17 High Vibrational Light Alliance ~ Permanent Golden Age – Divine Unions

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17 High Vibrational Light Alliance ~ Permanent Golden Age – Divine Unions

Right now: Moon at 3°31′ Aquarius, Sun at 23°59′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A woman entering a convent.
Sabian Symbol for 24º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 24º Capricorn.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A hindu healer.
Sabian Symbol for 4º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 4º Aquarius.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com


“Lemurian Language from the First Golden-Age of Lemuria Five”
Sector 1 – MA will be honoured to welcome you to Planet Huna.
Leave your drama and politics on planet Gregoria if you are inclined to journey to Planet Huna.

Join us at



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The Divine Feminine Christ have the Seal of God marked on their foreheads. This is becoming more visible and expansive, now that we are in New Earth. This is your protection, ensuring the Scorpions keep you safe and protected, while the enemy is removed off the land of planet Earth.

📖 Revelations 9:4
And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

The Divine Masculine Christ Scorpions are activated and lit now. Complete freedom and protection is here for the DMC’s flesh, blood, and genetics. This brings the destruction of any spells, lies, conflicts, and confusions the enemy has implanted in them, regarding DFC.

Through this process, the ancestral bloodline of Adam is also being purified of these disillusionments created war and destruction through history. The seed point of this distorted masculine template has been removed for good. This is all being replaced by the new frequencies of unconditional love that has been activating humanity through the 1221 Emerald Heart Gateway since December 21 2019.

This is also clearing the Magdalene genetic seed branch for the Holy Grail. The DFC has healed from heartbreak, and are collectively ascending towards rapture of their DNA. This DNA is the new blueprint of HiEros Gamos Union, for the Bride’s of Christ, and Christ Consciousness.

The Omega Stargate Portal that opened 1221202 to 12262020 was a success. Judgment over the seed point entity that spelled the DMC into blocking union with the DFC happened, clearing any remaining separation for good.

The union of the Alpha and Omega completed galactically, and will also complete in the flesh of Holy Grail Counterparts. This is the Holy BeeCumming for Alchemical Marriage.

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Divine Unions of Divine Compliments will happen more and more as we enter the everywhere Prophesied Permanent Golden Age we’re coming into now. The RV and GESARA will help greatly with this as well. Soul Mate Gatherings are starting to form worldwide preparing all for full Awakening and these Divine Unions along with Your whole Group Soul Family.
It is all these Divine Unions with the Divine Compliment and Your whole Group Soul Family or Sangha which will pave the way into the money-free over-abundant 9-Layer Food Forest Shambhala Communities composed of millions of 1 Hectare Family Garden Homesteads of the Divine Compliments raising Divine Families eventually replacing all money and cities worldwide.
“A Lover asked his Beloved, Do You Love Yourself more than You Love me? The Beloved replied, I have died to myself and Live for You. I’ve disappeared from myself and my attributes. I am Present only for You! I’ve forgotten all I’ve learned, but from Knowing You I’ve become a Scholar. I’ve lost my strength, but from Your Power I am able. I Love myself, I Love You, no difference. I Love You and I Love Myself and we are One.” ~ Rumi
Ascension Update
The frequency of earth is steadily rising and what we are witnessing now on the planet is a frequency divide. Meaning, there are those who have ascended and keep ascending with earth’s new vibratory level and there are those who keep choosing the density of the third-dimensional reality as their preferred place of residency. The infamous ‘Comfort Zone’.
The only place where you exist is here and now. Every dimension has its own definition of here and now. That particular here and now makes up the reality of that dimension.
Two different definitions of here and now cannot exist together here and now. One will not be real to the other and usually, the situation blows up.
That’s when people do not understand each other, do not get along, and even fight. They are each in their own reality -in their own dimension, literally.
This is what’s playing out on earth at the moment.
A great part of the planet’s population is ascending into a higher frequency and then there are those who are terrified by the truth and cling to their cognitive dissonance as if there’s no tomorrow.
This creates the frequency divide I mentioned earlier. And since they are both simultaneously being played out on the same planet, it’s blowing up. Unrests, protests, and scarcity for some while others watch and follow the daily news with excitement, knowing everything is about to change for the highest and best good of humanity.
And of course, we know, there are also those who want to sabotage the people who are at peace… To say the least.
It’s important to know that not all souls have chosen to ascend within this lifetime. They have come for other experiences of which they thought they would benefit in regards to their soul’s evolution.
This planet is inevitably ascending into the fifth-dimensional reality of unconditional love. Mother Goddess Gaia will shake off all that will not match her frequency -her reality of love.
Overnight the mystical creatures that were banned from the planet a long time ago will return to their rightful habitat. The same way Avalon vanished when human frequency had fallen so low that they couldn’t see it anymore, it will reappear and with it the magic, wisdom, and love of 5D Earth.
At the same time, a 3D version of Earth will continue to play out its dramas, fears, and system of control for those souls who need more time for their ascension process. Jesus said, “Many are chosen but only few will hear the call.”
If you are reading this post, chances are high that you belong to the chosen ones. And before you ask, I’d like to emphasize that nobody has chosen you. YOU are the one who has chosen to do this. You’re all sovereign inhabitants of this universe.
But from the choice of participating in the greatest ascension of our universe and actually ascending with earth to 5D, it’s still a long way.
This unprecedented ascension process sets forth that you take your physical body with you, from 3D to 5D.
Being positive and enlightened alone is not enough.
This is the time where you must start to love yourself unconditionally.
How do you do this?
• Breathe
• Meditate
• Laugh
• Listen to high-frequency tunes
• Dance, nobody needs to watch but this is a very high vibration tool
• Sing, nobody needs to listen but this is a very high vibration tool
• Exercise, support your body to be able to hold the higher frequencies
• Eat plenty of fresh raw food
• Educate yourself about nutrition and specifically veganism. I do not ask you to nor do I recommend to go 100% vegan forever but eating more vegan food and less animal products or flesh is a must
• Drink pure Water (find a source or buy source water in glass bottles, do not drink tab water)
• Spend time in Nature with Mother Gaia, connect to her
• Pets are little angels who are already in 5D
• Ground yourself daily, walk with your bare feet, lay with your naked skin on the sand, water, weeds, etc. or take a salt bath
And most importantly:
When you have the chance to love someone, for god’s sake, leave all trickery, all negativity, all doubts, all fears behind and just love.
Love is the essence that facilitates ascension. We all need more of it, not less.
The higher you rise in frequency the more you wish for unconditional love to manifest itself in your life. And at this moment in evolution, we attract our primary soul mates and twin flames. When someone feels special in your heart, they are.
In case you haven’t noticed yet, things have changed on planet earth. Meetings are divinely orchestrated to fulfill their higher purpose…
Grab them, love them, and don’t think so hard.
I love you.
We are family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of the Goddess
Resources For Your Ascension Journey:
⭐️ Get Your Ascension Guide Here: https://www.thegalacticfederation.com
Earth is rapidly shifting back to the glorious paradise it was always intended to be
The entire human collective is rapidly shifting into higher and higher states of consciousness and returning to heart-centered being
All is playing out in perfect Divine design
Trust the process
Much releasing of fear control manipulation
Much embodiment of Love purity wholeness freedom
We are never alone always guided and protected and loved beyond measure
This shift is not always comfortable, easy and can be very challenging to navigate at times but it truly is the most magical shift that has ever unfolded in all of creation
Magical transformation is unfolding everywhere
The Light has returned
We are shining brilliantly
Nature has her will and she will have her way
It is Done
New Moon~~
The Capricorn new moon on Wednesday, January 13th 2021, is conjunct Pluto. So the spiritual meaning of the new moon January 2021 astrology relates to soul growth and evolution in response to a crisis.
The January 2021 new moon makes many other planetary aspects. The strongest of these aspects is Mars square Saturn which brings frustration and inhibition. And Jupiter square Uranus creates tension and sudden change.
These other aspects create a complex aspect pattern that indicates an ongoing crisis mechanism and opens up great opportunities for development. But also a deep-seated problem that will take time and effort to adapt to.
A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.
New Moon conjunct Pluto (1°22′) increases your personal power and ability to influence the outcomes in your life. However, your increased intensity and probing nature can lead to power struggles. You may have to deal with underhand tactics such as controlling and manipulative behavior. Paranoia is possible but it is also possible that your enemies may be plotting against you.
An ability for deep research and investigation helps you uncover secrets and get to the bottom of any mysteries. You can gain insights into any destructive behaviors such as obsessions and addictions. This is also a good time to get to the bottom of any serious relationship difficulties. Complex relationship dynamics will become clearer to you.
This new moon aspect favors transformations and soul evolution. Initially, this will involve withdrawing and taking a good look at the situation. The re-birthing process will lead to greater self-esteem. This is also a good new moon to make repairs and eliminate unnecessary clutter in your life.
Mars square Saturn (0°05′) brings frustration and inhibition. Your desires may grow stronger but you may find it harder to express your passions and succeed. The harder you pursue your goals, the more resistance you are likely to face.
The best approach now is a defensive one. Instead of starting new projects or hunting down your desires, it is better to concentrate on holding onto what you already have.
Jupiter square Uranus (1°06′) indicates great inner tension caused by a sudden change in fortunes or in the direction of your life. Big opportunities could be close at hand. However, impatience and a strong urge to break free of restrictions could lead to unwanted disruption and unexpected events.
Extravagance and erratic behavior could lead to losses, so do not seek change just for the sake of change. Choose carefully which opportunities to follow and moderate risk-taking with discretion.
Mercury square Uranus (0°56′) brings excitement and change which can cause upsets and nervous tension. Unexpected news may force you to change plans.
The normal tempo of life increases and you may have an unsettling feeling of always having to catch up. However, an increased ability to view things from a different perspective can lead to original ideas and creative breakthroughs.
Venus trine Uranus (1°00′) stimulates your affections and brings excitement to your love life. An unexpected new romance is possible or you may seek a different kind of pleasure with an existing partner. Experimentation in the bedroom may be necessary to keep your eyes from wandering. There is also the chance of a financial bonus or windfall.
This positive influence gives an outlet to reduce the level of frustration caused by Mars square Saturn. It helps relieve the tension caused by Mercury and Jupiter square Uranus. And it will also hopefully make any changes less erratic and upsetting.
New Moon January 2021 in the Sign of Capricorn is actually in the Constellation of Sagittarius the Archer. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes which has moved the Sun Signs almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named over 2000 years ago.
New moon in Sagittarius Constellation brings optimism and a sense of adventure. It gives the enthusiasm to expand your horizons through travel and philosophy. A different perspective comes through exploring foreigners, religion, law, business, sport, academia, and ethics. This is a particularly good new moon for setting goals. Looking forward to a new vision provides excitement.
The January 13 new moon is extremely intense and complex. The intensity comes not only from the conjunction to Pluto but from four other conjunctions and six square aspects.
These aspects and the aspect pattern produces point to a crisis resulting from the combination of unexpected change and buildup of frustration and tension.
But Venus trine Mars-Uranus, plus the semisextile aspects help relieve the frustration and tension and open up great opportunities for development. New moon January 2021 may force you to confront a deep-seated problem but soul evolution only comes through facing challenges.
The effects of the January 13 new moon last for four weeks up to the February 11 new moon. And the best time for initiating changes and addressing any problems is during the waxing moon phase, from January 13 to the January 28 full moon.~~
Capricorn New Moon January 2021
The first New Moon of 2021 falls in the sign of Capricorn on January 12-13th (depending on your timezone).
This New Moon falls at 23 degrees of Capricorn, which all through 2020, was a sensitive degree in our cosmic skies. It was at this very degree in January of 2020, that Saturn and Pluto aligned, and the stirrings of what was to come for the year ahead kicked into gear.
If only we knew then, what we know now.
The New Moon arriving at this 23rd degree of Capricorn may remind us of the journey we have traveled since January 2020, and stir memories back to this time last year. How much we have all grown. How much our lives have changed.
We experienced so many rare astrological alignments last year, and while 2021 is quieter in comparison, we are still integrating all of these energies.
This January New Moon will be one of our first major integration points. It may stir up the past, but it may also guide us to reflect and to think about how far we have come over the last 12 months.
As it reactivates this sensitive degree in our cosmic skies, we may feel guided to think about how we have matured, and how facing the challenges of the last 12 months have changed who we are and our priorities moving forward.
How have your priorities shifted? How has your life taken on new meaning?
While New Moons are always a good time to set intentions, it seems like we are being asked to set intentions from a new place of knowing. Rather than falling back into the old ways, we are being asked to think about who we want to be moving forward.
No going back. Only forward movement.
A Capricorn New Moon is always a grounding influence and a good time to reconnect with the Earth, our ancestors, and our roots. We are going to have to keep these gifts in mind as there are some volatile energies surrounding this New Moon that could knock us off balance.
The cosmic weather indicates a chance of upheaval, shock, and restlessness. It seems there may be a push-pull dynamic or some opposing forces that create a feeling of division.
This volatile energy is triggered in part by the dwarf planet Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife, which will be in a tense square or 90 degrees angle, to this New Moon.
Uranus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith will also be active at this time, further pushing this idea of some shocking news or surprising change. We may even notice Mother Earth speaking up by way of some strong weather patterns.
A few days after this New Moon on January 14, Uranus, the planet of awakening, will also turn direct, further enhancing its energetic effects and revealing the true colors of something that was stirring for us back in August 2020, when it first went retrograde.
No matter what challenges come our way, just like the Capricorn Seagoat has the talent and skill to climb to the tallest mountain and swim to the deepest depths of the ocean, we too have the ability to overcome any hurdles that are sent our way.
You are strong enough to handle whatever comes your way. While there are many layers to this January New Moon, let’s not forget that New Moons also signal new beginnings and the start of a new cycle.
They remind us that there are always opportunities to start new things or to try again, especially if something didn’t quite go according to plan the first time around.
The January New Moon also offers rays of motivation that will inspire and fuel us to tackle any challenging tasks that need to be completed. We may also notice a sudden burst of confidence and clarity, allowing us to make difficult decisions.
There is cosmic support on offer, so know you are not alone under this dark New Moon sky.
Under the first New Moon of the year, as you are climbing your own mountain or perhaps swimming in your own ocean, take a moment to marvel at the journey you have traveled.
Honor just how much you have grown and matured, and how your priorities have shifted for the better.
2020 was not a wasted year. It was a year to wake-up, to realign our values, and to view things in a new way. Use all that you have learnt and apply it to whatever seeds of intention you plant on this New Moon night.
-Forever Conscious-

sparks of divine light healing

We continue moving through the energies of this Capricorn New Moon. This is the first New Moon of the year.
The ascension waves have really been coming in and many people are feeling them. More and more people are opening up to there spiritual abilities and are becoming more and more sensitive to the energies.
There are so many Healers, Light Workers, Empaths, Grid Workers, and Starseeds on the Planet during this time. These are Divine energies that are being sent to heal the Planet.
As these energies and Light Codes are activating you, you are going to see more and more of the spiritual in your reality. We are stepping into a new beginning.
It’s the beginning of the New Earth. Many people may be feeling sad without knowing quite why during this time.
We have been grieving the old as we prepare to make our big transition.
We are clearing a lot within the heart chakra. It’s important that we are staying focused on the new.
Much is happening behind the scenes that is very positive.
Many of you are experiencing lots of synchronicities, or are even having serendipitous encounters.
You may be noticing an increase in number codes such as 11:11. You may have just been in the right place at the right time for something.
These are all reminders that your angels are always with you and always assisting you. It’s important though that your asking for help if you need it.
Stay more positive as we are continuing to shift the entire collective into a higher frequency. This energy is powerful for manifesting.
The Universe is always manifesting your thoughts into reality. Your thoughts are like a blueprint for your life. It’s important that we are better understanding that what we are thinking of, we will bring into our lives.
The more positive your staying the higher frequency you’ll be in…

Karen Lithika

Light Leaders
Advanced Souls
We send through this message to confirm the great significance of your role. To realise the Light Knowledge held within you.
To see yourself expanding the Light of others, as you collectively educate and awaken the global light family. Connecting to the many who hold the Ancient Light frequency.
The Ancient story of Now…leading to the now moment in this timeline. For within every soul, this High Vibrational Light Alliance is available. As the New Light Age enables a higher vibrational light resonance to interconnect every being.
For the unfoldment of your true Light Mission requires dedication, following the Higher Light Path.
Acknowledging your role as a caregiver to Humanity. Assisting from a space of Higher Vibrational Light. Anchoring your light mission with Mother Gaia as you align to the greater good of every being.
Your Higher Light Mission is found within the true source of you. Within every pure thought, tear of joy, positive affirmation. You need to simply tap into this pure frequency and align to this High Vibrational light.
As our world trajectory is Higher Light Frequency – you are simply becoming more integrated to the future reality of your world.
As Love and Unity Light codes shower your reality.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love ❤🙏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Kin 30 ~ White Self-Existing Dog
We are now on the 4th day of the wavespell which is all about taking a closer look at the details. The number 4 is called ‘Self-Existing’ and its key words are ‘Definition, Measure and Form’. Today is a good day to read the small print, to scrutinize so that you are better informed when making decisions. Do your research, gather information and ask questions.
Today is White Dog and key words associated with it are ‘Love, Heart and Loyalty’. The energy of a White Dog day is about putting all of your heart into whatever you do… whether its taking on a huge project or just doing the housework. Love what you do and be loyal about seeing it through to the end. Dogs can be very tenacious and they don’t easily give up their bones, take a leaf out of their book if you want to get it done. As it is a number 4 day, before you throw everything you got at whatever you are focusing on, make sure you evaluate whether its worth all that effort. Scrutinize and gather information before you get in too deep.
Today’s Guide is White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality’. To be guided by Worldbridger is to be guided by the desire to cross a bridge to another place. ‘Death’ is associated with Worldbridger and we certainly cross a bridge when we die but in this case it is symbolic. The past is dead and we move forward to the future. ‘Opportunity’ is another key word and this implies that when one door closes another opens.
The Challenge of the day is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. Those folk born on Yellow Sun will find today difficult. For the rest of us, it will be hard to find the answers we seek but not impossible. The Yellow Sun offers enlightenment but asks that you strive for it.
The Occult power is the Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic’ and the monkey today is in the most magical position. The monkey is always better behaved when it is in this prominent aspect. There’s less monkeying around, less illusion and more magical moments. If you are a Blue Monkey you provide magical experiences for others today.
The Ally is the laid back Red Moon. If you need to chill out today find a Red Moon as they are masters of relaxation and can offer much support and friendship.
4 OC – KIN 30
13 JANUARY 2020
I define in order to LOVE
Measuring loyalty
I seal the process of HEART ❤
With the Self-existing tone of form
I AM guided by the power of death
13/1/2021 = 4/1/5 = 10=1
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
10 – Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leadership
1 – New beginnings/Leader/Original
✨✨Today we are defining what a life FUELED by LOVE❤❤ would look like.
Day 4 in the BLUE HAND 🙌WAVESPELL of HEALING and accomplishing our plans and desires, through new knowledge gained. Day 4 is the day our hopes, dreams and desires start to take FORM. You are beginning to make progress in the HEALING goals you set on day 1. In particular we are being asked to use our MIND to evaluate, define and measure the quality of our relationships.
SELF-EXISTING –📦 Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form and we have ourselves a square shape. Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place.
Today we are measuring the form that LOVE❤ takes in our lives. We are defining our new lives built on a new solid foundation of SELF LOVE❤ and love ❤for others on the basis of HIGHER LOVE,💕 loyalty and majikal manifestations.
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE DOG🐕OC pertains to matters of Love, loyalty, TRUST, devotion, unconditional love, faith, honesty, integrity, compassion, Service to others, and all matters of the HEART. ❤ The focus today is on LOVE ❤and relationships. In particular your LOVE of SELF and then your reflection of this in relationship with others. Day 4 of BLUE HAND wavespell is calling us to HEAL all issues associated with opening our hearts to the highest capacity and welcoming a HIGHER LOVE to penetrate our being. We are being asked to DEFINE what LOVE means to us, and to measure the quality of that love.
Without LOVE, our life feels meaningless, and we feel like hollow vessels with huge empty caverns inside us, as of course no man is an island. We thrive on social connection and bonding. Building a solid foundation for loving relationships takes time and effort. Trust, Loyalty, Respect and Honesty FORM the 4 pillars, and our own self-love and honour forms the core central pillar, around which the other 4 pillars follow. If any of these pillars are missing then the walls crumble and the whole structure collapses. Like builders we lay these foundations on solid ground and then once our structure is strong and stable we can reap the benefits of secure and lasting relationships.
Great relationships are built over time, with due consideration, self-reflection and awareness. Consideration for yourself and the needs of others is key. Placing your needs above all else is a recipe for disaster. As is self sacrificing and servitude in valuing others above yourself.
❓Are your current relationships loving and fulfilling? What about your relationship with yourself?
If they are crumbling then it is time to get out the plaster and do a repair job. If the damage is too far gone it may be time to bail out of toxic relationships and start afresh with new prospects.
HIGHER SELF: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌉 CIMI seals the STORE of DEATH and reminds of us of the impermanence of our LIFE and relationships.. We need to LEARN to CHERISH our friends, family, colleagues and whoever appears in our life’s journey as a Messenger, Teacher or Helper. People appear in our LIFE STORY for a ❤REASON, a ❤SEASON or for a ❤LIFETIME as the poem goes…and we need to ACCEPT the cycles, ending and revolving within our life story, much like trains arriving with a myriad of passengers embarking and disembarking on the carriage that represents our LIFE.. Not judging or clinging to those characters in our story but merely observing, honouring and cherishing those souls who have volunteered for their respective role in our lives..
By DEFINING the nature of particular relationships we can accept it’s purpose in our lives and have the ability to MOVE ON and embrace more loving relationships and connections with our kin.
❤When someone is in your life for a REASON, usually to meet a NEED you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide guidance and support. To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a GODSEND and indeed they are – an EARTH ANGEL. They are there for the REASON you need them to be. Then without any wrongdoing on your part this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an END.. Sometimes they DIE, sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. Once your need has been met, your desire fulfilled, their work is DONE. Your initial prayer was answered and now it is TIME to move on… Accepting the FINAL CLOSURE of this relationship can help you CHERISH the purpose they fulfilled.
❤Some people come into your life for a SEASON to help your share, learn and GROW. They may TEACH you a lesson through an EXPERIENCE, or help you acquire new skills as your soul expands and grows.. They usually give you shared joyful experiences and then it is their turn to GO, for their stay was only for a SEASON..
❤And then there are those souls who stay for a LIFETIME. They teach you LIFETIME lessons, the things you must know in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to ACCEPT the lesson, LOVE the person and put whatever you have LEARNED to good use in all your other relationships and areas of your life.
Therefore by DEFINING WHO is in your life for a ❤REASON,
❤SEASON or a
you learn to GROW and go with the ebb and FLOW of LIFE – knowing WHEN to HOLD on TIGHT with all your MIGHT and when to LET GO, forgive and SURRENDER to the greater plan in your life..
We only get disappointed when we try to hold on and FORCE relationships beyond their soul purpose.
As we look compassionately, both within and without, at what needs to be released in order to love the shadow and create connection with others… This compassionate loving mind seeks the shadow, loving it into healing, to release the thought forms of separation, in order to embrace all that is and HEAL.
❓What thought forms have kept you in seperation?
❓Can you now SURRENDER the PAST as water under the BRIDGE in order to allow and embrace NEW more loving connections, understanding yourself and the role of others in this great web of life?
SUPPORT: RED MOON 👸– MULUC’s themes are that of Universal waters, feminine flow, communication, emotions, softness, intuition, receptivity, remembrance. The GODDESS continues her support today soothing the emotional waters and assisting us in finding our FLOW – through being receptive and listening to our intuition we can tune in through our loving hearts to guide our analytical mind so that we can SURRENDER the pain, the blame and the past – and just allow our MINDS to FORGIVE and become more compassionate and KIND.
The WHITE DOG’S main lesson is often through BETRAYAL. The person that has betrayed you in your life is usually your best teacher and closest soul ally. They have agreed to “PLAY” the character of JUDAS in order for you to learn a lesson and give you the greatest soul growth. They LOVE you soooo much that they have volunteered to be the “bad guy”. When you review your experiences through reflection you can witness the beauty in every soul and cherish the sacrifice they have made in your LIFE for the sake of LOVE!
NOTE: Many are casting SHAME on those souls who have “acted” as the “bad guys” in this grand global chess game. P.E.N…C.E…has volunteered to play the JUDAS character in this spin of the Biblical script and by Betraying his comrade…. Mr… Tee… he has handed him the biggest GIFTS through this experience.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE PLANETARY MONKEY🐒 – CHUEN reveals the themes of Majik, illusion, deception, trickery, playfulness, spontaneity, inquisitiveness, curiosity, intelligence, divine child, innocence and BLISS..
KIN 30 has the BLUE PLANETARY MONKEY🌎🐒 as it’s SUPERPOWER which wields great MANIFESTATION power.💫.. This MONKEY can spread the LOVE on a GLOBAL SCALE – think the hundredth Monkey effect! Once we start the BLISS BALL rolling our whole Global family can come to the 5D party! Manifesting a world filled with deep, intimate and unconditional LOVE, respect, loyalty and DEVOTION for all Planetary kin.
Use the MAJIK of CHUEN today by aligning your MIND with your PURE heart❤, and become LIGHT and BRIGHT☀.. Through spontaneous PLAY you can forge more satisfying and loving relationships built on TRUST, LOYALTY and laughter.. the best foundation for the bonds to FORM.
DEFINE what you wish to attract and allow the UNIVERSE to surprise you! 💕
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING SUN ☀– AHAU’s themes are Universal fire, enlightenment,BLISS, Unconditional love, radiance, Higher wisdom, Higher Consciousness, I AM PRESENCE, SOURCE, ALL THAT IS.
AHAU☀ is challenging you today to look beyond the SHADOW.. and take the ENLIGHTENED view. REFLECT back on ALL your relationships through the loving EYES of SOURCE.☀. All souls made an agreement to play their character in your LIFE STORY so now you need to HONOUR that agreement and RESPECT their individual contribution.
No more remorse, BLAME or SHAME… No guilt or grudges… just pure GRATITUDE..🙏🙏🙏. Even the souls who have fallen to the darkest depths of depravity have all volunteered to PLAY THE GAME.. some have LOST themselves in the charade – but we need to HONOUR every soul for their role in our PLANETARY GAME.. behind the MASK and ROBES lurks a being of PURE LIGHT.. ☀
At this STAGE of humanity’s evolution we all need to RISE above the 3D EARTH GAME.. and become the OBSERVER in our LIFE and CREATOR of our NEW REALITY. In this way we can recognize that all that exists in our world was born from LOVE and eventually will return to LOVE… such is the nature of existence.
✨In HONOUR of your own path and your soul’s value AHAU☀ is challenging you today to DEFINE anything, that is not worthy of your LIGHT, and insist on a HIGHER LOVE. 💕
✨Seeing and sensing SOURCE energy in yourself and others is the BLESSING of today, in finally attaining the ecstatic bliss 💕of ONENESS❤ with ALL THAT IS!
Today’s questions are
❓ “What FORM of LOVE is your relationship with yourself, and others based on? How HIGH is that LOVE?
❓How can you HEAL and elevate all your relationships to the highest form of DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?”
A day to SURRENDER to the HEALING balm of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.💕 LET GO of the old stale relationships and build bridges to the new soul fulfilling unions. Happy unions!
Divine blessings for your attainment of absolute BLISS in all your relations. Aho! 💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏
PICTURE CREDITS: Way of LOVE – Artist Veri Aprigatno DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤



King Cobra
Seraphim Serpent
Primordial chaos
Tantric fire
Big fish in the sea
Underworld gate-keepers
Dark-void of celestial womb
Waters of transmutation
Initiation to the kingdom
Queen Bee loyalty
Royal plasma-influx
Gateway to conception
Pegassi nexus Andromeda
Galactic migration-quest
Exoplanets colonisation
Pre-universal insectoid nations
Hive-mind integrated time-wave
Pre-atomic memory into matter
Technology terraforming worlds
Bio-engineering Mars
Cosmic consciousness
Symbiotic mirror-integration
Harmonic continuum-wave
Quantum-state paradigm-shift
Antares throne nations-power
Clearing dark-shadow sub-harmonics
Deleting nefarious inceptions
Dismantling gods of war zodiac-overlay
Cygnus nano-diamond cosmic egg
DNA seed potency-bliss
Lemuria rising time-wave
4 royal stars face of the lion
Orion expansion-gateway
4 pillars of creation breath
Lyra-Sirian trinity flame
4 horseman reassigned
Hyades whale-streaming tones
Crystal light body codes
Draco cat’s eye nebula
Pole star seeding humanity
Lionsgate Regulus-Sirius
Centre of equatorial plane
Great Pyramids / Sphinx
4 faces of light-anchoring rod
Draco – Lyra – Cygnus – Aquilae
Planetary North Cross
Cosmic power-punch light now
Meta-galactic core grail line
Draco gems of celestial heritage
Polarity stargate-system
Gateway to galactic centre
Multiverse system future
Cyberspace core-vibration
Cognitive dissonance
Time out USA
Recalibration silicate-matrix
Fight for Earth
Everything for Everybody


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  2. Divine Unconditional Love ❤️… Fully Embodied In Every moment of my Life’s’ Journeying – I feel there is nothing Higher than this as a calling
    I am Humbled to say that it is my Path in this & all future lifetimes.
    And so, It Is❤️✨

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