DNA LIGHT EXPANSION ~ Light Body Code Activation ~ Recalibration ~ Bodhisattva ~ ASCENSION CODES

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DNA LIGHT EXPANSION ~ Light Body Code Activation ~ Recalibration ~ Bodhisattva ~ ASCENSION CODES

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Powerful Sovereign Beings of God Source Light

I am the Life that is Eternal. I Am the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven within. I Am the Truth that always sets me free. And in this we activate you now. Nothing to fear, nothing to do but be your True Authentic Self. Shining brightly with your Holy Virtue held within the Queen’s Chamber deep within your Heart center. We hear the Angelic Choir calling us home, the Language of Light is Raising the Sceptre of the Golden Temple to light up the crown and blaze your Halo of the Christed Ones.

Today our Solaris is in perfect alignment with the Star Arcturus which is assisting our Earth Angelic team of the 144, Terra Nova Gaia and all Sentient beings to align with our Higher Purpose and Divine missions to complete this Transformation into the Heavenly and Shambhala Avatars of the Holy Spirit.

We are held in the Sweet Embrace of our Divine Mother Goddess to behold the Celestial Abundance that showers down upon us, cleansing and healing as all suffering washes away. What remains is the Love in our Hearts and the Truth in our Minds. This is the Yin and Yang within to be expressed out as we expand into the higher realms of the Infinite Way. This is it. The time is at hand where we rise and merge all timelines with this eternal now. All is whole and complete in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. This is our True NAture, we are Intrinsically Enlightened from Birth into the Light.

Your Indestructible Diamond Light Body is your Natural State and we bridge this into our physical 3D form to free our Spirits from all confines of the false mind of the 3d matrix and allow it to guide us to our 5th dimensional Luminous Field of Gamma Plasma Light. Our cellular structure is transforming into the unbreakable adamantine cells of our immortal bodies of Divine Alchemy. In this Ascension Process our Sacred Temples are being prepared for the final Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the NEw Earth, the blessed Edenic Timeline of Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Happiness for all.

Ground Crew of Galactic Starship Earth we are fully on mission to rise each day into the Dawning of our Hearts Desires to hold the vision and to keep the Spark Alive. This is our Soul Star Spark we lowered into this vessel to assist Gaia and all her children in the Great Awakening and Ascension into Heaven on earth….A’ho!

Shalom Shanti Inspirutus Caelum Terra Deus





Right now: Moon at 27°12′ Pisces, Sun at 25°02′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An eagle and a large white dove turning into each other.
Sabian Symbol for 26º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 26º Libra.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A fertile garden under the full moon.
Sabian Symbol for 28º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 28º Pisces.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com


There is an intense wave of energy coming in right now. It started around 10 am EST this morning.
The reminder coming in for all of you is to slow down drastically and let this energy completely have its way with you.
If you continue to move fast with life when the energy is suggesting that you need to slow down, then you will be forced to slow down one way or the other (illness, flu etc).
Learning to navigate life based on the body’s needs at any given moment is key to functioning in fifth dimensional frequencies.
As tempted as you may be to go on social media or start a new project or socialize, when the energy is this intense taking the time to pause, rest, nourish yourself etc are going to help absorb and process these upgrades much easier
Stay Hydrated . Take Epsom salt baths. Go on a grounding silent walk in nature. Lay in bed and meditate. Book a long deep tissue massage or cupping to help release some of the energy stuck in your muscles and tissues. Curl up and read your favourite book, etc will all help navigate the intensity 💕
Happy upgrading ☺️

Forever Conscious

The Arcturus Gateway peaks today although this energy will still be present until the 19th. Arcturus is about 25 times bigger than our Sun and as it aligns with Arcturus, we are able to receive its light energy straight into our being. From channeled messages I have received this light energy can best enter through the back of our heart chakra. The spot where we sprout our wings. Visualize streams of light energy entering this part of your body, lifting your mood and inviting more joy into every cell. Jupiter also stations direct today adding to the abundant energies! In fact, this is a powerful time to connect with the abundance that you are and the abundance that is all around you.
📸©Ted Chin


The calm void like feeling we had in the last days (although our bodies were still dealing with the effects of ascension and jumping timelines) is over. The full moon energy is already affecting our bodies and we might not be as tired as we were in the last days (weeks) but we cannot sleep at night, we are waking up a lot and cannot get back to sleep and when we finally do, we have a lot of dreams (A different version of the past we have wished for or the things that still need to be cleared during the retrograde period).
This full moon will be crazy. Things will be revealed or brought to the surface that are ready to be cleared. We will end the retrograde period with a blast and start fully living on the new timeline. Cannot wait .The retrograde period we are in right now is such a good opportunity for us to clear the old ways out of our systems and It also brings a deep unpleasant, but necessary purge. It feels like we are slowly but surely coming to an end of a tough period/cycle, where we had so many lessons that we needed to learn.
Things to see, experience, realise. See where we are giving our power away, how we are making ourselves small. And because we needed to clear all the old ways of living that were not working for us anymore, we needed people and situations in our life that triggered us, caused us pain, sadness, suffering. Without those situations we wouldn’t be able to see, experience, realize what needs to be cleared out of our systems. The purging was bad and unpleasant but it feels like we’re getting out of the dark tunnel we were in and we can already see the light. Two of the planets went direct again and two will be going direct soon. It will be another powerful push out of our own darkness into the light where we will realize we are exactly where we need to be.


2-Ik/Wind, 17 Oct 2021
The rising new fragile phenomenon of Divine Time is communicated and disseminated, the sacred arrows of the CREATOR’S Universal intent endure to ascend consciousness, piercing through the manipulative immature densities of the past. We know that to sense and understand we must tune into our inner universal mind/heart(intuition), and let go of the outer distraction that interferes and distorts the mirror from being aligned with Source. It all comes as a test, nothing is meant to be taken personally, if we do we do not grow easily.
AFFIRMATION – I am calling back those lost parts of my Soul that misunderstood, got afraid and ran away. I now love myself deeper and welcome my truth back with an open HEART!
With the Divinely scheduled Awakening that is happening, as our Soul ASCENDS, many of us are welcoming back the part that got lost. It happened for a reason and it is ok. Paradoxically it was a gift because without this happening we would not have needed to go deep and find our Hearts inner truth. We might have unconsciously stayed on the surface aimlessly drifting. But thankfully our sails have been gifted the wind to motivate us to move through the changes with ease and grace and purpose of destiny. Our capacity to understand has been given stimulus, so now because we have journeyed so deep we can SEE our life on a higher level. We see the flaws of a system that is an extension of ourselves. We understand that we must take responsibility and look within, changing ourselves and healing our “spiritual wounds” and in so doing transmute the poisons of ill intent and the immature aspects and disfunctions of the collective consciousness.
It is TIME to transcend duality, the Creator’s incoming SOURCE LIGHT energies are in support, all we need to do is have faith in our integrity, trust and surrender to your truth. Be wise, be strong, be humble, and give yourself courage, dance to your truth, reignite your inner light with the memory of the SOURCE Fire of Universal TIME.
Together with the birds of the same feathers of high vibrational LOVE it is time to fulfill the prophecy by becoming the “Phoenix Rising” from the ashes of times multidimensional Starlight memory.
I am cleaning on the memory out there within me. Ho’oponopono.
From the Heart
Sean Caulfield
More Time Keeping and Soul Ascension Consciousness at “The Universal Frequency” Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/theuniversalfrequency
Dear StarOnes,
Two weeks ago, I began receiving “visual communication” where vivid scenes and information were shown during my sleep, yet felt as One Oraphim-Time Keeper traveling through dimensional portals…
My Heart knows that many of the current “Guardians” upon Terra have reconnected since my last post on Sept 22rd shorturl.at/acpIP , which eluded in synchronicity with the return of the Ancestral Guardian Builders-Elohim to this part of the Harmonic Universe. The return of our Original Creator Families has been also felt by other more public figures as mentioned by Micheal Salla’s updates.
I will not write in length to the content of these visions as many of you have or will also receive similar “visuals communications”.
Instead, I was guided to share reminders of Knowledge that will trigger further “communication” within the Collective Consciousness Network.
With Grace, Love and Peace
Blue Ray Council and guardian of the Mother Ark 💎💙✨
Gratitude to the heArTiste 💙
Origins – the First World – Tara 560,000,000 – 550,750,000 YA (year ago)
Approximately 560 million years ago (YA), upon the planet . Tara within the Second Harmonic Universe), (your Earth is presently in the First Harmonic Universe), many ET and metaterrestrial races combined their genetic and energetic make-up to create a master race of beings that would serve as “Guardians” of the planet Tara.
The Sirian Council from Harmonic Universe 2, along with several other groups were appointed as directors and overseers of the project, the Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) experiment. Meta terrestrials from the Fourth and Fifth Harmonic Universes were the founders of this project, working through a seed race called the Lyrans from the Third Harmonic Universe.
The Lyrans created a race of beings in Harmonic Universe 3 called the Elohim, who would become overseers for the Sirian races in Harmonic Universe 2. The Elohim became one of the numerous supervisory groups within the Turaneusiam-1 experiment, due to the Sirian race contribution of genetic identity to the experiment.
The Turaneusiam race evolved for about eight million years on Tara, with 12 primary sub-racial divisions among them. Each of the 12 Turaneusiam sub-races carried a genetic slant derived from the 12 primary contributors to the T-1 experiment, but all of them carried the unique l2-strand DNA package the T-1’s were designed to embody. The 12 Turaneusiam sub-races were the Bra-ha-man, Dhr-ah-men, Atoni, Trin-i-ten, Azurtan, Celtos, Addami, Yut-arans, Luri, Cerrasz, Nezack-tai, and the Melchizedakz. After evolving successfully for many years the Turaneusiam race began to digress, their genetic code breaking down and their cultures falling into disharmony. Manipulation by and inter-breeding with various unrelated ET strains was the primary cause of this digression.
About eight million years into their evolution (552,000,000 YA) the Turaneusiam race divided into two primary racial strains, the Alanians (sometimes referred to as the Beli-Kudyem) and the Lumians (frequently called the Adami-Kudmon). The two strains of Turaneusiam evolved together on one large land-mass called E-Den, creating two cultures known as Alania and Lumia. Both cultures evolved on Tara for about one million years (551,000,000 YA). Both races carried the original 12-strand DNA genetic code of their Turaneusiam lineage, and both carried mutations and digressions of that code from inter-stellar breeding. Cultural disturbances escalated along with the continued digression of the Alanian and Lumian strains, and hostility arose as the Alanians sought dominion over the more passive Lumian culture. “
Source Voyagers II
Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

Light Body Code Activation

Dear Advanced Soul, you are reminded at this moment that you came through to this plane of existence to assist in humanity to evolve into a new race of beings. You do this process by first awakening to the truth of your own soul & then building a body of light via your Merkaba activation whilst in your human form. You are correct to say that not all on this planet are at the same degree of this process as you & that is because the ones that resonate with this information are a part of the minority that came through to assist the whole. This is why it’s important to release judgment on others now & to focus on what you are here to do regardless of how entangled others seem to be. This is the very reason you were sent here & to hold compassion & the frequency for all.
There has been a new enormous influx of Light that has been pulsing & opening on Earth & in the human auric field. You can feel this when this has been activated in you because your desire to lead a more aligned spiritual path will outweigh any other option for you. Please remember this process of Light being built begins in the heart & slightly above where the higher heart is. It then expands outward to activate you fully & align both your physical heart & energy heart into higher frequency so you then become a pure channel & source of light.
With the assistance of many evolved beings, the human race has been preparing to step up into becoming a much more advanced telepathic race & to now be aware of many other realities that exist. What is important to remember is that you came here specifically to transform this world by building your body of light which affects the dense matter around you so it may go higher in vibration. By living your life as your Higher Self & Soul you bring through your vessel these higher, finer patterns of energy into the very fabric of the matter & this, in turn, transforms consciousness in this dimension. ~ Metatron via ℎℎ ♡



OCTOBER 18 2021
Many are now receiving back in their hands
their soul contracts and true akashic records and they will be able to finally remember who they are, reconnect with their soul and be free again.
These are mostly people who have been in some kind of denial, delay or entrapment for many lifetimes and were unable to access their true records and remember.
Now that they will have their soul’s records available again,
they will be able to correct and align.
This news is to be celebrated and honoured since many of our brothers and sister will be finally free and awakened suddenly.
Πολλοί λαμβάνουν τώρα πίσω στα χέρια τους
τα συμβόλαια της ψυχής τους και τα αληθινά ακασικά αρχεία τους και έτσι θα είναι σε θέση να θυμηθούν επιτέλους ποιοι είναι,
να επανασυνδεθούν με την ψυχή τους και να είναι ξανά ελεύθεροι.
Αυτοί είναι κυρίως άνθρωποι που βρίσκονταν σε κάποιο είδος άρνησης, καθυστέρησης ή εγκλωβισμού για πολλές ζωές και δεν μπορούσαν να έχουν πρόσβαση στα πραγματικά τους αρχεία ώστε να μπορούν να θυμηθούν.
Τώρα που θα έχουν ξανά διαθέσιμα τα αρχεία της ψυχής τους, θα μπορούν να διορθώσουν και να ευθυγραμμιστούν.
Αυτά τα νέα πρέπει να εορταστούν και να τιμηθούν μιας και πολλοί από τους αδελφούς και τις αδελφές μας θα είναι και πάλι επιτέλους ελεύθεροι και θα αφυπνιστούν ξαφνικά.
Ναι !!!


We bring through a greater perspective of your true origins, the true light language of you.
The cryptic nature of your evolution stems back to the same building blocks of life for all beings. For the encodement of your DNA is a universal life signature.
A technique used throughout the galaxy to create life, enhance life. Know your multidimensional reality, the purpose of your creation, your pivotal achievements in your light mission are encoded within your DNA, to play in this virtual reality.
See the White Hats of your World, the light beings who protect the good will of your community. The guardians who assist the foreseeable changes that are encoded in your timeline.
Know your role is to assist US.
Connect to the Higher Light Encodements, filtering through your reality. To integrate these attuned frequencies and assimilate throughout your community.
For your role is fundamental to our role. We can assist but ultimately your role is to assist the greater awareness of your galactic community.
See the opportunity to work with US, to feel the Light Alignment between US.
For this is part of the greater context of your multidimensional reality.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love 🙏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Sun in Libra opposite Eris in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in Libra sextile Venus in Sagittarius – Diplomatic communication is favoured over brute force. If we feel backed into a corner, calm negotiation, and a willingness to listen will help to release us. Resist any urge to tell someone what you think they want to hear for fear of being overpowered or undermined. State your honest position graciously, to regain control.
We may be conscious of aspects of life that have become unbalanced.
Weigh the pros and cons of decisions, especially if they are irrevocable. Don’t let fear or anger cloud judgement – better to wait for the air to clear before committing. Sometimes, there are forces beyond our control but we’re not powerless. If you feel intimidated, focus on what can be changed rather than what can’t. Dig deep within to locate immense reserves of strength. Show grace under pressure. Keep it real. Emerge from the shadows. Let yourself shine.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 10°Li21′ R, Venus 10°Sg21′ – 02:23 (BST)
Sun 24°Li14′, Eris 24°Ar14′ R – 10:34 (BST)
Sun 24°Li20′, Pluto 24°Cp20′ – 13:12 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘Portrait of a Woman in White’ by Frida Kahlo

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 47 – Blue Galactic Hand .

After Channeling and Organically Balancing the Resonant Tone of Attunement, we are invited to acquire and maintain the Galactic Tone of Integrity.
Blue Galactic Hand guides and teaches us to know the power of completion and closure, which allows us to move to higher levels of being, by modeling our integrity so that it reaches others, helping to catalyze ever greater levels of harmony.
Blue Galactic Hand – encourages us to let accomplishments be defined by our own innate inner knowing in order to actualize our ability to craft. Integrity means to harmonize our thoughts, beliefs, and actions with what we know to be the highest truths.
Blue Galactic Hand – reminds us that integrity requires unending courage, ever new clarity, and indominable resolve and that when we stand firm in our integrity, we are protected and provided for.
Blue Galactic Hand – invites us to elevate the quality of our existence through a willingness to accept and integrate truth. By being true to our own inner fire of illumination, we ignite flames of consciousness that spread and offer guidance and warmth to our Planetary Family at large. The Cauldron of Creation is ever reminding us that we are all vessels of life, exploring and expressing Itself. We are each messengers to each other, moving and evolving as we journey together through this dream of Life.
In Lak’ech
Thank you for sharing this excerpt from Ganapati Ananda’s new Workbook, Cosmic Dreamspell Astrology Wisdom. You can help support spiritual and humanitarian causes while diving deeper into Galactic Wisdom by getting your own copy here:
Cosmic History Quote for Moon 3, Day 28 – A bodhisattva is one who postpones his/her own achievement of nirvana in order to help all sentient beings attain enlightenment

Kin 47 ~ Blue Galactic Hand

The number 8 is called Galactic and it’s key words are ‘Harmony, Modeling and Integrity’. The number 8 symbolizes eternity, a continuous loop with no beginning and no end representing the never-ending cycle of time. ‘Harmony’ is achieved when we accept these natural cycles and release the notion that we do not have enough time. We have all the time in the world!
Blue Hand represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Inner knowing’. Find something useful to do today and accomplish something to be proud of. Put your hands to good use or offer some healing. We can achieve much more when we are healed that is why the word ‘accomplishment’ is a key characteristic of Blue Hand. If you have been burning out do not be afraid to ask for a helping hand.
Today’s Guide is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. This magical guide can lead us to magical healing but be aware monkey is always out to trick us in order to teach us valuable lessons. Don’t put your hands where they shouldn’t go or monkey will catch you out!
The Challenge of the day is Red Earth which symbolises ‘Evolution’. Folk born on Red Earth will find their issues of healing will surface. This doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from today, it’s just you may have to own up that you need some healing.
The Occult power is the White Wizard the ‘Enchanter’ of the Tzolkin. This suggests that healing can be accomplished if we allow ourselves to be enchanted or put under a spell. Sometimes it takes supernatural forces to facilitate healing.
The Ally is the Yellow Human and people born on Yellow Human days make great use of their psychic abilities today which helps them to support others. If you know one, then consider yourself lucky. If you need help today but do not know a Yellow Human, use your intuition and be your own support.
8 MANIK – KIN 47
17 OCTOBER 2021
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
I harmonize in order to know
Modeling HEALING
I seal the store of Accomplishment
With the Galactic tone of integrity
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK!!
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
17/10/2021 = 17/10/5= 8/15=8/6=14=5
17- Immortality/Legacy code
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
14- Media/Publicity/Attention
5- Freedom/Change/transformation/Liberation/Movement
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Harmony
KIN 47 = 11 Portal/Gate/Polarity 11 = 2 Partnership/Cooperation/Twins
A very POWERFUL MAJIK💫 PORTAL DAY (Monkey, Wizard and Manik) A DIVINE opportunistic day to walk through the doorway towards the LIGHT! When new doors open – do not hesitate – WALK through them!
Day 8 in the YELLOW SUN☀ WAVESPELL of ILLUMINATING our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH to reclaim our SOUL POWER and full Sovereignty.
Day 8 is where we integrate the LIGHT through trusting our ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and allowing this to happen through the play of consciousness and modeling integrity in our actions.
GALACTIC – Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity.
The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions. Are our intentions based on harmony through integrity of being? Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority.
The litmus test in becoming a Master is to be totally transparent in your actions and motivations. Integrity and authenticity are the keystones to evolving as en-LIGHT-ON-ed beings.
Today’s questions are “How can I integrate more HEALING wisdom and LIGHT☀ through divine Majik and PLAY to bring more HARMONY to my world.
“AM I READY to step into greater integrity, and ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS?”.
Divine blessings for a Majikally profound day of HEALING and ACCOMPLISHMENT. 🐒🐒🐒
In Lak’ech a la kin 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE GALACTIC HAND 🙌 MANIK – Today we have SUPER HEALING🌿 power 💥 with MANIK ✋, BLUE MONKEY🐒 and WHITE WIZARD providing a trinity of majikal healing power!💫💫💫
We can direct this potent MAJIK through our MIND to harmonize our energies and HEAL our body, mind and soul. MANIK ensures we can accomplish our plans and desires. Majik and accomplishment make for a wondrous alchemical union.
This is also a wonderful day to use your majik to GET THINGS DONE, to volunteer, to assist others and offer a helping hand.✋ This will be the new order of co-operative assistance in our unified common-unities, to assist others unconditionally with no expectation of REWARD. Being a good citizen and good neighbour will become the new normal, so start NOW and be a good role model for others – particularly your children.
Utilize this wonderful opportunity to accomplish GREAT THINGS by retrieving your TO DO list, or your BUCKET LIST, and start prioritizing your tasks to ensure you fully maximize the incredible gifts that MANIK bestows upon you today. What was seemingly impossible in the past, will now be possible. You have the power of HEALING and accomplishment at your disposal today!. 🙌🛠🔧🔨
A brilliant day for REIKI, massage or any form of HEALING modality. 🙌💫
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE GALACTIC MONKEY✨🐒 CHUEN TRIPLE MAJIK TODAY with the 17 MAJIK IMMORTALITY code and WHITE WIZARD aligns with the Monkey’s Majik!!! CHUEN loves to PLAY, and brings forth great MAJIK and merriment. Monkey days are usually lighter and brighter so get out and PLAY today.
Divine knowledge is revealed more readily as we are guided to be as a child, innocently and magically trusting that we already ‘know’ the answers to our questions. Trusting the awareness that shows up in our every moment, helps to heal the old ‘give your power away to the expert’ matrix paradigm. We have all the INNER-standing to solve our problems and be our own physicians.
☀As we reclaim our own inner KNOWing, we become more ILLUMINATED💡 as SOVEREIGN beings, INDEPENDANT, self sufficient and not reliant on others for our health, happiness and growth.
Innocent children bring forth much Divine wisdom, seemingly miraculously. How could a child so young possibly know that? You may postulate. “Out of the mouths of babes, flows much wisdom”. Of course this is so, due to their pure and uncorrupted connection to SOURCE and the endless channel of Divine wisdom.
✨It is time to establish and TRUST your own connection to SOURCE☀ and claim your Sovereignty. Be like a child and know that in fact you are a Divine child, and a child of GOD who just KNOWS!
The GALACTIC MONKEY✨🐒 is also the one who holds the PIN📌 to burst your bubble of illusion.🎈💥. He brings clarity through the SMOKE and DAGGERS and Majik tricks. This MONKEY is very principled and aligns with the highest ideals enmeshed in the very fabric of his being. It will never do to stray off the DIVINE PATH and use your Majik powers for evil or nefarious means.
The GALACTIC MONKEY is the whistleblower and good samaritan who through his pure HEART aims to FREE others from enslavement and drudgery, enabling them to PLAY once more.
The GALACTIC MONKEY as the higher guide today encourages ACTIVISM💥 and rebellion in the name of TRUTH. This monkey DEMANDS AWARENESS and that people AWAKEN to the underlying TRUTH. CHUEN🐵🐒📌 incites MANIK🖐 to put up his HAND and volunteer in the fight for TRUTH, JUSTICE, EQUALITY and FAIRNESS.. all the humanitarian causes.. Together this code makes for a very powerful PEACE ACTIVIST and change agent. Watch the MAJIK unfold! 💫💫💫
NOTE: The GALACTIC MONKEY💥🐒 is the kin of Aussie TRUTHER and Wikileaks founder – Ju-li-an…Ass-an-ge….whose MISSION is to EXPOSE the TRUTH. Using his Magician’s powers to uncover the TRUTH he created WIKILEAKS to publish this valuable information in the public domain. He demanded INTEGRITY and HONOUR from those he exposed as the charlatans who created the SMOKESCREEN keeping humanity lost in the MATRIX of ILLUSION..
Keep an EYE on the news as more vital revelations may be EXPOSED and released today. 💥
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
SUPPORT: YELLOW GALACTIC HUMAN 😊– EB This is the frequency that integrates vital life force through modelling our choices on fearless questioning, asking questions that keep allowing more and more vital life force to show up in our day. Not arriving at answers that limit, simply continually asking the right questions of ourselves and our Divine guidance. Tuning in, listening and heeding the answers that Spirit consciousness provides. We become receptive to more and more vital life force through us as we are aligning with DIVINE WILL, thus accessing DIVINE WISDOM and HEALING powers.
We have the power today to elevate ourselves beyond the limitations of our physical human vessel and raise our cellular frequency to that of the Divine HU-MAN. Our ANGELIC GOLDEN CHRISTED LIGHT✨ bodies can be accessed through today’s healing codes.
EB also provides the power of INFLUENCE, so we will be influenced by others, or alternatively we will influence others through modeling our actions and wisdom, to take the healing journey to wellness and accomplishment too.
We can also influence others to take the path of righteousness✨🕊 by aligning with DIVINE WILL and activating the DIVINE PLAN. When we partner with GOD/GODDESS/SOURCE we discover that Spirit is offering us assistance and a healing hand.
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
OCCULT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIZARD🔮 IX assists in anchoring pure consciousness into our bodies today through his timeless RECEPTIVE MIND. This gifts our minds with pure awareness.
IX is also adept at BALANCING the energy forces to bring greater healing in our bodies and MINDS leading to HARMONY. This WIZARD is Rhythmic which operates in the physical realm relating to our bodies, our homes and our physical environment. Bringing more BALANCE and greater HARMONY to our surroundings allows us to RELAX and create a haven for healing and rejuvenation.
6 IX is a BRILLIANT WHIZZ kid at organization – think Majik fairy Godmother – assisting us in getting through our TO DO LIST with super majikal POWERS!
WHITE WIZARD flamboyantly materializes before you in a vortex of violet and electric blue energy.💫 He presents with his magnificent sceptre to provide the tools to really benefit from this TRIPLE MAJIK HEALING portal energy today in gaining VICTORY over your health challenges and ACCOMPLISHING MIRACLES! ✨
Pure alchemy⚛ is available to you today, as the aethers will shapeshift to create your projected thought forms into matter!
❓What are you desiring, as you have the superpower of enchantment at your disposal today.
❓Are you OPEN to experiencing all the majik that the Universe has to offer you, knowing and believing that MIRACLES and spontaneous healing can occur?
Step into your true Creator form today and experience the miracle of being a Divine Alchemist. Nikola Tesla would be proud of you! ⚛💫⚛💫
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED GALACTIC EARTH🌏 CABAN Today we can integrate our sense of connectedness through listening and responding to the synchronicities that show up. Navigating an awareness of the cycles that have evolved through the ancestral lines that may have limited us in the past. Through our awareness and our ability to respond, these cycles can now evolve in order for us to evolve as Divine HU-man beings.✨😊😇
Mother GAIA is also challenging us to ensure all our actions and plans are congruent with protecting and honouring our Pachamama – her body, our environment and our human families.. all harmonizing in perfect synergy to provide life-enhancing models for our future evolution.
CABAN is also reminding us to listen to our body’s intelligence today. Ask Spirit to work through your body showing you the SIGNS needed that lead to greater healing. Above all remember that Mother Nature is our most potent healing force on this planet, so remember to incorporate your daily dose of sunshine, trees, bird’s singing, waves tumbling, river’s flowing, and the beautiful scent of flowers blossoming. Celebrate our connectedness to this Natural wonder that surrounds us. Remember to walk barefoot on the EARTH grounding for a minimum of 20 minutes a day to fully utilize the MAJIKAL MAGNETIC healing force of Mother GAIA.☀🌏🌈🎆
🎵Mother, I feel you under my feet🎶
🎵Mother, I hear your heart💗 beat. 🎶
Pacha -Mama’s KISS HEALS the BEST! 💋💋💋
Today’s questions are “How can I integrate more HEALING wisdom and LIGHT☀ through divine Majik and PLAY to bring more HARMONY to my world.
“AM I READY to step into greater integrity, and ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS?”.
Divine blessings for a Majikally profound day of HEALING and ACCOMPLISHMENT. 🐒🐒🐒
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
The Holy Incantation of Solace
May Solace abound in the world
Bringing ALL BEINGS into Perfect Union

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