The Gods of Change are here…,
Flying back and forth between
The upper world and the underworld,
Bringing the message of Love & Peace.
Stay awake Beloveds! Stay awake!
Do not go back to sleep.
Yesterday is over.
A New Energy has dawned upon us.
Keep your eyes opened. Keep your ears opened.
See everything through the eyes of your heart.
We arise together softly and gently
Into that Love Frequency.
Breathe in the Newness.
Honor the sacredness in all life.
Allow your soul to express itself
Through everything you do.
A new rise, a new day
A heart heard call
From the mystical realms
Of Fire and water
Gathered as One
United as One Voice
Under One Sky
Sealed in One Heart
Of Eternal Love!
Now is Opened the Golden Vaults
Of Heavens.
In Creation’s story
We make history
In All Glory!
Amen! Om Shanti! Shalom! A’Ho!
In Love & Light!

– – – The Eagle Has Landed – – –

“They” are here now and Sign an Agreement with many Militaries and Secret Services also around the World. They are allowed to be in certain locations but not to interact with Ordinary Human Beings
My “Divine Team” is here with me Now!..strong protection against outside 4:D Annunaki Rebels…
The Landing Place has Strong Magnetic Energy Emitting From the Ground. I have felt it. Can also be seen with the “Inner Eyes”
“They” have Visited many of You in the Dream States. Many Groups are here Now, on the Ground. The Quarantine of the Planet is lifted
It’s Happening Now. We Will be their Voice out to the Public, so our fellow Humans Beings don’t get so scared when it will become public in few years
This is the first step and You All are prepared. I am here to Guide You FOR FREE so You can Begin Your Real Mission…the training is over Now.
– – – – – – – – Much Activity Began 3-5 days ago – – – – – – – –
– By Christine Myers
” I’m in full visual and yes and no questions type contact with many races . They are among us now . On the ground ships and all it’s a (( FREQUENCY MATCH)) . that’s the key folks your work your match your removal of all fear. They are present all around me and have been for some time.
Uncloaking has begun yes . Those of us who can be out under the stars will see much activity.
Those who have their sight in will see them with their galactic eyes. “
” Wow! Today I saw a white buzzard in a meadow and I started to cry, it was such a strong sign, and now I read this… Wonderfulllllllll!!!! And I saw this One (picture) in my meditation 3 days ago, so happy! “
– By Jenny Mc
” 2 times now I have seen inmeditation “Ones” like this picture also. One was younger Feminine & gave me a sparkly blue light ball (kind of looked like a pom-pom), that I put in my forehead frontal lobe. The other was adult male energy, smiling friendly. Thank you for this post. “
“Wow, at 3.35am my Thursday morning (23.9) I suddenly opened my eyes and I was standing in front of one. This must be it, I felt love and supported.
Thank you
It’s Time to Begin Ours Worldwide Teamwork!
Are You Ready !
Please Share The Post to All Your Group and Friends. Thank You Blessed Ones !
Brother Bilal – Altea and The 24
Artwork – Divineart
New Beginnings, Wings healed, take flight
– Holy Spirit Shekina landed on Earth
Crystal Rose heart – Crystal lotus heart
Cosmic Rose
Rhodocrite – heart stone of Inca
Royal blood lines healed
Flamingo – Phoenix, Beauty, Balance , Flight
Liquid light – Crystaline Us
Wings healed – (pink manta, butterflys, butterfly on heart )
Purple pink Spider – Cosmic Mother
99/999 codes all around – 18333 , liked that particulary
555, 666 codes
Pink pink pink every where , for about 2 weeks the pink codes came from all sides. At some point I asked , whats about all that pink and I heard new beginnings , like the skin of a newborn. True pure unconditional love is soaring and anchored on the planet. It started off with the beautiful Rhodochrosite which is called The rose of the Inca. I had no idea , also the Inca believed its made of Royal Blood ,which indicated a further blood line healing to me. The Pink codes particularly came up with flamingos as well .. in the newsfeed, during my trip – mr free spirit flamingo and last night on a walk with my cats , some new neighbour had a flamingo watering can out on the window seal. Flamingos in some cultures are symbolizing a phoenix , their rose to red feathers already look like fire. As I was asking inside so what beauty , right ? .. I heard Balance , to Fly you need perfect Balance and therefore functional wings. Its not as well known but flamingos are excellent flyers. While there is also the aspect of rebirthing/resurrecting into Beauty and Elegance. Mermaids appeared as well , this I understood was to confirm that the aquaferion light body is fully activated. As well the Mermaid codes appeared 3 times.. about 2 weeks back in the pet store pic with the swans , On my trip the wooden sculpture and last but not least a succulent mermaidtail .. The aquaferion body is described to have feathers
At some point I remembered Shekina, when I first heard that word some years back I felt so drawn to it and at the same time held and loved with no condition at all .. I vnt found the information again but I remembered that Shekina picture with the 9 pyramids within 1 , 9 the number of god , holy spirit the shekinah. Shekina is here , with us , through us and around us. Also the picture with the 9 pyramids is mainly pink, rose .. The Rose pink I came to understand is the Shekina manifesting in the physical on earth. The trinity consciousness manifests as liquid crystal, which we really are. And Just to confirm , my newsfeed shows me a science find of liquid light .. crystals are light , solid light but not really lol And of all those codes and insights wernt enough , on my short trip I found the World government of the age of enlightenment founded in Switzerland just near where Switzerland itself was founded.
It took me a while to compile this post, either I was busy or to tiered , and codes of new aspects kept coming in , well today is 28.9.2021 9555 , checked the date at 15:55 and in a my memories a rose blooming tree came up as if this was an anchor signal with the Wisdom : “I said to the almond tree, ‘Friend, speak to me of God,’ and the almond tree blossomed.” ~Nikos Kazantzakis”
All leads back to God , the holy spirit …
I see confirmations all around , loved Aashas Benu post and her prayer, another confirmation through Benu, the heron another Phoenix representee. A day earlier Kristine shared new codes featuring lots of pink … Love is all around , Take flight into a beautiful New.
Aashas prayer (repeat 3 times)
“The United Presence Of The InBodiment Of Gods Flame, Has Ignited The Creation Of The New World Into Physical Being, Through The Soular Allignment The Initiation Of Remembrance Within The Life Giving Essence Of The Eternal Cores, Has Now Brought The Old World To Closure, To Come to Completion, A Rebirthing Of The World is Now here & Is Now Welcomed.”
Glossary of the Keys of Enoch®:
“Each ‘Christed’ individual is to seek the ‘creative power’ and ‘wisdom’ of the Holy Spirit Shekinah in the Father’s Name, Y-H-W-HYahweh, lest he bring judgement against himself for failing to discern the Spirits. Enoch said that, in addition to the traditional spiritual gifts, the Shekinah will give the elect the ability to speak in spiritual-scientific tongues; angelic languages, the ability to see and work with the angelic teacher of Light; understanding the mysteries of the Shekinah Kingdoms; and the power of resurrecting the dead. In the fullness of Shekinah, the Lord’s ‘Mystical Body’ is given as the ‘Trinity Power’ of the Godhead to the elect so that they can transform the substance of the Earth.”
“The Aquaferion races were lines that were a part of the original Krystal Star human race lines that became extinct in this Universal Time Matrix after the Electric Wars. They have returned to this troubled Universal Time Matrix as the Krystal Star Ascension hosts to help the planet undergo the end cycle and transits. When the Mother Arc 13th Gateway was ignited in the earth core, the inner gates which connect to Andromeda were opened through the Crystal Core of the earth. The protectors of the crystal core are of these krystic races called Aquaferions or Aquari lines. The Aquaferion councils from Andromeda started to be able to be in contact with the Indigo race lines approximately early 2008. My first contact with them was in Spring Equinox 2008, and they were a part of the councils helping to hold Mother Arc Aqua Ray principle in the core and help to activate the Crystal Hearts or Sophianic Body for the planet. To help the Mother Earth to ascend, she must access her highest original emanation Star body which is in Andromeda. Mother earth star body is a crystal body which emanates liquid ultraviolet and aqua plasma waves in her core. These are liquid crystalline fields of plasma generated from the rays of the Aqualine Sun. Many of us are genetically related to the Aquaferion races which have a direct genetic relationship to Christ lineages. Some of us will undergo genetic rehabilitation through our Aquaferion DNA links which connect us to the future planet in Andromeda Galaxy. The Aquaferion lines are able to heal and remove the genetic damage created by the Fallen Angelics and their 666 Seal by returning back into the Andromeda Core records. For some of us this is our future ascended Oraphim Christos body in the next incarnation.”

Crystal Rose Heart

“The Crystal Lotus Heart and Crystal Rose Heart flowers through the Diamond Sun Body and is capable of transporting consciousness into the semi-physical, etheric and pre-matter density states, while straddling all of those timelines simultaneously.
Krystallah Heart or Crystal Heart
Krystallah heart consciousness can sense the levels of architecture that exist in the artificial intelligence timelines and also sense the original love radiance that is inherently felt in the organic creator codes ascending timelines, simultaneously. When we activate and grow our trinity consciousness, the liquid crystal that we inherently are, bonds with the pure love of the Godhead that co-creates with eternal God particle or Adamantine Particles. When we are connected in our diamond crystalline heart with the infinite source of love, we can perceive the difference between Artificial intelligence software used by alien machinery and the organic creation codes that hold pure love in adamantine particles, which are directly connected to the Godhead and thus reflect the Universal Laws. “
Aasha – Benu message , Trinity codex, Unified
Kristines Codes
Zultanite – greenish , orangy , pink hues – Trinity
Monarch Butterfly migration
Liquid light at room temperature
Galactic heart activation – Cygnus, Heart of Cosmos blossoms
Ascension Symptoms: Signs Of Advanced Energy Shifts!
Everyone experiences these ascension symptoms, they are happening on an individual and planetary level.
Ascension is the expansion of awareness and acceleration of vibrational energy, pretty much creating a shift in consciousness.
When a life system on this planet raises its vibrational state from one energetic state of being to another higher one, it is known as ascending. In other words, it’s like tuning into a radio station, you can’t hear the radio station unless you tune into it.
Why Ascension Symptoms Occur ,Why ascension symptoms occur? Ascension is completely natural part of your being, it’s the natural evolutionary process. For the duration of the ascension process shifts are happening on all levels of your being.
As you shift in vibrational frequency your consciousness expands, you begin to experience symptoms on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As you embody more light into your being, your system begins a reboot phase, you are tuned up and upgraded. Old patterns you knew will fade away as your consciousness expands.
What Are The Symptoms Of Ascension?
If you are not feeling well lately but you can never recognize the reasons, then the chances are you are experiencing symptoms of ascension or better known as “‘ascension flu”. Irrespective of the name it doesn’t mean that you are ill. The symptoms are similar to real flu but the cause is never viral. As mentioned above you are experiencing physical and emotional sensations because of the shift in frequency of the planet and collective consciousness.
Physical Symptoms Of Ascension You May Experience
Listed below are physical symptoms of ascension you may experience; Head ,You might experience headaches
Feel dizzy ,Feel Lightheadedness ,Ears ,Popping or air pressure changes ,Hear ringing or buzzing sounds ,Earaches
READ Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone
Body Pain ,Back pains, especially mid-lower sections
Experience joint pains, Shoulders and knees ,Feel like you are in your golden years ,Muscles ,You might feel Weak ,Experience cramps and spasms , Malaise ,Motion sickness ,Feel intense nausea
Sleep ,You might feel exhausted ,Restless sleep, your sleep gets interrupted , Insomnia , Experience Vivid Dreams ,Waking up to urinate a lot , Feel hot and cold during sleep , Emotional Symptoms Of Ascension , Many people are getting rid of heavy toxic emotions by using anger. These individuals are also suffering from shifts of anxiety and manic disorder.
If for some reason you are getting angry or anxious and you have no idea why it’s happening, or you sense your emotional responses are over the top. Then it’s likely you are experiencing ascension energies.ascension symptoms , Emotional Symptoms
You engage in heated arguments or confrontations.
Anxiety , Manic Behavior , The need to remove emotions
Uncertainty , Twin Flame Ascension Symptoms
As you know these kinds of incarnations are exceptionally rare to take place in the physical realm, and when they do happen, commonly one partner is not on the right path to ascension.
Sometimes you just have to face what you feel, even though you have met them and the choices are not working in your favor, it may not be the time. Here are some good and not so good twin flame ascension symptoms.
Your chakras activate and you feel the effects of kundalini throughout your body. This happens when you feel connected to your twin flame. Soul Contract , You both new this connection would happen it was written in your soul contract. So both of you knew this meeting would take place. Upon meeting, you may experience ascension symptoms as described above.
Universal Consciousness , Another twin flame ascension symptom is that you might change, you may feel you are no longer just another soul on earth but rather a soul in the universal consciousness.
Spiritual Ascension Symptoms
Rollercoaster of Emotions , You might find yourself that you are crying a lot. Your senses have awakened, your chakras have gone through an activation, they are overpowering. In due time the chakras will balance.
Closer To Nature
Spending time in nature was not your thing, now you have a deep connection with nature, the shapes, and colors.
Dramatic Energy Changes
There are days where you have great energy and some days you won’t even get out from bed. Just roll with it, sleep when you need resting, be active when you have the energy. Within You, omething Has Changed , Something definitely has changed. Although you look the same externally. You know deep inside something has changed, the real version of you is starting to emerge. You Notice Patterns , You notice patterns that are recurring in relationshipsascension symptoms .
Kundalini Rising And Ascension Symptoms
Symptoms When You Meditate , You notice kundalini symptoms when you are meditating, you feel tingles and muscle twitches throughout your body.
Sudden Rushes Of Energy You often feel sudden rushes of energy, you can sense explosion of light in the mind, followed by numbness or tingling throughout the body.
Feel Like Falling You might feel dizzy, feel like your going to fall or even falling to the floor and go right through it. Feel electric going through your body, hear buzzing sounds, your insides shake.

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WOW, im feeling the expansion of the infrastucture for Planet Matea, to hold the new laws of the KIRIHI MOTU,
Magnetic, Electrical, Harmonics, Tectonix, measurements never seen at these levels, and ceremonies that have not been seen since the Age of Lemuria Four,
Supported by the Red Dragon Divine Directives, to guarantee that the highest laws of the universe shall be anchored here,
welcome to the expansion body of Gaia, the 5th Density in the Age of Lemuria Five on Planet Matea….you will never be the same again…this aint no Kansas City….
Align is all you have to do? use this code 1001…..
latest measurements beyond CERN.
1, Plasma Lightening Jet –
2, Schumann Resonance-
3, Geophone Measurement-
4, VLF Electrical Field-
5, Geophonic, VLF, ELF-
The Dragon Rider of Lemuria is coming to the EU, Spain Oct 3, 4.
When you’re feeling the pressure, feeling tested, feeling alone…..take a breath & remember your light team is right behind you What signs or messages do your guides leave for you as reminders that they’re nearby?

~Diana Cooper – Angels & Ascension

You only have one Guardian Angel who is allocated to you for your lifetime but you have many spirit guides. They are attracted to you according to the level of light you radiate, so as you become more enlightened, higher guides work with you, until you may even have an ascended master by your side. You may have several guides with you at a time. One might help you with your financial issues. Another may have been a nun, who enables you to feel calm or guide you spiritually. A third may be assisting you in your business. A fourth is perhaps a very wise ancient. Your thoughts draw them in so they will respond to your needs and also to your requests. In order to become a spirit guide you go through extensive training in the inner planes, for it is a highly responsible position. However, those who have loved you may also help you. They are helpers in spirit but not guides. Many spirit guides present themselves as they were in their last incarnation. As these had to be lives of wisdom in order for them to qualify, they are often Native American Indians or monks or doctors.
And as the upgrading of energetics anchor and alchemise within, we have an unprecedented opportunity to assist in the Collective Awakening en masse.
The Equinox & Equipoise Guided Visualisation:
Equinoxes happen every year on and March 21st and September 23nd, when the Sun’s rays shine directly on the celestial Equator.
During these two points of the year, the tilt of the Earth is in its rotational orbit and in a straight alignment with the Sun.
The sun crosses the celestial equator and we experience balanced day and night, light and darkness.
The equinoxes are the only times throughout the year that the solar terminator (the “edge” between night and day) is perpendicular to the equator.
As a result, the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated.
For the same reason, this is also the time when the Sun rises for an observer at one of Earth’s rotational poles and sets at the other; for a brief period, both North and South Poles are in daylight.
This is made possible due to atmospheric refraction, which “lofts” the Sun’s apparent disk above its true position in the sky.
This refraction is due to the velocity of light through air, decreasing with increased density as an electromagnetic wave from a straight line passes through the atmosphere.
In other words, the equinoxes are the only times when the subsolar point is on the equator, meaning that the Sun is exactly overhead at a point on the equatorial line.
The subsolar point crosses the equator moving northward at the March equinox and southward at the September equinox.
Equinox like Solstice is a powerful time to magnetise back into to the Inner Sanctum of self unto SELF as a Cosmic Reset and Reevaluation of our shadow and substance.
Cycles are a wonderful reminder of the divine nature of seasonality – not being dependent on what is believed, but happily fulfilling one’s optimal timeline divine purpose in the greater cycles of Being~ness and metamorphosis.
Ultimately the sands of time do not serve to rule our lives, but serve as a reminder to be within the ebb and flow of Being and Beingness.
We are not dictated to by clocks and calendars: The birds, animals, plants, aquatics do not need to be told when to sleep, awaken, feed, procreate, they are naturally attuned and are naturally being as lesser and greater cycles spiral around The Self.
It is a great injustice to think that the consensus or our belief systems dictate the ‘norm’.
The biggest lie we have swallowed whole is that we move through time.
As the Masters of Time, you can be fully cognizant of the myriad of ways in which time, space and dimensions are perpetually moving through you.
Equinox – Equal day / Equal night is when a Collective Reset Button is made available to humanity.
We may feel coerced at times, however only you as an individual can push the button to re attune with the cycles of nature no one else.
Humanity as a whole have come a long way of late, and there is a lot more yet to be revealed regarding our organic and cyclic nature.
Equinox is in a sense a Grand Re-mem-ber-ing to remain Infinitely Equipoised during all realities of time, space and dimensional shifting.
Equinox is a divine dispensation- a realignment with what sustains beyond constructs of time, space and dimensions, whilst honouring the pledges we have made as an Eterna-lite being, before entering into the Earth Womb and moving through the Galactic Birth Canal of Gaia.
There will always be night / day, ebb / flow, destruction / regeneration, each providing a means to learn and grow in what lies beyond, ever anchored in soul awareness.
There is always organic timing and deliverance for all things coming into being, which also serves as a reminder of the need to return to a state of Pure Grace.
During Equinox we have an opportunity to ensure Equipoise previls…and so the cycle continues.
How we conduct ourselves in our actions and reactions determines our deliverance.
Re-mem-ber that our actions are indeed our contributions and dictate the fate / destiny of what lies beyond the struggle of light and dark illusory play as a tipping of the scales.
The fact that day and night are equal on the day of the Equinox represents our own yearning and commitment to greater harmony through inner and outer accord at this time.
Concordance is the natural state of the True Earth Reality.
Faith in the faithless, unity within diversity, we are all in this together, whether we like it or not.
This deliverance is what the Great Mysteries have promised.
If you are here, then you have signed up to experience it All.
So no use kicking and screaming all the way, when you no longer are able to appreciate the intensity or the stagnation.
Therefore the Reset button is always yours to apply.
Free will and all, as there is always another opportunity given, and yet another greater cycle to endure and master.
Re~mem~ber no one is forsaken.
And as the duality reality and polarity pull coherence continues, a sense of merging increases our Fluidity in Unity and our divine relationship beyond time as we know it.
Not as something as a right to fight for, but likened to simply ‘like telling us not to breathe’.
Crystal Companion for this phase: Quantum Quattro from Nambia is the only source for this combination stone and is a combination of Shattukite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz and Malachite.
Quantum Quattro is an excellent immune system builder that is able to work within the DNA structure and cellular level to re-polarize and magnetically open the gateways to the Godforce’s healing light.
It is associated with the sacral and throat chakras however it is helpful to remove blockages from all of the chakras.
It is useful in meditation and prayer.
It helps to heal any past trauma or grief within one’s energy field.
Being a combination stone is carries the properties of each stone along with its own. It is a powerful high vibrational stone.
☆¸¸.•´☆¸.•*) ☆
Remaining Equipoised ~ A Guided Visualisation
Center yourself; This means pulling all your energy to your center, like a magnet attracting little metal filings to itself. Let your mid~line, your energy column, be that magnet.
Feel yourself like a magnetic disc, pulling all the parts of your body toward your center – your thoughts, your feelings, your past experiences, your future experiences—they are all drawn inward, toward your center.
Now, close your eyes, and see this process in action. See all the parts of you being drawn energetically to your center. See them speeding to you, all of them. Do this until there is nothing more to draw to yourself. Be patient; this may take a while. The goal is to get to a place where there is no more to be drawn until itself, where there is no goal only silence.
Like the eye of a hurricane, sushumna line, the channel of energy flowing in the core of the spine and extending from the base of the spine to the eyebrow center (with an extension to the base of the nostrils), is said to be unaffected by the powerful energies swirling around it.
Sushumna is a Sanskrit word meaning “very gracious” and is the core center of the wheel of life.
Sit in the silence of yourself. Sit in this emptiness unaffected, whilst observing the vortex of life’s insistence swirling around you.
Spend time observing yourself in this completeness, this sense of the whole as a state of flux pursues.
‘Empty But Whole’.
Hear these words in your head and repeat them continuously.
Notice what’s going on around you whilst remaining in the stillness.
You might like to put your fingers together; either have all five meet all five, or just have the index finger and thumb on each hand touching each other.
Experiment; do what makes you feel whole.
Now, become aware of your breath. Feel the breath coming inside you, and going outside yourself.
Let the space outside of you do the breathing.
Be breathed by the space outside of you. Go ahead. Try it.
Notice the difference between breathing . . . and being breathed.
Just notice.
Now expand your consciousness way outside the room you are in.
Let your consciousness go out into the stars, into the galaxies outside our planet.
See if you can find the center of our Galaxy.
Let yourself be drawn to it, like to a magnet.
The magnetism inside of you and that of the magnetic iron crystal within our Inner Earth will help propel you.
As the Iron Crystal within Gaia is influenced by the metal filings you are drawn unto your own central core, alchemising all density.
See this transmuting or carbon density within and around you.
As the iron cool becomes a shining bright diamond before your eyes.
As you journey out into the cosmos, find that place that attracts you the most, like a giant magnet drawing your starry essence to it.
Stay with this feeling of attraction.
Notice what it feels like. See and feel and hear what else comes along.
Stay perfectly still, and breathe evenly, as you do this.
Notice that you are still seated, yet you are light-years outside yourself.
Now, become aware of the room around you.
Become aware of how the energies in the room come into you, and how the energies in you come into the room. Notice the circulation of energy.
Picture the Galactic Center in your mind, and then picture this in the room. See how they relate dimensionally. Simply take notice, As the observer of all things.
Now, take a deep breath, and open your eyes. Stay with your breath.
Take whatever time it takes for you to feel fully present in this room.
Thank The Galactic Center and your dimensional selves for attracting you, and know that you can travel there anytime to regain your centre at any moment and any circumstance. It is always there.
– Adapted guided visualisation of Barbara Hand Clow’s Alchemy of 9 Dimensions
Equinox Blessings,
Raeline Sqs Brady
…from Him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits who are before his throne, And from Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, And has made us kings and priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion, for ever and ever, Amen. Revelation 1:4-6

Blue Ray Empath

Look Into Your Past For Clues ,A Blue Ray Empath is a child of the Blue Ray with a high propensity for empathy and empathic power.
All Blue Rays share these empathic powers, but some develop their way beyond the point that others stop. Part of being one of these spiritually gifted people is the process of awakening, where you discover who you are and why you are the way you are. If you are one of them, reading this right now may well be a part of your awakening. Understanding your power is the key to wielding it for the good of yourself, those around you, and humanity as a whole.
Your heightened sense of empathy is key to your soul mission.
Are You A Blue Ray Empath? If you think you might be one of this amazing group of people, then you have already displayed the first sign. They have an unshakable, persistent and deeply-held belief that they are from somewhere else – and that they are here for a reason. A reason the blue rays cannot quite remember.
This amnesia is how they feel before awakening. It can make childhood difficult. The blue rays stick out like a sore thumb,
despite trying their hardest to avoid the spotlight. It can lead to bullying and isolation, which often results in poor performance at school. For this reason, among others, Blue Ray Empaths tend to have childhood trauma that will present a challenge for them as they reach adulthood. Dealing with this trauma and moving through it forms an integral part of the awakening process – and is a vital part of the development of the gifts they all have.
Those that have particularly traumatic childhoods tend to develop the most potent healing powers, including the empathic abilities that set them apart from other Starseeds. You might be a Blue Ray Empath if you show the following characteristics:
You naturally raise the vibrations of those around you.
Astrological signs:
Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius and Virgo.
Share characteristics with the other Starseed races.
You have high sensitivity to energy, especially emotional energy.
You hold a strong connection to higher realms and consciousness.
You have ancient knowledge and wisdom locked within your intuition. You are highly intuitive, relying on your gut feelings and instincts to help you make the right decisions. Others say you might be an Indigo, but that doesn’t feel quite right to you. Highly adaptable. Highly empathic. You are reserved and quiet, though this should not be mistaken for shyness. Creative expression is central to the way you communicate. You would instead show people how you feel rather than tell them. You were ignored during childhood but have become far more popular as you have grown older – despite this being unimportant to you. You have a lot of blue in your aura. You have some violet in your aura. Violet helps to raise vibrations through an energetic shift. You identify with the divine feminine energies and traits. You love music and dancing.
You love nature. You have always felt the urge to hide your gifts, especially your supernatural ones. You prefer to step back and handle things from a distance. You were born to difficult parents who were not as spiritually evolved as you, causing much tension and dysfunction in the home. Terms like Lightworker, Starseed, and Soul Mission resonate with you, awakening an in-depth knowledge that slumbers within you. You always suspected your biological family was not your family as such. You keep the peace with your family and friends, and they rely on you to defuse conflict before it gets out of hand. You are sensitive to chemicals, noise, and other strong, invasive stimuli. Developing As A Blue Ray Empath.
As a Blue Ray Empath, you should focus on your ability to read and feel the emotional states of others and help to shoulder the burden of their negative feelings while sharing in the celebration of ositive ones. It necessarily means engaging with people who are in crucial stages of their lives. At the beginning of your development, it may be useful for you to learn about body language, facial expression, and emotional communication to help you to attune your power to the specifics of the human being. By doing this, you are providing a good feedback loop for your development, which will help you to see your progress and keep pushing forward. Always be ready to be there for someone if they need a sympathetic ear.
But don’t fall into the common trap of trying to find solutions for their problems. Your mission is more substantial and as your powers develop, it might be best not to give advice you aren’t yet qualified to give. Instead, be understanding and sympathize with them. Your goal is to fully understand the subjects emotions and state of mind and link it in your intuition with the energy signatures they are giving off. Blue Ray Healing – Spreading Love And Light
You are conditioning your powers, improving them by exposure.
Blue Ray Empath Obstacles & Challenges . There is a unique set of challenges that faces the Blue Ray Empath, common across most (but not all) of the individuals in this rarefied group.
I N D I G O ©
The dominant energetics of the planet is the Light energy, it has been since the linear time of NOVEMBER 2012, AND CONTINUES through infinity for this dimension. Light energy is the Superior Force upon the planet that continuously dissolves the inferior darkness that is confined to the 4th dimensional space. The balance of Light and Dark energies upon the planet, in this dimensional space, occurred in 2012 and ever since, the Light has become stronger and stronger as the dominant force. It is a no contest between the Light and dark, with the only course for the darkness being full submission, then obliteration from the Human Soul Experience. This is occurring in this transitional time for Humanity.
These are unprecedented times in the existence of Humanity, where the Divine Intervention upon the planet is direct and ascertains the evolution of Humanity into the 5D state of existence and Being, and nothing interferes nor stops this Divine Decree. All belief systems converge into the ONE KNOWING as miracles cannot be refuted nor denied by any consciousness, with the ability to see, expanded, to fit the NEW Reality. Ascended Masters from ALL belief systems are present upon the planet, Incarnated for this time to evolve the Human Experience forward and to form the UNITY required to do so. Once all beliefs are aligned with the one common goal and focus, this propels Humanity forward to the complete Harmony. It is also Divinely forced that this occurs, for without the forcing guidance, the beliefs would continue to flail in the many winds endlessly, without direction and purpose, stagnating Humanity in the state of savagery and enslavement. It was the separation that kept You from Your strength and there is no other choice NOW but for All to come together, and this is being Divinely oriented. Unity is the way forward, anything else is looping into a disempowered dimensional state. Throw away, and throw down, the things that kept You separated, Unite and Rejoice in Your empowerment as a whole, and swiftly transition this world. You have been Graced and Bestowed with the Gifts from Creator to do this, know this is so and Trust Your Divine Gifts.
Anything that is moral and ethical is supported by the Divine Energetics that blasts through all walls of darkness. The key is, have no fear and do not resort to fearful actions like aggression. You are breaking the old and You must stand with Divine Virtue to do so.
If You wish for a dark one to be hung or killed because of their crimes, it makes You no better and in fact disempowers You and keeps You in a reality where that aggression exists within You. Know that there definitely is a Divine Justice, and that justice is served on a higher level of existence, where it is best for You to NOT try to participate, else get caught up in that disempowering implosion of the darkness. The Wrath of God is activated by those that choose the nefarious and ill intent deeds, not by Creator, for Each judges themselves by their intent, if their intent is ill, they attract many fold the same thing upon them, if Their intent is genuine, They attract the genuine and empowering Grace of God. The darkness has made their choices, it is time to let them experience their Wrath, it is time for You to move forward and Create the NEW WORLD where darkness and insidious deeds do not occur, put Your focus, Heart, and energy in the NEW.
The upcoming few linear weeks will be chaotic, for the density will be squeezed once again, forcing Ones to make rapid choices and decisions. The old is destructing rapidly and many will be catapulted from that reality, unable to morally, ethically, and energetically to support it any longer. It is then, as Their heads clear, that They are more readily able to see, and to know, They have a choice.
Love and Light

CRYSTAL: Time-Emit: Harmonic Resonance

Each shard of Quartz is not only a Sentinel or Historian of Ancient Knowledge, they are Record Keepers, Harmonic Resonators, Healers, Channellers, Guardians, Servants, offering us Celestial Memory Access. Inside their Geometries within Geometries, is an Emission of Frequency: They emit and oscillate a vibration every second 32,768 times which is really 2 multiplied by itself 15 times: 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 and this made possible the accuracy needed for the revolutionary invention of the first quartz wrist watch, so we could tell the Time. Time spelt backwards: Emit.
Emission of 6 sacred hexagon cubic crystal structures, Tesla’s 60hz bio-conducive for electric currents, 600 vertices of the Hyper-Icosahedron, 6,000 feet in one nautical mile per 1 minute of Arc on the 3-dim curvature and trigonometry of the EarthGrid, and 66,000 mph miles per hour for the dizzying velocity of Earth around the Sun.
When we hold the shard of Crystal, we pay respect to its Time with us and all that it Emits, appreciating that it has left its home deep inside the Earth, to karmically be with us, to teach us the correct use of Technology, and to help us Wake Up, to Emit, Love.
Jain 108
Many of us are in the process of healing.
Perhaps from this lifetime, from previous incarnations or even a time prior, and it’s like a constant removal of what often is referred to as the layers of an onion. Now, I have no idea how large the onion actually is and for the most part it’s doesn’t overly matter.
This does get frustrating however, that the further you progress and remove these layers, there is always another and another and so on the process goes. And do we have any idea what the next layer is going to bring forth? Consciously no, but we have an opportunity that has been granted to us here.
I’m learning that there does comes a point that you need to stop beating yourself up, and feeling as though you’re not going to get past all the layers, that have been hidden away deeply within,
that this process is an unveiling of who you thought you were to the truth of who you truly are. The healing path is far from easy and takes a deep level of understanding & dedication for oneself. But you will continually discover deeper truths with each layer that you shed. And it’s also about fully reconnecting to oneself to bring yourself into more alignment with your true power & divinity.
“ Open your beingness up to possibilities beyond your level of understanding. Deepen that awareness to assist in your healing process and allow yourself to experience the extraordinary being that you actually are. Remember you are never alone and there are always those you can ask for assistance.” Please use your own discernment as we are all at different stages of our path.
I N D I G O ©
I call upon and divinely activate the pillar holders and frequency leaders of Masculinity who are here on Earth in this moment in time.
The True Divine Masculine coding dormant for lifetimes now activates in the energetic core of the leaders of men.
The experienced warriors, generals and rising kings wake today with the most significant initiation of their lifetime right in front of their face. They have had a sense it was coming for years but now they hear the call louder than ever and they finally find themselves prepared to truly go where they have never gone before.
The medicine men, healers, earth wizards and timeline weavers become instantly emotionally full and all distorted power practices, and wound-driven manipulation tactics towards those that surrender to their leadership and craft fully dissolve as they calibrate as true channels for the divine and land the deepest reverence for their role in this unfolding.
The fathers, brothers and sons who have been running away for as long as they can remember…they stop running today…they take a deep breath and turn with calm resolve towards the very thing they have run from for so long…. themselves.
The men who sit at the head of the table, the men who speak first in circles, the men who speak from stages, the men who are the elders of their spaces and in their communities…today they openly embrace their fragility, own that they have let logic and outcome run the show for far too long and name finally that they are just making it all up as they go just like everybody else. The illusion of destination instantly fades.
The mountain masters of consciousness who have spent decades sitting in silence and reflection meet with the dancing, growling embodied-jungle-shamans. Without even words they agree that the deepest of all human truths and BE-ing-ness exists in a combination of divine streaming consciousness and full-soul-presence landed in the matter of their 3D human bodies.
The men of the world collectively begin to walk with a life-force rich integrated-swagger today, void of matrix-ego and ignited by connection to their balls, their c*ck, their sex and their purpose as a man.
The feminine energies of Earth feel the shifts, shiver with anticipation and awe, cry tears for the long lifetimes its been,
and open slowly wider and wider as the fullness of the integrated-masculine lands one man at a time in a new age and a whole new reality.
And so it is.
~ Matthew Liam Gardner

Special Ground Forces – Change from the “Inside”

Many Highly Evolved Soul have incarnated in Ancient Occult bloodlines in order to take a High Position with much Influence on Wordly Political stage. They are under “contract” to serve the Great Awakening and assist Humanity in the transitions phase.
Many have awakened to their mission and know their purpose. They are the Ones who will make the change from Inside of Top Influence Levels.
My(Our) Service will change now. There is much work to do when it comes to the Wordly Political Stage. The Freewill that We have as Earth Born Being gives Us the right to make changes in our Planetary Sphere. With the Freewill comes the right to “Influence”, not override, any decisions that may impact the future of Humanity.
With the “Abilities” to influence from distance without even meeting the person, One can affect the Subconscious understanding of multiple targets at the same time. This is not overriding others’ Freewill, this Advanced Energy work is like creating “Understanding” on the Subconscious Level so that person can make the decision with more clarity.
How to do it?
We will broadcast the “Codes of Agreement” to the Planet. Those who have a “Team Agreement” with Us in their Incarnation contract are automatically linked with Special Ground Forces. These “Codes” will only affect those who have agreed on receiving “Special Activation” when the Integration of their Higher Selves has been completed in this Phase. This will greatly affect their Awareness.
“Things” will speed up behind the scene now and change will happen inside the Hidden Power Structure as well. This has been a Carefully Designed Incarnation Strategy, to change the Political Arena that has been influenced by Astral Forces. The Hidden Power Structure extent to other Solar Systems. There is a “game played” between many 4:Density Groups over this Planet. Most of them are from “The 4:D Galatic Empire” with Annunaki as the ruling bloodline.
There are many races involved. It’s a very complex situation. Most of them do follow the Guidelines of the Higher Councils.
The Biggest Impact will be when the change happens inside the Earthly Power Structures. Many Souls all Over the World will feel the change and know the “contract” they have and the rest will create ripple effects. My(Our) service will be to assist those who have that Influence Position to make the changes and be in Service for Humanity, Gaia, and the Great Cosmic Shift.
We will do it from distance and on All At the Same Time. This will happen with my own Freewill that I do this and will get assisted by Cosmic Forces as long as We follow the guidelines of the Higher Councils.
This work requires full protection from “Dark Magic” and a great deal of dedication in the Energy Work, as a Teamwork, it will have Huge Impact on the Collective Thought Plane.
Now it is time for Us to Make a Great Impact on the Wordly Political Arena and Inside the Hidden Power Structure with Our Abilities and Our Freewill.
Brother Bilal – Altea and The 24
I hear often “I just want to go Home”
But you chose to come here and make it your home, to be at home here. It was a Sacred Soul contract to come here at this very special time. What is the point of coming and then wanting to leave before you are finished?
Sweet friends, wherever there is love there is Home. That is all.
Wherever and whenever I feel my Lovingness and with whomever, I am Home. At Home with myself, at Home in that place, time, and in that loving Presence.
And I am feeling so at Home these days.
Sure in this density it has been difficult but at last we are seeing the results of our labour and the courage it took to come here.
The portal to Soul Self is wide open as is the door to Shadow and the chaos of the decaying human structure. Every moment we can choose which direction we are journeying.
Anywhere and anywhen there is Love, there is Home.
You are bringing Home to Earth and making it Home. It is so as I am speaking to you, in this now moment that you are reading,
I am at Home with you or I am at Home with myself. Wtih the knowing and feeling that I am Loved, and that I am in Love with that same one that is Being Loved.
I So Love You
PS And yearning for a galactic alternative life and getting off the planet, and clinging to some star system identity is another sidetrack.
We worked hard to get here. To lay the foundations for Love through the journey that we took. The seeds have been planted. We NOW are coming to the GOOD PART. The tree is growing and thriving and we are about to partake of the sweet fruits of bringing Heaven and Earth together in body (of course with the support of Gaia and the Legions of Light).
Why would you want to leave when the Home coming party is about to begin.
HOW 3D of YOU.
Retrieve your natural HUman INNOCENCE
For so long, we have been living in a matrix system that says we are not enough & so we have been programmed to constantly strive to be something other than what we are. This system has been telling us that anything outside of ‘me’ is what is more valuable. We have been fed such a lie & untruth. It is our very essence that holds such beauty & value.
Through awakening, you realise that constant, never-ending external striving & achievement doesn’t bring you what it is you have been searching for. This is such a massive revolution for one to experience. There is absolutely nothing outside of who you truly are that you need. This very knowing will be what unplugs you from this lower matrix grid.
This is your true power & one that has been so healing & transforming on my personal journey. Everything is within & I have this power to create & birth life within & without. This new earth is being born. Look closely at what it is you might need unplugging from. What is it you might be pioneering as a new & elevated way of doing things? As you step up, you will shift into the new paradigm. ~ ℎℎ ♡
Art: Joyce Huntington

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