctance to GROW and expand, depression – stuck in the mud, withering and dying – refusal to seek the LIGHT; limiting new possibilities, rigid and inflexible – old routine; choosing to remain SAFE – at the expense of AWAKENING and GROWTH, refusal to move out of your comfort zone and take risks.
❓❓ How have you been self-sabotaging and limiting your natural GROWTH. 🤔
✨You have TWO CHOICES this year!🌱🌾🌻
🌱1. Do I remain stagnant, stuck in the mud💩 and reluctant to take INSPIRED ACTION in order to GROW?
🌾2. Do I actively seek the LIGHT 🌞– choosing to AWAKEN to new possibilities, blossoming to my greatest potential through creative GROWTH? 🌻
🤔AM I WILLING to step out of my comfort zone?🤔🤔🤔
HARMONIC WISDOM: progression. Soul expansion through GROWTH. The lesson and life path of the YELLOW SEED – is to keep moving forward! Keep GROWING and embodying more LIGHT and wisdom to EXPAND your soul, despite any perceived obstacles and challenges – which just serve to STRENGTHEN you.
AFFIRMATION: ” I AM the fertile ground and the self-germinating seed of possibility”.
MEDITATION: “I AM the Bodhi-Mandala, the seed possibility erupting!”❄
“In the potency of my realm are the SEEDS of your VISIONS👁👁 and DREAMS gently nurtured, for they AWAKEN the sleeper and illumine the Great Mystery. “
SOURCE: Summarized teachings from THE MAYAN ORACLE – by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner – DIVINE GRATITUDE: ❤🙏❤🙏
Divine blessings for your full enjoyment of this wondrous new year of BLOSSOMING through Divine Service with your kin!!🌸🌺🌹
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

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  1. I just want to say you are so talented and loved by the universe to be gifted as the message giver in all ways you deliver and I want to thank you. My whole life is inspired by the messages I see. It puts everything into perspective and can hear my heart breathe and know my thoughts and life are for a purpose. The purpose.
    Thank you so much again.
    Love and light
    Alaina faith

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