New Solar Codes and Stability Fields ~ HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION – Kin 35 – Blue Solar Eagle

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New Solar Codes and Stability Fields ~ HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION



“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT, in this NOW Moment, and we invite you to open your Heart to our message for you…

At this time, the Grand Restructuring of your planet has BEgun to accommodate the Higher Vibrational Frequencies that have been established NOW.

Many things are Changing NOW and the more open you are to Change, the easier this transition will BEcome.

Remember, that All is in Divine Order.

It might not look like it, but when you continue to hold the vision for the NEW Earth, all will fall into place in Divine Order.

Old structures are falling away to make room for a NEW way of Life.

This NEW way of Life is going to propel you forward in your Ascension process.

It is a NEW way to Live in this world in regards to how to eat, work, socialize, love, uplift, collaborate and create.

The more you BEcome an uplifter for others, the more you allow all Good things to flow to you.

What do you perpetuate on your social media and in your conversations?

Whatever you are sharing on social media, more of it will BE created.

When you are sharing all the positive things that are coming out of this current situation, the more your vibrational frequencies will rise and you will draw to you more Good things.

When you are sharing negative things, it lowers your vibrational frequencies and you will draw to you more negative things.

This is your opportunity to take a determined stand to create your NEW Reality with every Moment.

Tend to your Energy Field when you get up, when you go to sleep and anytime in between.

Your Energy Field becomes more and more sensitive and when you have the determination to BE of a High Vibrational Frequency, you will accelerate your well being on all levels.

Tend to your inner Peace and Calmness as much as you can.

As this Restructuring is taking place, choose the world you wish to live in.

Choose it with your Focus and your Energy.

Choose it with LOVE.

KNOW That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are Loved beyond measure. Always.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I bring you this Truth.


Thank you, Archangel Michael!

Channelled through Asara Adams 💜

Shared with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

💜 ~

Photo: New 5D Earth Frequencies – Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Photon-Plasma Light Codes captured over UK on May 2, 2020 by Jenna Susan Ballantyne


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Elizabeth Peru

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: THE ONGOING HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION…Beloved ones, Are you experiencing the ongoing ‘global’ heart centre expansion? I’ve mentioned this happening in January, February, March, April and now again, as May begins. This pulsing energy in your heart space is moving in waves – much like the cosmic in and out breath. You could be experiencing heart and high-heart (THYMUS) flutters and a DEEP emotional release 💗💗💗

Compassion is increasing in many and for some hurt is being released (be responsible). You could be spontaneously tearing up, feeling open and aware, like a small child. Many SOULS are advancing and growing in wisdom. Perhaps you’re one of them? We shift together now, not as individuals, but as one. Many in your soul groups are rising in consciousness. Let’s be in awe of this…
My all-NEW 7-day ahead energy forecasts and daily life guide are online NOW. Advance your life daily, during MAY, the first power month of 2020! JOIN with thousands globally, who ‘wake-up’ each day with The Tip-Off 💗


Nyingma Masters

20 hrs

Don’t burden others with your expectations. Understanding their limitations can inspire compassion instead of disappointment, ensuring beneficial and workable relationships. Remember that you have only a short time together. Be grateful for each day you share.

~ Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 2

May 3rd – May 8th 2020

Dislocation – Orientation – Unity


“There is no civilisation unless the feminine is honoured above all. The feminine is in us all. It is the home inside us. It is the sense of Unity. When that’s lost, we’re lost and our world is lost. Such a world will have to decay and crumble. How sad that makes us feel – that we’ve failed because we didn’t place love above all else.

We’ve forgotten how to receive, how to simply be, and how to trust. We’re already home. Our home is love. It’s inside each one of us. It lies at a higher frequency, and it can only be discovered through love.”

“The Gift of Orientation is so profound that it creates a torus around us. That is what our trust does – we trust the suffering of another. We open our hearts to them without Agenda, and they receive our trust at a cellular level.” – Richard Rudd, The 64 Ways



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

The Tzolkin Times

17 hrs

Kin 35 – Blue Solar Eagle

The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and it’s key words are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The 9th day of a wavespell is always intense. There is a lot of power in that number and people born on Solar days are really good at getting what they want. Today whatever your ‘intention’ is make sure it’s the right thing for you…just because its easy to get doesn’t mean you need it.

Today is Blue Eagle and key words associated with it are ‘Creativity, Mind and Vision’. The Blue Eagle sees things from a higher perspective and uses creativity to solve problems. They are also powerful predators and can take what they desire with ease. The combination of number and day makes for a very interesting day. It is the right time to swoop down and grab what you want so make sure your intentions are good and no one becomes your prey. Be responsible with this power today.

Today’s Guide is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. Monkey can lead you today if you understand the difference between magic and illusion. This can help with deciding which opportunity you should grab.

If you are a Red Serpent today will challenge you. You are normally good at striking for what you want at just the right time but today you may miss your chances.

The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Equality and Opportunity’. This gives the day even more opportunities, so prepare to cross a bridge to get what you want. You may have to let something go as Worldbridger always insists that you pay a toll before crossing the bridge.

The Ally is the Yellow Seed and they love to ‘sow awareness’. Today they play a supportive role and so if you need help deciding which opportunity to grab, consult a Yellow Seed. If you are one, your wisdom will be of great benefit to others today.

Christina Papageorgiou

9 MEN – KIN 35
3 MAY 2020


I pulse in order to create
Realizing mind
I seal the output of VISION
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK💫

3/5/2020 = 3/5/4 = 12=3

3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
5 – Freedom/Change/Transformation
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation

KIN 35 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow

A Holy Divine enVISIONing day.


Day 9 in the BLUE HAND🙌 WAVESPELL where we realize healing through our capacity to trust the BIGGER PICTURE. The energy is VERY SPIRITUAL today, and coupled with the visionary EAGLE and majikal MONKEY, we have an opportunity to hold the VISION for GREAT SUCCESS and accomplishment. A beautiful combo with the 3/3 Holy Spirit 🕊combo elevating the energy to a DIVINE LEVEL.. knowing we have accomplished our mission of healing our planet and liberating her from darkness as the theme of LIBERATION continues throughout the whole transformative month of MAY.

SOLAR – Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm.🕊 ACTION – realizing, POWER – to pulse, ESSENCE – intention The ninth day of BLUE HAND Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will effects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart, assists us in making our dreams come true. You are the humanitarian whose dreams unfold the larger pattern of our new world. Today we are pulsing Majik to manifest our Greatest VISION. What powerful VISION are you pulsing into reality?


CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE EAGLE👁 MEN provides us with a beautiful gift today. The gift of VISION. In particular the gift of foresight, and seeing the BIG PICTURE to finally and permanently solve our healing challenges. KIN 35 is an absolutely BRILLIANT interStellar code.💫💫.. not only do your have the POWER of panaromic VISION👁 today but you have the MAJIKAL healing power💫 to ACCOMPLISH that VISION… A superb line-up of characters in today’s PLAY!

By zooming your lens outwards to more expansive panoramic views, your problems become miniscule and you are able to easily grasp brilliant SOLUTIONS. A new and broader perspective allows for more ideas, wisdom and information to colour your landscape with wondrous opportunities for growth. Are you expanding your vision as you integrate all your experiences? The friction and disharmony you have experienced is evident as resistance that blocks your path. What is the original cause of this resistance? BLUE EAGLE will pinpoint the EXACT moment in your timeline where this knot occurred. Call on your BLUE EAGLE today to hone in and use his beak to pull out the knots obstructing your path. Once CLEAR from obstructions you are FREE to CREATE..from a clean palate.

Today we realise ourselves as co-creators through trusting the greater VISION of what we are doing here on planet Earth. This encourages us to get creative and ENVISION the most majikal realities that we can, allowing those visions to PULSE through us and out into the greater cosmos. BLUE EAGLE holds the codes for our collective PLANETARY MIND so today’s code has great influence in our Planetary LIBERATION.

How can your IDEAS and new perspective be woven into this grander landscape to create more ease, grace and harmony in your life, in your family, in your community and in your world?

What is your EXPANDED VISION and Soul’s purpose on this planet? Meditate on this today to get clarity on your divine mission.

Step up and get ready to go BIG!💥 YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!🎆

HIGHER GUIDE: BLUE MONKEY🐒 CHUEN is the cheeky, mischievous innocent child who loves to PLAY! And what better tool to PLAY with than MAJIK! 💫 As CHUEN is a talented Magician and time traveller he has the power to reveal much information today. BLUE MONKEY can divulge the illusions and trickery that have kept you blinded from SEEING the BIGGER PICTURE.. The MIND games that have kept you confused and in the DARK. Perhaps you have veered off your BEST path, or lost your way completely through all the smoke and daggers! Detach from the MATRIX GAME and look at life again with FRESH EYES.

Allow your Divine child to show you what is beautiful in your life and your world. Your DIVINE CHILD KNOWS the best path back to claim your DIVINE existance..remember to keep your VIBE HIGH to best manifest your HIGHEST VISION. As you remember your inherent Majikal powers you can use them today to CREATE and MANIFEST from a place of greater awareness, pulsing your desired intention into matter through alchemical MAJIK. Energizing your BIGGEST VISION with Monkey Majik is very potent indeed!🎆


SUPPORT: YELLOW SEED: 🌿KAN – the Solar Seed today is SEEKING the LIGHT so that it can GROW and CREATE and REALIZE it’s highest potential. The seed packet contains all the codes – nutrients, data and stimuli needed to achieve the seemingly impossible – Miraculously transforming into the huge oak TREE🌲.. How is that possible? Nature truly is remarkably Majikal.💫.

The seed unlocks its inherent codes, and pulses this intention to GROW into a big tall tree, everyday of its existance. It holds the bigger picture in its original SEED and this is the rocket fuel that programs the growth.. So this is the metaphor needed for us all.. keep holding the DREAM of the BIGGER PICTURE – pulse it out with INTENTION every day.

All the StarBlossoms incarnated on Gaia with this BIG UTOPIAN PLANETARY DREAM in our coding.. it is written in the STARS and written in our DNA.. we all KNOW IT and can FEEL it to the CORE of our being.. so NOW is the TIME to pulse this LIGHT out collectively in order to MANIFEST MIRACLES.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌈🌎 – CIMI holds the keys to the KING-DOM.. Today’s SUPERPOWER is an OVERTONE Worldbridger so we have RADIANT POWER to COMMAND our VISION into creation.. CIMI is building the rainbow bridge to allow you to cross-over to achieve your greatest VISION, and our Planetary RAINBOW VISION.. BEN and CIMI are a brilliant combo. and work synergIstically to accomplish GREAT THINGS.

CIMI asks you to SURRENDER your greatest VISION to Divine Will knowing that you will have all the support, people, networks and resources you need to realize your plan.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SERPENT🐍– CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and awakening. It can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT challenges you today to release your old fears. All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in surivival and defence mechanisms must go!! Surrender to the DEATH of FEAR, STRUGGLE, poverty and dis-ease. The FEAR of FAILURE, FEAR of SUCCESS and greatest FEAR of dying before you realize your MISSION.. Your greatest DESTINY. Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues so draw on your awakening kundalini power to raise and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power! Today we need to TRUST our instincts that what we SEE and FEEL in our HEART and MIND, IS possible. BELIEVE IT and you will ACHIEVE IT! 💥

Today’s question is “What is the greatest and most creative picture you can envision? How does that assist in the HEALING of our PLANET? ”

Divine blessings for your journey to realizing your GREATEST and BEST LIFE possible on the Earth plane! It is time to SOAR in clear blue Solar skies.

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

1 Sunrise over Earth from International Space Station – satellite footage


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Harmonic Convergence 2020

10 hrs


KIN 34 8 Wizard marked the completion of 46 Tzolkins of 260 days each since the start of a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS of TIME on Earth. This milestone is signaling a new evolutionary fractal phase for humanity within the larger process of Galactic Synchronization. How is this?

This portal is of special evolutionary significance as the number 46 is woven into our Human DNA… The Tzolkin of 260 days measures the cycle of Human gestation, and serves therefore as the holographic time container of LIFE. The human body is encoded with the natural Time Frequency: Our bodies are comprised by 13 joints and 20 fingers and toes, and our spinal chord has 33 vertebrae (13+20)

The completion of this 46-Tzolkin milestone is in direct resonance with the 46 chromosomes present in human DNA. This of key harmonic significance considering the following numerical alignments taking place within the human life-span:

>> Each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes (inverse of 32), for a total of 46, while the Human DNA code is comprised of 64 codons, reverse of 46.

>> From this fractal evolutionary perspective, within the human life-span the completion of 64 Tzolkins is always followed by the completion of 46 years:

64 x 260 days = 16640 days

46 x 365 days = 16790 days

>> Yesterday was KIN 32 and we are transiting the 32 years from the “New Dispensation of Time”. This year corresponds therefore to New Sirius Cycle 32, and 32 corresponds to one perfect half of 64.


” We have to understand that through the medium of universal cosmic time the Earth, the Sun, and every star, constellation, and galaxy is coordinated in this way by the synchronic 13:20 frequency of time. It is the 13:20 frequency that establishes holonomic consistency in time throughout the universe. The Earth’s noosphere is a lens of time. All cosmic information is focused through this lens. It is this noospheric lens of time that makes Earth into a geocosmic thought form.

The noospheric lens of time and mind has been operating ceaselessly, but un-consciously, since the beginning of the evolution of the Earth. Since the noosphere is a function of the universal synchronic timing frequency, its conscious activation must also come about through a superior mental coordination with this correct synchronizing timing frequency. The psi bank 13:20 frequency is consciously activated and registered at the human level by the mental engagement of the 13:20 matrix as enacted through the 260-day cycle. The interaction of the 260-day galactic cycle with the 365-day solar biotelepathic cycle defines one noospheric year, or one solar- galactic cycle of fifty-two human years 😊 fifty-two 365-day solar orbits = seventy- three 260-day galactic cycles). […] What is important in coming to understand the noosphere as Earth’s geocosmic time lens and rainbow brain, is that we must change our perspective altogether from anthro-
pocentric to noospherocentric, and in this way evolve into Homo noosphericus.”

Jose Arguelles
Time and the Technosphere (2002)


The coming days and weeks of this new planetary crisis will be definitive for the future of the planet and our evolution as a species. Now is a time for deep reflection on the state of our world and on how we wish to shift the way we live our lives on this planet. Society has an opportunity to change, are we paying attention?

These alignments are opening once again a perfect window of opportunity to look up to the sky and tune in to the larger picture. Let’s elevate our focus of attention to rise above the current climate of fear propagated by the old paradigm. With so much chaos transpiring around our planet now, it is wise to take some time to focus our attention on the sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns and cycles of time.

To close this note we leave you with some wise words by Jose Arguelles from his last book “Manifesto for the Noosphere”, that can assist us in the process of comprehending and confronting the scale and magnitude of the events transpiring now on Earth:

“The point is this: When we understand the scale of the mega crisis, we realize there is nothing that can be done about what is going on within the old system of behavior and belief. You cannot stop an evolutionary shift that is encoded – much like the stages of fetal development are encoded into the embryo’s genetic material – into the whole system process of a living planet like the Earth. The only meaningful response to such a transition as is now occurring is to shift our consciousness to meet it. And this is precisely the prescription that augments and affirms the coming of the noosphere.

When we extend our awareness and shift our consciousness to encompass the full meaning of this evolutionary shift, we can begin to retrain ourselves – refocus our psychic energies and redirect our practical actions – to come into alignment with what a noospheric civilization, a holistic and holomonic planetary culture will, of necessity, be like. We can begin to live the “new time” before it arrives, and by doing this, prepare the way for others.”

José Arguelles / “Manifesto for the Noosphere”


TO LEARN MORE, PLEASE READ ENTIRE ARTICLE @…/noospheric-emergence-part-11-fra…/

#NewTime #FractalTime #FromHarm2Harmony #Evolution #HomoNoosphericus #46 #64 #23 #32


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