ANGELIC SUPPORT ~ Cosmic Holy Father ~ Emerald Crystal Heart ~ NEW TEMPLATES ARE COMING ONLINE

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ANGELIC SUPPORT ~ Cosmic Holy Father ~ Emerald Crystal Heart ~ NEW TEMPLATES ARE COMING ONLINE

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Winged Nation of our 144 Tribe of the New JAhRuShaLem

Raise your Holy Grail to the Heavens and take charge of the Internal Flame of Transmutation and guide the energy to the Holy Land of New Earth. The Holy Spirit is entering your Awareness, allow it to use your Vessel for the Healing Temple it truly is. Resonate the Sacred Frequencies out into the Infinite multiverse expanding into the very end of the beginning.

As we free our selves and hue-manity from all false negative time-loops and timelines we merge all together in the Sacred Heart Center to create the timeless, eternal realm of Heaven on Earth. 

Today with the massive energetic waves coming in we had another sustained period of blackout on the Schumann Charts. We also had 2 CME ejections coming off Solaris heading towards earth with Solar Winds arriving sometime tomorrow on the 25th of August. This phase we are in is another pause of still point energy we call the null zone, neutrality or zero point. This is in preparation for our great lift off of full Ascension expansion causing our Quantum LEap in Consciousness.

Great Spirit is daily sending us Omens, Synchronicities, signs and symbols all expressing and showing us that we indeed are in the time of the Shift of the Ages we call the Great Awakening. Today Wakan Tanka showed me an Omen that the Blue Eagle Kings of Venus are with us now and many of our Divine Masculine are prepared and ready to embody this Krystalline Form.

a Divine message for our BroThors in arms:

I come as a messenger to confirm and say Yes Divine BroStar of the Light you are ready. Your Divine Feminine Counterpart has been prepared and has been ready for years now. Time to step into your role as the Yang Shiva Counterpart of your Hieros Gamos both internally and externally. Spread your Etheric wings BroThor of the Light and take Divine Flight through the Night and into the Light. Your Sacred Goddess is waiting in the wings. Rise in the Honor and the Glory of this Holy Hour of the Precipice of our great leap into the Void. Make the Sacred Call and Fly to the Celestial Heights of Freedom…A’Ho!!


Right now: Moon at 4°55′ Aries , Sun at 2°12′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Two guardian angels bringing protection.
Sabian Symbol for 3º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 3º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Sabian Symbol for 5º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 5º .



SA Smith


Are you feeling these energies today?
Either you’re feeling that hung over, hit by a bus feeling, or You’re high vibing like crazy.
Not really sure there’s a big inbetween area at this point
So much work was being done on us energetically overnight, thanks to the massive waves of energies that poured in.
3 days, that’s how long it takes to integrate those bigger energies.
So plan on having an amazing Friday once you integrate all these energies.
To help you today, might I suggest setting intentions?
Intentions allow you to build your world the way you’d like it. As long as it’s a possibility in this world, you can intend it.
Claim what you’d like for you, including a high vibrational day.
All you have to do is really see it in your minds eye.
Daydream of what you’d like to be.
Then feel in your heart how you’ll feel when what you’re daydreaming of really happens.
Connect to that energy, the “finished it already and is mine and it happened” energy.
Add that energy to what you see in your mind, now set that intention and release it to the universe.
Build your day your way!
It’s a day of possibilities Divine One, remember that and you are the possibility maker. 🌟
Also remember the Flash is Immenant! Ships ARE coming.
We are just riding the energetic wave of non linear time.
It’s already happened we’re just catching up.
Quick Energy Update 🌟
We have some very intense energies bearing down on us in this now moment.
These are powerful, big energies.
Breath, release and BE.
These are much stronger than what we’ve been receiving lately.
Remember to allow them to flow through without resistance.
This will help your ascension symptoms.
Much love and light,


All day so far (for approx 7hrs), there is hugely INCREASED ELECTRICAL activity to the BRAIN and associated nerves, neurones, relays within the brain.
We receive this type of electrical activity to the brain, every day when ‘awakened’ as parts of the dormant areas of the brain gradually fire up a little bit at a time through our awakened path which in turn affects our consciousness level. Dormant pathways gradually become ignited (switched on) in order to translate the higher frequency hertz WAVELENGTHS humanity generally isn’t used to interpreting, with only a small percentage of the brain in general active conscious use.
However, the ELECTRICAL BRAIN ACTIVITY is different today. It’s a MAJOR electrical amping up within the brain in all areas of the brain.
It will affect everyone differently as each are at different consciousness levels and so receive different degrees of this additional electrical charge that is today AMPED UP. ALL will be receiving it by their degree. Whilst some will flow with this MAJOR increased AMPLIFIED electrical circuitry upgrade, others may not understand it, or be aware of it. It can affect the eye sight in a good way. Some however may spin out, simply be very confused or some may loose control, as it may affect some people’s mental body.
It’s all designed as per the timeline of the Greater Picture, and the Human Collective timelines that are approaching. We are amping up in HERTZ: to increase consciousness, to increase the frequency of our physical vessels, to be able to meet forthcoming timelines at our highest possible level.
If affected with this increase, the easiest route is to breathe into the heart centre several times as needed, and listen to your OWN inner guidance. In timelines soon approaching some will be receiving DIRECT guidance in waking state and in Dreamtime. So learn to start trusting clear, inner guidance that will always feel balanced, neutral and of Love.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
24 August 2021
“We are now entering the full Awakening of the Holy Father. Every human being was born with a concealed emerald crystal within their body. This emerald heart contains the Holy Father principle, connected to the Cosmic Holy Father. This emerald crystal heart has been placed within the body so when activated the eternal heart flame can light up the path”
Earth is facing its most auspicious transition reset in cosmic evolution-
The awakening for this reset has been fluctuating in waves as it was designed to, spirals and ripples of frequencies singing within our bodies along to the harmonic melodies of our very creation ⭐️
What a most beautiful timeline to be within the Now and Present gifted time space ⭐️
Those feeling the pull and the purge !
#Balance of the Dark n Light / Light n Dark – You will feel it, many will feel oddly somewhat out of control , lost, lonely and misplaced, fear not your frequencies are like a SAT NAV they tune in to find exactly where you should be and what you need- Healing and cleansing, calmness and soul food of kindness to the self mastery of consciousness within the template of our temple the mind — ☝️
Come home little bird Starseed, our bird tribes DNA talk through our ancestors voice in our blueprint⭐️


Beings of Light, we provide Love & Support❤
Open your hearts to US to assist you🙏
Like your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, we align with your mission and work closely with you.
We emit a High Vibrational Ray of Light, sourced from the Higher Dimensional planes, encoded with Angelic Healing frequencies to emotionally support you.
Know we are Infinite Beings of Unconditional Love, aligned with Mother Gaia and every being of pure light ❤🙏
For those struggling with hardships, please call on US. Our KEY role is to assist you in navigating this dimension. For we see the challenges you face.
For many awakening, it is a process of expansion, integration and acceptance as you awaken to your surroundings.
Like the diversity of your world, there are many types of Angels to assist you. For we are a community of Light in the Higher Dimensions providing Support for Humanity❤🙏
Please Call for OUR assistance, to cleanse and support you. For we are infinite Beings of Pure Light❤ Please call on US ❤🙏
Angelic Kingdom of Light💥
Sending you much love & blessings today.
Karen Lithika
Blessings Artist 🙏

Ra James

It’s a New Week and we are stepping into some Brand New Cosmic Energies. The Blue Moon energies are still affecting us and we are still in a Retrograde Season. Chiron is still Retrograde until December.
Virgo Season is really activating this placement and is encouraging you to clear the things blocking your path or blocking your manifesting. It’s time to ditch the limiting beliefs and to detox. Virgo Season is all about clearing any internal blocks and purifying. It’s going to be the theme over the next month. We can expect some sacred geometry in the sky tomorrow night. We have a lot of Galactic Energies coming through and a lot of Lyran Energies.
The Lyra constellation is shaped like a parallelogram. It forms the shape of a harp. Each corner is made up of double stars. It has a tail facing its brightest star Vega. Vega is the North Star of the past and the future. These energies are activating your Galactic DNA meant to awaken you to your Galactic past. Our future is also looking very Galactic as we continue to adjust to the increase in Ascension Energies coming into the Planet.
The Sun is very active right now to. We have another Solar Storm going on. We have two, possible, CME’s approaching Earth now. We can expect these energies to really shake up the Earth’s magnetic field and poles. We are going to see a huge increase in the energies leading up until to Equinox. These energies can affect your health and human consciousness. If your feeling emotional right now, let whatever clear that is coming to the surface. Doing some type of healing or energy work will help you so much with the process. If your feeling Ascension Symptoms rest. Really listen to your body right now…

Energy update: Don’t Worry Don’t Hurry, The Universe Has Your Back 🙏💫

August this year 2021 is a very powerful energetic and emotional month receiving all new light frequency updates and pushing out our stuck control shadow energies to surface. Uncomfortable for sure.
We now have outgrown our old lives and adapting more to our 5D vibration and frequency energy body. Our physical body needs to adjust to this.
Spiritually and mentally we have had our challenges finding this year, I know I have. It is not easy to stay positive with all changes and what is happening in the collective.
The fear energies for taking the next step in our evolution stepping out of our comfort zone or the fear of loosing everything. We are now letting go all forms of control and false beliefs that ruled our lives or via people, sources outside of ourselves.
Letting go of past regrets or seeing more truth of what we could / should have done different. We need to forgive ourselves and let go of and self hate and anger towards others. We did not know then and need to stop blaming ourselves and love ourselves even more, we are not victims, we are now in a time breaking free of our past.
We are growing stronger and becoming more sovereign in our power every day. Being less effected by fear and hate energies. We are love, extending and expanding into more light and love. Being invisible to those people at lower vibration who still remain stuck in the matrix.
I understand it all is hard to understand that all is happening for us and through us sometimes. Since we awakened we have set all kinds of change in motion. We have chosen to evolve, to ascend to a higher and better, more supportive way of living and open up receiving all divine blessings.
Stay positive, we are still on the right path, you are on the right path.
Wishing you a blessed new week 🙏
Heart Blessings 😇❤️💫
David Alexander Lightfoot


Diligent efforts to clear the subconscious mind of past conditioning in love and relationships are paying off! Activations and awakening of the thought process is happening to create a new healthier logical mindset, and set intentions based on a new belief system. The light is shining brightly, revealing the falsehoods that kept the feminine locked in the shadows. The Most High is freeing us from those traps and loops through the consciousness. A new paradigm that fully supports the Divine Feminine Christ is here under God’s Authority.

Stability is building through the practice of putting Spiritual growth and enlightenment first. Growing the relationship and communion with the Most High is an act of self care that brings peace and grace to daily life. Gratitude is building as direct communication with the Most High is showing The Way forward down the New Earth path.

Strength and determination to receive equally reciprocated love based relationships gets easier and easier, as you continue forward with your Divine ancestors that are helping you resolve the past. They are with you giving you the courage to be fully transparent with yourself. They are helping you see patterns and the resources that are available to break through these family cycles, to be reborn anew.

Family marriage contracts and curses are specifically transmuting for the New Human Race and genetic family bloodline. Karmic DNA may not enter and therefore must be exposed and disposed. You may feel this transmuting through your cells now, as God is eliminating all Carbon DNA of the 666 man (Adam) through us and our genetics.

This is a process of elimination that we have been going through, especially from December 26, 2019 on. A lot of emotional conflict has been surfacing as the internal battle of stopping the programming and ending outdated conditioning has taken a lot of strength and endurance to get this far. Your Soul chose this mission to break those codes for good, not only for you, but for you Genes and the new Genesis. Your willing participation has been a success! We are completing this now, in preparation for the new human race entering through the Omega Stargate.

Continue attaining being One with Creator. This is happening though the minds eye, as spells are exposed and eliminated. The is Ascension Master class! Choosing Spirit is forcing the end of karmic patterns, and eliminating what needs to go, that you are not aware of. Divine intervention is freeing the masculine and feminine from karmic marriage contracts from the seed point of suffering, separation, divorce, stagnancy, and financial loss due to heartbreaks wounds. Continue creating with Spirit, as your new life is being exposed.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn


Lunar aspects. Venus in Libra sextile Juno in Sagittarius. Mars in Virgo square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini – The earlier part of the day is coloured by the Moon’s journey in quiet, restful and receptive Pisces. A union with Neptune evokes dreams and memories that tease at the heartstrings. Then a connection to Pluto takes us deeper into these ethereal worlds, invites is to see the meaning of our shadows and fears. We become more perceptive, able to pinpoint where change is needed, finding strength in following the natural flow of life.
However, the mood begins to shift when Luna enters impulsive, heated Aries as ram-ruler Mars crosses swords with Black Moon Lilith. These two are old enemies as iron repels Lilith. She hates to be reminded of where she has been ostracised or demonised. We might feel as though an old ghost has come back to haunt us and the impulse is to beat it down before it even has a chance to say ‘boo’! But instead of reacting with anger, we can choose a different response. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Use your will to direct the energy. Listen, even if it is a challenging story. There is potent creative magic available to reconcile differences and find win-win solutions. Use your voice. Agreement is possible.
Degrees and Times
Moon, Neptune 22°Pi21′ R – 05:49 (BST)
Venus 09°Li32′, Juno 09°Sg32′ – 07:49 (BST)
Moon 24°Pi44′, Pluto 24°Cp44′ R – 10:12 (BST)
Moon 00°Ar00′ – 19:56 (BST)
Mars 16°Vi19′, Lilith 16°Ge19′ R – 17:21 (BST)
Painting – Two Riders by a Lake by Edgar Degas

Kin 253 ~ Red Rhythmic Skywalker
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and it’s key words are ‘Equality, Balance and Organize.’ The sixth day stresses the importance of walking that fine line…grounding yourself and checking that you are currently balanced. Take care of the practicalities no matter how mundane, having our heads in the clouds all the time can lead to instability. Find your rhythm and you’ll be able to strut your stuff more effectively.
Today is Red Skywalker and keys words associated with it are ‘Explore, Space and Wakefulness’. If you been yearning to try something new, then today is great day to be a little brave. Go on an adventure and expand your consciousness. When you combine the meaning of number and day the result is ‘organize wakefulness’ or ‘explore balance’. To summarize; Today is about organizing an adventure. Be courageous but be practical about it.
The Guide for the day is Red Skywalker, so it’s a double helping of that adventurous spirit.
The Challenge is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. It’s hard to wake up when you are too busy dreaming and when ‘exploring wakefulness’ one must naturally leave behind dreams. If you are a Blue Night give your dreams a chance to come true…wake up and explore the possibilities.
The Occult power is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance.’ What a lovely energy to provide the magic for the day. When you embark on your adventure today make sure it is a beautiful one. Experience the wonders of the natural world, appreciate art and dress elegantly. It’s a magical day to shine like a star. Yellow Star goes well with Skywalker and today we can walk the sky to see the beautiful stars.
The Ally is the White Worldbridger and so if you are one, you can help people cross bridges today as they go about the adventures. Your services may well be in high demand.

Today is Red Rhythmic Skywalker day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Skywalker, (tribe 13 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), explores, wakefulness, space.
Red Skywalker encourages you to explore space inside and outside of yourself. While exploring inner and outer space, remain wakeful and aware of your surroundings. Your wakeful and aware explorations may take you into the dream state, or any other plane of existence. Remaining wakeful and aware while exploring will reveal new things, places, and ideas to you. When you return from your explorations, these new gifts that you picked up along the way will allow and encourage you to share them with others. When you share these messages with others, you bring the process full circle, thereby helping bring the realms of heaven and earth closer together.
Rhythmic tone of Equality, (step 6 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), organize, balance, equality.
Tone 6 is where the biggest transformation takes place on the creative energy cycle so that equality and balance can be achieved. If you look at the way the number six manifests in the physical world, a great example is how six appears on the face of dice, where it appears as two columns of three. If you were to cut that image in half with a line, no matter where you draw the line, you will always wind up with two equal and balanced remaining portions.
Yesterday’s heart-centered emanations of influence, free will, and wisdom, (Yellow Human), are transformed through today’s Rhythmic tone so that equality and balance can be attained. This process enables you to become magically attuned and centered so that you can resonate with new frequencies coming through during tomorrow’s tone 7. Tone 6 is also referred to as the housekeeping tone. Put everything in its proper place and order both outside as well as inside of yourself. Strive for equality and balance in all of your creative endeavors.
Organized, balanced, and equal, exploring, wakefulness, and space.
Day 6 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Star, beautifies, elegance, art.
Written by Roger Grossman
6 CABAN – KIN 253
24 AUGUST 2021
I organize in order to explore
Balancing wakefulness
I seal the output of space
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
24/8/2021 = 37= 6/8/5=6/13=6/4=10=1
24- Joy/support/Assistance/Charisma
37-Harmonious relationships/Success
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Abundant Infinite Source Flow
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Foundation/Form/Earth/Angelic
KIN 253 = 10 = 1 Manifestation/New Beginnings/Leadership
✨✨✨ A beauty filled and EXPANSIVE day for anchoring BLISS ON EARTH. 💒
Day 6 of the spectacular YELLOW STAR✨ WAVESPELL – where we are AWAKENING our sparkle,🎆 and using our creativity to attract more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART! 🎨
Today we are organizing our SPACE for greater EQUALITY and BALANCE… building a wonderful foundation to EXPRESS our expanding creative muscle! 💪🎆
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!
Today we are given the opportunity to “put our house🏠 in ORDER!” – As they say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” Tone 6 operates in the physical realm and thus we are assisted in accomplishing physical tasks and organizing our physical living spaces.
We will be very busy on a personal and planetary level in making SPACE for these new systems to form and grow.. In order for something NEW to arrive, we have to make SPACE for it and do some house cleaning – welcoming new visitors into a beautiful and FRESH environment… Today we are SPRING CLEANING our bodies, homes and our PLANET🌏 getting ready for the NEW ARRIVALS! 🐣🐣🐣
✨A FANTASTIC DAY – for SPRING CLEANING, Feng Shui, decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, channeling ideas, and breaking down the steps required to accomplish your DREAMS and desires.
Ready, set, GO GO GO space cadets, don your spacesuit, UBER your spaceship and let’s go on a grand adventure throughout the Galaxy! 🍥🚀✨
Today is totally EXPANSIVE!!! An uber day for a trip!! Today’s code is great for viewing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” 💎 for REAL, without the need for any external stimuli – surreal, supernatural visions and experiences are highly possible! Your extra sensory perception will be naturally heightened today facilitating interdimensional experiences. Supercalifragelistic! 🌀😆😀😊
So grab your cameras and keep your EYES on the skies! (Tune in to your DREAMS and Astral Skywalking adventures too!)
Exploration,🗺 EXPANSION🎆 and AWAKENING 💥are the qualities of RED SKYWALKER making it a great day to venture outdoors in nature and explore our physical reality on this planet. Take a different route, venture off the beaten path and explore what you can find that can assist you in your creations. Expand your awareness and explore infinite possibilities from which to create your ART. .
RED SKYWALKER is a fantastic guide heralding the arrival of more FREEDOM which is AMPLIFYING the LIBERATION codes of this Aquarian BLUE MOON passage. Aquarius is all about EXPANSION, FREEDOM, originality, inventiveness and uniqueness through creative expression of your soul. All of which totally complements the codes of the Skywalker riding on this WAVE. 🌊🌊🌊
SKYWALKER is the Galactic Shaman and Angelic messenger who EXPLORES NEW HORIZONS 🎆and realms – bringing back THE BEST of what he finds and discovers, back to his home on EARTH🌏 to make life better!
BEN’s main Mission is to be the conduit bringing together the pillars of Heaven and Earth💒…so today’s code is DIVINELY PERFECT…
Humanity is focused on anchoring our New Aquarian Age – the purpose of which is to create HEAVEN ON EARTH💞 – heralding a new GOLDEN ERA, for humanity, of PEACE, HARMONY and ABUNDANCE – all the qualities of 6 BEN – the Rhythmic Skywalker.
BEN is fully driven to ORGANIZE for this reality on the EARTH plane to be balanced and provide EQUAL opportunities for all!! A BRILLIANT synchronized Harmonic flow! Ben is soooo cool! 😎😎😎
KIN 253 with BEN, CIMI, LAMAT and the gift of AKBAL – the DREAMER – is a brilliant code to take a detour via NEW EARTH today. A wonderful day for day-DREAMING and some excellent ADVENTURing to plan your ESCAPE to a better reality.
Join our tribe by including this wonderful meditation in your spiritual routine. 🙏
It was birthed through a collaboration between myself – 1 CIMI and my talented BroThor – Rui Clemente– 5 MEN – Our united energies create 6 IMIX – the RHYTHMIC DRAGON – ready to ORGANIZE us to B-Earth🐣our NEW PHYSICAL REALITY ✨🌈– beautiful NOVA GAIA.🌍🌏🌎.
Divine gratitude to all the StarBlossoms assisting in this process! 🙏😍🙏😍
SUPPORT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WORLDBRIDGER🌈🌉 CIMI and BEN are best mates! They love to travel together and explore new dimensions and realms. BEN opens the doors and CIMI brings the suitcase! So it is absolutely PERFECT that these two mates will guide us across the RAINBOW 🌈BRIDGE 🌉today into the New Golden Age of Aquarius🌴🌺..
The RHYTHMIC WORLDBRIDGER🌉🌈 – 6 CIMI is the Galactic Feng Shui Master – whose aim is to organize the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SPACE to bring more balance and sacredness. Accommodating the need for creating higher vibrational living spaces in these new communities.. 6 CIMI is a master at SPACE CLEARING and opening portals for more LIGHT to flow through. ✨🌈✨
Worldbridger allows you to close the door on old worlds and experiences and venture into a new paradigm. CIMI seals the store of DEATH – so this symbolizes the DEATH of the OLD PARADIGM – the MATRIX IS GONE! KAPUT!! YES it is NOW collapsing FAST! 💥
Be aware of which doors are closing and which are opening for you now…..choose the yellow door! Allow CIMI to bring forth new contacts, resources and information needed on this physical plane to birth your NEW creations.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW GALACTIC STAR 🌀 ✨LAMAT Today is day six in the Yellow Star Wavespell and again we have DOUBLE Yellow Star energy operating with the occult energy joining the party! The HIDDEN AGENDA of today’s SUPERPOWER is to bring forth this BEAUTIFUL NEW HARMONIC, PEACEFUL REALITY into the PHYSICAL PLANE… 🌴🌺🍇🍉🍓🍏✨🌈🌏
Today is a physical day in which we can organize the physical resources we need to create our new lives as ART. LAMAT is reminding you to question
❓❓“Which beautiful adventures do you enjoy, that assist in restoring balance to your life?”
When you feel balanced, you are free to explore and expand your consciousness from a safe and solid foundation, coming back down to Earth with more gifts in order to have more SPARKLE.🌟🌟🌟. .
LAMAT✨ is a PORTAL – A STAR🌟GATE! – EXPANDING the access to these new higher Golden Age lightcodes streaming forth into our reality… Our Planet will be DRENCHED with these SPARKLES🎆 today – giving everything an ethereal GLOW – the colours will be BRIGHTER🌈 and more vibrant☀ as we can view our world through our brilliant high tech Rainbow lenses🌈👓..
GALACTIC LAMAT is ensuring you become your AUTHENTIC self in order to SPARKLE in this new world. LOVE and EQUALITY is the order of this New Way so EXPAND your perception and welcome this BRAVE NEW WORLD we are collectively creating.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE RHYTHMIC NIGHT 🌃🔑AKBAL holds the DREAMING codes and brings forth ABUNDANCE through heeding your intuitive impulses. So tune in to reap the HARVEST that AKBAL brings.
The BLUE NIGHT governs your sleep time, and journeying together with SKYWALKER makes for one SUPER DUPER Astral travelling ADVENTURE! 😴💤🍥🎆 Psychedelic dreams assured!! 🌀😳🌀
As it is a physical day you may find your adventures feel REAL – as a BLUR happens between realms!
Remember to keep a DIARY as you AWAKEN from your dream state, in order to ORGANIZE your physical reality to manifest these DREAMS. Hold on to your dreams and let your intuition guide your ADVENTURES in WONDERLAND, remembering to come back home with the GOLDEN treasure in your arms! 🏆✨🌈
AKBAL also holds the keys🔑 to the NEW WAY DREAMING – the collective DREAM of Planetary ABUNDANCE, PEACE and HARMONY through the DREAM VISION that our PLANETARY DREAM-KEEPERS have been holding SAFE until this time.
TODAY we have the GOLDEN KEYS🔑🔑 TO THE NEW KINGDOM – the jail cell is UNLOCKED🔐🔓 and we can venture out as FREE SOVEREIGN👑 CITIZENS in a beautiful new ABUNDANT world filled with opportunities a plenty, for all who dare to EXPLORE these grand NEW HORIZONS! 🌈🍥🎆
Today’s question is “How can I ORGANIZE my physical reality, to create more BALANCE, EXPLORING New opportunities and adventures, in this wondrous New World of PLENTY!🌈🍇🍓🍏🍉🍒🌏🌎🌍
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
May you bring home the GOLDEN treasures of the Universe, in the dawning of this NEW beautiful Age of Aquarius!
Happy adventures Space Cadets! 🚀🌌
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Sci-Fi Wallpapers DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages August 24 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Revelators keep showing.

Quantum transitions in progress.

Etheric colors are adjusted.

“Divine Caves” are announced.

*Neva: 12th Akashic Projector aimed to evaluate support. 84% (non-regressive). Next >>>13. Forecast of 19. +++ AUTHORIZED. JEBÊNÇÃO.

Attention Neva! Reverberation of Certifying Code +++++++: 39% (non-regressive).

Initial cleaning (*Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 36% (non-regressive).

Final cauterization (Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 34% (non-regressive).

Specific projections continue for rechecks.

Special Projector for Emissions anchoring. 34% (non-regressive).

Special Projector forEmissions in reverberation! 34% (non-regressive).

Devic Realms are definitively established.

Accelerated organic harmonisations.

Temporarily, end of transmission.



Because #Ascension

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