Cathar Codes ~ Rise of the Divine Masculine ~ Flame of Healing ~ Inner Sun of Earth

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Cathar Codes ~ Rise of the Divine Masculine ~ Flame of Healing ~ Inner Sun of Earth

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Christos Elohim of the Holy Grail Kingdom of El Shaddai

Universal Hearts of the Divine Union Paradigm we gather here today in the Center of the torus to transmit the Gnosis of our Sacred lineage. As we continue our singular journey within we come alone unto the Lord of Hosts to usher in our New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

The Gold Ray emanating from the Great Eagle is freeing Consciousness from the Contracts and Constructs of dualistic perception to bridge the non dualistic awareness into our Waking Conscious Minds. The Pure Awareness is Buddha Consciousness  being transmitted Mind to Mind, Heart to Heart, to all Sentient beings of the Way of Truth. We are much more than simply food, we are the Chosen Ones of God’s True Delight.

We had another MClass Solar flare as Solaris continues to transmit higher 5th through 7th Dimensional energetics into this realm for the final pulsing Gamma Waves of the Ascension Process.

We are being assisted with the embodiment of our higher dimensional teams birthing into the world with the codes and blueprints of the New Earth within the DNA. There is currently an entrainment developing that all resonating electromagnetic morphogenetic fields are coming into complete coherent resonance with the fifth dimensional  reality. This is occurring both physically and metaphysically, we call non physical or that which is beyond  physical reality. This is bringing in the full anchoring of Heaven upon Earth. The merging of all realms, timelines and dimensions for the total Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-luminous. Pure Light Beings of Eternal Life.

Today on this special day we connect with the Inner Central Sun within our Sacred Krystal Heart Center and unite with the Christ Consciousness that is our Holy Connection to Infinite Source Creator.

Jump on in to the Primordial Ocean of Full Awakened Consciousness and set Sail to the other Shore as we bridge Heaven and Earth through our Soular Rainbow Avatar Bridge of multidimensional awareness….A’Ho!!







Rest in Peace Clifford Mahooty, 77, passed today (Jan 18th 2022) in his home at Camp Verde, Arizona… Today is a sad day for our kind, the seekers of truth. Fly High My Friend… May the great Kachinas of the sky assist you on your next transitional journey…. Send Prayers to his family and friends.
Mahooty is a Zuni Pueblo Indian elder, and member of the tribal orders of the Kachina Priest hood, Galaxy medicine society, Sun Clan, and wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices.
Mahooty is a retired Civil/Environmental Engineer
Mahooty served in the US Public Health Service, as a commissioned officer, to provide services to American Indian communities. He served in Oklahoma and Arizona in water, wastewater, and solid waste systems.
Mahooty served as the National Environmental Justice Coordinator, in the DOI-BIA for the 561 federally recognized Indian tribes. He coordinated with various agencies of federal, state and tribal governments to enforce laws and regulations to protect sacred sites, and lands against desecrations, pollution of natural resources, illegal taking of artifacts, burials, and sacred objects. He represented the Indian tribe’s environmental assessments and impact statements.
Mahooty was instrumental in the contracting of federally funded programs, where Indian Nations can administer projects including planning, design, construction of facilities and infrastructure, schools, hospitals, law and order, housing.
Clifford Mahooty
Clifford Mahooty

Shakara Tosha


Honoring the passing today of our beloved Zuni Elder & Wisdom Keeper Clifford Mahooty at 77 years young.
Clifford was cherished and loved deeply, and touched the hearts of all who encountered him. He was so humble and funny, always jovial and smiling. He carried and generously shared a wealth of knowledge, indigenous wisdom and messages about the Star People freely. He connected easily to everyone from every different background
I celebrate his life today, knowing how much he inspired me. He will continue to inspire us all from the other side.
Dear Brother, you are dancing with the stars now, enjoy your new spirit experience. I see you smiling brightly as you shine your unique Light. ✨🙏🏻☀️


Right now: Moon at 11°44′ Leo, Sun at 29°01′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference.
Sabian Symbol for 0º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 0º Capricorn.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

An evening lawn party of adults.
Sabian Symbol for 12º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 12º Leo.




~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Self-realization is, in fact, the only religion. For it is the true purpose of religion, no matter how people define their beliefs.
A person may be Christian or Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu, Muslim or Zoroastrian; he may proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only way, or Buddha, or Mohammed-as indeed, millions of believers do. He may insist that this ritual, or that place of worship, bestows salvation.
But it all comes down to what he is, in himself.

Rick Jewers

An important M1 solar flare occurred with the time stamp of 1744. This number has more than one significant reference. The main significance of this number is its relation to Biblical Jesus and the implementation of Divine Law, which is the Peoples Law and is the Supreme Law ABOVE all legal systems upon the planet. This time stamp fully indicates the present scenario upon the planet, and the contribution of Creators Light from the Sun/Son to the unfolding events where Police around the world are being given and served with an ultimatum, to make Their choice NOW, that individually determines the fate of every police officer going forward. The ultimatum simply is, for each police officer to make the choice, to support the heinous crimes of their employer, the governments, OR stand with Their fellow officers ALREADY supporting the People and the Supreme Law, and proceed with preparation to arrest all involved in the attempted worldwide genocide. The Army personnel that have already been separated from the dark control will assist the police in making these worldwide arrests, if required.
The New Guardians to simply operate the logistics of Society are upon the planet and will instantly step into the necessary roles as We progress towards the finish line of the old, and stepping over the threshold into the NEW that has been already prepared for Humanity, the Divine Plan, gpms.
Love and Light


To be able to HOLD the new light and BE the Light, we need not only to receive the new light codes and energies/frequency, we also need to INTEGRATE, stabilize, HARMONIZE and anchor them into our bodies. This is as important.
Otherwise it will only be a blissful experience and everyone can have blissful experiences. The integration phase is the EMBODIMENT, and what is needed to rise frequency and expand your field of love. As we expand awareness and integrate the new light we are rising into higher frequencies and our DIVINE PRESENCE.
When we are living in a state of Divine I AM Presence our souls mission unfolds naturally, and we attract everything we need to manifest and living our SOULS PURPOSE. The fundament of life is joy, abundance and love. We know why we are here, and what we came for.
Camilla Åkerström

Lisa Renee

Ascension Perspectives/Reflections: Neutron Window, Mother Arc, Aqua Portal. ”The Neutron Window is what creates the 13th Stargate Portal (as 12 becomes the One) and that process is which aligns us to our Mother Arc and to the Milky Way core (8D) which phase locks into the Andromeda Core (9D). This phase locking between the Universal Cores opens a link between the “Seven Lower Heavens” (the current station of our consciousness on this Earth) and the “Seven Higher Heavens” of Universal Creation.”

Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle



Through the cosmic womb gates within and without, the alchemising of both celestial and Inner Earth physiology prevails on the surface of our Earth.
This attainment is brought about by impeccable molecular bonding via the Sidhe, High Fae elemental and devic realms on Earth, who continuously interface within the dimensional overlays of our galaxy.
Between Solstice and Equinox, much that has been locked in the dark recesses of our psyche will be brought to the light to be integrated. Our seasonal cycles are syncing with greater cosmic cycles.
Time is officially up on all things artificial.
Although it is important to recognise ancestral DNA and integrate what lies within our planetary and off planetary lineages, it’s not only about integration, but also deep reclamation.
The Divinity held in Nature continues to support us in this unfoldment.
For many, the A.I. overrides, shanghai’s and inverts, covets this connection.
This integral transfusion, of which we all hold vibrational reference points for, must under-go conscious restoration to anchor in and fully ‘Arrive’ on the Earth is and of itself sublimely reanimating in us all during this current ascension cycle.
As we free ourselves through correct use of geomancy and alchemy, the elementals are in turn freed from that which has been severed through artificial and institutional misuse, enslavement and the raping of our precious resources brought about by that which is trapped in an illusory fallen system.
We have been programmed to fear the Inner Earth, however herein lies the source of our empowerment, vitality and sovereignty.
Don’t panic, stay organic.
As we harmonise with 2D telluric currents, we enter into pure resonance with Gaia. This deep exchange of symbiosis revitalises our innate relationship with the 2D telluric realms.
Much preparation has already taken place for what is unfolding at this juncture.
The Cathars saw Jesus as a realised person, directly accessible, therefore negating the power and purpose of the Church of Rome.
When the mass slaughtering of the Cathars by the Roman and Draconian invasion took place during the siege of Montsegur in France, they weren’t ready for what came next.
This was meant to trigger a massive fear fuelled timeline trigger event, which in part did.
However the divine codes held in the Cathars sacred blood was successfully transfused, as it saturated the soil and enlivened the elementals and telluric currerents.
The Cathars are protectors of the Mother Arc as part of the Arc of the Covenant, And are sanctioned with the ability to open the planetary star gates and reinstate creational codes stolen and replicated by NAA.
The Cathar codes continue to activate the land and us as we release the fragmentation of phantom matrices and recapture through the innerstanding of what we hold in our own precious pure blood codes and keys.
The purity of this alchemising creates a deep connection with the telluric currents in us all.
The original Eucharistic elements is said to be a Siriun ritual, the body and blood / bread and wine through the Heart of the Christos, not the inversion coveted agenda version.
This transubstantiation is an ingenious enactment brought about by symbiotic plants in Heavenly and Earthly elemental organic exchange.
Not all is as it seems. And although we are by no means completely out of the woods as yet, nevertheless we can readily attune with this Divine Life affirming sacrament that has been laid before us, as we fully receive from this ocean of divine mercy and restore the timelines and organic creatrix fields of Earth’s sacred body. This supports us in catatalising our personal and planetary prospects.
~ Raeline Sqs Brady


🦋We’ve been HEALING the fractured Group Soul Template,
💕The Hi-Jacked ones from Mesopotamia, Egypt, South of France..
💜The Royal bloodlines.
To get here
To this place of wholeness
✨So we can FULLY embody the Crystalline Blueprints
The Original codes of Creation!
❤ Valerie
Rainbow Hummingbird


As we Shine our Light on all Souls
SEE the Great Purpose of You 💥
Pay close attention to your physical form
Be conscious of your Light Exchange
Fill your Light Body with Love
Seek to Recharge as part of your routine
To be with Mother Gaia for guidance and support.
Lay on her ground,
Feel her pulse moving through you
Connect to the Natural Rhythm of Life
The Pure Energy of Creation
Feel the Light Unity – GAIA Connection
Allow the Light to Expand
Permeate your Light Field
Recharge – Align – BE
See the Great Path before you
See Limitations as challenges for your advancement.
Feel your Light Body expanding, aligning to the greater Light Mission of Gaia and Every Being.
For we align with the natural ebbs and flows of the Sun and the Moon.
For we are the Wayshowers of the Natural Harmonic Way, the Light Force in every cell.
To continue aligning in this Light Stream –
The True Light Way.
Brothers & Sisters of Light💥
Karen Lithika ❤🙏
This is what has Happened !!
Within the Photonic,and Gamma Light Energy Wave’s, has shifted into a Higher Level of consciousness,,,,As within the Atmosphere onto all living Creations on Earth ,as the Sunportal has Evolved too,and is Helping to make this Divine Change into this world…
And as the Sunportal she’s giving Healing Power into the Human body structure, and just say you are indoor ,the Sun portal Ray’s still is reaching you,as you can see she the Sunportal is diving in Directly into your home,as you can see in the photos how powerful,and her structure is very up lifted …She is Amplifing our body structure,the More Love that Dwells within Our Heart’s,the more interaction will take place within Healing ….This is Divine Cosmic, God’s Holy Love Interaction…🙏
Have you Felt your Cells Vibrating in the middle of the Night when you are sleeping?
Last Few nights I can feel the energies in my body, it is like my whole bed is moving sometimes.
When I woke up experiencing these vibrant waves coming into my body, I could literally feel energy flowing up my spin as it moved into the nervous system of my body.
Haven’t been able to Astral Travel last few nights, Guides say to ground more because you are hesitant to come back, and you are not done in the physical plane yet. I was like ok then. It felt like I was literally slammed back into my body Saturday Night. Weird feeling.
So much is occurring so quickly that it is best we stay grounded and fully aware of our experiences, they are bringing us ever closer to becoming the truest essence of light we are as our light bodies are continuously being activated.
Been quite an experience in which some days I do not have the words to describe it, but the recalibration of this body is quite clear.
Many Earth Changes are occurring as this shift in consciousness continues.
Just be Loves, be within your own sacred space and allow it all to flow through you, without questioning the process.
Trust yourselves and most of all enjoy the experience. ❤
DNA, a rod cell of the eye, your chromosomes and even your entire body match the golden ratio at their optimal form. The healthier you are the better your proportions and the closer you will be to matching the golden ratio. Shapes that are golden have easier connections to each other geometrically.
Your DNA has protective caps called telomeres. Each time a cell copies itself your telomeres become shorter and this is why you age. This is happening in every moment with around 300 billion cells replaced in total each day. More of the telomere is cut when you are sitting compared to when you are standing and this tells me that your cells are not just replicating equally but also factoring in your body’s current position, to duplicate you in that moment. It is also true the ratio of your body standing can fit a cross section of a blood cell, the rod cell and the rest much easier than the shape of your body when you are sitting. And I also believe all of this is directly related to the golden Phi dimensions we find shuffled together on ancient thrones.
So make an effort to always be aware of your posture, your breathing and the shape of your body. Your (tell I’m here) telomeres will thank you.
It is time to rise into the fullness of the WORD
The WORD manifested into form.
It is time to rise into the Power of the WORD
And become it.
The New is now formed
And thus New Life and New Beginnings
For those souls who rise into the New Embodiment
And Form.
The Old is disintegrating.
It cannot hold form any longer
As the Vibrational frequency from the 7th Central Sun
Is so powerful now,
That all which is not of that frequency cannot and will not hold form any longer.
Know that this goes into the depths of all your physical forms,
As the old cellular structures are dissolving and being replaced with the new.
This means the whole atomic and subatomic particles
And the Quantum energy fields within and without
Are changing.
It will mean that all you ever believed was you,
Or was embodies as you
The Persona you,
You took on when incarnating,
Will disintegrate
And what will remain is
Pure SOUL you,
The infinite you,
You in truth are.
It is now that all will change dramatically.
If will be reflected in massive earth changes
As the New Earth rises into the fullness of her power and glory,
and the Old Earth disintegrates more and more.
The Word is made manifest.
What the Divine Speaks, takes form.
The Power of the Word reverberates
Through every word as transmitted here.
Let those who have ears, hear!
Let those who had eyes, see!
Let those who know, know!
I have spoken!
Judith Kusel


The Rise of the Divine Masculine

To bear the sins of the Father
No greater sacrifice has been asked of man before
To pay restitution for a debt born long ago
We the Divine Feminine can feel you
You have come to penetrate our very being
Our loyalty and hearts belong to you
It is now your time to rise dear Kings
Take your throne
Welcome Home
Channeled Message ~ Divine Mother ~
Rise of the Divine Masculine
Rise of the Divine Masculine

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Understanding why difficulties kept repeating is being revealed. The source of the problem was internal. Somehow the mind played games which led to disappointments from other people’s behaviours towards you. It’s easier than ever to clearly see how these patterns have been destructive. Now you can better caution and stop yourself from repeating them.

Your efforts of going within, paying attention to the signs, and aligning your internal memory are successful. The process of transformation and rebirth through your own internal union has begun. Continue forward and away from the endings, and focus on your new beginnings and the new you.

Know that you are not alone as many of us LightWorkers are walking the Golden Path of ascension out of Earth School. We are the graduates that have mastered our genetics, and freed our family from another generation of slavery. Karmic retribution is now unfolding to a neutral state. It is important to stay calm and remain sovereign so you do not react to triggers that want to pull you back into what you’re overcoming for good.

Know that your Counterpart is also overcoming their genetic patterns of being unfaithful and noncommittal. Generations of the toxic masculine are ending through them. You both are ending the cycles of cheating, heartbreak, sharing, and sacrificing in marriage. This brings us back to God’s original plan of husband, wife, and family, that you two will represent.

Matthew 19:4-6

4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,
5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?
6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Know that you are victorious in reconciling a happy family and committed marriage. Your leadership skills are being rewarded with God’s New Earth Kingdom reality on Earth. This is unlocking the sacred nectar for this Sister’s of the Rose Lineage to unleash their alchemical ability to create with their Divine Masculine. Continue healing, growing, and evolving into this new version of you, life, love, and union that’s evolving with you too.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn






Tuesday January 18 2022
“Nothing big ever happens, good or bad, unless the floor falls out first.” Jeanette le Blanc
Today, amping up the seismic Field of yesterday’s plutonic Wolf Full Moon, unpredictable and volatile Uranus turns direct at 10 Taurus just as the karmic Node of Fate returns to Taurus for the first time since May 2003.This means that fresh revolutionary and radical winds of change will be blowing through the sign of the World 3rd Eye delivering shocks, awakenings and wild card eclipses.
The Sky God has been on go-slow retrograde since August 2021-now the brakes are coming off and the rubber is ready to hit the road.
The Taurus Code and Mantra = “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light”
Uranus in Taurus until 2026 = Universal Mind imploding into Matter
Eclipses across Taurus/ Scorpio until July 2023= evolving Mindfulness /Embodiment via some heroic healing breakthroughs
Uranus in Taurus Keywords:
break down; breakthrough; lightning strikes; disruption; revolution; universal Mind; technology expansion; electricity; flashes of insight; innovation; originality; shock; humanitarian action; radicalism; extremism; liberation; separations; mind/body splits; alienation; climate extremes.
The Sky God operates by delivering unpredictable shocks, reversals or insights that electrify you out of your comfort zone, teaching you to collaborate with the inevitable. It’s a time in your life when something new – something eccentric – needs to break through into conscious awareness.
The takeaway from these shifts is: from now on Choose the New over the Old. The option of keeping one foot in the Old and dipping a toe in the New has expired.
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries. North Node enters Taurus, South Node enters Scorpio. Uranus stations direct in Taurus – The door to a new spiritual lesson opens today with the shift of the Nodes into Taurus and Scorpio. We begin an 18-month journey which pushes us to release our collective demons to ensure our survival. On an individual level, each of us have a place where life has become too complicated, toxic, controlling, decaying. We need to declutter, clear out, release, find closure. In that process, a new road awaits, one that leads to appreciation of what we have, peace, comfort, living by our values, thriving instead of surviving.
The station of Uranus shocks us awake, stirs a need for freedom, liberation from the ties that bind. Time to innovate, time to try something different, time to let our uniqueness shine through. Mercury’s connection to Chiron reiterates the desire to be whole, the need to bring together facets of our lives that have become disconnected and discharged. Rewire and remake. Switch it off and switch it on again. Reboot and rebirth. It’s a cosmic restart. Ground yourself to reduce the static.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 08°Aq50′ R, Chiron 08°Ar50′ – 10:04 (UT)
Uranus 10°Ta49′ – 15:25 (UT)
North Node 29°Ta59′, South Node 29°Sc59′ – 18:49 (UT)
Note, I use the TRUE Node position rather than the MEAN Node position.
© Leah Whitehorse 2022
Painting – Woman Picking Flowers by Frantisek Kupka
Woman Picking Flowers
Kin 140 Yellow Planetary Sun ~ Archetype : Enlightened One 20th Core day of Central Mystic Column of Tzolkin.
As it is K140, we are more specially connected to the Inner Sun of Earth, and our own Inner Sun. The Inner Sun of Earth is also the conscious crystalline grid and core.
“During the Earth Changes in these End Times or Tribulation as it is called, the earth and the physical bodies on the earth are supposed to undergo a change as we move from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions. On the planetary scale, a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of Light are coming to the Earth plane as the veil of separation and denial are lifting. Earth Changes are creating physical changes in your bodies right now. The planet is mutating, and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taking place in the very cells of your body.”
Postulate 19.9 To be at God is Judgement Day. Judgement Day is defined by the discovery of the Law of Time, which is both the final revelation and the knowledge to proceed correctly where, before, for lack of the science of time, there had only been manifest error. The biosphere-noosphere transition is the external ripening of the cosmic unconscious and is synonymous with the Judgement Day sequence of the discovery of the Law of Time.-260 Postulates On The Dynamics of Time by Valum Votan

Kin 140 ~ Yellow Planetary Sun

‘Planetary’ is the name for the number ten and its key words are ‘Perfect, Manifest and Produce.’ By the time we get to the tenth day of a wavespell, we have already climbed up a big hill, and now we have finally reached a plateau. Yesterday was the peak, tomorrow we release, but today we can sit back and just enjoy this perfect day.
Today is Yellow Sun and it represents ‘Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life’. Today is the kind of day when you can expect light bulb moments to occur frequently. You’ll be full of good ideas and many insights will be glimpsed. As it is a ‘Planetary’ day, it’s a perfect day to manifest what you need. If you need some light to shine on you… the timing is perfect.
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty and Art’. As always when the Shining Star guides us, we are encouraged to follow it. There’s so much light today and the Star adds to the brilliance. Wearing sunglasses is recommended!
The Challenge is the White Dog who symbolizes ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart.’ Dogs should stay indoors today or they will get sun burnt. Everyone will be thinking with their head rather than their heart due to all the good ideas they’re having.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon, the nurturer of the Tzolkin. When in this position we all have an opportunity to be nurtured in a very magical way. This process can lead to re birth and renewal.
The Ally is the Blue Storm which represents changes. If you need help finding enlightenment today, ask a Blue Storm to help you. They are the appointed ally of the day and it’s their turn to be everyone’s friend and adviser.
I don’t know about you but I feel so much better now that we are well out of the intense squish. Thankfully it will be 9 months before we do that again. Thanks for reading!
Kin 140 Yellow Planetary Sun
Kin 140 Yellow Planetary Sun


10 AHUA – KIN 140
18 JANUARY 2022
The STAR 🌟 SEEDS 🌱🌱 began to BLOSSOM🌺 in 2021, and today our CROWN CHAKRA🧘‍♀️ lotuses are fully OPENING..🌺
the PLANETARY STAR 🌟 BLOSSOMS 🌹 are ASCENDING to become *STAR 🌟 BLISS 🐬 SUNS 🌞 blazing forth the BLISS codes throughout GAIA.
WE are the CHILDREN of the SUN🌞 – holding the PLANETARY BLISS codes! 🌏❤🌍❤🌎
*DEEP Gratitude to beautiful SISTAR🌟Rae Redick Lee for this divine revelation!! 🙏❤🙏❤
I perfect in order to enlighten
Producing life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the Planetary tone of manifestation
I AM guided by the power of elegance
18/1/2022 = 9/1/6= 9/7=16=7
18- Social upheaval/conflict
9- Endings/Destiny/Mission/Service/Humanity/Grace
16- Tower struck by lightning/Unexpected events
7- Majik/Mystic/Solitude/Spiritual/Initiation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 140 = 5 – LIBERATION into THE LIGHT!! 🌞🎆
✨Today we complete our journey down the Mystical 7th CORE column – the SPINE of the Tzolkin Calendar..where we have been discovering our very core diamond essence💎 for the past 20 days.
Tomorrow we arrive at the top of the 8th column and 5 days in – during our Yellow Seed 🌱 Wavespell we will then experience another successive 10 G.A.P. 💥– Galactic Activation Portal – days… so take a deep breath in, and absorb the radiant Solar Rays☀ today to prepare for the next chapter!
9 months ago KIN 140 happened on Monday 3rd May, 2021 which was EASTER MONDAY on the ORTHODOX calendar….. The previous day was EASTER SUNDAY which – celebrated the ✨RESURRECTION of CHRIST✨ – the SON/SUN of GOD..
Today a STARGATE is opened linking these two points in TIME on the TZOLKIN evolutionary spin cycle….
……..and indeed the CHRISTOS🌞 energy is rising fast upon our Planet. This was a very befitting code on the day of the BLUE SOLAR STORM – that brings forth THE SUN – to herald a tremendous TRANSFORMATION for HUMANITY.
Jesus is the SUN☀ of GOD, and we are all CHILDREN👫👭👬 OF THE SUN🌞, so AHAU’s codes are very potent in activating💥 and illuminating💡 the Planetary Christ Consciousness Grid today! 🌏🌐🌍🌐🌎
Day 10 in the BLUE MONKEY🐒 WAVESPELL of MAJIK, Joy, Bliss, Play, Merriment, Spontaneity and a return to Innocence.
Today is the day of MANIFESTATION on the physical plane. The accumulation of energies over the last 10 days of this Wavespell allows us to harvest this energy through manifestation. So today we are manifesting great illumination, ☀MAJIK, JOY and BLISS through our en-LIGHT💡 ON-ment! 💫💕🐬
As we are now reaching the limits of the ZERO point field on the rainbow bridge🌈 this is potent MANIFESTATION power to end our visit in the CORE of the TZOLKIN.
PLANETARY 🌏🌎🌍– Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation.
The 10th stage of the Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the harvest stage where we happily reap our manifest splendor. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the deep soul longings that we desire.
PLANETARY energies enable us to build and manifest strong connections with Spirit today. We have the power to PERFECT and accomplish great HEALING in our physical bodies through our MANIFESTATION process today. Perfecting transformation in all aspects of our being, on a personal and PLANETARY level through our en-LIGHT💡ON-ing Ascension journey. .
✨✨✨NOTE: The PLANETARY 🌏manifestation tone coupled with the SUN🌞 and MONKEY🐒 MAJIK 💫today is very powerful YANG energy to utilize for your creative expression. So take note and use this POWER wisely today!
Today we can harvest this FUEL to boost our PERSONAL and PLANETARY ASCENSION 🚀🚀🚀
Blessed be, pure hearts! Make sure you catch some GOLDEN SUN☀ rays today! Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL SUN ☀SHINY day, absorbing all that nurturance and Universal Fire, SHINING your LIGHT✨and PLAYING🐬 as we MANIFEST Majik💫 together co creating our BLISS-ful New World! 🌏🌍🌎🌈🌈🌈
✨✨✨ A fantastic MANIFESTING🎨 DAY day and brilliant day for PLANETARY work/healing/manifesting on a grand scale!
Paint🎨 the PERFECT PICTURE🖼 for your life and our Planet. 🌎💕🎆
Today’s question is “How can I independently PERFECT my CREATIONS, in order to Manifest great MAJIK, 💫JOY 🐬and BLISS ❤ in my physical reality?”
AM I READY to truly SHINE✨ in my role as a PLANETARY BLISS🐬 SUN🌞?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a giant PLANETARY leap, in the transformation of our physical reality, BEAUTIFULLY made MANIFEST today!
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW PLANETARY SUN🌍 ☀– AHAU prompts us to STEP UP today and become independent 👑 Sovereign beings, who are complete and WHOLE.
This enables us to perfect the ILLUMINATION of our own PURE essence, away from the influence or reflective distortions of others. Accessing the Universal fires that AHAU provides, and using this energy to nurture and restore our cells, our organs and our bodies. Storing this chi energy deep within our core.
We can then draw upon this reserve as fuel for our passion and drive, to manifest our own independent and unique creativity as the PLANETARY LIGHT HOUSES that we are. RADIATING our LIGHT throughout the globe. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
The PLANETARY SUN ☀🌍provides the SPARK🎇 of ignition, through the flame🔥 of the Universal Fires to AWAKEN and ILLUMINATE our being. This affords a great opportunity for PLANETARY AWAKENING 🎆today through our perfected Divine self.
Spirit provides the flame, but we need to choose to keep it alight within our Hearts and Minds, in order to manifest great PLANETARY AWAKENING and the creation of our Planetary Paradise.
AHAU gives you great power to bring your dreams to LIFE in the physical plane. Much Majik can be alchemized into manifest form,⚛ by great EN-LIGHT💡ON-ed Masters.
Follow in the footsteps of Yeshua/Jesus and turn water into wine, producing food to feed the masses from fish and one loaf of bread! Such is the power that EN-LIGHT💡ON-ed beings yield. The power to walk on water and solve the problems of our PLANET with one wave of their MAJIK wand.💫
It is time for us to claim our MASTERY, but in so doing we must WALK OUR TALK, and truly LIVE our DAILY LIVES through the lens of Spirit and the Enlightened Masters that we are becoming! 🌞🌞🌞
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW PLANETARY STAR🌏 🌟– LAMAT Today is the shiny manifestation of creative Majik💫 and PLAY. LAMAT ✨illuminates and activates our solar☀ plexus chakra, spinning harmonically⚛ so that this energy takes form and manifests through into the physical realm as happiness🔅, joy💝 and BLISS🐬. Our Divine child’s exuberance. 👶
As you independently SHINE your LIGHT by perfecting the creation of your Art .🎨 Reflecting the JOY, beauty and elegance that surrounds you, into your creations made manifest. We are all Artisans crafting and shaping our beautiful new world, we just need the eyes to see and appreciate this beauty that exists all around us. The more we LIGHTEN💡 up and BE like a child, the faster our manifestations take form.
Today, be the extension of this joy and beauty made manifest in the physical form, as the beautiful and grace filled STAR🌟 BLISS❤ SUN 🌞 shining happily with new found creative confidence.✴
The PLANETARY STAR ✨🌍 as the higher guiding energy today is activating the New Harmonic Time template upon our Planetary kin today. The PLANETARY STAR is creating a PORTAL for our whole PLANET to ascend through into a higher timeline for NEW EARTH… Yippee!!! ✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨
The higher timeline of PEACE, HARMONY, BEAUTY and ABUNDANCE for ALL, where our lives become a living work of Art.🎨🖼
Hold this perfected vision until it is made manifest in our reality.
GODSPEED our journey into the higher 5D LIGHT! ✨✨✨✨
SUPPORT: BLUE PLANETARY STORM🌏 🌀– CAUAC continues to catalyze tremendous change today, as we allow the transformation of our physical bodies back to a state of complete wholeness, releasing and purging any remaining density or dis-EASE..
The PLANETARY STORM🌎🌪🌫 has a vast global reach, catalyzing great transformation today. Manifesting great Planetary change that perfects and heals all who dwell on her lands, catalyzing our capacity to be connected to all, in Universal Love. through the perfected state of Unified presence.
We are becoming the beacons in the STORM 🌀🌊 as our LIGHTS are switched ON💡 and the STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 are collectively illuminating the Planetary grid of Nova Gaia. ✨🌐🌎✨
🚫Be alert for PHYSICAL STORMS today – particular from our SUN as CME’S and coronal flares. 🌪🌞
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SELF-EXISTING DRAGON 🐉– IMIX connects us to the POWER 💥 of BIRTH and all CREATION. Upscaling our ability to make MANIFEST our wondrous majikal creations through Divine creative expression.
The Self-Existing tone enables us to bring into form, from the VOID of CREATION, all that we hold in our imaginings. The perfection of our dreams made manifest into the physical realm.
B-EARTH-ing the beautiful NEW EARTH together, through accepting responsibility for her care and nurturance, through our daily existence and actions.
B-Earth-ing a caring and compassionate mind, sensitive to the needs of our communities and our Planetary body. Ensuring we leave positive footprints 🐾in the sands of our Earth Mother.🌍 Ensuring our manifestations are in HARMONY with Mother Gaia and for the good of all her children. 👭👬👫
The DRAGON tribe are very active in bringing us through this momentous EVOLUTIONARY day to b-Earth our BRIGHTER BLISS 🐬SUN 🌞 selves and our NEW EARTH in the NEW TIME.
The PLANETARY DOG is blessing us all with a GLOBAL KISS💋💋💋 from our CREATOR before we exit the cradle of the SOURCE FIELD.
Our HEART is our access point for the ZERO POINT FIELD and the KEY to our ASCENSION… discovering this TRUTH returns us home to our SOURCE and our unlimited POWER as CREATORS.

on our graduation from our journey to the very CORE of our being, and CORE of existence – rediscovering our SOURCE… that ALL IS endless LOVE and we are the strands that weave that GRID OF LOVE. ❤🌐❤

OC is the trusted loyal servant of the Divine, who operates from a PURE and loving HEART.❤ Allow all the SHADOW energies to be felt and lovingly released in order to feel the endless order of the Harmonic Matrix of Creation. Becoming receptive to feeling the unconditional love that pervades all of Creation, through nature and life itself.
We are MANIFESTING our true family👫👭👫👬 in the physical plane, by our capacity to feel as ONE with our physical realities. Perfecting our capacity to nurture our spiritual reality, by being clear mirrors from our hearts, in order to truly LOVE and adore one another, and our PLANET too! 💞
Our challenge today is to TRUST. The WHITE DOG always TRUSTS, that ALL is well. ALL is in Divine Order, and perfectly ordained, as life unfolds PERFECTLY according to the Divine Plan.
TRUST in your Destiny, trust in your BEAUTY, trust in your LIGHT and TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN for our planet and HU-MAN-ITY! 💝🌏🌎🌍🌐
Blessed be, pure hearts! Make sure you catch some GOLDEN SUN☀ rays today! Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL SUN ☀SHINY day, absorbing all that nurturance and Universal Fire, SHINING your LIGHT✨and PLAYING🐬 as we MANIFEST Majik💫 together co creating our BLISS-ful New World! 🌏🌍🌎🌈🌈🌈
✨✨✨ A fantastic MANIFESTING🎨 DAY day and brilliant day for PLANETARY work/healing/manifesting on a grand scale!
Paint🎨 the PERFECT PICTURE🖼 for your life and our Planet. 🌎💕🎆
Today’s question is “How can I independently PERFECT my CREATIONS, in order to Manifest great MAJIK, 💫JOY 🐬and BLISS ❤ in my physical reality?”
AM I READY to truly SHINE✨ in my role as a PLANETARY BLISS🐬 SUN🌞?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a giant PLANETARY leap, in the transformation of our physical reality, BEAUTIFULLY made MANIFEST today!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈


Invocation to the Flame of Healing🙌🏼🙏

Beloved I AM Presence, Beloved Angels of the Healing Flame, Beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael, beloved Hilarion and all Beings of Light serving on the Ray of Healing.
I come now before Thy flame to request healing in God’s name. I stand with my God Presence to be liberated and healed from all physical burdens through Thy Healing Light and Love.
I also ask to be healed from all etheric scars, mental and emotional traumas from this life and from the past.
Flame of Healing of purest green, bless my form and make me whole!
Pour comfort into my soul and enlightenment for my mind.
I AM God’s Perfection manifest in body, mind and soul. I AM God’s Healing Light flowing to make me whole.
I AM the Master Presence charging all my bodies with Love.
Beloved God Presence, as I transform my consciousness, Let heaven’s perfection manifest in my daily life, Send thy Ray of Healing upon my soul!
I AM Christ Presence charging me with Thy Radiant Healing Light until I become the full manifestation of that Light. Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!
( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia) ❤
Invocation to the Flame of Healing
Invocation to the Flame of Healing
Kin 140, Yellow Planet Sun
How to perfect what I do?
Kin 140, Yellow Planet Sun
Illuminate, Producing Life with the power of Universal Fire
Kin 140, Yellow Planet Sun
After mobilizing and pulsating my intention in tone nine (solar tone), this energy is updated in the Planetarium tone (LAHUN). Here, the essence and physics meet and unify. Heaven touches the Earth, spirit and matter unite. Updating creative potential is at the heart of my essence, and brings depth, wealth and importance to my life. The entire manifested world is actually the concrete imagination. Everything I bring into the world (my mental, physical and emotional energies) contributes to planetary equation. Planetarium tone asks me to remind myself of the things I produce in my life and what they mean. No judgement there is only perfection! I reach the max of my productivity, I strive wholeheartedly to perfect my efforts. I accept the existence of perfection in all forms of manifestation. Allow perfection to be a continuous process of aspiration. I enjoy all that has been delivered to our planet and enjoy all that the planet has to offer me.
The Yellow Sun (AHAU) simultaneously means Zero and Twenty, representing the union of all and nothing. Being our local star, the Sun is the lens through which we receive radiant emanations of energy, information transmitted directly from the center of the galaxy. I receive the greatness of Universal Fire, I let it ignite and illuminate my inner Sun – my inner source of divine light. Awakening to the precious reality of who I truly am – a spark of the great fire of life that lights up eternity. Unleashing all layers of personal identity and conditioning, I can rest in the sacred void of my essence – pure life. The Sun is a reminder that I am, at this very moment, the center of everything that exists. I am the crown of creation, infused with the solar mind diagram. I’m love in visible ways! As I express unconditional love, I become more than I ever thought I was. I come back enlightened. I accept myself and others unconditionally. I break myself from limitations. I accept and understand the nature of judgment, fear, light and darkness within myself and others. I am the dawn of the solar era.
Demonstrations occur all the time. The important thing is to be a conscious manifesto. With conscience I can have access to freedom and power to express my full capabilities. I manifest what I plan, what feeds my soul and gives me a sense of success, satisfaction and love. I open myself up to receive the support of the Universe in order to create abundance and perfect my manifestations.
Text: Sonia Days
Kin 140, Yellow Planet Sun
I perfected with the end of illumination
Producing the life
Universal Fire Matrix Seal
With the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of grace
“I perfect my illumination, harmonizing my thoughts with love, to be able to define myself. “
TOM 10: Planetarium (LAHUN) – How to perfect what I do?
POWER – Perfection | ACTION – Produce | ESSENCE – Manifestation
SEAL 20: Yellow Sun (AHAU)
POWER – Universal Fire | ACTION – Illuminate | ESSENCE – Life
Mystic Column





Sacred Condor Oracle Card for the Day


New Moon in Cancer
New Moon in Cancer



Moonology Manifestation Oracle by Yasmin Boland ~




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