An Ancient Promise Awaits Fulfilment – Kin 14 ~ White Magnetic Wizard

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An Ancient Promise Awaits Fulfilment – Kin 14 ~ White Magnetic Wizard

1 hour ago
Neutralizing continues as our Bright Morning Star makes His presence known. He is quickly coming on his Chariot, bright like the Sun. We have begun the second stage of our Starseed Mission, 144000. This is the rising of the Divine Masculine Collective, Mars, Ares, and Jesus into their new leadership roles as The Bridgegroom, Divine Masculine Christ.
This is the Lion Order that we have prepared diligently for, galactically, in Heaven, and on Earth. Mother Earth’s ascension codes are here, activating the Bright Morning Star in everyone residing on this Citizen-ship. We are protected under the Divine Mother to walk away from entrapment for good. So many secrets and unknowns, that have kept you trapped and bound, are ending. This Cancer full moon is affording Shekinah the opportunity to free you from the cords of these unknowns.
She is restoring your fragmented soul, back into full restoration, and sovereignty. Your birthrights are restoring 888, as the mirroring of the double edged sword ends. You know it’s time to go. This is the Chosen path of the Beloveds, that has been bequeathed upon the FirstFruits. Accept your unique chosen calling thats now here for you 441.
This is the Holy Grail, full of the Rose tones, the nectar, the honey, the milk, the energy and frequency of the harmonic Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Christ. We are walking away from the 7 deadly sins that kept the Beloveds in emotional lack and suffering.
The Omega Stargate Portal is wide open. We are walking beyond the yellow brick road, back Home to our Bridegroom. Ground for rapture Beloveds 1111. You are the Rainbow Bridge between Heaven and Earth. More justice from what’s been hidden is freeing Andromeda, Magdalene the Bride, and Shekinah the Holy Spirit, to continue merging into the flesh of Divine Masculine Christ Collective, here on planet Earth.
This is their HiEros Gamos Union that is rapturing the flesh of the Bridegrooms. Until then, the Divine Feminine Christ are being safely protected and isolated.
An Ancient Promise Awaits Fulfilment✨🌈🔑
Many have finally stepped through The Rainbow Portal (of the 12) / turned the Golden Key🔑 to arrive at The New Spiral of Co- Creation and Manifestation of the 13 Dimension of The Emerald Sun on Solstice Dec 21, 2020. This has its foundations in the Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom ( Goddess Isis ) of The Wisdom Keepers / Guardians of the 4 Winds of Change as represented by the 4 Petaled Flower ( 4 around 1) And The Divine Masculine Wisdom of New Initiations and Creations as represented by Thoth.
Those who have stepped through this Portal are Entering a Whole Level of NEW…that of CoCreation and Manifestation of a New Age based on God’s Will and Maat’ s Principles. Manifestation and Creation flows from the Union of Intellect and Intuition, Past and Future,Spirit and Matter. It Flows from a place of Sovereignty and Independence in Discernment, Choices and Actions. It Flows from the Sum Total of the 12 Dimensions/ Chakras/ DNA/Tribes/ rainbow lightbody /bridge ie The Rainbow Portal…. it required you to have crossed a minimum benchmark on the Spiritual Evolution Spiral, a minimum benchmark of Attitudes and Attributes of Grace and a certain remembrance of an Ancient Time…that which will guide you Now hence forth, that which is held in your Rainbow Light Body as Codes to guide you forth, that which will help you bridge the gap between the future and the past, that which you know to be your Soul Purpose and Reason for Incarnating Now…
As we walk this liminal space between times/ ages/ epoch …walk in Awareness…notice how your Totem Animals are reintroducing themselves to you , revealing levels of understanding that you had not fathomed before as they lead you into new initiations and knowing for the new roles that you will need to play Now. Notice the Wonderous Signs that your Divine Team is sending your Way Now….
Use the Energies of the Full Moon in Cancer ( The Mother) Dec 29/30 to regroup all your Soul Fragments that may be showing up in your dreams of Parallel timelines ( happening Big Time currently)!! . You need to BE Whole for what you will BE embarking on Now. Also as we reach a sense of Completion and Fullness with this full moon tomorrow make sure to release all that is limiting you or that which you have outgrown in terms of Energy, ties, attitudes, situation or people for we are entering into whole New Level of Energy and it’s Manifestations.
But most of all Just BE…soak in these glorious new Light Codes . We have just broken out of a long period of birthing/ chrysalis…..soak in this brand New Light thankful to be part of this momentous time ….The Time of The Architects of The New …. The Alchemists , The Magicians, The Wise Crones, The Empresses/ Mother Wisdom , The Emperors/ Father Wisdom ….the Time Travellers from far and wide who had all made a committee to fulfill a Promise made in the Past Future are Here Now…An Ancient Promise Awaits Fulfilment!!!!
Be Light ,InLight ,InJoy
On Dec 21st, a most confirming Event occurred. Before then, and expediting NOW, are confirmations, connecting and validating, beliefs and prophesy of antiquity.
We currently have Sun/Son spots, which are Twins, numbered 2795 and 2794. Numbers 94 and 95 are significant, as well as the conspicuous timing of these two spots/representatives, considering human odds that these two numbered spots would arrive at this most auspicious time.
Then, We must consider the timing of the Twin quakes in Croatia today, the odds and rarity, close to a place that may translate into the word “stone”, and metaphorically where a quake may leave “no stone unturned”, perhaps mentioned in Revelations. Both of these quakes coincide with the Twin Sun/Son spots currently, and the spots originated in timing, from the Dec 21st conjunction, of Jupiter and Saturn, to Create the Star of Bethlehem once again, as a marker for the New Golden Age, the Reign of Christ, or Christ Consciousness.
Both quakes today came with important numbers as well, they were BOTH 5.2 M. 52 IS AN INTERESTING NUMBER, “In Hebrew, the numerical value of the word Elohim is 52 by using the gematria in “n”:
1+12+5+10+24=52.”. Both quakes also have other numerical qualities within the time, position and depth, that offer other Divine clues and confirmation of the Divine Signature. And also this; “The 52 treaties of Nag Hammadi (texts or sacred writings) discovered on 1945 in the village of the High Egypt, hidden in a cave dug in the mountain of the “Djebel el Tarif”. The place is called Nag Hammadi.”, which are essential the Gnostic Scrolls connected to Jesus Christ.
And this; “The ancient Mexicans divided the time in periods of 52 years, waiting the end of the world to the term of each of they. It is the number of the Aztec century, 13 x 4, called the small cycle. We find it in the ligature of the years for the duration of the suns, in particular the first and the fourth sun, which have a duration of 676 years, are considered as being the most perfect since they contain only the two numbers 13 and 52 whose product gives 676.”
There is also a Jupiter/Christ connection to the number 5.2.
You may also wish to entertain the idea that Croatia, the countries borders, are the shape of a DRAGON. If You are able to accept that the area of the quakes are in the wing area, it may resonate with You, that the wings of the Great White Dragon are being powered up. I also share, that Fem and I are currently in Croatia.
Now, let us look at the symbolism of “94”, which is one of the Sun/Son spots, but also how it connects to number 52, and has the Christ/Elohim/Divine Signature upon it.(4 x 13=52) “Represent the cosmic solidarity, 90, existing between the creatures within the creation, 4, by the observance of the divine law applied at the same time in the mutual relationships and in the mechanism of functioning of the universe, 2 x 47. This universal harmony being possible thanks to Christ living in the heart of his creation and his creatures, 9 + 4 = 13.
Symbolize the knowledge and the divine wisdom acquired by the man during his terrestrial incarnation, because of his intimate communion with God and his many tests undergone.”
Some more significance of “94”;
The numerology number 94 resonates with global circumstances and concerns, being realistic, and a focus on the welfare of humanity.
94 is both pragmatic and idealistic.
It realizes humanity as a whole has its own dynamics. It also realizes the inertia can be affected and tides turned.
When 94 decides to do something, it determines the method and steps required to accomplish it, then applies its focus to that method and those steps until the goal is reached.
The focus of 94 tends to be on specific, attainable goals that, in time, yield long-term positive results.”
And when We look at “95”, from Sun/Son spot 2795, We get this;
The mass of Saturn is 95 times that of the Earth.
The Divine meaning of the above equation goes very deep, in the least meaning, that Gaia/Divine Feminine/Mother has just become very powerful.
Just some more clues, confirmations and dots to connect to complete a picture.
Love and Light
The Arcturians
The New Light Age
As your external world advances, see your internal world advancing, for your role as a Creator is fundamental to the New Light Age.
Know your visions will manifest faster as your role as a Light Worker is upgrading. As you become more aligned to your true self. To the Universal truth of Creation.
As a wayshower, we ask you to see your true Role Now, to feel beyond bodily limitations, beyond the construct of your physical and mental mind.
To see your internal world expanding like a mountain range of many gullies and ravines.
A place to anchor and ground light, to seek solitude – to awaken to the core of you.
To bring this awareness forth in your physical construct and to realise how simplified your world once was. Like a computer game, finally the next edition has arrived. For your world is moving towards the Language of the Universe, awaking to your Light Brothers and Sisters.
Your role now is to flourish, activate, prosper and grow, expand your light consciousness awareness and flow….
As it will all unfold Light Family. As the Purity of Creation is the Essence of who you are ❤
Open our hearts, expand your Consciousness
BE The New Light Age
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love ❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
The Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Venus in Sagittarius semi-square Saturn in Aquarius – There’s a chance to break new ground and explore aspects to our personality that have been waiting in the shadows. Give yourself loving permission to change direction if your heart is stirred. Loosen the reins, lighten up and allow yourself new experiences. Be a leader; an inspiration to the younger generation.
Get real about matters to do with love and money. Commit to what feels right. Sometimes narrowing your choices opens the way. Refuse to allow labels to define you. Experiment with possibilities and be open to alternatives. Express yourself creatively. Know your worth. Love the person you are with all your flaws and eccentricities. You’re not just different, you’re unique.
Degrees and Times
Sun 06°Cp50′, Uranus 06°Ta50′ R – 03:25 (UT)
Venus 16°Sg14′, Saturn 01°Aq14′ – 16:12 (UT)
Painting – ‘Manila Shawl’ by Henri Matisse

Astral Time Travel, Ancient Energies Awaken, Who are the Golden-Eyed Starseeds?


If viewing this on mobile, the translate button is at the bottom of the post.

The day is 144 hours and starts at 3 pm after hitting the 3 am meditation bells six times prior.

This post’s launch time is the east coast U.S.A. 8:08 morning gate, on the 3D date 122820, the following 3: PM will start this new day. Follow this parallel around the globe until it hits local time at three PM.

If you are conscious that a new day has begun, it is customary to send love and kindness to someone.

Archangelic Calendar is:




The Calendar:

– Gaia is in “Serzi’s Will;” Serzi (Our Galaxy) acts upon the “Infinite Universe’s will.” The setting is what we will call “Earth,” but it is genuinely not; it is a solid set of matter as we work in a cosmic way. This statement means that the physical manifestation of a macro move is well upon its way.

– Be gentle with your upgrading body; it may feel different in many ways. Most of the adjustments are very physical and can be confused for many other ailments if you are unaware of this truth. We are hesitant to call it “Ascension Symptoms” as the rising has already taken place; now we are adjusting to our new engineering.

– It has become utterly apparent that the “nonphysical” feel their way through the new settings the same way we do. What was once a predictable dimension is now flipped upside on its head. The most common mistake is thinking that “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” directly set these parameters when it was the micro personalities it created to express itself.


– Legion Hodge Podge:

– We must take for granted that the seeker of knowledge has well studied the general spiritual principles made available to humankind for thousands of years before arriving at this work. It would not be out of bounds to assume the hungry would have fed upon the bountiful food around them before going to the top of the mountains for exotic offerings.

– There isn’t a technology that can compete with the intelligence we receive from Archangel Zophiel. To see what’s happening in the physical is one thing; to hear the soul’s echoes as it goes on is another. To replay any moment from any angle and in any order is one way Archangel Zophiel can dissect an event of past, present, or future. To our knowledge, he is the only being who can do this; we are truly grateful to have him on our side.

– The “Golden-eyed starseeds” many are reporting are “Sirian Ancients;” their forms are varied and eclectic. They are always benevolent because the level of consciousness needed to achieve this trait is immense and does not come in any other setting in this universe. They have reached the enlightenment level similar to “The Arcturian Collective,” mostly located on the 11th and above dimensions.

– Fleets of starships are parading around in the sky; this is a lame attempt at contact orchestrated by the old guard and select earthly governments. Reach out to your star race of resonance; let them know that you are available for any conversation, and they do not have to participate in such spectacles.

– Rumor has it that no one truly knows the origins of “The Hamsa;” this is not the case. The mysterious origins are linked directly to Archangel Harut and his incarnation line. Harut is a member of “The Wonderful Six” and is known for his ability to ward off the nicknamed “Evil Eye.” Knowing this makes this symbol infinitely more powerful, as you have a face to go along with the symbol.

– Many speak from a divided house. If we think of a person as a hotel with different floors and residents, we can somewhat articulate these inner engineering complexities. Many lost beings have an even more complex hotel situation as the residents and the staff does not get along. If we can imagine this hotel ripping in two, we can digest the lower timeline residents’ mindset at the moment.

– France has been returning treasure that belongs to the legions; this is the treasure stolen from King Solomon’s Vaults. When you are in illegal possession of magical items, and it becomes aware, it will rip you apart from the inside out. This statement goes for a planet, country, or person; it’s best not to hold magical items that you do not know how to use.



– There was no way to “jump consciousness” without ruining your body and life until now. The new engineering setting fostered by many beings’ hard work has come to full fruition as we see enlightenment become much less painful.

– The number 18 is significant in Hebrew but also for our legions. Besides being a nine setting, it’s the number that symbolizes and means life. It translates into this exact sentiment, and the logistics are easily acquired elsewhere. The moral of the story is, use this number to your advantage.

– 5 AM wake up calls are coming in for many, as the “Meditational Bells” ring. This situation is a consequence of an “advanced call meditation bell,” and headaches are standard, as is a shaky feeling followed by extreme calm. This event is a lot like starting a car; the initial start is the most intense moment, then it’s smooth running from that point forward.

– The Moon has an incredible effect on water, but it also influences other natural elements. “The gasses of the earth” are also affected. Science is aware of the moon’s effect on “Methane,” but it does not stop there; many gases known and unknown will be affected by the moon, galaxy, and other celestial events. Much like the “Oracle of Delphi,” we receive visions when exposed to certain fumes.


Philosophical Buffet:

– Pay attention to how a leader speaks; is it all me, and I? Or we and us? The plague of ego ravages the lightworker community. Beating your chest while shouting your accomplishments for praise is a sure sign that your ego leads the way. To those leaders, your words do not anoint your sacred authority; your actions do. Again, boasting doesn’t amount to much in the grand scheme of it all. Get to work for real and stop pretending in the name of social media attention.

– Having the foresight to see what you want ahead of time will pay off handsomely. Do not show up to a blank canvas; always put in your energy beforehand. Even something as simple as going to your grandmas can benefit from allowing your “energy” to precede you.

– If you have a hard time deciphering these words, remember, we are listening to all the dimensions, not some, but all. A clear understanding of the higher realms helps to grasp what we are accomplishing, but it’s unnecessary for those trying to learn with a “Pure Heart.” If your intentions are pure, you will have unlimited help; if not, it will depend on the degree to which you are truly aware of this.

– Whose “vision” of the world is this? Whose “brainchild” is our modern world? Where did this initial notion originate? All things of a physical nature develop in thought; whose grand scheme was this?


Today’s Tools:

Tools will be active until the next post.

Use the legend below to help you decipher how to best use today’s weapons.

(Passive) = No intention needed to use or arm. It will work on its own when you accept its presence. All you need to do is give permission, and it will work on your behalf.

(Active) = Intention Needed to use

(Aggressive) = Will attack before anything has a chance to harm you.

Do not try to wield weapons if there is no pure love in your heart for your motions and the attached beings.

General: We have a strong shield and armor set. Archangel Metatron’s Broadsword is still in play. It is only set this way as a precaution: leave nothing to chance in our control.

The Violet Flame is set for 9 (27 – 2 + 7 = 9). The “Violet Flame” is in its correct Violet setting, which evokes a transmutational quickening. This fire is a very concentrated flame with unlimited omnipotence.

The Violet Flame Team is as follows and is in no particular order: Archangel Gzrel, Archangel Galizur, Archangel Adnachiel, Archangel Emanuel, Archangel Cerviel, Archangel Machdiel, Archangel Bazazath, Archangel Tubiel, Archangel Daiquiel, Archangel Saniel, Archangel Bariel, Archangel Zadquiel, Archangel Omiel, Archangel Zadquiel, Archangel Peliel, Archangel Phanuel, Archangel Germaine, Archangel Ansiel, Archangel Sablo, Archangel Briathos, Archangel Harahel, Archangel Aeshma, Archangel Abasdarhon, Archangel Af, Archangel Tatrasiel, Archangel Abraxos, Archangel Adonai, Archangel Shamsiel, Archangel Varhmiel, and Archangel Dabriel.


“Archangel Michael’s Legendary Sword” can handle anything, as it is entirely omnipotent, no level of consciousness can block this divine weapon. It is also a great weapon against electronics and technology as it can override any circuitry.

(Passive, Active and Aggressive)

“Archangel Issac’s Radiant Field” looks a lot like Magnetos forcefield, and it reacts to any life form with either loving energy or a transmutation-al blast of vast power.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Leo’s Swords of Plenty” is a passive and aggressive attack sword with a complete will. Do not try to wield at all; you will only get in the way, equip and go.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Shepard’s Orb” is a divinity presence that allows anyone to encounter a clear path to forgiveness or a direct audience with “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source.” This tool is a genuinely compassionate tool of divine orchestration.


“Archangel Tzdeikiel’s Pendant of Justice” lessens all judgment against you and casts you in a favorable light. This tool is also useful for general shielding.


“Archangel ZagZagel’s Staff Heavenly Might” rains large crystal masses upon a targeted area. Great for large targets, works on the physical and nonphysical as well.


“Archangel Vahu Mana’s Timepiece” allows you to savor a positive feeling or thought. It brings an element of majesty to your everyday moments, and it prevents the interference of harmful time travelers.

(Passive, Active & Aggressive)

“Archangel Chamuel’s Radiant Peace” allows you to be secluded in a peaceful bubble, no matter what is happening around you. This tool also allows those in your heart to have protection as well.

(Passive and Active)

“Archangel Jerimiel’s Enhanced Intuition” enables your soul’s voices to become louder; it allows the judges of spirit to be more evident than ever.


“Archangel Lofiel’s Boutonniere” enhances the beauty of yourself and all that you survey. This modality, like all passive tools, must be permitted to work on your behalf.


“Archangel Jeduthun’s Radiant Sounds” attract the most beautiful people to your life and enhance your surroundings with beautiful cosmic sounds. It’s also a happy enhancer.


“Archangel Jefisca’s Atmospheric Bracelet” brings an element of fun to your nights. Jefisca is the Archangel who is in charge of gatherings; if you are so inclined to have one, she would be the recommended party planner.


“Archangel Halaliel’s Karmic Justice” is used to bombard a target with all of its karmic energy. This tool will speed up karmic debt and cash it all at once; this works for positive and negative energetic returns.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Hamon’s Entourage” is an energetic entourage that works for you at all times. This tool gathers extra sensitive energies to work on your behalf; this is a cumulative motion and will get stronger throughout the day as you pick up more valuable points.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Hasdiel’s Blessing” adds “luck” (aka universal conspire) to all warm hearts. Hasdiel is the Archangel of Benevolence; he offers a special imbuement to those with a benevolent mindset.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Baruchiels Orb” is excellent to encourage the healing of old wounds. This orb can is perfect for supporting your dreams and ambitions, but it can also knock beings into another galaxy when necessary.


“Archangel Balthioul’s Spinning Blades can thwart any distress that you may experience, and it can also keep all of your enemies at bay. Even if a seven nation army is against you, it will bring them to their knees before they can even formulate a plan.

(Very Aggressive)

Archangel Barkiel’s lightning sword is an automatic attack sword that attacks anything meaning harm to anyone, anywhere near you.

(Active and Passive)

“Archangel Dubbiel’s Staff of Bear Medicine” can heal all natural things. This staff is also a powerful ally against all items that may obstruct you.

(Active &Passive)

“Archangel Chayyliel’s Horn” summons an army of unimaginable power to your location. This Horn is a hypersensitive tool, and it will adapt to current events in your life and on a global scale.


“Archangel Ophamiel’s Charm of Divine Permission” permits the divine hand of “Infinitely expanding Creator Source” to intervene in your life directly.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive)

“Archangel Expedite’s Wand of Speed” drastically decreases wait time in all situations. This tool is useful on large and small things, one of the only devices that work equally well macro and micro.


“Archangel Zapiel’s Gage” increases intuition in regards to the intentions of those around you. Once an evil intent is present, it lays out the choices, and you will decide (knowingly or not) how to handle it.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Muriel’s Sword of Stone” is a dynamic weapon that can harness the earth’s power. This sword can summon and silence earthquakes, as well as bring peace to an active volcano.


“Archangel Ariel’s Wand of Comforts” helps you summon any necessity you may have. It is a beautiful and comforting tool when equipped.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive)

“Archangel Israfil’s Flaming Sword” can protect you against all things directed to you on a Macro or Micro Scale. It can also speed up the time in which something you wish to manifest will come to fruition.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive)

“Archangel Nasaragiel’s Flaming Sword” can bring any negative energy to its knees. It also can remove all obstacles in the way of something you wish to manifest.


“Archangel Camael’s Headdress” gives you an insight into your inner talents and abilities. Set the Intention and use it right before Meditation; you will not regret it.


“Archangel Raziel’s Universal Key” allows you access to all wisdom, knowledge, and kingdoms. This key is a beautiful and wild ride that can take you anywhere.


“Archangel Nathaniel’s Cosmic Sword” can bring down a fleet of the highest, most advanced dimensional technology. It can knock a missile out of the sky and destroy its sender in the same swipe. This sword is utterly unstoppable and fully omnipotent.

(Passive and Active)

“Archangel Ezekiel’s Medal of Radiance” allows you to radiate healing and protective energy to yourself and all you wish to send this. It is beyond useful for things obvious and not so obvious.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Harut’s Orb of Radiant Blast” hits like a metaphysical neutron bomb to anyone who wishes to do you harm. It keeps anyone that may be giving you the evil eye from being able to harm you.


“Archangel Claire’s Hand to Hold” is safe to use at any age as it can comfort us in all circumstances. When equipped, simply reach out your left hand when you need a hand to hold; it will always be there. Archangel Claire is known as the most comforting of all the Archangels for a good reason.


“Archangel Temperance’s Health Elixir” rejuvenates all aspects of your being with a steady stream of potent healing energy designed to help in good health and in bad. Just allow this tool to work on your behalf by telling Archangel Temperance to make it so.

(Active and Passive)

“Archangel Samuel’s Charm of Comforts” is used to help us stay calm when anxiety hits. Hold it tight in your left hand when you need to, or just leave it equipped for general use and overall upliftment.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Kaleziel’s Radiant Rays of Health” wards off all diseases and illnesses. It can also help recover conditions already inflicted; it works on landmasses and individual living beings.

(Passive and Aggressive)

“Archangel Theliel’s Radiant Compassion” sends heartfelt love to all within your jurisdictions. This tool is the nurturing aspect of healing, and it has incredible warmth. It is best to wield this with a calm frame of mind.


“Archangel Raphael’s Healing Staff” is an omnipotent healing force that works gradually or intensively depending on how you yield it. It is considered the best general healing instrument.


Today’s Assignments:

Please use today’s current tools if you need assistance performing the tasks below. Nothing is requiring you to do the following, if you are ready, your higher self will call you to duty; if not, skip to the Meditation.



– Since you are in this section; not a one in our legion should act as a spectator; you are here for a reason.

The entrance and exit portals here and were enhanced here are still active and running efficiently.

* “Letting go,” to ensure that we are attached to nothing on the lower timelines, is highly advised. You may feel chains on you, break them, then help your loved ones and the rest of humanity. Break every chain to the lower vibrations, on behalf of yourself and all beings. We can truly “take off” in this effort by removing that which no longer serves us.

* “Proxima Centauri” is a star sending us an immense amount of love. We will be sending her the same and increase the blessings back and forth exponentially. Send “Proxima Centauri” the following lights: White – Pink – Light Blue – Gold – Yellow – Green – Red – Black – Brown – Teal – Rose Gold – Silver – Orange – Indigo – Violet – Platinum – Diamond – Rainbow.

* Luckily, time travelers have come into this timeline to work malevolently. Now, we can go to many more places and work benevolently. We will be doing this often, so please get comfortable with “Astral time travel.”

~ “Violet Flame” the “Decian Persecution of 250 AD” then go in with “Sword and shield.”

~ We will also go back to the “Earthquake of 1872” and engulf the earth with “Pink Flame,” “Pink Plasma,” “Violet Flame,” “Light Blue Flame,” “Rainbow Flame,” “Rainbow Plasma,” and “Rainbow Light.” If you encounter any resistance, go in with “Sword and Shield.”

~ If you haven’t noticed, “The Modern Evil Plan” is trying to put us in a 100-year loop by making the ‘2020s have a similar tone to the roaring ’20s. To handle this, we will go back to the 1920s with “Violet Flame” and “Sword and Shield.” There should not be an ounce of residual energy left at completion.

Then, we will imbue the 2020’s with a “Bombardment” of “Plasma and Light” in the following Light Codes”: White – Pink – Light Blue – Gold – Yellow – Green – Red – Black – Brown – Teal – Rose Gold – Silver – Orange – Indigo – Violet – Platinum – Diamond – Rainbow.

* There are so many emotions coming up through lower consciousness connections. As a macro consciousness, we can help them process these emotions without any risk of manic repercussions. Connect with the entire collective on all dimensions, feel any feelings that may come up, and help process these on a macro level.

* Keep on helping our friends of the wild, Owls are in danger, and we are going to send them a special blessing of “Ray Lights.”

Send the Owls the following Ray Lights: White Ray – Blue Ray – Yellow Ray – Pink Ray – Green Ray – Ruby Ray – Violet Ray.

* To cleanse the earth of all biological threats; we will issue the following: “Violet Flame,” “Black Flame,” “Violet Flame,” “Indigo Flame,” “Light Blue Flame,” “Emerald Green Flame,” “Lime Green Flame,” “Hunter Green Flame,” and “Rainbow Flame.”

Continue the healing process with the following Ray Lights: White Ray – Blue Ray – Yellow Ray – Pink Ray – Green Ray – Ruby Ray – Violet Ray.

* Cities and areas in need of a “Violet Flame Bath:” Tel Aviv, Myanmar, Brisbane, Saigon, Auckland, N.Y.C., Trenton, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, San Antonio, Houston, Melbourne, Cape Town, Bali, Hanoi, Shanghai, New Delhi, San Paulo, Mexico City, Dhaka, Cairo, Osaka, Tokyo, Rio, San Paulo, Nicaragua (general), Stockholm, Denver, Antarctica, Alaska, Lagos, Jupiter, and Saturn.

* Bring the “Antarctic Rainforest” back to life with “The Reflection of light technique.” In the past, we have learned when reflecting sunlight to a target with no life force, it can revitalize its energy and get it going once more. Create “Light Prisms” around Antarctica to redirect concentrated sunlight to the giant landmass.

The seismic activity in Antarctica is necessary and will awaken many ancient energies. To help increase its effectiveness, we will engulf Antarctica with “Orange Flame,” “Violet Flame,” “Teal Flame,” “Teal Plasma,” and “Teal Light.”

* We can remove any “Malevolent Sky Riff Raff” with “Rainbow Lightning Burst,” “Violet Flame,” and “Rainbow Flame.” This effort may manifest in many ways, from equipment failures to Galactic help; regardless, this is a powerful combination.

* There are “13 Dark Houses” left in the ether. We must bring these houses to the ground, announce yourself with “Violet Flame,” then go in with “Sword and Shield.” These houses will have siphon points based purely upon greed, be sure to sever these connections and bring them all to the ground without haste.

* Remove the dark clouds around humanity by sending the following breezes to engulf the earth: White – Pink – Light Blue – Gold – Yellow – Green – Red – Black – Brown – Teal – Rose Gold – Silver – Orange – Indigo – Violet – Platinum – Diamond – Rainbow.

* Reveal the concealed, see where their hearts are aligned; engulf the earth in “Orange Flame,” with this intention in mind.

* Places to send a “Stairway to Heaven;” Auschwitz, Mecca, Virginia, The Sullivan Trail (all of it), London, Mount Shasta, Jerusalem, Aleppo, N.Y.C., Bali, Bosnia (general), Sydney, Cape Town, Lagos, and Washington DC.

* Ancient malevolent energies once trapped in Volcanoes are about to be awakened. To avoid a jolt, we will engulf all volcanoes with the following plasmas, which will also brief these beings on the current situation.

Plasma Codes: White – Pink – Light Blue – Gold – Yellow – Green – Red – Black – Brown – Teal – Rose Gold – Silver – Orange – Indigo – Violet – Platinum – Diamond – Rainbow.

* It is a good general practice to leave the entirety of the earth in divine orchestration as we finish up our work.

Engulf the earth in the following Flames: White – Pink – Light Blue – Gold – Yellow – Green – Red – Teal – Rose Gold – Silver – Orange – Indigo – Violet – Platinum – Diamond – Rainbow.

Engulf the earth in the following Lights: White – Pink – Light Blue – Gold – Yellow – Green – Red – Teal – Rose Gold – Silver – Orange – Indigo – Violet – Platinum – Diamond – Rainbow.

Engulf the earth with the following “Ray Lights:” White Ray – Blue Ray – Yellow Ray – Pink Ray – Green Ray – Ruby Ray – Violet Ray.



Kin 14 ~ White Magnetic Wizard
The number 1 is called ‘Magnetic’ and its key words are ‘Unify, Purpose and Attract’. The first day of a wavespell sets the agenda for the 13-day journey. I personally like the first day, I enjoy contemplating the purpose and setting myself some goals. There are 20 wavespells in the Tzolkin (this is the second) and each one offers a unique experience. Also, just as the days within a wavespell are connected to one another, the wavespells in the order that they appear in the Tzolkin…seem like stepping stones that link the whole 260 days together.
Today is White Wizard which represents ‘Timelessness, Enchantment and Receptivity.’ Be prepared to not have a clue what’s going on for the next 13 days…this is how this wavespell can be experienced! We can be so enchanted that everything can seem a little surreal. The best thing to do is to be the enchanter rather than the enchanted. Put on your Wizard’s hat and grab a wand, it’s time to cast spells! Ask yourself …how can you use your charm to achieve what you need in your life right now?
The Guide is the White Wizard, so a double helping of enchantment today.
If you are a Yellow Seed, you will find today potentially challenging. The Wizard may well mesmerize you to the point where you don’t know if you are coming or going.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand, the healer of the Tzolkin. The Occult power is the secret weapon for the day, often hidden and misunderstood…the Occult power shows us that on any day, however difficult, there is always a strength that can be tapped into. Today’s strength is the healing Blue Hand who offers magical healing to those who need it.
The Ally is Red Serpent and so if you want help finding this enchantment, look for a Red Serpent to assist you. They are everyone’s friend today.
14 IX – KIN 14
28 DECEMBER 2020
I unify in order to enchant
Attracting receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
28/12/2020 = 28/12/22= 10/12/22 = 1/3/4 = 8
28- Success, possibilities
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
12 – Acquiring Knowledge/Strength
3 – Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
4 – Form/Foundation/Earth/Structure
8- Abundance/Infinity/Source FLOW
KIN 14 = 5 Change/Transformation/Freedom
During the RED DRAGON🐉 cycle we have been learning all about the importance of LOVE and NURTURANCE – looking after our cell-ves and our planetary family. We united together as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY to activate ULURU☀ and WISH UPON the Bethlehem Star✨ to b-Earth our beautiful new compassionate world.🐣🌈🌏💞
Now that we have discovered our most important priorities as humans, we have OPENED our HEARTS and are making beautiful connections with our neighbours and communities. As our HEARTS and MINDS are AWAKENING and EXPANDING we are now ready to embark on the next phase for humanity..
✨✨✨WELCOMING THE RETURN OF WHITE MAJIK 🎆into our world and MANIFESTING an ENCHANTING world through our collective PLANETARY HEART. 💝
Today we embark on a NEW MAJIKAL JOURNEY – a NEW ERA of White Majik , UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS 👫👭👬 and Heart centredness …💞
All is in PERFECT DIVINE alignment with the DREAMSPELL codes harmonically synchronizing as we have just celebrated CHRIST-MASS and the b-Earth-ing of CHRIST SOLAR CONSCIOUSNESS. 9 months ago KIN 14 occured on EASTER SUNDAY 🌄☀🐣 – where we celebrated the RESURRECTION of THE CHRIST! The RISE of the CHRISTOS ☀energies to our Planet..
Today’s alignment of WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ codes is 4x the MAJIK!! ✨✨✨✨ We have a DOUBLE WIZARD 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️day, PLUS the Wavespell,🧙‍♂️ PLUS we are in the 2nd year of a 13 year MAGNETIC WIZARD 🧙‍♂️cycle — add this with the MAJIK of CHRIST-MASS 🎄and appearance of the BETHLEHEM STAR✨ – and we have a plethora of MAJIKAL energies to draw upon! 🌟💫
Day 1 of the WHITE WIZARD WAVESPELL🧙‍♂️ starts today! 🌟🌟🌟
13 Days of majik, enchantment, benefic spell casting and manifesting through our true hearts.
The completion of the interrupted ceremony at ULURU on SOLSTICE marked the elimination of black magic on our planet so that DIVINE🕊 WHITE MAJIK ✨can reign. So now we are READY to fully b-Earth the return of WHITE MAJIK 💫to our Planet -as we transition from the DARKNESS into the LIGHT and all black magic IS BANISHED from our realm. The return of the elementals and Natural lore through the nature kingdoms and the glory of our Divine reconnection with the Spirit realms. 🕊🕊🕊
Start dusting off your majik robes and crystal WANDS🔮 Earth Wizards,🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ cos LIFE IS ABOUT TO GET a whole lot BETTER! 😄😄😄 HALLELUJAH 💥
MAGNETIC tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the One. From out of nothing, here One comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to unify all as one! Thus Magnetic kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them.
Today and during this whole 13 day cycle we will be questioning
❓❓“What is my higher purpose? ” and
❓❓“How can I attract all the MAJIK💫 and MIRACLES I need to fulfil my Divine purpose”
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🔮 IX – 4 X the Wizardry power today from the White Wizard🧙‍♂️ Wavespell/years🧙‍♂️ AND the Double Wizard🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ in the Conscious and Higher Self positions.
IX is tribe number 14 = 7 +7 7 is the number of the Mystic and the Magician and corresponds to the Spiritual Initiate and Hermit – one devoting their life to Spiritual wisdom and soul growth. The WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ tribe carries DOUBLE the Majik💫💫… We are also in the second Year of the Magnetic Wizard 13 year cycle – bringing forth another layer of Majik.. All these UBER powerful 7 Majik codes added to the 28/10 MANIFESTATION code means we have an ENDLESS supply of Majik💫 and Mystical Miracles✨ available during this 13 day cycle.
IX is the Magician, 🎩whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the HEART. ❤Such wisdom is not the intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the SHAMANIC wisdom that comes from an alignment of the HEART with the MIND, and through LISTENING to the natural world. An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe.
WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ asks you to fully utilize this aligned mind to participate in GREAT majik today. 💫The MAJIK that emanates from our inner core being, our pure essence radiating pure conscious energy. ☀ The spiritual power that weaves the beautiful shamanic web 🕸of creation connecting all our kin in one beautiful glistening web of LOVE. 💞
WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ is a tool of the LIGHT, a conduit for the work of SPIRIT. IX seeks to UNITE all KIN through the POWER of unconditional LOVE, our DIVINE connection to our SOURCE.. When we have full remembrance of our DIVINE SOURCE and that we are GOD’S incarnate we can access all the MAJIK in the Universe. 💥💥💞
The GREATEST WHITE WIZARD✨ 🧙‍♂️✨that walked upon this Earth was of course
✨✨✨Yeshua/Jesus Christ..✨ ✨✨
His majikal abilities included performing many “Miracles” such as ✨healing the sick,
✨expelling demons ✨raising the dead, ✨turning water into wine, 🍷
✨feeding the masses- a crowd of 5000 people, from 5 fish🐟 and 5 loaves of bread,🍞 ✨walking on water, ✨calming the storm and ✨possessing supernatural powers never before witnessed on this Earth plane. 💫💫💫
Yeshua has the POWER of MAGNETIC attraction – the ability to attract and manifest all that was required to benefit mankind.. This POWER was accessed through his HEART PORTAL which is a direct gateway to our DIVINE SOURCE. Jesus taught us that we can all do MIRACLES✨ just like he showed us is possible, but first we must forge our own SOLID incorruptible connection to our DIVINE source ☀– Father/Mother GOD – Creator/Spirit.. whatever term resonates with your being. ONCE we have forged this solid connection the information, energy and Miracles✨ can FLOW through us..and we can achieve INSTANT Manifestation of MIRACLES✨ as we bend the Aethers to our loving intention. 🌟🌟🌟
A wise Magician 🎩 is spontaneous and transparent, allowing Majik to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A Magician dances the dance of love💕 through offering gifts of FREEDOM to others. This is real Majik. Freed from the need to use POWER to manipulate or control, a White Magician uses WISDOM to manifest LIBERATION and LOVE. Open your HEART❤ and mind to allow the MAJIK of SPIRIT💫 to flow through your vessel guiding your Divine enchantment today. 🌟✨💫
WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ today asks you to believe in MAJIK! 💫The Universal Majik that surrounds us and animates our very existence. Supernatural occurrences happen every day, ✨MIRACLES✨ surround us! Open your eyes, ears and senses and be RECEPTIVE allowing Spirit to show you the MAJIK 🎆 within the very core of your being. Tap into that POWER today and bring forth your desires to finally transcend the old paradigm, recreating yourself as a MASTER MAGICIAN 🎩and DIVINE ALCHEMIST. ⚛
Pure alchemy is available to you today, as the aethers will shapeshift to create your projected thought forms into matter!
❓What are you desiring, and what are you projecting?
Be careful what you wish for, as you have the superpower of enchantment at your disposal today.
❓Are you OPEN to experiencing all the Majik💫 that the Universe has to offer you?
Step into your true Creator form today and experience the MIRACLE✨ of being a Divine Alchemist. ⚛💫⚛
SUPPORT: RED MAGNETIC SERPENT🐍 CHICCHAN brings forth incredible POWER to fuel your desires and passion! This potent RED energy can be harnessed to add more life force to your manifestations. RED SERPENT will ensure that you establish that solid foundation that you require. This ensures that all your basic needs are met, and you feel safe and secure that you have the POWER inside you to materialize all that you require. Remember to use this power wisely for your benefit and that of others for the greater good – WITH HARM TO NONE!.
RED SERPENT also represents the healing caduceus ⚕and thus can restore health and vitality in your physical vessel. CHICCHAN gives us the power to purge any toxin or poison in our bodies, minds or environment.. by radiating the power of our HEART to every cell in our body and drawing up our kundalini life force we can effect spontaneous healing for our cell-ves and our planetary body. Bring forth the healing MIRACLES you require to regain your physical strength, power and vitality. 💥💥
RED SERPENT🐍🐍 as the supporting energy for the WIZARD🧙‍♂️ can also ensure that our Planetary body🌏 receives all the healing power needed to restore GAIA. The Rainbow Serpent🌈🐍 and Quetzicoatl🐍 have been revived and are surging through GAIA’a meridians🌐 and ley lines to provide the much needed vitality🎇 to renew our lands and her people again. Her life force has been restored once more! 🔥🔥🔥
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE COSMIC HAND 🍥🖐MANIK the COSMIC HEALER provides the perfect panacea to heal🙌 our planetary body and her people. MANIK is today’s SUPERPOWER working synergistically with IX and CHICCHAN to bring forth miraculous healing power🙌 in ending your pain, suffering and dis-ease on the road to PERFECT HEALTH. ⚕✨
MANIK has the knowledge and tools to GET THE JOB DONE!! MANIK wields the power of ACCOMPLISHMENT.. assisting you in accomplishing whatever your TRUE HEART desires through your power of enchantment. Majik and accomplishment make for a wondrous alchemical union. 💫⚛
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW MAGNETIC SEED🌾 KAN is the challenge for the next 13 days so take note!! YELLOW SEED’s can sometimes get “stuck in the mud” refusing to sprout and grow, remaining stagnant, because that takes focused intent. Today is a very powerful majikal code but unless you put in the effort to CREATE something with this energy that presents, then it will just rush on by and nothing will change.
The gift of KAN is to know that a little effort each day pays off big dividends in the long term. That little seed will be a seedling, then a plant, and then perhaps one day a mighty tree! If you do not see instant ✨MIRACLES✨ in one day, do not give up on the majik spell that you cast. You have set the spell in motion. Your enchantment is being created in the aethers and is on it’s way. Keep believing and keep expressing your radiant powers benevolently each day and the Universe will return the energy 1000 fold!💫💫💫
✨✨✨NOTE: These Dreamspell codes today will apply for the next 13 days as an overlay, in addition to the daily codes. If you have the WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ star glyph ANYWHERE in your Dreamspell signature (or were born in a Wizard Wavespell or Year) then your MAJIKAL powers are about to go into Superdrive!!!.☀💥☀
RED SERPENT🐍 kin will find themselves helping and supporting others more – really being in demand especially as HEALERS, whilst YELLOW SEEDS🌾 may be challenged and tested. If they are more evolved Seeds, then they will be blessing others with their gifts of planting ideas, wisdom and light codes.
Today’s question is “What do I need to attract to awaken my inner Magician and manifest greater UNITY and LOVE through my Divine purpose?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings and may your life be filled with great WHITE MAJIK and DIVINE MIRACLES.🍥🎆💫
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Some excerpts taken from “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
PICTURE CREDITS: Jesus -The LIGHT of the World DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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