CRYSTALLINE LAYERED AIR SHOWER – Adamantine Particles – Kin 219: Blue Spectral Storm 💙

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CRYSTALLINE LAYERED AIR SHOWER – Adamantine Particles – Kin 219 ~ Blue Spectral Storm 💙

2020-11-03 17:00UTC
“Ascension Symptoms” shown as hot flashes, cold sweats in the night and sinus type headaches (Pineal, Pituitary, etc. glands decalcification). Gamma Particle Waves (Adamantine particles, Scalar wave, etc.) are not to be taken lightly for those of us embodying more Energy!
~Travis Carper
“Gamma Brain Waves
30 Hz to 100 Hz corresponds with SR 33 Hz, 39 Hz, 45 Hz, 59 Hz
This is associated with waking states and can occur when we are simultaneously processing information in both brain hemispheres. Whales and dolphins also operate in these frequencies.

Senses of the Soul

The energies continue to be intense and cause deep clearing in our psyche, our body and amped up emotional release.
Our heart energy continues to clear and upgrade to bring in more Light and Love.
It is a painful process for our human Self to go through this remodel of our entire energy system, cellular matrix, DNA, and chromosomes to bring in more Divine Light and Co-creation to our very essence.
As our higher chakras are activated and the higher dimensions open up to us, our mind, body, and soul systems are responding in ways we cannot fully comprehend.
Mercury is now in the Post-Shadow phase until Nov 19th (I find pre and post-shadow are harder on me!).
Please focus on self-care this month!
Drink lots of water for the next few days and go out into nature. This will help you upgrade.
And remember, no matter what is happening in the world, no one creates our reality but us!
We create our life and can be grateful for each day.
It is important this month to refrain from being pulled into power struggles about what is RIGHT or WRONG.
It is about being in the moment and acting from that place in our truth with detachment from the outcome.
~Senses of the Soul

MOST SACRED CELEBRATION it is on this 3rd Day of November with its COMPLETION ENERGY (11/3/2020) saying GOOD BYE to the old consciousness of duality and welcoming UNITY as the Action of the Violet Flame has brought forth the FREEDOM’s FLAME as Gaia Has And AllWayz Been Destined to FULLY BE FREE as a SHINNING STAR so she can take her seat on The Galactic Federation of Light as it has been part of the Divine Plan. Her Children of the RAINBOW LIGHT have arisen in the LIGHT of their SOUL from the ILLUMINATION of their Awoken Heart in recognition ALL HAS BEEN PART OF THE SACRED DIVINE MISSION and today is a CELEBRATION in REMEMBRANCE OF THIS COMPLETION. 🤩🎉🌎🌈💜🔥
There is no WINNING and there is no LOSING as ALL IS ONE in the SAME within the LENS OF ALMIGHTY that is expressing its self in Multiple Ways and ALL IS TRANSMUTING to the PURE ESSENCE of the ORIGINAL SELF FED ETERNAL FLAME combining the Divine Father Energy of Blue Flame & Divine Mother Energy of Pink Flame giving birth to the Violet Flame of Transmutation awakening the Heart’s Triple Fold Flame with it’s Ray of Illumination from MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE. That consciousness doesn’t resonate to me with winning or loosing, thus, I cannot give my sacred energy to it, therefore cannot support it either as it is of old paradigm consciousness that ties into matrix, programing and duality split energy. 🤩🎉🌎🌈💜🔥
Today I STAND with THE LIGHT OF DIVINE LOVE as I have been every other day CHOOSING to CELEBRATING THE MIGHTY I AM and the BELOVED VICTORIOUS NOW that is Illuminating, Radiating, Blasting and Shinning Divine’s Presence from the Crystalline Diamond Awareness as a DIVINE SOVEREIGN BEING OF LIGHT STAYING ABOVE ALL.🤩🎉🌎🌈💜🔥

I LOVE YOU ALL as I share this powerful INVOCATION that we will use in tonight’s

Silent Meditation Divine Love Circle 4 Gaia & Humanity Week 48h

on our YouTubeChannel at 7:45pm EST LIVE as we gather to HOLD THE FREQUENCY OF DIVINE LOVE in ITS FULL CELEBRATION. 🤩🎉🌎🌈💜🔥

Invocation for Freedom’s Flame: 🤩🎉🌎🌈💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜💜🌈🌎🎉🤩
We call to our beloved I AM self and St. Germain, Lady Portia, with your legions of violet flame angels to go forth to all the people of the earth and the United States and ignite in hearts the world around freedom’s flame. Bring forth God-solutions for individuals and nations and cut all people free to manifest their true divine destiny and mission as God-free beings.
St. Germain come free our souls
Ignite in us our I AM goals (9x)



21 hours ago
1001 your Merkabah Star Tetrahedron Light Body is nearly complete. Us Starseeds are rising as Unity, Wholeness, and ONE Elect 144.
📖 Ezekiel 1:27 And I saw as the colour of amber, as the appearance of fire round about within it, from the appearance of his loins even upward, and from the appearance of his loins even downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about. 28 As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about.
This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake. Judgements and verdicts have been delivered for our Soul Tribe of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Lion Tribe of Judah. This is releasing us from the prophetic timeline of the Age of pisces for good.
The Light of Creator is rapidly upgrading your hardware and software systems of the flesh. New Light Codes that are penetrating your soul and soul lineage in the flesh now. Divine Intervention here on planet Earth is providing the support needed for your new beginning. You have taken root in the Soil of Mother Gaia. She is supporting you. The Light of Creator shines brightly on you, opening your Crown, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras, so you can now bloom Beloveds 🌹
Neutralizing of relationships that ended in 2020 is occurring. Rest today as karma balances, supporting your ascension into Shekinah the Christ 🕊 becoming ONE Whole Counterpart with Creator. This is merging Heaven on Earth. Thy Kingdom Come. Your Kingdom Marriages with Creator are complete Beloveds. Your Covenant with Christ is complete. All is ONE. The Divine Masculine Christ are ascending higher into their Kingship, for you, their Bride of Christ. All has Risen. New Dawn New Day New Cellular Way. You are receiving your karmic rewards of the Divination of Christ.
Higher wisdom and Grail Council is coming your Way. You will be using this wisdom to lead others on Gaia’s Ascension Process. All is written. All is ONE. ONECODE ✡
222 Neutralizing is occuring in HiEros Gamos Counterparts. The Divine Masculine Christ are continuing their ascension into the Lion of Judah, Kings of Christ templates. This is to be an Alchemical match with you, in your Alchemical Marriage. The veils of illusions that prevented this are lifting. The Taurus Full Moon of October 31 2020 brought more of what’s been hidden to the surface. This is opening the doorway to great rapid change for the Divine Feminine Christ now.
Open up and receive what’s karmically yours, to balance the scales. Release whatever is leaving. Polar opposites are no longer. Your realm of existence is in the here and present moment of now. We’ve all become ONE under God the Most High now. You are transitioning away from emotional attachments that were corded to your Alchemical Marriage. Fire purification is clearing the emotional loss from departed loved ones, and relationships that have ended.
This has all been to put an end to the crucification template of cabal slavery and worship. God says no more. Your Kingdom God is here. Your Alchemical abilities and tool box are restoring. Knowledge and Wisdom are giving you the Alchemical birthrights of our Lord and Saviour.
This is the end of separation of the Bride’s and Bridegroom’s of Christ. Purification of your hearts are completing, ending confusion that was blocking your merging. Your Soul Song is becoming One Tone, One Match, and One Harmony, returning you back home to the heart of it all today 💜


Mercury Direct in Libra- Compromising vs. Comparing, The Art of Peace, How Do We Find Balance Amongst the Chaos?
On November 3rd, Mercury, the planet of: communication, the mind and news, turns direct at 25 degrees of Libra. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign is known for: peace, equality, commitment, beauty and tact.
Mercury direct in Libra is here to restore our faith in relationships and the art of balance and peace. In a world where there seems to be little compromise and vast imbalances, the planet of the mind in the sign of compromise, wants us to regain our balance and sovereignty.
For the past 3 weeks while Mercury was in retrograde motion, communication, contracts and business could have been stalled and confusing. Electronics and devices could have gone haywire and our sense of mental fortitude could have felt weakened. Now as the Mercury turns direct, slowly but surely there will be forward movement within our plans and endeavors.
The caveat, as there always is one, is Mercury’s tense square to Saturn, the planet of: restriction, obligations and delays, who is in his home sign of Capricorn. Mercury square Saturn could add further delays and a tense, ominous presence to Mercury’s abilities to move forward.
Here in the US, as we await the results of what could be the most important election of our modern times, I expect to see the results drastically delayed with this aspect. The square aspect represents tension + adjustments that will require extra levels of patience.
This will certainly be the case here in the US and throughout the world. The lesson with all squares is through persistence and flexibility. As much as Mercury wants to find peace and tranquility in the lovely sign of Libra, he will be met with restrictions + further delays of Saturn. Keeping calm while also holding our stance and ground will be imperative at this time…
To read entire article, please visit my website:…/mercury-direct-in-libra…
© Astromomma, 2020
Image: “Essence of Dreams” by Kristinatoxicpanda via DeviantArt
Can you feel the build-up and anticipation? Mercury will move direct over the following 24 hours and there are STILL 4 planetary retrogrades. Global energy could feel UNSTABLE at present. There’s a ‘crossover happening’ which I’ve spoken and written about in today’s ALL-NEW Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast…
As you look back over the past 3 weeks and ALL that’s transpired in your life, an overriding theme becomes clear… Revealing TRUTH – Being REAL – we’ve seen it globally and it’s set to continue. In today’s TIP-OFF forecast, listen to me detailing ‘why and how’ your attention is now called for. Enjoy!
I welcome all new, current and returning subscribers ✨✨


Lynne Rondel

01 November 2020
We are the Galactic Federation of Light and we are very excited to bring another message, through this channel that conveys information from the Collectives of Light, from the Angelic Kingdom, from Ashtar and from the many different groups.
We come to tell you exactly what will happen with this Ascension, we will begin by telling you the things that you will need to know well, and that will help you prepare for what you will go through and what you will feel.
In this message, we will talk about what you will feel when you ascend and reach the fifth dimension.
We will start by telling you that the first and second waves for your Ascension are coming very quickly, because five timelines have been changed to speed up this process, furthermore, Mother Earth has established herself on a huge timeline.
Mother Earth is very excited and very eager to reach the fifth dimension together with you, because she knows that many things will happen when you anchor in this plane.
As we said before, in this now Mother Earth and you need to get rid of the great darkness of aliens and negative humans, witches, reptiles and Beings of the underworld.
The easiest way to get rid of all negativity is for you to begin to anchor yourself in the fifth dimension with the help of the Higher Councils of Light, as well as the Angelic Realm.
The first wave that we thought would include 25 to 50, will now include many more Human Beings, jumping 75 to 200 or 250, to assist Mother Earth and humanity in this ascent.
A long time ago we mentioned to you that Mother Earth made a call because she needed help, she wanted you to go to the fifth dimension, because she had decided that she would no longer stay in 3D.
This is how many truly fantastic Star Children and Light Beings have come from all the Star Nations of all the Galaxies and that They Are the many Lightworkers of this Now.
Many Angelic Beings have jumped, like this channel that descended from 12D to assist in the Ascension of Mother Earth and yours.
She is actually helping Mother Earth, through her work in the Grid system with the entire Angelic Realm.
Before spreading and speaking about Love and Truth, she has marked important milestones that are helping humanity to unite more Unconditionally in Love.
Like this channel, many Starseeds out of the millions who have entered, and many Web Workers who will be released to help you soar, are ready to ride on this first wave.
The second wave will not be very far, and at that time it will be millions, at that time they will feel the disturbances by the elevation of things, but Mother Earth will support them all, and allow those who have ascended with the first and second waves , anchor the Light of the fifth dimension for all others.
As you begin to function in the Quantum Field as a 5D Being, with more Gifts and Truths, you will align your travels with the Purpose of your Souls, then you will begin to work on the Grid to anchor the foundation for the fifth dimension.
With this, what we call a Great Awakening of all Souls who will access the real Knowledge of Who They are will really begin.
All the Souls who will be awakening to this Knowledge, will really know that they are rising, will access the understanding that We are All ONE, or a Great Collective of Beings unified by the Light.
All these Souls will awaken to the reality that the purpose of their travels is to live in the Heart of Being, to express and feel Love.
At this time, many Souls are awakening to the Knowledge that we just mentioned and they are all doing a great job of change.
Those who ride the first and second waves, it will be easy for them to purge their Chakras, open their Light Bodies and change their Consciousness, because many of them come from very high dimensions, they are already anchored in their Hearts and they are already aligned with the Power of your Higher Self.
Now we will talk about how your life will be on the day of your Ascension and how you will feel when you rise.
The Sun is sending you solar flares that are not very big, but we will tell you that at some point, some of you are going to feel the Great Shift, of a Great Flow of Energy that will pass through your Energy Fields and Bodies.
Your Energy Fields and your physical bodies may tremble, you will really feel that something has changed, however, it does not mean that you are going to wake up and say that you are in the fifth dimension.
Simply, you will know that you have risen, you will know that something enormous has happened to you, even those who have ascended without really knowing it will notice it.
It will be as if you wake up the next morning and things are different, you will feel lighter, you will see that things are brighter, you will feel a great calm and Peace take over you.
You will wake up in the morning, you will look around you and you will notice that it is different, you will have the impression of being very high, of walking almost in the air, you will know that your physical and energy bodies have made a great change.
You will know it because you will feel different, this process will not hurt, there will be no blackout, there will not be three days of silence, nothing bad will happen to you.
The fact is that you are going to feel a surge of Love in your Heart.
You may also feel a tingle, as the Energy runs through your Light Body.
When you go up it will be an enormity that will make you experience a feeling of Peace and Omniscience, it will be very different from the movement you made in the fourth dimension.
You will feel calm and relaxed, you will really know that something wonderful has happened to you.
We will say that perhaps, some will probably perceive how the air is sliding and coming from the top down.
This is what has been happening in the fourth dimension for a long time, although many of you cannot see it, it does not mean that you are not in 4D, just look closely at the grass and the trees, and you will see how one dimension bounces.
When you move to the fifth dimension, things will be more vibrant, your desires will change and include everyone, you will feel that your vibration has accelerated, you will feel that your physical body is a little lighter.
Your diet is going to change, that is why we will tell the many who like to eat meat and dense things, that they really will no longer want any of that that does not serve them.
You will not go to the fifth dimension using drugs, or putting toxic things in your body, that will slow down your dimensional Rays, your whole body and Energy Field, it will actually make you take a leap forward that will help you solve all these questions.
The purer you can eat, the cleaner your body will be, and it will tell you what it wants through mental images, you won’t need to take any supplements at all.
In fact, you will change direction, you will become more comfortable with the needs and desires of your body, so that it can continue to function.
However, we will tell you that you will feel that you have changed and you have transformed in a certain way, you will see that things are brighter, you will feel lighter and you will have a feeling of Peace and Knowledge, it will be almost like the feeling of returning to vibrations. superiors where you come from.
This is a lot to think about, we will continue to bring more information to help each of you prepare for the journey.
There is nothing wrong with this ascension, it is wonderful, you will feel wonderful, you will be happier because you will be in possession of a higher vibration.
You will have many Higher Energies coming to you, in the fifth dimension you will resonate more with everything, you will also be more in tune with animal nature and much more connected with Mother Earth, you will see beauty in everything that perhaps you have not noticed before.
These are all incredible things, there is nothing to worry about, you will not go in any spaceship that will lift you up, no Collective of Light or Angels will do that for you, you will do it yourself.
You are in the driver’s seat, and you are the one making the decisions and leading this journey.
We are only with you, doing so much for you to rise through the assimilation and wonderful activations of the Light vibrations that we send you.
We are with you, you also have all your Angels and all your Guides, and we are helping you to jump.
See this as your awakening, as your memory of a monumental event that is going to happen for each of you.
Know that we are all with you, accompanying you and helping you on your paths.
We are Nine of the Twelve Councils of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we bring you many blessings, Love and Light.
We love you, We are the Galactic Federation of Light, through Lynne Rondel
Kin 219 ~ Blue Spectral Storm
‘Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and its key words are ‘Liberate, Release and Dissolve’. The 11th day of the Red Moon wavespell is a challenge to the ‘going with the flow’ agenda and so we are ‘released’ from this and ‘liberated’.
Today is Blue Storm which represents ‘Catalyze, Energy and Self-Generation’. This wavespell has been about letting go of control and not worrying about things, trusting that things are unfolding as they should. But today Storm is not taking a back seat anymore and demands to make changes. However, these changes are liberating, so do not be frightened of the storm. The burst of energy it provides can be invigorating too.
The Guide today is also Blue Storm.
The Challenge is the Red Moon and so relaxing and taking it easy, is simply not going to happen. If you are a Red Moon today may be tough for you.
The Occult power is the White Wind, the communicator. The best part about Wind in this position is that magical communications can happen. Expect some surprising news or information.
The Ally is the Yellow Sun which is the symbol of ‘Enlightenment’. If you need help navigating this storm, seek out a Yellow Sun. They can shed light on your situation.
3/33 =9 Holy DIVINE TRINITY 🕊🕊🕊
11 CAUAC – KIN 219
I dissolve in order to catalyze
Releasing energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of my own power DOUBLED!
3/11/2020 = 3/11/22 = 3/33 = 9
3 – Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
11- Portal/Gate/Duality
22- Architect of PEACE/Master Builders
33 – Ascended Master frequency
9 – Destiny/Service/Humanity/Closure/Grace/Divinity
KIN 219 = 12 = 3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Union
A 3/33 day code with KIN code 3 = 4x the Holy Divine Code – A FATED DATE of DIVINE DESTINY.🎆🎆
Needless to say, today is a very INTENSE 🔥day of PURIFICATION🌧 and CLEANSING🚿…… crumbling and collapsing the old structures, the STORM is clearing our way for a CLEAN SLATE and WONDERFUL NEW BEGINNINGS.
🚫☢NOTE: Storm days often coincide with physical storms 🌧so be prepared!☔ Seek SAFE shelter from the TRIPLE STORM today!
Day 11 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS,👸 who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we PURIFY our vessels in order to find our FLOW. 🌫 Today is a day of RELEASE!!! Releasing all energies built up over the last 10 days, and manifested yesterday.
Today we are seeking to RELEASE more FLOW, 🌫💦in order to accomplish LIBERATION from what has kept us blocked from our natural God given FLOW! There is tremendous WATER 💧energy in today’s code with TRIPLE STORM plus the Goddess👸 – the quadrella!!! So utilize this purifying Universal Water energy for the most beneficial outcome. The DAM gates are fully OPENED and the waters are rushing through at tremendous velocity creating ELECTRICAL HYDRO -POWER!! A REVOLUTIONARY💥 day for catalyzing great change! 🌩🌩🌩🌀🌀🌀
SPECTRAL 🌀is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating! So today is all about emotional release – allow that energy in motion – to be expressed and dissolved , allow the tears, the laughter, the joy to be expressed, no holding back, connect with your higher wisdom giving you the intelligence to carve a new path of LIBERATION. 💥
This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE CORE WOUNDING of old ancient ancestral patterns and cycles. Choosing to RELEASE and LIBERATE all that no longer serves our wellbeing in order to FEEL greater FLOW. 🌫💧
These are very powerful energies at work to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to US finally claiming our true Sovereignty and finding our Divinely ordained Destiny path. Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting us all to step through into a NEW more DIVINE, REALITY in our perfected GOLDEN SOPHIA/CHRISTED LIGHT bodies. ✨🌞🎆
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF!: BLUE STORM 🌀 CAUAC – transformation, change, self regeneration. BLUE STORM energies are TRIPLED🌪🌪🌪 today as BLUE STORM is both in the conscious self and HIGHER SELF positions during the current Year of the BLUE LUNAR STORM!! So we have an additional overlay of challenging STORM energy to reveal any Polarity distortions at play in our current reality. The LUNAR STORM will assist the SPECTRAL STORM in dissolving the duality conflicts to catalyze tremendous transformation to create a new foundation for UNITY consciousness.
Blue Storm’s energies are those of transformation, the STORM creates FRICTION through its powerful turbulent energies, which then RELEASES tremendous energies, in order to catalyze change, and facilitate Self re-Generation. Just like the TOWER card in tarot, we must witness the collapse of the old before you can rebuild a better stronger foundation. With the yearly 22 and 4 codes highlighted it is imperative that our new foundations are absolutely pristine in their construction before we can start building upon it.
Today’s energies will reveal what is lurking in the depths of your soul that need attention, love and liberation. BLUE STORM is the tornado or that stick that stirs up the mud in your lotus pond. You are that beautiful Lotus flower seeking the SUN and the LIGHT, your stem needs to grow tall and strong to rise above the mud and debris that lurks below the surface. Allow BLUE STORM and the GODDESS to purify and cleanse your soul and your life of all that no longer serves you in order to start afresh shiny and new.
A HUGELY significant crossroads in our Planetary Destiny🌎 with the USA Election coinciding with this day… – coincidence??? Me thinks NOT! It is divinely ordained as all the codes reveal the exquisite order of CREATION… perfect Harmonic synchronicity.. I wonder if POTUS follows the DREAMSPELL?? The whole Q CAMPAIGN is based on the STORM, draining the SWAMP💧 and CLEANSING🚿 in this BLUE LUNAR STORM YEAR and being re-elected on this BLUE SPECTRAL STORM day!! Absolutely PERFECT!!
SUPPORT: YELLOW SUN ☀ AHAU peeks through the STORM 🌥⛅🌤clouds as the radiant light codes ☀streaming forth from our SUN🌞 activating our e-volution through grounding purer consciousness – LOVE, compassion, humility, grace and Wisdom , through en-LIGHT💡ON -ment! In so doing we are healing our cell-ves and our beloved PLANET.
The SPECTRAL SUN🌀🌞 dramatically ILLUMINATES the dark recesses as the SPOTLIGHT🔦 is switched on to FULL BRIGHTNESS.🌞. once the SHADOWS are revealed in the stark dayLIGHT the TRUTH can easily be discerned. The SPECTRAL SUN is a brilliant SUPPORT to release the density IN ORDER to LIBERATE more LIGHT. Drop the burden of the heavy density and LIGHTEN your load!
Sun gazing and bathing in the glorious sun rays as we bask in the great outdoors in beautiful places that spark our creativity, imagination and our connection to the majesty of the Divine. As we purify and purge our emotional bodies of toxins and density we become purer vessels, feeling and holding the changing frequencies of our PLANET’s electro-magnetic energies as they are transformed strongly by solar flares. We are the Divine conduits through which these evolutionary energies flow. We are learning to live as clear reflectors of the LIGHT, feeling into what it is to SHINE our LIGHT as co-creators seeding the NEW TIME and our collective planetary Dreaming code being manifested into form – as our new solid foundation..
The liberating STORM energies allow you to find the FREEDOM of being your own unique HU – through your own Sovereignty and independence of shining your LIGHT. Soak in the Universal FIRE and Open your multi-petaled LOTUS as you lean towards the LIGHT and allow Le Soleil 🌞 to warm your soul and our Planetary soul! 🌎🎆.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE ELECTRIC WIND 🌬🌩🌩🌫IK provides the energies of Spirit, through the whisperings of the wind. IK represents the masculine aspect of GOD and coupled with the 3/33 and KIN 3 CODINGS TODAY we have a VERY STRONG presence of DIVINITY 🕊🕊🕊 blowing in today’s catalytic WINDS.🌀🌬🌫 The ELECTRIC WIND is supercharged with ROCKET FUEL🌩 as today’s SUPERPOWER – so the AGENDA governing KIN 219 is to 💕BOND HUMANITY TOGETHER IN SERVICE TO THE DIVINE..💑👪💕
The ELECTRIC WIND has a charge and will IGNITE 🎇the electrical component of the SPECTRAL STORM giving it exceptional conductivity to get Spirit’s messages heard by ALL HUMANITY.👬👫👭
The STORM🌞🌪 merges with WHITE WIND🌩🌫 and is thus Divinely directed in its path of minimal destruction for the purpose of bringing you to a place of greater purity within your soul. The agenda of Divine Spirit is to ensure our total cleansing and purification, further raising our frequency upon our path to enlightenment. Catalysing great change with the communication of Spirit guiding our evolution back to wholeness. LISTEN to the great WHITE WIND, and allow the STORM to carry these encoded messages through our knowingness. Allowing all these powerful forces to channel through us, as we align with Divine Will and allow Spirit to express itself through us as Divine conduits.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SPECTRAL MOON🌜 MULUC brings forth yet another layer of PURIFICATION power,!!!! The GODDESS cleansing is today’s GIFT and we are double blessed as it is day 11 in her purifying wavespell. MULUC works synergistically with BLUE STORM to PURGE every last remnant of any toxins you have been holding in your body, mind or life. CLEANSE, CLEANSE, and CLEANSE. CLEANSING our individual bodies and that of our collective soul!
Bathe in the Universal waters of the Goddess👸 to purify all that is not of LOVE or from Divine SOURCE. Allow the FLOW and purification of your emotional body to manifest greater FLOW in your life. Opening up to allow the love💕 of the GODDESS energy 👸💕to FLOW through your being.
To reap the gifts today MULUC asks you to become an empty vessel and shine your LIGHT, becoming the beacon of AWAKENED AWARENESS. As you open to the remembrance of your true LIGHT 🌞the voice of Spirit will freely FLOW through your purified vessel, filling it with the GOLDEN LIGHT from AHAU 🌞until your cup runneth over!🏆 Open and ACTIVATE the FLOW of pure consciousness and unlimited Divine support to FLOW and carry your vessel through the Universal Waters of your charmed life.
TODAY we have an extraordinary line-up of codes – GOD/wind🌬, GODDESS👸, SUN/☀Christ/Buddha, MOON🌙/Goddess, TRIPLE 🌪🌩STORM – transformation/FREEDOM and the 3/33 Holy Trinity x3!
If that combo. does not ROCK your dirty 👣socks off – nothing will!!! WITNESS the GLOBAL catalytic events today – the C.A.B.A.L. is collapsing in order to make way for a new better world.🏛💕
✨✨So planetary kin, TRUST in the power🌩 of the TRIPLE DIVINE STORM🌪🌀🌧🌦 and the GODDESS to catalyze the tremendous changes that HUMANITY seeks. Get ready to walk through NEW DOORS as a LIBERATED SOVEREIGN👑 being! Nova Gaia welcomes you!🌏🌈
Today’s question is “How can I harness the tremendous POWER of the STORM, to catalyze great transformation and LIBERATE pure DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for UNLEASHING a GREAT DELUGE of prosperity,FREEDOM and Divine ILLUMINATION! 🌊 😊😄☺🌞😎💕💞
Oooh completed/posted at 9.33…the DIVINE SEAL of APPROVAL! 👏👏👏
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Oooh completed/posted at 9.33…the DIVINE SEAL of APPROVAL! 👏👏👏

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