YOU ARE AN INFINITE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING – Gene Key 4: Forgiveness ~ Kin 135: Blue Overtone Eagle💙

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Krishna Janmashtami 2020

birth of Lord Krishna  August 11th birth of Hindu Deity

The Reason for this Embodiment

By Suzanne Lie with the Arcturians

ACEA copy 2

artwork by Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturian,
Do you have a message to share with us today?

Yes, we the Arcturians, as well as all of your Galactic Family, always have something to share with our brave Family who has chosen to wear an Earth Vessel within this NOW.

In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, Antarians, Lemurians and Venusians, are all working together as ONE Being in order to assist our beloved planet Gaia, also known as Earth, to move into the higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, most of you have heard of the saying, “The Darkest night is just before dawn!” This saying has never been more true than within your NOW on Gaia’s Earth. Fortunately, more and more “humans” are beginning to have dreams about Starship, visions of Star Beings, and some humans are even beginning to remember BEING on a Starship.

Of course, as soon as our “Grounded Ones,” which is the term we give to our courageous Galactic Family Members who have, and/or soon will, volunteer to take a human earth vessel during this NOW of great planetary transmutation.

We say “planetary transmutation” rather than “planetary change,” because the terms “change” and “transmutation” mean very different things. “Change” means that somethings and/or many things will change in an unknown fashion.

On the other hand, “Transmutation” means that this change will allow Gaia, and all Her inhabitants, to have the choice to remember how to “transmute” them selves into a higher frequency of form, matter, brain power, acceptance, knowing and being.

In fact, when the third dimensional beings on Gaia, now known as humans, begin their process of transmuting their third and fourth dimensional forms into their fifth dimensional forms, everything will change.


For one thing, eventually, humanities innate, but not yet experienced, fifth dimensional form, will return. It is within that NOW that humanity will begin to remember, and then, return back to, their Galactic, Multidimensional SELF.

It is then that EVERYTHING will be different.

For one thing, third dimensional “time” will not be the same in the higher frequencies of reality. We, the Galactics, know that many of our “earthly grounded ones” are becoming more and more aware of how their perception of reality changes with their state of consciousness. For example, when they are in a “good mood” and are doing something that they enjoy, time seems to “fly” by.

On the other hand, when humans are doing something that they do NOT enjoy, “time seems to go slower and slower.” In fact, they may even “lose track of time,” because they are NOT enjoying what they redoing and want to stop doing it.

On the other hand, when humans are deeply enjoying what they are doing, where they are, and/or who they are with, time “quickly flies by.” In fact one may be surprised to see how much “time” has passed. However, it is not the time that has made their perceptual shift. In was what they were doing with that time that made their perception of reality, change.

Another thing that influences your perception of time is your “state of consciousness.” For those of you who meditate, read, paint, and have remembered that your own Higher SELF is calling you, time seems to expand, as well as your awareness of what is going on beyond the limitations of the third dimension.,

For one thing, you may feel very different from others who are NOT having those experiences. In fact, many humans are still deeply grounded in the third dimensional “HERE and NOW.” However, you can step out of one version of reality and into a different version of reality by changing your state of consciousness.

Then your thoughts and emotions will resonate to that”state of consciousness.” For example, you may be having a wonderful time, and having a very high state of consciousness. Then suddenly, something happens which frightens you, angers you or lowers your state of consciousness.


It is then that you may begin to plummet deeper and deeper the uncomfortable emotions of fear, anger, impatience and sorrow. Can you stop this sense of “feeling out of control? ” Yes, you can, especially if you have developed a conscious relationship with your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

This Higher Self is actually, not just your self, but the frequency of consciousness that you have allowed to dwell in your thoughts, emotions, activities and even dreams. Yes, you can remember, your dreams best if you write them down. If you write down, or type, or even tell someone about your dreams, they will no longer be a secret, but instead they become an important manner in which you can speak to your own SELF.

When you write down your dreams, you can better keep your “state of consciousness” within your awareness. Also, when, and if you make a conscious choice to be the Master of our Mind, then you can go inside your “mind” to bring forth the information that you need to have in order to successfully meet each challenge.

When you feel that you have “met a challenge” an empowered and a self loving sensation sweeps into your heart and mind. This is when your heart and mind can best communicate with each other and with the YOU who is (hopefully) the Masters of your Life.

As your sense of “SELF Mastery” becomes more and more present within your “Sense of SELF” Happiness and SELF MASTERY can meet with PURPOSE AND JOY!

When you feel joyful, it is easier for your to remember your “reason for incarnation,” and to even “believe that you can and will fulfill the promise that you made with your Higher SELF before you took this embodiment!

Blessings to you all
Most of all, we ask you to remember that:

YOU ARE A MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING Who has Chosen to take a earth vessel during this NOW.




Dispense with your suffering. Give it away. Give it to the Traveler; he will take it. But you have to let it go. You can’t give it and hang on to it at the same time. The Traveler will trade you: give him your suffering, and he will give you your next step in progression; give him your darkness, and you’ll see the Light appear in your consciousness. Then watch for the upliftment to appear.

— John-Roger, DSS

Sandra Walter


Decrees are an honored Mystery School technique for #Ascension. ⁠

Our out-loud commands, decrees, invocations and prayers have a direct effect on our #DNA, which produces our experience in the physical. Decrees affect our realities.⁠

Use Mastery Decrees every morning, or anytime for alignment. ⁠

Like any spiritual practice, it’s like training a muscle. Heart-powered Creator-in-Carnate muscles and neural pathways in the brain are reprogrammed with consistent reinforcement, and produce the Embodiment experience through your DNA.⁠

Prepare: Connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent.⁠

Say aloud:: In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. Unify in this now moment. Let us activate and transform this outward projection and experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.⁠

<Say your Decrees: One or many >⁠

I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Creator Source.⁠

I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and templates for my pure and true organic Ascension.⁠

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So it is.⁠

Refocus on the heart center. Take a moment to feel your Heart and integrate.⁠

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Because #Ascension


Crop Circles-UFO’s-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations


We are in for a lot of lightning over here in the UK what with all this very warm weather we are having here for the rest of the week but perhaps not as dramatic as the lightning seen over Perryton, Texas, USA. 😱 Stunning photo by: @adamkylejackson [IG] 🤩 – via Wonders of Universe…/a.13028542131…/1717778195036444/…

Your 5th Dimensional Earth & Solar System ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very attracted to your solar system because of the potential that we can feel within it. There is the potential for so much more life on the planets and moons in your solar system, and many of you already recognize that there are other sentient beings who do occupy the planets and moons in your solar system, other than planet Earth. We want you all to know that there is already so much life in the fifth-dimensional solar system that you are moving closer and closer to every single day.

You are not even going to have to leave your own system to meet extra-terrestrial beings, hybrids, and to travel to new and interesting places. Therefore, we suggest that you all get as excited about visiting Venus as you do about visiting the Pleiadian star system. You are also going to discover that there is so much more to your planet, so much more potential there for experiences. And so, while many of you have gotten particularly excited about the possibility of traveling to other star systems, you should know that your planet and your solar system are going to be very interesting places to reside once you have completed your shift.

You are going to want to explore the fifth-dimensional Earth because you will be able to see and feel the fruits of your labor. Every moment of every day, you are putting out a signal, a vibration, that is all about co-creating a more beautiful and inclusive planet Earth, one that supports all life and where all beings live harmoniously. You will want to experience that when it all comes to fruition.

This is one of the reasons why the predictions about going somewhere else on spaceships are so silly to us. You don’t want to leave planet Earth because it has been rendered uninhabitable by humanity. You want to stay and continue to serve this beautiful world that has served by you for countless lifetimes. And that’s why you are not all picked up by spaceships and taken away. That would upset the balance, and you are there to provide the light and to anchor in more of it.

We recommend that you also anchor in more of the energies from within your own solar system, energies that are coming from those beautiful planets and moons that you hardly ever think about, because they are there to serve you just as Earth and your moon is. You are all part of a whole, and that entire whole that is your solar system is expanding, evolving, and ascending as its own collective. We are very excited to be there with you when you experience the fifth-dimensional solar system for the first time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Lisa Marie Wright

Unplugging from that which is crumbling
Remaining in your peaceful heart, neutral/non reactive and fluid
Trusting you, your heart and intuition, what flows thru you and the processs
Connecting with Pure Source energy bathing the planet… allowing energies to flow thru you
Focusing on that which you wish to create for you/all… solution focused
Releasing fear resistance linear thinking boxes labels limits
Remaining open to infinite possibilities/potential and eternal expansion
Expecting Miracles Always
…will lead to much expansion peace joy and abundance of all forms and will all to flow with greater grace and ease individually and collectively
Feel the Magic
Be the Magic
See the Magic

Elizabeth Peru


Dear Cosmic Community, Now that we’re into the second week of August, it’s been a rattling month for many. Paradigms are being challenged. Remember, that August asks for the ‘right-use’ of the masculine power within you. This means to uphold, support and champion, rather than blame or destroy. We’re coming to a critical juncture for the planet, which will last well into September. Energy has stirred (so much) that souls who have woken up, can no longer PRETEND that they don’t know better…

I trust that if you’re reading this post right now, you ARE an aware soul, consciously doing your best to assist yourself and Earth by living your purpose. I RECOMMEND that when you contemplate your life and what’s happening on the planet right now, ask within, ‘How can I enhance my experience?’ This energy creates a high-vibe ‘ripple effect’ for us all.

🙏 Please S H A R E this message 🙏
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Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 4

August 11th – August 16th 2020

Intolerance – Understanding – Forgiveness

Forgiveness Contemplation

“In life, there are many emotional ups and downs. Sometimes we do things that hurt others, either consciously or unconsciously, and sometimes we are wronged or dishonoured in some way by others. You can only enter the full beauty of the contemplative state when you no longer harbour any resentments or hidden shame. Every pang of guilt or repressed blame muddies our still, inner lake. If you harbour such unresolved feelings from the past, part of your contemplative journey will be to let them go. This is usually a gentle process that may take considerable time. Depending on the depth of your wounds, you may also wish to consider professional help in this regard.

Forgiveness, whether of yourself or another, is about releasing yourself from a series of energetic hooks that link you to a certain person or past event. One contemplative approach is to close your eyes and locate these hooks inside yourself. Then using your breath, breathe into each one and let it go. If there was another person involved, you can also try and see them in a new light. Imagine them as a young child, and see the terrible sense of isolation they may have felt at some point. Even the most aggressive or heartless personality traits are rooted in certain tragic events in a child’s life. The more you can come to understand others using the power of your imagination, the more compassion you will be able to feel for them. In time, this will help you to let them go.

As you refine the Art of Contemplation you will realise that there are no mistakes in life. Every event is a whetstone for you to further polish the blade of your worldly wisdom. We are here to learn from our mistakes and to find the inner forgiveness to move on and become a better person.”

– Excerpt from The Art of Contemplation

“If we have this Gene Key prominently in our profile, we’re going to stop needing to know, and finally understand. We’ll start laughing. Happiness never comes through answers. It comes only when we’re so tired of answers, that we just decide to live the questions fully. Our life radiates the answer, and finally we can relax and be of the deepest service to the world.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


Hare in the Moon Astrology


Tuesday August 11 2020

A heads up!

This Mars/Eris/Pluto cocktail is like drinking metabolic rocket fuel to shake you out of the weird limbo of “massive changes outside/suspended in the void inside” inertia.

In this dysfunctional, dystopian world of constant chaotic disruption (Eris), Mars in Aries is the call to individuate in the midst of Pluto’s burning fields.

In 3D, this used to mean trying to stand out, to be noticed, putting labels on yourself, taking pride in feeling special/spiritual or focusing obsessively on yourself/self-development.

In 5D it means:

leaving behind the roles – all the settling for, the making nice, the barely breathing and calling it a life

seeding your life in the image of what you want to be doing, not based on past assumptions

powering up

re-imprinting your intentions by moving into a state of peak focus

embodying your maverick spirit, wisdom, gifts and unique qualities

integrating your quirks, idiosyncrasies, weirdness and sore and sensitive spots into what makes you You

doing whatever brings you to life

playing everything at 100%

following your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions

creating whatever causes a revolution in your heart

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Rinchen Paldrön to Tibetan Buddhist Dharma

A hundred scholars and a thousand yogis can say all they want to say about the nature of mind.
But all can be summed up by this teaching of Jigme Lingpa.

The mind should never be separated
from loving kindness and compassion. Loving kindness and compassion should never be separated from emptiness.
And mindful awareness should never be separated from emptiness.

These are the key teachings.

H. E. Garchen Rinpoche

(Image by Yang Yankang)



The Tzolkin Times


Kin 135 ~ Blue Overtone Eagle

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and its key words are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command.’ The fifth day of any wavespell is quite powerful but the 5th day of the Monkey wavespell is more intense. Much can be achieved today if you have the gumption. Be empowered or overpowered is the message here.

Today is Blue Eagle and it represents ‘Creativity, Mind and Vision.’ The Eagle helps us see the bigger picture which is very helpful currently due to monkey messing with our heads. Fly high today above all the mayhem and you’ll be empowered by what you see. Creativity too will be empowering today and so indulge in whatever gets your creative juices flowing.

The Guide today is Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams and Abundance.’ And naturally when in this position the Blue Night is saying – follow your dreams. With the Eagle’s visions and helped by the powerful number five, the dreamers will find abundance today.

The Challenge is Red Serpent who doesn’t see everything from that higher perspective preferring to see things close up. The serpent is very sensitive and today that sensitivity may prove painful. If you are one, you may dread Eagle days as he is a predator and would eat up a snake given the chance which can make one feel vulnerable. If you know a serpent, reassure them and help them survive the day.

The Occult power is White Worldbridger and when in this magical position, the Worldbridger is inviting us all to cross a bridge to a magical place. This is a great opportunity and so don’t miss out when it comes your way.

The Ally is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’ and these folk are very handy to have around today. Always willing to share wisdom, Yellow Seeds make great allies. If you need help today, locate one…if you are a Yellow Seed expect other people to be very receptive to any knowledge you have to share.



Christina Papageorgiou

5 MEN – KIN 135
11 AUGUST 2020



I empower in order to CREATE
Commanding MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the Overtone tone of RADIANCE
I AM guided by the power of ABUNDANCE

11/8/2020 = 11/8/22 = 11/30 =2/3=5

11 – Portal/Gate/Polarity

2 – Twins/Partnership/Cooperation

8 – Infinity/Abundance/Eternity/Source Flow

3 – Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity

5 – Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation

kin 135 = 9 DESTINY/Humanity/Endings/Compassion/Grace

Another DIVINELY encoded spiritual PORTAL day imbued with CLARITY, RADIANCE and success codes.


Day 5 in the BLUE MONKEY WAVESPELL🐒 of MAJIK💫, Joy, Bliss, Play, Merriment and a return to Innocence. Today we are using Monkey Majik 🐒💫to EMPOWER our greatest DREAMS of personal and collective ABUNDANCE.💰🎆


OVERTONE 🎆– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance Number 5 represents the Center, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards. Overtones command the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their POWER radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power. 🌟

DAY 5 is the COMMAND day, where we 🌟COMMAND our DREAMS into being – RADIATING 🎡them out to the Universe so that they can manifest on Day 10 PLANETARY TONE day. So if you have not written your BUCKET LIST or completed your VISION BOARD, hop to it and 🌟COMMAND 🌟to Spirit EXACTLY what it is you want to MANIFEST! BE BOLD and BE CLEAR! COMMAND your ABUNDANCE! 💰💰💰


CONSCIOUS SELF:👁 BLUE EAGLE – MEN provides us with a beautiful gift today. The gift of VISION! 👁We usually fly HIGH examining the panoramic landscape with BLUE EAGLE, but today with the guidance of AKBAL we are diving deep into the abyss, the realm of the subconscious and the collective unconscious. AKBAL and BLUE EAGLE gives us the power of “NIGHT VISION” – the superpower to SEE in the darkness! So our lens is focused within, as we are seeking to EMPOWER our Divine child. We have the capacity to SEE underneath the surface of what is our daily experience, and now we have the power to uncover what FEAR, scarcity and lack have been lurking in the deep, dark shadows of our MINDS! The Eagle’s mighty beak and talons can uproot anything that has been blocking the MAJIK in unleashing your full ABUNDANCE!

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE NIGHT🌃💰– AKBAL gives you access to greater intuitive capacity today, to enter the deep abyss and discover the keys to joy, happiness, bliss, Abundance and financial freedom. AKBAL provides the keys to access the Dreamtime and the collective unconscious. We can tune into the great cosmic ocean of Planetary Abundance that has been denied to us. Using BLUE EAGLE’s EYES and our intuition as our navigational compass we can uncover our deepest dreaming, our soul’s longings and desires which have not yet been met or materialized into form, waiting for the right moment to be seeded.Uncovering and freeing our greatest dreams, the dreams that empower our creative minds to envision the greatest majik!


NOTE: MEN – Blue Eagle holds the Planetary Mind and when coupled with AKBAL as the Higher Self this strongly accesses the Collective Unconscious. Blue Monkey represents the CHILD 👶and so the issue of the Rescued Children👫👬👭 from the dark tunnels is coming to the fore now – rising from the Unconscious to be made Conscious in collective Planetary Mind. In this way we can collectively EMPOWER these abused and traumatized children through COMMANDING awareness of their long forgotten and BURIED plight.. The LITERAL representations of the symbolism in the codes of KIN 135. As the souls of these pure children are healed, so too is each of our individual divine child aspects, affording great Planetary healing for all HU-MAN-KIND. This is the road back to reclaiming our Diamond core aspects of our Divinity during the BLUE MONKEY Wavespell 💎🎆

Here is a beautiful tribute to the rescued children which you may wish to SHARE to raise AWARENESS of their story – the song is called ‘RESCUE”.


May GOD/GODDESS heal and bless all their precious souls! 👭👬👫

HOLD THE VISION of a world where our precious children are cherished, LOVED and respected. A beautiful peace filled world, where they are FREE to PLAY, laugh and sing, where they can enjoy their childhood and be allowed to CREATE their grandest DREAMS. AMEN and SO IT IS!


SUPPORT: YELLOW SEED🌾 – KAN forms a team with CIMI. CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning. KAN empowers through the capacity to SHINE through the darkness – RISE up and FLOWER. Choosing to co-create a collective highest potential that empowers ALL souls. How can you plant these VISIONS into the ground now, in order for them to bear fruit and nourish all? What is it that you wish to COMMAND into creation?

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE SOLAR WORLDBRIDGER🌉🌞 – CIMI asks you to SURRENDER to your dreams, trusting that the darkness has passed. The SOLAR WORLDBRIDGER as the SUPERPOWER today, enables you to PULSE your DREAMS and your greatest VISION into reality.. You have the SUPERPOWER to create today.

Now is the era of greater LIGHT when dreams really do come true if we UNITE together as ONE through our networks and planetary grids, finally releasing the collective dreaming VISION of natural abundance for us all. G.E.S.A.R.A. is HAPPENING folks! 💰💰💰


CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED OVERTONE SERPENT 🐍– CHICCAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and awakening. It can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT challenges you today to release your old fears. All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in survival and defence mechanisms must go!! The deepest FEARs relating to abuse, trauma, survival, scare-city, abandonment and poverty. Once the FEAR is released we can become EMPOWERED and truly RADIATE as Sovereign beings, confident in the TRUST that Spirit provides for all our needs.

Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues so draw on your kundalini power to raise and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power! This energy allows the power and radiance of full vital energy to be expressed as we answer to our responsibilities with no resistance. Full power vital force expressed through manifesting our greatest MAJIK!💫

Today’s question is “What dreams can I EMPOWER today, in order to unleash and co create the collective DREAM of PLANETARY ABUNDANCE?”

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for COMMANDING your great DREAMS into reality. 💟💟💟

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: Whale Dreaming Artist Dragan J DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏


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