Dragon Ley Lines ~ Energetic GRID of GAIA ~ Chain Breakers ~ THE TRANSITION TO A NEW EARTH

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Dragon Ley Lines ~ Energetic GRID of GAIA ~ Chain Breakers ~ THE TRANSITION TO A NEW EARTH

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Krystal Heart Mystics of the Galactic Earth Paradigm

We had a powerful MClass flare explode from Solaris and a radio blackout over Australia. We can see on the Proton charts that Australia is covered in Green Hue. With Uluru being the Heart of Australia and Green being the Heart Chakra of the Rainbow Bridge and the Middle path, we are receiving massive Heart and Healing with Mother Nature Activations through the day. These energies are also creating massive Heart expansions in our Starseed Ground crew.

We are rocking this Storm out. The Thunderbeings are with us Now to make the ride and transition to 5d much more enjoyable. The Thunder and Lighting is activating the electricity and magnetism within our Hearts and Souls for our final Shift into Solar Diamond Light Bodies and the New Earth Timeline. The Dragon Nation works directly with the Thunderbeings as Guardians of Portals and Gateways in between worlds. The Dragons are also guides,, teachers and protectors of our People of the Way.

This is a merging and emergence of our Highest Self into the Elysium Field of perfect harmony and balance of the Elements. All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. We fell asleep all for the joy of Waking up!!

In time, Consciousness wanted to see how far we could take the limits of separation, duality and forgetfulness. Now, collectively,  we know we have suffered enough and it is time to end the game of separation and Return to Source with full Awareness and re-membering of all timelines, dimensions and realms held within the Hall of Records held within our Crystalline 12 Octave DNA. This is a re-connection as we maintain our individual consciousness as we merge with the ocean of Unity Consciousness and experience the one in the many and the many in the One.

The Great Awakening is at Hand as we become real hu-man beings living from our hearts being connected to all things. The Great Mystery is activating every living heart with the Cosmic Consciousness of Eternal Life.

With everything we do and every action we take, we affect 7 generations into the past and 7 generations into the future. This is both in positive ways and negative ways. Choose wisely. We are doing the best we can to make each moment count. To live the best life we can and to strive for achieving our Highest Aims and beyond. 

We constantly reach for the Stars merging all aspects of our infinite multidimensional consciousness. As we ascend into the New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 24°05′ Gemini, Sun at 24°59′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious ornamental rugs.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Capricorn.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A gardener trimming large palm trees.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Gemini.


Source: https://www.astrologyweekly.com/





UPDATE: Expansion in the Dragon Ley Lines – The energetic GRID of GAIA. The dragons hold the energetic templates connected to Inner Earth and magic and they have been awakened fully as we have awakened further into our true origins and innate powers. 🤍✨🐉 Valerie
⭐ INCOMING ENERGIES very strong, affecting so much our HEAD (and UPPER BACK)…we are being “hit hard” ⭐ Blast of ElectroMagnetic Energy ⭐
⭐ We are embodying other Aspects of our Higher Self (Galactics “so present among us”)…YES it’s an Intense Journey ⭐
🌀 Here below the Vibration of the Rainbow Frequency/Portal…just in the middle of the wood…Breathe and Expand through these Frequencies 🌀
🌀Cosmic Galactic Portals🌀Rainbow Frequencies🌀NEW LEMURIA🌀New Earth🌀


Everything is transitioning through love frequencies, faster than the speed of light, now.
We know you are aware of our Presence and in this we ask you now as you read and are transformed into the full embodiment of you, breathe and feel and be present. Feel the golden Light Central Sun pour through every cell of your body now.
And the flooding of Light pour as golden rays bursting from your heart space in the warmth of the New Earth now.
This is a Whirlwind transition into a new world of BEING that is YOU.
Pay attention to your own consciousness. To your inner world of being.
TUMULTUOUS experiences run parallel to the NEW WORLD transition, into the embodiment of THE DIVINE BEING.
BE present IN the preparation.
Hold on to the anchor of your heart as the ship of your consciousness flows through the storm, into the GLORIOUS new horizon of being.
Present is the DIVINE ASCENDED YOU held in pure eternal love and in perfection already.
Feel your heart, feel your breath, feel NOW, feel the love we are holding in and through.
We are The Divine Council of Overseers, present before Earth Began, as this Universe formed, before time, with The Queen of Light and Sanut Kumara, we bless in your NOW TRANSITION TO THE Blessed Cosmic God Self You. All Now, in Love.
In Divine Love,
WE Made It!
The Shift is ON and WE are quickly manifesting the New Earth timelines! ⚡
Stay focused on only giving your energy and attention to the highest timeline outcomes.
Make a commitment at the start of each new day to live from the Heart and stay in the vibration of Gratitude, Joy, and Playfulness, for these are the frequencies of 5D New Earth.
Everything else that has been prophesied about this New Age for thousands of years is falling into place.
OUR main invitation to rinse and repeat over and over is to simply be CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the vibration that we are holding in each moment.
Train yourself to be tuned “in” to how your inner frequency is being “set” in each moment by using your Awareness to “track” your thoughts, words, and the emotional vibration that you consciously and intentionally put behind them. 🙏✨
Lovingly and playfully check in with yourself over and over and ask if what you are focusing on in each moment is moving you MORE into 5D and beyond, or notice if you’re still allowing 3D thoughts of judgement, lack, anger, or the unwillingness to forgive run and repeat underneath the surface.
Observing what’s running in the “background” and using self love and accountability is a truly life changing act.
With gentle Awareness, we can lovingly observe old programs and patterns with a higher level of conscious awareness, which shifts the outcome and allows these old programs to clear and become Gifts on our journey. 🙏 ❤


Without doubt, I just share that yesterday’s MASSIVE and UNPRECEDENTED Incoming Energies were significant and will be seen in time as the START of a significant ‘Game Changer’. It’s hard to describe in words, so please bare with me:
We know there’s no start or end to anything. But the easiest way I can describe yesterday’s energies is that they were like a ‘STARTER’, the FIRST of a series of UNPRECEDENTED energies the whole world will receive during 2022. All staged at various points during 2022. Whilst these HIGH END energies will EVENTUALLY serve to awaken MANY worldwide via what plays out in the 3D, worldwide human DREAMTIME will also increase. Dreamtime is one of the MANY ways people all over the world will receive similar DATA to each other. By people sharing their dreams, so many will see that NOTHING is as it seems. But I’ve spoken about everyone’s increased and clearer Dreamtime before.
As of yesterday’s ENERGIES, we will also bare witness to many awakened AND unawakened becoming imbalanced, perhaps unhinged yet they won’t realise they are. Incoming energies CAN affect the human mind if imbalance is present and also if EXTREME polarity is present. AND if fervent and adamant human belief systems are present. Just remember every Soul has designed their own journey and experience here. Nothing ends, it just changes form. Every end IS a beginning. What matters for those reading this post, is HOW we each react to that which presents in our own reality and the worldwide stage. To not be disempowered or have your energy hertz frequency LOWERED, as a result of anything or anyone within the illusion. We are the Creator of our own experiences here. Please understand I am always subtle how I share and word things. So I say again that as of yesterday, many will begin to show signs of imbalance and spinning out, which will intensify for some, as we go. Just find peace in knowing to be aware of it. It is ONLY TEMPORARY imbalances some have chosen to experience. Meanwhile many will expand exponentially with the SERIES of UNPRECEDENTED INCOMING WAVES, via their ACUTE focus on Service to All, where their energy and consciousness stage expands. 13 January being the FIRST of the SERIES of UNPRECEDENTED INCOMING WAVES.
I’ve also been feeling 22 January 2022, as significant for some weeks, but in a very different way and energies to above sharings. The calling regarding 22 January is now very loud. But I’m not sure why yet.
With love, keep going…It’s incredible what’s happening and this is THE significant year that will keep changing for the highest good, as we take each step into more of the great unknowing, yet with unending courage and strength born SOULY from our Love and Service within, for All. It’s why we came. Bravo humanity…Big hug.
Amanda Lorence
14 January 2022
13-Monkey, and the energies at play
Slowly but surely Time is evolving consciousness to be governed by the heart, in the process a great shift to reality is changing our world, awakening the global mind to live in the heart and ascend in truth to its primordial origins.
COSMIC TIME KEEPING, sharing a multidimensional view inspired by the 9 Level Mayan calendar.
With the day’s energy of 13-Monkey, time completes to ascend to the next stage, in divine time the heart weaves its creation to be true to SOURCE.
And with the 18 day energy of 13-Star in these 18 days of the 111th Day of the Ninth Wave, on the larger Galactic Tzolkin level of 18X260 days,
time completes to ascend, STAR is the appreciation of the growth accomplished. On 27 January time completes 234 days understood to be held by 1-Vulture. Vulture is all about the purging and cleansing of negative karmic patterns, clearing away the old. Time moves into the new 234 days of 1-Muluc/Water/Tojil, initiates a time of realising the complexity of the divine process. “Carlos Barrios in The Book of Destiny states: “The sign means Tojil, the Sun God, atonement, offering, payment. It is the fire of the spirit of Ajaw, Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth. It is the raindrop, the start of communication from higher life…Ceremonial fire is believed to represent Father Sun, and it is this fire we ask to meet our needs. It is capable of curing all our illnesses and freeing us from any negative energy. It is a day on which to make offerings to Tojil. This day lifts us up to the same level as the supreme deity so that we can be judged benevolently. It reconciles us with life and brings hope.”
The medicine that your Heart is in resonance with can heal you and help your soul ascend, it can assist you to rise above the immature grip of the mind. The pulse of the Heart transcends the duality of the mind to unite all that separates.
We are here on planet EARTH to learn, in the lessons we are making many mistakes, but as we grow and learn we evolve to transcend the mistakes, we resolve the problems and learn to master our life. Sometimes we stagnate and we hold onto the problems and this is the problem within its self that the heart can defuse. It is time to let go the mind and grow true to the heart.
It is time to let go the attachments to the outer, it is time to stop controlling the situation and trust to ALLOW the hearts resonance to come through, it is time to let go the worry of what the outer might bring, however this is not easy for a mind that does not work with its heart.
When we let go to the outer or to what other’s might think it does not mean we don’t care, it just means we are keeping our power and holding ourselves centred, because no matter what other do, to ASCEND we need to be in our own centre. We need to take control of our own destiny.
If we are centred we can be more certain and less in doubt about things and live true to ourselves and thus be happier. When we are centred we are in resonance with a certain frequency, this frequency is faster than the speed the mind thinks, it is Universal and in resonance with the hearts intelligence, it aligns your soul to the UNIVERSAL SOUL of the SOURCE Creator of Creation, it transcends the duality of the mind to heal your soul of the emotional trauma of time.
So it is very important to be in the heart so we can rise above the problems of society. When we take things personally and hold it we are gripped into the outer and we hold the flaws that can bring fractures to penetrate our LIGHT being and hurt us. To find inner peace we need to master our journey, we need to navigate with the wisdom of the heart, this takes process work to achieve, it takes one to heal the wound and trust to live with an open heart so that you can receive the LIGHT from the Source Creator to nourish your soul with courage and love.
When we work with the heart we are mature and wise to life, we are strong and humble enough to hold things internally and by this our emotional state of being is balanced, the mind is balanced because it trusts the heart. The HEARTS medicine helps you cope and dissipates your anxiety, you transcend old conditioning that keeps you back, you purge karmic residue and you free yourself from your vices.
But because your mind wants to control the outcome it gets in the way of your heart and it’s freedom. So how to access your hearts medicine you need to surrender your mind. We need to trust that no matter what other’s think or do it does not matter, all we need to do is let go the mind and jump into our “within” fire of truth and trust our hearts certainty.
From the Heart
Sean Caulfield
Source: rockartgallery.com
Chain Breakers + Miraculous becoming the Natural Law
🔗My sessions always serve as an indicator of current prominent energy spirals of the collective and since the last few weeks of December up to the present the emphasis has been on the ‘Chain -breakers” .
🗝️The Chain Breakers are those Light workers who break the chains of Generational and Ancestral Karma, Curses, Patterns , Diseases etc via their present incarnation not only for the future generations also the past generations. Many of these Chain Breakers are the Key Holders of Ancient Wisdom and Gifts . These Gifts / Wisdom have either been misused in some lifetime by the ancestral lines which have resulted in Curses being placed on that particular genetic lineage which prevents them from fully tapping into the Potential they carry within their Energetic signature. Or due the nature of the Keys/ wisdom / Power that is carried by a particular Lineage there have been “outside” forces working to hijack/ siphon off those very powers.
🌀The Chain Breaker has an INNER KNOWING that they are meant to be significant agents of Change and ALSO an inner knowing that “somehow/something’ is preventing them from fully tapping into their Keys / Potential/ Power!!
✨The fact that the majority of the sessions currently involve lifting of the chains of confinement , validates my knowing that this indeed has to do with the New Cycles that we have currently entered -the year of 2022 and Venus entering the new synodic cycle as the Capricorn Meta Goddess .
❇️2022 is the Energy of 6- of Earthing and Grounding The Core Foundation/ Seed of Life (six petals forming the basis of the Flower of Life) of the Consciousness of 22 carried via the 4 Petaled Rose/ Double Infinity Symbol, The Legacy of the Blue Rose, The Rose Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Lemurian Priestesses. This originates primarily via Pleiadian DNA/ Starseeds with Lyrian Origin.
🍀Assisting in this process as the arm of Pleiades is Venus as the Capricorn Metagoddess as The Wise Woman Wisdom Keepers/ The Sophia – The Keepers of The 4 Winds of Change/ The 4 Foundation Pillars- The Ancient Wise Souls who hold within them the not only the Ancient Wisdom of Creation and Manifestation of New Foundations… BUT also the dissolution of old practices that have outlived their utility.
And it is in this very respect that so much support is now available for the dissolution of old Ancestral and karmic contracts , for to earth and ground Strong Foundational Pillars one first needs to clear the slate/ground of the debris of the old. And who better to do this than the Capricorn Trinity of :-
⚕️Nekhbet -Protective GrandMother Vulture Goddess -Purifier who looks into the Transformational Initiations of the Future King,
🪄Hecate- Who can view the Past and Future simultaneously and pull in the highest options in the present , using the past lessons as stepping stones to manifest a desired Future,
🔄Cerridwen- who assists in the Rebirthing from her cauldron of inspiration.
💫I’m noticing that Much of what was previously considered “miraculous’ has already begun to “manifest” as though it IS the “Natural Law “ / Keys unlocking the Doors of Potential!!….I’m seeing it in my rituals/ sessions etc… .a promising start to a New Cycle of Building a New Future of Justice upheld on Foundational Pillars of Heart Alchemy.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na

Today’s Mercury Retrograde energies are continuing the expansion of being fully honest and present with yourself. Power is restoring through knowledge, which you have being revealing to yourself. This gives you new inspiration to attain what your heart truly wants for yourself.

The heart is ready to reveal the truth that’s long been hidden. You’ve successfully healed the fears that put walls up and blocked what’s in your heart. Now you are more ready for the Divine Union you have been healing yourself to attain.

You have taken on this responsibility to not only heal yourself, but to heal your Counterpart and your Union. You listened to your inner voice and successfully trusted your intuition. Through self discipline and willpower you’ve successfully revealed and transmuted the seed point of heartbreak core wounds for your Union. The Divine can now step in and make an offering of love and emotional balance in your Union.

Light Body upgrades are removing you out of that timeline of hardship. New levels of compassion are helping you make healthier choices moving forward. Your ready to do this in Union, and with Soul Family and Tribe. Together we are moving on as an evolved group of Starseed Soul’s, and a loving community, that are beginning New Earth together.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

GAIA DAILY – January 14-17 – INSIDE OUT

Mercury turns retrograde today at 10 degrees Aquarius, just a few degrees shy of Saturn at 13 degrees. Mercury will retrograde back into Capricorn to spend some time with Pluto around when he turns direct again on February 4th. Moving into the Aquarian Age requires a complete rearranging of our mind and perspective.

The energy of this Mercury retrograde cycle won’t complete until Mercury catches back up to Saturn, and can share all he has learned from the journey. We should have a way better perspective on the transition into the New Age, when these planets come into council together in Aquarius at the end of February.

Energy is building as the Sun comes up to Pluto for Monday’s Full Moon in Cancer. Asteroid Juno in the mix is inviting a complete re-evaluation of our commitments, on every level of our life. With both Venus and Mercury retrograde, we are re-thinking and questioning everything. This Astrology is giving us an opportunity to completely re-write the script of our life.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is in exact square with Neptune in Pisces for the rest of the month. This square is saying that all that has been hidden, must come into the light. This weekend, Asteroid Pallas Athene joins Neptune in this square with Black Moon Lilith. Divine Feminine Spiritual Justice must be served. There is no other way forward in our spiritual evolution, without dark truths being brought to the surface and revealed.

Next week on the 19th, the Nodes of the Moon shift signs to Taurus and Scorpio, after being in Gemini and Sagittarius since May 2020. The pressure is on, as we feel the growing inevitability of massive changes coming into our world. We are spiraling into the portal, which feels like the dark unknown. There’s no where else to go, but to break through to the other side. We are bringing all that is dark, back into the light.

Source: https://adrienneelise.com

”Change: a deep and sometimes painful realisation that the previous You didn’t make it but the current You survived.” Andrea Balt.
In the midst of the once in 8 years Venus retrograde in Capricorn until January 29th, Mercury- the Guide of Souls- is stationing to turn backwards tomorrow at 10 Aquarius until February 3rd.
The Messenger will re-activate the 25 Capricorn Venus/Pluto conjunctions underlining -for those of us who are sensitives, evolutionaries, empaths and path pavers- the urgency of waking up from the deep sleep of our blind spots and repetitive karmic loops to become fully present in Now.
If you cling to or fall back into the old fictions you used to fool yourself with, the present with its potential is inaccessible. If you keep trying to second guess or project yourself into the future, you lose your power to act Now.
Allow the myriad revelations, insights and realisations to arise naturally without judgment, in a spirit of receptive curiosity about how your inner software is being automatically updated. Capture all your embryonic thoughts about your core values, your resources, your relationships and your creations.
As Mercury travels back through futurist Aquarius, research, review and re-evaluate what is no longer useful to the future, whether it be your alliances, groups, technology or maps and models that have lost their meaning and purpose.
Know that you are doing something very important- you are clearing and cleansing your Field ahead so you can download the incoming high Piscean frequency of the once in 165 years Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in early April- and access to Walt Disney-like powers of imagination, intuition and creativity.
New! In February, after a long period of collective Wintering, hitting psychological bedrock and being adrift in psychic doldrums, there are hopeful signs that we can cautiously emerge from our caves and burrows like the Ground Hog and sniff the air for signs of the return of emotional Spring.


Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius – As Mercury retreats through the sign associated with higher consciousness, we’re invited to consider our connection to humanity. What part do you play in society? How do you fit in? Who are your friends and what do they mean to you? Who are you as a friend? Are you a friend to yourself? It’s time for us to retrace our steps to gain a new and enlightened understanding. We’re all receiving a lesson in how to be a better human.
The Sabian symbol of Mercury’s station is ‘During A Silent Hour, A Man Receives A New Inspiration Which May Change His Life’. It tells us that if we allow for quiet, if we allow for connection, if we put ego aside and listen with the soul, there is powerful wisdom available. Open the mind to different ways of thinking, new concepts, new perspectives, new information. Allow things to unfold. Listen before deciding. Think before speaking. As Mercury stations close to a square with Uranus, this is a mental shake up and a brilliant awakening.
Degrees and Time
Mercury 10°Aq20′ R – 11:41 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse 2022
Source:  LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘Fresh Air’ by Winslow Homer
We can begin now by saturating our mind with the highest thoughtforms, working consciously to replace outworn programs with new programs of all-embracing galactic consciousness. It is up to each of us to do our part to raise the collective vibration that brings new life.
The Moon’s totem animal is monkey with its power of play and illusion. The Monkey reminds us that what we perceive with our senses and call “reality” is an existence that has no fixed nature.
Our world is in constant motion, appearing and disappearing. The reality that we find ourselves in is not the same reality as the people who lived even three centuries ago. We are living in an entirely different medium of time and dimension of consciousness that is rapidly shifting.
The Monkey reminds us that in order to attain true knowledge, we must learn to penetrate the surface of the illusion to see what lies behind it.
In the wavespell the seventh tone (and seventh moon) represent the mid-point between the first and the thirteenth tones. It is the mirror reflector of the dimensions; the center point of attunement.
We penetrate illusion through resonant attunement.
How can we attune to our highest nature so that our day-to-day personality self merges with our full evolutionary potential?   How can we attune to our cellular body so that we experience an entire and complete transformation from within to without? How can we elevate our normal state of perception to the reality of higher dimensions? These are questions we may choose to explore both this moon and this year.
The system of the synchronic order and 13 Moon calendar offers many tools to reorient our mind into a higher reality and help us to access different frequencies of consciousness.
When we change our consciousness, then we enter another world; it is like entering into a new movie where we are given a new script.
As we enter into this new movie or parallel script, we begin to notice people or access knowledge that we didn’t know existed when we were in the other movie. It is like when you first learn a new word and then all of a sudden you see that word everywhere. This is because your antenna has become attuned to a higher vibration.
Kin 136 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Warrior
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its key words are ‘Balance, Organize and Equality.’ The sixth day of a wavespell is about taking care of practical things. These grounding practices help us to re balance. It’s not healthy to be away with the fairies all the time, you have a body and life to take care of and today is a great day to do just that.
Today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Intelligence, Questioning and Fearlessness.’ Warrior invites us on a quest today and as it is a ‘Rhythmic’ day, this quest is about getting things done. This number combines well with Warrior as both are very practical. Get into your Rhythm today, organize a quest or make it your mission to be more organized. Be brave about and tackle things you’ve been afraid of. Warrior lends us courage today.
The Guide today is also Yellow Warrior, and so we have a double helping of this fearless energy.
The Challenge is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality.’ Today’s challenge is less in your face than usual because both the number six and Worldbridger have in common, the key word ‘Equality’. Re Balance yourself and take the opportunity to cross over a bridge.
The Occult power is the Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival.’ When in this magical position the Serpent offers the chance to magically transmute any poison you may be holding on to. This powerful trans-formative process is very healing. Imagine any snake bites you’ve had in the past, any painful emotional injuries… imagine the venom leaving your body and dissipating.
The Ally is the Blue Night which symbolizes dreaming. Before you take on a quest today find a Blue Night to help you. With their fertile imagination they make create companions to take on a mission.
We are now out of the ‘squish’ but not yet out of the woods. Things will start feeling better soon folks! Thanks for reading.
Today is Yellow Rhythmic Warrior day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.
Yellow Warrior, (tribe 16 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), questions, intelligence, fearlessness.
Yellow Warrior encourages you to advance toward your fears. All fears are illusions. Love is the only reality. If you are experiencing fear, it means that you are unable to perceive what is truly happening. Today you are being called upon to gracefully advance toward your fears. If you run away from your fears, you are actually running toward them, which will cause you to manifest the same fear pattern all over again. The manifestation principles at play in our world are designed to give you exactly what you want. Stay positive. Even if you are in a super challenging situation, strive toward something better, (positive), rather than away from what you perceive as negative, (likely the source of your fear). As you gracefully advance toward your fears, you will begin to question them through divine, or higher intelligence perspectives that you are naturally connected to. All higher intelligence emanates from your heart. Your heart always knows the truth of things. Trust your gut feelings, instincts, and heart knowing regardless of the fearful story playing out in your mind. From a heart/love-based perspective, all fears are washed away, leaving you a clear understanding of what you are truly experiencing. Gracefully advancing toward our fears, questioning them through divine intelligence perspectives is how we free ourselves from their paralyzing illusions.
Rhythmic tone of Equality, (step 6 of the 13-step creative tone cycle), organize, balance, equality.
Tone 6 is where the biggest transformation takes place on the creative energy cycle so that equality and balance can be achieved. If you look at the way the number six manifests in the physical world, a great example is how six appears on the face of dice, where it appears as two columns of three. If you were to cut that image in half with a line, no matter where you draw the line, you will wind up with two equal and balanced remaining portions. Yesterday’s heart-centered emanations of creativity, vision, and mind, (Blue Eagle), are transformed through today’s Rhythmic tone so that equality and balance can be attained. This process enables you to become magically attuned and centered so that you can resonate with new frequencies coming through during tomorrow’s tone 7. Tone 6 is also referred to as the housekeeping tone. Put everything in its proper place and order both outside as well as inside of yourself. Strive for equality and balance in all of your creative endeavors.
Organized, balanced, and equal, questioning, intelligence, and fearlessness.
Day 6 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Monkey, plays, magic, illusion.
Written by Roger Grossman
Photo by @mithunphotography


6 CIB – KIN 136
14 JANUARY 2022
I organize in order to QUESTION
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Rhythmic tone of EQUALITY
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED
14/1/2022 = 14124 = 5/1/6= 6/6 = 12=3
14- Media number/Promotion/Attention/Recognition
5- Liberation/Freedom/Change/Transformation/Movement
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony/Romance
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
A day for seeking DIVINE TRUTH!
✨✨✨THE FINAL SURRENDER! 💥 A momentous day for the RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 to release and SURRENDER🏳 the battle💣 over DARKNESS and LIGHT!💡🏴🏳🏁
Whatever your life long battle/challenge has been – TODAY IS THE DAY to SURRENDER🏳 it to the DIVINE! ✨🕊✨GIVE IT TO GOD/GODDESS! 💌
This day is VERY SIGNIFICANT – especially for any planetary kin that have the YELLOW WARRIOR anywhere in their Galactic Signature (particularly in the Conscious self or CHALLENGE/GIFT position).
Day 6 in the BLUE MONKEY 🐬WAVESPELL of MAJIK, Joy, Bliss, Play, Merriment, Spontaneity and a return to Innocence. Today we are organizing our PHYSICAL reality for more BALANCE, by SURRENDERING the FIGHT, in order to PLAY and have more FUN!
We are organizing the available resources to PLAY with MAJIK and allow for more BLISS, JOY and ABUNDANCE🌈 to manifest in our lives and our beautiful new world. 🌈🌏🎆 .
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organizational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!
Today is a great day to find BALANCE in your physical reality/body by clearing and releasing any energetic blocks that have kept you bound in a continuous battle for SURVIVAL. Surrendering and organizing for greater alignment to Divine ABUNDANCE☀ and JOY! 🐬
Today we are organizing our physical reality for greater BALANCE and more EQUALITY. A FANTASTIC DAY – for decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, attending to your schedule, activating your Wealth/Career areas with Feng Shui, creating a VISION BOARD, journalling, planning or reflecting on your desires 💠and DREAMS.💬💭
It is time to ACTION💥 your DREAMS bringing them forth into your PHYSICAL REALITY!🐬🌴⛵
✨✨So precious hearts, a very powerful day to FEARLESSLY face and SURRENDER,🏳 what needs addressing and rebalancing in our physical world, in order to manifest greater ABUNDANCE, JOY and happiness .🐬🌈🎈
Today’s question is “What battle do I need to SURRENDER,🏳 in order to ORGANIZE my physical reality for greater balance and fearless ABUNDANCE?”🍓🍇💰🌞
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the manifestation of greater balance, BLISS and JOY in all aspects of your physical reality. 💟💟💟
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
In the biggest battle, which is the battle with our cell-ves we fearlessly LISTEN to our body’s intelligence today. Picking up cues and messages in order to bring the body back into homeostasis, which it is naturally designed to do. Facing head on any FEARS that arise, and trusting that we can use MAJIK 💫 to move beyond the FEAR back to a state of wholeness.
SURRENDERING🏳 our battles with DARKNESS in any shape or form – wherever that existed in our reality from the P.O.D. Point of Destruction to the P.O.C – Point of Creation. Destroy and UNCREATE X a GODZILLION 💣🍥💣🍥💣🍥
The RHYTHMIC WARRIOR seeks to BALANCE everything that appears in his path, by questioning what is necessary or not, in the ongoing creation of Majik. 💫💫💫
Today we are super focused on our QUEST, our Divine Missions, questioning the very nature of our physical reality in order to stay focused on the manifestation of our DREAM.
The YELLOW WARRIOR applies focused intention on discovering the BEST choices and the BEST road to travel, reaching the desired destination of collective and personal ABUNDANCE and EQUALITY for ALL! .
Allow your Yellow Warrior to reveal the LIGHT💡 in your life to find your best road forward to your desired destination.
🗡🏹🛡 🌈🗡🏹🛡 🌈
✨✨The RAINBOW WARRIORS ARISE in the battle for FREEDOM and LIBERTY to QUESTION the status quo – in order to bring our people back to a state of HARMONY and BALANCE. Where ALL CITIZENS are honoured and respected as EQUALS…
These are very potent codes for REVOLUTION and PEOPLE POWER – so let us PRAY that WE will arise victorious🏆 TOGETHER WE STAND UNITED! 💪💪💪
🗡🏹🛡 🌈🗡🏹🛡 🌈
SUPPORT: BLUE RHYTHMIC NIGHT 🌃– AKBAL holds the keys to the Inner Kingdom of GOD! The RHYTHMIC NIGHT brings balance to the ABUNDANCE in our life.
Using our intuition we are guided to where we need to equalize the imbalances, surrendering our inner darkness in the depths of the abyss. Wherever we struggled with SURVIVAL issues -safety, shelter, comfort, financial lack and scare-city.
❓❓Where does energy need to come back to us?
❓❓ How can we balance and equalize this flow?
AKBAL reveals any unconscious FEARS that we hold and teams with CIB so that we can FEARLESSLY face any resistance to bringing more BALANCE and EQUALITY in our lives.
AKBAL holds the DREAMING code 🌈for the collective, that the WARRIOR will FEARLESSLY DEFEND 🗡 until it is made manifest in all its RAINBOW splendour. That is our unified QUEST as the shining ones ☀– the RADIANT CHRISTED,🎆 STARSEEDS ✨leading the way to the NEW PARADIGM.🌈🌏🐬
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED GALACTIC SERPENT🐍 – CHICCAN gives us the power to FEARLESSLY face our FEARS in order to grow. Our primal mind reveals what needs purifying in order to find our state of balance – our EQUAL-cib-rium. Facing any FEARS of lack, poverty, hunger and scar-city. Trusting instinctively that GOD WILL PROVIDE for all our needs. 🎆
RED SERPENT provides the much needed PASSION, vitality🎇 and lifeforce🔥 that the WARRIOR channels into his QUEST of stamina and endurance, to follow his DREAMS and come home VICTORIOUS!👍🎉🎊🎆
The GALACTIC SERPENT will call for total transparency and full alignment with righteousness. Any treachery and poisonous betrayal will be duly squashed by the SERPENT’S mighty bite. Only those who are pure of HEART ❤ will pass the GALACTIC SERPENT’S test! We can thus alchemize the POISON into medicine🌿 to fuel our Mission, healing all that ails humanity.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WORLDBRIDGER –🌈🌉 CIMI seals the store of DEATH.. And sometimes that is what it takes for final closure. The battle ENDS when one party dies or surrenders, or when both parties reach a mutual agreement. Sometimes none of these options are applicable and it is necessary to drop your sword and just WALK AWAY!!
Disengage from the battles by refusing to fuel them. In this way you can FREE yourself to get on with your life and become PRODUCTIVE, creating more MAJIK in your life and that of others.
CIMI challenges us today to
✨LET GO and LET GOD. 🕊✨
Total SURRENDER,🏳 releasing all cords and attachments so that we are FREED to come into balance and alignment. SURRENDER🏳 the BATTLE – allow the cycle to finally END – accepting the DEATH of the old you, and your old life of struggle.
Letting go of any attachment to the material world – the false celebrity, glam and glitter. Getting REAL and focusing on what our SOUL wants to CREATE. Focused on our Divine Mission of creating a beautiful balanced world, filled with divine joy and EQUALITY for all! 🐬🐬🐬
Allow CIMI to close the OLD CYCLE, sealing the store of DEATH. Only then can Cimi build the bridge🌉 from the old world to the new, revealing the true path to travel in order to reach the promised land – GOD’S Royal KING/QUEEN-DOM👑 for the sovereign leaders of Nova Gaia. 🌈🌏🌴
✨✨So precious hearts, a very powerful day to FEARLESSLY face and SURRENDER,🏳 what needs addressing and rebalancing in our physical world, in order to manifest greater ABUNDANCE, JOY and happiness .🐬🌈🎈
Today’s question is “What battle do I need to SURRENDER,🏳 in order to ORGANIZE my physical reality for greater balance and fearless ABUNDANCE?”🍓🍇💰🌞
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the manifestation of greater balance, BLISS and JOY in all aspects of your physical reality. 💟💟💟
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Chang Sheng in Fighter of the Destiny – Artist – Lu Han DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
I am the Discovery
Coded by the Yellow Warrior
My number is twice as eight
The harmonic resonance of the upper sixteen
I am the explorer of the radial matrix
By the power of intelligence
I open the way through the ignorance of the illusionist world
Following the signs left by World Transformer
I see paths that others haven’t seen yet
My fearless spirit removes obstacles along the way
So that others may follow higher and higher paths
Bringing the Fifth Sun badge
Trail in the footsteps of the Ancient Prophet
To the temple that covers the house of the cosmic night
I’m the pioneer of the future
All paths lead me to opening and investigating in the name of cosmic science
Wherever the path may lead
There will always be another treasure of knowledge to learn
To know me is to ban fear
And see your true bright and clear face

Pleiades 1 Messages January 13 2022

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Mirroring on Amiga Island [Brazil] increases.

Plasma clouds form and are harmonized.

Island of Dream being mapped. Projectors aimed and in support. >>> 98% (non-regressive).

Island of Integration being mapped. Projectors aimed and in support. >>> 98% (non-regressive).

*Crystal Fleet starts Phase 1 / Download (Han) >>>>> 99% (non-regressive).

Organic resources continue to be delivered.

Ascension vitality increases.

Supernovas initiate appropriate projections.

Amorosities continue to expand.

Projectors for *NON+++ AIMED ! 98% (non-regressive).

Projectors for NON+++ AIMED and in REVERBERATION! 98% (non-regressive).

*Oumsheryam+++12+144 active and reverberating! Active efficiency 92% (non-regressive).

Roadmaps for New Phase are delivered.

Temporarily, end of transmission.



Source: https://www.disclosurenews.it



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