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There is a layer of information like a subtle layer surrounding Earth. Our Breathe connects us to this golden vibrational overlay; and, with peaceful intention, shifting linkage is done. The more tranquility in our physical-mental-emotional, the more easier is start to Feel/Perceive this non-tangible overlay. Purpose of its presence, – access to growth-enhancing information. Related to what is referred as a New Earth (state of Being /existence in 5D and higher vibrational frequency bandwidth). Information, that possible is yet not transmitted in written form or given in verbal form; but it can be already given in writings / audial form as pieces before, from those, who are working with New Earth in most direct ways. Because, access to information is not limited by “time&space” frame; and, if you have / ‘remembered’ Knowing, how to gain this access. Bigger or smaller golden pieces are presented into infinite Quantum Field; but, example, like this presented overaly, it, as if, “comes closer” to planet, to be more felt / perceived by Humanity.
A beautiful opportunity in specific moments “of seeming earth time”, to take, what is present, and to apply.
The New Earth is constant evolving state of Being. Each Moment is filled with pure freshness.
The New Earth, itself, is Combination from transparent krystalline energies – vibrational patterns – and expansions.
The New Earth is Upward Flow; it do not consist from the sum – content of:
*already existing Timelines (“future/past lifes”) with existing scenarios, with existing events – turning points;
*the sum of ‘previous’ Golden Ages and Civilizations (those are experiences and incarnations to experience);
*specific length of the ‘time’, like 30 000 ‘linear years’ or, what can be measured as thousands or billions years.
The GRAND SHIFT of the Collective Consciousness to (The New Earth) state of Awareness/Consciousness/Being is brand NEW EXPERIENCE in multi-dimensional scale, or… Source “through” us / as US experiencing whole FRESH Universal Expansion in the Upward Spiral of Life. It’s breathtaking…
It’s not about shifting into:
🔹Cycles, wich operates in thousands ‘years’ frame.
The New Earth, itself, can be viewed as “higher” in “level” as a Age of Aquarius.
Age of Aquarius goes as a Cycle of ~ 26 000 years; before it, was Age of Pisces. Age of Aquarius is as a cycle and Light program, where is available tools/energies/knowledges/resources for Evolution of the Humanity; for Evolution that is happening Within Age of Aquarius.
The New Earth do not have specific ‘cycle shape’; it’s without ‘borders’, even in most subtle sense of the ‘border’ line.
🔹re-creation of Golden ages of Atlantis, applying Flower of Life (grid) – Metatronic geometries, utilizing moon energy.
🔹re-creation of Timelines linked with Lyra or royal blood lines, from ‘where’ is presented high level, complex information. Discern, where is pure essence of Lyra; where mixed, also related to other extra-terrestrial/Star races.
Please, note, that there is no right&wrong, or, the most correct Path Humanity “must” to follow, in order to “have” living/experience of Whole New and much different world.
Cycles, Light programs exists and can be used for Humanity as a whole, and for you as individual Soul to evolve from… IF YOU TAKE THIS CHOICE. If, ‘Critical mass’ of Human Beings take Decision, what is of most highest benefit for All.
The more expanded you become, the more expands your own Capacity to KNOW and UNDERSTAND from Within, to get together in much bigger picture all those Knowings you already have Within, and to move then, based on, where it Leads you.
… evolve and expand with… easiness…
With Love 💗 You Know own direction.
This is the essence of Ascension.
Kwana Mikaela
In the Periodic Table of the Elements… the Atomic number of the Carbon element is six… that of slice is 14 (one octave higher).
Carbon is needed to form all the DNA and RNA… chemical code of life as it exists today. Dr. Max G.Lagally… professor of science… discovered that Silicon could modify DNA… in other words… Silicon can SUSTAIN LIFE.
We are currently evolving very rapidly as a HUman species. The evolution of our species “Homo Sapiens”… is making a Quantum Leap to an “immortal” species with 48 chromosomes that have 12 physical lines of DNA and 10 etheric strands of DNA.
Our three-dimensional biology (3D) is BE-ing alchemically displaced from carbon to Multi-Dimensional (5D) slice Crystal.
If a piece of wood is placed in the fire… it burns until all that is left is the element carbon.
However… if a Diamond is placed in a fire… its structure is maintained.
So all our Cells must BE transformed from Carbon to Crystalline Silicon… so that we can withstand the enormous amount of LIGHT and ENERGY that is coming to the planet since the end of 2012.
Internally… all our Cells are changing from an organic structure to a Crystalline One… the perfect prism through which the LIGHT can pass to bring about the illumination of our Bodies… thus ending the density of 3D. Not everyone will experience this transformation.
Many people will CHOOSE… on a SOUL level… to “leave” before the Earth reaches that moment. Others will leave because their body will Not have the LIGHT that allows them to survive in HIGHER Dimensions.
But those SOULS… whose decision is to CHANGE their carbon-based cellular structure to Crystalline Form… will accompany the NEW “Terra Nova”… Gaia in the Golden Age. And they will be able to Ascend WITHOUT leaving their bodies.
Never in the history of this Universe have BEings taken this Great Evolutionary step… at the same time and consciously.
At the end of the year 2012… when the whole Solar System as a whole reached the end of its 26,000-year journey… and the Sun… together with its Planets… was placed in a perfect alignment with the Pleiades Sun (Alcyone)… with Sirius… Orion… the Center of the Galaxy (Hunab Ku) the TWIN Push and Pull Energy there… as a result of the enormous gravitational attraction… we traveled in 7 days 5 Light years to the Star System of Sirius… which is in the Fifth Dimension.
Thus BEgan a NEW Galactic journey… a New Cosmic Cycle… and a Cycle is a return through something; if we add the word “Ascension”… then it BEcomes an Ascending Cycle… forming a New Spiral “upwards”… a Circle that returns to its origin… but a HIGHER Octave than the one where it BEgan.
The times in which the HUman BEing evolves from one dimension of Consciousness to another… in the Physical… Mental… Emotional… and Spiritual aspects… are shorter and shorter… but NOW it is Not a step from one evolutionary stage to another… but it is a JUMP from One Dimension to another… that is why it is called Quantum Leap.
In the previous evolutionary changes… the Human BEing always remained with his DNA based on the Carbon element… in the Third Dimension… and NOW comes the change of his DNA to the SLICE element… that is… the base of the Quartz Crystal… the Crystal DNA.
In the Periodic Table of those of the chemical elements we can see that… between the Atomic number of the Carbon element and that of the Slice… there is a difference of eight… that is… an Octave Higher.
NO! No coincidence… but Causality because it has a Cause and has an Effect.
A Quantum Leap happens when the Atom suffers a modification due to “external” forces that “force” it to mutate internally and… therefore… modify it structurally… changing its Morphology towards other elements.
The particles of LIGHT… called Photons… will BE the cause of this change in the Atom of matter of third dimension 3D… whose particles are vibrating at 9/10th of the speed of LIGHT… “moving” it towards a more subtle Dimension and of Frequencies greater than the speed of LIGHT… where the Mass disappears as such.
The Morphology of the Human BEing will mutate towards the Slice Element… which is a Crystalline element (in Greek, CHRIST means CRYSTAL)… which will represent a Quantum Leap of Frequency… in a FIBONACCI Spiral… which is the basis of the Genetics of the HUman BEing made up of Crystalline Structures.
And it is a Leap… because the Mutation and change of DNA does not pass from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th… but to the 5th… it is a Leap from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension.
Finally… in Mystical Philosophy the word CHRIST means a “High Spiritual Level”… a level that is BEyond the common level of the Human BEing; and curiously enough… the DNA will Mutate into Silicon… ceasing to be Carbon… so that our bodies BEcome “luminous”.
That is the NEW STEP we are taking in the propeller of ASCENSION towards ONENESS… The ONE… with “Divine SOURCE”.
With Sacred LOVE of ONE
~ 💜 ~

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy of Photon Light Codes captured on December 25, 2020 by

Nicola Brown

Uluru, Awakening

Via Jenny Schiltz
12/24/2020 EraOfLight
When I studied to be a shamanic practitioner, I trained with someone that had worked closely with Sandra Ingerman. I loved the style and figured I would be drawn to the Native American way. While I have two native guides, Standing Bear and Eagle Eye, they were not my primary shamanic guides.
I found myself pulled into working with the Aboriginals and Dreamtime. Initially I felt quite hesitant to follow this path as I have never been to Australia and I knew absolutely nothing about the Aboriginal culture or their sacred sites. However, spirit does not care about cultural appropriateness and will illuminate the path that is most in alignment with you.
Through the shamanic training I received, spirit consistently brought me home to the beauty and wonder that is Uluru and Dreamtime.
Now I often find myself going into Uluru and working with the beings that reside inside. When I assist with a soul retrieval, I begin by going into Uluru where I meet my Aboriginal soul retrieval guide, receive an energetic clearing and then it opens into Dreamtime where I am guided to the lost soul pieces of the client.
Over the last few years I have watched a change taking place. On January 12th, 2020 there was a massive change within the community that resides within Uluru. This was during the conjunct between Pluto and Saturn. During this time All of the Earth’s chakras were reconnected. This was extremely important for the Ascension process and it was needed for the new children that have been coming in.
You can read more about it here:
Within the last few months I was shown another great change. I was standing outside Uluru and all around the sacred site massive weather events were taking place. Floods, mudslides, earthquakes, ice storms and snow, and drought. The message was that we were entering into a time of massive Earth changes.
On December 20th as I settled down for sleep, I was drawn back into Uluru. I saw a group of about 20 beings that I had seen and worked with before sitting around a huge hole. I went to where they were, and I was instructed to sit and join. Just then the hole lit up with the brightest gold white energy that illuminated all our faces. I asked what was happening and if we were working to activate the Earth’s heart chakra. I was told no and that at this time we were giving energy and activation codes to the Earth to awaken her and break the spell of sleep.
I looked over to one of the beings that I’ve connected with for years and said “There is going to be massive Earth changes when she wakes isn’t there?”
She smiled and said “Yes, be ready.”
I stayed with the group sending energy to break the hypnosis spell for as long as I could, but my eyes were so heavy. I asked them to wake me when it was time for the solstice which would be at 3:02 a.m. Denver time.
I drifted to sleep and knew that I continued to assist in some way but woke with a startle to the words “WAKE UP!” I got up and looked at the clock and to my surprise it said 2:02 a.m.
I got comfortable and I headed back inside Uluru. The group was still around the hole sending energy. Now there were hundreds of people within the sacred space. The energy going into the earth was much stronger and you could feel a stirring and the excitement was building. I could also feel just how many were connecting in from outside the sacred site. It was incredible.
I sat next to the one I know, and we began toning and as they said “Calling the mother home to herself”.
I told my friend that I had heard and believed that the Earth had moved into higher dimensions before this date. She said “This is true, part of her had moved into the higher realms. This is her hidden shadow aspects. She will join with all her parts that laid the groundwork for the final transition into the higher realms – Just as you (humans) are doing. Many have aspects in the higher realms that they will be merging with soon.”
We continue to sing, chant and tone for about 2 hours. I stayed in a lucid state, more fully there than in my own bed. Sometime after 4:00 a.m. I drifted back to sleep.
In the morning I woke, and I returned to Uluru and the group that was still working with the energies. The energy and the space felt different. There was a quality of awe, of reverence and even a little bit of hesitation.
I moved towards the circle and to my surprise there was an open eye in what was just a hole prior. I stared at the eye and realized that the eye was not like a human’s eye, and I could see great anger coming forth. It was the type of anger that was deep and seething.
I looked at my friend and she says, “We are sending love to her now, to calm her.” I looked questioning and she replied “imagine waking from a nap to find your home destroyed and your children abused. How angry would you be?”
To me, I felt like I was staring into the eye of a giant, powerful, beautiful dragon. It was how my mind processed what I was seeing.
I stayed in the space for a few more hours, sending her love and in a sense, we were holding her as the energy went from anger to sorrow to determination. If you feel called, please send her lots of love. She is coming home to herself just as we are. She is integrating all that she is so that she can move forward, just as we are.
It was amazingly beautiful, and it was an honor to be able to understand what was happening. I am not sure where all of this will lead. What I do know is that we are moving from duality and separation into unity and zero point.
All distortions must be seen. The stories, justifications, and collateral damage for the “greater good” must be seen for what they are: excuses. We must own where we have separated from self, the Earth, and Source and reconnect.
It is time that all of us, all our layers, all of our aspects awaken from sleep and hypnosis to join the parts of ourselves in the higher realms that are waiting. They are eager to merge and to create the new.
It is time.
Deep gratitude for all that support and share this work. I appreciate all of you. I hope that you are doing well in the Solstice energies. Now the deep work begins, we must see through all the ways we have separated and acted from a place of unconsciousness to the whole. Love and honor yourself regardless of what comes up within to be heard and seen. You are so deeply loved and cherished.
Lots of Love,
Those Offering Quick, Easy Solutions Right Now ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are so very open-minded that we will entertain anything as a possibility, especially in regards to humanity and your spiritual evolution. We only want what is best for you, and anything and everything that could possibly bring you closer to knowing yourselves and everyone else as Source Energy Beings is something that we will consider.
We know that you are tired at this time, and it is when you are tired that you tend to look for relief from somewhere or someone outside of you. You ask for help, or you look for help, instead of realizing that being tired is temporary. You will get past this time that you are in where you are so fed up with how things are there on Earth. You need to remember that. You need to trust that things will get better, and you need to know that there is help coming from beings and collectives like ourselves. There is help coming from those who are considering all possibilities and looking down every possible timeline for humanity.
If someone tells you that they have it all figured out, that they have all the answers, and that all you have to do is follow them, you are more likely to fall for that when you are tired and fed up. But what we have found is the best possible thing you can do when you are tired is to sleep, rest, or meditate. Please do not go looking for the easy, fast, skip-over-ten-steps solution, because there will always be someone presenting you with that type of solution, no matter what you are tired from or fed up with.
You need to recognize that you have helpers that are unseen and often unheard and even unfelt, and you also need to remember that you have greater access to us when you are asleep, resting, or meditating. That’s when we really get to connect with you, and that’s when the solutions that we have been able to find can come pouring in to your consciousness, to your energy fields. You have so much available to you when you go within and seek out what is infinite and eternal inside of you, but we do understand why the quick and easy solution is so attractive, so alluring.
And perhaps you have gone down those paths before and have learned the hard way. Now you get to be the masters you were born to be, and you get to teach others about the folly of the quick, easy, and often shiny solution that someone is presenting to you. The only way that we know works is to go within and do the work on yourselves that you need to do, and we are speaking from experience up here in the ninth dimension where we remember all of our past lives. And remember, we are also observing all of you.
So, what we are attempting to say here is that you are your own best healer, teacher, and guru, and when you recognize that you often do let in all of the help that is coming from the higher realms and beings who really do want to help you, like ourselves and so many others who are of the light, from the light, and who have only light to give.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
There is such a deep and profound opening of the Sacred Heart now, and indeed this is the Heart opening intensifying to embrace the New Golden Age.
I indeed have received the Sacred Tones to open the heart center more and indeed tuning into the Divine Feminine Sound Vibration which in turn tunes us into the higher Heart and thus the Sacred Cup, the Sacred Grail energies.
Overlighting this whole process is Mary Magdalene, fully returning in her Highest Christed Cosmic Master State, with Yeshua, bringing in the harmony and balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and with it the ultimate return to Unity and Oneness and Unconditional love.
My heart indeed is overflowing with Love – such an outpouring as I have never experienced before.
I am willing to tone those in, and teach them the Sacred Heart Tone and Chant, and assist with the Sacred Heart opening in quiet expanded Divine Presence. It is indeed for those who truly wish to experience the power of Sound, as used in the Ancient Mystery Schools and now being returned with the return of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.
I will schedule the date and time for later this week. I will only be able to work with small group, so this is only for those who truly are ready and willing to accept such a gift in the highest and most powerful sense. I will thus limit the numbers.
PLEASE NOTE: – I AM BEING INUNDATED with requests (since releasing this) and I am limiting this to a small group only – as I am being guided to do.
As I am in an extended retreat and thus deep contemplation, I will therefore now not accept more people than I already have had email me.
It will however, be recorded, and I will share the recording with those who wish to receive it, in January 2021, when I return to the my Schedule as planned.
So rather than email me now, please just comment below, and I will, in due course then make the recording available to those who truly are guided and seek this. Note, though that you still need inner work, as unforgiveness in any form and way, as well as polarity and duality thinking and belief systems, and separation block the heart center from fully opening.
This is a totally new life and way of life unfolding.
There are no shortcuts as far as inner work is concerned.
So much Love
Judith Kusel
Photo Credit: Daniel B. Holeman

Quick Updates from 3 of our Divine SiStars


Intense photonic downloads last several hours ever intensifying fluid plasma liquid light
Flow flow 💃🏽💫💫💫☀️🌈🌳🌳🌳
Euphoria is here to stay
it is our new state of being in the new earth reality and comes with divine sovereignty
Unprecedented & ON GOING INCOMING ENERGIES arrived 25 Dec. We’ve not had this frequency STRENGTH before. Easiest route = FLOW. It takes 3 linear days to integrate each ENERGY into our cells.

Karen Lithika


The Arcturians

We celebrate the great achievement, the great milestone reached in your construct.
For your Crystalline World now evolves on the Higher Light trajectory. To naturally know your unique Crystalline World is upgrading, enabling you to reach your full Crystalline Light Body potential. The enhancement of your expanding Light Body – integrating your Physical Form.
We ask you to have patience with the transition, seek internal understanding of your personal progress, soltitude. See the great achievement of the planetary event and the intensity of love expelled from your light body, has rapidly advanced your world, leading to the Higher Light timeline.
To assist your upgrade, know your Higher self is integrating with you in every moment. Feel this as a Higher Light Intelligence. Enabling you to see beyond the narrative of your world, to feel inner peace and assurance of the next moment
Know the New Light Age is Here Light Family.
Feel the assurance of the Coming days and months, for your role and placement in this timeline is perfectly aligned.
See yourself as the True Light Being you are.
Welcome to the New Light Age.
Infinite Love & Blessings
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Nature Vibes • Black Villa, New York 🌲🖤
Find Your Dream Destination on Travello 🌏
📸 mohtashami_reza
Sunday December 27 2020
What we now need is a conscious pause, a period of “Rest for a Reset” so we can undo, unhook, untie and unravel ourselves from whatever belongs to the old……
Wishing all of you a peaceful restorative holiday at this turning of the year. I am taking some much-needed time for rest and forgoing the week ahead forecast.
Art by Sarah Faith Gottsdiener
Lunar aspects – The Moon is in Gemini, restless, needing to talk, imbibing information floating through the air. Hands twitch, needing to fiddle, pick things up, put things back. Ceres reaches out, croons gently as she sits by the sea. “Take my hand” she says, “I will still your mind and soothe your soul”. Waves roll. Dreams ripple across the skies. Birds have stars for eyes. Curious.
In the background Black Moon Lilith rages again restrictions, beats owl wings against glass. Saturn whispers that revolutions take time and foundations must come first. We need to be present, deeply connected to our bodies and the Earth beneath our feet. Mother Nature will give instruction if we care to listen. New elements are being formed deep underground. Primal magic begins with sensing the pulse of the planet, the ability to wait for the right moment to act. There is a rhythm to all things. Not now doesn’t mean never.
Degrees and Times
Moon 01°Ge04′, Saturn 01°Aq04′ – 01:40 (UT)
Moon 01°Ge40′, Jupiter 01°Aq40′ – 02:53 (UT)
Moon 05°Ge00′, Chiron 05°Ar00′ – 09:31 (UT)
Mercury 10°Cp40′, Ceres 10°Pi40′ 15:33 (UT)
Saturn 01°Aq05′, Black Moon Lilith 01°Ta05′ R – 07:49 (UT)
Painting – On the Shore of the Black Sea by Konstantin Korovin
Red Cosmic Skywalker
The number 13 is called ‘Cosmic’ and it’s key words are ‘Transcend, Endure and Presence’. The 13th day of a wavespell is the last stop of a journey that had a beginning, many stops along the way and a final destination. We all began on Red Dragon and now we are here. The ‘enduring’ aspect of the number 13 refers to the processing you must now do, to take in and absorb all you have learnt during this wavespell. This prepares you for the next one.
Today is Red Skywalker and keys words associated with it are ‘Explore, Space and Wakefulness’. The Skywalker is always trying to wake us up, shake us up and get us motivated and outside the door. Skywalker also insists you approach things with an open mind. When we have a Red Skywalker day, its helpful to practice these things.
However, when it falls on the last day of a wavespell, the adventures have the potential to be ‘enduring’. Then again, this particular Red Skywalker is Kin 13, and 13 is the sacred number that holds a great deal of power. I always enjoy this day personally but you never know what to expect from it.
Today’s Guide is the Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’. What a poetic guide for this Kin 13 special day. All this potential ‘enduring’ and open mindedness may actual lead to some evolution in our lives. Plus, the Red Earth also helps us with our synchronicity which makes for a most helpful guide…pointing us in the right direction.
Today’s Challenge is the Blue Night, the dreamer. If you are Blue Night, it’s difficult for your dreams to come true. You need to wake up and take the opportunity today offers ….just have some open mindedness and you may find solutions.
The Occult power is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty and Art’. Magic is a beautiful thing, may you have a magical ability today to see how beautiful the world is and may you appreciate the beauty in everyone you meet. The Yellow Star much like the Yellow Sun, gives off a lot of light when in this position, meaning that magic is easier to see. Expect some magical sparkles today.
The Ally today is White Worldbridger, people born on these days are good at providing a bridge to cross, they are the perfect ally for today’s adventures. Call upon one, if things get too enduring.
13 BEN – KIN 13
27 DECEMBER 2020
I endure in order to EXPLORE
Transcending wakefulness
I seal the output of SPACE
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I AM guided by the power of Navigation
27/12/2020 = 27/12/22 = 9/3/4 = 16=7
9- Ending/Destiny/Service/Humanity
12- Acquiring wisdom & strength
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
22 – Architect of PEACE/Master Builder
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
7- Majikal/Mystic/Spiritual/initiation/Solitude
KIN 13 = Cosmic Consciousness/Goddess/13 Moons/Natural Lore
✨✨✨A MAJIKAL COSMIC portal accessing BLISS ON EARTH!! 🌈🌏
And so we have arrived at the final destination of our journey with IMIX our RED MOTHER DRAGON 🐉 where we have been incubating deep in the Womb of Creation… Our main focus has been reAWAKENING our feminine aspects by attuning to the importance of LOVE, nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Our focus has been on self-love, self care and nurturing our-cell-ves and our kin. Getting in touch with our softer and more feminine aspects in order to embody the Divine Feminine CREATION energies in our being. This has been necessary in order to build up our self esteem, confidence and acceptance of our value in the world. Day 13 is about EXPANDING this energy of Divine Love and Compassion out into the entire Cosmos! It is time to step up into our expanded and Divine Cosmic HU-man presence and be seen in all our Divine glory.🎆🎆🎆
We commenced our journey on Day 1 with KIN 1 our RED MAGNETIC MOTHER DRAGON 🐉– where we were MAGNETICALLY attracting, through our HEART portal all the love and nurturance that we desire.
Yesterday we experienced the LOVE born from UNITY and connecting with our kin, through the Universal Communication Grid. On day 13 we transcend the need for Earthly or Human LOVE from our Mother, and realize the EXPANSIVENESS of PURE COSMIC LOVE🍥💞 that exists throughout the Universe, easily accessed through the state of pure PRESENCE.. our realization that ALL IS LOVE – everything is born of LOVE💕 and we all eventually return to LOVE. 💞
Yesterday the CRYSTAL tone enabled us to connect to the GGG – the Galactic Global Grid or Aethernet! Now that this is broadcasting, today it enables us StarBlossoms to connect to our star families and brethren throughout the Cosmos. 🎆 ET phone home!!! A brilliant day for CONTACT and communications in any form with your Cosmic friends. Ask for a SIGN and be prepared for some giggles!
COSMIC 🍥– Tone 13 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – transcends, POWER – endure, ESSENCE – presence. Total EXPANSION encompassing your magnificent presence. The 13th day of the Red Dragon Wavespell is the one that gives closure. As we see the totality of what is and start shifting our perception, we awaken the Mother Goddess within us and accomplish what we have been expressing through love, nurturing and compassion! Through the power of stillness and pure PRESENCE we have transcended our Earthly needs and can experience the total COSMIC SOUL EXPANSION through BLISS 🎆🎆🎆
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED SKYWALKER🍥🚶BEN is tribe number 13 which represents the COSMOS🍥 and today’s tone is the COSMIC🍥 tone – number 13! So we have a 13:13 code operative today which is the most UBER expansiveness your soul can experience throughout this 260 day dreamspell journey.🎆🎆🎆
The number 13 also represents THE GODDESS👸… so this 13:13 code is signalling the most EXPANSIVE PRESENCE of our MOTHER GODDESS, spreading her infinite LOVE and DIVINE NURTURANCE throughout all of CREATION! Very appropriate during this CHRIST-MASS period birthing the CHRISTOS as we all RISE in our Golden/Rainbow Christed/Sophia BLISS bodies.
RED SKYWALKER is the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing HEAVEN ON EARTH💒 and today COSMIC BLISS is accessible to all. 🍥🎆 BEN is akin to the COSMIC SANTA🎅 who can travel throughout the entire COSMOS to access BLISS and make DREAMS COME TRUE!
SANTA🎅 holds all the gifts in his majikal sleigh for all the children of EARTH.. and asks you today to make your WISH upon the CHRIST-MASS STAR ✨– and your GREAT DREAMS will come true! ✨✨✨
RED SKYWALKER’S energy is expansive and totally unlimited in form. SKYWALKER is the Galactic Shaman who can travel anywhere through space time to retrieve wisdom, information and energy codes bringing them through as the Angelic Messenger. A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such LIGHT in human form, they feel the vibration of Heaven. In the past this energy was experienced through a guru or master or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person. Now the time has come for YOU to embody this vibration so that you can become the MASTER once again.
RED SKYWALKER can ignite a deep yearning within you for reunion with SOURCE.☀ From this blissful space of love and compassion, you also have a desire (embodied in physical form) to serve the LIGHT. 🎆This is the place in you that has the courage to fully express unconditional love, from the deepest depths of your being.
✨RED SKYWALKER asks you to bring this HEAVEN to EARTH💒 in your daily life.💞
❓What would that truth look and FEEL like?
✨LIVE as though you are already in 5D EARTH. ✨🌈🌎
As this reality is lived, it touches and awakens the same truth in others:
✨ “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in HEAVEN.”✨💒🌈💞
NOTE: If the star glyph for BEN/RED SKYWALKER appears in your own personal Galactic signature, in ANY position, then today your SKYWALKING powers will be EXPANDED exponentially and you can access COSMIC BLISS! 🍥💞🍥💞
Exploration, expansion and awakening are the qualities of Skywalker making it a great day to explore our physical reality on this planet. Expand your awareness and explore infinite possibilities from which to create.
Today is a BRILLIANT day for meditating, astral travelling, bi-locating, teleporting, and time-travelling throughout the Cosmos.🍥 If you prefer to stay Earth bound then perhaps seeking new adventures, or navigating through new territory is more resonant. Get ready to EXPLORE New Horizons and new EXPANSIVE experiences.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED COSMIC EARTH🌏 CABAN’S key words are Navigation, synchronicity, and finding your path. It is crucial that BEN follows the SIGNS and has a Star map to traverse the cosmos. BEN must have a lifeline attached to his spacesuit in order to return home safely to EARTH from his OUTTA this world adventures. Every adventurer needs a SAFE place to call home! Floating endlessly in the Cosmos without a purpose can soon become futile. So look for the signs and pick up the trail so that you can navigate to a more beneficial space for your next adventure and expansion of your soul in the next chapter of your life.
❓Where to next? Where are you headed? Contemplate this question in your day dreams today.
COSMIC CABAN as today’s higher guide is elevating our consciousness on EARTH for greater expression of 5D BLISS.. This great COSMIC PORTAL is opening the GATE to NOVA GAIA and inviting all the explorers to TASTE the new bliss filled experiences.💞 The GARDEN of EDEN is OPEN to HU-MANS again!! 🍇🍓🍎🍒🍍🌴🌈🌏
SUPPORT: WHITE COSMIC WORLDBRIDGER🌈 CIMI in the support position facilitates the death of old cycles today and builds the rainbow bridge to the new realms you seek to explore. CIMI can bring forth all the new 5D connections, people, support, knowledge and resources needed for your expanded Missions in the fields of BLISS.💞
The power of CIMI is through the act of SURRENDER, so get out of your own way and allow BEN,🚶 CIMI 🌉and CABAN🌏 to steer you in the right direction to manifest your WILDEST dreams in the greater COSMIC flow. 🍥🍥🍥
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER:YELLOW MAGNETIC STAR🌟 LAMAT provides another portal to help you access all these multi-dimensional realms today in your search for unlimited HARMONY, peace and BLISS throughout the Cosmic realms.
The MAGNETIC STAR✨ enables you to attract all that you need to access and attain this heightened state of BLISS in your life. This STAR brings you all the blessings of the BETHLEHEM✨ CHRIST-MASS STAR ✨– and attracts your beautiful kin to reflect this new Harmonic Matrix in our newly b-Earth-ed world.
LAMAT is shining brightly upon us and revealing the utmost beauty, elegance and harmony that is amplified by the STAR as we radiate our LIGHT illuminated through our pure PRESENCE. With nothing to do, say or be – but simply just SHINING through your being – totally at PEACE with your authentic Divine self. As you independently SHINE your LIGHT reflecting the beauty and elegance that surrounds us, you become woven into the eternal tapestry of Creation. Wonder at the beauty and radiance of our natural world and how LOVE and abundance naturally flows as our Creator and Mother Gaia provides an endless supply of resources in the infinite cycles of nature. Open your eyes and heart to this beauty to align with the Goddess and allow her expression to flow through the b-Earthing of our New World today.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE COSMIC NIGHT🌃 – AKBAL rules the deep subconscious realms, as well as our intuition and access to COSMIC ABUNDANCE☀✨☀ through the DREAMTIME. As we travel through these expanded states we become FREE to explore, discovering the infinite abundance that flows throughout creation. Now that we have transcended our primal desires and expanded our physical vessels with DIVINE LOVE we become SOVEREIGN beings, feeling more confident and secure in our value and rightful place in the Cosmos. Through transcending our inadequacies, fears and limitations we can now OPEN to more gifts, blessings and soul EXPANSION through purely holding SPACE in our state of pure PRESENCE.✨✨✨
AKBAL holds the GOLDEN KEY to unlock the DREAMTIME and access our Collective New Way Dreaming in this wonderful New World we are co creating. The BLUE NIGHT governs your sleep time and journeying, and together with BEN the SKYWALKER makes for a SUPER DUPER Astral travelling combination. ✨🍥✨ Particularly as it is a SPIRITUAL realm day of the highest octave.
COSMIC AKBAL is the COSMIC SANTA🍥🎅 who can bring you all the treasures of the Universe – so BELIEVE and it shall BE! Hold onto your GREAT DREAMS and let your intuition guide your adventures in wonderland,
remembering to come back home with the treasure in your arms! The COSMIC ABUNDANCE is NOW FLOWING.🍥☀✨🍥
And so mote it be, precious hearts! A brilliant day for dreaming, astral travelling, time travelling and Skywalking! 🍥Tune in and align with the endless Cosmic flow to access and receive the greatest BLISS CODES in the COSMOS!! 💞💞💞
Today’s question is “Now that I have embodied more LOVE and accepted my TRUE value, how do I EXPAND that into the Cosmos to realize my DREAMS? What is my next adventure?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
May you navigate your way throughout this expansive 🎆Cosmos🍥 of infinite LOVE 💕 to bring home the treasures you deserve. Happy adventuring Space Cadets!
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Tomorrow is WHITE WIZARDRY DAY to the POWER of 3💥💥💥🎆 We enter into the realms of high WHITE MAJIK for the next 13 day cycle.. This wavespell is where we have claimed our COSMIC presence, and stepped up into our POWER. We can then create endless WHITE MAJIK 💫in our world, through the power of LOVE! 💞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Santa and Reindeer – ISTOCK PHOTOS DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
I … Sovereign, free human and spiritual being
Standing as equal among the members of the Galactic Community
Request of my own free will, on behalf of the People of Terra
Assistance to the Galactic Federation of Worlds
To expel malevolent and invasive extraterrestrial forces out of this world, definitively.
To end their occupation and liberate the people of Terra from slavery.
That any previous agreement made with malevolent extraterrestrial forces in the past be rescind.
For by their own free will, the people of Terra are reclaiming back, now, their own planet!
The people of Terra are reclaiming their rights and their sovereignty!
The people of Terra make now agreement with the Galactic Federation of Worlds.
May this be set in the infinity of the stars and the eternity of time.
May peace and justice always prevail.

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