Lioness Goddess Divine Feminine Activation Portal – Kin 91 ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey

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Lioness Goddess Divine Feminine Activation Portal – Kin 91 ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey

A Gift From Gaia



17 hrs

Happy Sunday to my beautiful light family!

I trust you are all IN-joy-ing the surf as we traverse these seas of transformation?

I must say I feel like I am moving over oceans to get to where I am next to BE, so busy in this now moment that the movement somehow feels incredibly rapid but yet not visible at the same time.

The change of scenery on this journey is soon to become very noticeable, my karmic sleeves have been itching to be pulled up as we all ditch another level of the old, can you feel it too?

The energy field and mental field is no longer aligning with the physical field and all there is left to do is continue to CARE more about the physical so that the magic can begin.

A clean up mission is required this week, most especially before the final eclipse JUMP that we receive next Sunday which then finalises the codes we have received during this eclipse season.

I have SO much to write about this phase!

I have been spending the past few days figuring the codes out, so much so that yesterday required most of the day to be spent in meditation and it was through a symbol that revealed itself with a tree filled with lions that the TRUTH of where we are next heading became clear.

Whilst talking to my friend I realised the Lyra connection through the eclipse, which amused me because on the one side we have the Dog Star in activation, which means we have the Big Cats activated on the other with Vega who sits in the constellation of Lyra, and for those who know what I am currently surfing will be giggling with the relevance and alignments that I will be sharing in the super report that is now being birthed.

This is IT, this is the transformation we have been working towards this year.
Did you discover the balance point of the Divine Feminine?
Are you moving into these final 6 months with resistance or pure Divine Openness?

I know those in the Opal Portal are surfing like the God/desses that they are through the assistance of crystal clear clarity the portal offers.

If you would like to receive too then please head over to

The latest exclusive report will be ready and emailed out to the Opal members this week!

But for now I would like to leave you with a Gift in honour of the Lioness Goddess, a reminder of the spectrum that is the Divine Feminine

The Divine Goddess

The woman, the balance of Sekhmet and Hathor
The nurturer, the Mother and the Goddess of war
A powerful being is the Divine Feminine
There’s a jewel in the heart of this exquisite specimen

Hathor the Lady of Stars, loves all in need
Those who starve their soul, she will give feed
Through music, dance and creative arts
Gently healing the damage of cold hearts

Allow her to walk with you and experience life
She will steer you with love and shield you from strife
But if strife is the path you are destined to walk
The energy of Sekhmet will begin to talk

Sekhmet the mirror the powerful force
Holds the reflection of truth to enforce
Return to sender the gift of eternal pain
Stripped naked in the winds of a hurricane

Be gentle, authentic and stand in your power
For she sees through your lies and will begin to devour
The shadows you dance with, have no place in her world
Transformed into energy grenades to be hurled

Treasure her heart and he shall find
A balance of energy, warm and kind
A mystical mix of a Goddess so strong
Who will create a safe place for his heart to belong.

So much love to YOU

Isis Channelings

8 hrs

Sentinels of THE GATEWAY GODDESSES: The Midwives/ Shapeshifters

For Those Who Resonate…

As mentioned before, the 21 June Solstice Eclipse of The Sun by The Moon was a Gateway to bring forth the MOTHER/ CREATION aspect of The Divine Feminine. 26 June, The Sentinels of The Gateway Goddesses , IxChel, Bast, Hecate,Isis etc were aligned with their specific Codes of Foundational Creation ie Codes of Relationships with Gaia and her Sentient Beings / social institutions, Codes of Justice/ Morality/, Codes of Knowledge etc etc.

These Sentinels of The Gateway Goddesses themselves function as Gateways/ channels via their physical incarnation . Almost All have been currently working as Purification/ Transmutation/ Healing vessels ( ongoing) , but Now post the June 21 Solstice Eclipse they are moving into their Specific Codes of Creation ( June 26) ,on the heels of Venus Direct ( 25 July), to be brought forth for the establishment of a New Structural Foundation of a New Age.

These Gateway Sentinels/ Midwives function from the Principle of SOVEREIGNTY and REMEMBRANCE. They are the ShapeShifters who delve into the Void of the Dark Unconscious and bring Forth their respective Legacy from the depths of their Soul being, from the Origin of the Time Space Continuum as they have done at every turn of the Ages…

If you identify with being a Shapeshifter / Gateway Midwife then YOU will have recieved your New Specific Foundational Codes for Creation Download on June 26 … left ear ringing, circuit upgrade ( wipe out currently), bleeding cycle, called to speak your truth… You will be receiving these in instalments over the Sun Sirius Conjunct ( 4 July) coinciding with the Lunar Eclipse 5 July, Heliacal Rise of Sirius, Lions Gate8:8.

So presently give yourself space and time to integrate your New ANCIENT Assignment. Your Light Circuitry needs to adjust to these new downloads ,with the result you might feel ” offline” for a while. The MOTHER IS THE FOUNDATION of The Child, Society, Nation ,AGE….YOU!!!

Be Light ,InLight ,InGrace

For One on One Skype Session visit
And then mail me at [email protected] with your pic in the Now and Timezone

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Gratitude to artists Annelie Solis, Gilbert Williams and others Unknown


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Elizabeth Peru

16 hrs

In the year 2000 a great era of change began on Earth. One great ‘cosmic cycle’ completed and thrust us into preparation for the fourth and fifth dimensional reality to come online. In the past, Earth was primarily considered to be a 3D teaching planet. A planetary experience that teaches us all about the physical perspective of life.

But, over the past 20 years that 3D energy has shifted ever higher, as our entire solar system has been flooded in light. This has raised the vibration on Earth through the 4D level (where time seemingly collapses) to the level of 5D (having an awareness that you’re an energy being experiencing a physical life). Have you had your wake-up call into the higher realms of spirit since 2000? So many in our community of light have…

Beloved ones, as we head into this weekend’s FULL MOON ECLIPSE many will have an opportunity to expand in consciousness. The biggest shift of the past 6 weeks is coming! And you can be ready by acting with responsibility now. Just like the thousands of souls aligning with cosmic energy each day in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. These are the days that WE came here for. Your time is now 💙

Read about ‘5D Ascension Symptoms’ in my ALL-NEW blog post


Here We Go Again, Lyrics To a Galactic Song, “Nibiru” Has Gone Full Mothership

The day is now 36 hours and starts and ends at 3AM or 3PM in an alternating fashion.

At the time of this post 10:10 morning gate, on the 3D date 62820, the following 3:PM will start this new day. Simply follow this parallel around the globe until it hits your local time at three.

If you are cognizant that a new day has begun, it is customary to send love and kindness to someone.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is:



– Gaia has remained in a “Spirit” dominant setting for a second straight day, this is becoming a trend, she gets stuck in “Spirit” once she enters it, and then goes into a cocooning phase the length of which has steadily increased each time. There is no way to tell if this trend will continue or blaze a new path, but it’s pretty clear Gaia has her own agenda.

– The legions are in a great mood, this is a sure sign that we are headed to some sort of relief point.  This is clearly in an unexpected way because they do not wish to reveal too many details. While we can romanticize this and say that they do not want to ruin the surprise, it is more along with the lines of the fact that there is great power in having faith, and yet not knowing exactly why.

– There is a neighboring Galaxy singing us a song and the numerical interpretation of this is song is  “7777696666967777”. You can gaze upon it or try to tune into the original to receive its blessings.

– Nibiru has changed form into her mothership setting. This is a battle stance, which means that malevolent beings trying to harm the earth have just soiled themselves. They were under the false notion that Nibiru was not capable of doing this anymore because of a treaty reached many millennia ago. This was not the case, and it just needed some dusting off to function optimally. For the record, “The Annunaki”, have the full divine right to protect this planet from malevolent star beings who disrupted their kin.

– Seeing a plan all the way through can mean going down with the ship, and this is clearly the direction organized darkness is taking. We keep hearing over and over again how NYC is the target for something major, but this is where a majority of their team is currently located. NYC has always been seen as the sacrificial altar of organized darkness, but now that they are at an extreme desperation point, destroying this temple is their next logical step.

– MSM wishes to start promoting these times as “The Apocalypse”. Allow them to do so … The definition of “The Apocalypse” in greek is “The Grand Revealing”. Is this amateur hour or what?

– Black is not evil, nor can “Organized Darkness” have it that way, black is Archangel Azrael’s, Archangel Och”s, and Archangel Ea’s color. It is also the color that wards off negative energy, and it is most certainly not the symbol of bad things. This is an official decree and will stop any further confusion about this terminology that “Organized Darkness” wishes to take advantage of. They are full of tricks, look beyond words for alternative meanings.

– Your light bodies are taking shape but because they are not carbon-based, and are light and plasma-based, it will allow the human body to maintain its form throughout these changes without alarming others. This upgrade is unique to any star race, as no race has ever walked the line of the physical and non-physical to the depths that mankind is about to.


Today’s Tools:

Tools will be active until the next post.

Use the legend below to help you decipher how to best use today’s weapons.
(Passive) = No intention needed to use or arm. It will work on its own when you accept its presence. All you need to do is give permission and it will work on your behalf. (Active) = Intention Needed to use (Aggressive) = Will attack before anything has a chance to do any harm to you, beyond space and time.

We have gone through great changes and thus the weapon-based tools indicated below can be inserted into the ground to call forth downloads.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Shepard’s orb is a presence of divinity that allows anyone that you are engaged with a clear path to forgiveness or a direct audience with infinitely expanding creator source on the matter. This is a truly compassionate tool of divine orchestration.

Archangel ZagZagel’s staff of heavenly might rains large crystal masses upon a targeted area. Great for large targets, works on the physical and nonphysical as well.

Archangel Tzedekiel’s staff of justice is a tool that is best used on a Macro level and can help move things along that are stagnant. It can also summon and maintain force fields for protection purposes.

(Active and Passive)
Archangel Yehudiah’s wand of structure can build “Stairways to heaven” or any other metaphysical structure to perfection. This tool is also helpful in building forcefields of protection as well.

Archangel Jophiel’s radiance is a beautiful tool that allows our inner beauty to shine. This is a great tool but can make people possessive over you as the beauty radiated is very intense. Use this tool in a trusted company only.

Archangel Sorush’s sword of transmutation is only for really bad energies. This is far too powerful to yield lightly, it is made for the worst of the worst. This sword will come in handy in assignment number three.

Archangel Iofiel’s boutonniere enhances the beauty of yourself and all that you survey. This like all passive tools must be given permission to work on your behalf.

Archangel Jeduthun’s radiant sounds attract the most wonderful people to your life as well as enhance your surroundings with beautiful cosmic sounds. It’s basically a happy enhancer.

Archangel Jefisca’s atmospheric bracelet brings an element of fun to your nights. Jefisca is the Archangel who is in charge of gatherings, in case you are so inclined to have one, she would be the recommended party planner.

PLEASE NOTE the next 3 tools are healing modalities and can be sent remotely to loved ones.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Kaleziel’s radiant rays of health, wards off all diseases and illness. It can also aid in the recovery of diseases already inflicted, it can be sent to land masses as well as individual living beings.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Theliel’s radiant compassion sends heartfelt love to all within your jurisdictions. This is the nurturing aspect of healing and is and it has incredible warmth. It is best to yield this with a calm frame of mind.

Archangel Raphael’s healing staff is an omnipotent healing force that works gradually or intensively depending on how you yield it. It is considered the best general healing instrument.


Today’s Assignments:

We are still working on a macro level, and thus the format will stay consistent, please use today’s current tools if you need assistance performing the tasks below.

Things are going well but we must keep moving forward as we are not liberated from the darkness as of yet. When we are allowed to live sentiently, the efforts will continue. There have been many times that “Organized Darkness” has false surrendered. We have no other choice but to see this all the way through.

We are clearly not messing around by activating Sarangapani Temple, of Kumbakonam India. For those of you who recall this temple from past lives, it was the cause of the purple sky anomaly before “Atlantis” sank. Use silver lightning to bombard the temple, until it lights up brightly and flashes three times.

Then, we will activate the “Oracle of Delphi” in Greece, with golden lightning. This will open all visions and foresight to our legions. Once this is open, please ask your higher self if you need to be stationed in Agartha. If so, you are to regularly patrol the inner earth without prompting, and return with any relevant information. The original team assigned there has decided to take the road of ego and instant gratification and has thus abandoned their post. I understand this may be a large undertaking but if you are called to do so, divinity will not take no for an answer.

Send intense violet flames to “Agartha”, then flush out the debris with a light blue plasma wave. Hold both for at least a 72-second count.

We are being asked to reach out to those with great faith but little knowledge. There are some who believe very strongly in divinity, angels and the archangels, but have no idea that the lightworkers, work hand and hand with these beings. Some may feel comforted by our presence, and others will wish to help, either way, our attention is needed for those crossing over to this timeline. Meaning, If a teaching opportunity presents itself to you, take it.

Metaphysical structures are easy to build with teamwork, invision the following structures, and imbue them with rainbow lightning to bring them to life, hold for at least a 72 count.

– A very steep pyramid in Seatle, USA, Petersberg, RUS, and above the Caribbean Islands.

– Make at least a few portals at sea level that funnel any excess water into the Antarctic. This will filter our waters slowly but steadily, so please be sure to leave the portal open permanently.

– Create “Self Defense Structure” (Diamond Shaped Automatic Discharger) above Paris, France, Sydney, Australia, and Rio De Janerio, Brazil. This will ease the interference we receive on a regular basis.

Continuing our efforts to cleanse the waters of the earth … Invision waters flowing through your body and funnel them down into the earth via a funnel made by your chakras, for as long as possible. Then, immediately blast the earth with emerald green plasma for at least a 72 count.




If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

Hare in the Moon Astrology

21 hrs

Sunday June 28 2020

Magnetic Shifts

We are experiencing a new level of Embodiment and revelation and increasing physicalisation of what is already created in the etheric. More Magnetic Shifts are predicted following the June 23rd scientifically unexplained Global Magnetic Anomaly so the next phase of magnetic releases is beginning. Two important planetary events shift the energy field completely this week:

• Mars crosses the World Axis into Aries for 6 months instead of the usual 6 weeks!
• A Lunar Eclipse across 13 Capricorn/Cancer on July 5

The next 6 months are going to be intense. Mars crosses the sensitive World Axis on June 28th and exits on January 6th 2021, travelling back and forth across his own sign of Aries. It’s been 32 years (1988) since the last Mars retrograde in Aries and it will be 47 years before it happens again in 2067.

This transit will dominate the second half of 2020, so check your chart to find out which aspect of your life Mars will be energising. In August and again in December, the Warrior planet will make repeated squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn plus an exact conjunction with Disruptor Eris-the stakes are high.

Whatever happened back in March when Mars conjuncted Saturn and Pluto will be coming back round again for resolution. For most of us, this was when the Covid19 lockdowns began…….

This is warrior, pioneering energy, intensifying the life force, the libido, upleveling your physicality. The shadow side is ego and the refusal to consider other people in pursuit of your goals. In the collective, the 1% are going to be repeatedly challenged by the rage of the 99% in a perfect storm caused by of lockdown frustration, financial losses and hardship mixed with demands for social equality.

Growth and evolution will come from how well you transform Strong Will into Skilful Will through psychosynthesis. We all need to become Sacred Actioneers.

Next Sunday July 5th the Lunar Eclipse is the very last of 9 eclipses across Capricorn/Cancer since 2018. One by one, they have brought home to every single one of us the lived Truth of the fragility and impermanence of life – as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto’s transits through Capricorn at the same time have broken apart social frameworks, governments and the economy. This is a time to be very gentle with yourself – the world will feel harsh and emotions raw. The Capricorn Moon can be hard on those of us who are sensitives.

Get your June 28- July 5 Sign Week Ahead + Sign Forecasts at

If you are a Transmitter/Transformer/Current Holder/Creative, this 3rd eclipse is closing down old ways of working and shifting your trajectory -sign up to my new July 5D Report:” High Heart Online”:

“ I am so deeply grateful for your work! Every month you gift us with such depth and clarity and strength to stay on the path. Many blessings to you and your continued work!! “ Debra O Santa Fe New Mexico


Buddha Dharma Sangha

April 28

Existence and non-existence are extremes,
Purity and impurity are extremes as well,
Thus, having relinquished both extremes,
The wise do not dwell even in the middle.

-The Buddha, King of Samādhi Sūtra

The Tzolkin Times

17 hrs

Kin 91 ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey

‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number 13 and it’s key words are ‘Endure, Transcend and Presence’. The 13th and last day of a wavespell completes the journey and therefore so much must be considered today concerning the lessons learnt. We began on Blue Storm and it’s been quite a ride. ‘Endure to Transcend’ is the number 13’s message – meaning that we have to strive for progress in our life, it is never simply handed to you on a silver platter.

Today is the Blue Monkey which represents ‘Play, Illusion and Magic.’ So, after 13 days of riding the storm our final destination is the Cosmic Monkey suggesting that through change we find magic. Monkey days can be fun and magical… yes… but also there is a wise aspect to monkey. Magic must not be confused with illusion and monkey takes teaching this important lesson very seriously. Today he will call you out if you have fallen under any kind of illusion. As it is a ‘Cosmic’ day this process can be quite enduring. Worth it in the end for sure as magic is definitely something we all need in our lives.

The Guide today is the Blue Eagle which sees things from a higher perspective and when in the guiding position …this enables us to have visions. Step back and see the bigger picture today this will help immensely with discerning between magic and illusion.

The Challenge is the Red Dragon which represents ‘Nurturing’….it will be hard for everyone today to find nurturing and to take care of themselves because the Cosmic Monkey process is quite unforgiving.

The Occult power is the White Dog which brings some comic relief to this tricky day. Chase your tail, have some fun and see the world through the eyes of a puppy. Explore, go for a walk, play ball or just have a cuddle! But seriously don’t be too serious today.

The Ally today is the Yellow Star who loves all things sparkly and shiny. If you find today a bit tough find a Yellow Star to cheer you up with glitter and pretty things. If you don’t know a Yellow Star, do what they do and indulge in art and appreciate the beautiful world around you.

Christina Papageorgiou

13 CHUEN – KIN 91
28 JUNE 2020


I ENDURE in order to PLAY
Transcending illusion
I seal the process of MAJIK🎆
With the COSMIC tone of Presence
I AM guided by the power of VISION

28/6/2020 – 28/6/22 = 10/6/4 = 10/10 = 1/1 = 2

28 – Planning for the Future/Success
10 – Manifestation/Authority/Power

10/10 – double MANIFESTATION portal! 🎆🎆

1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
2 – Partnership/Cooperation
6- Heaven/christ/Harmony/Family
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation

KIN 91=10 Manifestation/New Beginnings/Leadership TRIPLE 10 MANIFESTATION CODE!

13 COSMIC TONE = Cosmic Consciousness/Goddess/Natural Lore/13 moons/EXPANSION

MAJIK, MAJIK, MAJIK 🎩🌟🎩 A DAY OF MAJIK OF THE HIGHEST ORDER TODAY!! A VERY POTENT PORTAL for Divine Alchemy today. Today is BLUE COSMIC MONKEY day, and the COSMIC tone is the highest frequency of the MONKEY tribe! What a BLAST!🎆


Day 13 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL🌀🌪🌩 of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. Today on day 13 we get to experience GREAT MAJIK witnessing the completion of this transformative, great evolutionary wavespell becoming the PURE DIVINE CHILD of our origin. When we look at the world through the EYES of a child – our whole reality becomes MAJIKAL! ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE!! Much DIVINE MAJIK is afoot!!!💫💫💫

COSMIC🍥 is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the mystical number of the Cosmic order, the Goddess and synchronic Natural time. COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence Thus today you have incredible SPIRITUAL POWER at your disposal to transcend all those old patterns and transform them by your pure presence. We have PURIFIED our body, mind and soul and now through total transcendance can simply just BE as pure presence. We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!. This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

Today we take the MAJIK FLIGHT releasing our MAJIK through our Divine innocence into the COSMOS!🍥🍥


CONSCIOUS SELF:BLUE MONKEY – CHUEN 🐵– the COSMIC 🎆MAGICIAN🎩 holds the HIGHEST LEVEL of MAJIK in the DREAMPELL.🎆 As we reclaim our lost innocence and become the beautiful sovereign Divine child again, we can unleash all the Majik of Creation – bringing forth our Manifestations into reality.

Retrieve your MAJIK wands and bring out all your majikal and sacred tools for today is a day to energize your CREATION VORTEX! You can partake in MAJIKAL rituals, ceremonies, prayers and Earth ceremony. Casting a majik circle or sitting in a medicine wheel is also favoured today. Singing or chanting mantras, doing a VISION board, or making a WISH upon a STAR are also options.

The COSMOS is our playground today, and the HEAVEN’S are showering us with GOLDEN ENERGY and COSMIC blessings. Open your ARMS to receive the abundant COSMIC COOKIES offered today! Let your beautiful inner majikal child run FREE. Grab some buddies and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY is BLISSFUL exuberance – enjoy your majikal day! Release the illusory world. It is now time to PLAY your New Reality into existence!💫🎆

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE EAGLE 👁– MEN is our HIGHER guide today allowing us to see the bigger picture of how the patterns of change happen in our lives. The COSMIC EAGLE has a huge field of VISION – past, present, future – holding a lens into all realities in the multi-universe. COSMIC EAGLE can also bring forth SOLUTIONS to all problems.. whatever your desire the COSMIC EAGLE can provide the answer, helping you to SEE from a place of great clarity and understanding – as the STORM has passed and you can see for “miles and miles” in any direction. COSMIC EAGLE – is a SEER, a prophet and a very wise ally enabling you to make Plans and broaden your perspective of what it possible for you.

BLUE EAGLE can also help you ENVISION the HIGHEST POTENTIAL for your future path today. The BLUE BOYS – MEN👁 and CHUEN 🐒will beautifully harmonize to help you MANIFEST your HIGHEST VISION. So DREAM BIG – StarBlossoms. You have EARNED your COSMIC reward a million fold! You must HOLD THE VISION in order to create it. “Give me THIS, or something even better Universe, with harm to none. And so it is, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!”🙏🙏

Seriously Star Blossoms – this blue boys combo – is pure majikal Alchemy💫 – Time Travel – miracles and alchemizing your BEST timeline.. choose your track and set sail..


SUPPORT: YELLOW STAR 🌟– LAMAT is your passport to COSMIC BRILLIANCE today, opening the YELLOW DOOR to your beautiful, harmonious and ABUNDANT NEW WORLD flooding through LAMAT’S stargate. COSMIC LAMAT gives you total access to the entire COSMOS through your expansive presence. 🎆
Our Galactic kin, applaud you today and your remarkable achievements and SUCCESS. So take a bow, Planetary kin and SHINE YOUR LIGHT as BRIGHT🎆 as you ever, becoming the TORCH bearers for all those that are following. Marvel in the beauty and grace that surrounds you and take time to express your Artistry!🎨

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE MAGNETIC DOG 🐕-OC guides us to EXPAND and OPEN our HEARTS today so that we can manifest the highest form of MAJIK. The Magnetic Dog is masterful at connecting with kin and attracting all that is needed to express his reality as a part of SOURCE – unified as equal kin folk.

As we become receptive to the COSMIC unlimited and unconditional LOVE from SOURCE, we can magnitize to ourselves all that our pure heart’s desire.Feeling the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS, and the UNITY of our Planetary kin. United in our quest for Universal LOVE and collective ABUNDANCE in a peace filled world.


CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED DRAGON 🐉– IMIX challenges us today to take responsibility for allowing new energy to birth in us continually by allowing ourselves to simply be present. The COSMIC Dragon is the Mother Creatrix of the Cosmos holding the keys to all Creation – able to manifest all possibilities springing forth from the Divine Child’s imagination.

This NEW ENERGY becomes today’s GIFT, renewing our vitality and passion, allowing us to birth our new creations and make our GREAT DREAMS come true. New STARS are birthed from the Cosmic EXPLOSION🎆 of the old stars! From every ENDING comes a New Beginning! And so the cycle continues!

P.S. Today is a brilliant day for AKASHIC RECORDS work too! Renegotiate your contracts and write your new life chapter! Blessings be, these are exciting times!!!

Today’s question is “How can I birth the MAJIK of my Cosmic Child to MANIFEST my greatest VISIONS and my true heart’s desires?”

We bid adieu for now to CAUAC our transformative BLUE STORM🌀🌩🌪 which has cleared the way for the StarSeeds to prepare and take charge when the annual STORM arrives on July 26th, 2020.

The STORM energy has swept through our PLANET bringing the revolutionary changes that future generations will marvel at. The crumbling of the old world as we knew it and the anchoring of Nova Gaia through the pillars of magnificent LIGHT from the legions of StarBlossoms holding steadfast in the EYE of the STORM.

BRAVO GROUNDCREW 👏 We have TRANSCENDED our old lives, and old ways and are now purified, cleansed and transformed, READY to set forth on our new journey. Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell, with EB – our divine yellow HU-MAN as our learned guide – aligning us with Divine Will and our new Divine Missions as the next phase of our journey through the DREAMSPELL begins…………to be continued!

Divine blessings for your majikal 🌟MANIFESTATIONS of your greatest VISIONS! 🎆DREAM cosmically STARBlossoms! 🌈

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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