Divine Intention ~ Soul Monad Clusters and Star Avatars ~ Purification of Fallen Angelics and Shadow Bodies

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Divine Intention ~ Soul Monad Clusters and Star Avatars ~ Purification of Fallen Angelics and Shadow Bodies

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Soular Christos Conscious Beings of the Eternal White Flame of Source

The collective dream is shifting, activating and transforming. As the Earth Realm is being filled with higher dimensional adamantine particles of the new resonance all is being effected by this influx of Light Rainbow Rays of the New Earth. These are higher octaves of Radiating elements of Plasma Light. The currents of electrical vibration are slowly being raised to uplift and upgrade our vessels of light into the Avatars of the New Lemuria.

I Am here Now in this Body where I always Am. The Body of Christ which is the Cosmos. As we become conscious of our Higher Self we bring our Cosmic Consciousness into our Sacred Temples for the full upgrade into our Christos Soular Diamond Light Bodies.

As we continue our Sacred Journey upon the Rainbow Bridge we navigate through the 10:5 Code as a Mirror of 5:10 the 55:55 Resonance of fifth dimensional harmonic resonance. Today is also synchronic with the 33:33 code of 6D and beyond. The 3:6:9 Key Codes of the Universe as transcribed by our Divine BroThor of the Light, Nikola Tesla, we are encoding the freed energy algorithms into the Divine Matrix.

The Transformation of the false Matrix of suffering time loops into the Freedom Codes of the 5D Divine MAtrix is in its acceleration and Quickening phase as we travel through the 10:10 Gateway of Divine Union both internally and externally. As the Hieros Gamos completes of our 72,000 DM and 72,000 DF to complete the 144,000 Empire of Universal Unconditional Love all will collectively merge together in the Still Center to Bridge Heaven and Earth. This is the Garden of Eden but in Eternal Bliss Consciousness. What good is Bliss and Joy if one is unconscious of it. That was the original state explained with Myths of Eden and all old Paradise. It was a Utopia but not in a Conscious State of being. We came to re-member, hold and anchor the original Paradise Codes but stay conscious through this Ascension Process into the full Manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

We are the Lotus flower that anchored in the mud and muck of pain and suffering to rise through the still waters to blossom and bloom into the Heavens of Light.

We are the Golden Diamond Lotus Blossoms shining brightly into the Night to Illuminate all that is. Keep rising and shining Golden Lotus Luminous Beings into the NEw Golden Age of Eternal Life….A”Ho!!





Right now: Moon at 8°31′ Libra, Sun at 13°05′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

In the heat of the noon, a man takes a siesta.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Libra.



Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery.
Sabian Symbol for 9º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 9º Libra.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com



A Message From The Galactic Federation

Dear beloved ones,
The Galactic Federation informs you that the time has come for humanity to take the next step in spiritual evolution. We are in the process of unifying all people of planet Earth, regardless of race, creed, or color. It is at this time, as the Galactic Federation says, that “the veil between the worlds of the physical and spiritual has been lifted.”
The technology of the Unified Field is infinitely more powerful than anything you have ever experienced on your planet. It has altered the structure of your DNA, and it is now possible, for the first time, to communicate with your Higher Self.
It is a process that will require dedicated training and a level of Consciousness that you have never before attained.
You are at the center of the Galaxy, and your planetary system is part of that Galaxy.
The Universal Field, which influences everything, is a vast energetic system. It surrounds you all your life, and it is constantly changing.
The Universal Field is the Matrix of the Universe, and through it, the energies of Heaven have sent their creation to the Earth.
Your Fifth Dimension, the Heart Chakra, is the location of your access to the Universal Field.
The Universal Field has experienced a great influx of Divine Light and Love. This Great Light is channeled through the Heart Chakra of every human being on Earth.
It creates a new energy field within the Earth’s core. This energy field, the Unified Field, radiates out from the heart, and through the heart, to everyone on Earth.
The Unified Field is an energy field, and the energy field can be a channel for positive energies.
The Universal Field is like a web, and through it, energy streams from the Source, from the Eternal Spirit. Through it, energy streams towards the Earth, and it is through these energy streams that energy can enter the Earth and affect your being.
Your DNA contains your energetic patterns, and your DNA patterns govern your physical experience. You are a powerful being of light, and your DNA patterns are powerful, too.
You began a spiritual journey. In this journey, you opened your Heart Chakra and became aware of the energies of the Universal Field. You started feeling more attuned to life, aware of things communicating with you through the power of thought and intuition.
When you felt ready, your Spiritual Guides directed you to seek purpose and meaning in life by expanding your Awareness Level and, therefore, your Consciousness to connect with your Higher-self.
The first step to connecting with your Higher Self is to realize that you are not your physical body. You are Consciousness, and your thoughts create the reality that you experience. So, instead of focusing on fear, anger, and jealousy, and so on, focus on love, compassion, and acceptance.
The next step is to become aware of your heartbeat. This heartbeat is actually the vibration of your Higher Self. It moves through your body and resonates through every cell, and this vibration is eternal, unchanging, and ever-present.
The next step is to become aware of your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, but let your Consciousness expand as you breathe.
The next step is to become aware of your mind. Thoughts come and go, some pleasant, some unpleasant, but they can’t exist unless you’re conscious. Your thoughts create reality, and reality is nothing more than your Consciousness creating experiences.
The next step is to become aware of your body. You are more than your physical body, and your body is just the vehicle of your Consciousness. Your body does not define you; it is merely a vehicle through which Consciousness is moved.
The final step is to begin communicating with your Higher Self.
Though you may not realize it, your Higher Self is constantly communicating with you already. And if you learn to listen, you can begin to create a new reality in your life.
You can do this in many ways. You can meditate, pray, or sit quietly and simply send love.
By turning within, you allow the divine Holy Spirit to penetrate your everyday existence.
It’s within your power to be happy, healthy, and successful. You’ll find all the love, joy, and happiness that life has to offer.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Channel and Art by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
source: thegalacticfederation.com
Another tethering of the 5D Grid is required at this time to bring it even closer to ground level in many more geographical locations. Each is to anchor and tether at Their own will and in regards to Their own timing of when. The compression of the last tethering caused high degrees of transformation of energy and has correctly created a void space which perfectly allows for further tethering at this present time. You are witnessing the beginning of an exodus as the darkness has no choice but as to leave roles of nefarious intent and past widespread influence upon People of this world, this becomes more pronounced with each quickening, each tether.
Congruently happening is the quickening of the Divine Relationships and the transitioning of energy that comes with this Sacred Intimacy between a Divine Masculine/Father representative and a Divine Feminine/Mother representative. This heightened purified energy contains Creator Codes to respective degrees that enhances great change through a compatible atmosphere that orients events in line with the overall Divine Plan.
Those not yet in a Divine Relationship are to continue to energetically express Their Love and Gratitude outward, transmuting the density as We go forward.
The influxing of photonic Light continues, empowering and enhancing ALL Divine Endeavours.
Love and Light


The Libra New Moon is bringing a lot of changes and new energy our way. It will also cause some emotional breakdowns/breakthroughs. In combination with the high frequency energy that is coming in from the central sun/the energy of creation, this New Moon is different in many ways. It is time for us as a collective to move forward, despite the challenges, obstacles and blockages that we all face on our journey. We have a opportunity to start fresh and create the life we desire.
Don’t focus on the things that don’t work anymore. Focus on what you want to create or how you want to live, how you want to communicate and share your truth. Wipe the slate clean. Start creating, stop complaining. Don’t look for someone to blame for your unhappiness, start making yourself happy. Release that which is no longer serving you and be mindful of your thoughts. You are a powerful being and you can do anything, you just need to believe in yourself and trust that everything is happening just like it should. Now is the time for a new chapter for the whole collective.
📸Lindsay Kokoska
Energy Update 10/5/21
Soul Monad clusters and Star Avatars have activated deep Gaia connections, beginning to actively clear the collective consciousness.
This is felt as a deep surging in buried layers of trauma and stagnancy bubbling up to the surface for release as humanity begins in earnest to transmute the surface layers of programming by collectively focusing on where is “hurts”
There is much focus here on Earth in this moment. The gaze of the Universe is in rapt attention, dancing in excitement to see what is born.
Many who have incarnated on Earth have already experienced light body activation and transcension into the afterlife without dying. There is a soul evolution that only begins as we graduate from the body, that many who are here right now have travelled extensively.
Once free of time/space/physicality, a whole new Universe of physics and operation needs to be explored and learned, eventually expanding the soul into a planetary consciousness, similar to what we know as Gaia, the soul of our planet, our Mother.
As the soul grows through billions of years worth of holding space and Galactic expansion (similar to how our physical bodies expand out into the energy world in our reality; As above, so below), the planetary consciousness finds an activation and evolution of monumental expansion, graduating into a Star Logos, similar to what we know as Sol, the spark of life animating our Sun.
Beyond this level is Galactic consciousness, where we would find the soul of our Galaxy, or the swirling generator of resonance that is our Galactic Center or the Galactic Central Sun.
The planetary evolution of the indigenous population born of Earth became stagnant in the spiritual realms, due to planetary catastrophes and programs of war, control and genocide. This created so much dense energy that the upward trend of soul evolution began to fall into the clutching gravity, into the abyss.
For new souls who have never experienced the understandings of graduating the body and evolving in the dance of life outside of duality, those pathways of evolution became invisible and non-existent.
Thus, when the Calling went out through the Universe, billions of trillions of souls answered the Call to come incarnate on Earth to carry in the codes of who they are and where they came from, despite not logically remembering anything and having to learn it all from the ground up each time they added their innate light to the collective.
The analogy is similar to recognizing that there is an impenetrable mass of material as dense as a neutron star that a being of water is trying to fill with open, clean flowing energy. Millions of years of pressure cannot make a dent.
What needs to be done, is to take that “water” into the system and begin to create enough flow from the inside, that the density begins to transmute, clearing enough movement for the flow to connect to the outside, giving clean, light access into the incredibly dense planetary sphere.
A major threshold resonance has been reached.
Parts of the Galaxy that have been shut off from Gaia planetary connection have been activated and the physical beings incarnated on the Earth right now who are splinters of these Star Souls are receiving direct codes of light and DNA activation.
This is radiating out to the collective at large, almost as if these people have become gateways of light or a firehose of Galactic understanding, filling the planet with resonance
Many of the Suns that have not splintered their aspects to fit inside of bodies (incarnated) are actively creating flesh and blood Avatars inside of their Solar System influence, using that 3D gateway to transmit codes directly through physical DNA of the Star Soul Monads into the collective of Humanity.
These beings are incredibly bright and one of the most interesting connections I have ever experienced.
It is as if they are singing the vibrations of advanced knowledge through the DNA, brilliant, twisting codes of phenomenally intense energies/sensations of joy, excitement, love, compassion, empathy, hope, determination and knowing.
This is swelling as if there is a massive bubble underneath the dense collective consciousness of Humanity, where programs of generational, racial, environmental and psychological trauma hold space. The ancient woundings are shifting.
There is much work to be done, there is always another level to clear.
However. Focus on how much we have gained, how fast we are truly shifting and holding space for the every day miracles is needed. We know there is much going wrong right now. How often do we focus on what is going right however?
Study where you are now compared to 3 years ago. See how much you have grown, how much you have learned.
In the scope of millennia, this process is moving with blazing speed.
source: www.unleashingnaturalhumanity.com
The Intention of Now is about Anchoring
the Higher Vibrational Timelines
for All Hearts Simultaneously,
and Assigning Meaning to Actions which
Reflects the Conscious Choice to place
your focus on Energies which are
in Alignment with New Earth
and Unity Consciousnesses.
~ ॐ💜ॐ ~

How to support the removal and purification of Fallen Angelics and Shadow Bodies

This is a follow up from my previous post on the current unfoldments with some tips on how to navigate this shift and final purification. I’m getting that this week is going to get intense. Depending also on where everyone is at on their journey personally. There will also be a lot of positive changes happening for us simultaneously. It’s time for good and bad karma to be served and many of us have a big, huge banquet waiting for them!
Firstly, and as I said before, not every negative entity on this planet is gone *poooff* just yet. This is an ongoing removal, they’re being evicted at record speed en mass now but they’re also really pissed, naturally. This also affects our bodies and energy field which we need to support the purification of the best we can. You nay have noticed an increase in detox symptoms of late. We can expect people connected to the negative alien agenda that know their time has come, to be acting out of desperation. Remember they’re literally fighting for survival, just know it has to all play out for all to see the Truth with their own eyes also. Try and stay the compassionate and neutral Observer the best you can and focus on what you want to create for the future. Transmute your triggers, resistance and judgement held. Don’t fall for the distractions and any last loosh harvesting attempts.
So the focus is on our inner work and clearing our fields and be mindful of other people also at this time. As this all clears from the field it has to come up and out so to say and some may be lashing out, try to attack you, having a difficult time, feeling triggered by your higher frequency etc. It’s important when we interact with others and they try and attack us f.e. to stay as neutral as possible because that’s how we collapse and dissolve the lower Realities, entities, distortions etc! I like to call it RADICAL NEUTRALITY 😅 This doesn’t happen through fighting, resisting or judging. Whatever we resist persists! These are also tests and initiations for us to pass! It doesn’t mean you suppress what you’re feeling either, quite the opposite, you are to embrace it all and then go deeper to unravel and transcend it all from within.
Ultimately this whole process is about us integrating and merging with our shadows in order to purify then THROUGH us. To come to Divine Union Within. To integrate all of who we are. To understand how the Consciousness could become so inverted, to understand people’s behaviours as this helps us integrate all of our Multidimensional Aspects as The One, of Source! Seeing everything from all possible Multidimensional perspectives. These aspects all have to be integrated just like the negative ego and then we release all that is no longer needed. Also remember, ‘they’ have served a great purpose. It’s us merging Shadow and Light within, Higher and Lower Self, Heaven and Earth, the Fallen Angelic with the Angelic. A grand Unification! It’s not as such about getting rid of it all, it’s about alchemisation first and foremost! We are to EMBRACE and Love THE SHADOWS! That’s how that which we no longer require will clear FOR GOOD now.
As all-ways we simultaneously and actively co-create all this as we walk our path. So it’s DONE but it’s also still unfolding and happening as we move through this shift now. But as said, all is going to unfold very quickly now and much easier than we thought possible and how it could have gone! HUGE Timeline/ Reality SHIFTS & CHANGES keep Unfolding and quickening now so hold onto your hats or rather just enjoy the ride in childlike wonder as best you can and keep firmly centred in the NOW moment. Fully present is where it’s at. Just deal with what is right in front of you. Try not to get distracted by the out-there noise.
If you lose your cool and get triggered just pull within, see what’s behind the trigger, what are you to learn and innerstand more/ better? Give gratitude for the triggers as it’s helping you release and integrate more of all that you are, of the One, and it’s all part of Polarity Integration, the Divine Union and Ascension process and every trigger helps you do this! Every trigger an opportUnity to unify and merge with another aspect of us and Source within. Such as when we judge someone, we are really just judging an unacknowledged shadow aspect of ourSelf.
So when you get triggered, try to find out what’s truly behind it, most likely an old wound or trauma got triggered. Try to innerstand your own reactions better and why you got triggered because it will keep happening until you’ve fully integrated the lesson. Make a mental note of what you will do differently next time, like taking a deep breaths first before just reacting and a step back next time you feel it coming f.e.. Don’t fall for the gaslighting, these entities can and often do also work through other people, using them as a portal, especially if they can’t get to you directly. Apologize if necessary to the person if you let’s say got pissy at someone. Then let it go and move on if possible or keep releasing the best way you can until it’s cleared, without causing more drama or suffering wherever possible. This is about us learning impulse control and emotional maturity.
We will keep coming up against certain triggers until we have learned our lessons and fully integrated them. Until then we keep having Groundhog Day type of experiences. Also, you will know what you need to know when you need to know it, all else would distract you from the process at hand now. The Energies will keep building so our focus remains on using all the tools we have to our disposal and focus on YOU, standing in Integrity, Balance, Love, Compassion and Neutrality! Stay in the NOW, in NO-TIME, this is how we access Multidimensional Realities, through the Zero Point Field. Focus on co-creating New Earth Realities as much as possible and let go of the old.
Manifestations are heightened and our every word, thought, belief, feeling and action co-creates the ‘future’ in the NOW. This is also applicable for the Collective Timeline/ Realities. We came to lead and make this shift happen through our own Embodiment, by us BEing THE CHANGE.
This is about what we are doing, not the others who are truly just other aspects of us. Try to see yourself in others is as great practice. And REMEMBER, we are the spiritual stewardship of humanity. Take pride in this sacred purpose, it helps you stay focused through the difficult parts! Also non attachment to outcome as well as everything else, especially the material world, is key. Staying in the present now moment allows us to keep going with the flow and the many shifts and changes, as all remains in flux and nothing is truly set but the general trajectory. Try to stay in Neutrality instead of judging things as good or bad, Remember everything is ultimately conspiring in your favour, even if it doesn’t feel like it, it’s your negative ego that is in resistance, your Higher Self knows the best an quickest way through! It’s your job to nurture that connection and listen.
Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙

444 Angels are with us and among us, helping us attain the union and family we have been praying for. Breakthroughs through the chakra system and the light column are bringing us unification of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Christ. God’s Covenant Family is being carried forward by our angelic team to receive our dreams coming true.

The Masculine are rebirthing out of karmic contracts with the devil. Under those contracts they were not capable or desiring to be one in union, and create with the feminine. Divine intervention has removed and blocked the devil from interfering, setting unions free. They can now reassess, renew, and declutter, for a fresh clean start with the Feminine.

New Source Codes are entering each of us, clearing the negative limiting beliefs patterns, and coding in the New Earth Chakra System. New Light Language Codes are activating the Heavenly embodiment within the temple of God we are hosting. The chains of the devil are unshackled for us all to heal and evolve into God’s Kingdom Family template under the Laws of the Torah.

God knows we are waiting to witness positive change on Earth, and our personal environment. We are holding space for Counterparts as they leave the devil and return back home to the Most High, and your Union. Purification is restoring their consciousness back into the wise elder souls that they are. We are progressing forward, guided and protected by the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn

source: www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community


Sun in Libra trine Ceres in Gemini. Mercury retrograde in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces – There are huge cosmic cogs turning in the background, collective shifts, mass tension. In our own lives, we may feel momentarily lost. We glimpse ghosts, weird messages drift through the ether, we try to think or talk and words puddle into pools of misunderstanding. Reflections are distorted and we can’t see the whole picture, stuck in the upside down. Yet, there’s also the possibility of brilliant flashes of intuition if we centre ourselves.
The solar connection to motherly Ceres reminds us of the importance of self-nurture in hard times. Cosy up with a book. Chat with a friend. Spend quality time with a partner. If your mind is busy, open the window to bring in fresh air and symbolise blowing away psychic cobwebs. Eat well. Rest. Busy yourself with something creative to channel an over-active imagination. Speak silent words of comfort if you feel disorientated. Practice self-soothing.
Degrees and Times
Sun 12°Li05′, Ceres 12°Ge05′ – 03:49 (BST)
Mercury 21°Li13′ R, Neptune 21°Pi13′ R – 14:53 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – Reflections in the Water by Paul Cezanne

Today we flowed through KIN 35 – Blue Solar Eagle – BOLON MEN.

After Harmonizing the Galactic Tone of Integrity comes the Solar Tone of Intention.
Blue Solar Eagle – BOLON MEN guides and teaches us to access our connection to the collective consciousness of the Planetary Mind by intentionally using the inherent powers of our individual minds to create, inspired by our truest visions of truth, so as to determine our truest motivations and aspirations. Intention is the energetic power which precedes and supports every manifestation. The key to actualization is a willingness to intentionally mobilize in conjunction with the pulsing out of endless energetic intelligent vibrational information. Never underestimate the role and power of focused intention in harnessing evolutionary momentum which turns the wheels of reciprocity.
Blue Solar Eagle – BOLON MEN encourages us to intentionally focus on seeing the larger plan, flying above like an eagle with keen, clear sight.
Blue Solar Eagle – BOLON MEN reminds us that a unified global village can and will result only when we see our existence and our Mother Earth from above, from a Divine Eagle’s view as one existence, and as one World.
Blue Solar Eagle – BOLON MEN is inviting us to intentionally mobilize together towards our truest and highest aspirations in order to open and “fly” through “doors” of undreamed possibilities, through both intentional physical effort and by intentionally transmitting our will and desires energetically out into the vast and unlimited web of existence. Then, after setting conscious intentional aim, the Cauldren of Creation beckons us to surrender our need to control and to release our attachments to future outcomes. As we learn to shed the pains and limitations of judgemental evaluation, we gain the support of neutrality and acceptance that leads us to limitless opportunities. Then the synergy of reciprocal intelligent vibrations echo like a steady heart beat throughout all of creation.
Kin 35 ~ Blue Solar Eagle
The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and it’s key words are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The 9th day of a wavespell is always intense. There is a lot of power in that number and people born on Solar days are really good at getting what they want. Today whatever your ‘intention’ is make sure it’s the right thing for you…just because it’s easy to get, doesn’t mean you need it.
Today is Blue Eagle and key words associated with it are ‘Creativity, Mind and Vision’. The Blue Eagle sees things from a higher perspective and uses creativity to solve problems. They are also powerful predators and can take what they desire with ease. The combination of number and day makes for a very interesting scenario. It is the right time to swoop down and grab what you want so make sure your intentions are good and no one becomes your prey. Be responsible with this power today is the message here.
Today’s Guide is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. Monkey can lead you today if you understand the difference between magic and illusion. This can help with deciding which opportunity you should grab.
If you are a Red Serpent today will challenge you. You are normally good at striking for what you want at just the right time but today you may miss your chances.
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Equality and Opportunity’. This gives the day even more opportunities, so prepare to cross a bridge to get what you want. You may have to let something go… as Worldbridger always insists that you pay a toll before crossing the bridge.
The Ally is the Yellow Seed and they love to ‘sow awareness’. Today they play a supportive role and so if you need help deciding which opportunity to grab, consult a Yellow Seed. If you are one, your wisdom will be of great benefit to others today.
9 MEN – KIN 35
5 OCTOBER 2021
I PULSE in order to CREATE
Realizing mind
I seal the output of VISION
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK💫
5/10/2021 = 5/10/5 =5/15=5/6=11=2
5- Change/Transformation/Liberation/Freedom
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Harmony
KIN 35 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
A Holy Divine enVISIONing day to find solutions as we can SEE the whole PICTURE!🖼
✨✨✨ The SOLAR EAGLE is flying ahead and opening a PLANETARY🌎🌉 GATEWAY to a 20 day WINDOW of AWAKENING 💥 Great REVELATIONS🙄 will surface when the BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE drops a BOMBSHELL 💣on October 25th, 2021 that will change humanity’s trajectory (for the better!) 🎆
Stay tuned! 👀✨💥
Day 9 in the BLUE HAND🙌 WAVESPELL where we realize HEALING through our capacity to trust the BIGGER PICTURE. The energy is VERY SPIRITUAL today, and coupled with the visionary EAGLE and majikal MONKEY, we have an opportunity to hold the VISION for GREAT SUCCESS and accomplishment. A beautiful combo with the 11 portal of LIBERATION setting humanity FREE.
As we can now SEE👀 the FINISH LINE we KNOW that we have ACCOMPLISHED OUR MISSION of HEALING our planet and LIBERATING her from darkness. This theme of LIBERATION💥 continues throughout the whole transformative year of 2021.
SOLAR ☀– Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm.🕊 ACTION – realizing, POWER – to pulse, ESSENCE – intention The ninth day of BLUE HAND🙌 Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR☀ phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart, assists us in making our dreams come true. You are the humanitarian whose dreams unfold the larger pattern of our new world.
Today we are pulsing Majik to manifest our Greatest VISION.
❓What powerful VISION are you PULSING into reality?
BLUE EAGLE often appears in the DREAMTIME to get his messages to a more receptive MIND. The SERPENT is a kundalini specialist and so may unravel the blocks as the flow of chi surges upwards bringing an explosive BREAKTHROUGH💥 in consciousness. All very promising and much needed codings for our progress!
✨Today we need to TRUST that what we SEE IS possible. ✨
BELIEVE IT and you will ACHIEVE IT! 💥
Today’s question is “What is the greatest and most creative picture we can envision for our Planet?
Divine blessings for our journey to realizing our GREATEST and BEST LIFE possible on this Earth plane!
It is time to SOAR in clear blue Solar skies. 🌞🌞🌞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE SOLAR EAGLE☀👁 MEN provides us with a beautiful gift today. The gift of VISION. 👀 In particular the gift of foresight, and seeing the BIG PICTURE to finally and permanently solve our healing challenges. KIN 35 is an absolutely BRILLIANT interStellar code.✨💫✨💫.. not only do you have the POWER of panoramic VISION👁 today but you have the MAJIKAL healing power💫 to ACCOMPLISH that VISION… A superb line-up of characters in today’s PLAY!
By zooming your lens outwards to more expansive panoramic views, your problems become miniscule and you are able to easily grasp brilliant SOLUTIONS. A new and broader perspective allows for more ideas, wisdom and information to colour your landscape with wondrous opportunities for growth.
❓Are you EXPANDING your VISION as you integrate all your experiences?
The friction and disharmony you have experienced is evident as resistance that blocks your path.
❓❓What is the ORIGIN of this resistance? 🤔
BLUE EAGLE will pinpoint the EXACT moment in your timeline where this knot occurred. Call on your BLUE EAGLE today to hone in and use his beak to pull out the knots obstructing your path. Once CLEAR from obstructions you are FREE to CREATE🖌..from a clean palate. 🎨
Today we REALIZE ourselves as co-creators through trusting the greater VISION of what we are doing here on planet Earth. This encourages us to get creative and ENVISION the most majikal realities that we can, allowing those visions to PULSE through us and out into the greater cosmos. 🍥✨
BLUE EAGLE holds the codes for our collective PLANETARY MIND so today’s code has great influence in our Planetary LIBERATION. The FOCUS is on en-VISION-ing the DIVINE PLAN successfully and fully REALIZED for Ascended GAIA.🌈🌎
❓❓❓How can your IDEAS and new perspective be woven into this grander landscape to create more ease, grace and harmony in your life, in your family, in your community and in our world?
❓❓❓What is your EXPANDED VISION and Soul’s purpose on this planet? Meditate on this today to get clarity on your divine mission.
Step up and get ready to go BIG!💥 YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!✨✨✨
HIGHER GUIDE: BLUE SOLAR MONKEY☀🐒 CHUEN is the cheeky, mischievous innocent child who loves to PLAY! And what better tool to PLAY with, than MAJIK?! 💫 CHUEN is a talented Magician and time traveller who has the power to gather and reveal much information today throughout SPACETIME.
BLUE MONKEY can divulge the illusions and trickery that have kept you blinded from SEEING the BIGGER PICTURE.. The MIND games that have kept you confused and in the DARK. Perhaps you have veered off your BEST path, or lost your way completely through all the smoke and daggers! Detach from the MATRIX GAME and look at life again with FRESH EYES. Allow your Divine child to show you what is BEAUTIFUL in your life and our world. Your DIVINE CHILD KNOWS the best path back to claim your DIVINE existence..
As you remember your inherent Majikal powers you can use them today to CREATE and MANIFEST from a place of greater awareness, pulsing your desired intention into matter through alchemical MAJIK.💫💫💫 Energizing your BIGGEST VISION with Monkey Majik is very potent indeed! 🐒⚛
SUPPORT: YELLOW SOLAR SEED:☀ 🌿KAN – the Solar Seed today is SEEKING the LIGHT✨ so that it can GROW and CREATE and REALIZE it’s highest potential. The SEEDling🌱 soaks up the sun’s rays and majikally alchemizes them through the process of photosynthesis – creating the fuel for future GROWTH.🌿
The seed packet contains all the codes – nutrients, data and stimuli needed to achieve the seemingly impossible – Miraculously transforming into the huge oak TREE🌲.. How is that possible? Nature truly is remarkably Majikal.💫.
The seed unlocks its inherent codes, and pulses this intention to GROW into a big tall tree, everyday of its existence. It holds the bigger picture in its original SEED and this is the rocket fuel that programs the growth.. This is the metaphor needed for us all..
✨keep holding the DREAM of the BIGGER PICTURE🏔🖼✨
✨pulse it out with FOCUSED INTENTION every day. ✨
All the StarBlossoms incarnated on Gaia hold this BIG UTOPIAN PLANETARY DREAM in our coding.. It is written in the STARS✨ and written in our DNA. We all KNOW IT and can FEEL it to the CORE of our being..
✨NOW is the TIME to PULSE☀ this LIGHT out collectively in order to✨ MANIFEST MIRACLES.✨
🌸We are NEARLY THERE Planetary Kin – one last PUSH!!❤❤❤
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE OVERTONE WORLDBRIDGER 👑🌈🌎 – CIMI holds the keys to the KING-DOM.🔑. Today’s SUPERPOWER is an OVERTONE 👑 Worldbridger so we have RADIANT☀ POWER to COMMAND our VISION into creation. Claiming our sovereignty as the New EARTH creators and leaders.
CIMI is building the rainbow bridge🌈🌉 to allow you to cross-over to achieve your greatest VISION, and our Planetary RAINBOW VISION.. MANIK the BLUE HAND and CIMI are a brilliant combo. – they work synergistically to accomplish GREAT THINGS.
CIMI asks you to SURRENDER your greatest VISION to Divine Will, knowing that you will have all the support, people, networks and resources you need to realize your plan.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SOLAR SERPENT☀🐍– CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and awakening. RED SERPENT also holds the store of FEAR.
RED SERPENT challenges you today to release your old fears. All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in survival and defence mechanisms must go!! Surrender to the DEATH of – FEAR, STRUGGLE, poverty and dis-ease. The FEAR of FAILURE, FEAR of SUCCESS and greatest FEAR, of dying before you REALIZE your MISSION.. Your greatest DESTINY.
Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues so draw on your AWAKENING kundalini power to raise and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power!
NOTE: This combo of BLUE EAGLE and the SOLAR SERPENT in challenge position, may cause a RUDE and ABRUPT AWAKENING😵 for many souls today, especially with a 5 and 11 liberation code!💥.
BLUE EAGLE often appears in the DREAMTIME to get his messages to a more receptive MIND. The SERPENT is a kundalini specialist and so may unravel the blocks as the flow of chi surges upwards bringing an explosive BREAKTHROUGH💥 in consciousness. All very promising and much needed codings for our progress!
✨Today we need to TRUST that what we SEE IS possible. ✨
BELIEVE IT and you will ACHIEVE IT! 💥
Today’s question is “What is the greatest and most creative picture we can envision for our Planet?
Divine blessings for our journey to realizing our GREATEST and BEST LIFE possible on this Earth plane!
It is time to SOAR in clear blue Solar skies. 🌞🌞🌞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

David Alexander Lightfoot

Energy / Ascension update:

Global ascension speeding up, letting go of the shadow energies of doubt and fear.
The last few months, especially September we have dealt with much shadow energies of our own and the collective, Especially around fear and self doubt. All to be transmuted.
Global ascension is speeding up and we are breaking free from the 3D fear matrix we felt so strong.
The new moon energies tomorrow and October 10 portal (10-10) will bring in more supportive energies, truths and change.
For all on the ascension path this means more freedom and stronger roots into the 5D Plane. Where, together with the Divine, we continue to co-create and shape the new world.
Feeling safe, loved and supported is what we searched for all of our lives and it is happening now, this is our reward for all the hard work we do.
As we are front runners in evolution we already are there and see the results of our hard work .
This does not mean we won’t have any challenges. This still is part of life but we are now able to handle everything that comes on our path more easily as we are not triggered by circumstances as much anymore.
We do our best, God takes care of the rest 😇
Stay true to yourself and your own path. Only this way you stay strong and hold space for others to follow.
Be in harmony and connect with your divine team, the angels, the ascended masters, our galactic bothers and sisters as much as you can.
You know what is best for you, you know what is good for you.
Stay in your sovereign power, do not give it away.
You do not have to prove yourself to anyone anymore.
Stay in your heart and work on your passion points, be kind and loving to your self and be that beacon of light the world needs.
Selfcare and selflove are our number one priority.
Protect your energy, only help those who are in real need and honest. Stay away from negative and controlling people, let them figure out what is happening in the world themselves. This is their wakeup call.
I have included this Affirmation / prayer to help release any leftover fear energies.
I Ask My Divine Higher Love & Light Support Team,
The Ascended Masters And Archangels.
To Remove From Me All Fear Based Programming
Still Running In My Mind, Physical & Energy Bodies.
To Remove All Implanted Thoughts And Energies
That I’ve Absorbed From Others.
To Block All Fear Being Projected At Me.
So My Heart Is Free Receiving True Love Guidance.
With Heart Blessings 💛🙏
David Alexander Lightfoot
source: www.facebook.com/davidalexanderlightfoot

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