Divine 44




Update 4/04/2020

Myself and my team of the Divine 44 have created a facebook group for all Lightworkers to connect and collaborate on projects and events going into the future….Namaste

The Group is Called Divine 44: Rainbow Tribe of the New Earth

you can connect with us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/295723651390102



Update 11/11/2019

The Divine 44 is my closest Soul Family that I personally work one-on-one with to transmit the teachings and Practice of Ancient Taoist and Buddhist Divine Alchemy and Spiritual arts. The Divine 44 are a group of Angelic beings that came to this Earth Realm in service to assist all Starseeds and Lightworkers to rise up in Love and Higher resonance to assist all of Hue-Manity through this Ascension process of bringing Heaven to Earth and Manifesting New Earth for all Life in ALL Realms and Timelines.

This was our first Gathering as a group through a zoom meet up and what a powerful collective it was. Watch to the end for a Healing Qi/ Energy Transmission.

As Warriors of the Light wielding the Diamond Sword of Truth we cut through all barriers and gateways to re-emerge and remember our Original Unborn Mind of Buddha of Pure Awareness to Activate the Codes of Eternal Bliss consciousness.

Much Love and Blessings…Aho!!


UPDATE: 10/15/2019 – All spots are filled for the personal one on one training with the Divine 44. . Thank you and we will be bringing the divine 44 to you all publicly very soon. Have a beautiful and blessed day and Ascension process….aho!! Paul



I am opening my monthly Toaist/ Buddhist teaching/ training to 44 students that are willing to commit to 1hr per month of direct teachings through skype or other medium through the internet.

This will be a first come first serve basis. When we reach 44 Love-workers I will put the others on a waiting list by when they sign up so if someone drops out of this program the next will fill the spot. The cost will be $77 per session. Each session will run an hour to an hour an a half depending on the day or schedule. Each participant must commit to 1 session per month.

The private sessions will begin Sept 1st 2019. I will post a calendar for the sign up days and hours.

This is the first time I will be offering this service in 15 years of teaching.

Namaste beautiful beings of Light…Aho!!


for the first 44 please sign up below. I will notify each individual once the commitment is made how to pay and a link to the private calendar.

all inquiries please send to [email protected]