Clif High ~ Latest Report – WuPlosion

Latest Report from Clif High – WuPlosion

Latest Report from Clif High – WuPlosion



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  1. Yo Clif
    Have you seen this!

    The Askanazi/Khazarian (Nazis) conquered Eastern Europe.
    After which,converted to Judaism in order to trade, as Jews
    they became the enemy of the Catholic Church. Battles
    raged for two hundred years or more, until they the
    Nazis decided, in around the 800’s, that there enemies god
    was so crawl and viscous, they would begin worshiping the
    opposite of that god.

    Acting on bad intelligence or pure ignorance they began
    to warship Satan and the fallen angel vowing to destroy the
    Christian Church and every christian on earth. The Nazis,
    leader at the time was obviously unaware that there enemy had
    in fact been secretly taken over by the Devil/Satan and his band of
    fallen angels sinse the 400’s, and to stamp their mark
    on Christianity, forced the Christians to worship on Sundays
    or be thrown to the Lions……….

    In a vision ”The Lord Thy God’ father of Jesus ‘Hallowed
    be his name’. Showed that he saw their mistake and used the
    Askanazi/karserines to evict/rid the Holy land of the
    once chosen people that had turned their back on the ‘Lord’
    ‘Hallowed be his name’ in so doing, turning their backs on
    the promised land.

    Now, ”The Lord Thy God’ ‘Hallowed be his name’ wants
    them (Ashkenazi/Khazarian pretend jews) to recognize
    their mistake in calling on the Devil/Satan and his band of
    fallen angels and to realize the great favor they have done for
    ‘The Lord’ ‘Hallowed be his name’. by ridding the
    ‘promised land’ of the non believers. They must now
    turn away from Devil worship and call instead upon the
    ‘The Lord the God’ himself ‘Hallowed be his name’ their destiny (karma) complete.

    They must now take up the Torah or come to the ‘Lord God’
    ‘Hallowed be his name’ through his son Jesus Christ and
    rejoice and prosper in the Holy land, bringing lasting
    peace and prosperity to the world and to all mankind

    As, for those cast-out from the Holy Land
    ‘The Lord Thy God’ father of Jesus ‘Hallowed be his name’
    Showed they must return to the holy teachings of their
    forefathers and in doing so will be welcomed back with
    open arms.


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