Solstice – Solar Eclipse Activations ~ Kin 83 – Blue Overtone Night

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Solstice – Solar Eclipse Activations

Meg Benedicte

The Gateway is open! This Saturday, June 20th the sacred Solstice ushers in a new season on the first day of Cancer, the sign of Universal Mother, feminine nurturing, leading with the heart. As our hearts heal, the planet heals. Just hours later is a Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer, calling for global compassion for all life on the planet.

Today we commemorate the end of slavery in the United States on 6/19/1865…as we take a stand against systemic racism and affirm that Black Lives Matter. We have the power to spread LOVE all around the world.

During these Gateway openings, the galactic photon Light propels humanity into a higher frequency, into a breakthrough point. It can feel like being pushed to the next level, bursting into a new orientation. The Solstice portal is active and alert, humming and vibrating with galactic light frequencies…opening a sacred space for personal transformation. We are floating in infinite quantum limitlessness!

The June Solstice in the northern hemisphere is the longest day of Light – the one day of the year that fully illuminates ‘Heaven on Earth’. We will see the Sun rise on the Eastern horizon as far North as it will ever appear all year. The diamond light consciousness is revealing the truth of who you are, why you are here, and what you came to do! Never before have human Souls transfigured their body from density to luminosity. The light infusion during the Solstice Gateway awakens higher consciousness…a cosmic remembering of your divine destiny.

What no longer harmonizes with universal Oneness and unity consciousness is dissolving. We are approaching a tipping point in the human collective, as we spiral higher and higher. When we join together and stand in the zero point field of creation, our presence ignites the quantum possibilities to materialize our visions and intentions for a New Earth. We are the alchemists initiating new consciousness codes and templates for a higher dimensional world reality. This is our gift to Gaia and humanity. This is how we fulfill our soul mission.

In the Solstice-Solar Eclipse Activations we will pray, visualize and proclaim our intentions to provide nurturing safety for all life on the planet, including our neighbors and children in crisis. We are one family, one race, one people…children of god/goddess. We come together in a heart-centered field of love and compassion, as we reset the collective with a harmonic community.

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather together on June 20th to seed our personal and global intentions to birth our New 5D Earth. We will perform healing activations during our Solstice – Solar Eclipse Gateway gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:


Copyright (c) 2020 Meg Benedicte All Rights Reserved You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.




Magenta Pixie

Today, 20th June is the Summer Solstice (or Winter depending where you are in the world) followed by the Solar Eclipse ‘Ring of Fire’ tomorrow 21st June. These days are extremely energetically powerful. They are united and merged as ‘One Day’ yet the Solstice marks the end of one calendrical cycle or world and the Eclipse marks the beginning of another. This is a step up into a higher octave as all empaths, clairvoyants, psychics and sensitives across the world can feel. The birthing of the New Earth reality on 22nd June completes the Trinity merge of these three powerful days creating a portal or Stargate. This Stargate holds the frequency of many flame letter symbols and codes including but not limited to ‘The Flame of the Rose’ – ‘The Pink Sapphire or Ruby Gemstone grid’ – ‘Diamond Light and Platinum Ray alignment’ – ‘The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ – ‘New Dawn, New Earth Matrix’ and ‘Opening of the Golden Age Gateway’ 💓💓💓💛💛💛🌻🌈🌞🌄
Magenta Pixie
Artist ~ Janet Sanders “Infinite Light Codes” for the Weekend

Magical Spell Incantation – Sacred Song for the Solstice and Eclipse, 20th/21st/22nd June 2020

Dance dear starseeds, dance this day, for you rejoice with all.
Under the stars you do play, for you have heard the call.
It is Solstice 2020, now is surely the time. Ring of fire, eclipse of the sun.
Know these codes. Inner bell does chime. Stand in power, for you have won.
Negative would seek to control through fear, yet you know and see their game.
Galactic pulse, you shall indeed hear, holding the rose gold flame.
Awakening steps up into light warp speed. The chakra of the heart beams love.
Every colour, race, gender and creed stands for peace, the sign of the dove.
It is unity now, that is the matter at hand. Togetherness, gratitude, and so much fun!
As you come together upon the new land and uphold the sacred Law of One.
Now is the time, as we have said. The philosopher’s stone has been kissed.
With the twin flame counterpart you have been wed. There is nothing that you have missed.
Holding the knowing of the diamond light, you are beacons of change. And soon!
Indigo warriors ready for the fight, in this joyful month of June.
So walk the path with head held high, we know you follow the sign.
With galactic wings shall you fly, with us, the collective of Nine.

This little verse may appear so flighty, yet please behold its magical power.
When spoken aloud by you, so mighty, at this most timely hour.
So stand together, awakened souls, your light is abundant and plenty.
Together you shall indeed reach your goals, these three days in your month of June in your year of 2020.

We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.



If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards our Ecuador healing retreat center.

Walter W. Boyd

Guidance to integrate the Solar Eclipse energies tomorrow.

Intention and preparation exercise for today, “Soul Communion”.

It is only with true communion that the wisdom held within the soul can be accessed and integrated to be of benefit to the mundane levels of embodiment.

Dive deep into (your) soul, connect and commune in ways that are personal to you.

Gifts await that seek to bring greater harmony between the polar forces with you (light and shadow), unity consciousness to truly direct the unfolding of your story.

Final outcome: That aaaah feeling of being met, and perhaps even a surprise from the universe 😍

Have a great weekend all.

Elizabeth Peru

19 hrs

Right now, we’re on the verge of our second BIG ECLIPSE for June. In just over 30 hours, the New Moon ‘Ring of Fire’ SOLAR ECLIPSE is here, making it easier for you to RENEW. You’ll have the full backing of the Sun, Moon and Earth on your side. So, you could feel emotional, unsure or on edge. It’s OK, that’s normal right now. You’re ready to TRANSMUTE old patterns and eagerly embrace the new…

As I’ve said in Saturday’s ALL-NEW Tip-Off Forecast, ‘Global Energy is peaking and could prove to be a handful for many’. Subscribers, make sure that you have a good listen to the next 2-3 days forecasts. They’ll help you to be in a good place, so that you can reassure and uplift others.
Learn about The Tip-Off. It’s one forecast for the globe 🌍



Much intel has been shared on how strong this weekend will be. This is the second eclipse in the Triple-Eclipse passage, with deep mystical significance and activation of some very ancient stargates and a strong cosmic wave.🌹

Mark your calendars, clear your schedule, prepare and …

This is a major Galactic Convergence, alignment with the Galactic Ecliptic, and a Superwave of Crystalline Light from the Great Central SUN. Ancient organic Stargates and celestial pathways are opened.

Multiple Mass meditations will be held. Add your pure heart intent and light to these events. Hold the vision and feeling of the most maginifcent heart openings, DNA activations and Ascension experience for all concerned.🌹



Saturday, June 20: Solstice Global Mass Meditations


7AM – 7:33AM PDT/AZ time (UTC -7)
(see Facebook event for details)
Or join us in the Unified Field of Divine Love (offline.)
Sandra Walter 🙏
Thanks to the Artist 🌹



Celia Fenn

Today, the 20th June, is the Solstice and it leads us into the New Moon/Solar Eclipse tomorrow on the 21st June.
The energy right now is so powerful….light codes are streaming onto the Earth through the Solstice/ Eclipse Portal.
The Solstice is always a time of “balance and return” where Sacred energies urge us to let go of what we no longer need and find the lightness and balance that we desire in our Heart.

In June 2020 we are especially aware that we need to “dive deep” and also encounter the darkness and the heaviness that is so prominent in the collective energy, and release and balance so that so that we can come into balance with our Galactic and Cosmic heritage and consciousness.

The Eclipse tomorrow focuses on the Divine Feminine energy, with the New Moon in Cancer flowing with Lunar Codes of Renewal, and the Solar Eclipse grounding Fiery new Codes. The Divine Feminine is stepping into her Solar Power and her Golden Light. She is expanding to be the energy of Renewal for the New Earth.

This is a Sacred moment, when we need to be aware of our own Divine Feminine power of Creativity and Manifestation and how we can hold our vision of the New Earth and bring it into Reality.

The more we focus on higher consciousness and the New Earth, the more we can lift our consciousness to that level and live in that Reality.

It does not matter if there is chaos in the ‘other timeline’, we need to focus on the incoming timeline of “Galactic Culture” where we can connect with the incoming Golden Age of Peace. Remember that the two timelines exist in the same space at the moment, as we get to choose the one on which we will evolve further This is what we came to do and experience as Galactic and Angelic families on Earth.
I wish you Peace and Inner Joy on this Sacred week end.

Amanda Lorence


Friday 19th brought in certain and specific ENERGIES…the beginning Stage or start point of the State that can be loosely labelled “Christ Consciousness”, or “Cosmic Consciousness”. The linear name/label/definition is irrelevant. It is a potential of a higher consciousness state. A state of being. That will expand from this stage point onwards.

See the image below that was given in animated vision form back in 2014. The vision had animated stages:

1st stage: A golden grid that overlays the whole universe was shown.
2nd stage: The division of the world. Two world split.
3rd stage: The arrival IN, of cosmic energy symbolised by the equal, symmetrical golden cross that represents only in symbol form, “Christ Consciousness” incoming energies that would allow for that state to be attained (one by one) by human beings on Gaia.
4th stage: (not on this image but shown in the vision) significant Galactic connections increase one to one.
5th stage: First Contact. For Collective.

Friday 19th June brought in the energies of the THIRD STAGE. That will expand, develop, within us. It’s a STAGE that unfolds to us, from within us.

Everything is seen with new eyes. Felt with and from the unseen “Essence” everyone and everything has. Given from that “Essence”. We connect our SELF REALIiSED essence to exterior essence we know and see. The unseen becomes seen, within and without. Via feeling first. And via No thoughts. All the ‘unseen’ essence is was and IS the same ONE essence. Yet we are only just embarking on this NEW stage.

The energies that have arrived for this stage to be embodied, remain ‘switched on’. For each to meet, through their individual stages of embodiment. We have different storylines, different paths, unique perceptions, personality overlays. But our energetic embodiment stages are the same and met by each self. All roads led to ONE. There is no rush, competition or pressure to attain this state, except the false pressures we can place upon our own self. Just allow all to unfold, as there lies the true perfection and your peace within the grand changes unfolding for all.

The data and experiences of 20, 21, and 22 June will unfold as they present. We will see…

One Love
Amanda Lorence
20 June 2020


Take a Deep Breath.

Breathe in to this Moment, to this Time.

Breathe in to the Winds of Change that have Graced your life. They have been harsh, but they have also been helping to open you, to deepen you, and enrich your life.

The June 20-21st New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is the most powerful of the year. This is because it falls just moments after the Solstice at ZERO degrees of Cancer.

ZERO degrees of any zodiac sign is powerful as it represents the field of infinite possibilities, but ZERO degrees of Cancer also happens to be the Global Axis, a HIGHLY Charged point in the Cosmic Skies.

Having a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the Global Axis indicates an opening of a NEW Time-Line, a NEW World, and a NEW Dimension of BEing.

It represents a point in our history, but also in our Hearts, where a NEW World has Dawned.

This is powerful energy that doesn’t just come and go on the day of this Eclipse. We feel it building before and, we feel it building for a long time after.

In fact, the steps and choices we make around this Eclipse have the potential to last for many years to come.

Through downloads I have received around this Solar Eclipse, I have seen that a NEW Book, a NEW Record is being written. It’s almost like planet Earth as a collective has finished one journey and is ready to start a NEW One.

It feels like Big SHIFTS are coming as we wrap up this old world and head into a NEW One, but we are ready. We have been preparing for this, and NOW the time has come.

On this NEW Journey that is slowly unfolding, more people will BEgin to Awaken and tap into abilities they never knew they had. The discovery of these abilities will help to Shift and Change how we approach things as a society.

While we will feel this on an individual level, there is a Greater sense here that this more about the collective and the journey of the planet as a whole.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse is an Annular Eclipse, which means that the Moon’s shadow will cover the center of the Sun, leaving a Brilliant Ring of Fire.

This Ring of Fire is a symbol of creation but also destruction.

The dark shadow of the Moon represents the pains and struggles of the past but also a womb of infinite potential that is waiting to birth a NEW Creation.

The Ring of Fire represents the fuel that is needed to birth this creation, but also the release that has to take place for this NEW Creation BE born.

Within all of us is this dark void, this blank slate of creation that is waiting to give rise to something New. But first, we must burn.

We must Melt Away All that is NO longer required.

This Ring of Fire Eclipse is like fuel for our SOUL Purpose and our SOUL Mission.

Tune in to your desires, allow your inner fire and passion to lead you, and then set some intentions under this Eclipse.

Visualize what you would like to draw in to your life. Visualize what you want this NEW Earth to look like for everyone.

Peace, Equality, Justice, Love, Compassion, Purpose, call it all in. Call in these powerful vibrations and allow them to be birthed inside of you for your SELF and for All of Humanity.

Imagine your SELF as a vessel waiting to be filled while all around you, the old burns away.

There is NO coincidence that this powerful Solstice Solar Eclipse comes right in the middle of two challenging Lunar Eclipses- the June 5th Sagittarius Eclipse and the July 4th Capricorn Eclipse.

Transformation and Change is underway. We are simultaneously BEing shown what is possible and what is standing in our way.

Destruction may come, but as always, a Rebirth will follow.

The Solstice and Cancer zodiac energy present adds to the Heightened sensitivity of this Eclipse.

We may be feeling more intuitive and connected or we may be drawn to think about our feelings of safety, security, and comfort.

Cancer energy is all about feeling at Home within the SELF, and learning to move through life connected to LOVE and Compassion.

We all deserve to feel at Home inside ourselves but also on this planet too.

We all BElong Here, we all BElong on this Giant Rock that is floating through the expansive, endless sky.

Cancer is the ruling sign of the Moon. The Moon is connected to creative, nurturing, intuitive energy, and perhaps this is where we need to focus our attention in our own lives.

The Moon is saying – hide NO more for there is room for us all, there’s enough LOVE for us All.

So, as we feel this potent Solar Eclipse brewing, BE sure to give your SELF LOVE. BE sure to give Others LOVE. Recognize the Healing that comes when you lead with LOVE, Not just for your SELF but for Others too.

The Cancer New Moon Solstice Solar Eclipse is a powerful one, but we still have one more Eclipse to go before we have a clearer understanding of what this Eclipse Gateway is destined to bring.

~ Tanaaz 💜



If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

New Moon Eclipse Summer Solstice Puja & Inner Child Blessing

Speak the words in the “parentheses” and follow the instructions in the ((( brackets))) 

Inner Child Blessing

((( Enter your sacred space )))
“I offer blessings to my inner child, and my inner world and to all creation with this blessing.”

((( Feel the essence of yourself, pay attention to what is paying attention )))

((( List all the things you love and bless them with all of your heart )))

“Beauty unfolds before the eyes of a child, so I bring myself to a sacred place of inner child magic.”

((( Envision yourself as a very young child and go into the special place that made you feel magical )))

((( Feel the feelings that you used to get as a child when you felt butterflies in your belly and the creative surge soon followed )))

((( Walk forward into this younger version of yourself and create your ideal life on the present tense)))

((( Feel free to use crayons, play-doh, pen and paper, legos, nothing at all or a combination of many thing to create your future reality, just be sure to add your inner child magic to this moment)))


Puja Intention for the Solstice New Moon

(((Say each verse 3X and follow the directions, as well as your instincts )))

(Face East)
I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to East. The new moon sparks new beginnings. It is my intention to bring in new and exciting positive energy to my reality. It is with great joy that I create a better tomorrow.
((( List and envision all the things you wish to manifest. )))

(Face South)
I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to the South. I am aware that somethings must change to manifest something new. I vow to keep my heart and mind open in order to make the appropriate changes needed to manifest the things that I desire.
((( List the beliefs that you need to change in order to allow your desires to manifest. )))

(Face West)
I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to the West. Some goals require perseverance and a longevitous mindset to achieve them. I will stay cognizant of this and enjoy the journey, as that is the true treasure of achieving goals.
((( List the things you are grateful for. )))

(Face North)
I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to the North. All of my goals are subject to natural law, I ask that Gaia bless my goals and support them in her loving energy.
(((Envision white, clear, rainbow, silver and golden light engulfing yourself, your loved ones, earth and your goals.)))

I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions. I am one with all things, I say these words not only for myself but for others as well. I create a better tomorrow for all existence with this blessing.
((( List the things you wish to see manifest globally. )))

I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions. It is with great pride that I bring forth my inner divine self to the world.
((( List the attributes, virtues and characteristics you wish to obtain or enhance)))

I face my, mind, body and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions. I am at peace with the cosmos, I am one with their direction and I accept their divine blessings.
((( Accept the download the cosmic energy that is eager to connect with you)))

I face my, mind, body and divine spirit within and find the voice of my inner divine.
((( Meditate with your inner child )))

Mitukeye Oyasin, AHO!

The Tzolkin Times

7 hrs

Kin 83 ~ Blue Overtone Night

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and it’s key words are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day of any wavespell is always intense but in a good way. There’s a lot of energy involved and it can wear you out by the end of the day. If you want to make the most of it raise your aim and don’t underestimate your own power.

Today is Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams, Abundance and Intuition.’ The Blue Night has a huge imagination but must wake up to make their dreams come true. On a empowering day like this, dreams get a great boost. Be inspired by your dreams and wake up to the possibilities! Believe in abundance and it will come to you.

The Guide for today is the Blue Monkey! The monkey is magical and if you believe in magic this will help your dreams come true but first monkey asks you to consider which dreams are illusions and which dreams have a realistic chance to come true.

The Challenge today is the Red Skywalker, the adventurer of the Tzolkin and it’s key words are ‘Explore, Space and WAKEFULNESS’. The Skywalker challenges the Blue Night to ‘wake up’ but the Blue Night wants to carry on dreaming and is reluctant to leave the comforts of dreaming. Skywalker wants to go on an adventure today but can get frustrated by Blue Night’s energy. Ironically though they need each other. Skywalker wouldn’t know where to go on an adventure if Blue Night didn’t have the big imagination…someone has to do the dreaming!

The Occult power is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’. When in this magical position the Mirror shows that understanding the truth about magic is what it takes to make dreams come true.

The Ally is the Yellow Warrior who loves nothing more than to go on a quest, and Blue Night is lucky to have such a good ally. Warrior can lead the way so the dreamer doesn’t get lost! If you need help with your dreams today, find a Warrior to


Christina Papageorgiou

5 AKBAL – KIN 83
20 JUNE 2020


I EMPOWER in order to DREAM
Commanding Intuition
I seal the input of Abundance
With the Overtone tone of Radiance
I AM guided by the power of Majik!

20/2020 – Triple 20 👁👁👁AWAKENING Portal
20/6/22 = 2/6/4 = 12 = 3

2 – Partnership/Cooperation
6 – Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
3 – Holy Trinity/Creativity/Joy/Communication

KIN 83 = 11 = 2

11- Portal/Gate/Polarity 2 – Partnership/Cooperation
A very majikal, mystical day for uncovering what has been deeply hidden in order to step through the doorway and AWAKEN the DREAM.

Day 5 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution.

This is the day we transform and COMMAND our natural collective abundance as we DARE TO DREAM!

🎼The future’s in the air.
I can feel it everywhere,
Blowing with the wind of change. 🎶
🎼Take me to the MAJIK of the moment,
on a glory NIGHT,
Where the children of tomorrow,
DREAM away,
In the wind of change.🎶
SCORPIONS, Wind of Change. 🌬🍃

OVERTONE 🎆 Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance.
5 represents the Centre, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards. Overtones COMMAND the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their power radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power.

The 5th day of the BLUE STORM Wavespell is the one that empowers. When we give ourselves permission to receive and feel worthy and abundant, we transform! Which aspects of your life or outlook would you like to transform in order to feel empowered? Command your RADIANCE and spread your golden LIGHT! 🎆

CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE NIGHT 🌃💰 AKBAL is the Keeper of the New Way Dreaming – the custodian who holds the keys to unlock the doors to collective ABUNDANCE. AKBAL encodes the power of DREAMING, that comes from trusting our intuition, to lead us to the natural flow of abundance.

DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏to Beloved Blue Rhythmic Monkey – Vasumi Zjikaa – who brilliantly narrates this dream
“Today is the 5th day of the cycle of change… The power of change is born from our dreams… The dreaming that is aligned with the dreaming or spell of our planet, anchored in the crystal core of our Mother Earth… This dreaming or contract being ‘ABUNDANCE FOR ALL BEINGS’🎆💰🐬🌴🎆 Every in-tuition and potent prophetic dream is born of this Dream-Spell that we all carry, however conscious or unconscious we are of it, however deeply we hold our heads in the sand of the collective amnesia that has been overlayed upon us for the last few thousand years at least…

Today as Overtone Night, guided by the Monkey, we EMPOWER the DREAMING by trusting the abundance of Majik that is occuring, bringing powerful change in its wake. Because we know it is encoded to happen, it is written as part of the spell. All peoples on this planet will have their needs met, and until that time, we are all compelled to keep on with our missions and fearlessly participate, following our in-tuition and living our dreams powerfully, radiantly and remember to TAKE COMMAND 🎆both IN and of the dream” 🌴🐬💰🌃💞

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE MONKEY 🎆🐒– CHUEN the OVERTONE Monkey is the higher POWER today – bringing forth RADIANT MAJIK💫 to COMMAND your desires into being. CHUEN provides the MAJIK to make our DREAMS come TRUE! In order to become EMPOWERED we must return to the PURITY and innocence of our DIVINE CHILD which the BLUE STORM is enabling. Purifying our essence to reclaim our Divinity and soul essence as the RADIANT beings that we are in our core. Connecting with our DIVINE CHILD and remembering our childhood dreams – those desires that were seeded within our DNA to create the DIVINE PLAN through our incarnation.

Use your intuition today, to tune in to WHAT it is that makes your HEART SING, all the dreams, desires and grandiose ideas that fuel your passion. Reconnect with your codings and COMMAND them into existence with your Majik wand!💫

KIN 83 very powerfully ACTiVATES the DIVINE PLAN of ABUNDANCE for ALL beings on Planet Earth. This will be realized through the GESARA/NESARA – divine income plan for MAN-KIND. So hold this intention today, energize it with your MAJIK and COMMAND it into being NOW!!

Here is a BRILLIANT SUMMARY detailing the history and application of GESARA/NESARA on Planet Earth.


SUPPORT: YELLOW WARRIOR 🌈🏹 CIB gives us the courage today to face our FEARS of lack and unworthiness of realizing our ultimate dream and receiving the abundance and rewards that we so richly deserve. BLUE NIGHT is a portal to your subconscious and the collective unconscious, so dive deep today and face what arises. BLUE STORM is bringing up these FEARS for purification and transformation to facilitate your evolution. CIB gives us the POWER to believe in our dreams and to GO FOR IT!

YELLOW WARRIOR also gives us the power to FEARLESSLY QUESTION what is inadequate and does not support the collective welfare, and plan for Planetary Abundance. The RAINBOW WARRIORS will fearlessly defend the collective DREAM until it is made manifest on the Earth plane and their collective Rainbow Mission is achieved.

You may find yourself CHALLENGING what is, in order to bring forth the new better abundance flow for all of humanity. OVERTONE WARRIORS possess incredible FEARLESS energy as Divine Crusaders catalyzing the power of the dreaming of a transformed reality here on Earth, where ABUNDANCE for all beings shall be! Should we choose fearlessly to take command! DARE TO live your DREAM!

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE SOLAR MIRROR 🔎 ETZNAB allows us to realize the TRUTH of what is, and what presents today. Seeing with extra CLARITY – within this 20/2020 SUPER-VISION day! What illusions and falsities have clouded our minds and obstructed our path to receiving endless abundance?. The STORM will clear the FEARS, insecurities and scare -city beliefs revealed by the MIRROR!

The SOLAR MIRROR will pulse forth RADIANT LIGHT codes revealing the density and highlighting what needs to be magnified and energized in order to realize your intention for commanding your DREAMS. WHITE MIRROR reveals that DIVINE COSMIC ABUNDANCE is available for all of us EQUALLY on this PLANET of plenty.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SKYWALKER🚶BEN challenges us to AWAKEN to the DREAM of unlimited ABUNDANCE. Connecting to the possibility of unlimited potential to create and receive this abundance from the multiverse! Expanding your creation throughout the realms of the Cosmos, and being the bridge to anchor the pillars of Heaven on Earth – commanding the BLISS codes in our everyday existence.

EXPLORE the multitude of opportunities that arise, leading you down new pathways of discovery, in the realization of your DREAMS! BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS! SO MOTE IT BE! 🎆💞

Today’s question is “What DREAMS can I EMPOWER today, opening the floodgates to unlimited ABUNDANCE?”


Divine blessings for all your GREAT DREAMS, to come true!

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: The Magic Lantern – Artist Adrian Borda DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏


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