Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus ~ Medusa’s Gift ~ Blue Ray Transmissions ~ Venus at Crown Chakra of her Shamanic Cycle

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus ~ Medusa’s Gift ~ Blue Ray Transmissions ~ Venus at Crown Chakra of her Shamanic Cycle

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Soul Star Sovereigns of the Emerald Order Light Keepers of New Lemuria

Happy Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus!

As the Celestial Heavens Align with the Earthly Plane we come into Perfect Harmonic Resonance with Infinite Source Creator to fulfil our 3d missions of assisting Gaia and all her children in this Great Ascension Process.

Today’s Lunar Eclipse Gateway and Full Moon in Taurus anchors us fully into the Deep Womb Crystalline Core of our Great Mother to help us Rise to the Highest Plateau of the New Earth Frequency. As the Heavens reign upon the Earth all is upgraded in the Glory of the New Golden Age codes of Eternal Life. Each moment is an opportunity to shine and rise into the Brilliant light of our multidimensional OverSoul Presence to Connect and Bridge the two worlds into one coherent and cohesive Manifestation of Divine Invention. We use the Power of our all-mighty I Am Presence and our Pure Imagination to guide and allow the Holy Spirit to work with us in the great unveiling of our highest potential.

We are in the final throes of the great Shift of Ages as we continue along our Path with Heart in this Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Luminous Beings of Infinite Light. Which in all actuality is the Realization of our True NAture which is what we call the Unborn Mind of Buddha. As we Live from our Pure Awareness we become the walking Masters of the New Earth vibration to assist all of hue-manity in the Event of Eternity. With our Pure Intent and Divine Will we lift the Veils and Culminate into our Higher Self of Sacred Origin. We carry within our DNA the Angelic Codes of the New Earth Masters to Activate our SoulStarSpark to CoCreate the Paradise this world has always evolved to be.

Keep going through every barrier and gateless gate to Return to Eden fully Awake and Fully Aware to Bridge Heaven and Earth.

We Activate you in this Now to complete the encodement of the Totality of your Sacred Avatar within the simulated Reality to Free the Mind into this Boundless Timelessness of the New Consciousness of Ethereal Order…A’Ho!


Abundance Codes for today – 1133 ~ 60311 – 888 ~ 271 – 555 – 5177






Medusa’s Gift – Lunar Eclipse Nov 19

We surf into the Lunar Eclipse of Nov 19 on high waves that are coming crashing down bringing Endings ( with a capital E ) that are now long overdue as the previous cycles have run their course, and have no more gifts or lessons for us. We need to let go/release these cycles/relationships/ situations Now as inability to do so will prove to be toxic/ poisonous .
Cycles that are now ready for release are Centered around how we receive/ give caretaking/ nurturing/ healing and their role in our sense of security / home/ belonging and Purpose/Service . These are the relationships that are now poised to move out of their current state into the next , because inability to do so /let go will cause them to become toxic.
Thus this Eclipse Is the Gateway that provides us the opportunity to release/alchemise the Toxic/ poisonous that is carried down in our relationships ,whether its patterns in romantic relationships or generational toxicity carried in the form of hereditary diseases carried down the maternal or paternal lines. And there is a powerful ally present to assist with this during this Eclipse; Medusa The Serpent Haired Goddess .
This eclipse is Conjunct the Star Algol/ Third Eye of Medusa. Though the Patriarchal narrative describes it as a demon star one needs to view it from the lens of Divine Feminine at its Highest OCtave of Protection- The Death stare.
Protection that is necessitated due to the betrayal by the Patriarchy/ Poseidon and the props of Patriarchy that have allowed it to reign for so long-The shadow Feminine/ Athena – Jealousy and Envy.
This is Sacred Feminine Rage at suppression of free will, sexual freedom and expression and Sacred Feminine Gifts associated with Sexual/ Kundalini Magic ( intuition, healing, transcendence, regeneration,birthing, manifestation…) that has alchemise into the Highest Medicine of Protection via the Oracular Gifts of The Third Eye . Dig deeper and remove the covers of Patriarchal narratives of Demon and Medusa reveals herself as The Dark Goddess of Deep Alchemy ,Magic and Medicine. There is a thin line between Poison and Medicine , depending on which side of the lens you place your Perception, for The Poison itself is often the Medicine.
So in a nutshell, this Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century brings mega Endings and hence the opportunity to alchemise/ transform the Poison into Medicine and bring healing . Also I’m getting strong guidance for some Soul Fragment Retrieval work.
This Eclipse takes place in the ascension cycle of Venus at Crown Chakra of her Shamanic Cycle of the Destiny Weaving archetype of Gemini Metagoddess that sets the tone till 2028 ( last one was in 2012-2020 when we entered into the Maiden/ Awakening Phase) .This current 8 year cycle of Venus (2020-2028) is the Mother/ Sovereign Queen Phase where we move from awakening of our Feminine Gifts (both genders) to Using these gifts to Birth/ Alchemise/ Manifest a New Timeline where The Feminine Energy regains her Sovereignty as Shekhinah and thus her Sacred Gifts of Oracular Perception /Prophecy/ Intuition and Sexual Powers and Magic of Birthing/ Healing / Manifestation and Spiritual Ascension.
It’s a Super Powerful window full of Opportunity for healing and closing old cycles and moving into higher powers of Perception and other Third Eye Gifts of Seer / Prophet And the manifestation of Intention carried only in Sovereign Voices/ Throat chakra that speak for the Greatest Good……only IF you place yourself at the right end of the Lens of Perception!!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon in Taurus officially kicks off Eclipse season on November 19th at 3:58 A.M EST on Friday and the Lunar eclipse begins at 1:02 A.M EST. Max eclipse occurs at 4:03 A.M EST. This upcoming eclipse will take place at 27 degrees Taurus as it opposes the sun in Scorpio, which will shine a light on what you consider to be yours while also helping you redesign the boundaries that allow you to have meaningful relationships with others. Taurus brings changes regarding money, wealth, abundance, natural beauty, fertility, sensuality, love and connection, not just personally but also collectively. Open up to the new and release the old.
Whatever happens under the watchful eye of an eclipse is out of your control, so don’t try to shape the outcome. Let the chips fall where they may and trust that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. This is aslo the longest partial lunar eclipse in 500+ years not seen since the 1440s. At this full moon in Taurus and transformative eclipse we are also in direct alignment with the Pleiades. This is because On November 21st, the Pleiades cluster culminates and reaches its highest point in the sky at midnight.
Eclipses are harbingers of change — they usher in evolution. At a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon bringing unconscious feelings to the surface, grounding them in reality. Lunar eclipses are culminations of emotional cycles that have run their course, and they encourage us to let go of emotions and attachments that are no longer serving us.
The lunar eclipse will be an extremely powerful time for cleansing our emotional waters and setting intention for renewal and rejuvenation in the coming months, because the energetic cycles of the lunar eclipse tend to extend through the period of next three months after its event.
In a lunar eclipse, the sun momentarily blocks the illumination that creates a full moon, resetting the current emotional cycle and allowing the shadow to reveal what is hidden in our subconscious or keeping us blocked from seeing more clearly. The spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides, and so when the shadow passes over the moon, temporarily ceasing the illumination of our emotional being, there is an opportunity to reveal and transform our current emotional state.
Lunar Eclipses are viewed in astrology as being deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change. While this is true, there is another side to eclipses that is important to remember. Eclipses are like the cosmic helping hand of the Universe.
Imagine the energy of an eclipse like a Universal hand that reaches down from the Heavens and puts you where you need to be. This can be a time of leaving what is safe and comfortable in order to grow more fully into yourself.
The good thing about eclipses is that generally you can trust the direction they are guiding you in. Eclipses bring about events that are part of the cosmic plan. These are important times for reflection upon your life, whom you need to forgive, or what you need to let go of and move on from.
The energy of a Full Moon is always that of the cycle coming to a crescendo or completion of its influence and essence. The full moon is an opportunity to let go of an aspect of your emotional experience that you have outgrown and a time for anchoring in a new maturity or wisdom that was gained in the previous cycle; it is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you.
Endings are necessary in order to make way for the new and a Lunar Eclipse is like the final purge or cleansing of an emotional cycle. If something needs to be gone from your life, if something needs to come to an end, an eclipse can help you to set the intention of completion in concrete in the external world.
Every single full moon brings a chance to embrace changes, let go, and cultivate greater connection with the Divine. I believe we can experience connection with the Divine by simply being mindful and present to the cycles of nature, the seasons, and life all around us.
By developing a spiritual practice that is founded in earth based wisdom and honoring the cycles of the moon and seasonal cycles of change and growth we can live in greater peace and harmony in our daily lives.
The full moon is the time to release attachments or blocks and barriers to our worthiness, and open ourselves to greater receiving and inspiration. The energy of a full moon is always that of a cycle coming to a height of its current resonance. Whatever you needed to let go of, whatever changes you needed to make, an eclipse on the full moon can help you to release and let go and open to the new. Trust whatever is unfolding in your life as natural to the cycles of transformation and change and know that it is all for a higher purpose.
We will aslo be using the energy of the Lunar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over
144,000 people or more participating in our main meditation for the Divine Intervention activation on December 21st.


Mt. Shasta Telos Lemuria

~Romy Wyser


You shattered your peace to find something that felt real. You shattered your mind to hear the truth over the lies. You shattered your vision so growth could dawn a new light. You shattered your heart and emerged from the wreckage, It was here you discovered the pieces you’d abandoned, left strewn in gardens that have since grown wild. And in the roaring silence of this unfamiliar place,
gently you sat in the stillness, and tenderly you embraced them once more. Untangling the vines to find the roots of a story older than time. You wouldn’t have made it this far without the shattering. It’s where the light streams in to allow the expansion that changes you. You have an infinite capacity to rise.
To break and become more because of the beautiful light pieces you scatter in the dark so others can find their way.
Your sacred self wants to be connected to more than just your mind right now. Your path doesn’t exist just in the words you speak, but the way you allow yourself to fall deeply into the wisdom of the earth, the cycles of your body and the infinite expression of intelligence held in the cosmos that you’re ethereally bonded to.
This is the way. This is the work. You’re exceptional, the way you always find your way back to the inner well of strength that gifts you an infinity of reasons to keep going, to start over, to take the pause. This is the way. This is the work. You’re so awakened to the moments each day you’re about to abandon yourself, but now something’s changed. You stop and find the courage in the slow exhale that lets you choose differently. A choice from a place of peace and higher love. Do you even know the enormity of what that choice just did for you? What that choice just did for all of us? It’s so charged with exquisite light you’d see heaven pouring out of you if your eyes could witness the miracle. This is the way.
This is the work. Evolving, healing, stumbling, discovering and opening to higher wisdom. You’re coded to a blueprint of the future you can’t yet see with your physical eyes but your sacred heart knows the way. The map reveals itself more clearly every time you choose to trust yourself. This is the way. This is the work.
With each new breath you inhale strength and exhale fear. You trust the process because it’s a part of what makes your story beautiful.
You allow deep waves of emotional healing to bridge the divide between hearts as you shine a light on the spirals of love and grief.
This is the way. This is the work. A harbinger of revolutionary change, the Full Moon partial Eclipse in earthly Taurus reveals a blueprint for absolute transformation. Your stability is rocked so you can build stronger foundations for the journey to come. Your faith is tested so you can develop a deeper certainty in your own value. Your boundaries are questioned so you can embody what they actually represent to you. The opening of this new Eclipse portal will push for release, endings and a soulful surrender to a divine order of events that will take you beyond everything you felt comfortable with. Triggering a series of fated events that will invite you to hold your gaze steadily towards the future and align to the clarity of what you stand for. Love, tolerance and growth will shine forth when you find the courage to break new ground in your own self worth and you remain focused on the progress you have already made this year within yourself. The delicate dance between your desires and your dreams and the grounded picture of life that surrounds you will coalesce under this magical moon, delivering a potent and destiny driven synchronicity to unlock the magic.
Jupiters voice in this energy conservation is booming loudly and challenges you to open yourself up to more, this is life changing expansion if you allow Pluto’s belief in your readiness to bring permanent change into your pathway drive your commitment and readiness to receive. The fixed energy of the Taurus and Scorpio conversation is your gift to see things through, however intense it gets. The stoic levels of emotional strength that will be gifted to you will help balance the shocks of any sudden changes from the turbulence of an eclipse wave. Let dreams surface and root themselves into your being as you sense your way into the future vision of their inevitable deliverance. Cosmically charged this is a potent manifesting Moon and one that you must harness to add power to your desires and lace them with magic as you release your resistance. Long term vision, creative brilliance and high levels of abundance are here for you to embrace when your energetic embodiment is fully understood. Give yourself permission to receive under the lunar revelations as they remind you of your worthiness and they guide you towards a new perspective, a new attitude and a greater trust in your ability to align and to allow.
Bright Full Moon Blessings


We are about to begin exploring a new frequency as we now hurtle towards the corridor of this lunar eclipse portal that promises to bring the light to areas such as betrayal, great shame, blame, and the separation that’s experienced when one has lost their mind to the stories and beliefs that support the illusions of light and dark, and of them and us.
On the one hand this eclipse will be like a painful blinding light but given time the force will be realised as the gift that it was to turn the attention inwards, which is always where the answers are found once the rebellion has been surrendered.
The moon will be eclipsed by Earth and this gives us an opportunity to realise where we have been getting in the way of the harmonious experiences that we desire most, which are ultimately the experiences that are available once One can free themselves from the mundane details that have proven to matter less than a dot in no time at all, but instead focus on the experiences that are available once One is a not just realised but actualised, so that the power of Source can run like a torrent through the cellular body, the golden force, the super power of creation itself begins to reveal heaven from the inside out.
What makes this eclipse so very potent in The Great Awakening is due to a few factors.
1. It sits on the fixed star Algol
2. With the Seven Sisters acting like a filter cleansing away the mind silt
3. It is the longest eclipse in duration for 580 years
Firstly to share the translation gifted by Algol she highlights any betrayal that is active, to fully understand the template then study the template of Medusa, it speaks of jealousy, of disrespect, of manipulation, and she teaches us that to slay the gorgon that exists within the catacombs of the mind then we must use the reflections that are scattered around in the treasures that she guards.
Bitterness, hate, rejection, there is much to be seen when Algol touches the moon in the shadows that we create when we are in our own way.
Be wise and see the illusions…
Use this time before the eclipse to see where this is arising within your story now and see how this now moment relates to an underlaying program that reflects and points to a childhood trauma that is asking for healing. Use this energy to sacrifice the void, handing it over, so to realise the space that has been activating the stories of old and past and causing the repeat performances time and time again.
In order to clear this we have The Seven Hathors that are holding the space but also filtering out the dirt, however when we are not aware of The Alignment that these Seven Sisters hold then we often find ourselves feeling the rough end or the resistance to their love.
To understand then we need to understand the order
1. Asterope
2. Taygeta
3. Maia
4. Celaene
5. Electra
6. Merope
7. Alcyone
And these are the daughters of Atlas.
To work with them and understand the filters they provide to purify our vessels then we need to understand the seven Divine Feminine Architypes which are
1. Root Chakra – The Wild and Free Woman dissolving all shame and opening the power of creation leading to…
2. The Sacral Chakra and the Maiden, leaving aside the Judgement that raises with her curiosity to explore herself and her ever changing surroundings, which is all that is physical both her body and the outer body of reality, and this transcended polarity opens…
3. The Solar Plexus and the Healer unveils, life flourishes in a reflection of how much presence she offers as she nourishes each moment with her undivided attention which…
4. Activates the Mother who lives in the heart (of all things) chakra, she who loves unconditionally and is the Source of all Creation, to then…
5. Be known as the Priestess who sings and speaks powerfully from the throat chakra and can either build or destroy mountains in Her Word, some know this energy as The Witch, but it is She who ends the belief of death and rebirth and learns to See…
6. As the Seer who sits at the seat of the soul being the pineal gland or the Eye of the Brow and sees the truth that there was never any beginning and there will be no end, She is responsible for dreaming the dream into existance for…
7. The Golden Crown to be placed on the head of The Goddess to actualise and experience heaven here on earth.
Can you recognise her within you, can you create the space for her, can you move and groove, glow and flow as She?
Feel into my brief description of the filters of the feminine and see where you get to be more, accept more, and transform more, see where you hold your resistance and let down your hair to free yourself from the self-imprisonment of the tower, bring down the tower, which is a topical theme as the eclipse consumes what is no longer purposeful in these now times.
Finally, this eclipse is in the energy of ground altering taurus and is most likely to manifest itself within our system of values which always highlights exactly where we lack in our self worth and so provides us with opportunities to realise the riches that are available when we align to what is most true as per the guidance leading us into our next most authentic skin.
It is an unusual eclipse as per the length of time it takes to complete and it will be viewed in the parts of the world that are still dark during 9.02am here in the UK, which means the effects of this lunar eclipse will be most transformative in both North and South America and also East Asia. The length of time it will take I am translating as the depth we have to explore which again tells us just how much wholesomeness that is available should you choose to work with this system reboot.
I am sure I do not need tell you but the key to any lock that appears stuck is holding the frequency of kindness, of compassion, and realising that everyone, until they are aware, are aimlessly fighting the demons of their past traumas and events, nothing is personal, because no other technically exists, so the ultimate of understanding is required to pass through the seeming tests that both Algol and The Seven Hathors will give to those who eclipse themselves.
Scribed with love, translated with my most highest love and wisdom available to me in this moment
With infinite peace, love, and bliss
Below are recent offerings that will assist the mind to open further
The Internal War – https://youtu.be/7pTK-bHBwlc


Blue Ray Transmissions: November Full Moon Partial Eclipse Powerful Intense Energies & Ascension Symptoms—

Expansion and Caution {Full Moon will be at peak energies for 3 days}
Earth Keepers, Earth Sensitives and Blue Rays, and the many Starseeds, Angelics, Light Bearers and Awakened Ones know the potential and holy power of being aware and in-tune to the celestial and planetary cycles. Being aware in how to best use and flow with them can bring huge opportunities of empowerment, insights and higher awareness. It is part of being awakened as you become sensitive to your Universal Galactic holy power of celestial awareness and Earth Star ancestry.
Contradicting energies will be emerging at the same time. Being conscious in how you feel and react to them is important as you have the holy God power and are fully capable of shifting the frequencies to a higher octave. It’s part of your code, your mission and path as you are gifted and this is your gift.
New discoveries for many of the Light Bearers, as your heart soul will be emerging with a new depth of beauty, magic and sensitivities. The freedom Soul codes will be activating deep release of emotions and stagnant energies. Old issues may arise that you thought you already had dealt with. This clearing and release will create space for the new energies and the Love power to arise in you. The heart strings of love and longing to have connections to family, friends and soul star family will also be engaged and felt.
Caution to be taken as these full moon eclipses are supercharged full moons and have effects over a longer period of time—weeks, months and even years. These energies will be giving you glimpses of the future. Everything will be exaggerated via potent hidden emotions; highs and lows in relationship insights can surface and increase sensitivity, beautiful healings and new friendships. Ascension symptoms are a combination of many energies, including celestial solar, interdimensional, galactic, soul awakening, Earth energies and vibrations.
It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension; and even though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.
Ascension Symptoms
* A time where you feel the energy zaps you and you must lay down, like a sleep trance comes over you
* Hearing sound frequency in one or the other ear, maybe sounding like a tuning fork. These higher frequency notes help make higher adjustments in your energy fields from your guides. Some are sent out in a ripple wave from the Holy Realms of Light—a high frequency wave attunement.
* Sleep disturbance occurs with sometimes powerful, intense, strange dreams, dream work, astral traveling in dreams
* Apathy wherein you can’t feel anything and are just going through day-to-day with a lack of emotion and connection. This is a phase some have already gone through and others are still flowing out of.
* You may feel compelled to clean and clear clutter, get rid of things you no longer use or need and increase organization and beauty. This will shift the energies and bring upliftment to your environment.
* Freedom, Expansion increased vibration of LOVE
* Internal energic shaking ~ feels like your light body maybe vibrating and at these times you may feel more vulnerable to energies.
* New revelations of hidden information on many fronts and levels are being revealed. Be open to the other revelations that will be taking place, including new insights and awareness that are just not in the news.
This full moon could bring physical sensitivity in your empathic energy field. Listen and tune-in to your sacred self as to what your needs are.
Unusual Ascension Symptoms
Cold feet and hands
Energy vibration attacks and distortions in the fields that can make you feel dull and lower your vibration. Some very empathic Earth Sensitives and clairaudient souls can hear them while many others feel them.
Message to the Starseeds and Blue Rays
Remember your divinity. You are here for a reason, a purpose, to fulfill your piece of the divine plan, and your intuitive empathic sensitivities are a grand gift rendering you a blessing to Life. By re-membering your Soul, you are creating a profound awakening shift for humanity in partnership with Mother Earth Gaia, reuniting the Heavens to Earth—the divine realms of the true human and their home with the Galactic Star and Light families.
You are the awakening as it’s happening through you; as you vibrate the codes again, the expansion and the revelations, YOU are the frequency anchors of Love and Light.
Thank you, Beloved. You are loved in every moment, every consecrated breath. 888
Please share freely to assist the Light Workers, Starseeds & Angelics
Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL https://shekinarose.com/
is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail: [email protected] Thank you Shekina
Can you even imagine how many Cosmic Beings have lined up to see these 5 or 6 weeks of ‘activity’ here on Earth? I imagine the Moon getting pretty spiffed up for an event that hasn’t happened since 1440? (thank you Sister Astrology.)
What I would say is thru all of this is to realize or remember your Vastness. Remember that you are not some little human going through this earth with ‘some kind of super power courage.’ You are a Vast Soul shining in the Universe going through ‘this God knows what,’ with Supreme power who has waited for the show to get on with it down here, long enough. Your Soul has stood in the background for long enough. Time is up. We did a pretty damn good job…both screwing it up and getting it straightened out to this degree. That’s a feat in itself.
Soul is ready to step front and center and have a Big Experience and play Life in a very different way now and with new playmates. I sense the Soul has been wooing the personality to slightly move over and make space. I don’t sense if we looked in the Akash we would find our Souls ever having an experience quite like this one.
There is some serious orchestration going on over these weeks next of endless activity. That is pretty exciting. I feel like I haven’t gone to a good party in a very long time. Lets do this in stillness, in dancing, in watching ourselves become more fascinated with this whole thing.
So we shall pull through these weeks together sharing stories and experiences. I sense some of us are going to come out of these weeks with a new Soul Lease on Life. That’s what it is really, a Soul lease on life and we will lease this life until there’s another great adventure the Soul wants to go on to.
Meantime, lets do this and set some fireworks off in the cosmos. We The Divine New Soul Beings are re-setting the entire Galaxy. So awesome.
Stay in your center Beloveds no matter what goes on. Think Love, Feel Love, BE Love. Let God Breathe you. Cut ties intentionally with timelines that are Done. Done is Done. (That is important.)
All in all, let’s see how this is all going to play out in the next few weeks. It is an amazing time to stay in the Now.
Love to ALL,
Photo of Mt. Shasta taken last night by Jim Plank.

A new level of understanding of past experiences is surfacing with today’s full moon eclipse. Reminiscing on poor choices and close calls can be surfacing, as part of closure to the old earth, and your former self. You can see how much you have changed and transmuted lack for logic, organization, and structure. Understanding that you were always protected as you learned life lessons is more proof that God has your back. These lessons are now transmuting, and are releasing from the memory to heal and move on.

Today’s alignment of energies are helping you recognize how stable and discerning you’ve become. This has prepared you for new Earth marriage, where you are a self sufficient and independent spouse. No longer will you play a victim role and sacrifice for another, especially in relationships and home. The relationships of the past that took advantage of your state of consciousness and vulnerability are what you have overcome. Verdicts are in.

You have untethered yourself from those karmic bonds through a process of elimination. The seed point of this karma created unhealthy coping mechanisms which suppressed the emotions, and distracted you from seeing what others were really doing when you weren’t looking. As you’ve healed yourself, you’ve decoded all that programming. What was suppressed has surfaced and released, with each layer and experience healed.

Have patience, and allow the process to organically happen. This Eclipse Season is helping everting surface and transmute, so you can fully own your power and birthrights. There is nothing to fear. Everything is aligning perfectly. You are being prepared for loyal loving faithful unified relationships and collaborations. God is gifting you with more nurturing, ideas, communication, and support so you can successfully continue rising up into the new you. Keep choosing this exciting new path and receive.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻 God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus- Ending A Cycle of Lack, Massive Shake-Ups Around Self Worth, The Divine Is Gracing You With Abundance

On November 19th, we have the massive and life changing Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Taurus. Lunar Eclipses are full moons on steroids and herald life altering completions, manifestations and endings. They are here to “course correct” our lives. Many of these shifts could come rather abruptly but will have a fated and destined undertone to them. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign deals with our values, our money, our resources, our self respect and self worth.
The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus wants to end a cycle of lack and to remind you of your worth and self preservation. This powerful lunation is here to rock your sense of what makes you feel safe, valued and secure. The moon happens to be exalted in the sign of Taurus so there is a comfort and ease that wants to make itself known, despite some of the shake ups that eclipses almost always bring into our lives. Wherever 27 degrees of Taurus falls in your chart is where you are sure to see massive awakenings and change. If you happen to have your Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any other angle( IC-4th house cusp, DC- 7th house cusp, or MC- 10th house cusp) near 27 degrees of Taurus, get ready for some major shifts. Even if you don’t have these placements, the themes around not tolerating less than deserving energy in your life will certainly be known and felt with this Lunar Eclipse in the bull’s den.
The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will bring forth a new 18 month cycle as the nodes( which rule the eclipse cycles) are beginning to shift to the Taurus/Scorpio axis until the end of 2023. The last time we had an Eclipse in Taurus was in 2014. You might want to look back to that year to see what was happening in your life and to get a glimpse of what might take place. Of course, we have different planetary alignments with the other planets but there could be some link and tie to that year that could play out now.
Since this Lunar Eclipse will be tied to the North Node( who is technically still in Gemini but very close to the degree of the eclipse) some of these changes and shifts will feel soul driven towards our highest calling and purpose. The North Node in astrology is an elliptical point on the moon’s axis that represents our destiny, soul’s calling and the unknown risk of our heart’s purpose. This Lunar Eclipse so close to the North Node will be a wake up to honor and value our purpose here on Earth with respect and reverence. Many folks could begin to receive MAJOR wake up calls that have to deal with respecting their self worth and honoring why they came here. No more playing small or accepting crumbs is what the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus meeting up with the North Node implies. This aspect will ask: How can I take a risk towards my dreams and still create a sense of security and trust? What does trusting my path look like and where can I overcome past fears? What is my relationship to my own worth and what needs to shift in order to come into alignment with my highest path? Foundations could be rocked at this time. If that happens, just know the power of eclipses to realign and redirect our path when we have forgotten where we are headed. Since Taurus also rules money, there could be some life altering financial windfalls or the opposite. Again, money is just a manifestation of your inner abundance. This Lunar eclipse will make that very clear for all.
The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is here to show us the power of self respect and self actualization. No other sign is committed to security, comfort and earthly pleasures as a lushious Taurus. If you have been neglecting your own value around your body, your bank account, your sanity, this Lunar Eclipse will create an awakening around those areas. It is time to step into your abundance and to let go of anything or anyone that isn’t honoring you. It is time to stop playing small and to rise up in your sovereignty and ability to love yourself unconditionally. The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus wants you to honor your inner self worth with everything you got. She is here to end cycles connected to not feeling good enough or worthy, have you realize your security that comes from within and to have you step into an abundant future filled with love, comfort and safety.
Source: astromomma.com
Friday November 19 2021
Seeing through a glass darkly……….
Today, over lit by the high Taurean frequency, the world behind the world is briefly unveiled during the Taurus Full Moon lunar eclipse at Pluto’s Scorpio esoteric Solar Festival.
This cosmic wild card plugged into Jupiter and Pluto is disrupting natural resources and weather patterns and charging up the continuous life/death cycle of existence. It’s time to eliminate and let go of anything no longer true for you.
Something hidden is being revealed; something familiar is falling away. Things and beings that existed in form and matter are occulted, fading into the ethers because their purpose is done and their time is gone. This allows a whole new reality to come forth in your life.
Notice who or what has left or is in the process of leaving and release them with gratitude for their gifts while they shared your incarnation. The outworkings of this darkening of the Lights will ripple down your time-line for the next 6 months.
The Taurus Mantra is:” I see and when the Eye is opened, all is Light”-the Buddha’s sign of earthy Taurus is the World 3rd Eye and the pineal gland, the ancestral master cell of untapped DNA. Algol, the Eye of Medusa, is a binary flashing Star, occulted every two and a half days, so this is a double eclipse of the relics of the recent past.
Taurus is plugged in to the enormous light of the seven hotly burning blue-white stars of the Pleiades – the Great Central Sun – acting as a channel or gateway to the source of this tremendous spiritual Centre. It illuminates by showing you the nature of Light.
The Chandra Symbol Lunar Eclipse TAURUS 28: Making candles out of beeswax.
“The sweetness is in the returning to those sacred places always known, stripping away false layers and finding someone underneath who is poignantly familiar and resonantly true. The search, the quest, the process. For everything depends giving yourself over to the master-craftsman-hands of the Creator Beings. You are simply a seed blown by the wind, and to become this completely is blissful fruition inwardly smiled into being”. Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale
New! In December ,day after day, wave after wave of off -the- scales astrology will accelerate the Great Unveiling that begins today November 19th at the Taurus eclipse escalating at the Sagittarian Solar Eclipse. Frame it as a necessary re-attunement ahead of the incoming Neptunian Tsunami of Dissolution that will define 2022.

Adrienne Elise


We are coming off of the powerful Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, marking the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new era. It’s all about fighting the darkness in order to claim our True Wealth with Mars in opposition to Uranus.

The next chapter is about humans claiming their sovereignty. Mercury in square to Jupiter says we must break free from the mind control and programming, if we ever are going to be able to move into the Aquarian Age. Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly one sign over from Pluto in Capricorn. This is the alchemy we need to break our of false authority programming and claim our own sovereignty.

Our precious creation energy, the source within all of us, has been abducted and used for nefarious purposes. Eros conjunct Pluto is reminding us that our God Given right to our direct connection to source, is just that. OUR OWN.

Creation energy has been demonized, twisted and distorted. But sexual energy is just energy. It’s the same as ‘free energy’ and our life force energy that keeps us healthy. When we are not aware and accessing this energy, it leaves it open for other forces to feed upon. It’s becoming more and more clear that we are living in a parasitic reality. But Humanity is no longer for sale.

Vesta, keeper of the Sacred Flame of spiritual purpose and creative fire is on the South Node of the Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius. Monday marks a big turning point with the Sun moving into Sagittarius, and over this conjunction. It’s a new start for our human identity.

With the disclosure and cleaning up of human slavery, also comes an opportunity for people to once again live with purpose. Everything has worked against this with mind control and manipulation of our timelines and reality. But now it’s time for humanity to Claim Sovereignty and Divine Purpose. SuperNova Souls, we lead the way.

Source: adrienneelise.com

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus – A new chapter opens as we move into eclipse season. This is the first of the Taurus eclipses which will highlight issues connected to resources and security for the future. As Venus, ruler of the eclipse, reaches out to Uranus, already travelling through Taurus, we’re reminded that diversification is a natural part of life. The eclipse may illuminate where we have become resistant to the process, stuck, too comfortable, too afraid of the unknown. Nothing can stay the same. Everything must evolve. Change is natural.
For us to advance– both individually and collectively – we also need to ensure that the resources required are available to invest in the future. It’s time to figure out what is important, to align personal values to action, to acknowledge what needs eliminating to allow for growth. Challenge any feelings of unworthiness. Free your heart. Be open to intuitive prompts from the universe.
Degrees and Times
Venus 12°Cp12′, Uranus 12°Ta12′ R -6:07 (UT) 19th Nov 2021
Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 27°Ta14′ – 08:57 (UT)19th Nov 2021
Source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – Evening Landscape with Rising Moon by Vincent van Gogh

Kin 80 ~ Yellow Lunar Sun

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number 2 and it’s key words are ‘Challenge, Polarize and Stabilize.’ It is interesting that this Lunar day falls on a Yellow Sun day because the moon and sun are opposites. So, energy wise today is a bit like an eclipse. The second day of a wavespell is always challenging – one must identify the obstacles in the way so one may proceed. Which day the number two falls on however affects how challenging it can be. Synchronicity is surely happening today as there is actually a Lunar Eclipse today!
Today is ‘Yellow Sun’ which represents ‘Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life.’ When combined with the ‘Lunar’ energy this can result in difficulties in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Illumination can be elusive and answers lurk in the shadows. If you need to shine bright today it can be done but expect to meet with resistance. Clouds will get in the way of the sunshine today. However, enlightenment is always a good thing and by the end of the day you should have figured out how to remove the obstacles in your path.
The Guide today is the Yellow Human, the psychic of the Tzolkin suggesting that allowing our intuition to guide us today is the best course of action. If you can’t see the solutions to your challenges today…feel your way. Don’t let your ego talk you out of a hunch that you have because you are probably on to something.
The Challenge is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart.’ Issues of the heart will surface for everyone today and spats between lovers are more likely. If you are a White Dog beware that your inner Doberman may come out, so try to keep it on a leash. You don’t have to stay in the doghouse today though…anyone can benefit from this illumination.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon, the nurturer which gives this difficult day some hope. Take care of yourself and others and the challenges will seem easier.
The Ally is the Blue Storm and so if you need help today consult one as they can offer support and guidance and a shoulder to cry on. And as it is the Blue Storm wavespell then this means the wavespell energy is friendly to us today which is awesome.

Today is Yellow Lunar Sun day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Sun, (tribe 20/0 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), enlightens, life, universal fire.
Work with the element of fire, and the sun. Fire tends to burn fast. Be sure to continuously feed your fire so you keep from getting burned out. Fan your inner flame. Ascend and burn with total illumination. Yesterday’s storm clouds have now burned away, leaving you feeling the spark of divine life-force energy that is the source of all of life. Yellow Sun has the special distinction of being both the end and the beginning of the 20 archetype cycle. It is the 20th tribe on the archetype cycle and at the same time, it is also the 0 numbered tribe. Many consider one to be the beginning, but in actuality, zero is the place that all things originate from. What our backward perceiving culture defines as one is in actuality zero, and vice versa.
When you think about the concept of being all one, do you picture a line or a circle? Imagine one of anything, let’s use you as an example. You are one individual, you exist. In order for you to be able to exist, that then means that your non-existence must also be a possibility. How could you exist unless there is a non-existence for you to exist from? If you were to put that concept into number code, existence = 1, non-existence = 0. That means that in order for one to exist, zero must be present first. Zero or non-existence defines and makes one, or existence possible. Zero exists all by itself without the presence of one or any other number needed to make it possible. Zero is the all one. Zero is the mathematical equivalent of God, the source of all life. Zero is also the number that represents the Sun, the source of all life here on our planet. Zero is all beings in existence combined. We are all Zero!
Lunar tone of Challenge, (step 2 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), polarize, stabilize, challenge.
Step two on the creative energy cycle is where we encounter the duality illusions of good/bad, black/white, dark/light, up/down, left/right, hot/cold, and all the things that we experience as opposites. The two that we are perceiving are the two opposite ends of the one. Both ends of the spectrum are required to be equally present and balanced to make the other one possible. This is one of the laws that govern the world we live in. Left is defined by right, up by down, darkness by light. It is when we fail to see the connectedness of both sides that we wind up blaming one side or the other for being unwanted, unneeded, or wrong.
Because of this misunderstanding of the laws governing our duality existence, we have developed backward ways of interpreting and reacting to what is happening in our world. When you are able to reverse the lens that you are perceiving through, you can then understand the true nature of challenges, and work more gracefully to meet them. Seeing through the reversed duality lens removes the emotional attachments and reactions stemming from your previous misunderstanding, and enables you to easily and rapidly find the blessings that the challenges have brought your way. Challenges are blessings in disguise. All challenges that you experience come to you via the law of attraction. Challenges can only come your way when you are fully qualified and prepared to meet them. Meeting your challenges creates the energy that provides all the firepower that fuels the creative energy process. As you meet your challenges, you will find yourself in a position of strength.
Today we encounter the up and down challenges of enlightenment, life, and universal fire.
Day 2 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Storm, catalyzes, self-generate, energy.
Written by: Roger Grossman
2 AHAU – KIN 80
19 NOVEMBER 2021
Stabilizing life
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Lunar tone of challenge
I AM guided by the power of free will
19/11/2021 = 10/2/5=1/7=8
19- Prince of Heaven/Honour/Fulfillment/Happiness
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 80 = 8 Abundance 0- SOURCE – Abundance from SOURCE
Today we enter the eclipse cauldron with a FULL MOON lunar eclipse with the SUN 🌞 in power hungry Scorpio 🦂facing off with the moon🌛 in the sign of Taurus 🐂the charging bull! Scorpio is the sign of mysteries and secrets (so watch out for more TRUTH BOMBS💣) with the SCORPIO SUN illuminating all the SHADOWS – from DARK to LIGHT.
The themes of life, death and rebirth through the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes… All HUGE themes – BOOM💥 CRASH 💥 OPERA!💥
The ECLIPSE involves the dance between the SUN🌞 and MOON🌛 today – and the opposition of the LIGHT✨ and the DARK🌚 as the moon blocks out some of our LIGHT today.. The LUNAR SUN🌛🌞 also paradoxically involves these two celestial bodies – the SUN 🌞and the LUNAR🌛 tone… LIGHT and DARK .. We have a DOUBLING and great amplification of this eclipse through the DREAMSPELL code of KIN 80 today.
This extremely potent and revolutionary energy is pushing us to keep evolving through revealing the SHADOWS. We are reminded that amidst the turbulence, it is time to look up and seek out the SUN!
Today is a day of facing the challenges that arise, that have been impeding your soul’s evolution and journey to EN-LIGHT-enment.
Day 2 in the BLUE STORM🌪 WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. NOTE: Planetary Storms are PHYSICALLY and energetically brewing during this cycle, so be prepared for lots of purging of density through visible and not so visible signs. HOLD onto your HATS we have 13 days of STORM energy to endure! It is only DAY 2 and many locations on EARTH may experience FLASH STORMS 🌩🌩🌪 as GAIA is purifying and transforming her Planetary body.
LUNAR🌓 Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing.
The energy today highlights POLARITY conflicts – which is amplified through the eclipse portal – the energy of the SUN illuminating the SHADOW that has been cast – both sides are revealed for the TRUTH to be seen.
Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies. The SUN helps us anchor the LIGHT codes in our cells. The LUNAR tone may also reveal challenges, through the storm catalyst in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from SHINING BRIGHTLY as the SOLAR CHRISTED beings.☀
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW LUNAR SUN 🌞 AHAU is bringing THE LIGHT within the darkness. BLUE STORM is generating much power and energy today. Instead of being pulled into the midst of chaos through the challenges that arise it is time to stand our ground.
✨✨✨We are being INITIATED in our capacity to ANCHOR THE LIGHT 💡🎆 no matter what turbulence surrounds us!!!.🌀
The LIGHTHOUSE💡 is built upon a rocky tor and is thrashed by the wild seas but it continues to stand SOLID and SHINE THE LIGHT, as a beacon for all to SEE and find their way to safety.
✨✨✨Today be THE LIGHT 💡 for all those around you who are lost in the fog! Believe in your LIGHT and claim your sovereignty as a GOLDEN SOUL-AR being.🌞💡✨
The SUN🌞 is our SOURCE of LIFE, our direct energy that nourishes and sustains us. The solar flares, CME’S and Solar codes transmitted by our SUN bring constant change, IGNITING our DNA and increasing our frequency. As we rise, so too does the frequency of GAIA on our collective journey to EN-LIGHT-enment.
Today the LUNAR SUN is IGNITING a huge upgrade and planetary LEAP for humanity. BRING IT ON 🌞🌞🌞
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW LUNAR HUMAN ☺ EB enables us to face the challenges that polarise change by honouring our FREE WILL and making choices that reflect our physical independence as intelligent and AWAKENED HU-MANS.
WE have an important CHOICE to make today. The LUNAR HU-MAN energy as the higher guide pushes us to choose which VOICE we will heed – the EGO versus our Higher Self and Divine Guidance. Hopefully the Eclipse energy will make it easier for souls to SEE the LIGHT and SEEK GOD – the higher path for their destiny.
As we evolve we align our human will with that of the DIVINE. AWAKENED souls can SEE more clearly from a HIGHER DIVINE perspective, thus making WISER choices which benefit our lives and influence others. AWAKENING is a precursor to becoming an EN-LIGHT💡ON-ed soul. The lunar tone of polarity will reveal what is keeping souls in a deep slumber and limiting their illumination. In order to truly AWAKEN we must be willinging to draw back the curtain and LOOK out the window with CLEAR, unobstructed vision.
Aligning with DIVINE WILL accelerates our soul growth. The DIVINE viewpoint gives us the intelligence to realize which path to follow for our highest evolution, not reacting to the TRIGGERS of the polarity game which operate to keep us trapped in 3D consciousness.
We celebrate and honour all those great souls that came before us and faced challenges as catalysts for change. The CHANGE AGENTS that catalyzed great Planetary reformation through their tireless diligence and PASSION for their cause. They dared to take a STAND independently to make a difference based on their own wisdom. By claiming our sovereignty we increase our capacity to SHINE our LIGHT for the benefit of all, easing the path for those who follow.
We salute and HONOUR 🙏🙏🙏 all those brave and courageous RAINBOW WARRIORS who are STANDING their ground and RISING UP for what is right and honourable. Respecting and valuing the natural and organic paradigm that our DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER GOD has created for us. JUSTICE is coming and THY WILL BE DONE! ✨✨✨
SUPPORT: BLUE LUNAR STORM 🌀🌪– CAUAC Is the supporting energy as well as the wavespell energy today, continuing the surge of catalytic power. DOUBLE STORM POWER 🌪🌪– on an ECLIPSE day!!! – How much transformative energy do we NEED? Spirit is definitely OVERDOSING us at the moment to ENSURE we get the medicine needed to HEAL our world.
We are asked to TRUST that these transformative energies arising are for our benefit and the betterment of our planet. After the STORM has passed and the debris has been cleared, the SUN can SHINE again, and the RAINBOWS appear! 🌦🌂🌈
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED CRYSTAL DRAGON💎🐉 – IMIX provides a beautiful sense of nurturing, compassion and co-operation, caring for each other in our communities. The CRYSTALLINE energy helps us to connect with other MINDS to raise each other to a higher collective Consciousness of caring and compassion. With the STORM creating chaos the strong protective Mothers and nurturers step forward to provide the SAFE HAVEN and comfort needed by those caught in the confusion and turbulence.
The CRYSTAL DRAGON also heralds a NEW BEGINNING – shining a LIGHT on the way FORWARD out of the darkness that has cast a deep dark SHADOW on planet EARTH. The CRYSTAL DRAGON shows us that progress will happen through CONNECTION to our kin, all joining hands and supporting each other as we walk through the doorways opening now.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE LUNAR DOG 🐕💕 OC our trusty companion teaches us that these transformative STORMS are for our Highest Good sweeping away all that is the opposite polarity to DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 💕
What an exceptional GIFT and BLESSING we have today through this eclipse portal. The GIFT of DIVINE LOVE – the pure essence of SOURCE LOVE.. Forget the battle between LIGHT and DARK – playing in the SHADOWS and focusing on the LIGHT.. The key is to dissolve POLARITY and seek a HIGHER LOVE.. that path blesses all who choose to honour it.
OC challenges us to communicate from a place of trust and honour. To show compassion and unconditional love to all beings who are following our LIGHT. Open your HEART❤ and use the POWER of your LOVE 💗💗💗 to calm the stormy seas and placate the FEAR filled HEARTS.
Embrace your neighbours as Planetary kin and FEEL the LOVE that is true that comes with catalysing great change. Through this LOVE people can feel safe through the chaos, knowing they have support and protection which stabilizes the uncertainty, creating a safe foundation on which to rebuild our New SOUL-AR based communities.
Today’s question is “How can I anchor my LIGHT despite the challenges and chaos that surrounds me, becoming a BEACON for others?”
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Pleiades 1 Messages November 19 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Divine contributions increase.

Intense transitions are initiated.

Oracle on Island of Purification is masterfully installed.

*Neva+R+++: 12th Akashic Projector aimed to evaluate support. 98% (non-regressive). Next >>>13. Forecast of 19. +++ AUTHORIZED. JEBÊNÇÃO.

Attention Neva! Reverberation of Certifying Code +++++++: 58% (non-regressive).

Initial cleaning (*Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 58% (non-regressive).

Final cauterization (Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 56% (non-regressive).

Force os Fol Maior is activated.

Revelators are ready.

Superior Commands are called for final removals.

*MiD in specific frames against Unification. *Sentinels called.

Major cures are activated.

Temporarily, end of transmission.


source: www.disclosurenews.it

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