White Wizard Light Activation. Realigning with the LIFE we were meant to live – Prayer for Illumination

White Wizard Light Activation. Realigning with the LIFE we were meant to live – Prayer for Illumination



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Cosmic Conscious Initiates of the Great Awakened Timeline

Welcome to June and the White Wizard Wavespell. As we enter this new powerful month and wavespell we had more massive waves of Fifth Dimensional Gamma Plasma flowing into this realm from on high appearing as a whiteout beam on the Schumann Charts at amplitudes of 32 hz, 45hz, 28hz and a big blast at 67hz. The doorway to 5d and beyond has been flung wide open for all with the eyes to see and the ears to hear shall pass through as the first wave of Galactic Citizens of the multidimensional New Earth.

We are the Ones the world has been waiting for. We lead by example and it starts in our homes and communities and spreads through this realm exponentially. We live in the love of our all-mighty I Am presence and we do the best we can, not judging ourselves nor others. I know it’s easier said than done. This is why day by day in every way I Am getting better and better, at anything I put my mind to in every action I take and in the stillness I practice. In this  your life becomes your art and your breath becomes your guide through your Pure Awareness. Mindset is key and staying positive and focused on our task of living our best life here and now.

Herein lies the problem. People are looking outside themselves for the evidence of the Shift of the ages. We must witness the true changes within us before we see with the eyes of the spirit on an energetic level. Just as there must be a shift in consciousness before the physical reality is effected. All shamans and sages know this fact. That is why Starseeded Ones, we are the anchors, the navigators, the light houses and the guides. We came into this realm holding this Gnosis within our DNA, within our minds.

We can be assisted by external entities such as teachers,higher dimensionals, star beings and spirit guides but we must do our own the inner work, which is the most important aspect of this Great Shift of the Ages. This is why many moons ago the Zen masters transmitted to me the concept of ” born alone, gone alone, come alone. No one can meditate for you, no one can love and free your inner child but you. This is why the inner world mirrors the external and the external mirrors the internal. It is a two way street, a two way mirror. One cannot exist without the other but you really only have true potential to control your internal reality, which then affects the external and we accomplish this beginning with a positive mindset and the belief in your own divine sovereign power.

It is time to activate your Inner Magic, Wizards of the New Jerusalem and Keep the Faith while shining your light and rising through the Ascension Spiral into the Dawning of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life…A’Ho!







✨Alpha thrust and Omega return✨

The Alpha thrust is the thrust of Spirit, the going out from God or descent of the soul by the Light of the Father, and the Omega return is the coming in to God or the ascent of the soul by the Light of the Mother.
Alpha thrust and Omega return
Alpha thrust and Omega return
The Great Flash or Galactic Flash is you waking up to the resurrection, recalibration and re-occurrence of your Divine Sovereign Self. ❤
The Great Flash
The Great Flash
Be steadfast, beloveds. No matter what appears to befall you or the outer world, hold steady in LOVE and FAITH.
GRACE, PEACE, and LOVE abide in you always. LOVE is your LIGHT and will always light your way.
It Is So.
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨


June feels like a new start on many levels. Summer, love, passion. After the death and rebirth energy of April and May, we are ending an old cycle and moving forward. With Mercury (ending June 3rd), Saturn (starting June 4th), Neptune (stsrting June 28th) and Pluto retrograde throughout the month we will be focused more on what is happening within, to be able to understand things better and to let go of the ego’s resistance to change. Cancer season will bring more sensitivity at the end of the month. More than ever, we are guided to be and live in the present moment, to go with the flow, not hold ourselves back and do what others say or expect us to do. Look within and find the answers.
With new energy coming in during the 66 portal and Solstice, we will receive an energetic boost that will push us into the unknown to find new levels of awareness, consciousness and let go of what we have been holding on and set boundaries. We will learn how to express ourselves in a way others will understand what we want and what we don’t want. June will be a busy month, but more on the inside than the outside. The retrograde movement of the planets will push the focus inside and the Full Strawberry supermoon in Sagittarius and the emotional New moon in Cancer will add to it, but the results will be really good at the end, even though you won’t feel blessed with all the feelings and emotions coming to the surface while it is happening. 😉🤍🧡❤️
Do everything with gentleness
Do everything with gentleness
The NEW KINGDOM is Emerging!
Unstoppably it is on its way to us. . . it is part of a SACRED PROCESS in which the LIGHT is Asserting ITself in the Whole Creation.
In this. . . the 10th Revelation. . . it shall BE Brought to our Attention that the CHANGE on this Earth concerns the Whole Creation. . . the Whole Universe.
This “Local Event” affects the Whole Creation.
WE are NOW Experiencing the NEW EARTH Timelines and the incoming Significantly Strong NEW LIGHT CODES with Much HIGHER FREQUENCY of BLUE RAY ENERGY is continuing to reach our planet.
As this ENERGY interacts with our own ENERGY FIELD. . .
the Existing Pattern is likely to BE Rearranged as We incorporate the HIGHER FREQUENCIES and Release the Lower Ones.
Stony Creek Park
Stony Creek Park

📷 Anthony Heflin

The blue-green water at Devil’s Bathtub in Stony Creek Park, Duffield, Southwest Virginia, United States.
We are master creators and we are able to pull from the Master (ascended) creative energies to create that which resonates towards bringing our desires into reality.
So…I can pull learnings and practices from Tesla, Hemingway, Jesus, Ganesh, Archangels, Galactic families of light – whatever I wish to aid in my creation – an expansion of I AM THAT I AM.
This is one of your many powers. We all have access to all this wisdom and knowledge held within the Akash.
Call in the required energy to co-create with you, and if your heart is pure and your intention is for your highest good and for that of the Collective, your every wish is granted.
Your heart is the portal, the vortex of all creation.
Sync it up to the 3rd eye – bypassing the mind – and observe which energy you require to bring your desires to fruition.
Don’t be afraid. Your experience is unique to you. All are valid experiences and all add to the Collective (“collect”ive).
Don’t pay attention to anyone else’s “perceptions” of your reality. Just because your reality may be perceived as false or even delusional, they are not on your path and therefore not privy to all you see, feel and know to be true for you.
Happy creating, and go forth and prosper.
Peace x
Awakened Empowered Woman
Awakened Empowered Woman

Light Activation.

You are carrying Planetary Codes of Light that will be activated when you reach the Code frequency…. LOVE.❤️ As you continually uplift your consciousness and frequency, the codes of light in your DNA will be activated.
When the filaments of these Codes of Light are released, they will interact with the Light Grid that surrounds the earth.
This Light grid has already irrevocably interlocked with the light grid within the Earth. Earth is moving into the fifth dimension. Keep working on your spiritual growth.
Your Codes are needed to help with Planetary Ascension. Your solar system sun downloads and channels waves of energy that impact your planet – driving you, and all the creatures on it to move and advance to new levels of consciousness.
The sun is a very active component in the ascension process – as it regulates a lot of the energy transferences into third dimension from higher galactic sources like Sirus, The Galactic Centra Sun & The Universal Central Sun.
These light codes carry the mathematical matrices of the new beginning – the seed forms of new thoughts that will both bridge the old reality to the new, and also create and exciting new reality structures as the shift unfolds and develops.
Some light codes weave the far reaches of the galaxies together in vast infinity loops with your own galaxy, solar system and earth and human consciousness.
Thought forms are encoded in geometrical configurations – some of which are known on earth as the structures defined in sacred geometry.
Other light codes are coming in through the galactic star gate portals that are quantum multidimensional.
That means they carry intentions that will initiate, activate and enhance humanity’s emerging elevation in consciousness.
We have come here during this time of planetary ascension to assist and awaken humanity.
The “Ascension” of planet Earth is the transition into higher frequencies. We are transitioning into higher realms of consciousness and unity as a collective. We are “upgrading” our bodies to incorporate more light and multidimensionality.
It involves restructuring our emotions and physical DNA in order to match the raising frequency of the planet.
Much Love & Light.
Mike Harrigan.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Global Consciousness..
🔥🕎🔯🕉️ 🔥
💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💎
❤️ 🌟 🌎🌍🌏🌟 ❤️
Light Activation
Light Activation

Realigning with the LIFE we were meant to live!

For many, many years, messages have been shared with us about awakening humanity developing a cosmic orientation point within. This is a center point that would keep us anchored to our souls journey, while traveling through a shift of an age. We knew it would help us maintain balance while the old world faded away . . . as the proverbial rug was ripped out from underneath us, and as a new world began to emerge. Well . . . We are in the deep end of this process now.
From this past equinox and following eclipse portal, the frequencies have been turned up at and accelerated rate. This powerful time is realigning us with the life we were meant to live! Not the life our ego wants to replay to feel safe. We are literally unzipping ourselves from our old path and ways. Step by step. This process and outcome will be different for each person. And no doubt, if we are facing this time with our eyes and hearts wide open, this will be the most challenging and fulfilling work we will have done in our lives.
We understand that we can no longer be anchored in the old world as it is broken, and we have also evolved past its usefulness. The past has served us greatly and has delivered safety to this point. Yet we can also see that the new world ahead of us is not quite ready to be fully grounded. We are unzipping ourselves from the past, and during this process we might feel even separated from ourselves until we rebalance. There is this seemingly vast void in the in-between what was, and what will be. In this place we might feel great loss and sadness as our old life and world dissolves away, throughout time, space and dimension. Even our deepest soul intent that was a work that would take many life times to complete, may now be unfinished and also obsolete. These multi-life projects are the hardest to let go of, and the grief is very primal and very deep. We are not just letting go of reality from this lifetime, but a reality that evolved in this entire past cycle of time, and everything that it contained.
There is no need to worry about the earth or humanities outcome in this process. You can not make a mistake, or miss your boat. The Star Elders continue to say that anything out of alignment with the new laws of nature, the new frequencies, or energies, can not proceed into the future. If it’s falling away now, it is meant to fall away. We are being placed exactly where we need to be, even if it is challenging or unexpected. There is still a lot of purging to come and this will continue for some time. And a lot of it will be a surprise to us.
This is a light warrior’s journey. This is a journey to reprogram our physical bodies, and to raise our consciousness and sharpen our awareness. We are asked to fully let go of our outdated past and history. Layer after layer of the old world is being pealed away. The memory in these layers can rise into our awareness in flashes of the past – past lives, and the projects that have not been completed. With each layer we travel through, we must also process this loss and let it go. Grief is the natural process of letting go. The depth of our grief is equal to how much our hearts and souls were invested in that which we are letting go. This could be an occupation, where we live, our relationships, our projects, even our hopes and dreams. When we do this work of profound letting go, we might temporarily feel vacant, empty, and directionless, and fear might rise up in us as a natural human survival response to change. We will need great courage to step into what is coming next, which is to enter the great void of the unknown. Once we grieve the past, acceptance will follow, leaving us wide open to new experiences that are aligned with the incoming higher frequencies.
This time could bring up primal survival issues in our bodies. Survival issues most often affect our lower back, hips, and hip flexors and piriformis and psoas muscles, and can cause sciatica or knee issues. Our bodies are still reacting to the new frequencies with primal programming as a survival mechanism. When a body perceives entering places unknown, it tightens as an automatic protection. Our primal bodies react with each layer we process. This time calls for a lot of stretching, breathing, and a lot of patience. And I’m not one for patience. But we must breathe through this process. We need to talk to our body like it is our child. Our bodies need reminding that they are safe, strong and healthy. I also find Egyptian Red Amber Oil placed directly on the crown and bottom of the feet helps with this process.
Also it may be a challenge to think straight, or stay focused, because a new multilevel of consciousness will be flowing in. We may not sleep very well, or sleep too much. We may have a hard time getting anything done in a day. We might feel overwhelmed with a great many options being presented all at once, from all directions. We can also be overwhelmed with the many things that we are being asked to release and let go of. Both incoming flow and the past exiting, is happening simultaneously. It has been a confusing time as we leave linear, dualistic, 3D consciousness, and enter unifying spherical and multidimensional consciousness.
When we begin to enter spherical time and have access to multiple dimensions, there will be no linear directions present anymore. Our new cosmic orientation point will be the rarified light cord that holds us together. An example . . . imagine a world where there are no landmarks, or no directions like north, south, east, or west, and also no up or down. No sunrise or sunset, and no road maps. How would we navigate this? If we were floating out in space and there were no heavenly bodies anywhere to let us know where we are, where are we? Our new cosmic orientation point is the center without a place of origin. Because our origin is inside of us!
But… we already know how to do this. When we were a newborn baby we entered a strange foreign world that we knew nothing about. We didn’t understand how things worked. We didn’t understand language, time and gravity. We didn’t understand all the things in the world around us. We had to learn to walk! And yet we did this. In some ways this is what we’re doing now. We are being reborn without dropping the old body and getting a new one. We are hindered by the memory of past locked in our DNA, of what we ”think” things are, instead of being aware of what things are now. It is helpful to approach this new time like a little child.
It’s really imperative to not listen to the noise and chatter in our heads (ego), but feel and sense what is taking place in our hearts (consciousness). Your mind can only repeat programs from the past, but your heart can listen to the future. It is simple really. The only thing that’s really important at this time is to anchor love. Anchor love in our hearts. Anchor love into the earth. Anchor love into the sacred sites in our local areas. Anchor love into our communities. Love is the beginning step to anchor this new foundation, in the new cycle we are entering.
As we float in what may appear like a directionless void, we will begin to see many little opportunities coming forward, clues and open doors to how our new world will manifest and what our place will be within this world. This is the rising up of pure potential and possibility. This energy of pure potential will create our new intentions and we will begin manifesting projects and realigning our soul’s purpose within the new laws of nature.
We are about to leap from one cycle to the next, begin again in a new life without reincarnation. This is a time to gather resources and ready ourselves. Once our landing has anchored, we will be able to step out of the stuck and stalled void we have been in and launch ourselves through the many new open doorways into the life our soul has chosen. This is the welcome home our hearts have craved for our whole lives. All that we could not have imagined yesterday, is already on the way.
(P.S. Most often the word WE and US, etc, refers to the reader, humanity, and also to the Star Elders, as they do not see a separation between us and them.
Aluna Joy Yaxkin with Star Elder influences – 5.30.22
We have all Signed up for this moment in History here on Earth. We Answered the Call of our Hearts ❤
We All know this Story of Transformation here on Earth.
This is the Greatest Shift in Humanties Evolution, we are Free Sovereign beings.
I Believe in you all ❤
As the Light Codes spread across the Globe, our DNA is being Activated from Eons gone by. The Energetic Grid is Realigning and the Veils are lifting.
Many Souls are feeling the shift as they shed the past in the Divine Rememberance of who they are.
To Awaken Humanity we must Awaken all of ourselves.
We are constantly being checked on our path we are always being tested.
The Time is now to Release the Past the Patterns and Programs, Reclaim your Power, to not give it over to another, be Honest with yourselves, love is the way. Self Love is the key.
Shed the layers return to the One you are, Fear not Dear Hearts the freedom to reclaim our Sovereignty is here, but first the layers of the past must be released as you move further into your Heart and Soul.
The truth is being revealed as you continue to peel back the layer’s and Love all you’ve been and all you are and can be. Raise your Vibration to Love the love for you and Humanity.
I am Deeply Grateful and Humbled for all of you Soul Family Eternally blessed am I to serve you the Creator and Humanity as a whole.
We are in this together,
I Will Not play the Separation game, I will Not Shrink myself, I will shine my love for myself and for all. The Fire of Love in my Heart burns bright.
Love you all blessed am I we are One.
We ask you to open your Heart, find the space to EXPAND.
In every second, you are actively contributing to the Mission and the life force of Gaia.
As your light body integrates, you will notice more space in your mind, more virtual awareness as your thought processess take a whole new meaning of expansion and expression. The term BEING will resonate and relate on a whole new level.
As your multidimensional self becomes your reality – you will need a period of time integrating this aspect of you.
To integrate and connect to your
Multidimensional Wings of Light 💥
We ask you to be gentle & sensitive with yourself & others. Your transition is occurring, know it is a process based on your own needs and ascension level.
Self care, good rest and harmony is an integral step in the process.
Focus your thoughts in a heart centered space of Love & Light.
Know we love you dearly Galactic brothers & sisters xo
Sending waves of Cosmic Love for your day❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
source: KarenLithika.com
Cities of Light in the New Earth
Cities of Light in the New Earth
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

As you continue releasing and healing, you may be re-evaluating your life plan. It’s becoming easier to see where your are sacrificing or trying to fix others. You may understand how choosing do so has been creating a false sense of reality, and negatively affecting your life. There was a reason and season for that, however it’s purpose and soul growth lessons have ended.

Now is the moment to focus your attention on making some decisions. The fears, limited beliefs, and trauma that have been holding you back from doing so are transmuting. It’s easier to know your truth, and take the action steps you’re intuitively guided to take.

This new perspective is leading to making some major lifestyle changes. New ideas and inspirations are sparking that are better serving you, and what you want. This means to shine bright and claim your birthrights of Creation.

You no longer need to wait on other people to be happy. Instead, set your intentions how to make yourself happy in this new cycle. In doing so it will be easy to stay the course and get to the finish line of achieving your manifestations.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

June 2022- The Calm Returns After Much Turbulence, Action Time, The Will to Create + Manifest Your Desires

Welcome to June 2022! You have now made it through the recent eclipse and Mercury retrograde season! Congratulations! This is no small feat.
The last 2 months have been laden with many extreme highs and lows and unexpected events. Eclipses bring in the unknown and often represent crisis types of situations.
We are now waking up from the slumber of such dramatic events and it is time to take stock on what these eclipses have taught us. We are being asked to recognize the strength + willpower that it brought into our lives.
June 2022 is a month of reprieve and a time to catch your breath! You can finally move forward and many breakthroughs and green lights await you. The planets want to reward you for your tenacity and ability to weather many cosmic storms. Remember tough times don’t last but tough people do!
Looking to the beginning of June.. we have our first fortunate cosmic event of the month.
On June 3rd, Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and travel, finally turns direct at 26 degrees of Taurus. For the past 3 weeks or so, Mercury has created communication snafus, confusion with contracts and travel plans and overall chaos within our business plans. Now Mercury is ready to go direct and resolve some of these communication issues! YAY! It is time to launch that business, website or any new plan of project that you have wanted to begin. We will finally be able to gather our thoughts and ideas with clarity and precision. Within the next 2 weeks Mercury will return to his home sign of Gemini( where he went retrograde in early May) and that transit will be excellent as well due to Mercury’s strength within his ruling sign. This will be a time to take your plans to the next level of intellectual genius and mastery. This transit of Mercury turning direct will be particularly impactful for folks who have their inner planets the Sun, Moon or Ascendant close to 26 degrees of Taurus. There could be a significant contract or idea that comes your way now. For everyone else, look where 26 degrees of Taurus falls in your chart to see where communication breakthroughs and new plans will be popping up.
On June 4th, Saturn, the planet of obligations, restrictions and responsibility, turns retrograde at 25 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will prompt us to reevaluate our structures and obligations on many levels. Some out of the box thinking could be possible as Saturn is transiting the brainiac sign of Aquarius. This is a time to look at the last 6 months of Saturn’s direct motion and take the lessons and trials we went through as reference points of our strength and maturation process. Some folks could see old duties return and old business plans resurface. This is a good time to be willing to remold our future visions with a sense of new vision and perspective. This transit of Saturn retrograde will be particularly impactful for folks with their inner planets the Sun, Moon or Ascendant close to 25 degrees of Aquarius. Major karmic cycles could be ending for you now and a sense of rerouting your ambitions. For everyone else, check where 25 degrees of Aquarius falls in your natal chart to see where you will be restructuring certain plans and duties in your life.
Moving to mid month on June 14th, we have the expansive Full Moon at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Full moons always represent culminations, endings and manifestations. They are super emotional and often lead us to have heightened intuition and gut instincts. Sagittarius the 9th zodiac sign deals with truth, wisdom, beliefs, travel and spirituality. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is here to have us expand our sights and visions to a new frontier. There is some kind of freedom of expression that will come forth for folks at this time. We will want to go BIG or go home with this optimistic Full Moon. Some folks could be completing a degree or certification that holds lots of importance and value. Others could be tapping into the deeper aspects of a spiritual practice or philosophy. Travel in all forms will also be a theme. Foreign or educational affairs that happen on or around this moon could also be significant. The transit of the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be particularly impactful for folks with the inner planets of the Sun, Moon or Ascendant close to 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Expect big and expansive ideas and plans to be coming to bear fruit around this time. For everyone else, check where 23 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your natal chart to see where you will be expanding your consciousness and bearing fruit on any educational, travel or philosophical plans.
On June 21st a magical and special day awaits us in the cosmos..
source: https://www.astromomma.com
© Astromomma, 2022
The Calm Returns
The Calm Returns
Lunar Aspects – The Moon moves into Cancer, the sign of her domain. It’s akin to mother welcoming you home with a hug, a bowl of homemade soup, and a warm bath drawn for you afterwards. But it could seem like the world won’t let us rest. It knocks and knocks at the door – come out to play, come out to work, fix this, do that, move your car, have you seen this? Too much input. Too many goals. Just too MUCH. And we could be tempted to sulk, glower, retreat, claws snapping. Leave me alone!!!
Sometimes it is appropriate to back away, to self-sooth, to activate the inner mother to provide nurture and support when life is overwhelming. And other times it’s appropriate to deal with the knock at the door, to push through fears, to go the extra mile, even when you’re tired. The trick is knowing what you need, how to cope when needs aren’t met and how to support yourself from the inside out. Get in touch with what you feel.
Degrees and Times
Moon 00°Cn00′ – 06:48 (BST)
Moon 03°Cn49′, Jupiter 03°Ar49′ – 14:34 (BST)
Moon 04°Cn43′, Venus 04°Ta43′ – 16:23 (BST)
Moon 05°Cn45′, Mars 05°Ar45′ – 18:30 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – Soup by William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Moon 12-Crystal Rabbit Moon 🐇

We are at a pivotal time of self-discovery and awakening of the noosphere, the planetary mind. The Crystal Moon offers the focalizing power to universalize our mind into a unified thoughtform in order to manifest (crystallize) a new reality.
The noosphere is encoded with the multidimensional scale of the universal cosmic mind. Cosmos appears or is experienced differently according to the level of perception and intelligence which is perceiving.
While multidimensional operations of consciousness are normal for the noosphere, for the human this is paranormal. Paranormal phenomena help stretch the mind towards those places of consciousness which indicate some kind of higher level of existence.
In his book Earth Ascending, Jose Arguelles synthesized all of the previous thinking about the noosphere. This book illustrates the full understanding of the psi bank, located in the Earth’s electromagnetic field between the inner and the outer Van Allen radiation belts.
The psi bank can be understood as the nervous system of the noosphere. It represents a system of information storage and regulation which is coded by the 13:20 universal timing frequency and adjusted to the presentation of the Tzolkin matrix on Earth.
Television and the Internet (including smart phone, iPads, computers, etc.) comprise the virtual noosphere, with television being the virtual cognizing mind of planetary being and the Internet its communication storage and retrieval or “virtual psi bank.”
These two technologies hold in place the nearly 8 billion humans by a single virtual nervous system, which renders them all as one planetary being.
In the pulsar cosmology of the wavespell, the twelfth position or tone, corresponding to the twelfth moon, completes the third dimension mind pulsar which began in the fourth moon, the Self-Existing Moon of Form. This 12th position signifies the cooperation of form when we take stock of past actions and prepare future actions.
-Noosletter #102 (lawoftime.org)
Cosmic History Quote for Moon 12 Day 3: Any knowledge that we avail ourselves of regarding the noosphere and the psi bank, quickens and precipitates the mental/spiritual quantum shift in our consciousness and in our own self-perception.
Red Crystal Moon
Red Crystal Moon

Kin 14 ~ White Magnetic Wizard

The number 1 is called ‘Magnetic’ and its keywords are ‘Unify, Purpose and Attract’. The first day of a wavespell sets the agenda for the 13-day journey. I personally like the first day, I enjoy contemplating the purpose and setting myself some goals. There are 20 wavespells in the Tzolkin (this is the second) and each one offers a unique experience. Also, just as the days within a wavespell are connected to one another, the wavespells in the order that they appear in the Tzolkin…seem like stepping stones that link the whole 260 days together. Today is a great day to contemplate what you want to achieve over these 13 days. How can you get the most out of it?
Today is White Wizard which represents ‘Timelessness, Enchantment and Receptivity.’ Be prepared to not have a clue what’s going on for the next 13 days…this is how this wavespell can be experienced! We can be so enchanted that everything can seem a little surreal. The best thing to do is to be the enchanter rather than the enchanted. Put on your Wizard’s hat and grab a wand, it’s time to cast spells! Ask yourself: how can you use your charm to achieve what you need in your life right now? The Wizard is an alchemist and a shapeshifter. He can lead you down the rabbit hole and beyond. He can have you question the nature of reality and question yourself.
The Guide is the White Wizard, so a double helping of enchantment today.
The Challenge today is the Yellow Seed and so if you are one, you will find today potentially difficult. The Wizard may well mesmerize you to the point where you don’t know if you are coming or going. For the rest of us, when the Yellow Seed is in this tricky position it can mean that factual information is hard to come by. Just don’t believe any info you receive today because it could be an enchantment. When we are under a spell, we don’t always see the truth and may experience confusion.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand, the healer of the Tzolkin. The Occult power is the secret weapon for the day, often hidden and misunderstood. The Occult power shows us that on any day, however difficult, there is always a strength that can be tapped into. Today’s strength is the healing Blue Hand who offers magical healing to those who need it. This energy is very magical and on Wizard days, a lot of this enchanting can be attributed to the Blue Hand’s influence. It’s the Hand that holds the wand!
The Ally is Red Serpent and so if you want help finding this enchantment, look for a Red Serpent to assist you. They are everyone’s friend today. And Serpents make excellent Allies because they always know what’s going on. They have powerful instincts and are super sensitive and so they can tell which way to go. If you are a Red Serpent, every time we have a Wizard day you play this role. The reason these two are friends is because the Serpent knows how to put folks under a spell too. Both are good at mesmerizing.
Kin 14
Kin 14


14 IX – KIN 14
1 JUNE 2022
I unify in order to enchant
Attracting receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
1/6/2022 = 1/6/6 = 1/12=1/3=4
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 14 = 5 Change/Transformation/Freedom
✨💞✨💞During the DIVINE month of JUNE – ✨HEAVEN’S🕊 GATE✨ is OPENED for all virtuous souls to access their BLISS-INGS.. 😍😍😍
JUNE is the 6th month in the Gregorian Calendar.. 6 is the frequency of HEAVEN✨🕊 – it is a beautiful harmonious🌼 code bringing romance, fertility, happiness and deep contentment through family relationships.
In the Northern Hemisphere – the month of JUNE falls in the SUMMER months, favouring weddings and romantic liaisons – The 6 coding enhances this and with the 6.6. Universal month, this bodes well for twin flame👫💞and divinely destined partnerships💑 – many majikal re-unions and realization of DREAMS fulfilled.
The 6 is also the frequency of ✨CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS🌞✨ which will be overlighting the STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 through their CHRISTED selves this month.
JUNE is a 6 month, and 2022 is a 6 year – giving us a ✨6.6. HEAVEN’S GATE✨ opening for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE!! What a GIFT! 🏆💞✨
The double 6 adds up to 12 – the symbol of Christ’s Apostles, and gaining Spiritual Wisdom and strength. 1+2=3 which is the frequency of the Holy Trinity✨ – Father/Mother God and the Holy Child.👪.. the Holy Triad, the 3 is a beautiful DIVINE and joyous frequency denoting HAPPINESS, OPTIMISM and creativity..🌼🌞🌟🌼
What a wondrous combination of numerology codes to raise our HOPIUM bar!😍😍😍
The BEST NEWS is that on June 1st, 2022 we commence a new WAVESPELL cycle! The 13 day cycle of the ✴WHITE WIZARD✴ synchronistically aligns with the beginning of this wondrous, HEAVENLY month of JUNE. 🎉🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊
The WHITE WIZARD is a direct conduit for Spirit and can access all the MAJIK of HEAVEN🕊 through his pure HEART..❤ This bodes exceptionally well for those blessed souls who are granted passage through ✨HEAVEN’S OPEN GATES ✨ this month..
The key🔑 to accessing this WHITE MAJIK🕊 is to ALIGN through your HEART❤ PORTAL and hold the 💞BLISS CODES of 5D💞 and above, through your vessel.
Great DIVINE MAJIK💫✨💫 will enfold through your joyous enchantments this month.
Today we have KIN 14 and the WIZARD is tribe number 14 GIVING us a 14.14 Double WIZARDRY code. 💫💫
The number 14 = 2 x 7 And today we have the 1st day of JUNE – added to the 6th month, giving us another 7 Majikal coding. Seven is a very Spiritual number and holds the energy of MAJIK – the WIZARD embodies the DOUBLE MAGICIAN’s code.
The 14 is a highly PUBLIC👫👬👭 frequency – it represents the MEDIA and anything in the PUBLIC domain. It encompasses all forms of media – print, radio, film and television, print and digital – including Social Media. It also embraces photography and visual attention as well as advertising, promotion and marketing. Anything that involves being SEEN in a greater context. The 14 brings ATTENTION and you become NOTICED by many people enhancing your recognition, fame and status.
There is much SPIRITUAL MAJIK afoot with this sensational alignment of codes this month.
The WHITE kin are the REFINERS and they bring forth the TRUTH as DIVINE MESSENGERS and conduits of Spirit. Today we have TRIPLE WHITE WIZARD energy thus we have a very STRONG connection to DIVINE TRUTH and messages that Spirit wants to bring into the PUBLIC DOMAIN. As such this 7. 14.14 and 6.6. CODE is sure to bring TRUTH through the MAJIK of the WIZARD to the attention of the masses – perhaps on a GLOBAL LEVEL.
TRIPLE WIZARDRY DAY – is OPENING the GATES to HEAVEN for all the STAR 🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS ☀ to enter into the higher BLISS REALMS✨💞✨ – All these elevated frequencies are working synergistically to ENSURE we BREAK FREE from the DARK DREAMSPELL and FLY HIGH on the wings of SPIRIT.
If you have any doubts that we are doomed or trapped in this FAKE reality, then ✨BELIEVE that ALL IS WELL✨ and Spirit has our back! These codings are MIRACULOUS to GET THE JOB DONE!!
During the RED DRAGON🐉 cycle we have been learning all about the importance of LOVE and NURTURANCE – looking after our cell-ves and our planetary family. We united together as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY✨ to b-Earth our beautiful new compassionate world through this cycle.🐣🌈🌏💞
Now that we have discovered our most important priorities as humans, we have OPENED our HEARTS💞 and are making beautiful connections with our kin. As our HEARTS and MINDS are AWAKENING and EXPANDING we are now ready to embark on the next phase for humanity. The WAYSHOWERS are ahead of the REST and are LEADING the way forward – FREE from the NIGHTMARE!
✨✨✨WELCOME THE RETURN OF WHITE MAJIK💫 and MIRACLES ✨ into our world, as we are MANIFESTING an ENCHANTING new world through our UNIFIED PLANETARY HEART.🌍❤🌏❤🌎
Today we embark on a NEW MAJIKAL JOURNEY – a NEW ERA of White Majik , UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS 👫👭👬and Heart centredness…💞
Today’s alignment of WHITE WIZARD codes is 4x the MAJIK!! We have a DOUBLE WIZARD day, PLUS the Wavespell, PLUS we are in the 3rd year of a 13 year MAGNETIC WIZARD cycle, so INDEED we have a plethora of MAJIKAL energies to draw upon! GET your CRYSTAL WANDS charged! 💎💎💎💎
13 Days of majik, enchantment, benefic spell casting and manifesting through our true HEARTS. ❤
Now we are READY to fully b-Earth the return of WHITE MAJIK 💫to our Planet, as we transition from the DARKNESS into the LIGHT, all black magic IS BANISHED from our realm.
We can celebrate the return of the elementals, and Natural lore through the nature kingdoms, and the glory of our Divine reconnection with the Spirit realms.
Start dusting off your majik robes and crystal WANDS🔮 Earth Wizards, cos
MAGNETIC tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the One. From out of nothing, here One comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to UNIFY all as ONE! Thus Magnetic kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them.
Today and during this whole 13 day cycle we will be questioning
❓❓“What is my higher Spiritual purpose? ” and
❓❓“How can I attract all the MAJIK💫 I need to fulfil my Divine purpose”
Today’s question is “What do I need to attract to AWAKEN my inner Magician, and manifest greater UNITY and LOVE through my Divine purpose?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings and may your life be filled with great WHITE MAJIK and DIVINE MIRACLES.🍥✨💫
Aho majikal EARTH WIZARDS! ✨✨✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: WHITE WIZARD🔮 IX – 4 X the Wizardry power today from the White Wizard Wavespell/years AND the Double Wizard in the Conscious and Higher Self positions. IX is tribe number 14 = 7 +7 7 is the number of the Mystic and the Magician and corresponds to the Spiritual Initiate and Hermit – one devoting their life to Spiritual wisdom and soul growth.
The WHITE WIZARD tribe carries DOUBLE the Majik… We are also in the 3rd Year of the Magnetic Wizard 13 year cycle – bringing forth another layer of Majik.. All these UBER powerful 7 Majik codes means we have an ENDLESS supply of Majik💫 and Mystical Miracles✨ available during this 13 day cycle.
IX is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the HEART. ❤ Such wisdom is not the intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the SHAMANIC wisdom that comes from an alignment of the HEART with the MIND, and through LISTENING to the natural world.
An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe. WHITE WIZARD asks you to fully utilize this aligned mind to participate in GREAT majik today. 💫The MAJIK that emanates from our inner core being, our pure essence radiating pure conscious energy. ☀ The spiritual power that weaves the beautiful shamanic web 🕸of creation connecting all our kin in one beautiful glistening web of LOVE. 💞
WHITE WIZARD💫 is a tool of the LIGHT, a conduit for the work of SPIRIT. IX seeks to UNITE all KIN through the POWER of unconditional LOVE, our DIVINE connection to our SOURCE.. When we have full remembrance of our DIVINE SOURCE, and that we are GOD’S incarnate, we can access all the MAJIK in the Universe. 💥💥💞
The GREATEST WHITE WIZARD that walked upon this Earth was of course
His majikal abilities included performing many “Miracles” such as healing the sick, raising the dead, turning water into wine, 🍷feeding the masses from 5 fish🐟 and 5 loaves of bread,🍞 walking on water, calming the storm and possessing supernatural powers never before witnessed on this Earth plane. 💫💫💫
Yeshua has the POWER of MAGNETIC attraction – the ability to attract and manifest all that was required to benefit mankind.. This POWER was accessed through his HEART❤ PORTAL which is a direct gateway to our DIVINE SOURCE. ✨☀✨
Jesus taught us that we can all do MIRACLES✨. He showed mankind what is possible when you draw down the power of the FATHER – i.e. SOURCE energy.
Jesus taught that first, we must forge our own SOLID incorruptible connection to our DIVINE source ☀– Father/Mother GOD – Creator/Spirit.. whatever term resonates with your being. ONCE we have forged this solid connection, the information, energy and Miracles can FLOW through us.. We can achieve INSTANT Manifestation of MIRACLES as we bend the Aethers to our loving intention.
A wise Magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing Majik to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A Magician dances the dance of love💕 through offering gifts of FREEDOM to others. This is real Majik. Freed from the need to use POWER to manipulate or control, a White Magician uses WISDOM to manifest LIBERATION and LOVE.
Open your HEART❤ and mind to allow the MAJIK of SPIRIT💫 to flow through your vessel guiding your Divine enchantment today.
The WHITE WIZARD has arrived today, to SET HUMANITY FREE!!! 💥💥💥
I AM being shown by Spirit that this is the point in her-story, analogous to the LORD OF THE RINGS – where GANDALF the GREAT – arrives on his WHITE HORSE🐎 to assist the hobbits in reclaiming middle EARTH. Of course Gandalf the Wizard was previously known as Gandalf the Grey. Sadly he met his demise, and we feared this meant the Quest of the Hobbits to save middle Earth from the evil wizard – SAURON was doomed! But alas in the Spirit of all great tales – our hero ROSE FROM THE DEAD – and through his resurrection was able to lead our hobbit heroes to ultimate VICTORY!!
So the 7th RING💫 of ULTIMATE POWER is about to be dissolved in the volcanic fires🔥 of MT DOOM!🌋 (It is interesting to note how many volcanoes have erupted and AWAKENED this past month!)
The EARTH WIZARDS have RISEN together to claim the FINAL VICTORY💪💪💪 – PEACE ON EARTH🕊 and a return to PEACE and HARMONY, .
Summer🌼 is here and the fields of THE SHIRE are very verdant🌿 and lush with new growth and fragrant blooms. 🌸🌹🌼🌷🌺
LIFE is SWEET once more dearly beloveds. 🌹💞🌹
WHITE WIZARD today asks you to believe in MAJIK! 💫 The Universal Majik that surrounds us and animates our very existence. Supernatural occurrences happen every day, MIRACLES surround us!
Open your eyes, ears and senses and be RECEPTIVE allowing Spirit to show you the MAJIK ✨ within the very core of your being. Tap into that POWER today and bring forth your desires to finally transcend the old paradigm, recreating yourself as a MASTER MAGICIAN 🎩and DIVINE ALCHEMIST. ⚛
Pure alchemy⚛ is available to you today, as the aethers will shapeshift to create your projected thought forms into matter!
❓What are you desiring, and what are you projecting?
Be careful what you wish for, as you have the superpower of enchantment at your disposal today.
❓Are you OPEN to experiencing all the Majik💫 that the Universe has to offer you?
Step into your true Creator form today and experience the MIRACLE✨ of being a Divine Alchemist. ⚛💫⚛
SUPPORT: RED MAGNETIC SERPENT🐍 CHICCHAN brings forth incredible POWER🔥 to fuel your desires and passion! 💞This potent RED energy can be harnessed to add more life force to your manifestations.
RED SERPENT is the SHAMANIC HEALER bringing forth incredible POWER, VITATLITY and LIFE FORCE to fuel your desires and IGNITE the WIZARD’S MAJIK! What a formidable duo! 🔥🎇🔥
RED SERPENT will ensure that you establish that solid foundation that you require. This ensures that ALL your basic needs are met, and you feel safe and secure that you have the POWER inside you to materialize all that you require.
✨Remember to use this power wisely for your benefit and that of others for the greater good – WITH HARM TO NONE!. ✨
RED SERPENT also represents the healing caduceus and thus can restore health and vitality in your physical vessel. CHICCHAN gives us the power to purge any toxin or poison in our bodies, minds or environment..
By radiating the power of our HEART, to every cell in our body and drawing up our kundalini life force, we can effect spontaneous healing for our cell-ves and our planetary body. Bring forth the healing MIRACLES you require to regain your physical strength, power and vitality. 💥💥
RED SERPENT as the supporting energy for the WIZARD can also ensure that our Planetary body🌏 receives all the healing power needed to restore GAIA. The Rainbow Serpent🌈🐍 and Quetzicoatl🐍 have been revived and are surging through GAIA’a meridians🌐 and ley lines to provide the much needed vitality🎇 to renew our lands and her people again. Her life force has been restored once more! 🔥🔥🔥
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE COSMIC HAND🍥 🖐MANIK the COSMIC HEALER🙌 provides the perfect panacea to heal our planetary body and her people. MANIK is today’s SUPERPOWER working synergistically with IX and CHICCHAN to bring forth miraculous healing power in ending your pain, suffering and dis-ease on the road to PERFECT HEALTH.
MANIK has the knowledge and tools to GET THE JOB DONE!! MANIK wields the power of ACCOMPLISHMENT.. assisting you in accomplishing whatever your TRUE ❤HEART desires through your power of enchantment. Majik and accomplishment make for a wondrous alchemical union. 💫⚛💫
This SUPERPOWER today (and during the 13 day cycle) will ensure that the Planetary EARTH WIZARDS accomplish our sacred missions in FREEING our PLANET from DARKNESS and permanently anchoring BLISS ON EARTH..💞❤💞 Very potent forces at play!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW MAGNETIC SEED🌾 KAN is the challenge for the next 13 days so take note!! We are in the completion stages of the ELECTRIC SEED YEAR🌱 – so this SEED is ready to go off with a BANG –🎇 AWAKENING the masses to the DIVINE MAJIK that surrounds us and is WITHIN us, waiting to POP!
YELLOW SEEDS can sometimes get “stuck in the mud” and become stagnant, refusing to sprout and grow, because that takes focused intent. Today is a very powerful majikal code but unless you put in the effort to CREATE something with this energy that presents, then it will just rush on by and nothing will change.
The gift of KAN is to know that a little effort each day pays off big dividends in the long term – particularly if you add water, sunshine and fertilizer/nutrients. That little seed will be a seedling,🌱 then a plant,🌿 and then perhaps one day a mighty tree! 🌲
If you do not see instant ✨MIRACLES✨ in one day, do not give up on the majik spell that you cast. You have set the spell in motion. Your enchantment is being created in the aethers and is on it’s way.
Keep BELIEVING and keep expressing your radiant powers benevolently each day, and the Universe will return the energy 1000 fold!💫💫💫
✨✨✨NOTE: These Dreamspell codes today will apply for the next 13 days as an overlay, in addition to the daily codes. If you have the WHITE WIZARD star glyph ANYWHERE in your Dreamspell signature (or were born in a Wizard Wavespell or Year) then your MAJIKAL powers are about to go into Superdrive!!!.☀💥☀
RED SERPENT kin will find themselves helping and supporting others more – really being in demand especially as HEALERS, whilst YELLOW SEEDS may be challenged and tested. If they are more evolved Seeds, then they will be blessing others with their gifts of planting ideas, wisdom and light codes and GROWING towards THE LIGHT.
Today’s question is “What do I need to attract to AWAKEN my inner Magician, and manifest greater UNITY and LOVE through my Divine purpose?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings and may your life be filled with great WHITE MAJIK and DIVINE MIRACLES.🍥✨💫
Aho majikal EARTH WIZARDS! ✨✨✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈





Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs : https://www.patreon.com/posts/65746655




Prayer for Illumination – 🙏 💛

Beloved I AM Presence, Light of my Soul, I call for the full power of the sacred fire from the Temples of Illumination for a full release of Illumination Flame through my entire consciousness, being and world.
I ask for the Flame of Illumination to blaze and transform all that would hinder the manifestation of Love, Wisdom and Power within and without my lifestream and my Ascension in the Light.
I ask the Masters of Light to resurrect the memory of my true identity in God and the blueprint of my divine plan.
By the Flame of Illumination, I call for the restoration of my full Christ consciousness as it was ordained by God in the beginning of my descent into manifest form.
I call for the Flame of Illumination to descend and blaze Divine Wisdom into every cell of my being, into my crown chakra and all of my other chakras.
I ask the Flame of Illumination to re- connect me once again to the forever present Pure Knowledge of the Universal Mind of God.
Flood the Earth with Illumination Flame each moment of each day to show mankind their way back Home. Beautiful and precious Golden Flame, let Thy Light bring the end of separation in the consciousness of mankind for the manifestation of God’s Holy Purposes and the return of a Golden Age of Love and Enlightenment .
And so be it, beloved I AM!
From Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia.
Prayer for Illumination
Prayer for Illumination
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
What is my purpose in this adventure?
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
Enchant, attracting Receptivity with the Power of Timelessness
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
Magnetic Tone (HUN) represents the source of creation, the indivisible essence of the whole. In the unified all of life, nothing is outside of the One. Awakening to the inherent oneness of all things can expand my sense of purpose and I come to realize that I am an essential expression of the whole.
The White Wizard (IX) represents the timelessness, the present moment, the here and now. It is the magician whose powers are activated through the wisdom that emanates from the heart. It is the wisdom that comes from the alignment of the mind with the heart. An open and confident heart is a tool for discernment. I am the time ! To be receptive to my individual perception of time is to be in sync with myself, and this ensures that I am naturally in sync with outer reality. The Wizard conjures spells and spells. Spells are personal myths that build and define our lives. By becoming aware of the spells I conjure through my words and beliefs, I can improve them and magically change my life. The White Wizard asks me to completely use the alignment of the mind and heart to participate in the magic. Receptivity calls for authenticity, transparency, and healing. Timelessness is an energetic dimension represented by a linear concept of time. Together, we are reminded that time is the universal factor of synchronization. The present moment is always a living oracle. White Wizard asks to go towards my self empowerment. When I feel the need for approval by others, I look within and find power. When I am entertained, doing something that gives me pleasure, my energy naturally expands, and magic flows synchronously through my life. I align with my essence I am transparent. I innocently allow magic to flow through me instead of having to create it. I open myself to the knowledge of the heart and its possibilities.
I attract everything I need to unify with the purpose of enchanting attracting receptivity into my life. I am receptive and welcome all people and things that feeds and empowers my purpose.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
I unify with the end of charm
Attracting the receptivity
Seal the exit of timelessness
With the magnetic tone of purpose
I’m Guided By My Own Double Power
“It starts in the ‘here and now’, the magic of knowledge and healing. “
Phrase : Mirta Blassia
Volume 01: Magnetic (HUN) – What Is My Purpose?
POWER – Unify | ACTION – Attract | ESSENCE – Purpose
STAMP 14: White Wizard (IX)
POWER – Timeless | ACTION – Charm | ESSENCE – Receptivity
White Wizard’s Enchanted Wave 2
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard
I am the Wizard
Coded by the White Wizard
Double seven is my number
The symbol of my super mental absorption
In the forces of cosmic creation
Inside my crystal sphere
Its all that can be seen or known
On the verge of my highest receptivity
I leave you the codes that define resonance
What you call it time
Suspend all thinking and enter with me
In the infinite enchantment of my oracle, the Wizard Oracle
For which the dimensions are all together
My mind is the universe.
my body is the world you see
My speech is the melodious sound of the natural world
My third eye is the triangle of body, speech and mind
I am the giver of magical names
I keep the secret of the lost chord – the music of the spheres
Higher vibrations of cosmic law
To know me is to know the trees
I am the movement and measure of the natural order – Hunab’Ku
Encoded by the White Wizard
Encoded by the White Wizard




Today is White Magnetic Wizard day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

White Wizard, (tribe 14 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
White Wizard encourages you to remain present in the moment experiencing now centered time. The ever-present now is the only time that truly exists. The “timeline” which encompasses the false concepts of past and future is an illusion. All time radiates out from and is connected in the now. The timeline is a creation of our minds, an attempt to make sense of the apparent sequence of unfolding events. The yearning, or craving for what we want to come to pass, along with the denial and aversion of that we wish to avoid, causes suffering. When you project out of the now into the illusions of past or future, you remove yourself from the place where life is truly happening, thereby causing you to be unaware of, and miss out on, what is really happening to and around you.
The White Wizard archetype promotes openness and receptivity. Remain open and receptive to the energies around you as well as those that are being projected to you. White Wizard is the portal of natural magic. As you are able to remain open and receptive in the present moment, you become a portal for magic to come in. Allow this natural magic to effortlessly be created through you.
Magnetic tone of Purpose, (step 1 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), unify, attract, purpose.
Having traveled the spiraling pathway back to the central point of the one during yesterday’s Cosmic tone of Presence, (tone 13), you now find yourself back at the beginning. Tone one is the magnet, the seed, the nucleus, the heart of the matter. Tone 1 encourages you to be at one with your purpose. Being at one with your purpose is a magnetic act, magnetically drawing to you all that is needed to fulfill your purpose. In today’s case, you are magnetically drawing all that is needed to fulfill the purpose of enchantment,timelessness, and receptivity. All beings in existence are connected. Due to this connection, whatever you magnetically draw to yourself, you are also drawing nearer for everyone to experience through our collective consciousness and shared connection to the one. This dynamic is even more powerful experienced through today’s amplified connection to the one, and made even more potent if others require, are seeking, or have an aligned purpose with yours. When one individual is able to know, become, achieve, or heal anything, they then carry that new frequency as a part of their energy field thereby becoming a magnet for others who are seeking, or in need of that same energy frequency. This is how we as individuals working from the inside out, are changing and healing the world.
Be at one with your purpose about enchantment, timelessness, and receptivity, magnetically drawing all that is needed to fulfill that purpose.
Day 1 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Jane Whyte
White Magnetic Wizard day
White Magnetic Wizard day



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  1. Good God. The Cities of Light image that you have posted is the inside of a Mosque. Karmic Sign? God colors you in what you detest the most. Ouch.
    Cities of Light, a Majestic mosque, or Moghul Architecture of Homes, as the mosque is everywhere, you can worship your Infinite Creator anywhere, in Arabic the name is Allah. Let it all unfold. Alef represents the Infinite Creator.
    Cities of Light, the mosque image: let the Victory party unfold https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fgb3zwwrtko

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