AWAKEN THE AUTHENTIC SELF ~ A Great Spiritual Advancement ~  PRESENT NOW ON EARTH ~ Divine Powers

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AWAKEN THE AUTHENTIC SELF ~ A Great Spiritual Advancement ~  PRESENT NOW ON EARTH ~ Divine Powers


Paul White Gold Eagle

Another day of powerful waves coursing in!

Today we begin the Red Earth Wavespell from May 20th to June 1st where we are Attracting Synchronicity.

As we begin this new WaveSpell the magnetic field cracks open as we have now hit KP5 levels of solar winds which equates to a G1, a minor geomagnetic solar storm. We are feeling this on so many levels. Ascension activations on high. With this we have a 28 hz blast of 5d Plasma Rays showing up on the Schumann charts!

We are feeling these energies in many ways. possibly Heart and thalamus palpitations, ear ringing and strange sounds, numbness in limbs, phantom pains. Let us know how and what you are feeling and experiencing.

Be sure to stay hydrated, squeeze fresh lemon in your water, Himalayan salt, coconut water for electrolytes, anchor into the earth, hug a tree, meditate and get plenty of sleep and rest when needed. These energies can be intense at times. They are coming in as waves of Higher Light and Codes.


Do our best to stay present in the Now and live your Art, your passions. and be sure to smile, smile smile and ground, ground , ground. Gaia is Ascending and we with her. Keep walking gently your Sacred PAth with Heart and be sure to make it the best day ever!!


Much Love in the Light of Source…A’Ho!!




Right now: Moon at 13°06′ Virgo, Sun at 0°02′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A family tree.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Virgo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A glass-bottomed boat reveals under-sea wonders.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Gemini.




Happy Tara and Medicine Buddha day everybody!
“Tara is really connected to fear and getting through fear…Tara really does manifest. We can think of her as an archetype, but we can also think of her as a being who really exists outside of us.”
~ Lama Tsultrim Allione, from the Green Tara Commentary

Aluna Joy Yaxkin

So …. I woke up with the creepie heebie-jeebies this morning. This is what’s going on right now. Another magnetic storm is in process.
It’s a good time to take some deep breaths and use this energy to clear your internal space. It can feel shaky, even nauseating, but I can also shake things free that you have longed to let go of.
Things you can do….
Cut any cords that hold you back.
Get grounded.
Get out in nature.
Take a walk.
Breathe… In and OUT!
Get near or in some water if you can.
Stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes up.
If you have it, use Red Amber Oil on the bottom of your feet and Egyptian Golden Oil on your crown and heart chakra.
Also … Sage, smuge, clear your space, play uplifting music and bring in some flowers.
Sending blessing you all. 😘


We are PRESENT now on Earth as the transformational powers of the eternal DIVINE have awakened into the NOW moment and are deeply anchored into the heart of Earth’s awareness. That is ~ the world of human form with all of its Holographic players ~ LIGHTING the way through the heart.
AS this the Milky Way galaxy continues to undergo its monumental shift as part of the UNIVERSE itself and its transformation ~ SO TOO ~ ALL those on Earth will be shaken to the core of their own existence.
The magnetic fields continue to SHIFT. The anchor of what was memory/experience ~ is dissolving rapidly, NOW.
This translates into the pure of heart ~ BEING the embodiment of the true LOVE, crowned in glory, awakening others to this frequency of the void of the ORIGIN.
On Venus we prepared the fully developed heart of LOVE ~ as the incarnated PRESENCE that would rapidly shift this holographic experience, into being that of LOVE.
With Sanut Kumara we are present with the DIVINE Council of Overseers, with all of the illuminated beings who have undergone this transformation into the heart of their being. OUR PRESENCE sanctioned through GLORY is awakening all to LOVE and the embodiment that leads to true freedom.
Enter the heart and the void, through which all emerges as the GLORY of all the ILLUMINATED BEINGS, through love. We activate you NOW through LOVE.
In forever love,
L’Aura Pleiadian
I just started to feel very weird and dizzy and so I checked “Spaceweather” :
“GEOMAGNETIC STORM–NOW: A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on May 20th as Earth enters a stream of solar wind. The gaseous material is flowing faster than 500 km/s from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere. “
Yep….Surf’s up…. here we goooo again……
Stay hydrated and take good care of yourself. The pre-Eclipse energy is already intense.
Lots of love.
❤ ❤ ❤
YOU’LL FIND THIS IS PROMISING (A Great Spiritual Advancement is happening) With all of the ‘less-than’ optimistic energy being stirred on our planet at present, there’s something so promising that I have to share it with you. Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve been given the distinct message that many souls in our community of light have up-shifted their divine purpose. We’ve accelerated the number of aware souls taking personal responsibility and advancing their life and as a result, consciousness has lifted. You’ve heard me sharing about the new lesson model on Earth being one of ‘learning from joy, rather than pain’ – well, this is linked into it…
Moving forward, many way-showers, healers and teachers of the light will be focused on uplifting others by channelling PURE INSPIRATION. Rather than working through heavy energy patterns with others, awakened souls are doing it for themselves. This is a marked improvement in self-healing. I’m excited about what this means for our future trajectory 🌟


The New Light Age
The inter-dimensional expansion of NOW, the opportunity for growth and acceleration.
Wonderful LIGHT Advancements ❤
Stepping Stones of Light Evolution.
FEEL your Light Family – Ancient Beings of Light 💥 A wonderful Light connection, of insight and wisdom, to vibrationally feel this, to lead you along the light…
To reach your True Self and navigate your light history, beyond the limitations of the physical – to reach the true spiritual connection of self.
To prepare your Light Family connection, simply create a wonderful space of protection and unified field of love. Invite beings of the Highest unconditional Love❤🌿
See the Union of Many, the many aspects of you, arrive in a field of Light.
Know we are collectively expanding in a stream of Rainbow Light 🌈
As we embrace the Light Evolution of Now, the opportunity of Rapid Light Accelleration.
As we join in Global Unity ❤🌏❤
Sending waves of Cosmic Love💥
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
At this time, vast amounts of energy are flowing on multiple levels of high frequency Cosmic, Solar and Terrestrial form creating push and pull, attraction and repulsion, highs and lows, internal and external connection. You will be well aware of the effects that these power amplified portals of Light create on your physical body and for many, ‘stretched to the limits’ emotional feelings.
Your bodies are used to dealing with localised energies as feelings within you and from the influence of Others – but not from higher universal and cosmic sources. The Third Dimensional Ego orientated mind desperately tries to recognize and label the new patterns of vibrational energetic feelings by wrapping them with an ‘emotion’ in an effort to find a way to react and respond.
These can be overwhelming and totally inappropriate for the situation that triggered them – for example, acting completely over the top at the smallest thing or feeling upset at the slightest suggestion from someone else. This is extremely confusing, tiring and draining and it achieves nothing when trying to explain to Others that it is based on ‘higher cosmic energies’.
By purging and releasing the effects of the lower emotions at this time, seek to learn to remove the ego’s need to call on and ‘display’ emotions that are no longer necessary to be used by a higher conscious being. The innate Sacred Principles of the Law of One within you already know what these are. Overcoming spontaneous emotional reaction is a huge part of the ongoing journey towards harmonising and sustaining a constant flowing source of higher frequency energy through the choice of creative expression rather than destructive explosion.
It is only through changing the familiar mindset by surrendering and accepting the responses and reactions you have to these energies, that the body will function with the higher energies flowing without resistance. All will feel like they no longer belong in their bodies unless they choose to adapt their mental processes to the new world forming around and within them.
Regardless of how the world appears at this time, the world will change and for many, they will not wish it so. It is happening right Now and you are here to play your destined role as a major part of these inevitable changes.
You are Loved and Blessed beyond measure.❤️
Paul Dobree – Carey / Polaris AB
In the last few weeks intense energetic shifts have happened and thus the frequencies and vibrations have been raised at planetary levels and with its immense inner changes.
We are finding that we are being changed to the core – as much as the Old Earth still seems to be there, trying to pull us back in, the New Earth is indeed now making its more powerful and vibrant energy felt on all levels and it is bringing intense inner shifts.
I was asked to take three weeks off during April a few months ago and had no idea of why and what would happen, yet I always follow my inner guidance to the core, even if I do not always understand. As it happened, I had the most blessed and amazing experience with the Elephant Matriarch (I was told to go to the National Park), and indeed was blessed in so many ways, by being in Nature and amidst such beautiful silence and peace and serenity.
When I came back however, I was laid low with lower back pain. I was literally told to rest and to rest more. When this happens, I normally know that something huge is about to happen and indeed, it has proved to be just that. I was pulled in a to do intense energy work and more than this, I was indeed shown such important and amazing things, which are now happening, as the New Earth is rising, and the ancient energy centers are being reactivated, and with it the return in vibrant stages of the White Flame, the eternal Fires of Purity, Integrity and Truth.
I am being reminded this morning of the power of Love. The greatest of all Divine Powers, it is indeed sweeping through the earth and all upon her.
I was told the lower back pain, indeed symbolizes the Lower World, the fear-based world of the survival of the fittest, the predator/prey patterns and behaviors and indeed old programming which we inherited since the Fall of Atlantis. Generations of ancestral pain, suffering, trauma, and innate fear-based programming, and more than this, often the subconscious programming which our souls were submitted to from the moment of birth. This is exasperated by the relationships with society and of course the old structures and forms and all in which we were programmed to submit and fit into, in one form or another.
In the last few weeks, the Lower Body has been highlighted, in order for us to finally release all within it in the highest degrees. Muscle Pain often has to do with the fear of moving forward, rendering us inert in so many ways, as the fear of unknown somehow holds us back, as the fear of changes, and fear of whatever it is which is lurking there. These fears may be subconscious.
It also has to do with support – for the spine supports the whole body and keeps it upright.
When the lower spine is blocked or the lower chakras in any form and way, we will find discomfort. These blockages may be subconscious and here it is wise to ask for guidance and inner wisdom.
At this moment it is the deep-seated programming, the deep-seated unconscious belief systems of the greater humanity which is being released. Often the programming, the false belief systems, the systems of fear are so deep-seated and ingrained that we are not even conscious of such.
The deepest purification is happening and with it the greatest activations and most powerful shifts as it is time to release all of this and fully ascend into the new Lightbody.
Note that when the upper chakras are absolutely cleared and fully functional, but the lower chakras are not as open and fully tuned into the 5th to 7th dimensional state, indeed where there is still fear of survival, fear of getting hurt or harmed, pain in relationship areas, the lower body is still very much present and thus the Lower World. It will mean pain or stuckness, and the Antahkarana , the Lightbridge, then narrows at the bottom and this causes imbalance, like a drain pipe which is clogged up. These chakras need to be crystal clear  and open. The same applies to the spinal column.
I am now gaining deeper understanding of how important it is to clear the lower chakras and the lower spinal vertebrae and coccyx area at this time, and I am grateful. For as all is being released, the heart center opens more, and when the heart center opens more, the lower chakras open to higher love, and with it to the Divine Source entering there, and thus a lifting into the Highest Worlds and thus a totally new Spine and new embodiment (one can say the metamorphosis of the old body into the New, like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly).
Thus I encourage you to release the Lower World, the Lower existence in all its forms and expressions, known or unknown, conscious or unconscious, so that we can rise into the fullness of our reborn Highest Soul self and the fullness of the truth of who and what we are.
For indeed, it is through the Power of Love and the open heart and soul, that we rise into the New Earth and New Embodiment and indeed, the New Creation.
I am so grateful for all that is, as it is!
For the moment we truly release all and everything, and surrender to the Divine Will, and become AS ONE with it, we are indeed transformed and miracles happen.
I experienced such miracles in the last few days, that my heart and soul are overflowing with gratitude.
Judith Kusel

Lisa Renee

“The transfiguration of physical matter during phases of Solar Synthesis means activations that are inspiriting the angelic human body and building the lightbody forms to receive Plasma Codes, which build into a Plasma Luminary Body which is positioned in now eternal time. To embody the liquid plasma light, we each must remove the false, artificial and obsolete while strengthening and merging the inner dwelling with our authentic monadic identity, which in its final stages births the Inner Christos from liquid plasma. The authentic spiritual self is the monadic identity which seats itself in the core or midsection of the physical body, and the core spiritual self is the center anchor of the plasma luminary body which exists in now eternal time.”
~ Biological Ionization:


6 hours ago

Your power centres are ascending to the highest levels of unity and sovereignty, over the next three months. The Masculine and Feminine, within and without, have found the seed point trauma and attachments to the womb, for you to now heal, and continue moving forward into alchemical union as Master Creator Counterparts! Quick sudden changes, truth, and understanding today carries you away from attachments that were draining your life force energy and creations.

Super sensitive heightened emotions recently have been happening due to inner child healing. Although it may not be obvious, the womb chakra needs healing from father trauma, and distorted masculine dominance over you, especially in childhood. Wisdom has forced this to surface for you to sit in the emotions and resolve them through feeling them. This is all for you to ascend into being the Kings and Queens of love, accelerating out of heartbreak wounds for good. Next week’s Full Moon Eclipse is supporting your ascension out of loss, and into love and complete harmony, compassion, youth and vitality.

Through this upgrade, the role you’ve played thus far comes to completion. You have successfully walked away from codependency, and are becoming fully self sufficient. This is breaking all illusions that trapped you into accepting poor behaviour and settling for less in relationships.

It’s ok to have these emotions and all the feels. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are doing such great service to humanity by releasing these old stories for good. Love yourself and your inner child until you are healed. This is all about you right now. The Most High values your determination to cleanse yourself of these old properties, and shield yourself from the illusions re-entering the mind.

This will all make more sense very soon. The Most High is redeeming you. You are breaking through limitations and going forward. Divine justice is occurring not only for you today, but for Mary Magdalene, the Sisterhood of the Rose, and our Galactic Brotherhood of Light. The Light is flipping into the next phase of the Holy Grail, from difficulty and disappointment, to love and happiness.

Your role today is to rest, connect in nature, and create sacred private space for yourself to heal. Take as much time as needed, and be gentle with yourself. Hydration is much needed to support the body cleansing itself. The opportunity is here to completely rid yourself from this karma and be reborn.

In Jesus Christ’s Name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn

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Sun enters Gemini. Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius – Reach out and connect. Have a conversation. Sharing stories reminds us all that we’re not alone. Be curious and open to new information. Write down your ideas. If you feel scattered, isolate the facts. Consider the labels you identify with, the meaning of your name, the words you use to describe yourself.
Talk to your neighbour, your colleagues, your friends. Read the news and get informed about what is going on in the world. Get to know your neighbourhood. Sign up for a class. You’re never too old to learn. Give form to your creative ideas. Commit to your core values to feel happier. Focus on manifesting more of what you love in your life.
Humans have a natural inclination towards duality, the tendency to label things as good – bad, light -dark, me – you. Listen to alternative views because the more you listen, the more similarities you’ll see. The more educated we become, the more alike we look.
Degrees and Times
Sun 00°Ge00′ – 20:37 (BST)
Venus 13°Ge30′, Saturn 13°Aq30′ – 02:58 (BST)
Painting – ‘Village Street and Steps in Auvers with Figures’ by Vincent van Gogh
KINS 157 – 169
MAY 20 – JUNE 1, 2021
The RED EARTH wavespell commences in the latter part of Column 8 and then Column 9 in the Sacred Tzolkin Calender with only 2 GAP portal days, so we are leaving the intensity of the central core of the Tzolkin and are finding our flow and rhythym as we make our journey through the duplicate Mirror World in the higher dimensions of the Tzolkin. Column 8 represents the flow of spirit, in and outbreath flowing to and from source, whilst the 9th column represents our path of Divine service through love, compassion and empathy.
RED EARTH is a more YIN and feminine wavespell giving us some grace after our intense journey through the eye of the needle. We can now start to relax, listen and soften as we attune to our intuitive senses and our connection to our Mother land.
The THEMES that we will be exploring through CABAN – the RED EARTH encompass:
Signs, synchronicity, navigation, flow, fluidity, right timing, wholeness,resonances, synergy, centredness, grounding, galactic alignment, timelines, natural lore and healing, the wisdom of our ancestors, Earth forces, cycles, natural evolution and EARTH MAJIK.
Our main goal during this Wavespell is that of LISTENING 👂to the rhythyms of the EARTH. Watching and observing the signs that present, navigating our path through greater awareness of how and when we interact with the natural world around us. Actively LISTENING and evaluating all that is presenting each day through the clues and signs, showing you the best way forward in order to achieve your purpose and find your way.
This cycle will reveal the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PERSON and RIGHT PLACE – so tune in and READ THE SIGNS, so that you can NAVIGATE the best path forward, with EASE and GRACE to find and fulfill your PURPOSE.
❓❓What did you come to EARTH to achieve? 🤔What legacy will you leave for future generations?🤔
Many people will MOVE to new locations, or feel the need to do so, as this is revealed to them.
❓❓ Are you ENJOYING your TIME on EARTH? 🤔 What would make it more enjoyable?
❓❓Do you RESPECT and HONOUR our EARTH MOTHER and all that she naturally provides for her children to live an abundant and fulfilling life? 🤔
❓❓ Can you provide SOLUTIONS to our Global and environmental problems through your purpose? 🤔
In order to NAVIGATE through this Synchronic order that presents. we must be aware of the Evolutionary cycles that Gaia has travelled. Looking back through time to where we have been, and how we have navigated to this point in time. Understanding our her-story so that we are not doomed to repeat past mistakes. Checking our GPS to track where we are headed so that we can set a smooth course upon which to sail.
❓❓❓Where have we been and where are we headed?❓❓❓
These questions must be answered both personally and collectively. Where ONE goes, we ALL go!👫👬👭 Let us navigate a CLEAR planetary path for our collective benefit. Keep your EYES on the PRIZE and focus on the reality you wish to energize – PEACE, UNITY and collective ABUNDANCE.
RED EARTH governs the passage of TIME ⏳through the ever repeating cycles and patterns📈 that weave the tapestry of evolution. Slow down and attune to Natural time,🍥 the Harmonic time as calculated through the Dreamspell. 🎆 Become ONE with the EARTH and feel the passage of NO-TIME as all time converges in this NOW eternal moment.
Sit in STILLNESS in nature and just simply BE in relationship to the Earth. Seek out and LEARN the wisdom of our ANCESTORS – the plant medicines, healing methods, bush tucker and how to live a sustainable life without leaving an ecological footprint. Learn to BE in HARMONY with nature and all existence.
This is not a time for impetuous movement, this is a time to watch, learn and listen for the Earth herself to inform the right movements forward, as she teaches us how to listen deeply to her undercurrents and the messages she sends us every day.
We have strayed far from the wisdom of our Earth Mother, particularly in the past few years. Humanity has been consumed with FEAR, despair and hopelessness.. We need to RESET and RECONNECT with the natural world to recalibrate our GPS and find our true NORTH as a collective. The path forward is prophesied by the ancient ones, our forefathers and ancestors, the wise ones. The solutions and directions are CLEAR for those in sync with and LISTENING to the rhythyms of GAIA..
❓❓❓Do we want to REPEAT the errors of the past? Or shall we set a new course⛵ – having learnt our lesson from experience and now consciously CHOOSE to steer LIGHTSHIP EARTH through wondrous new waters? 🌈🌍🌎🌏🌈
This cycle is teaching us the way of the turtle, 🐢to go slow and be sure of each step we take, resulting in the conservation of energy and the groundedness of our actions. At this time on the planet we must ensure that we honour Mother Earth and all our actions, plans and intentions are sustainable and are environmentally harmonic with our Earth home.
✨We must ALL learn to truly LISTEN to GAIA, or she herself will let us know when we have strayed, as we have witnessed in the past.
✨OUR FUTURE DEPENDS on the FUTURE of our EARTH MOTHER.🌏🌎🌍 It is time we learnt this lesson.
We are ALL part of the WEB of LIFE 🕸 on this planet – no man is an island!
“Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” Chief Seattle
RED EARTH is the access point for natural alignment with Earth force. 🌍🌎🌏 When you are ONE with the EARTH your Magnetic Power of attraction and manifestation is greatly amplified. 🎆As you align your center, with the Earth’s centre, and her crystal core you can harness this gravitational magnetizing force. As your body becomes more crystalline 💎you connect to the larger crystal grid🌐 network of Mother Gaia, connecting all planetary kin. To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the 5 elements and emerge yourself in Mother Nature, ensuring you ground fully with barefeet feeling her magnetic flow rising to your Heart. As you CENTER yourself in the present moment you observe the divine synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger Galactic purpose on this planet. Here is where you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe.
OPEN your HEART and MIND to the mystical majik of RED EARTH!🌈🌏🌎🌍🌈
NOTE: This is also a great cycle to LISTEN and play MUSIC. Most musicians 🎸🎷have a RED EARTH glyph in their signature as RED EARTH governs ‘right timing”. You need to be in “sync” and hold rhythm! 🎼🎶🎵
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
Read this mantra through once, then REPEAT it out loud as a COMMAND using your breath and pausing between each line tuning into the feeling it evokes in your body. This will attune you to the frequency of this Wavespell activating the POWER within your cells and DNA to GROW and seek the LIGHT.
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessing for NAVIGATING a beautiful FLOWING path to our brilliant new reality of greater happiness, success and abundance.🌈🌍🌸
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: On the shores of TIME LOST Artist – Mica Arkipoff DIVINE GRATITUDE ❤🙏💟🙏
Kin 157 ~ Red Magnetic Earth
‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its key words are ‘Unify, Attract and Purpose’. The first day of a wavespell sets the agenda for the 13 days and so a new journey begins. I always emphasise the importance of living the Tzolkin one wavespell at a time rather than the individual days. These groupings of 13 days are like a chapter in the book of time. There are 20 chapters in all, this wavespell is the 13th chapter.
Today is the first day of the Red Earth wavespell which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’…..and so what is the agenda? For 13 days we can focus on our personal growth. Sometimes it is easy to forget we are here for a purpose. The purpose being to become the best person we can become in order to pay back the earth for allowing us to be here. We owe it to Mother Earth to reach our potential. She is having a hard time and the only people that can help her are those who have become strong. But we can grow consciously. We can make the effort to become stronger, smarter and more useful to the planet. It isn’t difficult. Mother knows best and our Mother Earth knows what she is doing. All we need to do to evolve, is to become closer to the earth. During the Red Earth wavespell, try to rekindle the love you have for her.
The Guide today is also Red Earth.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand which symbolizes ‘healing’. If you are a Blue Hand, this is not going to be your best wavespell. Your issues will surface and you will find ‘evolving’ very tough. Reach out for help if you need it and allow someone give you a hand.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which is also the wavespell we just completed. When in the magical position, Seed shares wisdom concerning magical matters. Occult knowledge can come in handy when seeking ‘evolution’.
The Ally is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. If you need a friend today consult a White Wind. If you do not know one, be like one and open the channels of communication!
Today also marks the beginning of the ‘Yellow Southern Castle of Giving’, the fourth castle of the Tzolkin and it contains the Red Earth, WhiteDog ,Blue Night and Yellow Warrior wavespells. (The Tzolkin divides into 5 sections called Castles and each one contains 4 wavespells.)
1 CABAN – KIN 157
20 MAY 2021
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
20/5/2021 = 20/5/5= 20/10=30=3
5- Freedom/Change/Liberation/Transformation
10- Manifestation/Power/Authority
3- Holy trinity/Joy/creativity
KIN 157 = 13 =4 Form/Structure/Foundation
A very powerful MAGNETIC day for attracting synchronicity for your desires.
Today we commence a beautiful new 13 day journey with RED EARTH as our guide. The RED EARTH WAVESPELL is all about LISTENING👂 and reading the signs of Mother Gaia, in order to navigate our way forward through her natural cycles during our evolutionary process. Much EARTH MAJIK awaits us in this cycle dear STARBLOSSOMS!
MAGNETIC 🅾is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. Today we are seeking to attract SYNCHRONICITY in order to fulfill our PURPOSE! To align with the Earth Majik that Mother Gaia is reflecting back to us!
The attraction seeks to UNIFY us all as ONE! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY!
So planetary kin, a wondrous day for taking a walk in Gaia’s wonderland, feeling her magnetic force beneath your feet and breathing in her fresh ionized air.
We are embarking on a beautiful 13 day journey to reconnect intimately with our Earth Mother, forging our strongest Heart connection with our homeland.💟💟💟
Today’s question is “Am I navigating my true path to fulfill my higher purpose, through listening to the signs and synchronicities of Mother Gaia?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for navigating a beautiful path through Mother nature today.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
PICTURE CREDITS: Field of LIGHT Uluru – Artist Bruce Munro DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏💟🙏💟
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: RED EARTH 🌍🌏-CABAN attunes us to the signs, synchronicities and FLOW of the natural rhythms of Gaia. CABAN beckons us through our attunement to her rhythyms to be sensitive to the flow of her EARTH Majik. 💫
Today Gaia gives us the signs of synchronicity, RIGHT TIMING, and what it is to track the majik💫 in your life and all around you/ To track the JOY and find your purpose in life. When we can attract greater synchronicity in our lives, we know that we are in sync. with the Earth and on the right path!🌈 Make sure you LOOK for the SIGNS so you KNOW how to navigate forwards.
RED MAGNETIC EARTH 🌏always reminds me of ULURU, our beautiful Magnetic monolith in the RED CENTRE of Australia. Today ULURU is MAGNETICALLY charged and will be ACTIVATED throughout this whole RED EARTH cycle as she communicates to us through the SONG LINES,🎶 helping us to find our way home and to our desired destination in our many travels..
ULURU is the 3rd Planetary chakra of Gaia, otherwise known as the Solar Plexus or “power” centre. The function of this chakra is to assist with self definition and personal power, but also to store and regulate the VITALITY🎇 of the Earth, and all living species. It is said in order to gain the knowledge of immortal health,🌿 one must do so through Uluru. This knowledge is delivered to the rest of the world through the feminine ley artery, representing the Rainbow Serpent.🌈🐍
Uluru has great spiritual and cultural significance to our original custodians as she is considered as Sacred land and holds the key codes to the DREAMTIME and 5D Earth. .
ULURU also serves as the MAGNETIC HEART💟 of Australia. Every nation has a natural Earth formation which forms it’s heart centre.❤ So we Aussie’s are extremely blessed to have such a huge Magnetic Heart that ATTRACTS Gaia’s children from all over the world, from every nation. Bus loads of tourists flock to view her sunrise🌅 and sunset🌄 shows every day (or at least did so before the Lockdowns!!) Each person who visits Uluru has their heart chakra❤ magnetized and EXPANDED. As they return home to their families and workplaces their magnetized heart encodes the hearts of their kin, then they in turn magnetize their families and so on like a domino effect. Such is the power and magnetic attraction of ULURU. (Note: ULURU told me this in our conversations during ceremony there for 7:7:7 portal in 2007)
RED MAGNETIC EARTH 🌎reminds us that we are the Children of Gaia, 👭👫👬and as our Earth Mother we are all connected. As she feels and senses through us, we too can sense and FEEL through her, as we connect at a much deeper and more empathic level.
Talking to the trees, listening to the wind and the chirping crickets, and feeling the pulsing of her heartbeat. As we connect and feel more deeply we develop more love, respect and begin to truly honour this beautiful paradise we call home. Tune in and be inspired through listening to Gaia’s messages to navigate your path back home to BLISS.
SUPPORT: WHITE MAGNETIC WIND 🌬 – IK brings forth more Divine signs and messages from Spirit making this a VERY powerful day to attune and listen to Gaia and Great Spirit for guidance. 🕊White Magnetic Wind powerfully attracts and magnetizes these signs, so that we can completely align with Spirit. Great Spirit communicates subtle messages, for those that are LISTENING and OBSERVING the signs, through the kingdoms – the plants, the animals, the minerals and the elements. Be STILL in order to READ the signs. ASK to be SHOWN more MAJIK💫 and SPIRIT will gladly deLIGHT you in a GAME of divine SHOW and TELL!🎆 The more you ENGAGE the more will be revealed to you! 🕊💫
As we channel these messages and pure LIGHT codes, we can UNITE together and rejoice through singing, dancing and creativity, allowing the Divine messages to flow forth into our expressive creations.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW COSMIC SEED🍥 🌱🌟– KAN is the SEED of new potentials realized through expanded GROWTH.🌲 We are all SEEDS with potent LIGHT packets encoded within us. We have just completed our passage through the 13 day cycle of the Yellow SEED🌾where we CRACKED OPEN💥 our seed pods in order to discover our inherent potential. Yesterday we graduated, as the Cosmic Warriors and we fearlessly reclaimed our capacity to express our Highest potential – embodying our Cosmic Consciousness in our physical vessels.
KAN enables us to express our highest PURPOSE today, and co create the beautiful gardens of the future. One by one, each sowing our own unique seed through our unique talents and contributions, until one day our garden has flourished into the GARDEN OF EDEN! 🍇🍓🍎🌴The presence of true growth, the seeding of the NEW TIME that is based on true ancient/future wisdom born of listening and knowing our connection with all of life as co-creators of this New Earth.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE HAND 🖐– MANIK – Today’s challenge is the BLUE MAGNETIC HAND. Our challenge is to ATTRACT all that we need to HEAL our body, mind and spirit as well as that of Mother Gaia. In order to glean this ancient wisdom through natural lore, we must be patient and attune to the EARTH messages we receive. Gaia has all that we need to heal and become whole again, integrating our soul’s essence in order to feel the ONENESS and unity with our kin, our planet and ALL THAT IS!
Hold out your HAND and magnetize your attraction to your kin so you can walk HAND IN HAND and fulfill your UNITED PURPOSE as GAIA’s children.
In order to accomplish our purpose on this planet we must first become ONE with the LAND – as the Australian original people know. Without this connection we have no life-force and vitality – Gaia’s magnetic force literally fuels the vitality of our haemoglobin transporting the oxygen to every cell in our body. Make sure you GROUND and connect with the HEALING force of our Earth Mother.
The blessing that Manik bestows upon us this day is the potent power of accomplishment! The ability to accomplish healing and manifest our collective dreams into our new reality. Connect with GAIA and magnetize our collective DREAMING, energizing the UTOPIAN DREAM that we all hold encoded in our SEED PODS.
We ARE DOING IT STARBLOSSOMS 🎊🎉🎆– keep leaving your FOOTPRINTS👣 for others to follow. We are nearly there, our DREAM of BLISS is MANIFESTING NOW!🐬🌴🏝🎶

Pleiades 1 Messages May 20 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Temperance spreads in +++.

New frequencies line up.

Larger supports increase.

Necessary screening in progress.

Main Grid strengthening started.

Final harvests in progress.

Terrans in preparation for lines finalization.

New understandings are spreading.

Cavalry agreements are “signed”.

Prosperous funds are secured.

Divine sensors continue to be installed throughout the system.

Dispute layers decrease.

Transitions are aligned.

Transfers to *Khalthart are approved. 1st wave: 92% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.




Christ Light Decree

I Am Divine Love
I Am Divine Light
I Radiate the Pure True Omnipresent Light
I Radiate the Pure Christ Light Consciousness
I Welcome this forward through my Heart Center & To All of Creation
I Am The Presence of Unconditional Love
I Am the Resurrection and the Life
I Am the Way the True and the Light
I Am the Light of this World
I Am All That I Am
Thy Will Be Done
So Be It

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