Wellness Center and Sanctuary

Update 02/02/2022:

We are currently working with a team to write a grant to raise funds with benevolent organizations that are funding humanitarian efforts.. It has been a very long and arduous process which we will give special updates to out tribe on patreon when the time is right. We are working around the clock to bring our vision to fruition. The main reason we can only release certain information is because the humanitarian teams working with funders are already overwhelmed with work puting the pieces together. I am being told by our connections with white hats is that the funds are already being released for humanitarian efforts. First thing you need a business plan for your humanitarian effort and also set up a Natural Trust. the cost is around $2500 for your Natural trust. We are working with Taansen and BIC. You can connect here for your natural trust. Click Here
Natural Trusts protect all your assets and finances from any nefarious organizations and entities. An irrevocable and Natural trust is a sovereign entity. This what is called State of the Art Asset Protection for Peaceful People!
full disclosure: We do receive a commission as affiliates which all the money we receive right now goes fully to our daily living expenses so we can continue our daily work, we are working 24/7 for this Great Awakening and Ascension Process and our daily transmissions on youtube. Once we are making enough to pay all our bills and living expenses we will invest all further proceeds to our first Wellness center (or) we receive the grant and get started ASAP, whichever comes first.
Thank you very much to all who have supported us and our work over the past years…Namaste
If you have the finances to invest in our vision and wellness center please get in touch with us at [email protected]

update 01/25/2022:

We are still in the process of raising funds for our first of many Wellness Centers around the world. We plan on starting small and expanding from there. We plan on our first wellness center being in the Vancouver Washington area in Clark County with a view of the majestic Mt Hood close to the mighty Columbia River.
Our Vision
To create a facility with several powerful healing technologies all in one place.  The New Outlook Wellness Center will be a place for infrared saunas, cryotherapy chambers, float tanks, and several other resources. Our long term goal is for New Outlook to offer meditation retreats, Qi Gong classes, Horse Therapy Session, Dharma Talks, and many other services.  We hope to work with healing practitioners from our local community in Southwest Washington State.
Our Vision sees a koi pond with waterfall and gardens in the sanctuary overlooking Mt Hood with a medicine wheel and labyrinth.

Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood


update: 11/17/2021

My team and I are working on writing grants and/or seeking investors for our first Healing Retreat Center. We have a team that will run the center. We are also working on business plans for permaculture farms and sustainable communities. Our vision is seeing each family live and work on at least a hectare of land. This would be a homesteading venture with each family growing food, orchards , possibly tea farms and there we would be bartering and community gatherings. The farms would be organic and work with permaculture and sustainable living. Our first center will be located in beautiful Washington State.
These Soul Tribes would be located all over Pachamama and would all be connected through an app that we will develop for Healing and Sustainable Communities. All of these ventures take much time, work and finances so it is a consistent work in progress. Thank you all for your support and patience. We will keep you all up to date on anything that develops in the coming days…. Namaste
any donations and contributions would be appreciated http://eaglelovecondor.com
Paul White Gold Eagle

update: 11/8/2020

With the massive timeline shift over the last few days myself, my Sacred Condor, Shakti, Magdalene and my Soul star la familia are contemplating land in Idaho for our Sanctuary and healing retreat center. If anyone has any land/property they would like to gift to myself and our team in Clark County, Washington. The land would have to be in a natural environment away from any cities so we can do our most sacred work and healing ceremony connecting with our Sky Beings and Star Nations please send an email to [email protected] also please contact us if you could financially support this mission and we will find the land and construct the properties with our teams. Aho!!
thank you all very much for your support and donations/ pledges on patreon if you would like to support our work and mission please make a financial pledge at https://www.patreon.com/primedisclosure
Have a beautiful and blessed day!!! Paul

update 10/10/2020

Since the Great Shift of 2020 our vision of our first Healing Retreat Center and Sanctuary has also shifted from Ecuador South America to Washington State in the USA. We are seeing it manifest in Clark County in the area of Yacolt. if anyone has any land they would like to gift in the area please contact us at the email below. Thank you and much Love…A’Ho- Paul Butler
update 11/24/2019 – A new aspect of our vision is coming through that the land we procure in Southern Ecuador will have a sacred cave and hot springs on the land. If you know of land for sale in Southern Ecuador with a cave and natural hot springs please send us the information to [email protected]
Myself and my team of 144 have a Vision of creating a Healing retreat center and Sustainable Community in Ecuador, South America. This will combine the healing arts of Taoism and Chinese Medicine, some of the latest technologies and working with Shamans, Healers and Sages both international and local Natives. This will be an Oasis for all beings to be able to come for healing Body, Mind, Spirit and to aid in the process of releasing negative emotions empowering themselves and manifesting the New Earth. We will teach Taoist Neigong and Qi gong, Yoga, Bodywork, QHHT, Meditation, Reiki and many other modes of healing and transformation.
My vision is a large central dome structure that will be a healing center and  temple/dojo for all spiritual practices. I see smaller structures spiraling out from the main central hall for residential homes and places for temporary rentals and or extended stay accommodations. We would grow our own food, healing medicinal plants and tap into local spring fed waters. Currently we Ecuador-beautyhave several healers interested such as practitioners of acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, body work and hands on healing. I teach  Qigong and Neigong healing arts. We would also like to work with Tachyon Energy healing, sensory deprivation chambers/ flotation tanks, work with a hyperbaric chamber and work with some of the more advanced technologies as they are released such as the med beds.
Ecuador is the hub for paranormal activities in South and Central America. We would also like to do metaphysical/paranormal documentaries.  I have a team of people that will teach and help build the center and community. this would be a community where time is Art and we will help fulfill the Mayan Prophecy of the Eagle (Divine Masculine Fire of the North) flying with the Condor (Divine Feminine Water of the South) Aho!!
This would be a good investment opportunity for people looking to invest in altruistic endeavors. If this idea resonates with you please contact me at [email protected]
We are currently looking for property and land to be donated for the purpose of creating this healing center. We are in the process of creating a non-profit organization so people or business entities can write off donations if they would like. We are looking in the Vilcabamba area of Ecuador.
An Elder in South America had the vision of The Eagle flying with the Condor. We would like to be a part of this vision and help see that the two Powers come together and help usher in this new era of peace and prosperity for ALL. The Golden Age (The New Earth)….Namaste

We are looking for land in the area of Vilcabamba but we are open to other possible locations in Ecuador.

All donations will go toward this cause and will be used for investing in the process of creating this place of healing and teaching.


all inquiries please send to [email protected]






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  1. Amy Schooner

    Funny. I was feeling called to Ecuador, and Peru, most of last year.

  2. Paul Butler

    Many are being called. Much Love and Light Amy…

  3. Tracey Fitzgerald

    Blessings to you Paul for your beautiful vision for Healing retreat. I thought you would enjoy video attached about aircrete domes. These would be an ideal inexpensive way to create living and workshop spaces at reasonable cost. Wishing you much success in this project!! LOVE and Light Tracey Fitzgerald https://youtu.be/CZWkFltUWv8

  4. Paul Butler

    Beautiful Tracey. Thank you for sharing. Much Love and Blessings….

  5. Rod Pritchard

    Crazy, Ive had the calling for as long as i can rember, I was just ubches from relpcating to the area back in 2012. Its always on in my thoughts.

  6. Paul Butler

    Wonder-full Rod. Great to have you on the team brother! Blessings in the Light of the Divine Source…Paul

  7. Margaret Lubaszka

    Would love to be a part of your wonderful project. I do not have a specific skills, I’m not a healing practitioner neither. Can I still be a help ?
    Love & blessings,
    Best of luck in everything you’re doing,
    Margaret Lubaszka

  8. George Rosenbaum


  9. George Rosenbaum

    Thank you for any help you may send to me. I am looking for OSHA ROOT to make a tincture to treat my Lyme disease. I have lost much strength and energy.

  10. Fran

    Hi, have spent much time thinking about joining your team, care work interrupted my focus, now have a day off so hope I’m not to late? I am trained as a sound healer, massage therapist and Gong Practitioner and would love to be able to be more home based so I can focus on it more. Retreat centre sounds fab. Much love to you and Kitty.

  11. duan poaneki

    Hey Paul amazing concept with the healing retreat i am thinking of the same thing in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands I would love to see your blueprint, any plans for cbd oil opening up in New Zealand? So much demand for it here.
    love light & blessings

  12. Paul Butler

    Namaste Duan,
    Thank you for reaching out and connecting. They are working on bringing the CBd to New Zealand. Hopefully soon. My blueprint for the healing retreat is mostly in the Akash and my mind right now. Once I get it on paper I will share with the world. Much Love and Blessings in the Light of Divine Source…Paul

  13. Paul Butler

    Hi Fran,
    Thank you for reaching out and connecting. We are still in the research and development stage of this project. I will update everyone on this page as we progress down the road of this Healing Retreat Mission.
    Have a beautiful and blessed day! Paul

  14. Paul Butler

    Hi Margaret,
    Thank you for reaching out and connecting with us. Everyone has a role to play in this mission of healing retreats around the world. Keep shining your Light brightly my friend! Paul

  15. Gary Bowers

    That is so great I’ve been waiting for a place where all light workers can get together and work as one victory of light I am that I am

  16. Sandra Castillo

    Hello Paul,
    Sending so much love, I like to help in building in Ecuador. I would volunteer building, painting or whatever it’s needed.

  17. Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

    To All Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love, in physical and Spiritual energies, as above, so below, working as One to transform this planet, beloved Mother Earth – Archangel Gaia, and Humanity and all of Her Inhabitants with beloved Father Sun Sol and whole Solar Belt, and Milky way / turn to Golden Pink Galaxy now/ and whole Universe to new Divine Light of Love Universe, today is Tuesday 7/7, another important day with huge Cosmic portal being open through Jupiter- Sagitterius A-Alcyon / Great Central Sun – Pleiada / for more Gamma rays to come to our Golden Pink Solar belt, enriched recently by new Light codes from Sirius A / being in conjunction with our Sun Sol on Full Moon Solar eclipse on 5th of July /, and another Portal is Heart Portals from Great Cosmic Heart centre, and through all 12 Zodiac Constellations Hearts Central Suns, and through our Sun Sol heart centre to our Mother Earth Heart centre /and All planet’s heart centre in our Solar belts with raising more Divine Love and Light, with expressing through our Hearts network, thoroughly all our Universe, and Multiverse back to Cosmos endlessly Divine Love and Light energies, transforming all negative energies to the Light / while small part of benign / Not Destructive / negative energies will be at periphery of Cosmos , at border with deep void, for further creating and expending our Divine Father / Mother creations of New Galaxies and Universe/.
    Today, 7 of July will be marked as Day of full Liberation of our Planet, and Humanity and all Souls from all Kingdom and Elements from the last dark obstacles and closing all artificial time lines, with all organic time lines from Past, Now and Future coming to zero point, to make future time lines, guided by our Sacred Hearts with Divine Love and Light for organising New Cosmic Human Societies, based on equalities, and respecting each other, with Abundance for All equally / with cleared Air, and Water, and Soil with organic food / cleared of all poisoned substances /, with Peace and harmony, and happiness and joy, with releasing new technology for wellness of all world / new crystal health chamber, and free energy, and multilicators and new anti- gravity transport system, with new Crystal cities, and with no more polluting our Beautiful Planet, that will be in pristine condition of 5 D Jewell of our Cosmos / real Garden of Eden /.
    Today, 7/7 all Holograms of 3D/4D are closed, only the highest frequency of 4D./ and lowest frequency of 5D are melted with starting with real organic time line, reacting and based on our Sacred Heart/Mind and only on positive thought forms, and any of negative thought forms will be dissolved instantaneously on the endless Golden Pink river of Divine energies of Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love of both direction Cosmic river toward to our Planet, and all of Us, making more reunion of more than 144000 Avatars of White Brotherhood / Sisterhood / more reunion with our higher Multidimensional selves / with our Angelic, and Archangelic forms and Masters, as being now Ascended Master and true Guardian of Love and Light of all Sacred Life Forms in this Cosmos, spreading Peace and Divine Love and Light, marking the end of all opposites, and fear and hatredness with stating that We are all One, created by the same Divine Father and Mother God with their piece of Divine Soul, and Soul of only Divine Love and Light contents, not with hatredness / being covered our mind by controlled negative implants and thought forms, that is now being cleared out completely from Universe and some Muliverse . Thank you to Orion Constellation for sending positive vibration and means that Ascended Dragon and Reptilian, and Serpent positive Families of Love and Light taking over their planets of dark ones, and allowing to Archangel Orion to raise again, bringing peace and Love to our Universe and Multiverse.
    This 7 of July is day of Earth and Humanity and All Souls from all Kingdom and Elements liberation of all negative Entities from all Underground Bases and Tunnels / gratefully our Star Families and Earth alliance, and taken to custody of Solar tribunal at Saturn for criminal charging for their all negative deeds, and Organized Darkness, working recently as one remind body, after their Overlords left our planet, and organized all these evil plans against Humanity and our Planet and all Her Inhabitants, with creating this plan of closing communication of Humanity by fear of Corona virus, with plan of killing many of us, Humanity, and spreading of evil bush fires, and with starting of many wars and tragic events and global protest with riots with global mind control by Smart phone network is finally over. All of Holographic Network is closed NOW and HERE, including Main stream Tv/ News Media / that will be taken over by our Star and Inner Earth Families and Human Spiritual leaders to start with full Disclosure / what happen in Serbia and Croatia with full disclosure of present of our Star Families and many open minded ideas through non depended Tv Media, called “ Balkan Info”, and you can find on You tube. All negative influence and impact by Organized Darkness globally on all of Us has been stopped and taken down by this day of Global Liberation, with closing of all Artificial time lines, and cleansing from our DNA memory bank, so from NOW and HERE, all organic time lines are continue to this 7/7/2020 zero time, when we creating NOW and HERE our Organic Future Time Line wit Divine Love and Light, based on our Sacred Heart/Mind with creation of our New Cosmic Human Societies, with Peace and Divine Love and Light, and with respecting each other, with Abundance / Clear Air, and Water and Soil with a lots of healthy food for all / particularly in Africa/, with shelter for All on our Planet and healthy life equally for everyone, with establishing Divine Government working for people in any country, with Main stream media to talk the Truth and start with full Disclosure and prepare Humanity with open public contact with our Star and Inner Earth Families, with the truth that our planet is hollow with our Inner Earth families living in peace, love and prosperity inside, and with present of many beloved Star races of Light and Love, living in many millions of Star ships of Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar families of Light, helping us in preventing of nuclear wars, being started by negative ones for many years, and in final liberation of our Planets from the extremely dangerous minds of negative Draco Reptilians, but We are always giving them opportunity to accept the Light / the true knowledge that They are Angelic Souls as We are in different bodies, but playing dark role, they accept evil mind for destruction of other races, because their false Ego mind / controlled by darkness of Artificial Intelligence/ telling Them to do that; War and Destruction and spreading Fear, as a food for surviving of negative aspect of AI, and deep space darkness, living in many of void area of Space.
    Day 7 of July is final Liberation of our Beloved Planet Mother Earth / Goddess Sophia and Humankind and all Beloved Souls of all Kingdom and Elements.
    All my Love to all Universe and Cosmos, and Love and Healing energy to beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Gaia and Beloved Sun/ Sol.

  18. Brighteyes

    Hello, I am experiencing Lyme as well 1033. I contracted it 5 years into an intense awakening. Does osha root help? I have been able to keep it from progressing too much by fighting it off energetically. Have you had any success with anything? I

  19. Joseph Grinestaff


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