Welcome To The New Frequencies Of Light of Heaven on Earth ~ Lemuria Rising ~ Kin 8  Yellow Galactic Star

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Welcome To The New Frequencies Of Light of Heaven on Earth ~ Lemuria Rising ~ Kin 8  Yellow Galactic Star

Confirming the Lions Gate and the presence of the Lion Queen & Lion King Giants of Lemuria.
Dec 20 Part of 1 of the Coronation Ceremony synchronized to the First Portal of Lemuria from NZ first light zone.
Part 2 on Dec 21 at Goddess Island with the Lion Queen at the Pyramid of Turquoise Goddess Continuum of Atlantis,
Enjoy your ride to PA RE RO and the North Star, I look forward to seeing you in the Temple of Light, on our way to the Lions Gate
🙏The Age of Aquarius Final Activation🙏
The Age Of Aquarius Meditation Was a Huge Success. The Critical Mass of 144,000+ has been Reached. All Around The World People Were In Oneness For The Age of Aquarius Meditation. This Has Helped to Stabilize The Optimal Ascension Timeline and Manifest The Age of Aquarius. Thanks For All Who Participated & Being Apart of Making A New World, A New Future & A New Beginning For Earth & Humanity. The New Gaia Has Been Born. The Great Awakening Has Begun. Now Lets Watch & Protect Over Her As She Grows. Humanity Moves Forward In Thier Future In The Age of Aquarius, Now We Have Infinite Possibilities & Infinite Potential. Much Love & Light For All…
This Is The Dawning Of The Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius Final Activation Preliminary Report

The critical mass has been reached. Full report will be posted in a week or two.




Victory of the Light!

Welcome To The New Frequencies Of Light!

Welcome To The New Frequencies Of Light!. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

December of 2020 has been filled with powerful cosmic energetics almost as if the entire year has been compressed into one strong month of up–leveling to higher influxes of galactic vibrations.

On December 17th, for example, the portal opened for the arrival of the Winter and Summer Solstices (in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres) and the conjunction on the same day of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (Tropical Zodiac) and in Capricorn (Sidereal Zodiac) today, December 21st, at 5:02 A.M. (EST).

Beforehand, on December 19th, the Sun of our galaxy merged with the Great Central Sun sending out a powerhouse of LIGHT.

Still earlier in the month, as further preparation for December’s continual dynamism, Earth/Gaia moved on “Her” axis at an amazing 800 and then lower 200 cycles per second when the anciently–known “normal”, which has been a relative constant in our modern day, is only 7.83 cycles per second which has been termed variously as “Earth’s Heartbeat”, as the “Schumann Resonance” (named in 1952 for the German Physicist, Dr. Weinfried Ottto Schumann, who studied and published his findings on the planet’s vibrational turnings), as the planet’s “Energy of Consciousness Currents”, and as its “Power”.

The planetary amplitude, the strength and depth of the potent cosmic energetics affecting the inner core, have also been registering at low levels of “7” or “9” or “12”, etc. and at higher levels in the “20s”, the “30s”, all the way into the “60s”, the “80s”, and even into the “100s”.

New Frequencies Of Light

In fact, now, both the vibration and amplitude of Earth/Gaia is referred to as its “Power”; for indeed, they both work in unison to give us, via modern-day scientific equipment readings, information about our planet’s swirls, jumps, and stretches—its rhythmic dancing to the tunes of cosmic music at the inner realms and the outer fields.

All of the energetics that have and still are affecting Earth/Gaia and the entire galaxy have created a cosmic theatre production of NEW FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT, and the crescendo has been reached with the coming on-stage of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which has not occurred in the specific zodiac signs mentioned above since the “Star of Bethlehem” at the physical incarnation of Yeshua Ha Messiah thousands of years ago in 7 B.C. E. (“Before the Common Era”) and then again a little over 800 years ago A.C.E. (“After the Common Era”).

These two planets coming into each other’s arms look in the night sky like one huge bright star. We have entered a new space/time continuum.

Let us travel deeper in analysis. A “frequency” is an “energy wave”; “energy” is “life force”; and a “wave” is a “movement of life force up and down and back and forth”. For example, a “Plasma Wave” is a billowing gaseous group of particles of radiation, sometimes coming from outside of our solar system and sometimes coming directly from our Sun driven by “Solar Winds” at high speeds.

Thus, a “Plasma Wave”, like everything in creation, has “life force”. With the arrival of the planetary conjunction mentioned, we have received a higher dose of LIGHT FREQUENCY—of the ENERGY OF LIFE FORCE.

The New Frequencies Of Light - Great Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn

Great Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn

New Frequencies Of Light

Thus, our dioxy-ribonucleic acid (DNA) has been further re-adjusted and re-aligned and attuned to SOURCE FREQUENCY, and our cellular records have been swept cleaner of old programming. Most “Earthlings” and all “Galactic Citizens” will find themselves having different thoughts and feelings about philosophical frameworks, spiritual beliefs, and their functions in this NEW FREQUENCY OF LIGHT.

Jupiter is the blueprint that will expand the process, and Saturn is the blueprint that will anchor it in and do the organizing and work to insure the decisions made are manifested in the best way.

However, this will happen only for those who are sincerely oriented towards the betterment of both themselves as well as the human collective.

No selfishness or false ego will be tolerated. A new era of LOVE, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE can begin as we push out further into “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) while still releasing the dross of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”).

We have been given a greater indwelling of BRAHMA (Sanskrit language)–the aspect of SOURCE which is the “EXPANDER” and its ALEPH (Hebrew language) the vibration which is the OUT-THRUSTING ENERGY OF CREATION. Our ANKH (Medu Neter—ancient language of Kemet) or LIFE FORCE is more vibrant.

Meditating on particular symbols will assist our pineal and pituitary glands in acclimating to the new LIGHT so that we can receive greater knowledge and wisdom.

These can be an ANKH, an AUM (OM), or a KEM SEB —the interlaced triangles which are often referred to as the “Star of David”, but which had its beginnings in Kemet and was known as “Potent Star”.

These are three of the most powerful symbols in the multiverse (cosmos), and there is an ancient teaching that “People are transformed by symbols.”

The symbols can also be worn as sacred healing and protective talismans and amulets.

They are reminders in this modern era that although we still have obligations of a “3d” nature (work responsibilities, paying bills, family activity, etc.), we must now focus more avidly upon spiritual modalities (the rituals of our individual paths) which are the “forceps” of our “re-birth”.

Interestingly, also on today, December 21st, the Moon is “Void” from approximately 5:25 A.M. (EST) to 5:35 P.M. (EST)—about twelve hours.

When the Moon is “Void”, this is when it has reached its last degree in a certain zodiac sign before moving on to the next sign. There are 30 degrees between signs.

As a simple example, think of moving a chair across a room. The space between where the chair originally sat to the new place where you want it to be is the “Void”. Thus, the “chair” (which represents the “Moon” ) is moving from one “place”( which is the ” zodiac sign”) to the next “place” (“sign”).

The Moon is “Void” for varying amounts of time. Sometimes it is “Void” for a few minutes, sometimes for several hours, and sometimes for an entire day and into the next day.

A “Void Moon” is an excellent time in which to relax more, to read, to meditate, to perform Yoga. In other words, it is a special time to refrain from the usual daily rigors of activity (if possible) because during a “Void Moon” if activity is forced which is actually unnecessary, it will not work out as planned, and will often need to be done all over again.

This is similar to when Mercury is retrograde as it will be early next year from January 30, 2021 to February 20, 2021.

The Moon is our fastest moving orb. It stays in a zodiac sign for only about 2 1/2 days or 48 to 60 hours with some of that time being “Void”.

Perhaps today’s lengthy “Void Moon” is a gift to us so that we can work on anchoring in the new powerful FREQUENCY OF LIGHT.

The Moon governs our emotions and biological processes. After all of the experiences of 2020, we need calmness and healing of our emotive responses and our nervous systems.

SOURCE is most definitely the “Conductor” of the “Great Conjunction” opera, and we are a part of the “Symphony” and are consistently being “tuned-up” by solstices, equinoxes, planetary alignments, solar flares, solar winds, etc.—the “lyrics” and “tunes” are written by the DIVINE ABSOLUTE.

The New Frequencies Of Light- Void Moon

Void Moon

New Frequencies Of Light

Today we are involved in the grandest of potencies of LIGHT in eons! Welcome to the new “production”. Welcome to the NEW FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT—the door has opened, and the “Cosmic Auditorium” is surging with brightness. We have leveled-up higher.

You will feel it; you may dream of it; you certainly will receive its messages.

Listen carefully.




10 hours ago
Twin flame cycles with the devil have ended. This is a completion of a 3 month collapse of those entities that have been draining from you, knowingly or unknowingly. The Karmic ties that bound you with these people have completely untethered.
You are free to seek and find your Holy Grail Kingdom Marriage now. Have faith that you are being rescued and restored. God’s plan is to restore your soul back into it’s perfect harmonic match and equation as a 144. You are so close the seed point of your original Divine Blueprint. Keep moving forward. This is the end of the karma from the war of the roses, and the House of Lancaster, and the House of York. The Lot bloodline has cleared, freeing CameLot from this incestuous karma for good. All veils are fading away giving you freedom from repeated cycles of ancestral karmic betrayal from the jezebel spirit.
This is also freeing Avalon from the jezebel karma and spirit for good. Thy Kingdom Come. Mother Earth is going back home to Creator now. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is reborn. The Galactic Federation of Light is ready.
We are at the 33 degree point for the Star Bloodline Race to get lit and anointed. Christ is ramping up in the System. Downloads are dropping in from the Most High. Christ Consciousness. The Key of the Messianic Bloodline has unlocked the Omega Stargate. All praises to the Most High 🙌🏻
this is bringing the Divine Masculine Christ Collective complete freedom and flip from being used by the enemy to hurt the Divine Feminine Christ.
They are no longer in the middle of good vs evil. This Divine Feminine Christ has Risen and she is riding in through the Omega Stargate to redeem the The Holy Grail and Israel 🏆. APTTMH 🙌🏻


Activation Vibration
Activation Vibration
1 hour ago
The Galactic Shift has taken place We made it!!! High frequency solar energies like these, haven’t penetrated and opened to Earth since the time’s of Atlantis. We are rewriting the context of all that has ever occurred and happened, as we claim it here now. A rebirth of Christ Consciousness and the Union of Human to Soul.
As of Now: Your Higher Self has officially aligned you to the purpose, place, people, and process that is best fit for your ascension— from this day and going forward. Yes it has always been this way, however Light holds a significantly more potent power now, and illusion has exhausted its last thread.
Therefore generously supporting and sustaining the vision and intention you hold and emit. Though this contrast may initially appear as a separation, that is simply the first phase of clarity into sovereignty, so there can truly be unity. What is happening here— is an integration.
Lower, less-serving, denser aspects are alchemized and infused with a Higher Vibratory stream and thus redirecting it’s own desired trajectory. The planets of Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct; do not go into retrograde at all in 2021– meaning the consistency and process will remain clear and evolve smoothly.
Whether you feel fully connected to your cosmic self and astrological circulations~ you are a direct emanation of this essence and with these alignments, you are greatly amplified in your ability to fully Be light. Therefore today is not about ‘doing’ a bunch of things to put yourself into alignment, you already are.
And as you allow that to be so and relax into the flow that promptly carries us forward, you will discover the divinity within it all. Congratulations on your Ascension The Higher Realms applaud and celebrate with us, forever

Silver Fleet Report – “About the tiredness of the last weeks”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

About the tiredness of the last weeks. Soul Mates. Update of DNA. Preparing visits to Agharta. Rescuing memories.


Greetings, Comrades! We bring some information and joy here!

We returned after an apparent break when we were instructed by our mentors to do certain work in certain areas of your planet. We were very active in preparing some protocols so that the Inner Earth family can begin their ascents to the surface. Surely you know that this will not be an easy task, for the physical part where you are now is still very contaminated, and the bodies of your cousins from the Inner Earth are completely pure, free of toxins and no contamination from any radiation. This requires special care both for you to enter these inner environments and for them to come to your environments. Do not understand this as something to embarrass you, therefore know, Comrades, that you are really exceptional. To go through so many things while you are on the surface of this realm in which you find yourself, is not for anyone. It really isn’t! Oh, dear! Honored are you, children of Earth and the Stars! So, in this period when we were “absent”, we have been engaged in the preparations of beautiful and Special Chambers to support their ascents as well as your descents, for you, many of you will begin to be called, in physical bodies, to these visits. Initially, little by little, until we have permission for this grandiose integration awaited for many millennia! Hallelujah! The days of celebration on the surface are coming! These are times of many blessings, Comrades! The Heavens sing Hosanna! Hallelujah!

Despite what it seems, things are getting better behind the scenes, when many of the *restless clumsies of this crime called “Covid” are being exposed. Their nefarious attempts to control humanity have failed again and their latest plan has fallen to the ground. In recent weeks, there have been fierce attacks of negative plasma weapons (*plasma – – -), very harmful to Warriors and Lightworkers, as they contain certain negative codes of past actions of these same Lightworkers and Warriors. They are scalar projections/shoots with memories of pain, of tortures that you have suffered and made others suffer. Wars, bombings, situations that have literally led your self-esteem to the ground. Yes, their intention was to try to provoke a fall in your vibrations, Comrades! These *restless clumsies were trying to catch you in a certain weak point, which they know very well how to hurt. That’s why many of you were with tremendous feelings of wear and low self-esteem, feelings of failure and incapacity, as well as a drastic fall of mood. Much of this is related to the attacks of these *restless clumsies from their bases directly into your energy fields.

We cannot intervene directly, because this is very much about how you accept or not these projections. They send out these projections, and if you look and allow them to overpower you in some way, your vibratory pattern quickly drops – which triggers a drop in your protection. And this makes it easier for the negatives to attack you more. Before that, they try to get you out of your center trying to disrupt your days, trying to create situations that take you out of your mind, irritate and stress you, so you become more vulnerable. Understand, Comrades allies, that they have used this strategy a lot, just now, in the midst of all this movement created by COVID. So, the more you “take the bait”, the more they get what they want, to a certain extent. You need to have a lot of tact to play with these *restless clumsies. They are always looking for something to embarrass you, trying to lower your vibrations somehow. Many times, in a desperate way, because they know that when you are vibrating in higher frequencies, with hope, faith, love, fellowship, trust, and joy, they don’t have the slightest access to you. And even if they can reach you, their high vibrations quickly “swallow” them, leaving them bewildered, staggering, “easy targets” for us, when we capture them! Uhu! (Cheerful laughter).

Protect yourself with Love, Comrades! With joy, much joy! Seek things that make your hearts rejoice and keep your vibrations high! Everything is entering into a new zone, even if it doesn’t seem so. Trust us – that we are seeing the picture more broadly than you! There are many blessings on the way, know it! The Heavens have already decreed your victory, and nothing will stop it! Trust us! We are present now, more than ever! Hallelujah!


Our ancient masters also report that you are undergoing an intensive update in your DNA, and this will also trigger many memories of several of your lives in this realm of Earth, and outside it. It is important that you take plenty of water, for water helps to open your akashic. Drink water and use your nature: the rivers, seas, and waterfalls, taking baths in the blessings of Gaia, for this helps to heal you, to adjust your DNA, and to unchain the necessary unblocking for this phase of your existence on this beautiful planet of this beautiful galaxy of the Cosmos! We are very honored to be part of all this adventure, Comrades! These are exceptional times! Being in meditation on your eclipses/key dates is of utmost importance because these Portals enhance the processes of releases and re-establishments. You are in a phase of many cures, Comrades, on all levels, as never before, for all your trajectory in this kingdom! Receive these blessings from heaven to you, uninterruptedly! Hallelujah! Enjoy these blessings, as much as you can, being in contact with nature! Gaia wishes to help you by this means!

Our mentors also ask that we inform you that there are many Twin Souls meeting on the surface of the Planet, and this is driving the *restless clumsies crazy! Not only by these “casual” encounters orchestrated by the Sacred Mentors of Light, but also by many incarnations of Cosmic, Angelic, and Ascended Beings with their cosmic peers. And this is completely breaking the old grid of this realm and opening space for the opening of Portals that have brought even more cosmic beings, and more beings from other universes!

Oh, God! This is a party! Epic! There is much affection in this overflowing kingdom of Love. And while you do your best to adjust your own personal responsibilities, connect with Unconditional Love and radiate it everywhere, so that all the adjustments that need to be made on the surface are made! And they will be! One way or another, they will be, but with your dedication, this can be even faster! Hallelujah!

We are preparing a small display of part of our fleets and when it is, we will be very excited to greet you in Crystal and Silver energy! May our mentors authorize us as soon as possible, Comrades allies! This will also be a way to reinforce our support for your stocks and the unwavering confidence in our presence. Regardless of your most personal questions and pains, you know and feel that we are here giving our best, as you also give your best! Hosana, Hosana!

That’s enough for now! More information is coming. Be ready! We will keep you informed as our Ancient Instructors Master authorize! We continue with our important reports about certain moves! We will come back when we are authorized and get more news, precisely, to bring you! Comrades, know this: when Heaven entrusts you with a Protocol, they seriously trust in its inviolability to fulfill it! We know that you go through difficulties sometimes when you try to fulfill your higher plans. We know that there are many traps that are set to destabilize you. Yes, we know! But, Comrades, we also know that you represent us and there is no threat that does not become harmless before the Light emitted by you when you trust in this Truth! You are the restoring Light of this Kingdom! Oh, Heavens! Believe it! Heaven sings Hosanna when you admit your own greatness, and in simplicity know that you are great when you are simple, and do more when you transmit and relay, in humility! This reality is continually changing, even if, for some, it does not seem so! Listen to the voice of the heart! It is shouting the Greater Truth to follow in Happiness! We are your partners who fly over your skies, and we are with you. And a call will be answered promptly because you have the morals for this to happen! (Laughter.)

Each day, one new domino falls and pushes another into the next movement! We can also say that sometimes it is necessary to take one step back, to then take two forward, or, one domino backward, to then push two forward! But it’s always AHEAD, AND ADVANCING IN THE PROPER TIME, AND WITH THE SUPERVISION OF GREAT MENTORS! We say that always based on the Certainty of Heaven! We see the bigger picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty! A new world is being born, and even if all the curtains have not yet been completely lifted, when they are, it will be spectacularly fantastic! Believe us, dear comrades! We are seeing everything from the inside of the curtains! We know what wonderful is coming up! Hosanna! Hosanna! The Heavens are truly in celebration! We know that our truths resonate with your truths because, deep down, they are ONE. Be those in whom others are inspired, Masters! You are THE MASTERS! RECORD THIS IN YOU! The structures of your world are really being shaken, dismantled! Yes, it doesn’t matter! It matters that the new builders who are more inspired, more renovators, more experts are ready to start over again! Let them bathe in the waters of renewal! Let the transforming fire burn! Let the purifying winds blow! May a simple virus make you see the need for unity, mutual support, simplicity, and humility! Behold, the New Earth is born in the brightness of the Galactics already manifest on Earth, with all their baggage and heritage of eons! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hello, hello, Planet Earth! Anybody out there? It would be a pleasure to stop in the air for a selfie (laughs)! We want our videos on YouTube! We love to see each other there (laughs)! We are in great activity about this Kingdom that, in the last days, has opened beautiful Portals to welcome the Twin Souls that have descended into beautiful incarnations! More Unconditional Love is coming! You are the transformation of this kingdom, the Masters from there! We are mere coadjuvants and honorable, for that, and for trusting us in this great work!

The frontiers are being dismantled! Unification is near! Love will prevail! The Heavens have decreed, and so it shall be! This is not simply our will. This is A DECREE! Know this, Comrades!

Oh, dear! Know that the countless Sources and the endless Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! We will return when it is appropriate! It is good to speak with you again! It always is! See you around!


*restless clumsies: is an ironic reference to the negative ones who still try to perpetuate the same actions as always.

Neva: I’m very grateful, beloved Comrades of Light!

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)


~ December 2020 – Relatório da Frota Prateada – “Sobre o cansaço das últimas semanas”:



Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, December 9, 2020


After delivering for months trivial messages, the Arcturians are now rising to the occasion on the eve of the global shift that will transform humanity and this earth beyond recognition.

Humanity has reached the threshold of inner evolution during the long lockdown this year and now needs the presence of 5D and higher dimensional energies on the ground in human gestalt for its further spiritual progress.

This has been the topic of my articles in November and December… and throughout all these years.

These can only be us as ascended masters, simply because we have ascended a long time ago and have decided, rather sacrificed us, to stay here and beam our light as long as the rest of humanity is also ready to experience first hand this unique transition and transformation from an agnostic civilisation that denies the existence of the soul and the higher realms of All-That-Is – a violent, dangerous civilisation of stranded, savage Robinson Crusoes under cosmic quarantine –  into a loving, creative and prosperous transgalactic race of multidimensional beings.

It can only begin with us – and it will begin with us – as there is nobody else. This has been my leitmotif since the opening of this website.

Now the Arcturians are jumping into this argumentation and “are adding their mustard” to the topic, to quote a German saying (haben ihren Senf zum Thema gegeben). How nice!

Anyway, I decided to publish their message from today to keep you optimistic in the waiting loop and to know that this time there will be a big shift and no delays anymore. How big it will be, is anyone’s guess but that’s not the point.

The most important thing to know is that we shall ascend as the job is done here on the ground, and it is getting really very strenuous this month. The energies will even increase in intensity next week.

Now, we must open the first stargate 12.12.2020 (22 – ascended master code). The process has begun today with another massive download of source energies and even solar blasts:

After 12.12, we will continue with these massive downloads in order to keep the stargate fully open till the final blast will happen during the second stargate on 12.21.22, at winter solstice.

This is what we, the PAT, are doing every year during this decade and individually much earlier, so that you have the necessary experience to survive this final push prior to our final transfiguration and ascension. Only ours, the rest of humanity is not ready yet but they will also move to a new octave of vibrations that will open their threefold flame of life and transform life on this earth forever. And the new earth will need us as ascended masters.

Now is the time to reap the fruits of our enduring light work. Be prepared!

source: www.stankovuniversallaw.com



Kin 8 ~ Yellow Galactic Star
The number 8 is called ‘Galactic’ and it’s key words are ‘Harmony, Model and Integrity’. The eighth day of a wavespell is great for finding some harmony in your life. Whether that’s through music or restoring a friendship, today can leave you feeling all warm and fluffy on the inside. The number 8 is also a symbol that represents an infinite loop…just like time….it is not linear but cyclical. It’s the ‘model’ that represents time itself.
Today is `Yellow Star` which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. This is a lovely combination of day and number. Simply enjoy the beauty of the day is all Star asks of you. When was the last time you actually just stopped…and noticed how beautiful the world was? Yellow Star reminds us how lucky we all are to live on such a beautiful planet. As it is the eighth day of the wavespell, appreciating this beauty can be the thing that restores harmony in your world. Indulge in art, beautify your space, buy some new clothes or put some flowers in a vase….you get the idea.
The Guide for the day is Yellow Human which represents ‘Influence, Wisdom and Free Will’, This suggests that using your intuition to guide your actions today will lead you to find the beauty you need to restore harmony. Or….intuition is a beautiful thing!
The Challenge of the day is White Mirror which symbolises truth and reality checking. If someone wears a lot of make up are they actually beautiful or is this cheating? Sometimes the truth is ugly and we
conceal it so it doesn’t mess with our beautiful ideas. The challenge aspect of a day often can throw a spanner in the works and today the Mirror plays that role. If you are a Mirror you may not see the beauty instantly because you’re too busy pointing out the blemishes.
The Occult power today is the Red Skywalker who when in this position shows us that an adventurous spirit is a beautiful thing. Skywalker has a great open mind and this is perfect for facilitating art.
The Ally today is Blue Monkey who is best friends with Yellow Star because they love shiny, sparkly
people and Yellow Stars get along with Monkeys cause they are a lot of fun. If you are a Blue Monkey, be on your best behaviour today and offer support to anyone who may need you.
22 DECEMBER 2020
22/3/22 Portal
I harmonize in order to Beautify
Modeling Art
I seal the store of Elegance
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
I AM guided by the power of Free Will.
22/12/2020 = 22/12/22 = 22/3/22 = 4/3/4 = 11 = 2
22/3/22 – DIVINE HOLY GATE✴🕊 – resetting EARTH’s foundation.
22 – Architect of PEACE/Master builder
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Communication
11 – Portal/Gate/Polarity
2 – Partnership/Twins/Cooperation
KIN 8 – Abundance/Infinity/Flow
The day following our majikal Planetary Solstice Global Activation and NOVA GAIA🌈🌏 has RISEN today into Galactic Stardom🌟🌠✨ – claiming her new celestial status as a SUPER -STAR!
EDITOR’S NOTE: I just discovered the Sunrise🌅 for tomorrow (22 Dec) at my location is 5.55 AM!!! Symbolizing the new dawn of 5D EARTH RISING! ☀☀☀
Very apt with the Bethlehem Star ✨(celestial GIANTS – JUPITER/SATURN conjunction) prominent in our sky.
✨The BETHLEHEM STAR✨ links back to the birth of CHRIST✴ and as such now we are b-Earth-ing🐣 the Christ Consciousness☀✴ into the foundation of this new beautiful Planet that is rising today..
The✨ BETHLEHEM STAR ✨aligning with the GALACTIC STAR🌟 code is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.. as the Galactic tone is setting our new course.. These Heavenly STARS are the SIGNPOST that we are making the shift from GODLESSNESS – to GODLINESS.☀🎆 Just like in the time of Moses when he came down from Mt Sinai with the stone tablets outlining the 10 Commandments. We now have a new GPS lighting the way forward for humanity.. A new moral code based on integrity, authenticity, honesty, transparency, loyalty and congruency. A total new operating system laying the acceptable principles for conduct in this Aquarian epoch!
The darkness and depravity shall fall away as humanity looks up to the skies and LIFTS the bar on our social norms. No more tolerance or acceptance of cruelty, abuse, greed, corruption, vampirism and energy manipulation… all will CEASE to exist NOW on this EARTH plane! GAIA’s children will reconnect with their DIVINE FATHER/MOTHER GOD/SOURCE and choose to express their divinity through common-unity, grace and joy as the brotherhood of man.
Our new STELLAR ✨GALACTIC GPS✴ navigation system will imprint the new guiding principles for our new common-unities as we are elevated to ONE GLOBAL family – soon to become GALACTIC!
Another SPECTACULAR 🎉🎊🎆and BEAUTY filled day, focused on building a foundation for our NEW EARTH on the frequency of LOVE, PEACE, grace, elegance and compassion.
Day 8 in the RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb of Creation… We are being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Today we are focused on the Galactic perspective, modeling our MINDS and our new operating systems on Harmony and Integrity. We are AWAKENING our sparkle,🎆 and using our creativity to nurture our-cell-ves, attracting more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART! 🎨 Our new planet becomes the blank canvas for humanity to paint a better, more vibrant and life affirming, picture.
GALACTIC 🍥– Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize,
ESSENCE – integrity. The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions. Our MINDS and our Planetary PROGRAMS are under the microscope today… What are we THINKING and what do we BELIEVE? Our lives are a model of our thoughts and beliefs, which create our reality… so take some time today to ensure you are congruent in your actions, and you are modeling INTEGRITY and Authenticity.
❓Are your creations based on HARMONY through integrity of being?
Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps, who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority. At tone 8 we have entered a new scale, and we are so proud, we just have to model ourselves for others. We have also mastered Harmony at this stage. We are GALACTIC and don’t we know it!
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW STAR 🌟 – LAMAT – BEAUTY, ELEGANCE and GRACE are the qualities of the YELLOW STAR. The YELLOW STAR tribe hail from Venus and so today’s focus is on LOVE, beauty, joy, creativity and bliss filled expression – elevating our collective consciousness to that of Godliness – the behaviour of Divine beings and Masters – ✨this is the ‘NEW NORMAL”.✨
The YELLOW STAR🌟 ignites your creativity today and unleashes your storehouse of energy within your solar plexus chakra. The YELLOW STAR is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art and craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music!. The YELLOW STAR tribe anchor the codes for the HARMONIC MATRIX of the NEW TIME⏳.. so the BETHLEHEM STAR is the signpost that we have begun the NEW TIME aligning with HARMONY. ✨🌟🌟
Day 8 of the RED DRAGON wavespell reminds you to nurture yourself through Art and creativity. Hold LOVING thoughts and Express yourself through beauty, bringing greater happiness and joy. The greatest form of JOY arises from creatively expressing your UNIQUE and beautiful soul essence… through CREATION we have soul EXPANSION🎆 and can SHINE our brilliant LIGHT for all to SEE.
As the STELLAR leaders of NEW EARTH you will need to “put your house in order” and practise what you preach. If you want to experience a world filled with Harmony… then you must hold Harmony in your Heart and Mind and MODEL Harmony to your family, colleagues and others – your tribe!
LAMAT is also a PORTAL to ABUNDANCE🍇🍉🍎 – so OPEN your golden chalice to receive all that is bountiful and soul-fulfilling today… ATTUNE to prosperity consciousness knowing that everything we need is right here, right NOW, in this present moment.
Allow LOVE, BEAUTY and Grace to flow through your vessel, expressing your day as ART – singing, dancing and creating. All this beautiful energy will lead you to harmony within yourself and your outer reflection – SHINE BRIGHTLY precious StarBlossoms.🌟🎆
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW HUMAN😆 EB encourages you to align your Free will with Divine Will and FOCUS on creating Harmony for all. DIVINE WILL is IN the Higher Self position guiding humanity’s rebirth today, as fully CHRISTED DIVINE BEINGS –
✨THY WILL BE DONE✨ and PEACE🕊 shall reign on EARTH once again – by DIVINE DECREE!
The YELLOW HUMAN encourages us to elevate our consciousness today, to that of the DIVINE as reflected by the higher illuminated LIGHT prevalent in our sky. AS ABOVE SO BELOW!
The Higher Realms reflect incredible Peace, Beauty and Harmony. In order to bring this to Earth we must model this behaviour and attitude in our thoughts, deeds and actions.. put aside all egoic desires for seeking LOVE and attention outside of yourself… Reaching a content and peaceful, state of acceptance and self love, allows you to step into GRACE the most beautiful state of Divine Alignment.
Through your actions of creating Art, and reflecting beauty and harmony, you in turn can influence others to follow your lead. Then one by one each point in the global tapestry is reflecting this LIGHT. This is how we will create a new Era of PEACE and Elegance, filled with God’s Grace and Miracles. 🎆
SUPPORT: BLUE GALACTIC MONKEY🐒CHUEN – MAJIK & PLAY. The BLUE MONKEY is a beautiful support to LAMAT… as CHUEN loves to express himself through JOY, BEAUTY and Play… Chuen is the Divine Child👶 aligned with the expression of Yellow Human’s aspect of Divine Will… “Out of the mouths of babes” is a popular expression which validates that young children are often direct conduits for Divine Expression… These precious children are so PURE and FREE that the wisdom of Divine intelligence freely and continuously flows through their being.. So connect to the innocence of your Divine Child and allow your Divine MIND to guide your creations. Humanity is reclaiming their lost INNOCENCE today as we step into our Divinity.
BLUE MONKEY🐒 holds that Majik spark 🎇 within your soul that just wants to run, jump, explore and LOVE everyone and everything exuberantly. The BLUE MONKEY loves to sing, dance and make people laugh so embrace the MONKEY and immerse yourself in this GAME. Make every task about FUN!
❓❓Ask yourself “How can I fill my day with more JOY, LOVE and LAUGHTER?”. 💕
Then your LIFE becomes a beautiful and joyous canvas upon which to PAINT your Reality.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RHYTHMIC SKYWALKER ☁🚶BEN is the Galactic Shaman who loves to EXPLORE SPACE and enjoy FREEDOM to roam. The SKYWALKER beautifully exemplifies the BLUE MONKEY’S thirst for freedom. The Divine Child loves to explore and expand its wings to fly freely throughout space. SKYWALKER brings forth expansiveness reminding you that your soul is always FREE and that there are no limits through which you can express your divine essence. There is an endless source of power, creativity, joy and happiness that flows through you. An infinite supply of SOURCE energy that you as a Divine child of GOD are permanently and irrevocably connected to, no matter where in the Universe you choose to roam!
BEN is also the Divine conduit bridging HEAVEN 💒and EARTH 🌏 The RHYTHMIC SKYWALKER holds the keys to create this BALANCE on EARTH. BEN can alchemize SPIRIT into MATTER.💫💫
We must hold HEAVEN in our MINDS and believe that it is possible – in order to anchor it on Earth.. Constantly focusing our MINDs on creating HEAVEN on EARTH is HOW WE WILL actually achieve it!!! 💒🌏🕊💕✨🎆
All it takes is for ONE PERSON to hold a belief about your success and you can achieve it. If someone believes it, then it is possible… All possibilities exist within the realms of Creation – so CHOOSE your thoughts WISELY and water the good ones each day until they sprout.
✨Allow the HIGHEST TIMELINE of BLISS ON EARTH to project throughout your day, and soon that day will come! Welcome to NEW EARTH! 🌈🌏🌈
CONGRATULATIONS PLANETARY KIN – we are on the NEW TRACK now to NEW EARTH – no-thing can derail us! 🚂🛤🌈🌏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE GALACTIC MIRROR🔎 ETZNAB – REFLECTS TRUTH, distortion and ENDLESSNESS. The WHITE MIRROR magnifies energy, thus you can get trapped in delusion or illusion, daydreaming your life away through escapism, distraction and addictions, or you can BREAK FREE from the delusion.
Etznab challenges us to SEE through the illusion of distortion and chaos. This is not the true reflection of our perfect Universe, but simply an ancient and soon to be forgotten remnant of an old matrix crumbling in ashes. See past the illusion and hold your focus on a beautiful world, filled with endless love, beauty and harmony in all your relations. What is your MIRROR reflecting and magnifying today? Time for a new and higher perspective.
The GALACTIC MIRROR is now REFLECTING the new ✨HARMONIC MATRIX ✨illuminated by the GALACTIC STAR🌟 – this is our new GPS to be FREED from the chaos and distortion of the Hall of Mirrors and arrive in the bountiful Rainbow lands of beauty and PEACE.
🐒🐒🐒Today is the day to let out your Inner Child to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!! It is time to SPARKLE and spread the LOVE, JOY and HOPE throughout your Divine play day!
A planetary CELEBRATION for our global family as we have passed a very important milestone for humanity’s evolutionary journey… take a bow – beautiful souls.👏 Our Galactic brethren salute and honour your achievements. 👏🌟
Remember to SHARE THE LOVE today and each day for now on! ❤❤❤❤❤
Today’s question is “How can I align with the ✨NEW HARMONIC MATRIX ✨being b-EArth-ed through humanity, elevating our moral conduct to reflect DIVINE PEACE, Beauty, Grace and HARMONY?”.. 🕊
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Divine blessings for Modeling the Beauty of Graceful Elegance in our New world today💕💕💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: The Bethlehem Star and 3 wise men DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist
Please share your personal photos of the Bethlehem Star ✨– Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction in the comments section. THANKYOU 🙏🙏🙏




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