Divine 44

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I am opening my monthly Toaist/ Buddhist teaching/ training to 44 students that are willing to commit to 1hr per month of direct teachings through skype or other medium through the internet.


This will be a first come first serve basis. When we reach 44 Love-workers I will put the others on a waiting list by when they sign up so if someone drops out of this program the next will fill the spot. The cost will be $77 per session. Each session will run an hour to an hour an a half depending on the day or schedule. Each participant must commit to 1 session per month.

Once the 44 spot are filled I will invite 77 other Lightworkers to a once per month group session and training that will cost $22 per student.

I will notify the team when we reach this goal. When We get the 77 positions for the group training filled then I will gift all Love-workers with a free Qi Gong training once per month that I will post to my youtube channels and website.

The private sessions will begin Sept 1st 2019. I will post a calendar for the sign up days and hours.

This is the first time I will be offering this service in 15 years of teaching.

Namaste beautiful beings of Light…Aho!!



for the first 44 please sign up below. I will notify each individual once the commitment is made how to pay and a link to the private calendar.




all inquiries please send to info@primedisclosure.com



Update 8/26/2019 for Divine 44