“The EMBODIMENT Of The DIVINE SELF” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kin 95: Blue Self-Existing Eagle

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L’Aura Pleiadian


In this program of LOVE/Energy through the frequency of the Heart, we hold the energy of abundance and total love, through the connection we actively LIVE united with our eternal God Self.

When awareness is consciously void of this true self, subconsciously we experience the playing out of memory, to be cleared through love, aligning our consciousness more and more with The DIVINE SELF.

We can get with the program, so to speak, or resist our own evolution of love embodiment, awareness.

The PLAN is for all to return to their natural original GOD self Light and be DIVINE LOVE in form. This is ascension.

Love has often been confused with projection, and control of that projection, based on limited beliefs and non awareness. Because they are there, it is love. Then so many games are played in non awareness, to hurt the other, to be in control. Of course that is not pure true love.

The embodiment of Love I write of here, is the fullness of ALL joy, freedom, peace and is unconditional and simply EXISTS.

One true love, or Beloved on Earth is often termed the twin flame. That specific one, joined originally as the SOUL, then incarnated through aspects, throughout the dimensions. On Earth joining again, as the perfect complement to the already perfect love. As you can FEEL this love is DIVINE in that it is perfect. It is glorious and majestic and is the life of MAGIC for all who have been prepared to PARTAKE.

The daily practise and awareness of the STATES of consciousness that pass through your awareness is only the beginning of the path to true awareness.

Observe and know yourself.

Observe and love all states.

Be the presence that is the only presence that is observing everything about YOU.

Then the flow that is love and the full heart awakening becomes stepping into the full embodiment. Which is the union of the perfect love, with now.

Elated and free in this magical world of embodiment, we flow eternally as one, in the here and now, in love.

We bless you now, through this embodiment of true love, all now!


L’Aura Pleiadian

source: thenewdivinehumanity.com/2020/07/01/the-embodiment-of-the-divine-self

:: Final Triple Eclipse Gateway Global Meditations⁠ ::

Sandra Walter

⁠Saturday, July 4⁠
9:00 PM -9:44 PM PDT (UTC-7)⁠
⁠Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 9:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time⁠
(Full Moon at 9:44 PM PDT)⁠
SUNday July 5⁠
5:11AM, 8:11AM & 11:11 AM PDT (UTC-7)⁠

Freedom Code Activation:: ⁠

There are Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood Ascension codes anchored in the United States ancient crystal beds. Deep beneath the major crystal vein which runs down the center of North America are Master #Crystals encoded for our Ascension. They beam #Revelation, Resurrection and Freedom codes for all willing hearts, and hold the records of Lemurian, Atlantean and Celestial trajectories for the Ascension. America holds a significant role in the Ascension because of these Master Crystals and the Gateways anchored throughout the USA.⁠

This eclipse has deep esoteric influence, reigniting the Christed trajectories set in place eons ago. After two very powerful June eclipse activations of our ancient star lineage within our DNA and hearts, this final eclipse unlocks our Sovereign choice to Ascend, right through the Living Library of Gaia and our Divine DNA.⁠

The next layer of #Freedom codes are released through crystal beds. This happens one year after the initial release in 2019. It is an all-hearts-on-deck moment, regardless of your physical location. Connect to America before this event.

Call these codes forth throughout this eclipse passage: #Freedom#Resurrection#Revelation#Ascension. These assist our Divine right to transcend limitation, and maintain a consistent state of Freedom/Bliss regardless of external circumstances.⁠ Put your hands on Gaia and say FREEDOM.

Crystalline #DNA activations⁠⁠ plentiful. The natural side-effect of strong passages like this is more chaotic behavior in the external. It is our task to hold the higher light and embody the higher consciousness. Choose and create your experience wisely.⁠

The End Game is Love

A gentle re-hearter: Spiritual Disclosure of the Divine HUman and Unity Consciousness is End Game. Ascension is not something you wish, watch, or wait for. We are in a phase of consistent waves, solar flashes, and stargate flows to support an experience. As Gaia said, it’s happening NOW.

Many are swayed into choosing sides or saviors, because it gives them comfort with the vivid unknown that is 2020. Let those aspects have their experience, and try not to be disheartened by the dismantling (even your own). Remember you don’t have to watch it burn. You have the Divine Birthright of free will to co-create and have a new experience.

This passage is tough on the mental and emotional levels, which is why we focus on balance and stability within, to assist with balance and stability without. Be sure to unplug from the scramble of narratives often; it literally interferes with your coherence, which affects your DNA’s ability to do something new, which affects your reality.

Apply uncommon sense. Duality and judgment have a very short shelf life. Remember this year is filled with sleight-of-hand, and many realities need your agreement or verbal reinforcement to manifest. Choose wisely, dear hearts. We are all learning unity consciousness under global duress. Only empower the thoughts, words, actions and feelings you desire to see manifested. Forgive those who dishonor life, utilize discernment as you focus on peace. Don’t let social distancing become heart-distancing, or you’ll miss the bigger thing unfolding in this Now.

Freedom Codes in many forms

As we regroup to the Divine BEingness of Source that is having this experience, we feel pure Freedom. It has been a year since the Freedom codes activated in the USA. Keeping pulling the codes through the Crystalline New Earth grids, new organic stargates and your own heart.

The effects of what occurs on July 4th (America’s birthday) will reveal in the weeks afterward, so we are holding focus through the 18th. Let us assist in allowing the highest good to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.

Source shifting realities through a New Heart

Our Heart torus is changing again, spinning new harmonics, frequencies, geometries and golden-diamond light which feels different. A purer sense of unity, a refreshed, refined heart. That’s the beauty of the Ascension path we have chosen; infinite expansion through experience.

Details and time converters at http://www.sandrawalter.com/Unity⁠

Because #Ascension

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What the luminous blue variable star in the Kinman Dwarf galaxy could have looked like before its mysterious disappearance.

A huge star has vanished without a trace, and without any supernova explosion, leaving astronomers puzzling over where it has gone.

One theory is that it collapsed to form a black hole, without an explosion.

“If true,” said team leader and PhD student Andrew Allan of Trinity College Dublin, “this would be the first direct detection of such a monster star ending its life in this manner.”

The other theory is that the star became less bright and partially obscured by dust, meaning it vanished from view.

Astronomers had studied the mysterious massive star, located in the Kinman Dwarf galaxy, for 10 years between 2001 and 2011.

But when Trinity researchers used the ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) to look at the galaxy again, they discovered it was gone.

“Instead, we were surprised to find out that the star had disappeared!” said Allan, who led a study of the star published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Located 75 million light-years away in the constellation of Aquarius, the Kinman Dwarf galaxy is too far away for astronomers to see its individual stars, but they can detect the signatures of some of them.

From 2001 to 2011, the light from the galaxy consistently showed evidence that it hosted a “luminous blue variable” star 2.5 million times brighter than the Sun.

The traces were absent from the data the team collected in 2019, leaving them to wonder what had happened to the star.

“It would be highly unusual for such a massive star to disappear without producing a bright supernova explosion,” said Allan.

“We may have detected one of the most massive stars of the local universe going gently into the night,” said team-member Jose Groh, also of Trinity College Dublin.

The old data indicated that the star in the Kinman Dwarf could have been undergoing a strong outburst period that likely ended sometime after 2011.

Based on their observations and models, the astronomers have suggested two explanations for the star’s disappearance and lack of a supernova, related to this possible outburst.

The outburst may have resulted in the luminous blue variable being transformed into a less luminous star, which could also be partly hidden by dust. Alternatively, the team said the star may have collapsed into a black hole, without producing a supernova explosion.

This would be a rare event – our current understanding of how massive stars die points to most of them ending their lives in a supernova.

source: uk.news.yahoo.com/star-vanishes-black-hole-174730590.html

Full Thunder Moon Eclipse – Biggest Energy Shift Of 2020 This Weekend!

For instance, the full moon that is going to be occurring is known as the Thunder moon but it also has other names as well. The full moon of July is traditionally called the buck moon or the full buck moon according to Almanac.com but thunder moon is also a common name for it as the time of year it comes forth tends to hold lots of thunderstorms. Now, when referred to as the buck moon it is done-so because during this timeframe buck’s antlers are in ‘full growth mode.’

this month’s full Moon brings with it a penumbral eclipse, which occurs when the Moon crosses through the faint outer edge of Earth’s shadow (the penumbra), making part of the Moon appear ever-so-slightly darker than usual. Unlike a full lunar or solar eclipse, the visual effect of a penumbral eclipse is usually so minimal that it can be difficult to perceive at all. For this eclipse, only a small portion of the Moon will cross into the penumbra, making it even more difficult to see.

This eclipse will be visible from most of North America, except in the northernmost regions of Canada and Alaska. It will begin at 11:04 P.M. EDT (8:04 P.M. PDT) on July 4 and end at 1:56 A.M. EDT on July 5 (10:56 P.M. PDT on July 4).

This in itself is an interesting and special event to have on the 4th of July for us here in the US as that is Independence Day

New York City will end U.S. Independence Day (July 4) with the penumbral lunar eclipse. Starting at 11:07 p.m. local time, the moon will begin to slide into Earth’s outer shadow. At eclipse maximum (12:29 a.m. on Sunday, July 5), no more than half of the moon’s face will take on a darker shade. About an hour and a half after maximum, at 1:52 a.m., the event ends. The entire eclipse will last 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

In Lisbon, Portugal, the moon first makes contact with Earth’s shadow at 4:07 a.m. local time on Sunday, July 5. The early morning event reaches its maximum at 5:29 a.m. and wraps up at 6:52 a.m., which is 34 minutes after the moon sets below the Portuguese horizon. Viewing conditions are likely to be clear at that time of year. 


source: awarenessact.com/full-thunder-moon-eclipse-biggest-energy-shift-of-2020-is-almost-here


July 2020- Realizing How Resilient You Truly Are, Resolution of the Mental Clutter, A Boost of Courage + Will to Succeed

Welcome to July 2020! Finally, we enter a month where perhaps we can catch our breath?!? 2020 so far has proven to be one roller coaster ride after another. After the eclipses, you might feel pretty worn out and ready to have some fun. Luckily July 2020, offers a bit of a reprieve and a chance to finally catch your breath. I would say with 100% confidence that we all have earned it?

We begin the month on July 4th/5th, with a powerful and juicy Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees of Capricorn. Lunar Eclipses are full moons on steroids and signify: massive endings, manifestations and culminations. All eclipses can bring: change, surprises and curve balls. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign is all about: order, responsibilities, work, duty and obligations. This is the final eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis that began in 2018. A work project, business or investment might bear fruit or complete at this full moon. We will be asked to stand in a space of authority and responsibility for our past actions. Capricorn also rules karma, so past deeds, whether pleasant or not, will come back to us. Wherever Capricorn falls in your natal chart is where these powerful and life changing events will occur.

On July 12th, Mercury, the planet of: communication, the mind and contracts, turns direct at 5 degrees of Cancer. Slowly but surely, projects and plans will begin to be sorted out and move forward. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign deals with: family, home and our emotional foundations. While Mercury was retrograde for the last 3 weeks, deep and emotional realizations connected to our soul and past wounds could have come up to be re-examined. Now, as the planet of the mind turns direct, still in the sensitive sign of the crab, we can begin to lay the groundwork and produce miracles connected to these epiphanies. Major childhood wounds could be sorted out as we surrender to forgiveness for ourselves and those in our family.

Moving to the mid month, on July 20th, we have an inspiring and comforting new moon at 28 degrees of Cancer. New moons herald: beginnings, invitations and fresh starts. Cancer, as described before, rules the 4th house of: home, family, emotional foundations and our soul. The New Moon in Cancer is actually a Black Moon, meaning its the 2nd new moon within a 30 day period. This signals a double dose of fresh starts within our emotional foundations and soul. A healing of the inner feminine is suggested here and a sense of comfort and security begins to unfold. This is a great new moon to purchase a new property or begin a project connected to your home and family.

On July 23rd, the Sun, which rules: our vitality, life force and core, moves from the watery sign of Cancer, over to its home in the fiery sign of Leo. All of a sudden we will feel a surge of courage and manifestation powers! Any time a planet or celestial body moves to its home sign, it gains tremendous strength and vitality. As the Sun enters Leo, a warm and sunny disposition of energy returns to our lives. We will be less in the deep waters of emotion and more in our heart space of authenticity and trust.

July 2020 is a month of renewal and a chance to put the pep back in our step. We finally have more planets in fire signs and this will add a sense of passion, fun and exuberance back to our weary hearts. This year of 2020 has been nothing short of crazy. While July still could exhibit some curve balls and unknowns, the planetary activity for the most part is relatively quiet.

As we step forward into the 2nd half of this year, remind yourself how far you have come and how courageous you have shown up to life. This isn’t a small act, but rather a brave and vulnerable stance of a true warrior. Acknowledge yourself and give thanks to these experiences that have made you: stronger, wiser and more grateful. July 2020 is here to bring: resolutions to past mental conflicts, the courage and willpower to achieve your goals and the remembrance of just how far you have come.

© Astromomma, 2020

Image: “Elements of Life” by Jim Warren

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Chamtrul Rinpoche

16 hrs

If you can remember that all beings have buddha nature, it will help you cultivate equanimity, because it will feel like everybody is your family. The greater your equanimity, the greater your love and compassion towards them, no matter who they are, or what they have done.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche


The Tzolkin Times

10 hrs

Kin 95 ~ Blue Self-Existing Eagle

‘Self-Existing’ is the name for the number four and it’s key words are ‘Define, Form and Measure.’ The fourth day of a wavespell is all about fact finding and information gathering. Each step of a wavespell has a purpose and which point we are in the journey is as significant as the day it falls on…and of course the combination they make.

Well, today is Blue Eagle which represents ‘Visions, Creativity and Mind’. The Eagle sees things from a higher perspective and the number 4 is about ‘definition’. Today can’t make its mind up! How do we see the bigger picture and see things close up at the same time? Today you will not be able to tell if you’re up or down but don’t panic…just look at everything from all angles. Look closely and scrutinize and see the bigger picture as well. By considering all facts you may then have a ‘Vision’. Imagine today you have in your possession a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass, now get busy!

The Guide today is the Blue Monkey, how fitting. If today wasn’t confusing enough monkey is guiding the way. Now monkey can guide you to magical places but if you do too much thinking today you’ll be guided by a monkey mind…potential for crazy is high today.

The Challenge today is the Red Serpent who is actually very adept at seeing things close up and therefore connects well with the number four but as serpent is in a challenging position don’t expect much help there.

The Occult power today is the White Worldbridger and this is enormously helpful. The Worldbridger can show you the way and be a sign post to show where the bridge you must cross lies. This is a very shamanic sign in a very shamanic position so the potential for magical journeys today is likely.

The Ally today is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. Now they love to share information and as today is about gathering information, consult a Yellow Seed if you can..they are a great buddy to have around today.

source: www.facebook.com/TheTzolkinTimes

Christina Papageorgiou

4 MEN – KIN 95
2 JULY 2020

I DEFINE in order to CREATE
Measuring MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the Self-existing tone of FORM
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK 💫

2/7/2020 = 2/7/22 =2/7/4 =2/11=2/2 = 4

2- Partnership/Cooperation/Co-Creation
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
7 – Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude
11 – Portal/Gate/Doorway

KIN 95 = 14 = 5 LIBERATION/Freedom/Change/Transformation

A VISIONARY👁 day for Majikal cocreations 💫💫


Day 4 in the YELLOW HUMAN WAVESPELL of wisdom, influence, intelligence, free will and Abundance. Today we align our VISION with our mental constructs. We apply our Higher Wisdom to influence others through our better choices arising from our ENVISIONING.👁

SELF-EXISTING 📦– Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. Today we delve into the MENTAL realm and use our MINDS to align with our VISION, and DEFINE what it is we wish to create in our life. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form 📦and we have ourselves a square shape.Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place. Dispense with the rest and build your new solid foundations on the basis of your GRANDE VISIONS and majikal manifestations. Break out of the OLD BOX and redefine your existence.


CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE EAGLE👁 MEN Today BLUE EAGLE flies above our landscape and reveals the BIGGER PICTURE, the GRANDE VISION for your life. Often we contain ourselves in a small BOX, because we lack the ability to SEE how our future can look any different. We conform to the lifestyle and existence, inherited from our family, our ancestors and dictated by society and the false control Matrix. However if we take off our BLINKERS and decide to look at our lives from a different perspective we begin to allow for new possibilities, and then our reality becomes more pliable.

So take a Shamanic journey today on the wings of the Eagle and morph into the form of the Eagle witnessing the vast🏔 landscape below and beyond, through the lens of the Eagle’s eyes. 👁👁 Ask the Spirit of the BLUE EAGLE to reveal the projection of your highest timeline into the future – near and distant and allow this image to be etched into your memory cells, encoded into your creation vortex. This then forms the basis for you to redefine your life and form your new better reality. Pure alchemy!💫💫

MEN also holds the VISION of the collective PLANETARY MIND, so we can also apply the EAGLE’s perspective to bend and shape our collective reality on a GLOBAL level. When two MINDS come together to co-create with DIVINE INTENTION the outcome is compounded exponentially! Many MINDS make LIGHT WORK! 💡💡💡

By trusting in the VISIONS that the EAGLE reveals, to our creative MINDS today, we can ascertain the next step to take in our evolutionary journey as Master builders of the New world. 🌏🌎🌍

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE MONKEY 🐒– CHUEN is a brilliant GUIDE for MEN bringing forth the POWER of MAJIK 🎆 and ALCHEMY. 💫 This is indeed very fortuitous, as the VISION is fuelled and created through the power of MAJIK… The MAJIK of creation and manifestation that initiates in our MIND through our thoughts, ideas and creative imaginings. To manifest the ethers into form, we must first define the image in our MINDS, energizing it and then giving it the Majik wings to appear before our very EYES. The most effective method for manifesting our creations is through the power of our imagination, combined through our HEART – our pure desires. The desire that comes from Divine inspiration which flows through our Divine Child. When we reconnect with our innocence and hold pure intentions to great good things, and ease the suffering of others, then MAJIK HAPPENS!! 💥

BLUE MONKEY asks us today, to TRUST in our greater vision, and manifest our creations through Joy and play, using our Majik powers. CHUEN also encourages us, to invite others to come and join in collectively co creating our vision.

GOD/GODDESS/SPIRIT is always seeking partners to cocreate the DIVINE PLAN on EARTH. When you align with the higher plan for humanity then you are recruited as a GLOBAL VISIONARY COCREATOR.

SUPPORT: YELLOW SEED 🌱🌾🌸– KAN YELLOW SEED holds all the codes within it’s seed pod for the little SEED to grow to its inherent potential. It is an absolute MIRACLE 🎆how a mighty OAK TREE🌳 can be born from a tiny acorn seed🌱… one of the true wonders of creation. Just as a human being is born from a tiny ovum, holding all the codes in the DNA for the developing embryo to create each unique organ and body part from the specialized cells it creates from the blueprint program. The YELLOW SEED holds the entire potential for creating our highest potential within which we sow. KAN helps us in birthing these new seeds of creation. Our MINDS are focused on manifesting this Grande VISION that has been relayed from our EYES to our BRAIN to our solar plexus, POWER centre to manifest it in the physical realm. So tap into your inherent multi-dimensional DNA and unlock the Majik of these codes to sprout into a better life.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER:WHITE PLANETARY WORLDBRIDGER🌎🌈🌉 – CIMI asks us to LET GO and LET GOD today. Surrender to your VISION. Do not use your mind to over analyze and diffuse the data stream. Allow BLUE EAGLE to deliver the whole picture and then allow CIMI to decipher it for you. CIMI can access all the WISDOM you need in order to creatively manifest the VISIONS, ideas and epiphanies you have received. CIMI assists you in releasing what is old, and the ways you operated and created in the past. Now is the time to THINK DIFFERENTLY and do things differently. If we want a better result, then we must CHANGE the way we THINK and operate.

It is TIME to CHANGE the RECORD!🎛🎶

Let us PLAY🐒 a new song!

The PLANETARY WORLDBRIDGER holds the SUPERPOWER of being able to MANIFEST the greatest VISION into form, in the physical reality. On a PLANETARY level we can affect the world – through our collective lenses. So take some time to ENVISION our world filled with the Highest potentiality for PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY and ABUNDANCE to collectively co-create this BEAUTY FILLED NEW WORLD!

(As I type this, the time here is 10:10 – the DOUBLE MANIFESTATION CODE!!💥💥 Woot woot – partnering with Divine Spirit NOW – it is done x a GODZILLION)


CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SERPENT 🐍CHICCHAN challenges us today to move away from FEAR based instinctual responses and DARE to think BIG. Think OUTSIDE the BOX and energize your wildest and greatest imaginings.

CHICCHAN ignites our SHAKTI, our creative juices through PASSION. As we receive these great VISIONS and realize the great heights we can FLY, and thus our expanded influence over others, we become imPASSIONed! Our vitality and life-force🎇 increase and illuminate our soul.🎆 As we turn on our LIGHT, others stand up and take notice. The FIRE within our soul is AWAKENED as our soul ignites this new creation out into the world of form. Our VISION has now been birthed and made manifest. Yahooooo!!

Go forth and consciously cocreate the beautiful world you are ENVISIONING beloveds. 🐬🌴🍇🎨🌈

“How can my greatest VISION for myself, and of NEW EARTH be made manifest and take form?.


Divine blessings for the Majikal manifestation of your greatest VISIONS into CREATION! 🌟🌟🌟

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈



Christina Papageorgiou

2 JULY 2020

Creating the HIGHEST🏔 VISION🌄 for NEW EARTH.🌎🌍🌏


Tilean Or Blue Eagle


This message is at a countercurrent with what is lauded by today’s society. It is in sync with First Nation’s original message and those who speak of voluntary simplicity and happy sobriety[1[1] This has nothing to do with dependencies but rather refers to a movement in France instigated by the famous ecologist Pierre Rahbi that resembles voluntary simplicity.]. Few people really want to look at reality, because then their whole way of life is in question. Yet, we do need to look long and hard at our current situation or we could very well lose our beautiful planet and humanity with her. If science, technology, industry and the greedy consumption of natural resources continues at the speed its going, it’s a no-brainer; in a few decades the earth will be too polluted to support life. Nuclear energy is sufficient in itself to put an end to our adventure on the beautiful earth mother and that’s only one of the innumerable problems that the current world civilization produces.

Fortunately, the solutions are there and common sense shows us the way. We want health and harmony with the earth for our future generations. Contrary to what religions try to teach us, happiness is not found in the heavens but here on earth. In spite of what the Medias say, happiness does not come when we have more and more and still more, because money and glory were never able to buy happiness. In spite what science fiction films portray, the answer to pollution on this planet is not to leave it for another planet but indeed to cleanse and take care of this one.

A complete change in what we choose is possible. There can be a will to choose wisdom rather than tendencies and fashion, to choose truth rather than conformity, to choose happiness rather than social success. To do this Men and Women need to share their wisdom, to remind themselves of what is true, of what is real, they need to express their happiness and their joys together. To this end new initiatives are becoming visible on the horizon of time. Two nonprofit organizations, one in France and one in Quebec are being created. They are both called Domains for the Earth. They will network people who are interested in the global, holistic, ecological solutions as detailed in these 2 articles The Real Solution     A global Solution . Pierre Rahbi in France speaks of establishing a civil forum to underline the work of all those who protect and heal the earth by cultivating gardens and like-minded projects. Ecovillages and Eco hamlets multiply. I could continue for a long time to detail all the positive initiatives that are coming to light in this year but, what’s important here, is to understand that humanity is evolving. In spite of this system that is striving to contain our liberties and suck dry our financial assets, freedom is always possible. To really attain our divine right to cultivate the earth we need to work together and to work together we need places to meet and share with like-minded people.

It is difficult for people to really communicate and understand each other, political and religious strife all over the world is the poignant illustration of our difficulties. That’s why the earth that will feed the children of our children has become so important. The earth mother can reunite us beyond all faiths, beliefs and nationalities, as it’s our foundation. Without the earth and its generous nature there is no life. Technology threatens the earth as producing technology requires the destruction of nature. Obtaining the resources to fabricate these machines is turning our fertile earth into a toxic desert. We need to understand that technology, in the long term, is really, ultimately, useless. We shall elaborate on that at another time; it exceeds the time span of our message.

Hope is with our children. We are and have been conditioned, programmed, brain washed for millennia. False truths, bad habits, and social norms that are completely ridiculous plague our days. This false information has been ingrained in our bodies, our hearts and our thoughts. As an example our bodies can no longer really adapt to nature and we have become dependent on technology. If we accompany the children in their discovery of the truth, that reality illustrated in nature and the earth, they will know how to find the solutions we need. For this to happen, a new educational paradigm is imperative. That is why in this beginning of 2016 I have translated my article EDUCATION. I offer this to you with my best wishes of hope and happiness as I send, from my heart to yours, love and joy.

Peace and Serenity throughout this coming year!!

Blue Eagle

source: aiglebleu.net/en/2016/01/prophecies-for-2016


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