BLUE EAGLE WAVESPELL ~ Mayan Dreamspell Calendar ~ KINS 235 – 247 ~ AWAKENING to the DIVINE VISION


Christina Papageorgiou

KIN NOS: 235-247
6-18th AUGUST 2021
in order to
We have just completed our journey with the WHITE WIND🌬🍃 where we have forged a STRONGER connection to Spirit🕊 and our DIVINE GUIDANCE . Now for the next 13 days until 18th AUGUST, we are about to TAKE FLIGHT with the VISIONARY BLUE EAGLE!
The Blue Eagle Wavespell is the 19th Wavespell out of twenty in the Dreamspell Calendar so we are nearing completion of this spin of the Tzolkin in 26 days on August 31st, 2021.
Very fittingly on September 1st, 2021 which is SPRING🌿🌸🌷🌺🌹 in the Southern Hemisphere we commence a whole new Galactic spin, about to be REBORN🐣 through KIN 1 the Red Magnetic Dragon.🐉..
HALLELUJAH✨ lots of FRESH new beginnings happening to propel humanity forwards. 🚀🚀🚀
This BLUE EAGLE cycle will give us X-RAY VISION…what was hidden and UNSEEN will now be REVEALED!! Epiphanies and huge AWAKENINGS are born from this crystal clear influx of IN-SIGHT during the next 13 days. So GET READY – for HUGE PLANETARY REVELATIONS as the evolutionary🎡 wheel turns to FULL THROTTLE!! 💥💥💥
We are about to board the Giant Ferris Wheel🎡 – the London EYE 👁– so buckle up and get ready for a crazy adventure, as we get the full bird’s eye view atop this spinning wheel! We may not like what we SEE but know that this GREAT unravelling all serves the greater plan for HU-man-ity… NOTHING can lurk in the shadows any longer as SPIRIT is casting it’s ALL SEEING EYE👁 – through the noble BLUE EAGLE.
BLUE EAGLE holds the power of VISION, his vision sees far beyond the mere minds of men! BLUE EAGLE is the SEER 🔮who has the ability to translate the Planetary Mind and holds the perfected blueprint for humanity. BLUE EAGLE is a channel for the Planetary & Universal MIND – encoded with God’s greatest DIVINE PLAN for humanity. The PLANETARY MIND is the collective MIND of HUMANITY – which holds the keys to our PLANETARY DREAMING. We as a HU-man species have been SEEDED with the VISION of our grandest future possibility – the UTOPIAN timeline is buried deep in our subconscious laying dormant – until the TIME we collectively AWAKEN to cocreate this DREAM. 💥✨🍥
This SUPERMIND potently reveals to our GLOBAL FAMILY the highest and clearest IN-SIGHT into our PLANETARY journey – Where we are all collectively heading. This 13 day Wavespell aims to ✨UNIFY PLANETARY MIND to the DIVINE VISION the BIG PICTURE for HUMANITY’S FUTURE – a UTOPIAN 5D PLANET.
✨ Many souls will AWAKEN 💥and ALIGN with the DIVINE PLAN for humanity, understanding that our COLLECTIVE VISION is the rudder that steers our Planetary vessel.🚣🌏🌍🌎🚣
BLUE EAGLE is the SEER🔮 who is gifting us with even greater perception and inner VISION – IN-SIGHT.👓 Our intuitive senses through our self reflection, intuitive knowing and our INNER-standing are heightened during this cycle. Take note of this INNER AWARENESS and use it to boost your evolution into the next phase of your life and greater purpose.
During this Wavespell of the BLUE EAGLE, the purpose is to DETACH from the mundane which enables you to EXPAND your vision and SEE 👁 the BIG PICTURE, in order to CREATE it.
❓❓What do you see? 👁
❓❓Is your path clear?
❓❓Do you have uninterrupted views and room to fly?
If not – do you need to change your current trajectory?
BLUE EAGLE is inviting us to detach from the monotony, the routine and the old 3D regime. We are invited to spread our wings and “fly higher”🏔 soaring above the problems we perceive at ground level. Once we raise our consciousness and elevate our perspective we open up to a whole new realm of possibilities in the panoramic landscape.🌄 It is incredible how quickly our problems dissolve and clear, once we can view it from a different perspective.
Find some time during this cycle to travel to a high place – a mountain,🏔 lookout,🌄 rooftop🏠🏘 or top of a tree 🌳– to place yourself at a higher vantage point. Reflect on the bigger picture and gain a renewed perspective to gain more clarity and direction.
Another great tip is to change your routine, take a different path, take the SCENIC route, reverse the order you do things, go to new places and consciously CHOOSE to travel on new roads! 🛣 This invites new opportunities to arrive, and brings in greater variety allowing for new choices. As we reach HIGHER GROUND a whole new landscape is available to us!
BLUE EAGLE is the compassion of all hearts linked as one. BLUE EAGLE is the essence of dawn 🌄– clear, fresh, and newly charged to fulfill your most cherished dreams. With unconditional love, BLUE EAGLE pierces the depths of collective hopelessness and lifts mass consciousness.✨ It urges the alliance of the faithful of the stars to serve through their remembrance of the LIGHT.🎆
BLUE EAGLE holds the KEY to our evolution 🔑 as he can SEE the outcome, the end of the road where we are headed, he can fly far ahead and bring forth great solutions to current problems and warn us of unforseen DANGER on our PATH, giving us the FORESIGHT to bypass the dangers and take a different route to our desired destination.
We are currently ADVENTURING in the zodiac sign of LEO 🦁– the MAJESTIC and REGAL LION for this entire wavespell. The LION is the KING👑 of the jungle and the EAGLE is also at the top of the food chain soaring HIGHER than any other feathered species. Two kindred souls that are used to being in COMMAND of their lives and their destiny. They make a decision and then FOLLOW through seeing it to the final outcome. Both are accustomed to successful outcomes and FEASTING🍗 on an ABUNDANCE of food. This regal lifestyle is being highlighted for us to CLAIM IT as the NEW EARTH SOVEREIGN leaders.
The 3rd day of this Wavespell takes us into the 8:8 🦁LION’S GATE🦁 – which is a phenomenal alignment with this PANORAMIC VISION🏔🏔 that BLUE EAGLE is holding for humanity. A HUGE INFLUX of light codes never before experienced by humanity, and our 3rd eyes – ELECTRICALLY ACTIVATED to SEE 👁 like never before. Many souls will have SPONTANEOUS awakening of their pineal glands bringing multi-dimensional abilities ONLINE! So get ready for SUPERPOWERS and your divine gifts and talents to become GALACTIVATED!! ✨💥 ✨
We are becoming the GOLDEN EAGLE… having found our wings to FLY and soar to the Heavens above, becoming the purified Holy white dove of Spirit.🕊.. a total regenesis..
The EAGLE is also the symbol of America🌎 – the NEW Jer-USA-leum which is currently in the state of stasis waiting to be reborn anew and RISE once more as the majestic GOLDEN EAGLE!
All these scripts are synchronistically harmonizing with the BLUE EAGLE WAVESPELL as HUMANITY is transcending our darkness and evolving through the GOLDEN EAGLE to embody the Holy Spirit🕊 and CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS🌞 in this new age of LIGHT!!! ✨🎆🎆✨
The harmonic wisdom of BLUE EAGLE is FREEDOM and flow, representing smooth, uninterrupted movement. BLUE EAGLE is the flow of planetary consciousness. In this evolutionary development, whatever serves the larger pattern also serves you. In this, there is a model of flowing wholeness, of how to move gracefully with yourself and the greater whole.
BLUE EAGLE gives the cosmic dancer wings. It asks you to fly, riding the magical currents of your life with the vision and grace of a soaring eagle. The energy of BLUE EAGLE gives you the ability to flow in every moment, without preconceived ideas, plans, or belief systems, creating the crest of the wave on which you surf to new heights of joy and delight!
You have the VISION👁 of the EAGLE.
✨BELIEVE in your DREAMS. ✨
You are the HOPE and the VISION revealed.
Invite BLUE EAGLE to be your GUIDE for this wavespell revealing to you all that needs to be SEEN for the highest good of your soul…be prepared to FACE whatever is uncovered as it may not be all “wine and roses”.
The EAGLE – like RED SERPENT is unrelenting in his purpose to get you on your highest path – so be prepared to EXAMINE what is revealed through the magnifying lens of the ALL SEEING EYE!👁 (Last year on this day a beautiful siSTAR commented that she literally had an EAGLE FLY into her car windscreen!! Many people reported SEEING actual EAGLES too and also DREAMING of EAGLES – so take note of when/where and WHAT the EAGLE is showing you! BLUE EAGLE is brilliant at revealing dishonesty, betrayal and corruption, so keep your EYEs peeled!)
BLUE EAGLE is the wayshower having flown ahead of the pack in order to be the scout – alerting the tribe of what lies ahead – good or bad..Having a courageous EAGLE in your midst is very fortuitous for finding your best path forwards.
BLUE EAGLES are tribe number 15 – which represents Magic, Mystery, Magnetism and Charisma – 3×5 = 15 and 5 represents FREEDOM, TRANSFORMATION, CHANGE and LIBERATION threefold!! So the BLUE EAGLE tribe are flying ahead and guiding us through this 5D LION’S GATEWAY through the 555 coding. They also align with the BLUE RAY StarSeeds and INDIGOS as well as the BLUE AVIANS.. All these VISIONARIES during this Wavespell will be helping humanity through greater revelations, AWAKENINGS and new inventive ideas and planetary solutions forthcoming!
We are very blessed as a global family to have the majestic and fearless BLUE EAGLE take the helm guiding humanity through these evolutionary portals, steering us in the RIGHT direction to claim our highest DREAMING.
EDITOR’S NOTE: BLUE EAGLE is my absolute FAVOURITE of the 20 wavespells – but then I am quite biased! I am EXTREMELY blessed 🙏❤🙏 to have the BLUE COSMIC EAGLE (13 MEN) as my SUPERPOWER (Occult/Hidden power) in my Galactic signature and I have utilized it to the MAX… as a futurist and optimistic dreamer, always ENVISIONING the bigger picture for our planet.
I could never understand WHY others on the committees I served on for many years as a high-school teacher (govt agent- and also enviro/political activist) could never SEE the BIG PICTURE and find solutions to the problems they were arguing over! Instead they would agonize over minor details – getting stuck in the mud – whilst I was very frustrated that they could not SEE or comprehend the solutions, by taking a different perspective and viewing the situation through a WIDE ANGLE LENS… ha..ha. that is probably why I also have a penchant for photography!!📷📸
If you have the BLUE EAGLE glyph anywhere in your Galactic signature you will greatly benefit from more CLARITY and BREAKTHROUGHs during this cycle… If BLUE EAGLE is in your challenge position, then you too may have a habit of not SEEING the bigger picture and getting stuck in the finer details… Your life lesson and GIFT is to STEP BACK and take in the whole landscape, so that you can become the great VISIONARY that you came here to be – anchoring the wondrous new solutions our Planet needs at this momentous time! When we are blinded by our limited filters and perception, it is always best to seek WISE counsel from someone else that can give you a broader perspective. Even KINGS👑 relied on their courtly advisers, astrologers, prophets and SEERS.
The BLUE EAGLE tribe are the visionaries, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, leaders, teachers, prophets, SEERS, psychics – readers, forecasters, the scientists, astronomers, pioneers and inventors….This is an opportune time to expand your psychic powers of clairvision, remote viewing and manifesting through VISUALIZATION. Clearing, opening and upgrading your 3rd eye/pineal chakra will be easier during this wavespell. It is important that you hold the DREAM in your mind’s eye, in order to bring it forth into your reality.
✨If you can ENVISION it,👁 you CAN CREATE IT!! 🔨
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for CREATING your greatest ENVISIONINGs!!
I Unify in order to Create
Attracting Mind
I seal the output of VISION
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Some excerpts taken from “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
PICTURE CREDITS: Bird’s Eye View DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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