Grand Rising ~ Golden Harmony ~ Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray ~ Open Heart ~ Diamond Light

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Grand Rising ~ Golden Harmony ~ Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray ~ Open Heart ~ Diamond Light

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Angels of Earth Legion 144. Spread your Glorious Wings and take Flight freeing your Spirit from all illusions and delusions.

Magick is in the air. take a moment. Pause…You can feel it all around you.

and within your very Soul.

This is the Golden Hues of Buddha Light that emanates from your Divine Central Soul Star.

Star flowers of the New Earth as the Buds Blossom into the Sacred Lotus Flowers, all Chakras Open and Bloom into the Light of the Heavens, both internally and externally.

We are flooding this realm with our Holy Light of the Sacred Spirit within.

No more barriers. nothing to hinder or distract from our direct course of action, which is Pure Beigness. The Unconditional Love of yoru Christ Consciousness Shining Bright.

Today is 8 18 2021 the mirror of 81 : 18  a 99 Portal of Ninth Dimensional Energies flowing in.

We had more massive energetics flowing into the field over the last 24 hours and with them many activations. We had a powerful M6.9 Earthquake in Vanuatu on the Ring of Fire today. The Kundalini of PAchamama is still building ready to fully activate the Rainbow Serpent and make the Upward Journey to the Holiest of Holies to meet the Feathered Serpent in Divine Union of Hieros Gamos.

This is where the two become one in Holy Ma-trimony  of the threefold flame of the Trinity Covenant of Heaven on Earth.

As we step over the Threshold of the New Eternal Golden Age of full Enlightenment we make this Quantum Leap of Consciousness fully Awake and Aware in Right Action.

We completely resolve all conflicts and suffering in the Unborn Mind of Buddha, we call the Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka.

With complete Faith and Total Courage we take the Great Leap into the Abyss to fly free above all things. With our Vision and Divine Sight we merge all timelines and dimensions, Bridging all realms into this One True Life of the Infinite Way. Ah Na Rea Teh Ohm ….A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 10°21′ Capricorn, Sun at 26°14′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate.
Sabian Symbol for 11º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 11º Capricorn.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Daybreak – the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Leo.


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SA Smith

Did you feel them?
Did you notice how long the night seemed?
With the changes in time, some days and night, feel extremely short, while others seem really long.
As you ascend you begin to be more aware of the change in time.
We are in an amazing, energetic time.
A time that is happening for YOU.
You are the creator of your reality.
Manifesting all things,
Controlling all aspects,
Bringing everything that you need to YOU.
Your knowings are increasing
Your understandings are growing
Your Empathic and Intuitive abilities are stronger than ever.
Each day, you step into your light deeper, fuller, more completely.
It’s an exciting time, Everything is coming together FOR YOU!
We have 5 sleeps to go.
Quick Energy Update:
They’ve been coming in, increasing over the last three hours.
Getting ready for Wednesday Night?
Remember This Can Begin Anytime BEGINING Tonight.
EXCITING TIMES are here and the energies coming in opposite the sun facing side of our planet are courtesy of our Galactic friends.
They’ve been generating these energies this whole time to help with our body upgrades, so we can hold the energy of the Flash within our systems.
They’ve already rung the bells, set the plans.
You’ve chose your path now it’s time to walk it in your light.
You Can Do This!
Much love and light,

Celia Fenn

Whenever there is powerful Divine Feminine energy in the process of creation and transmutation…the Golden Dolphin Angels are part of the process.

We can feel their magical presence weaving Sacred Geometries and flowing energy into Form.
In these waves of Deep Golden Energy and Diamond Light…allow the Light Codes from the Stars to sustain you and guide you.
This is a powerful time!
Out of chaos and into Golden Harmony.
Image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to say this! happy new years everyone the first movie is now completed and we are at intermission take these next 3 days to rest and deconstruct the programming from the first film let go fully and show back up ready for a new movie one where your the main character and have your powers restored and your imagination is the only limit left to surpass ❤ ::hugs::
💙Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray💙
🌈New Attunement Activation🌈
Sirius High Council ;
Ascend Master White Eagle 🦅
‘Ibis Blu’ known as Thoth
Seshet Blu Tigress
Representative of Sirian Legions of Angels,
Blu Ray High Council,
Blu Avians,
Blu Lyrans,
Selected member : Keepers of the Blu Flame,
Silver SoV,
Lady of Stars Isis,
Elohim Lady Amazonia,
Lady Master Mikaela,
Lady Amerissis.
“The Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray is of key significance within this transmission, the upgraded auric field calibration is here to support humanity in these great times of change and phenomenal amounts of information and stimulation to process.
A galactic collaboration of 19 star races facilitate this new ‘Divine Atomic Bonding’ to many who have anchored their crystalline aura. This is where we see significant disparity of those who have not chosen to align into the higher timelines and subsequently do not have the necessary auric technology to stay stable, able to cope or have mental & emotional capacity for the new time energies leading to greater fear and self-entrapment as many ‘check out’ years will become available to stop further suffering and momentum to lower astral forces.
Divine Bonding is a huge understanding of interaction on the higher realms and upon earth this new year, relations, relationships, communication, transference, & transmissions a like will be gifted support in abilities to connect with each other for the better good & manifestation of highest 5D parallel overlap.
These involve brain wave patterning, hemi-sync, telepathy, stimulus-response breath, emotional mastery field upgrade, breathable 5D shielding, animal sound throat & ear upgrades and many more.
In short the auric field is of upmost importance at this time, for in the near future bombardments of ‘confusion’ frequencies shall come into play to ‘scramble’ clear communication, fields through the veiling of better human technology upgrades.
Please remember that human communication systems are ‘replica’ technologies to that of nature. Nature provides high vibrational love through its sounds such as the birds in the forests, humanity too must ‘use’ the spectrum of harmonics that work with the natural world.
Records, calculations and advanced projections are being made as a full collaboration between galactic families of light are working together as a huge interstellar race assisting you whilst many other shifts are occurring within the galactic core also.
For now please become aware of auric interaction, practice and learn your own auric radius, interplay and what this field has to process every day and hour to keep your fields and perceptions aligned. Tremendous energy is being poured into your earth assisting these shifts for it is you that have all the power collectively to impact significant change.
Crystals are you, you are crystals, treat yourselves as such, cleanse, clear and connect with these highly vibratory fields to assist your clarity and balance.
Hearts is our Home – Sirian High Council”
The NEW Blu Ray Level of Ascension is here,
Lumi Ræ~O~Light 🌈💙🪶


As your Heart aligns to a greater capacity of Knowing…..
The True Essence of YOU…
The Essence of Life
A Heart Space so PURE
Enlightened and Activated
Connected to Every Being of Light
You will be a BEACON for Many
As you awaken to Life
The Light Language of every Being
The Unfoldement of your DIVINE LIGHT
Love & Blessings Family ❤
Love Heart Expansion ❤
Karen Lithika xo


The Full Moon energy is getting stronger and stronger. The Aquarius full moon that will happen on the 21st/22 of August will be a powerful one. Yeah. All full moons are powerful, but some are even more powerful as was the July full moon. As you already know I believe July and August are the most powerful months of the year when we progress the most – which also means when we clear the most and experience a lot of (heavy) ascension symptoms and tower moments. Ascension is not easy at all but it gets easier and easier when we are consciously aware of the triggering, the reasons for the fears, wounds and blocks and when we allow ourselves to feel them all and look at them as observers, so we can release them and open up to new energy coming in.
The same goes with the upcoming full moon that will invite us to release the old and end a cycle to enter a new one at a higher frequency. If you compare the energy of July and August, they are so different, even though they are two months where we can make the greatest progress each year. July felt more like tapping into the darkness to become aware of hidden things that the ego was trying to prevent us feom seeing and/or feeling. But we did it anyway and followed the guidance of our soul and made huge progress. We have cleared and purged a lot of old stuff from our individual systems and planetary system (clearing the collective energy, false beliefs of the society, etc…). We have decided to jump into the unknown and that made us do gigantic shifts in our beliefs, our energy.
We are no longer blindly following amd doing what other people/society expects us to do but we have stepped into our power and we are saying no more often since we are not afraid of it anymore and we know how to set our boundaries. August started really powerful and the Lions gate brought an important energetic shift that enables us to move forward and do things, live our lives in a new empowered way. Which means in July we have cleared the old that was still blocking us and created a playground to start bringing this new energy into the physical and living our lives the way we really want to and not how others expect us to. Jumping timelines and doing what feels right in our hearts.Do you also notice the difference between July and August?

Eric Raines

“Ascension Symptoms”

The Herxheimer reaction is a handy bit of knowledge that anyone on the awakening/self healing path will find great benefit by understanding
Basically, as you purge toxins from the body, whether they be physical toxins, emotional stagnancy, trauma or dead chi, you will often times feel the effect of the toxin being released.
Many recognize as they achieve a higher level of vibrational frequency that often times they begin to notice body pain, emotional instability and discomfort.
Often times, they call these discomforts “Ascension Symptoms”.
There is quite a bit of information behind “high vibration” and “low vibration” that needs to be understood in order to recognize how this energy works, but more importantly, what we can do to make “Ascension Symptoms” disappear. I do a full breakdown here, I recommend reading the article before proceeding or it might not make sense.
Let us then observe these symptoms as nothing more than dense energy flushing out of the body as the frequency rises into more open, flowing, softer energies. Almost like sand bags in a hot air balloon.
As we rise up, anything trapped inside of the muscle memory anchoring energy opposite of this lifting, clean feeling begins to become obvious as it tries to drag back down into heavy density. It feels painful, tense, anxious or just plain heavy, like a piece of you is suddenly 4x heavier than the rest of you.
Trauma cannot exist in a light, joyous, open and free flowing system. A decent example would be rocks in the ocean, eventually they are broken down into sand. As the body’s frequency skyrockets, all heavy things stuck in that system force their way out almost as if in response to a Cosmic gravity.
Anything holding tension is forced to stretch without warning as it violently purges. Think along the lines of a muscle stretched to is breaking point without warming it up beforehand.
This can be traumatic in and of itself, yet the same process with a gently warmed up muscle, exercised and stretched, can bring life changing results as the trauma has a pathway of relaxation to flush through.
In order to make “Ascension Symptoms” a term of the past, we need to take the proactive role in our ascension. We cannot wait for that burst of epiphany and connection that spontaneously raises our conscious frequency. We have to go about consciously creating this.
We have to go about consciously flushing the trauma, ancestral programs and rotten energy in a safe, purposeful way. The wild bursts of conscious awareness will still occur, but instead of it being centered on releasing all the density you cannot take with you to the next level, you will be able to explore the new range of awareness the way it is meant to be explored.
With wonder. Awe. Joy, gratitude and Love Love Love.

Grand rising Sunflowers ❤

As we enter the last 3 days of the 7 day integration of the new creation/alternate reality we’ve moved into after we came through the stargate, things will rapidly surface. The world as you know it, will never be the same. 2021 is the year of resurrection. With resurrection comes deliverance. Deliverance brings order to chaos, justice to injustice, liberation from self enslavement and freedom from self imprisonment. Yes, it brings redemption for those willing to be accountable and responsible for their own willful participation in the devolution of this civilization.
As All is illuminated now for All to verily recognize, acknowledge and identify in order to transcend and shift, there will be shock, devastation, hurt, shame and guilt, regret surfacing …. individual and collective. When in these energetic releasings, emotional reactivity heightens within the interpersonal and collective surface world. Stay heart centered, neutral to the stories of bipolarism playing out and remain focused on giving love to your body avatars as much light incomes to the planet and your bodies.
Recognize whatever surfaces, love it back to peace and harmony. Within and without. The sun and consciousness has married and reunified. As this illumination comes online for All, it will not be comfortable yet very much in order of what is needed to reveal what is not aligned to that of Creator and Divine Will. May grace bless each and all ❤


I begin writing this at 8:18 on 818 🤩 today is showing a flip is happening, on this flip portal day!

You stayed true to yourself, accepting only the best. Now the universe is behind you staying true to you, and carrying you away to better. Growth continues daily into the new threshold you’ve created for your life.

God is performing miracles to clear low self worth and esteem, to match your new point of attraction. New Source Codes are entering, clearing the seed point of relationships that mirror trauma wounds. This is ending contracts with the devil, and bringing in a more heart centered love based balanced reality.

Experiencing many fake people that you trusted, who ended up disappointing you, has created a lot of insecurities. The Most High has put a final end to this cycle, with your prayers and diligent efforts to set boundaries. This clearing through lifetimes commenced on the 88 LIONSGATE, and is coming to a completion.

You may feel burned out from all the cellular healing and balance occurring within and without. Rest and restoration from this massive clearing internally and externally is needed. Anything out of balance is neutralizing so you can come together unified. This is bringing your dreams to fruition and is very blessed. Continue riding the wave of healing, and protecting yourself, in preparation for loving soul based connections.

Be patient with yourself and how your body wants to release the neglect wounds. As you complete healing, you are attracting the loyal faithful counterpart you have been praying for. The doors are opening to a new beginning of communicating and reconnecting with your Divine Counterpart through this major ending.

🕊 Love Carolyn



Wednesday August 18 2021
“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.” Anaïs Nin
Chaos Attractors and Tipping Points….
A powerful force is at play now, as Venus crosses the Super Galactic Centre at 2 degrees Libra. The SGC is a cluster of 30 + galaxies (!) to which our own galaxy is a gravitationally captive. Not only are there multiple galaxies in this core, an estimated three trillion stars contribute to the mass and light of this complex. It is estimated to possess the mass of three billion solar masses. It’s huge. It’s beyond words…….
The SGC channels a profound healing energy direct from Source. This Black Hole is the greatest channel for soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. In quantum terms, it is a Chaos Attractor with insanely potent drawing power.
As Venus conjuncts this karmic point, ask yourself:
“What’s attracting my attention? what’s summoning me, nudging me, calling me?”
Let these questions percolate…take your time….. then notice who, what and where on the same wavelength is pulling you into its orbit and, conversely, who, what and where has a negative charge.
Then ask yourself:” If I were to put my own highest interests first, what would I do differently right now?”
and allow your unconscious mind to answer. Don’t edit it, don’t fill it with should and oughts…..just write it down….make sure you capture these thoughts that have evaded your inner critic/controller.
In the next few weeks, Venus is going to be followed across the Super Galactic Centre by Mercury, Mars then the Sun- and each planet will be imprinted with soulful longing for who you are becoming-a strange kind of back to the future nostalgia….
As we each make an extended visit to this Edge of Chaos between 26 Virgo-6 Libra, know that entire new patterns will emerge in unexpected aspects of your inner and outer life, with no obvious causal links to previous interests, passions or experiences. This is, after all, the non-linear quantum world……..when you step out of your comfort zone in one part of your life, you break up stagnation in another.
Aspects of yourself that you have never before encountered are being fused together in the service of something much more radical, much more ancient, much more compelling than you have ever imagined. This is nothing less than the shift to living at the beck and call of your soul instead of being at the mercy of the desires and compulsions of your personality Self.
Mercury and Mars in Virgo quincunx Chiron retrograde in Aries. Jupiter in Aquarius semi-square Chiron – The strong planetary focus on healing continues. Mercury and Mars are moving towards a conjunction in health-conscious Virgo, still travelling with Hygeia, Goddess of preventative medicine and cleanliness.
We’re staring at life through a microscope and maybe nothing seems good enough. Jupiter’s connection to Chiron blows faults out of proportion and magnifies pain. With Mars in an awkward aspect to wounded healer Chiron, we feel like there’s a dent in our armour. Vulnerabilities arise as we get in touch with our wants and desires. Am I strong enough? Am I brave enough? Do I have what it takes? So many questions, each undermining our efforts and distracting us from the mission at hand. Resist any urge to raise your defences or go on the offensive to avoid being hurt. Stop fighting yourself. The parts of you that you consider broken or damaged are also the parts that brings strength and wisdom born from suffering. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.
Degrees and Times
Jupiter 27°Aq27′ R, Chiron 12°Ar27′ R – 07:06 (BST)
Mercury 12°Vi27′, Chiron 12°Ar27′ R – 15:09 (BST)
Mercury 12°Vi26′, Chiron 12°Ar26′ R – 23:19 (BST)
Painting – St. Panteleimon the Healer by Nicholas Roerich
Kin 247 ~ Blue Cosmic Hand
‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number 13 and it’s key words are ‘Endure, Transcend and Presence’. The 13th and last day of a wavespell completes the journey and so; there is much to be considered today about lessons learnt. Thirteen is a magical and powerful number that demands respect. A wavespell, if journeyed consciously, presents difficulties and there are always obstacles to overcome. Hence ‘endure to transcend’. The reward however is magical and powerful.
Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Inner knowing’. This wavespell of the Blue Eagle ends on Blue Hand signifying that 13 days of ‘Visions and Creativity’ lead to ‘endure to heal or transcend accomplishment’. All in all…seeing things from Eagle’s view point ultimately leads to healing. To summarize; today is enduring yes but for a good reason, contemplate what you have learnt and surprise yourself when you realize how much better you feel.
Today’s guide is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. Follow the monkey today and he will show you magic. But beware…as it is an ‘Enduring’ day, that cheeky monkey may well try to trick those unsuspecting.
The Challenge of the day is Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’. It is tough today to make progress and it is especially tough for Red Earth people. You may be tempted to hide and stay in bed but there is no escape, sorry. Your best bet is to just keep busy and hope the day passes by quickly.
Today’s Occult or magic power is the White Wizard, if you are one… you can provide enchanting magical experiences for others. Wizard energy gives a little sweetness to a tough day. Allow yourself to be enchanted magically and today may surprise you pleasantly.
Today’s Ally is Yellow Human, find one if you need a friend to help you get through the day. The Yellow Human is the bringer of wisdom and symbol of free will and when in a supportive position it offers friendship to all who need it.

Today is Blue Cosmic Hand day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Blue Hand, (tribe 7 of the 20 tribe solar archetype cycle), knows, healing, accomplishment.
Blue Hand encourages you to work with your hands. Hands create, hands destroy, hands heal. Having allowed necessary deaths to occur during yesterday’s White Worldbridger archetype, you are now ready to heal. What is the first thing you do when incurring an injury to your body? You may well shout out loud, but at the same time, you automatically place your hand or hands atop the injured area. The reason you do this is that it feels better. Rubbing your temples to ease a headache, putting your hands atop your belly when you have a stomachache, etc… Massage therapy, Reiki, and healing touch are all healing modalities that are transferred through hands. Use your hands to create something. It is a good time to work on those handyman projects or to lend someone else a hand.
Your inner knowing is especially prominent today. You know what you know. The tricky part about knowing, is that you likely have know idea how, or why you know these things, you just know, you know? If you try to figure out how or why you know what you know, your mind may well talk you out of what you already knew. Knowing comes from the gut and the heart. Remain mindful of your mind, because unless it is working for your heart, it will play tricks on you. Trust your inner knowing because it is always correct. All of that knowing, handiwork and healing pay off in the form of accomplishments. Acknowledge and celebrate the many accomplishments you achieve throughout the day.
Cosmic tone of Presence, (step 13 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), endure, transcend, presence.
The highest creative energy aspect you can aspire to is to remain present in the moment, experiencing life as it unfolds in the now. The concept of the timeline which includes past and future is an illusion. The only time that truly exists is the ever-present now. When you project out of the now into the illusions of past or future through craving and aversion, (I want this, I don’t want that, what am I going to do, etc…), you take yourself out of the present moment, the place where life is truly happening. The act of remaining present in the moment is what enables you to reconnect with the one that we are all a part of.
The Cosmic tone represents a spiral that moves from the outermost point of the spiral back inward toward the center. Through the act of remaining present in the moment, you are gradually making your way back to the center point of the spiral that represents the one, to begin again. Due to this dynamic, as you travel along the spiraling pathway of today’s Cosmic tone, you will find yourself moving closer and closer to the center of the spiral to begin a new 13-day cycle with a new archetype theme beginning tomorrow. As you move closer to the center of the spiral, you will notice the energies and themes of the next 13-day cycle begin to merge into your consciousness and thoughts. The 13-day cycle beginning tomorrow is Yellow Star, beautifies, elegance, art.
Remain present in the moment with knowing, healing, and accomplishment, traveling the spiraling pathway back to the one.
Day 13 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Eagle, creates, vision, mind.
Written by Roger Grossman
13 MANIK – KIN 247
18 AUGUST 2021
I endure in order to know
Transcending healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the Cosmic tone of presence
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK.
18/8/2021 =31 = 18/8/5=9/8/5=9/13=9/4=13=4
18- Social upheaval/transformation
31- Genius number/Isolation/Retreat
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
4- Foundation/Form/Earth/Angelic
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Abundant Infinite Source Flow
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Foundation/Form/Earth/Angelic
KIN 247 – 13 = 4 – Form/Structure/Foundation
Today we conclude our journey with the Majestic BLUE EAGLE. The 13th day of the Wavespell is the one that gives closure. We commenced on DAY 1 with the Magnetic Eagle who brought forth our BIG DREAMS and encouraged us to focus on our purpose, and the BIG PICTURE of our Divine Missions. Looking much broader and higher – and not getting tied up in the minute details.
BLUE EAGLE asked us to take out a wide angle – panoramic lens – and really go BIG!! Envisioning the Highest timeline for ourselves and our Planet.. as our VISION-ARY POWERS and 3rd EYE is AWAKENED and ACTIVATED as we align with the global MIND!
Through the power of transcendance, we have the ability today to RISE ABOVE🕊🏔 what once WAS our reality, and accomplish the GRAND PICTURE🖼 of that which we are ENVISIONING into our New Reality… it is done x a GODZILLION! 🙏🙏🙏
COSMIC🎆 is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the GODDESS code, it is the frequency of the natural world, the 13 moon calendar, the COSMOS and ALL THAT IS! ✨✨✨
The Cosmic POWER is that of PRESENCE, existing in the eternal NOW moment. COSMIC is the fourth and final of the SPIRITUAL realm tones (notably all the other realms – Physical, Mental and Emotional only have 3 tones). COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence On the 13 day we reach the level of COSMIC Consciousness! We have the power of transcendence… to totally evolve into a new HIGHER level of being.✨☀✨
We commence and end the Cosmic 💫 dance of the 13 tones with spiritual energies, from Magnetic, through to Cosmic completion, through the action of TRANSCENDENCE evolving through each level of being until you simply just ARE! Through your journey of ENVISIONING, and allowing the greater DIVINE VISION to flow through your mind, bringing you more CLARITY, wisdom and power, with a renewed sense of purpose and direction… Once you can SEE the final destination, it is much easier to traverse the path to get there! . As we SEE the totality of what is, and start shifting our perception, we awaken the HEALER and SEER within and accomplish what we have been envisioning! ,
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE COSMIC HAND🍥🙌 MANIK is a gateway, an opening, a portal from one understanding to another. A clue to the meaning of Blue Hand is found in the meditation, “I AM, by thinly veiled design, the threshold to other dimensions. In my ending is my beginning.
The initiatory gateway awaits.” Blue Hand is the seventh or last archetype in the cycle of development of primary being. This adds more Spiritual fuel to the 13th COSMIC tone. BLUE HAND represents the power found in COMPLETION. BLUE HAND is seen as a closure, which is really an opening to another level of being. And so as we leave behind the old self through the WORLDBRIDGER yesterday, today we walk through the PORTAL to a new HIGHER SELF version of YOU!✨
BLUE HAND has the skills, knowledge and ability to GET THE JOB DONE👍… and to ACCOMPLISH great things…Whatever needs doing – ask a BLUE HAND🖐 — as they will do it WELL… to the best of their abilities. BLUE HANDS are the skilled craftsmen, carpenters, builders, artists, secretaries, doctors, artists, massage therapists, reiki healers and volunteers…They are beautiful compassionate souls who are always willing to roll up their sleeves and GET THE JOB DONE!! 👍🖐
KIN 247 the COSMIC BLUE HAND🍥🙌 is focused on the DIVINE PLAN for HU-MAN-KIND! They are the true Humanitarians as they can view life from the DIVINE PERSPECTIVE. Their BLUE EAGLE superpower blesses them with the ability to operate from a much HIGHER expanded level of MIND always able to SEE the BIG PICTURE and bring forth wondrous SOLUTIONS and remedies. 🌿🌿🌿
BLUE HANDS are the Master Healers 🙌 of the Dreamspell – Their hands are able to generate and transmit very potent chi or life force.🔥 They make brilliant reiki and massage healers, or any form of healing, especially relating to the hands and touch. The BLUE COSMIC HAND 🍥🙌is adept at transmitting very high level Divine healing✨🍥✨ frequencies..🙌 such as Quantum Healing or Reconnective Healing et al.
Today we can experience pure presence, through the capacity to TRUST that HEALING🌿 comes through the bigger picture. Greater Cosmic knowledge provides the majikal healing panacea. BLUE HAND coupled BLUE EAGLE gives us the ability to ENVISION the solution to all problems through Cosmic awareness.🍥👁
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE COSMIC MONKEY 🍥🐒 CHUEN – woa! This COSMIC MONKEY is uber MAJIKAL💫 and masterful! CHUEN is the Magician, the trickster, the illusionist and the pure innocent Divine Child.. 👶
BLUE MONKEY🐒 is a natural complement to the BLUE HAND.🖐.. as it often feels like MAJIK when things fall into place effortlessly, and we get the job done! 👍 The HAND is quicker than the EYE… and indeed the Magician’s hands are very swift and agile.. so today Chuen brings forth GREAT MAJIK! 💫💫💫The energy to make MIRACLES happen!💫
✨HEALING MIRACLES and the ability to ACCOMPLISH your dreams and BIG VISION✨✨..
Whatever you have been envisioning the Monkey🐒💫 can help alchemize it into reality. Remember to believe and TRUST and keep it LIGHT! Empower your Divine child through play and laughter and then BLUE MONKEY can help you achieve the seemingly impossible as if by MAJIK !
SUPPORT: YELLOW COSMIC HUMAN 😊 EB brings forth the FAITH in the Divine path and the VISION of Spirit. Once you transcend your human mind and align with the DIVINE MIND, and greater Divine VISION for your life, you can SEE and access what is possible for you as a DIVINE HU-MAN being.
Surrender your HUMAN mind and questioning of what is! TRUST in the power of Spirit and Divine Will to accomplish the healing miracles🌟 you desire in your life. Whether that be health, finances or relationships, Spirit has a PLAN for every soul, and it is GRAND! ✨✨✨
Today Father/Mother God – provides the COSMIC HANDS🍥🙌 that have your back… they are the SUPPORT energies today – because the DIVINE is supporting you 110% in your Higher Mission.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARD 🔮 IX – Ooooh DOUBLE the MAJIK 💫💫today – my fave.. POWER 💫. Gotta luv these codes! ⚛⚛⚛
The MAGNETIC WIZARD activates the WHITE MAJIK ✨– MAGNETIC WIZARDRY grid 🌐 💫that was created in 2019 and is available throughout this current 13 year WIZARDRY CYCLE! The MAGNETIC WIZARD brings forth the power of ATTRACTION.. you can MAGNETIZE to you the manifestation of your TRUE HEART’S DESIRES.❤❤❤
WHITE WIZARD reminds you to put your HAND✋ on your HEART❤ and BELIEVE in the healing power you hold within your being.
✨You have the POWER to create the MIRACLES you desire.✨
✨The MAJIK is within you! ✨
✨You are the Magician and the Wizard embodied. ✨
Connecting to the endlessness of the Spirit realm, through your receptive mind and pure Heart brings forth great resources to manifest your greatest VISIONS..
Open your vessel and allow spirit to flow through your HEALING HANDS 🙌 and pure loving HEART ❤
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED COSMIC EARTH🍥🌏 CABAN challenges you to believe that ✨ NOW is the RIGHT👍 TIME for YOU! ✨ You have arrived at your destination! It is not somewhere unreachable in the distant future. It is HERE and NOW in this present moment.
The KEY to MIRACLES is to be present in the NOW moment in order to draw forth GREAT MAJIK. Become ONE with ALL THAT IS – and you can access the INFINITE power of the UNIVERSE.. All the 5 elements are at your disposal! ⚛ Observe the signs and synchronicities that are indicating your HEALING MIRACLE is on its way! HALLELUJAH! 🎉🎊
Tune in to Mother Gaia today and hear her voice as she is transmitting a very clear picture of her complete healing and transformation, in her purpose of accomplishing a better world for her global family. NOW is the TIME we have been planning for over many lifetimes and incarnations. Our COSMIC DREAM is coming into being!
Our collective DREAM – of eliminating darkness and suffering from our planet IS HAPPENING we are almost done! Now we must keep our FOCUS on replacing it with our New better and prosperous BLISS filled reality.❤🌷🌹☀
Keep ENVISIONING our paradisiacal New Earth Utopia in order to ACCOMPLISH HU-MAN-ities DREAM VISION..🌏🌴🌈🐬🌞
✋In the words of Bob the Builder (cartoon character)🛠 – “Can WE FIX IT? YES WE CAN!!” 👏🔧🔨
We have arrived, precious Star✨Blossoms🌹 – SPRING is coming with the PROMISE of NEW LIFE 🌿in this new ELECTRIC YEAR of SEEDING🌱🌱🌱 – our New 5D World awaits!! 🌈🌴🐬🌏
Today’s questions are ” How can I use my MAJIK💫 to accomplish great HEALING and MIRACLES, in order to achieve my GRANDE VISION.
“How can we ACCOMPLISH our VISION of new 5D Ascended Earth – through holding a MAJIKAL PRESENCE – transcending darkness?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
We bid adieu to the magnificent BLUE EAGLE, who has given us splendiferous gifts of VISION and wisdom, opening our eyes to DIVINE TRUTH!
Tomorrow a new solar seal – the beautiful YELLOW SUPER STAR🌟 hosts a brand new wavespell, the FINAL one in this GALACTIC SPIN, as our journey through the Dreamspell continues…….
Divine blessings and recognition for all that we as a collective have ACCOMPLISHED so far. 👏
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Pleiades 1 Messages August 18 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Harmonious Emanations stand out.

Central Liberations in alignment.

Suns harmonize for specific projections.

+++ Control Centers are scattered.

Figures – are notified and surrounded.

Kingdom violations decrease.

Archetypal dimensions expand.

Heavenly Realms keep coming.

*Neva: 12th Akashic Projector aimed to evaluate support. 80% (non-regressive). Next >>>13. Forecast of 19. +++ AUTHORIZED. JEBÊNÇÃO.

Attention Neva! Reverberation of Certifying Codes +++++++: 34% (non-regressive).

Initial cleaning (*Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 32% (non-regressive).

Final cauterization (Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 29% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.



When you have an Open Heart…
When you’re Heart is open ,you starts to see truly Clearer, with purity of the Heart ,and with sincere intent, and ye shall see Me..
Feel Me, and know my essence as I Am, truly. I Am the breeze that caresses your skin ,the sun ,and fire which warms your being. I Am the air you breathe ,and the life within the air itself. I Am all that is sensed, and I Am the senses, themselves. I Am the life bearing Earth, and nature that sustains ,and nurtures you within Divine Holy Love,I Am the infant, and I Am Infinity both seen, and Unseen,..
And I Am You, And You Are Me …
Your here, Born to Self Recognition, once you come to know who you Truly Are,you are stepping into Evolution…

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