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9 is the highest single-digit number in the decimal system. It is the second non-unitary square prime of the form (p2) and the first that is odd. All subsequent squares of this form are odd.
A polygon with nine sides is called a nonagon or enneagon. A group of nine of anything is called an ennead.
In base 10, a positive number is divisible by 9 if and only if its digital root is 9. That is, if any natural number is multiplied by 9, and the digits of the answer are repeatedly added until it is just one digit, the sum will be nine.
Nine is strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power. There are nine forms of the dragon, it is described in terms of nine attributes, and it has nine children. It has 117 scales – 81 yang (masculine, heavenly) and 36 yin (feminine, earthly). All three numbers are multiples of 9 (9 × 13 = 117, 9 × 9 = 81, 9 × 4 = 36) as well as having the same digital root of 9.
In Norse mythology as well, the number nine is associated with Odin, as that is how many days he hung from the world tree Yggdrasil before attaining knowledge of the runes.
The Mayan underworld Xibalba consists of nine levels. El Castillo the Mayan step-pyramid in Chichén Itzá, consists of nine steps. It is said that this was done to represent the nine levels of Xibalba.
In North American urban culture, “nine” is a slang word for a 9mm pistol or homicide, the latter from the Illinois Criminal Code for homicide.
Messier object M9 is a magnitude 9.0 globular cluster in the constellation Ophiuchus.
Nine is the atomic number of fluorine.
In the Rich Text Format specification, 9 is the language code for the English language. All codes for regional variants of English are congruent to 9 mod 256.
There are 9 semitones in a Major 6th interval in music.
There was a superstition among some notable classical music composers that they would die after completing their ninth symphony. Some composers who died after composing their ninth symphony include Ludwig van Beethoven, Anton Bruckner, Antonin Dvorak and Gustav Mahler.
Used 49 times in Scripture, the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality.
In the Old Testament there are at least 9 groups or individuals who practiced sorcery. Although modern culture and entertainment tends to paint those who practice such ‘black arts’ in a benign or even positive light (e.g. stories and movies directed at children), the motives of Old Testament sorcerers was evil to the core.
When Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross, he expires at the ninth hour. Also Jesus appears a total of nine times to his apostles and disciplines after his resurrection. As specified by Saint Paul, there are nine spiritual gifts of God which are wisdom, knowledge, faith, gift of healing, to operate miracles, prophecy, discreetness of spirits, tongues and to interpret them. Also Saint Paul listed nine fruits of spirit which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, truthfulness, gentleness and self control.
Women are typically pregnant for 9 months before birthing their young.
The nonagon represents the number 9. The number 9 symbolizes completion, mastery, expansion, and compassion (return to oneness). It seats in the whole cycle of life (which contains all the numbers from 1 to 9) in the form of a circle :
360 = 3 + 6 + 0 = 9
A dear friend once shared with, me you have to live
29 yrs 7 mo and 3 days to INjoy this world.
And I thought to myself… yeah my friend… that sounds about right.

Channel Lynne Rondell

Our Beautiful Powerful Commander Lord Ashtar of The Galactic Federation, We Love and Honour You…
Sending You and ALL of Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Love and Light Much Honour for Executing Our Divine Plan and for this transmission…
To all Lightworkers of The World we Thank you for being a part of Our Divine Mission for Our Sacred Mother Gaia…
Kindly read below to understand Fully what you are a part of and why the world has to go through this phase…
Sending you all Much Beautiful Love, Light and Elevation…
xXx Queen Mother Mary xXx
October 21, 2020
Lord Ashtar and the Angelic Kingdom
Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channel today with the angelic kingdom coming through this channel today with another message that i feel is timely and important and may help to shift your views on what you’re thinking about what’s going on right now and how it looks out there.
I want to talk about the upheaval and the chaos that is going on on your planet and i want to let you know what is really happening behind the scenes of that and why it’s happening and where your planet Mother Earth is heading and where you’re also going to end up because of the upheaval and because of the chaos and because of what you’re seeing on your planet, where you’re going to end up.
First i want to talk about the chaos and the upheaval and i want to let all of you know that this is necessary, that this is just part of what it’s taking to move all of you forward, this is part of what it’s taking to bring you all in ,we’re going to say, to a new dawn, to a new earth, to something that you’ve never been in before.
This is the extent that it’s taking as this third dimensional matrix and grids, all these blocks as i say they’re all breaking up, they’re all different systems, they’re in different compartments but they’re all different systems and one by one they’re breaking apart and they’re shining on you so you can see what you’ve been in, what you’ve always been held down in and what you don’t want anymore.
By going through this, by going through this upheaval and by going through all this chaos and it seems like your earth, your world, all of it is actually being turned upside down, it’s actually being broken apart to show you what you’ve been living in for thousands and thousands of years and to show you again what is going to keep coming up, what you don’t want. What you have had that is not good, it’s showing you now the level of control, the level of dominance, the level of power, the level of greed and it’s going to keep showing you, as it unravels, who’s behind it, who’s been doing this all along, who is pushing this mask agenda, who is pushing this vaccine mandate, how did this virus even get created.
You’re going to start to see the truth that is going to come out, you’re going to start to see many very dark organizations unraveling « at their seams », as everything is just blowing apart right in front of them. You’re going to start to see a lot of last-ditch efforts to try to control you, to try to manipulate you, to try to dominate you once again, to try and tell you things that are not true, as they’ve always told you things that are not true but so that they can put you back down into this third dimensional world, we’re going to say, the draconian matrix is gone but what’s left is these boxes as this channel calls them and they’re different systems in each one of these boxes and as these boxes literally blow apart, the system comes out at you.
You’ve seen the system of fear, you’ve seen the control system, you’ve seen the manipulation system, you’ve seen the dominance system, you see those with the most money, those big pharma corporations and those that have the most clout, those that think that they are in the driver’s seat to tell you what you can and cannot do and when you must do it and where and why.
This is all blowing apart, they really don’t have any control anymore, there’s nothing left.So you’re going to see everything pushing out at you. You’ve always been in this, we’re going to tell you, this is not new, this what you’re seeing is not new. This is how all of you have been living actually for thousands and thousands of years, you’ve been dominated and controlled by a lot of very dark humans, a lot of very dark negative ET’s and a lot of these that’s under the ground.
This is all breaking apart, the dark is leaving, completely leaving but you’re going to see everything flying at you. We want you to look at the chaos, we want you to look at the upheaval, we want you to look at what’s actually going on on your planet as a blessing for it is now showing all of you that are holding on the fourth dimension, that is why you’re seeing it.
You wouldn’t see it down here on the third dimension, you’d be fine with it as you always have been fine with it but since most of you that are going, we’re going to say 95 of you that are going to ascend to the fifth dimension. You’re on the fourth dimension, you’re now being forced to watch what’s going on in a dimension below you. This is why you see it, this is why you see what’s being played out now, this is why you don’t want it anymore, this is why you’re actually going to have to come up against a lot of these systems to dismantle them.
This is a blessing for in this blessing you will dismantle and shift every single system and paradigm that is and has been here for so very long. You will dismantle it, you will want better, you will want fairness, you will want truth, you will want your freedom, you will want to live in peace, compassion, harmony, love.
You’re going to take each one of these systems and you’re going to dismantle the whole thing and it’s going to be dissolved and a new way of being, a new way of living, a new way of walking your journey through your life is upon. You are creating and birthing a new world, a new earth. You are doing all of it, all of you. You are saying no in the face of all these systems, you are going to dismantle everything, you are going to hold a higher consciousness and you’re going to shift not only your consciousness but the collective.
Now remember all you have to do is navigate differently with your mind, all you have to do is think differently, think of things that are in a higher vibration and dimension, shift up. All you have to do is dismantle this and shift to better. It’s that easy, it’s not difficult, you’re all rolling right through this and there will be those that are sleeping, that are actually on a high enough consciousness level but that aren’t going to know that they’re going to the fifth dimension but their body is still going to be able to do the purging work, they’re still going to hold the light. They’re just not going to know what’s happening but their bodies at a higher enough frequency and vibration that they are being shifted up, their consciousness is being shifted up.
Every time you, light workers, way showers, starseeds, all you conscious beings of love out there, every single time you pick a higher timeline then you navigate through this and you want better you drag them alongthe cloud. This unified body of beings of light is getting larger and larger and larger.
There’s enough of you that have woken up, there’s enough of you now, starseeds, wayshowers, it doesn’t even matter if that’s what you came in to do, you’re just conscious, you’re on this journey, you’re watching this channel, you know that what she’s saying and what we’re bringing through is truth. You’re on the journey to the fifth dimension consciously therefore you’re going to bring up those who are still holding enough light but are never really going to know what happened. They’re just going to feel that they’re shifting and that is all right, there are going to be that part of the collective, that’s conscious and holding high enough vibration, that’s going to just be pulled up with the rest of you, when you pull them up.
There’s a lot of different ways people are going to shift to the fifth dimension but look at this as a blessing, look at what’s going on on your planet and think « thank you for happening », thank you for happening because of the upheaval, because of the chaos.You now are shifting to better. You’re shifting to that of love, you’re bringing it from your ego to your heart center and remember your ego mind is a third dimensional mind.
You’re shifting from your mind, your ego mind to your heart center. You’re elevating your consciousness, you’re elevating your vibration. All of you are doing beautifully holding that light, you’re on the journey.
This chaos and this upheaval and what you see, you’re going to dismantle it and push right through it. You’re going to say « i don’t think so » and every time you do that and you stand up for your truth compassionately, passionately you shift the consciousness of the collective.
We want to tell you, you’re very close, you’re very very close to the second wave of your ascension, enough of you are shifting to that of love, enough of you are shifting to that of compassion, enough of you are shifting to the wants of many, not the selfish wants ofone or two, of those with the money and the power and enough of you want equality and a lot of you, all of you want the truth, you want fairness, you want to know what this is the truth, you want to see the truth and you want to shift to a world that is better.
You are creating a new earth, you are birthing a new earth because of all the work that all of you are doing, you’re creating something so wonderful, so glorious and so different than you’ve ever had here before. You’re going to be so very happy, you’re going to really know what you’ve done when you get to the fifth dimension as well, you’re gonna know in your hearts the journey, you’re gonna have felt your way navigated through all of this denseness and you’re gonna know when you get to the fifth dimension that you’ve really arrived and what you’ve achieved.
You’re going to feel different, you’re going to be more loving in your heart. Your bodies will have shifted to a much lighter frequency and you’re going to know the journey that you’ve taken was worth it, you’re gonna know all this, what looks like pain and suffering, all this breaking apart of all these systems and blocks that have been put in this third dimensional matrix for eons and eons. You’re going to know what you’ve really achieved.
We’re all of us from the higher councils and collectives along with the entire angelic kingdom we’re cheering you on. We’re in your « corner », we’re sending you everything you need to keep going forward.
Do not worry, do not get yourself upset, just know that this is all part of it, this is what has to happen. Look at it as a blessing and know you’re nearing the fifth dimension.
I, Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic are so privileged to actually be bringing through these messages through this channeler as she’s doing a lot of work, a lot of wonderful things bringing forth, the knowledge that is truth, the knowledge to all of you so that you can really sit with it, you can share it, you can expand on it and you can know that we’re really with you, all of us.
We’re sending you such love, we’re sending you such light and blessings.


source: https://www.lynnerondell.com




Last night sleep was rough. One was tossing and turning after a long day of physical pain. Day felt like a stifling container, and sleep felt like I was on a boat that I couldn’t get off. Tossing and turning. HOT. Sweaty.
BA was back in Dream. One remembers feeling like okay… we are all in stride again in this Dreamwalking. Though Mercury’s tide still shaky, we are at least all in the same boat together. After about the 7th time waking, I switched gears and transferred my meat sack down into the Zen Den and didn’t wake again until 3:16… by the way I went to bed at midnight.
3:16 and BA gifted one word before I woke. This word sounded like Orca- with a hoopopono on the end…
Orcaonono something to that affect. Though I woke a few times after, I wasn’t tossing and Hot and more as the Orca stayed with me till I woke again at 7:47 this morning.
The whole night felt like a take off, crash landing in the ocean, finding little messages in bottles with strange words on rusty parchment that sing songs of the Orcas Rule.
So hubs and I go to the grocery this morning. I share with him the Orcaonono… hubs says babe you know that Enya song… I say no but then he reminds me and I am taken back to when he and I were just teens, when we used to listen to that very song together. I say babe what if we were to flip ourselves right around, like the ocean was the sky instead… it’s like the cosmos in there… Ocean… can you fathom what’s in those depths? Hubs says babe… you know why Sky is Blue right?
I swear hubs is a genius. And how did I not know about why Sky is Blue to our eyes? And the way hubs always speaks about Light just makes my own eyes Light up 2.
Orcas are deep feelers but because they have the second largest brain in the Animal Kingdom, they sometimes think they know it all too. They use their Echolocation senses to perceive/receive the World around them. Since Orca has never left the Cradle of the Womb, you can imagine the relationship with Sound and Water here.
Orca is also insanely playful and one is forever grateful for Orca today. One knows not was Orcaonono actually means but one can surely share this moment in gratitude for what one has felt.
• Yin and Yang of life
• exploring your depth
• brain power
• using the 6th Sense
• connecting conscience with the
• familial bonding
• protection
• hunting
• inner emotions
• community
• bonding
• play
Turn it up… up… up…

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Ok, felt this coming for the past 24 hrs, we just had had an M-class and two almost M-class Solar flares as well as another big C-class flare and constant B-class flares for the past two days. I’d say probably Earth directed CME’s and I feel this is going to increase over the coming days. I got pulled into a deep meditation and Gatework and came back just after the first one finished. The message I received as this was also happening, that wants to be shared, is this one:
“Forget everything you think you know. Let it all go. Anything you believe you know is going to unfold and the how and the when, how things have to go. Let go of any set beliefs in general, and ESPECIALLY ANY AND ALL ATTACHMENTS. Attachments to form, physical things, material stuff, house, job, money, even friends and family, any and all attachments to spiritual practices or teachings or what you believe to be true. Anything and everything you can think of that is supposed to be one way or another, any preconceived ideas, just LET IT ALL GO. Because where we are now and continue to go is where noone has been before. Everything that came before needs to be questioned! The old rules no longer apply and the prophecies have shifted. What you believe to be right and wrong, what’s going on with the v to the a to the X, on the world stage, where all of this is going and even your ideas of and about Ascension,
It doesn’t mean that you have to lose everything but it means that you are not dependent on anything on the outside of you for your happiness, contentment and well-being. That’s what Sovereignty is truly about! Because all you truly need is within you!! And if we wish to create all new then it has to be created from a totally new and improved Consciousness! Our attachments is what creates suffering in the end and if we can’t let go then the Universe usually takes it from us just to teach us. It’s energetic law that whatever we want badly, we energetically repel. Because if we wish to experience New Earth then we have to match it’s Consciousness and Frequency, then we also have to be willing to let go fully of ALL that the old one entails. Because the old Realities are build on old, limiting, twisted thought forms and beliefs/ programs, so logically we have to let that all go and THINK ALL NEW THOUGHTS that are in alignment with the Realities we actually wish to experience. It’s all about Frequency Alignment and Resonance, no-thing more and no-thing less, now that the interference fully clears.
We have to literally surrender our life’s to Source. To fully trust that all is going to be ok and that truly is a biggie isn’t it, because by nature we don’t and for good reason, that’s why we usually try to control our life’s. But if you think of it that’s a total illusion because truly we are not in charge here at that level, we can only play our part to the best of our abilities and the rest is up to Source, as part of the grander Orchestration of things. Control is an illusion and part of the old system, instead we master our reaction to the Realities around us to them superimpose onto them what we instead would like to see. But more from a playful co-creative place rather than any controlling kind of way.
Letting it all go, any ideas of what may lie ahead, is also in order to allow, make room and prepare for the unimaginable! For things bigger and better than you could ever imagine, whilst you are not afraid of and prepared for anything. Always keep listening to your intuition and inner guidance system as that is key now and always. It knows things beyond what just the linear mind can comprehend. KNOW and TRUST that one way or another you will always be ok because if that is your Frequency then that is by law your REALity, it truly is a Frequency thingy. That’s why staying in the flow, in the Zero Point Field, in the NOW moment, in NO-TIME, Neutrality and as balanced as possible, is so important as this is where you access Infinite Possibilities now, in the Quantum field. Because people are having VERY different experiences depending on their own Consciousness and Frequency. When you get all stressed out you have different Realities / Timelines available to you that you can tune into than to when you are happy and relaxed. That’s why taking a few moments to re-centre ourSelfs when necessary is super important as we will experience totally different Realities as a result.
We’re experiencing a DEEP PURIFICATION of lower thought forms, dogma, and beliefs/ programs and this is really what all distortions within the Template are related back to. They are interconnected. The Consciousness had/ has to shift for the Reality to shift, which happens to each at individual level, and which is what is happening. So this is a big part of it and so is the Crystalline Network, Grid and Core of Earth and our own, they ALL interconnect, it’s the key to our transmutation and of course we are indeed shifting from carbon to crystalline plasma beings! The Earth’s Crystals, Core and Crystal Caverns are also part of the Planetary Brain and store the true history of humanity. So there is a huge Activation happening and this is also triggering our own true Remembering as we are connecting and crystals not only store but also transfer information as well as amplify energy! Some may also be noticing the layers of pain, trauma, hurt and resentments being healed from our Hearts as the StarGate of our Sacred Krystal Hearts are opening in a most beautiful and gentle way, allowing for us to return to KNOWing ourSelfs as ONE with all life – AtONEment! Reconnecting and merging fully with our Higher Identities and God Source as our Galactic brothers and sisters/ own own higher identities, Elders, Guardians and Ancient Ones are surrounding us for support, truly never alone!
Today there’s been another HUGE influx of multicoloured iridescent Tri-wave Plasma Rainbow Waves as well as Pure White Platinum Silver Light is PURIFYING ALL REMAINING DENSITY such as implants, inserts, seals, membranes and reversals especially.. HEALING ALL! Also the release of old thought forms and beliefs/ programs as mentioned above, will continue to collapse and dissolve along with the old holographic overlays VERY fast now at a Collective level. As always, when I write about the Healings and Activations I am witnessing and being part of, these are always Collective that are available in the field for all willing Souls and truly everyone is being affected. Also how and how quickly all of this goes is also partly up to us as Co-creators! We keep making it all happen as we keep listening to our inner guidance and walking our path.
The whole weekend felt like a long void type space, where all and no-thing seemed to be happening simultaneously. A very deep Multidimensional experience, sensing myself in many different time-space Coordinates simultaneously. During the Activation for myself and a few others that gave me feedback, a lot started coming in at the beginning and then we just got knocked out. I did share the details I could recall in my previous posts and comments there too, if you wish to receive more insights of what I’m being shown is unfolding. We are receiving MASSIVE Upgrades to our Plasma Lightbody’s & DNA! The most beautiful Activations and Healing Dispensations are indeed being bestowed upon us taking off veils/ layers of the old Realities. I also saw corrections and Activations happening to our Merkaba’s. Everything is getting ready..
Huge purification and downloads continue and I was also shown the Golden Cup / Chalice/ Holy Grail which to me represents the Holy Trinity. This is also connected to our Divine Inner Union of Divine Masculine and Feminine re-birthing, merging and unifying with their inner Divine Child. This is what Ascension is all about. Focus has been as said on the clearing of any remaining blocks, membranes, inserts, implants and distortions within the Template that block full 12 strand DNA Activation, full Monadic, Avatar and God Consciousness embodiment within the Lightbody. Special focus is on the chakra collum/ pillar of light which keeps widening to also purify the chakras, hold more frequency and ‘collapsing’/ overriding the old chakra system and being ready for full Lightbody Activation. This is also affecting the inner and outer inter-dimensional Stargate System. Some may feel a lot more Multidimensional Light and Consciousness entering and anchoring through their being as we reconnect as a Collective Consciousness to the Godhead! I am sensing how we are transcending time and space, as ALL MERGES in this NOW. The Timelines and Dimensional realities, ALL IS INTERCONNECTED. As we continue to merge very quickly and powerfully now with our Multidimensional Self and Source in the most magical of ways! Expect your abilities and gifts continue to come online ever more quickly now, as all accelerates massively now!
We received a MASSIVE Multidimensional data package including quantum Purification of any remaining density of the old Blueprint. It’s intense but it’s the quick way through! There was just so much that is and will continue to unfold that wouldn’t be possible to all comprehend and remember and it’s not necessary as a lot of it is leaving and we don’t need to go through all the details again. It was also a culmination of all the other Healings and Activations that came before just at a deeper level. All and everything is being affected, from the atomic level, chakra collum to the whole auric and morphogenetic field. ALL (and I mean ALL!) is being purified, corrected, healed and upgraded at Quantum God speed! It truly is magnificent, what a gift from Source!! Of course not every body is able to handle the Purification, shift into higher dimensional Frequencies and will make/ have chosen this transition and their soul has decided a different path.
All that was preventing us from full Embodiment and Ascension is being removed and purified. Soak up and anchor these Multidimensional downloads and codes, activating your DNA and Remembering. So many more layers to it all, I will try and share more soon as the energies and Gatework allow, that always comes first and there’s been a LOT of that lately as well as having to make sure I fill up my own cup up first too! Very important to avoid burnout, that helps noone. So much is unfolding and aligning. The body is processing a LOT so keep listening to what it requires in support so it can support you back, tender loving self care remains a priority. Much time in silence to just BE so we can tune into the whispers and wisdom of our Soul is highly recommend. Commune with your future self and Source, there’s much so to discover and talk about, but you have to truly listen and keep pulling it all within!
We may experience many different symptoms, mostly nausea, dizziness, vertigo, headaches, tired, achy, hormonal changes/ imbalances, digestive discomfort etc. Earthing, LOTS of good quality water and salt baths really help as well as grounding foods such as potatoes, carb’s, sometimes even meat or not being hungry for anything solid at all, your body will let you know what it needs, it’s quantum really. The geomagnetic field of Earth is shifting a lot and together with the increase in Solar activity and Earth’s Frequencies rising, the body needs a LOT of support to adjust and our Lightbody may need weird things that don’t make necessarily sense. Also fasting or cleanses may be helpful to assist the ongoing Purification.
I’ve been mainly in bed with lower backache, rather tired, doing Multidimensional travelling and continuing with the Gatework and Activations. But it’s ALL clearing and healing just painful as we go through it and of course we support our body the best way we can. I had to get a massage my back was getting very bad I could hardly sit without being in a lot of pain.
Earth’s Crystal Core Activation and inter-dimensional StarGate Alignment is nearing a Tigger point, for all to unfold from here.. as ALL MERGES & ALIGNS! THE STAGE HAS BEEN SET! The finale is unfolding as I write this .. The remaining rubble at energetic level is clearing now at record speed! Most amazing Plasma Rainbow Crystalline Lightbody & DNA Activations are unfolding. I am being shown what are 144 golden strands of subharmonic strands of DNA coming down directly from Source and we are Reconnecting to and reclaiming our Divine Birthright and potential of full DNA assembly!! Our Blueprints fully reclaimed and upgrading and all distortions are being cleared and healed, all obstacles are being removed for all to align and come together now! With these Activations we are receiving lots of downloads and new higher dimensional Frequency sound and light bands, which is also connected to us being able to very soon be able to also see more of the True Reality, as much of the light our eyes have not been able to be picked up. We are certainly picking up on a lot more sound with ear ringing going through the roof which to me is also down to hearing the StarGates open/ing. It’s getting loud in the silence for sure.
The focus is very much on within, our own navigational System as what’s right for me isn’t necessarily right for another. But what we can all do is keep merging with our future self, keep purifying and keep letting go of that shit that’s no longer needed nor aligned. All whilst keep imagining the most magical outcomes for all! ALL IS MERGING & NEW WORLDS AWAIT! Keep activating it all from within! Because that’s what we came here for and we all get to be the Co-CREATORS, Architects and Director’s here but you only get that power back when you have understood what responsible Co-Creation is and taken accountability for all of your creations, having learned your lessons.
So let go of what you think you know and enjoy the freedom that comes with that. Shifting from anxiety to excitement! Instead of imagining all that can go wrong and the worst to happen, imagine all the amazing things that could go right! IMAGINE, just imagine, YOUR DREAMS COMING TRUE! Whenever you come across a fear based Reality, REVERSE it and imagine a positive version of the same thing! Because we came to re-reverse it ALL, which is basically the right way around 😉 de-coding, re-coding and re-programming all new Realities, all from the inside out!
What kind of Realities are you co-creating today and in every NOW moment with every word thought, belief, feeling and action you take?!
Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙
source:  www.facebook.com/ramona.lappin

Gracefully copied from Sis Katara ❤
Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi
The Primordial cells are a persons original 8 cells of life, the first 8 cells that are formed after fusion of the Egg & Sperm and subsequent cellular replication.
These 8 original cells, that are positioned in-between your Base & Sacral Chakras, are maintained throughout your life-time via the holographic field of your Crystalline Matrix (auric field).
Primordial Cells & Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry is the Universal Language of Creation. This language communicates the Universal Truths of an infinitely expanding potential field and how our consciousness molds this field and creates our reality, hence our physical experience here on Earth.
As a symbolic language based on the study of patterns through geometric form, Sacred Geometry transcends the limitation of beliefs, customs and cultural nuances here on Earth. It is a language that knows no boundary, unlike the systems of words we use as language on Earth today.
Sacred Geometry thus helps us to embrace the premise that we are an inseparable part of the whole and hence guides us in our personal and collective evolutionary journeys.
Everything in Creation is manifest into form through Sacred Geometry (infinite intelligence), from Galaxies, to Solar Systems, our Physical bodies right down to sub-atomic particles.
Our Primordial Cells, our first 8 cells of life, are mirror reflective of the ‘Egg of Life’ in Sacred Geometry, the template that brings form to Metatron’s Cube.
To understand more about Sacred Geometry & our Creation Story please refer to my Conscious Evolution Video Series (Parts 1 to 6) and view the images below.
Function of the Primordial Cells
Our primordial cells are an intelligent store house of Qi (Chi, Prana, Hara, Energy) within the body.
To understand the function of our Primordial cells, lets first look at the other 2 primary store houses of Qi within the body – the Pineal Gland and the Higher Heart.
As discussed in Article 1, the Pineal Gland is located in the near centre of the Brain. This energy centre is a store house of ‘Mental Qi’, and enables us to harness the intelligence of our higher-self, our Soul Star. As our Soul Star is a fractal of the field (we are God expressing itself), then our Pineal Glands are also able to harness the infinite intelligence of the field through the core our Galaxy (and all galaxies in all directions of time and space.
Our Higher Heart is located within the Astral of our Crystalline Matrix (auric field) and is a store house of ‘Emotional Qi’. This energy centre enables us to harness the divine emotion of LOVE and express this as our natural state of beingness within the ONENESS field. This energy centre of the Zero Point field is a channel of infinite potential and is an accelerator of our individual and collective ascension.
Our Primordial Cells, are an intelligent store house of physical or ‘Manifest Qi’, where the un-manifest potential becomes manifest, where energy emerges as matter.
When we choose to live a SOUL realised life, we activate our Emotional Qi (Higher Heart) and become a direct conduit of Mental Qi (infinite intelligence via the Pineal Gland) along our Hara Line. We then have the capacity to consciously harness our ‘Manifest Qi’ of our Primordial Cells and become co-creator of our reality.
As this micro alignment of the Pineal Gland-Higher Heart-Primordial Cells embraces the macro alignment of the Galactic Heart-Higher Heart-Earth Heart we have the capacity to express the highest potential of Creation through us. The merging into one of the micro and macro alignments transcends physical time-space and provides a quantum soup potential of DNA awakening (refer to Article 4).
Primordial Cells & Sound
Our Primordial Cells have a resonant sound frequency of G# expressed at 210 hz. Vibrating your primordial cells at 210 hz (thought intent, toning, crystal bowls, light language, sacred sound codes etc) activates this energy centre and fosters alignment of the Primordial Cells along the Hara Line with the Pineal Gland & the Higher Heart.
In this state of innate and graceful flow, your Hara becomes a counter-rotating Fibonacci spiral of energy from the Heart of the Galaxy (C to C#) through your Heart/Higher Heart (C to C#) and directly into your Base Chakra & Primordial cells (G & G#).
The reason G & G# is activated, is because energy flows in octaves, or harmonics of the fundamental / unison tone. As your Hara awareness opens to the Heart of the Galaxy (C to C#) energy flows along the Hara and awakens/energises the Heart/Higher Heart (C to C#) and continues its flow toward the Earth at the next harmonic of the ‘perfect fifth’ (a Fibonacci ratio and harmonic interval) of the Primordial cells (G & G#) and then into the final harmonic of the Earths Heart (C to C#).
Conversely, as the Heart of the Earth is activated (C to C#), spiral energy is drawn up (through a counter-rotating cork-screw spiral) into our Heart/Higher Heart (C to C#), and into our Soul Star & Pleiades Portal at the perfect fifth (G & G#) back into the Heart of the Galaxy (C to C#).

Sound keys of Solomon’s Temple
Meditating to these tones will cause you to resonate with different dimensions of Solomon’s temple which is truly your body in a healthy state. In this post I’ll go into how the dimension of Solomon’s temple reflect frequencies regarding the avg heart-rate, the year and the minute as well as how the speed of sound at avg body temperature divided by the space in the the temple reveals octaves of 144,000 hz which as I figure you know is quite symbolic for a few reasons. Also I will show one way how pi is in also in the mix. At the end I will show how there are 10 main tones that stem from these dimensions and how this corresponds to King David’s 10-string psaltry/harp. First I’ll just list the 10 tone music scale that manifests from Solomon’s temple, then I’ll explain how these tones are extracted from the ratios and measurements of the temple.
Any of these tones can be doubled or halved and will still keep the same relevance to the temple putting you in sympathetic resonance with it, which once again is us building our own state of optimal health.
The tones are:
C note-128 hz
C# note-136.53333 hz
D note-144 hz
D#note-153.6 hz
E note-162 hz
F note-170.6666 hz
F# note- 182..044444 hz
G note-192 hz
G# note-204.8 hz
A note-216 hz
The meter, the second and the cubit are one concept linked through gravity which is a post of it’s own. It is valid to interpret 20 meters or 20 cubits as 20 hz which I can explain more of but to keep from sidetracking I’ll just get to the dimensions. I’m using a cube root of 144,000 cubit in this instead of the standard 18 inch cubit and you’ll see which numbers unfold from it.
{{{{{The temple. (The brain)}}}}}
Solomon’s temple is 30 cubits high by 60 cubits long by 20 cubits wide. Due to that specific cubit based on the cube root of 144,000 this makes the temple exactly 5,184 cubic meters. Note that the great pyramid’s slope angle is generally agreed on being 51.84 degrees.
5,184 hz is a high pitch but will have the same effect/sympathetic resonance as it’s lower octaves, one of which being 648 hz (6,480 degrees in the Platonic shape of aether). Another lower octave being 162 hz (approx phi x 100). This tone is the E note in A432 hz tuning (equal temperament). So 162 hz as well as any frequency double or divided by that will put your body in sympathetic resonance with Solomon’s temple.
The temple’s length divided by it’s height divided by it’s width gives a broken down ratio, or you could say a quantum ratio. 60/30/20= 0.1.
0.1 hz is a frequency that facilitates conscious communication between the heart and the brain. This 0.1 hz has been a frequency basis for pacemakers for this very reason. Heart is an anagram for earth and the hea-d symbolic of then hea-vens. So heart-brain communication resembles bringing heaven to earth (restoring the true Jerusalem/world peace) and is incorporated in Solomon’s temple due to one of it’s most broken down ratios being 0.1 meters aka 0.1 hz. Note that 0.1 is 1/10th. Echoes the idea of tithing truly being the act of causing the heart and brain to communicate with each other. 0.1-1/10th. Perhaps the true temple/head taxation. 0.1 hz Temple tax.
If you reverse the order of the ratio breakdown of the temple and instead of going 60/30/20 you go 20/30/60 you get 0.0111111111. This is a low octave of 364.0888888. In the book of Jubilees a 364 day year is mentioned (13 months of 28 days each, Lunar calendar). A temp-EL (temple) is meant to reflect harmonics of time keeping. Temp means time. Temple=time keeper. Ratio and frequency being languages of space-time. So here we see Solomon’s temple reflecting the heart-brain communication frequency through 60/30/20 and when the order is reversed (20/30/60) you get octaves of the year frequency. Interesting how the reverse of the heart-brain communication is the year in this case. ”
As within, so without.”
{{{{{The tabernacle (the heart)}}}}
The tabernacle is within the temple and is said to be the earthly/heartly dwelling place of God. Remember this is all originally talking about you and your body. The temple is of course the head. The temple between the ears. Entering the tabernacle can be seen as moving from the brain to the heart, then from there you enter the holy of holies which is a tiny specific space within your heart. The external world and internal world reflect each other so whatever is done externally is reflected internally within you. This means walking into the literal Solomon’s temple then into the tabernacle and holy of holies would cause them to enter their hearts due to the harmonic spatial resonance affecting them.
Since cubits are also equivalent to hz (cycles of gravitational oscillation) you can see the temple as 20x30x60 hz (36,000 hz) which is an exact octave of 144,000 hz aka 144,000 cubic meters. This is far beyond human hearing but you can divide it by two over and over to get an audible octave. 8 oct-aves below is 562.5 hz so this tone will put you in sympathetic resonance with both Solomon’s temple and 144,000. The temple is within. The speed of sound varies based on temperature. If you divide the speed of sound at the avg body temp (internal temple) by the cubic volume of Solomon’s temple you get octaves of 144,000 hz which is 99.8-100% accurate depending on body temp which is ideally 98.6 degrees F.
The tabernacle is 30 cubits by 10 cubits by 10 cubits. This equates to exactly 432 cubic meters aka 432 hz 🙂 remember how the whole temple was 5,184 cubic meters? Well 5,184 is 12 times 432. These are harmonics of each other. The holy of holies is also a harmonic of the tabernacle and temple implying a harmonic chord which in meters would be notes E, A and D. Another frequency for the tabernacle is in cubits. 30x10x10=3,000 hz which is an octave of 375 hz, very close to the resonance ark box resonance and the frequency light passing over the earth’s diameter (light of the world). You can even extract music ratio from these dimensions. 10/30=.333333 which is a third. 1/3. So going up a third in pitch/hz or using a different ratio found in the temple to move up in pitch from these temple tones will create a whole music scale relative to Solomon’s temple. I’m working on creating a soundscape with as many of these tones as I can at once. If you don’t mix cubit tones and meter tones then you can make all of these tones harmonic together causing them to all fit coherently on one soundscape.
Back to the tabernacle. So it has 432 cubic hz/meters. If you break the dimensions down to a ratio you get 30/10/10=0.3. 0.3 hz is an octave of 1.2 hz which is the frequency of the avg heartbeat. 72 bpm converts as 1.2 hz. 72 bpm symbolizing the 72 names of God and the letters of YHWH laid out in a tetractys adding up to 72. This is also an octave of 9.6 hz which is said to be a frequency of the magnetic field which is interesting given we have a magnetic field stemming from our 1.2 hz heart showing the connection between the heart and the magnetic field via octaves. Also a higher octave of the 1.2 heart rate and 9.6 magnetic field frequency is 153.6 hz. When Yeshua was fishing with Peter and a group of others he told them to cast their net net to the right and they caught 153 fish. The right hemisphere of the brain is connected to the left side of the body and the only body part above the gut that is only on the left side is the heart. 1.2 hz heart and 153.6 hz ( 🐟 right brain) are octaves of each other. Also the 9.6 hz magnetic field can be seen as the fish net, the flower of life shape (the veil). The extended flower of life has been shown to have 153 total fish shapes (Vesics piscis) within it at varying different scales of size.
If you reverse the 10x10x30 cubits you get 10/10/30=0.033333. This number is an octave of the minute (1/60 seconds) and a low octave of 136.53333 hz which is approx the Aum tone as well. This shows once again that the temple (temp means time) is keeping time via frequency. Both minutes and years and the second is implied through the cubit and meter’s relationship. So 30/10/10=heart beat octaves and 10/10/30=minute octaves, showing again the correspondence with bodily frequency and time keeping, the heart rate being the inverse of the minute. Or to put it another way, 1/heart rate=minute octaves. 1/minute=heart rate octaves. When you divide 1 by a number that number essentially gets flipped inside out. This is one way to transmute disease. 1/frequency hz of disease=transmutation of disease. Also the 11th harmonic of a disease has been found to work as well.
{{{{{The holy of holies. (The tiny hidden place within the heart.}}}}}
This is where the ark of the covenant was kept in the temple. The holies of holies is a cube that measures 20 cubits x 20 cubits x 20 cubits. Octave of 1,000 cubits aka 1,000 hz bringing the energy of crucifixion. Crucifixion originally meaning “multiplied a thousandfold.” Like the 144 total lotus petals at the third eye chakra being multiplied by the crown chakra’s thousand petaled lotus to give 144,000 petals, one octave below that being the amount of nadis in the human body.
20x20x20 cubits=exactly 1,152 cubic meters/hz which is an octave of 144 hz. The D note in A432 hz tuning. The word “light” in Jewish gematria=144. The light of the holy of holies or the light of the heart. The heart that’s lighter than the feather due to it being centered in that still small place at it’s core.
20/20/20=0.5 hz which is an octave of the 0.1 hz heart-brain communication frequency meaning it produces the same effect, just a lower pitch of the same concept. Heart-brain coherence. And of course this one is the same in reverse give it’s a cube. 20/20/20 can’t be reversed to a different tone in other words because it’s the same order and same result both ways. Also one octave below 144 is 72, which once again resembles the 72 names of God but has many more correspondences.
{{{{{Pi and Hiram Abiff}}}}}
If you multiply the temple dimensions in cubits by the tabernacle’s dimensions in cubits by the dimensions to the holy of holies in cubitsyou get 864,000,000,000 cubits. The sun’s diameter is 864,000 miles and 864 is one octave up from 432. A low octave of 864,000,000,000 cubits is 3.14321368932724. This is pi within 99.94% accuracy of standard pi. In the late 90’s a low budget film named “Pi” came out. It was about a mathematician who caught on to a 216 digit number regarding stock market prophecy and the Torah. 216 is one octave down from 432 hz (tabernacle). He gets kidnapped by a corrupt group of Jews who wanted “the code.” He told them that it’s inside of him and that he could never give it to them. The code was gnosis, not a number. A means of conveyance. Does this sound familiar? Hiram Abiff was killed by 3 lower stone masons who were trying to get his secret on how he built Solomon’s temple. Once again, you can’t just give someone gnosis. Especially not on the spot with your life being threatened. The movie “Pi” seems to be a reflection of the story of Hiram Abiff. And here we see pi in cubits incorporated in the temple Hiram Abiff built. In English gematria Abiff is 144. The holy of holies is octaves of 144. Hiram is symbolic of the gnosis we receive from the holy of holies which is the still small place within the heart, though the story is open to much further interpretation than just that. I’m not saying this is the totality of it by any means. “Hiram” means “Brother of the exalted one” and was a name given to Phoenician kings. Hiram Abiff, king of Tyre. “Abiff” means “his father.” Hiram Abiff, Exalted brother of his father or exalted brother of the lord. Exalted by way of his heart (holy of holies). The story of Hiram is taught in the 3rd degree of Freemasonry, the allegory being fait and loyalty and how jealousy is poison to the mind or the death of the one building the temple, which is you building your light body by healing your mind.
10 total tones (David’s ten tone psaltry).
David’s instrument which is called a psaltry (also called a kithara, lyre or harp) consisted of 10 strings meaning 10 tones. 1/10=0.1 hz (heart brain communication frequency) but beyond that this instrument lines up with the 10 tones that are extracted from his son’s (Solomon’s) temple.
Really these tones would be staggered in octaves if played as a 10 stringed instrument so it would be the same octave sets, just spaced/doubled in a way that all 10 strings could be plucked and be mathematically harmonic where as that’s not the case today given how music is generally no longer based on equal temperament tuning. So again, to fill out the whole chart of tones extracted from the temple any of the following tones can be divided or multiplied by 2. Here is a list of the tones with their some of their symbolism listed below.
C note-128 hz
(binary tone)
C# note-136.53333 hz
(Aum tone)
D note-144 hz
(Number of light and wall of Jerusalem. Octaves of the holy of holies).
D#note-153.6 hz
(right brain 🐟. 153 fish, avg heart rate octave of 1.2 hz and magnetic field octave of 9.6 hz)
E note-162 hz (Octaves of Solomon’s temple cubic volume. approx octaves of phi x 100)
F note-170.6666 hz
(Octaves of ratio 1/3, the trinity)
F# note- 182..044444 hz
(1/2 year)
G note-192 hz
(3 and 6’s octave, vortex math oscillation)
G# note-204.8 hz
(Octave of 0.1 hz heart brain communication)
A note-216 hz
(Octaves of the tabernacle. 216 letter name of God. 6 cubed. 1cubed x 2 cubed x 3 cubed=216. 3 cubed + 4 cubed + 5 cubed=216. 216 is the perfect cubic number).
{{{{{144,000 and the cubit}}}}}
These 10 harmonics of A432 hz tuning (vortex math tuning) unfold from Solomon’s temple only when you account for that particular cubit length based on the cube root of 144,000. The cube root of 144,000 gives what could be the exact amount of centimeter’s in what is known as the Egyptian royal cubit and though it is rounded off to generally 20.63 inches this gives 20.63575900951887 inches which calls for micro-precision beyond what we generally work with so they just say 20.63. I discovered this by thinking how cube-it (cubit) sounds like it is implying that you will get an auspicious number/frequency when you cube the measure so I took the most auspicious high digit number in the proper range (144,000) and saw what it’s cube root was and noticed it’s right in the range of the Egyptian Royal cubit. This cubit equates to 0.144 cubic meters. If you divide 0.144 (cube root of cubit) by the speed of light you get octaves of 528 hz (99.97% accurate), which is the miracle tone that heals DNA. If you divide the .144 cubic meters in the cubit by pi you get octaves of 376 hz (99.8% accurate) which is a tone I have discovered in the ark of the covenant as I mentioned earlier in the post. If you cube this cubit you get 1/2 phi as the amount of meters (99.6% accurate).
I mentioned 528 hz just a second ago. From what I gather David’s secret chord is a specific chord based in 528 hz and is set aside from A432 hz tuning.
Solomon’s temple, King David’s 10 stringed psaltry and A432 hz tuning scale all align mathematically.


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