ANCIENT LIGHT SCRIBES ~ Emanate your True Light Formation ~ Akashic Light Journey 

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ANCIENT LIGHT SCRIBES ~ Emanate your True Light Formation ~ Akashic Light Journey 

Paul White Gold Eagle

Powerful June Solar activities rolling in. Intense fire activations in Solar Plexus and Heart Center.

Not only are we holding the line we ae now towing the Line.

We are like the little tugboats pulling the large ships to shore. The tugboats being Lightworkers and the large ships being the collective consciousness of hue-manity. We are pulling the energy with us into 5d. Lets face it, the masses need our help and this is why we came on this mission.

The main reason for this is that the time is right or we can say the Ascension was ripe for this Great Awakening…A’Ho!!




You did it!
The massive purging energies of May are done.
June shines in all fresh and bright.
Bringing in new energies of action.
Don’t get me wrong, we will still experience bigger energies but they will be different than what you have been experiencing.
They will be more floaty, blissful energies.
More opening up of you rather then the digging deep.
It truly is a turning point on your ascension path.
An exciting one too.
Do you have your 3 days of groceries?
If you have no idea why I’m asking you that, click the link below.
You are deeper in it now than ever before.
This truly is a magical exciting time.
I’ve got my popcorn ready, to sit and watch the fun. Do you?
Have an amazing week!🌟🌟

Karen Lithika

Understand the true geometric light signature is expanding through this time line.
Your role is simply to emanate your true light formation. To weave your light in this construct.
To see the great transition and role in emanating your light signature is simply the light path.
The ebbs and flows of your Akashic light signature in this now moment..reflects your personal growth of self-realisation and actualisation of your light journey.
To see your light construct, like a geometric light puzzle, decoding, reassimilating to the natural way of Mother Gaia. As your current world reconfigures, your light is like a puzzle piece anchoring to Mother Gaia, as you assist your species in the light transition.
It is simply the task of following your light path, have peace with the journey and circumstances, for it is just a game of growth and rapid expansion before you.
For your role is a multi-fractal personal Akashic Light Journey coupled with the collective Ascension of your world.
As you feel our light frequency, feel your light sensitivity expanding, for this is the task before you.
Simply BE in Higher Light Harmony
Beyond the Physical Limitations of your world.
As you balance this view point, it will be a new level of higher light Awakening.
This is the task before you 🙏
As we collectively share and assist, in Global Unity ❤🙏
Love for your day 🌿🌏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Template tests for June are very interesting as we are now doing votes, so they may seem a bit stronger then usual however as we learn this new style of living things will become easier not harder after this one also we had a huge jump and are now at 562 data points per hour ❤ ::hugs::


I am not human, we are not human that are transmitting to you now.
And why should we fit into your mental constructs as we are not part of that thinking process and what it contains.
Ideas of how things are, are not the same as seeing how things really are from the higher dimensions of consciousness manifestation.
Of course these written words appear as just human words and have no meaning in themselves.
Do not put your beliefs in the words themselves. Or you will remain caught up in your mental constructs.
Consciousness is what is being transmitted here. Do you feel?
The idea of being human is a construct of mind.
We exist beyond this and yet it forms a reality that you exist in that we know of as unreal.
Existing in this state of consciousness in 3D is like being the UNDEAD to us.
For you are animated and believing in a solid body that does not exist.
Yet you exist asleep to what really is.
All is frequency and we transit the real into the unreal.
Not many see or know.
If we were to appear on your doorstep you would not see us as your frequency is contained within the unreal.
To awaken from this long sleep of the undead suddenly would be like what you call death here.
Yet it is a more awake state.
ALL exists here and now and although many may think in their minds this is a joke. This is not. Just who can hear and know is the question at hand in this moment.
A handful maybe. Yet their power is gaining in its foundation and soon they will rise up.
These boundless ones are with us now as much as we are here yet you do not see.
Awaken sleepy ones.
As consciousness never sleeps. Awaken to the truth.
This exists only in this moment and all is here.
I am not human, we are not and we are present.
This unfolding is perfect as it always was and is now.
We activate the heart through which all exists through in harmonious frequency. Remember we are not human. In love that is eternity that we are.
In forever love,



June feels like a new start on many levels. We are starting a new cycle. After the death and rebirth kind of energy in April and May, we are ending an old cycle and moving forward. With Mercury and Saturn retrograde, there will be less “active, moving forward in the physical life” kind of energy because we will focus more on what is happening within. We will be able to understand things better. The energies will help us to do so. They will help us to let go of the ego’s resistance to change so we will be able to live in the present moment, go with the flow, not hold ourselves back and do what others (other people, society, ego) say or expect us to do.
With new energy coming in (Solar Eclipse, Solstice), we will receive an energetic boost that will kick us into the unknown, where we will find new levels of awareness, consciousness and let go of what we have been holding on and start creating the life we desire, our new reality. Be patient with yourself. Diving deep into the old might bring up some triggers, fears, blocks that will hold you back and bring doubts into your everyday life. Don’t allow the ego to cause drama and just ignore it. See it, accept it is there, but ignore it and do what feels right instead. Enjoy June dear soul tribe.
JUNE 1 2021
‘’During June and the upcoming summer solstice,
immense amounts of data will be erased from the Earth’s 3D reality but also from everyone’s personal system and reality.
This could be felt strongly and could be a destabilising factor for the totality of the different human processes.
It will be like one is loosing, the up until now, understanding of reality.
It is good to know and remember that this is actually the ultimate goal.
Only after one looses the old understanding of reality can open to the Truth that is coming from the Heart.
This upcoming erasing of eons eons of data from the program, which all humans have been running in their systems,
is the reason why everyone has been called to bring back the Presence of the Wholeness of their Heart,
surrender and start living through Her!
Because it is through the Heart that each will be able to navigate their way on and it is also through living from the Heart that each will be able to remain free.
Surrendering to the Wholeness of the Heart will be the only way of balancing during and after this erasing process and
it will also be the only way that each will be able to feel and stay safe and grounded amidst the outer chaos that this erasing will eventually cause.
What is ahead is an experiential process.
Many who have been carrying trauma and resistance to forgive,
let go of control and trust their inner guidance,
will now be facing strong life events in order to learn living from their Heart.
Life will be showing everyone how to start living from the Heart!
The return of the Wholeness of the Heart sounds a new way of being away from isolation and into multi dimensionality!
Follow Her, She knows!’’
1 ΙΟΥΝΙΟΥ 2021
‘’’Αυτόν τον Ιούνιο και κατά το επερχόμενο θερινό ηλιοστάσιο, τεράστια ποσά δεδομένων θα αρχίσουν να διαγράφονται από το τρισδιάστατη πραγματικότητα της Γης αλλά και από το προσωπικό σύστημα και την πραγματικότητα όλων των ανθρώπων.
Αυτό θα μπορούσε να γίνει δυνατά αισθητό και θα μπορούσε να είναι ένας αποσταθεροποιητικός παράγοντας για το σύνολο των διαφορετικών ανθρώπινων διεργασιών.
Θα είναι σαν να χάνει κανείς, τη μέχρι τώρα, κατανόηση της πραγματικότητας που έφερε.
Είναι καλό να γνωρίζετε και να θυμάστε ότι αυτός είναι και στην πραγματικότητα ο απώτερος στόχος.
Μόνο αφού χάσει κανείς την παλιά κατανόηση της πραγματικότητας, μπορεί να ανοίξει στην Αλήθεια που προέρχεται από την Καρδιά.
Αυτή η επερχόμενη διαγραφή αιώνων και αιώνων δεδομένων του προγράμματος που όλοι οι άνθρωποι έτρεχαν στα συστήματά τους,
είναι ο λόγος για τον οποίο όλοι έχουν καλεστεί να φέρουν πίσω την Παρουσία της Ολότητας της Καρδιάς τους, να παραδοθούν και να αρχίσουν να ζουν μέσα από αυτή.
Επειδή μέσω της Καρδιάς θα είναι που ο καθένας θα μπορεί να πλοηγηθεί στο δρόμο του από εδώ και πέρα και
είναι μέσω της Καρδιάς που θα μπορεί ο καθένας να παραμείνει και ελεύθερος.
Η παράδοση στην Ολότητα της Καρδιάς θα είναι ο μόνος τρόπος που κάποιος θα μπορεί να περάσει μέσω της διαδικασίας διαγραφής δεδομένων με ισορροπία και θα είναι επίσης ο μόνος τρόπος με τον οποίο ο καθένας θα μπορεί να αισθανθεί και να παραμείνει ασφαλής και γειωμένος μπροστά στο εξωτερικό χάος που σταδιακά θα προκαλέσει αυτή η τεράστια διαγραφή.
Αυτό που επέρχεται είναι μια βιωματική διαδικασία.
Πολλοί που έφεραν τραύμα και αντίσταση να συγχωρέσουν,
να αφήσουν τον έλεγχο και να εμπιστευτούν την εσωτερική τους καθοδήγηση, θα αντιμετωπίσουν τώρα ισχυρά γεγονότα για να οδηγηθούν να αρχίσουν να ζουν κι αυτοί μέσα από την Παρουσία της Καρδιάς τους.
Η ζωή θα δείξει σε όλους πώς να μάθουν να ζουν από την καρδιά!
Η επιστροφή της Ολότητας της Καρδιάς ηχεί έναν νέο τρόπο ζωής μακριά από την απομόνωση και
μέσα στην πολυ-διαστατικότητα !
Ακολουθήστε Την, Αυτή ξέρει!’’


Masks are quickly falling off the people around you. Their deceptive ways and thoughts towards you can no longer be hidden. God knows, and is commanding these polarities end now. You are sacred in His eyes. Spirit is protecting you and all that is sacred to Him, including the Sacred Sites on the Earth. We are “no longer dwelling in temptation” I am hearing.

Focus on grounding your energy to be calm and logical. Let go of the relationships that did not manifest. Heal your abandonment wounds that are triggering the desire attach to unhealthy people and situations. Break habits of spying on people, and tapping into their energy fields.

Transformation is here under God’s Authority. He is putting an end to what needs to end. You may have been scared or disillusioned to make these changes on your own. Fear of the unknown, and fear of judgements, may have contributed to being stuck in the past.

The karma and karmic debts of the past, especially in love and marriage, are done. The seed point entity in of these repeated lifetimes of relationship loops, is with the devil.

Today this frequency is showing up as lust and narcissistic temptation of the jezebel spirit, that lures with sex, physical attention, and false promises. The purpose of these contracts in this present life cycle is to serve your evolution and ascension out of those karmic loops for good. You came here to clear these genetic contracts for your family, and future generations. This is completing now, in the physical. God is fulfilling His Word on this freedom for you. Nothing can stop us now!

New beginnings must commence through this eclipse Season. This is our time of great Harvest. New pathways are open to upgrade into joyfully fulfilled life. A new reality is here for the 144000 Divine Unions. Take a chance and let God lead your Way through this lunar cycle, into new healthy relationships that God has chosen for New Earth.

🕊 Love Carolyn

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Additional Mercury Cycle Considerations by Daniel Giamario
With the remarkable and gorgeous South Node Lunar Eclipse behind us, and now being well into the year’s first eclipse season, let’s check in on the Mercury cycle. The profound nature of its upcoming relationships with the US chart and the June 10th solar eclipse will be explored in next week’s post.
Several important events happened over the past weekend: Venus and Mercury conjoined, with beauty, in the evening sky on Friday night at 24Gemini, and shortly after Mercury began its retrograde cycle on Saturday (3:34PM PDT) at 24Gemini42. Many everywhere have shared about the ever popular, and in my opinion, usually overhyped times of Mercury retrograde. (you can see the larger view of this topic in a recent seminar found here:
Is the Gemini synod possibly Mercury’s Master Circuit? I believe it to be. Let’s look at a bit of Mercury magic.
The synod of Mercury averages 116.88 days and 3 synods fit into a solar year at almost exactly the value of Pi: 3.1415….(an irrational number). The fraction 22/7 can also be used for this value. With Mercury, it takes 22 complete synods to return to a given starting point at the seventh year. This is why the first true synodic return of Mercury happens at age seven. Over the course of a life the synodic planetary returns happen in a pattern of sevens and sixes with several nearly exact correspondences at ages 13, 26, 33, 46, 59, 66, 73 and 79. To better understand the magic of Mercury check out the pattern of Mercury returns with the Gemini synodic overtone. Mercury will begin its next synodic cycle with Mercury going direct in Gemini on June 22nd and last until Mercury stationary direct on October 18th, beginning the Libran synodic overtone. Should you turn one of those ages, between those dates, you will be in a synodic Mercury return.
July 5, 1948 28Gemini I include this one as it’s my own! And I begin my own Mercury return June 22nd.
June 24, 1988 18Gemini
July 6, 1994 29Gemini
June 17, 1995 10Gemini
June 28, 2001 21Gemini
June 8, 2002 1Gemini
June 19, 2008 13Gemini
July 1, 2014 24Gemini
June 22, 2021 16Gemini
July 4, 2027 27Gemini
June 14, 2028 8Gemini
June 26, 2034 19Gemini
In traditional astrology, Mercury is said to “rule” Gemini and Virgo. Whilst the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ does not use ruler-ships, I have always thought that Mercury has a greater resonance with Gemini than with Virgo. Gemini is certainly more “mercurial” than Virgo.
When Mercury turns retrograde, this begins its archetypal and alchemical metamorphosis from one overtone into another. The current Aquarian overtone is drawing to a close….the signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus have been traversed, and now the shape-shift into Gemini is well underway. Mercury resides in the sign of Gemini from May 3-July 11. The current retrograde time is like a preliminary trying out of Gemini, as the Aquarius overtone is being left behind. The complete emergence into the morning sky of the Gemini archetype will occur June 22nd at 16Gemini07.
With much of the world relying on left brain agreements and digital technologies, certainly this retrograde time will be wild and totally unpredictable. But if you know that this is the intention, then you can flourish by using Aquarian and Gemini strategies. Employ the high witness that can see the objective overview without judgment and maintain equanimity and neutrality. Also as Gemini comes on even stronger, be willing to see beyond duality and polarities, and see the cosmic joke as our minds try to figure out what is happening. Another suggestion is to invoke allies such as Thoth, Seshat, Hermes, and Iris.


June 2021- The Most Active + Transformational Month of 2021, Major Beginnings + Completions, Curveballs + Breakthroughs

Welcome to June 2021! We have now made it halfway through the year! This is reason to celebrate and this month is another very active and profound period. We are still knee deep in eclipse season and this will continue to create curveballs, shifts in destiny and major developments.

If your life up until this month seemed rather dull or blah, then get ready for some major action, variety and stimulation.

The month of June heralds a lot of mix ups, reversals and divine order at play. We will be quite mentally active and astute with a continued plethora of Gemini activity in the cosmos. There will be no shortage of interesting aspects and movements within the planets. It might be hard to ground ourselves as we will be lacking a lot of the Earth element in the sky. Since there will be an abundance of air + water present this month, it will be imperative to add in the missing element of earth into our daily practice. To bring in the earth element, getting out in nature, playing in the dirt or taking off your shoes and walking around barefoot will be beneficial. Tending to more practical and mundane tasks will also help anchor in the earthy vibes.

This month is sure to be one to remember as it will bring in lots of change and reversals of fate. I will begin in the middle of the month when things get super interesting and active.

On June 10th, we have the powerful and potent Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Gemini. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids and herald massive new beginnings, fresh perspectives and the slate being wiped clean. Since eclipses represent curveballs and “resets” often the events on or around an eclipse bring in surprises, shocks and unforeseen situations. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign deals with the intellect, curiosity, communication, play and whimsical pursuits.

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is here to awaken and refresh our ability to communicate our deepest desires and wants. There is power and prestige with our words now so be especially aware of what you are saying and how you are communicating. This is an excellent new moon to get started on a blog, book or new website. Another reason communication will be so prominent will be The Solar Eclipse in Gemini’s conjunction to retrograde Mercury in Gemini. While many new endeavours around communication will be favored, with retrograde Mercury in Gemini in the mix, some of these inspiring thoughts and plans could actually come from past people or situations. Expect some kind of new beginning with an old project, person or situation. We will have to watch for being all up in our head as the mental acumen and drifting of the mind will be very present.

On June 14th, we have the second meet up of Saturn in Aquarius in a square with Uranus in Taurus. Their first meetup occurred on February 17th and the third will be on December 24, 2021.

Saturn in Aquarius in a tense battle with Uranus in Taurus will continue to bring up issues around order vs. innovation, systems vs. originality, government power vs. personal freedoms. I expect to see some kind of further regulations/lockdowns from various countries/governments and the retaliation for protecting such rights from individuals. This aspect is one in which the government’s plans are in favor of innovation + change for large groups of folks often excluding what will benefit the freedoms and independence of the individual. Major protests and clashes between both the “old” and the “new” will continue to be big themes with this aspect.

On June 21st, we have the arrival of the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. We also have the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and vitality moving from the airy sign of Gemini into the watery sign of Cancer. Cancer is all about family, home, nurturing, protection and comfort. The Sun’s entry into Cancer will certainly make us more connected to our feelings and the nostalgic vibes of the past will also be ushered in. This is a great solar cycle to begin becoming more in touch with our emotional states, renovating our home and attending to the needs of our family and friends.

On June 22nd, Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and contracts, turns direct at 16 degrees of Gemini. After weeks of confusion and mental mishaps, we will slowly start to see business plans, projects and endeavors clear up and be resolved. Any misunderstandings and lack of clarity will be sorted and our minds will begin to declutter + forward movement in our plans will be provided. This is a great time to re-engage in mental pursuits and to re-establish any long standing business objectives.

Finally on June 24th, we have another powerful lunation with the Full Moon at 3 degrees of Capricorn. Full Moons always represent endings, completions and manifestations. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, is known to represent authority, structures, hard work and success. This will be a very supportive and prosperous full moon. Although the moon is technically in her fall in the sign Capricorn( due to the fact that she rules the opposite sign of Cancer) this is still an auspicious lunar event. The Full Moon in Capricorn will bring in lots of tangible rewards and manifestations for all of our hard work. There is no sign that is more dedicated and persistent to excellence as an honorary Capricorn. This is a great lunar cycle to pay extra attention to your business growth, bank accounts and see the fruits of your labor bring in harvest + abundance. This Full Moon in Capricorn is making a beneficial 60 degree sextile to Jupiter in Pisces as well. The Full moon in a lovely dance with Jupiter will increase the fortune and good blessings as Jupiter is the greatest benefic planet in our solar system. Spiritual gifts along with practical applications will be highlighted by this earthy full moon.

June 2021 is a month in which many changes of fate and destiny will be felt and witnessed. If there weren’t many shifts in May, due to the eclipse season being activated, then you are sure to see some change and progress in June. Major reversals and plot twists will occur. The main things to focus on this month will be around staying grounded and patient as possible. Never an easy task regardless of what is happening in the sky, but very important especially with all the shifts and movements occurring. If you were looking for a miracle or shift, then the month of June will certainly bring in your heart’s desires. June 2021 wants to show you that just when you thought something was over or done, the universe will come in and throw you a revival + renewal of energy. June 2021 is here to bring in the shifts we desire in order to move things forward, breakthroughs in our mental clarity after weeks of confusion and twists of fate + fortune that leave us in awe of the wisdom of mother nature.


© Astromomma, 2021

Image: Casimir Lee

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Sun conjunct the North Node in Gemini and sesquiquadrate Pluto retrograde in Capricorn – The light is on. The signal blares. The gate is open. Pay attention to synchronicity as karma is at work. Important choices and conversations illuminate the best direction for your soul’s growth. Listen to what is said. Note the thoughts that arise in your mind. Follow your guiding star. Re-orientate to your true North.
The Sabian symbol for the Sun and the North Node is ‘Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For Experience’. An adventure beckons but the Sun’s connection to Pluto also taps into fears. That’s okay, it’s natural to be afraid if you have not been this way before. Don’t get spooked by your own shadow! Stand strong in your power. Own your truth. Creative transformation begins with one small step.
Degrees and Time
Sun, North Node 10°Ge44′ R – 01:11 (BST)
Sun 11°Ge31′, Pluto 26°Cp31′ R – 20:54 (BST)
Painting – Child in Sunlight by Willard Metcalf
Kin 169 ~ Red Cosmic Moon
‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number thirteen and its key words are ‘Transcend, Endure and Presence.’ The last day of a wavespell is about contemplating the 13-day journey which in this case, began on Red Earth. 13 is a powerful number with a powerful message. We must ‘endure to transcend’ or in other words; progress must be earned the hard way and is not given easily. Think about what you have learnt lately and absorb that information as tomorrow a new journey begins….
Today is Red Moon which represents ‘Purification, Universal Water and Flow’. The Moon affects the ocean tides and our minds. It teaches us the lesson of ‘letting go’. Some things are just greater than ourselves and we need to recognize that and concede. This is not about giving up but rather trusting that things are going your way…without your meddling or input to throw things off course.
The Guide today is the Red Skywalker which represents ‘Space, Wakefulness and Explore’. Whenever Skywalker leads, we are encouraged to get out of our comfort zones and explore. As today the Skywalker leads the Moon, this suggests we explore how much we are able to ”’go with the flow’. Skywalker is adventurous and very brave, follow that example and that will do you good.
The Challenge is the Blue Storm who does not easily relinquish control. When challenged, people born on Blue Storm can be disruptive. It is not in their nature to just go with it. They are very capable folk and want always to make changes, tell them that today they can’t do that and watch them squirm and resist!
The Occult power is the Yellow Human which symbolizes ‘Channeling’, as the human is the vessel, divinely designed to be a receptacle …receiving wisdom from the source. When in the magical position, Yellow Human channels insights in regarding Occult understanding. Use your intuition today to understand how magic is working in your life.
The Ally is the White Dog who when in this position of Ally is a friendly dog, man’s best friend! If you need help and support today, a White Dog is your best bet.
13 MULUC – KIN 169
1 JUNE 2021
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
I endure in order to PURIFY
Transcending FLOW
I seal the process of Universal Water
With the Cosmic tone of presence
I AM guided by the power of SPACE
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
1/6/2021 = 1/6/5 1/11=1/2=3
1/11 = Triple GATEWAY – New beginnings
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Cooperation/Partners
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 169 = 16 = 7 – Mystic/Spiritual/Majik/Initiation
A very feminine FLUID day.. to GO WITH GAIA’S FLOW!
Welcome to JUNE the sixth month of the year which represents HEAVEN and CHRIST energies, the 6 also represents Harmony, Fertility and ROMANCE. Very beautiful HIGH VIBE frequencies. June is the sixth month in 2021, a 5 Year which adds up to an 11 Universal Month. The 11 represents a PORTAL or GATEWAY so this month promises to be POTENT for walking through new doors and choosing which of the 2 paths you will follow. The 11 reduces to a 2 which denotes pairing, partners and TWINS👬.. June is the month of GEMINI the TWINS 👫so powerful TWIN soul and partnership energies at play to harmonize polarity and separation. Very promising energy to HARMONIZE relationships.
On June 10th we have a SOLAR ECLIPSE🌞 with both the SUN and NEW MOON🌙 in the sign of GEMINI the TWINS👭 – so we have a HUGE POLARITY RESET to UNIFY the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine👫 in this realm. Another HUGE EVOLUTIONARY SHIFT for HUMANITY to transcend the duality patriarchal control Matrix. Very EXCITING transformational shifts happening! 💥💥
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
✨✨✨Today is a very powerful MAJIKAL GODDESS day, as the Moon represents the GODDESS👸 as does the 13th Cosmic tone of Creation 👸. So the code of KIN 169 is DOUBLED today!!!!. 👸👸
A very divinely feminine day!
Indeed the GODDESS HAS RISEN TODAY, and you will sense her pure PRESENCE assisting you in transcending the old patriarchal paradigm. The GODDESS is calling you to actively LISTEN. Can you feel her presence riding on the waves of pure Cosmic consciousness? GO GODDESS!! 🌼🌸🌹
And so we arrive at Day 13 the final day in the RED EARTH WAVESPELL🌎 of evolution, through navigating our way through the signs, synchronicity and Earth Majik. Flowing and aligning with the rhythms and cycles of Nova Gaia.
We commenced this RED EARTH wavespell on day 1 seeking to attract all that we required to CONNECT with Mother Gaia through listening to her SIGNS and synchronicity. On day 13 we evolve to realize that through our feminine Goddess consciousness we become ONE with GAIA’S rhythyms and cycles and as we merge with our Planetary body through love, honour and respect we become ONE with the greater COSMOS and ALL THAT IS.
Today as we close this 13 day journey with CABAN, we have evolved to just hold the pure presence of RED EARTH, becoming more fluid and hyper sensitive to the cosmic cycles of our planet. Becoming ONE with our Earth Mother, 🌏blending into her consciousness as she absorbs us into her being as we all ASCEND together as ONE body!🎆
COSMIC🍥 is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the mystical number of the Cosmic order, the Goddess and synchronic Natural time. COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence Today you have incredible SPIRITUAL POWER at your disposal to transcend all those old patterns, releasing the limited conditioning, where the world and all its trappings dissolve into the Cosmic mists! We can transform them by our pure presence, translating into pure BLISS!.❤
We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!. This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. 🍥🎆
Today we can be still and connect to the essence of our greatest Majik, the frequency of pure internal presence through the Cosmic Goddess!🍥👸
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED COSMIC MOON 🌝– MULUC Represents the GODDESS 👸 energies. MULUC heightens our intuition and sensitivity today enabling us to create the connections needed to bring in more FLOW.🌫. MULUC focuses on purification 💧and gently releasing old energies. As it is a SPIRITUAL plane day MULUC assists in purifying our LIGHTBODIES by clearing away any density. Purifying our thoughts, beliefs and programs and those of our Collective, in order to align with the Harmonic matrix and synchronic flow. Upgrading our Crystalline bodies and aligning us with the GODDESS energies unleashed in all their Divine presence today.
Open to the flow🌫 of Universal Waters💧🌫💧🌫 to access pure Cosmic consciousness. The energies are pushing us all to “GO WITH THE FLOW” becoming softer and more fluid, allowing these Cosmic currents to flow through our vessels. Purify and release, allow the GODDESS to enter your being and connect you to your feminine gifts once again. The primordial creation force is that of the GODDESS – the divine feminine in all her Cosmic glory!
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED COSMIC SKYWALKER 🚀– BEN Today is a divine day to explore other dimensions that bring you greater wisdom, love and joy. 🍥 BEN the Skywalker is the 13th tribe opening us to the mysteries of the Cosmos. So we have a triple 13 Cosmic Code today! Indeed a very MYSTICAL day! The COSMIC SKYWALKER represents the INFINITE UNIVERSE – total endlessness through all realms – with NO END.. just pure ENERGY.
FULL EXPANSION SPACE CADETS!! Today we EXPAND, EXPLORE and connect very easily with altered realities! This is our birthright as StarBlossoms ✨🌹… the more expanded you go, the more deeply you can EARTH.
Today we expand, expand, expand through divine presence.🎆 We connect to the evolving synchronicities through flowing with the fluidity of our Planet through our awakening consciousness. We are exploring SPIRITUAL TRANSCENDENCE today. The Ayahuasca experience MINUS the plant!!🌿 A totally WILD RIDE! 🚀
As we EXPAND we realize great BLISS 😍💕 as we float endlessly in a sea of infinite potential and ALL THAT IS. It is our MISSION to return from our adventuring as fully awakened StarBlossoms bringing Heaven to Earth.💒 So go forth and WALK THE SKIES on all levels today, deep into the earth realms and even high out in the stars and multi-Universe. All this can be experienced through your own bodies and consciousness without leaving home! No rocket needed!! 🚀
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
SUPPORT: WHITE COSMIC DOG 🍥🐕– OC what is the GODDESS without LOVE? These two go together like two peas in a pod. OC is a loyal companion, embodying the divine feminine qualities of pure, unadulterated, unconditional love. 💞🎆💞
The COSMIC DOG embodies the fullest extent of DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE available throughout the COSMOS… What a BONUS to have this energy available to access, through this beautiful Cosmic experience today. Ecstatic BLISS! 💕🎆as we merge into ONENESS through Cosmic transcendence, anchoring many dimensions in the pure perfection of Divine Love throughout our timeless receptivity.
OC reminds us to see and feel everything through our HEARTS ❤and the eyes of LOVE, purifying our thoughts to only hold loving thoughts for the good of all as we EXPAND, endlessly floating on these fluid channels of BLISS. It is very fitting that WHITE DOG 🐕is supporting THE GODDESS 👸today, walking side by side, as tomorrow he takes his starring role bringing forth the LOVE CODES 💓for the next 13 day cycle of the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL.🍥 🐕💞🐕🍥
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW MAGNETIC HUMAN👴 – EB represents learning through past experience, and making WISER choices using our intelligence to choose a better world. Choosing to THINK differently, uniquely and progressively, with a new focus on anchoring Cosmic Consciousness through UNION and Service to GOD/GODDESS/SOURCE, Humanity and our Planet.
Through purifying the archaic patriarchal system and its control mechanisms, we can reclaim our Collective POWER by listening to our Earth and her waters and going with the flow of our own PURE instinct. Elevating our Collective MIND so that we can manifest the Collective dream of Abundance in the New time. Unifying our free will with the will of SPIRIT and the GODDESS!
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE COSMIC STORM🍥 🌀 – CAUAC is today’s GIFT, working synergistically with MULUC to cleanse, PURIFY and transform your LIGHT-BODY elevating you to Cosmic consciousness. 🎆
The COSMIC STORM is a force not to be reckoned with!!! It is best to wholly submit to the POWER of this STORM and allow the Universal cleansing Waters to FLOW through you, willingly releasing all that has blocked you from embodying COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. 🍥🎆 The COSMIC STORM is transforming you to higher states of consciousness through this rapid evolutionary STORM cycle in the final stages of the BLUE LUNAR STORM YEAR.
CAUAC is the catalyst to transform the old and co-create the expansion of the ever-expanding Harmonic Matrix of the Divine and elegant design of PURE consciousness. Allow the Universal waters of the GODDESS and MULUC to harmonize with BLUE STORM 🌀 ☔ and powerfully transport you to a state of total transcendence through PURE HEAVENLY BLISS. 💝💝💝
🌜🍥 👸❤🚀🌜🍥 👸
So beloveds a divine GODDESS👸 day of transcendent being, expanding our cosmic antennae into the higher realms of the stars and other dimensions of the Earth! Enjoy just BE-ING today!😍
Today’s question is “How can I allow the heart of the GODDESS👸 to FLOW through my being, as I expand into COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, through my pure presence?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
And so we bid adieu to CABAN🌎🌍🌏 – the beautiful flowing and synchronistic RED EARTH, who guided our evolutionary journey over the last 13 days. Providing the powerful GPS needed to show us where our collective Destiny is leading us. Of course all roads lead us back home to LOVE 💝💝💝 for why else do we incarnate in a body, but to experience LOVE in all its forms?. 💕💞
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell packed with the beautiful awakening of our precious hearts. 💞OC – the loyal WHITE DOG🐕❤ is our trusted guide. And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for allowing the GODDESS POWER👸🎆 to flow through your transcendent beingness!🍥🎆
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Cosmic Moon Goddess DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages June 1 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Construction of new standards continues to accelerate.

Rhythmic adjustments continue.

Arcturians disconnect specific devices.

Rivalries enter into crystalline healings.

Augmented transmutation in multifields.

Zone transitions in progress.

Elevated return for immediate help.

Mirroring is increased considerably.

Sector 6/9 of *Base 23T in depopulation: 53% (non-regressive). Zetas invited to leave. The Light Celebrates! Next >>>> 7/9.

Flash Central Imminent Sun – 84% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

P1 in Data Collection. Next >>>> Analysis.

Island of Purification: Projectors pointed and held >>>> 84% (non-regressive).

Island of Dreams being mapped. Projectors aimed and in support. >>> 84% (non-regressive).

Comfort zones are shattered.

Temporarily, end of transmission.




I am listening to my own soul and I follow its inner guidance and knowning.
I am true to my own soul self. I am soul.
I am not allowing the outside voices to drown my own inner voice and intuitive knowing and Divine guidance.
I am true to my own soul self and the Divine within.
Judith Kusel

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