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Daniel Divine

From now till Equinox we will see the biggest wave of Divine Unions ever manifested in the physical. You did the Inner Work Beloveds! You have Awakened from the person and become Whole and Balanced within, both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Merged and this is beginning to reflect back in the Dream, realigning to the Divine. Divine Feminine, Your Divine Counterpart is waiting patiently for You to know Your worth and He’s waiting patiently for You to Love Yourself so much that you have impeccable boundaries 100% of the time and vice-versa.

The Ancient Ones knew that at around this particular epoch we are in now that Gaia and the whole solar system will come into alignment with the heart of our Galactic Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades, which will activate a Solar Flash Event that will be experienced by the entire consciousness of the Universe as an intense Tsunami of God’s Love, Grace and all-pervading Presence.

And that this Event will reactivate all of Humanity’s dormant DNA Codes switching on the Christ-Sophia Divine Union Codons that have been stored in the deepest Core of Humanity’s Consciousness.

This Event will literally re-align and unlock the Divine Energetics at the Core of our Milky Way that had previously been infiltrated by lower dimensional forces, and this momentum will enable the reunion of our Milky Way with the nearby Andromeda Galaxy, thus fully completing this current 26000-year Cycle in a Permanent Golden Age.

We have arrived Dear Ones at the Dawn of the Permanent Golden Age. We truly won the Battle of light and dark within and without. There was never ever any other option, except Victory to the Light!

Never before in Earth’s history or in this entire Galactic region has Life witnessed such an epic Transformation of an entire species whose body vehicles are physically resurrecting from carbon-based to Crystalline-based.

Many of you will notice shifts in your physical appearance like appearing younger and that the ageing process has definitely stopped for many of you. It is very powerful for you to observe these shifts as it empowers these timelines of increased Transformation.

The greatest way you can assist your human vessels with this shift from carbon to Crystalline is to deeply and profoundly align with your Heart Consciousness, which holds the key to 5D+ Consciousness, which is the Gateway to full Multidimensional Consciousness.

The way to stop the ageing process is to stop believing in the false limited narrative of the egoic consciousness, which perpetually seeks to keep you separated from yourself and from others.

This egoic consciousness would have you believe that you are unsafe and that it is imperative for you to stay in your individualized form and resist the merge with your Divine Counterpart, Eternal Self and All that Is.

Dearest Ones, please know we are witnessing in this Ascension window the Most profuse number of Divine Union Partnerships ever to have Graced Earth’s surface. This Reunification trajectory will last up to the Sept. equinox.

Please use this time Dearest Ones to prepare in earnest for your Divine Counterparts–you can do this most efficiently by stating clearly to the Universe what you will and will not accept–have vigilant boundaries and stick to them relentlessly knowing that your Higher Self will test you, and for those of you who pass the test and who refuse to accept any pathetic unsatisfactory crumbs from the Universe, please know that you will encounter your Divine Counterpart in this Ascension window.

For many of you, this person will not be the person who you thought it was, as for many that person who you believe is your Twin has actually been preparing you to come into Union with your God-chosen Twin Soul Mate.


One of the biggest misconceptions about reclaiming our Divine Feminine Power and Sovereignty is the idea that, as Women, we are somehow choosing independence over Union. ‘Need’ has become a dirty word in the context of the distorted masculine paradigm that prioritizes independence, domination and capitalization. It’s very vulnerable to let yourself truly need someone to Expand Your Divine Expression, Interconnectedness and Reliance on the Sangha or Community and our natural Need for Intimacy and Divine Expression.

We fear needing people or things because it ultimately makes us vulnerable to heartbreak and loss. Modern day Women have been told that to ‘need’ a Man is to give away Your Power to Him and subjugate Yourself by denying Your own Sovereignty.

This is a gross distortion and inversion of the Organic Creation Divine Union Code and fertilizing principle that lies at the Heart of all Creation. This inversion is an attempt to undermine the Original Sophia-Christ Union Template of Sacred Divine Love on Earth. The truth is, the Divine Feminine needs the Divine Masculine and it goes both ways and includes the whole Sangha and world.

Devotional Love is the natural state of all Liberated Beings. But our perception has been severely twisted by the Dominator Program of the Patriarchy, which has intentionally set the masculine and feminine energy at war with each other (both internally and externally) for a very long time and divorced both from Divinity and Oneness.

The systematic demonization of Devotional Love between the sexes has long been used to create widespread spiritual amnesia and deep conflict between the masculine and feminine polarity. This distortion code is profoundly embedded in the Christian Church’s historical misrepresentation of the Devotional Union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, for example.

Instead of being honored as a Spiritual Devotee of Sophia Christ Consciousness and a powerful, Sovereign Priestess in Her own right, Magdalene has been incorrectly portrayed as a lowly whore and Woman of no status.

Herein lies the deepest subliminal distortion programming of the Patriarchy embedded in the collective feminine consciousness–that to be perceived as a Powerful Woman it is necessary to disown your Refined Sensuality, Intuitive Gifts and Divine Femininity so that It cannot be used against You.

The either/or consciousness of the distorted masculine Patriarchy we live in programs the Feminine to identify as either dependent on the Masculine for Her survival (which makes Her weak) or totally Independent from Him and therefore beyond ‘needing’ His Protection and Completion (which makes Her strong in an egoic sense).

This false-light inversion of Divine Feminine Power has created a generation-wide inability to receive the tender and Benevolent Divine Love of the Divine Masculine as an Embodiment of Christ Consciousness–a Source of Nourishment She so desperately needs.

As a result, the Divine Feminine in both Men and Women has been judged as weak and was shut down, only to be replaced by the false empowerment of over-identification with distorted masculine principles of independence, invincibility, pragmatism, total-self-reliance, ego, absence of emotion and dismissal of the need for true Open-Hearted Intimacy.

This distortion has created a corrupt society in which both sexes attempt to exert power over each other by continually oppressing and/or rejecting each other.

The systematic undermining of the devotional aspect of Union is another way humans have been intentionally divided and kept from the depths of Divine Intimacy and Transcendent Divine Love with one another and God, not limited to just One’s Husband.

We are estranged from Unity or Oneness because we dare not ‘need’ each other fully, vulnerably and purely. We dare not surrender into the tender vulnerability of being truly held. We fear each other and distrust the Divine Grace that Created us Perfectly in the image of Spirit, not our forms. This inversion is being revealed and healed through all of us Awake from the person now.

When the Feminine surrenders to Her deep longing to be Protected and Nourished by the Divine Masculine (including by Her Inner Man or Guru) She can receive the beautiful support and holding She naturally longs for.

This innate Divine Feminine ‘need’ to be held, Supported and Protected by the Divine Masculine does not mean She is not strong. Quite the opposite! It takes real strength for a Woman to be vulnerable enough to acknowledge Her deep need for the Divine Love and Witnessing of the Divine Masculine, considering the extent of the betrayal and abuse She has suffered by the hand of toxic masculine energy.


Needing the internal and external support of the Divine Masculine Presence is as natural as needing to Express and honor your Divine Feminine Power! The Yin is reliant on the Yang and vice versa. This is the natural Creation Code of all earthly existence. To be held allows the feminine to soften fully into Divinity, allowing Her to fully Connect to Her Intuition and full Mystical Powers.

Connecting to Her own Inner Mystery and Divinity allows the Divine Feminine to become the Chalice through which the Elixir of Divinity overflows.

In a soft and surrendered state of alert openness and wonderment the Divine Feminine effortlessly becomes a Bridge to the Divine.

When a Woman feels Supported and Lovingly Witnessed by the Protective Energy of a Man embodying the Divine Masculine She opens like a flower to the world, bearing Her Innocent Divine Soul, like a blossoming rosebud drinking in the Light of the Sun.

When truly supported by the Divine Masculine the Divine Feminine instinctively knows how to fill Her own cup, and She begins to Self-Source Her Power rapidly, overflowing with Divine Love that effortlessly nourishes the world around Her and Him.

The Divine Feminine needs the Divine Masculine to Witness Her vulnerable, Sacred unfolding. She needs Her Protector to stand guard as She strips-off and bathes in the pool of Her own wild innocence.

She needs His Knight Energy around Her to feel fully safe enough to open and let go and that is okay! In fact, it was Divinely designed that way.

The Divine Feminine’s need for Pure Benevolent Masculine Energy at Her side is healthy and natural. Only the distorted rhetoric of toxic masculine consciousness (in both misidentified Men and Women) tries to shame the Feminine for Her deep desire and passionate longing to be held in the arms of a Divine Lover and Protector.

There is nothing wrong with needing Him. Together, we are remembering this. It is safe now for the Divine Feminine to trust the masculine again.

Women, it’s safe for You to soften Your body and let the Your Man hold You in Loving Presence. It’s safe to be embraced in Your Truth. It’s safe to let Him back in to the terrorized chambers of your heart. It is safe to Soften, Remember and Trust. To let yourself ‘need’ Him again. Let Him receive the Gift of your Tenderness. Let Him Serve You as He longs to. He is a reflection of the Beloved within You. Let Him Witness You as You rise into Your True Power. Let him hold You. ~ Jen McCarty

Since the Portal opened we have successfully lifted up a few Soul Groups, even Countries into 5D+ These Group Soul Families are the large Ones. There are also smaller Group Soul Families which will now have an easier time fully Ascending.

The large Soul Groups need a huge amount of Ascension energies to be able to fully Ascend.

Now, since the designated Soul Groups are Ascending, Their devotion is extraordinary and that makes Their journey up much smoother. In the event that these Soul Groups Ascend, the Divine will begin to announce Their Group Soul Family success stories and how Their religion has helped Them in this Ascension process worldwide. Their Divinely inspired Spirit is for all to see and follow.

Besides these Religious Groups or Sanghas, Soul Groups that have no religious association are now forming that have a huge amounts of independent elements, meaning that in order to Ascend together, these Souls have to learn to work together in harmony as a Group to Ascend in Unison. These Group Soul Families may have challenges doing so.

Soul Groups Ascend differently. Some Ascend together and Their journey tends to be easier. There are also Soul Groups who are fragmented while They are Ascending. Their journey can be very challenging and slow. Some even get lost in the process because They cannot be together with Their Group Soul Family. They venture out and sometimes go too far. Eventually, the Divine has to rescue Them.

Souls who tend to stick together have easier Ascension journeys. They help each other and move in Unison, Ease and Grace. Consciously moving in Unison is the best way to Ascend. And some Soul Groups are doing just that.
We are soon to focus on the final Disclosure and the next phase of Earth’s surface restoration process.

Even though there are some Lightworkers who are still not ready yet for Their next Divinely Contracted Mission, the Divine will start the next phase regardless. The Time has come. Humanity is long overdue for the process and has no more excuses for the delay.

The next phase has significant consequences for the Humanity. The process needs a lot of the cooperation. Countries need to work together in the process, and that will be the only way to minimize damage and huge losses.

For the sake of all, the Divine and Humanity will have to work together to get Gaia’s rebuilding process done safely on time. That is the Divine Order! Spread this Awareness to all Countries and Soul Groups loudly now. The Time has come!

Lisa Marie Wright

Stay Golden…
Keep Glowing thru it all
Divine Neutrality Responsibility Accountability🔑
Remain in your peaceful heart and know all is unfolding in perfect Divine design
Forgive Self All it All
Trust you, what flows thru you and the process
Feel it to Heal it
Be Done Be Free
We are Golden


Elizabeth Peru


THE UPCOMING MARS INFLUENCE Beloved Ones, Have you looked up at the night sky pre-dawn and seen Mars flickering bright orange? It’s a standout along with Venus and Sirius. Next month, the rare MARS retrograde will begin, bringing it to 7-planetary retrogrades in effect. Then in October, MARS will be at its closest approach to Earth all year. This double impact will be invoking the ability for YOU to reclaim and use your power…

As a Cosmic Guide (since 2003) I’m always intuiting energy shifts and looking ahead, feeling into the upcoming planetary influences that will be helping us to evolve and integrate our spiritual and physical lives – as one. Indeed, each one of us is a cosmic being, something that more and more people are becoming aware of. When you own ALL of you are, the cosmic and physical – the magic happens. You become a WISE, knowing one.

Every day in The Tip-Off Forecast, I report on upcoming evolutionary influences for people who are consciously choosing on their journey and wanting to work with the cosmic energy to advance their path 💗 It’s my honour to assist you and light the way

Hare in the Moon Astrology


Sunday August 23 2020

A heads up! Don’t Push the River !

Notice the shift as the season changes with the Sun’s return to earthy Virgo. In the outer world, this is a week when moods will change from hour to hour as the inner personal planets make multiple contacts to the heavy hitters. Between them, Mercury, Mars and Venus aspect all the outer slow moving planets as well as the Galactic Centre and the North Node.

One of the key events of 2020 is the Mars/Saturn square and this is exact on Monday August 24th, repeating on September 29th and January 12 2021.Mars in Aries wants what it wants, right now, whereas Saturn in Capricorn is like an immoveable object -everything in its own good time. This is a recipe for frustration, for coming up against authority in its various guises. Mars is all about taking quick, fearless action, whereas Saturn is all about taking responsibility for your actions.

In 3D, expect to see it playing out as anger with yet more restrictions around social movement due to Covid 19 alongside delays in travel plans.

But you know better. With so many planets retrograde, if you push too hard to move forward, you’ll burn out, so focus on strategic goals, dropping any sense of entitlement to have what you want exactly when you want it. Use skilful Will, sidestep Strong Will -leave that to the politicians!

For those working the 5D transformational path, this powerful transit is full of potential for making a real difference to wherever you’re investing your time, love and passion.

Mars is preparing to turn retrograde in early September to mid- November -and is now the brightest star in the sky-so factor that in by being ultra-flexible and staying wide open to the potential for self-empowerment September will bring.

This week,Venus in Cancer will be at odds with Mars, Jupiter then Pluto-better to keep your heart -based plans practical but achievable, stay local and enjoy the small thing that make life worthwhile. In amongst the outer restrictions, there will be some lovely moments and some good news as Mercury aligns with Jupiter and Neptune.

The Zero Point energies feel as if everything is happening, and nothing is happening at the same time. Keep it simple, deal with the Now.

For more, get your free August 23-30 Week Ahead Sign Forecasts

New! September’s triple gateway is a pivot point to the new dawns of 2021 for creatives, solopreneurs, way finders and change agents. Sign up to my September 5D Report:” Taking Back Your Superpowers”:

“Thank you so very much for sharing your work with the world. It resonates so deeply . So soothing and empowering and life-affirming and galvanizing and guiding and soul scribing! “ Mattie C Boston USA

Art by Ellen Love Vaman



The Sun Moves Into Virgo- Grounded Logic, Detailed Plans, The Gift of Compassionate Service

On August 22nd/23rd, the Sun, which rules our: ego, life force and energy, leaves his home sign of Leo and enters the earth sign of Virgo. Virgo, the 6th zodiac sign is known to be: detailed oriented, health conscious, grounded and a hard worker.

We suddenly shift from the fiery vibes of being seen with Leo, to the earthy vibes of hard work and being of service with Virgo. No other sign can be as efficient yet utterly humble as a Virgo. Virgo is all about the harvest. It is time to go back to: school, work and orderly routines to reap what we have sown in the previous months. As the summer comes to a close( here in the northern hemisphere) we are reminded with the Virgo sun to get back to the basics. What you see is what you get with Virgo, no hidden thrills or agendas.

The Sun in Virgo reminds us that hard work and good manners never go out of style. A calming and serene connection to Gaia is enhanced with the Sun’s entry into the virgin’s den. The Sun in Virgo is here to bring back a good ol grounded dose of reality and practical applications to our lives. In a world that is ridden with chaos, the Sun in Virgo wants you to stay present and mentally alert. He is here to bring: organization and efficiency back to the forefront, earthy ambitions and the recognition of what humble service provides to our lives. Happy birthday to all the Virgo folks!!

To find out how the Sun in Virgo as well as other planets will impact you directly, here is a link to my transit reports:…/readi…/products/transit-reading. The Transit report gives you a glimpse into how to best prepare for current and future conditions, as well as my own personal guidance and advice.

© Astromomma, 2020

Image: Sophia Painting by Jane Shanahan

Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 59

August 23rd – August 28th 2020

Dishonesty – Intimacy – Transparency

“Imagine two stars making love. There is no end to their lovemaking. It is infinite and fresh and never ending in its journey. One can never be parted from one’s love. Even physical death will be transcended in this next phase of our evolution. Such relationships will endure from life to life, so even though incarnation may continue, the memory is no longer lost since there is no membrane anymore. The fear of death is gone. The love has evaporated it.

On an even wider level, a vast individuality is forming that sees beyond incarnation itself. It is part of a much greater timeline that remembers all that came before – the great forgotten epochs of the past – and it also sees where we are going, yet time itself still remains, to a degree. Only in the final epoch will time itself dissolve, and that is still to come…but our next phase will be the penultimate epoch, the so-called 6th Race. A new human will dawn, with a faculty of awareness that travels outside the body and connects us to all other beings…

Into this next epoch the future human will step. It is the phase of enlightened activity and of embodied presence. We, humanity, are a super-cell. We will learn and remember this truth. This is the deepest kind of intimacy possible. All the old cliches are true.

We truly are one world, one people, one heart.”

– Excerpt from The 64 Ways

The experience of being in love is the prelude to our future awareness. It doesn’t generally remain, because we haven’t awakened enough for that frequency to stabilise. We carry too much wounding. As we transmute our wounds and experience our higher consciousness, these kinds of relationships become possible, even probable.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways




Formations of the Heavens form


Formations of the Heavens form.

Energetic accelerants have been precisely placed.

Parities are removed.

Stabilizations follow.


Chamtrul Rinpoche


The primordial, originally pure nature of existence, which is great, intellect-transcending, ultimate reality, free of conceptual elaboration, is obscured by conceiving of a self and grasping at duality.

~ Dudjom Lingpa

(Chamtrul Rinpoche’s monastery in Tibet has been the home to some of the greatest masters of Tibetan Buddhism, including Dudjom Lingpa)


The Tzolkin Times


Kin 147 ~ Blue Self Existing Hand

‘Self-Existing’ is the name for the number four and its key words are ‘Form, Measure and Define.’ The fourth day of a wavespell is all about discernment. Take a closer look at your situation, do you have all the facts? Be Sherlock Holmes today and dig around for information. The small print can have a big impact so read in between the lines!

Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Knowing and Accomplishment.’ Blue Hand days can be healing but they can also be a slap in the face. I don’t mean the harmful type but the one people use when they are trying to snap a hysterical person back to their senses. Put your hands to good use today and slap yourself and loved ones…of course I mean metaphorically! As it is a number four day, healing can be more beneficial if the issue is studied more intimately. Precisely what is the matter? Pin point your needs.

The Guide today is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. Whenever Blue Night guides us – we can become quite whimsical. Feel free to follow your imagination today and unleash your dreams.

The Challenge of the day is the Red Earth which means everything we do today will be slow progress. No matter how much you may want change and improve your life, you still have to use your hands. So, you can accomplish something but be prepared to put in the effort. If you are a Red Earth, be on the look out for that proverbial slap in the face.

The Occult power is the White Wizard who represents ‘Enchantment’. The Wizard excels when placed in the Occult position as his spells and charms work extra well.

The Ally is the Yellow Human who offers much wisdom today and who makes the best companion to have around. They are very intuitive and this can help you find your way through today’s challenges.

Don’t forget this is a Portal day, the 2nd one in a row of ten!


Christina Papageorgiou

4 MANIK – KIN 147
23 AUGUST 2020


I define in order to know
Measuring healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the Self-existing tone of form
I AM guided by the power of Abundance



23/8/2020 = 23/8/22 = 5/8/4 = 17 = 8

23 – Royal Star of the LIon – strength/support/protection
5 – Freedom/Change/Transformation/LIBERATION
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
17 – Immortality/Legacy
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Eternity/Source FLOW
KIN 147 = 12 = 3 Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity

BLUE HAND IS A MAJIKal PORTAL added to the GAP day, and we have ourselves another SUPER DUPER PHENOMENAL GATEWAY today!! KAPOW!!!!!!!!!!!💥💥


Day 4 in the YELLOW SEED WAVESPELL of flowering, AWAKENING, new beginnings, ripening, opening to more LIGHT and blossoming into your Highest potential.. Today we are DEFINING THE DREAM 💤🏝 of NEW EARTH🌍 that we are collectively co-creating! Focusing our attention on our HIGHEST POTENTIAL and SEEDING that into the NEW TIME of Christ consciousness, so that it will take FORM , grow and blossom. A GRAND code for SEEDING forth our intentions into this NOW moment and into our brilliant prosperous future. BRING IT ON STARBLOSSOMS!! 🖐

SELF-EXISTING 📦– Tone 4 operates in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form 📦and we have ourselves a square shape.Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent ,fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place. Today we are using our MINDS to anchor our DREAM of NEW EARTH though great WHITE MAJIK!. Defining how we can access and manifest using our God given powers. Dispense with the rest and build your new solid foundations on the basis of DIVINE ALCHEMY and majikal manifestations through your pure heart..Go forth and BUILD this new foundation! 🌍🌎🌏


CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE HAND 🙌– MANIK Brings forth great HEALING today, providing the opportunity to close the cycle of dis-ease and discordant states of being. The SELF-EXISTING tone enables us to DEFINE what the feeling of wholeness and perfection would look like so that we can direct this healing energy for the greatest benefit to take form. MANIK is the portal allowing both knowledge and healing energies to flow from the cosmos to bring the much needed healing panacea. Like Christ we can use our HANDS to channel divine healing energy which we can utilize through any form of “hands on healing” 🙌– massage, reiki, HUGGING (virtual or REAL) and touching, either on our own body or that of others! UTILIZE the power of remote/distance energy healing to send divine healing to others and GAIA too!

We can also use MANIK’s power of accomplishment to volunteer and attend to tasks today. A great day for using your HANDS as tools👷 to accomplish whatever needs doing! Lend a hand to others that are ailing, or conversely REACH OUT and ask for HELP if you need it. We are all connected and our HANDS 🙌are one of the best parts of our bodies to physically connect with our kin. Let us all hold each other’s hand👭👫👬 as we walk together through the portals in these evolutionary, transitional times.


Peace And Perfect Health – a fabulous healing creation channelled by Dr Virtual 7 as he lay critically ill in hospital – it saved his life!!! He utilizes the universal numbers from Russian SCIENTIST – Grigoriy Grabovoy



HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE NIGHT🌃 – AKBAL is our higher guide today and the Self-Existing Night is Nikola Tesla’s KIN💡💥🎆..this gives us tremendous mental acuity – the ability to utilize our greatest imaginings and allow them to take form in our reality.. very powerful manifestation POWER!! 💥

Today we can trust our intuition to reveal where strong healing is needed, allowing the codes to penetrate deep into our psyche. Allowing our intuition to feed us the knowledge, that we need in order to harness our capacity for co-creation. AKBAL holds the dreaming code and the keys to ABUNDANCE.

🙌💰💫 Bio Hack 5207418 Money Abundance Immediate Resolution

Today we have the opportunity to allow healing in those areas, setting the intention to accomplish our personal dreams, and those dreams that are held in the collective unconscious as Abundance and happiness for all beings. Whatever needs HEALING in your life – health, finances, relationships et al – you can apply this majikal HEALING energy today to bring BALANCE and wholeness through the perfected divine blueprint you are visualizing.

Today is the day to SHARE the knowledge of our dreams, defining a NEW ERA! Let’s RAISE THE BAR, and define a HIGHER DREAM for all mankind and our PLANET! 🌈🌏🌐


SUPPORT: YELLOW HUMAN 👱– EB enables us to receive the knowledge of growth, as it springs into our intuition, direct from the seeds that we handle as we eat, garden and grow. The seeds of knowledge that inform us, as we witness what it is to grow.🌻 Using our Divine wisdom to evolve past the wounds, patterns of suffering and the old paradigm. Being open and willing to push past the old boundaries and mental blocks so that we can co-create and seed🌾 the NEW TIME, free to influence others in a positive way towards wholeness and harmony. EB also holds the keys🔑 to Abundance, so today is a potent day for healing your scare-city blocks and poverty consciousness, allowing your golden chalice to overflow from the COSMIC BANK of INFINITE ABUNDANCE 💰💰💰, providing for all your needs.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE PLANETARY WIZARD 🔮– IX allows us to be receptive to the TRUTH of what presents today. IX allows us to access the wisdom, knowledge and healing flowing through the portals from multi-dimensional realms today. WHITE WIZARD also enables us to OPEN our arms🤗🙆 and our HEARTS,💝 becoming more receptive and willing to allow all the wondrous new energies to enter our bodies, and our minds and fulfill our needs. Redefining what it is to LIVE on this PLANET with new found MAJIKal powers. 🙌 💫🎆

The PLANETARY WIZARD is indeed a DIVINE BLESSING today, as IX holds very powerful MANIFESTATION power 💥– bringing forth the ability to MATERIALIZE your dreams on a personal and PLANETARY LEVEL… Believe in your DREAMS – if you have the ability to DREAM IT, then you can CREATE IT – just DREAM the DREAM into AWAKENING in the new consciousness..

WHITE WIZARD provides great MAJIK as today’s SUPERPOWER giving you the POWER to transcend the OLD TIME and be uplifted into a HIGHER LIGHT through our HEART connections💞.


CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED EARTH 🌏-CABAN challenges us to SURRENDER fearlessly, by anchoring deeply into the Earth and flowing with her cycles and the synchronicities that occur when we listen deeply to Mother Earth and FLOW with her messages. Look for the SIGNS that will cue you into what needs HEALING. CABAN also connects us to our ancestors, so today is a great day to heal our DNA and purify our ancestral bloodlines, finally freeing ourselves, our families and HU-MAN-ity from repeating patterns and cycles.


KIN 147 affords the GIFT of significant PLANETARY HEALING today

We can DREAM our PLANET into the New Timeline – as one DREAMER in the Web of Creation, or more potently when we meditate/DREAM/ or gather with our kinfolk. So HOLD and PROJECT this collective NEW WAY DREAMING onto a new Movie screen for our Planet today!

Connect to GAIA today and GO WITH HER FLOW, release all resistance and allow yourself to enjoy the ride on her back, as she forges ahead into the NEW TIME. 🌏🌍

Today’s question is “How can we accomplish HEALING🙌 on the deepest levels of being, in order to construct a solid foundation for Joy and Abundance, defining a NEW level of existence on our beautiful PLANET?”. 🌈🌏

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for defining a HIGHER DREAM for us all! 💞🌈💝

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈





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