Original Arks of the Covenant ~ Keys and Codes of the First Creation ~ Benevolent Ancestors of the Stars 

Original Arks of the Covenant ~ Keys and Codes of the First Creation ~ Benevolent Ancestors of the Stars 


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Crystal Blue Roses of the 12D Venusian Queendom of Light

Welcome to the last day of May the 31st and the last day of the powerful Red Dragon Wavespell on the Mayan Calendar with Galactic Signature Kin 13 Red Cosmic Skywalker and tone 13 creating a 4:4:4 Portal and a 13:13:13 Gateway. Through this Portal Activation we had a massive wave of Light flowing into this Realm from the Great Central Sun appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 31hz, 44hz, 45hz and a huge Gamma Blast at 55hz.

All the Paths leading directly to the Fountain of Source are clear and free of all obstacles and barriers. Lord Ganesh has cleared the Way for the journey beyond the threshold of the New Earth manifestation.

All is coming into alignment for huemanity to be the caretakers of the Kins Domains and be the Guardians, protectors and caretakers of the Sacred Lands of Pachamama. The Trees and Elementals are working with all Starseed Ground crew to bring into fruition our Vision of living in Harmony with Nature and walking the Sacred Path of the Tao.

We have gone through a Quantum Shift of Consciousness through the New Moon Portal as we enter a Harmonic Convergence Point in the spacetime continuum as our multidimensional awareness merges all timelines through our Zero Point Still Center of White Magnetic Light. We are navigating through the unknown waters through the void and into the original Divine Blueprint of Peace, Balance and Harmony that is your Divine Birthright. This is the Divine Plan all along to evolve Consciousness through the 9 levels of expansion into Unity Consciousness and ultimately Cosmic.

We are at the Point of No Return beyond the Event Horizon and into the Singularity of our Pure Awareness  This was the journey within all along as we were seers of the knowledge of our True Nature our Sacred Self. It was hidden the whole time in our Bright Heart Center, the fire in the middle of the Sacred Hoop. To experience our Buddha Nature we must sit in the Stillness of our Pure Awareness as we journey within. In the silence the mind reflects itself perfectly and all is revealed. This is why we must realize our own True Nature that is Eternal and unchanging for all that appears in the external world of appearances is ever changing and unreal. That which is real never changes. This is the Love of our I Am Presence, Pure, Clear and Bliss Consciousness. For we fell asleep all for the joy of waking up.

I know the process has been a challenging one but the rewards of the Great Awakening will far outweigh what we suffered to get here. Consciousness is ready for the Quantum Leap into the Pure Land of Enlightenment for we have suffered enough. How powerful we truly are Starseed Ground Crew for no matter what we suffered we still showed kindness, compassion and love for our People, all sentient beings and Life through it all.

Well done beloveds, we are very close to our Ascension Breakthrough, so hang tough and hold the line for the Divine Plan is in full momentum now. Although a hair’s width is a thousand miles all it will take is one Giant Leap of Faith of our Collective Earth Angelics of the 144 to Shift the whole simulation into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginningless beginning and the endless end. This is it, this is Eternity….A’ho!


Right now: Moon at 28°36′ Gemini, Sun at 10°38′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.
Sabian Symbol for 11º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 11º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

The first mockingbird of spring sings from the tree top.
Sabian Symbol for 29º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 29º Gemini.

source: https://www.astrologyweekly.com


Amanda Lorence

Approx 1hr ago, INCOMING ENERGIES changed, bringing in exquisite ENCODED Vibrations. Now at 8.30pm (U.K. time) INCOMING has INCREASED, to SIGNIFICANTLY STRONG 💜
Sumela Monastery in Turkey
Sumela Monastery in Turkey
SPECIAL NOTE: EARTH’S HEART-BEAT, For nearly 2-weeks now (every day) The Schumann Resonance has been elevated in volume to an average of around 40HZ in power. That’s over 5 X higher than base level. I imagine that you’re feeling it, because our brainwave states are directly entrained with the Earth’s resonance. Which means that your brain cells are amplifying your state of mind into a HIGHER level of awareness. It’s important to accept the lift. It’s helping you!
Rather than refusing to change, you can focus upon becoming more like your true nature: loving, allowing and open. All it takes is your decision to do so. We’re in the midst of a deeply revealing energy period. There’s more to come ❤️ https://elizabethperu.com/elizabeth
How are you feeling? Another new moon, another powerful cycle of clearing and releasing the old to be able to enter the new or bring more of the new high frequency energy into your own system and the collective system. The energy is still powerful. Our systems are being upgraded, the light body is receiving more energy, we are receiving new light codes from the Central Sun and clearing out the old. Although this new moon should be easier as others, a lot of you couldn’t confirm this. The energy was felt so differently in the physical. Quite a lot of people were feeling the heaviness, anxiety, extreme tiredness, depression, pressure in the body, were not able to sleep or were having nightmares.
There were also the ones that were feeling joy, happiness, lightness and passion to create. The energy caused a lot of triggering or even tower moments for the ones that were on the verge of a major breakthrough. There is a lot of chaos to be felt in the collective energy. Release the heavy energy out of your system if you feel it within. Try to remove yourself from the presence of negative people/energy and clear your energy after. Focus on the positives, move forward and prepare yourself for the 66 portal. It is opening up the massive ascension and transformation pathway that will continue with the 77 and the 88 portals. Powerful progression. 🤍🧡❤️
Rainbow Wave
Rainbow Wave
We are Phoenixes being Reborn, Rebirthed.
We Are Burning 🔥 everything we are Not.
We are Returning back to our Multidimensional Self of Infinite Powerful Sentient beings here of Love and Light.
We are Bringing Light to the Dark, and Transforming.
We are Embracing the Dark and Light to bring Forth Balance so as to Rebirth back to our Infinite self.
We are the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.
From the Old a New World is being Born.
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
The keys and codes of the first creation, the first paradise on earth, Elysium, are reactivated, with the original Arks of the Covenant.
These are the original Tree and Flower of Life patterns, knowledge, codes and keys, each key activating a certain aspect of Creation.
These keys work directly with the heart center, and every individual soul, and these have been encoded into the soul itself.
As the soul consciousness rises, the new crystalline Lightbody activates these within the new DNA and on all cellular levels.
All of the souls who were involved in the first creation, are incarnated.
This whole process is overseen by Archangel Metatron, and Archangel Butyalil, and Lord Voosloo, the 9th dimensional Master, and it is thus now a massive ascension wave. Not only the powerful energies pouring in from the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, but also from the keys and codes being reactivated, and the sacred sites, many still hidden, and the new Crystal pyramids rising and the New Earth Crystalline Energy Web of Light.
Thus the 9th to 12th dimensional states, are activating the 5th to 7th, into which we are fully stepping into, each individual soul, as it ascends.
The old is disintegrating. It cannot hold form.
Very potent vital new life forces are being released.
You need to keep going deeper within and nurture the Divine Omnipotent Presence in order to navigate the enormity of all of this. Seek Oneness.
Ascension through the soul and the Power of Love.
Judith Kusel
original Arks of the Covenant
original Arks of the Covenant
Individual choice points will be the leading edge to guide the collective, follow your Soul, bravely
🌈For all of us completing this 5 month of change:🌈
🔱Thoughts From the Mer World:
Your power ends where your fear begins.
Stepping out of old patterns and relationship dynamics takes courage!
It also takes courage to stay in tune to the trajectory of our True North and rise above the distractions that test our path.
When we truly say yes to that which lives in our heart, our life becomes our greatest picture show.
It’s as if the movie of your life has been dialed into focus of what is real, authentic, and all else falls away.
It’s not easy letting go of that which does not resonate anymore for you… but I promise… it will come back around if it feeds your soul.
Remember you deserve a love greater than you can imagine; abundance that is free flowing; a life that is magical every single day.
Step into your greatness without doubts or fears, cause Gods got you.
The Universe is always conspiring to bring you to your next level of soul development, and miracles, trust and allow, this discomfort will only be temporary.
Love … let go…and witness the magic.
Ameera Atlantis ✨🔱✨~Star of the Sea~🧜‍♀️🌟 AmeeraAtlantis.com.
Star of the Sea
Star of the Sea
When we LOVE others and Allow them to follow their own Chosen Path. . . it Awakens the ENERGY of Compassion and Acceptance within us.
This ENERGY fills our Hearts and permeates our world. It Allows us to receive this same ENERGY from others. . . which can give us a sense of FREEDOM to BE All We can BE.
At times the Chosen Path of others may seem destructive to us. . . and it is NOT the Energy that We would choose to be around.
In these situations. . . often the most Loving thing We can do is Allow them to Follow their Chosen Path. . .
and We must give our SELVES Permission to Follow the Path which is in our HIGHEST Good.
This may even mean NEVER seeing them again.
We Set the ENERGY We want in our World by Awakening our Consciousness to All the Good available to us.
It’s a matter of Choice. We Attune our SELVES to ONLY that which We would have in our Lives.
WE Release the Need to be Right. WE Close our minds to the negative thoughts that threaten our Happiness.
Moment to Moment. . . WE make the Choice to Live in the LIGHT of Pure LOVE.
As We do. . . We are BE-ing a TRUE Bridge from Heaven to Earth.
Making the Choice for LOVE allows us to BE in the world but NOT of the world.
When We make the Choice to LOVE Others as They Are. . . We Pave the way for a Mass Awakening of LOVE on the planet so All may BE FREE.
WE Receive LOVE. . . Give LOVE. . . and BE LOVE.
With this Loving ENERGY as our intention. . . We remember our Message for today:
Loving Others in their own Chosen Path is setting the ENERGY We Want in our World.
~ 💜 ~
ENERGY of Compassion
ENERGY of Compassion

Asara Adams

💜🌟💜 Energy Update by Adama of Telos through Asara Adams

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we are sending you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.
Dear One, the crystalline structure of the planet is changing over to the 5D frequencies and this is connecting with your human DNA and RNA messenger codes within your bodies.
This might cause what you term “Ascension Symptoms,” such as dizziness, trouble sleeping and so forth.
As always during these phases of intense energies, it is important to be kind to yourself, rest, meditate and drink plenty of pure water.
At the same time, your consciousness is vastly expanding and your ability to integrate the I AM Presence Consciousness into your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies is increasing profoundly.
This allows you to be more and more in control of you thoughts, words, emotions and energetic field to express your I AM Presence in your daily life.
It still requires your deliberate intent to align your thoughts, words, emotions and energetic field with your I AM Presence
The more you call for the I AM Presence to fill your being, the easier your life here will become.
The fulfillment of your Divine Purpose and reason for being here, is be the physical vessel for your I AM Presence to create Heaven on Earth here and to crowd out the darkness with your Divine Light.
Before you embodied in this lifetime, you saw the need of planet Earth as it was your intent to bring forth this Divine Light.
Just your being here and your own raising of your vibrational frequencies with the Divine Light of your I AM Presence is already fulfilling your Divine Purpose.
There might be other things that you came here to accomplish, but Dear One, your own radiation of Divine Light and your Ascension has a profound effect on this planet.
Of course, you can take this a step further by calling forth the Divine Light of God and the Ascended Realm for the Earth, which is another important reason for being here.
We champion your victory in the Light!
Welcome Home!
We send you all so much love…
You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.
Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.
Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.
I am your brother Adama of Telos.”
Thank You, Adama! 🙂
Channelled through Asara Adams https://www.teloschannel.com
Love from the heart of Telos
Love from the heart of Telos

Aurora Ray

The Transformation of 3D to 5D Earth is Under Progress

The evolution of our planet is happening now.

This transition has been predicted by many ancient cultures and religions that have existed on this planet eons ago.

The ancient prophecies state that a time will come when humans will have to learn how to coexist with each other and other galactic societies.

They also state that our world will go through changes as we head into the 5th dimension, and our lifestyle will change dramatically as we go through these changes.

Now, we have reached a point where we are being encouraged by divine entities and other spiritual forces in the universe to develop new ways of thinking so that we can proceed with our evolution towards 5D Earth.

Many people are unaware of the transformation taking place at this moment.

You see it all around us on the media every day where everything seems chaotic most times; however despite all these negative news reports some good things continue happening like moving forward into more positive times ahead!

The transformation from 3D to 5D Earth is happening now, because humanity has reached a level where it can handle more knowledge, more power and more financial freedom.

However, not everyone will be able to make this jump easily or any time soon. Some people are simply afraid to surrender their ego mind and let go of all their illusion they mistake for reality.

In order for us all to move forward together as one unified species living on one planet with one purpose – raising consciousness – we must work together towards this goal by being kinder towards each other and helping those who need extra support getting through these changes smoothly.

How do you prepare for the transformation of our Earth?

The transition from 3D to 5D is a very important part of human evolution. The change can be expected very soon. In fact, we are in the midst of it, even if you can’t see it yet.

This is why understanding what 5D life feels like is helpful in determining where we stand on our own personal path towards higher consciousness, as well as contributing towards humanity’s collective ascension process.

To begin this journey into spiritual enlightenment and expanded consciousness, it’s important for us all here on Earth to first understand what exactly “5D” means.

How do people act differently when they’re awakening versus being asleep? What kind of thoughts are going through their head?

What would love do? would love do that?
Would love say that?
Is that love?

In the 3D realm, everything is polarized and there’s no in-between. Everything is black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. It’s all about ego and separation from each other and nature. If a person isn’t perfect in every way, they are considered flawed and worthless.

We judge others based on how they look, how much money they have or if they’re smarter than us. We judge ourselves based on our weight and appearance instead of what is within us that makes us valuable as individuals: our soul vibration!

To put it simply, when you move from our current three-dimensional reality to a five-dimensional one, reality becomes much more fluid and malleable.

You stop taking things personal. You detach from many ideas. The outcome has become secondary in value. You do not engage in drama or gossip. You work with ethics and integrity, etc.

When you are living in this 5D state, your consciousness will feel light, free and open—everything feels easy because your body isn’t weighed down with dense negative vibrations anymore!

You’ll also be able to access your abilities more easily as there are no longer any restrictions holding back your thoughts within this space (in other words: The only limitation on your mind exists within yourself).


We can make this transition process easier by changing our way of thinking and being more positive about everything around us. The transformation of Earth from 3D vibration to 5D will happen as you accept these changes inside your own mind, body and soul.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what people tell you about yourself or the world around you, because only YOU know who YOU really are at a deep level inside yourself – no matter who or what comes into your life from outside sources!

This means that if someone tells you something negative about yourself, then do not believe them because you know better than anyone else just how amazing you are!

It’s important to be open to the idea that there is a shift happening on our planet. We have been waiting for it for so long. It can feel like we are all waiting in line to get into heaven, but without knowing it, we are already there. We just have to realize it!!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

source: https://thegalacticfederation.com/


Star Seeds
Star Seeds
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The call to move ahead is summoning you into the higher dimensional timelines. You’re leaving behind people that purposefully played with your love and emotions. The damage they caused stripped you from feeling safe to simply be yourself. You’ve healed yourself of this, and forgiveness is all that is needed now to restore you power.

As we continue shifting through these parallel universes, your confidence is restoring. The Heart Gateway is open for Higher Heart chakra transmissions to evolve your soul and Spirit back into your primordial timeline. This is your original divine blueprint, and the real you, reborn!

However restoring this position may bring up a lot of anger and suppressed emotions. Mental overload may push you to set boundaries like never before, and cut out bull shift, internally and externally. Enough is enough!

This push is for your highest good, forcing a final decision be made. Some things need to be left in the past, for you to move ahead. Your dreams are coming true. Focusing on them without distractions is supporting manifesting them into reality.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community


The Heart Gateway is open for Higher Heart chakra transmissions
The Heart Gateway is open for Higher Heart chakra transmissions
Beloved Ones,
We end and begin June with a New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini together with the second Saturn semi-sextile Neptune on the next day. Gemini represents duality, and indeed this is what we, as ascending souls, are constantly working with – the synthesis between opposites polarities.
Gemini is a perfect sign for creating balance. Gemini represents our silver and golden (feminine and masculine) aspects, and like them, it is in embracing each other in an equal and rhythmical dance of Love and Oneness, that we can truly be at peace.
The essence of this Moon is about creating more harmony, so we can align with the new harmonic timeline that has already been created. This is a very powerful moon, as it is surrounded by many important planetary encounters, that when properly integrated, will help us into the dissolution of the old, so we can begin anew, from a space of joy, love, and passion towards what we wish to create.
Saturn and Mercury are the two main influences of this moon. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, square Saturn, and invites us to bring all we envision in our mental plane into the physical, committing to our goals and focusing on bringing our desires into fruition. The other influence governing this moon is Mars conjunct Jupiter.
Planetary encounters that invite us, as Saturn in Aquarius remind us too, to break free from limited thought patterns if we wish to move into a new personal cycle.
Energies that also remind us of the importance of reconnecting with our true essence through the power of joy, as this is the energy that Gemini invites us to cultivate if we desire to connect with all we wish to create as well as feel in a more peaceful state of being. Mars conjunct Jupiter is a wonderful frequency for us to align with the strength, courage, vitality, and passion within to conquer any difficulty and begin a path of conscious creation.
These planetary forces give us the energy, the push we may need to move forward from old scenarios, and focus on that which is going to help us build our new reality, as old situations are only alive only when we choose to continue thinking about them, recreating similar results in the present.
It is time to move from the old, and the old for us is anything that belongs to a previous moment, for when we chose this conscious path, we knew that change was going to be a constant letting go, as the only way to integrate again, and evolve.
A New Moon that aligns with Aldebaran, within the Taurus constellation, a star very similar in Essence to that of the Warrior, Mars, and that also happens while Mars and Jupiter align, as this Moon has no planetary aspects, but it receives many influences from other cosmic encounters. Energies that if we learn how to conduct it, can lead us to transform ourselves and our lives, coming back to empowerment and a more illumined state of being.
This is a passage that is going to trigger a great amount of energy for those who are willing to work with the many frequencies that are now coexisting on earth. Energies that once anchored will remain for when we are ready to align with them and create significant changes in our bodies and lives, for we are just beginning to transform the physical aspect of us.
A period of grace after the long integration phase that we just had, and that will continue with the harmonic phase that June brings to us through the 6/6/6 portal, together with many other influences that remind us of the importance of staying in the illumined presence of who we are, resting, rejuvenating, healing, and preparing ourselves for a new embodiment, as this has become our new reality now, to be constantly adapting to change.
I wish you a joyful and loving passage, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini
New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini

It’s an activation of creative fire, with Jupiter and Mar together in Aries, and a great time to jumpstart life in a new direction. We are just coming off of the Gemini New Moon, inviting a new start for our creative expression. Mercury turns direct on Friday, June 3rd, when the energy will really start to move.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is in a sweet trine with Pluto in Capricorn. We are grounding out a new reality. One where we have full access to our sovereign power. We are finding the confidence and self-worth that can pull us into a new reality.

Mercury is lingering at the end degrees of Taurus, and will transit back into Gemini on June 13th. Mercury will be in square to Saturn through the first week of June. We are adjusting our self worth and value, so we can begin to share and express the truth of who we really are, with the world. Mercury will be in square to Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame, as he comes out of retrograde shadow near the middle of the month. We are coming face to face with our greater spiritual destiny.

Jupiter and Mars together in Aries are in square to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, representing our deepest hidden psyche. We are working out and healing our relationship to the Mother archetype, so that we can fully receive this new reality.
The Moon in cancer this week will amplify this energy. Bringing a deep emotional desire to feel connected back to source, allowing ourselves to feel held and loved in this experience.

Venus is enjoying being back home in Taurus. We are re-setting our vibration to more fully receive and celebrate the abundance of what we really are. Isn’t it time for this life to fully support you in your full spiritual expression?

There will be a peak of energy around letting our self have what we need, and come into our true wealth, when Venus comes up to Uranus, and then the North Node of the Moon, near the middle of the month. We are awakening our permission for our inner treasures. We are being prepped and perfectly poised to begin to really share our magic and light with the world.

source: https://adrienneelise.com
The Dandelion Puff
The Dandelion Puff


Artist Alina Korytova

Venus in Taurus semi-sextile Jupiter in Aries. Saturn in Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces – Saturn and Neptune repeat their same connection from earlier this month. A sense of deja-vu prevails, a feeling that we’ve been here before. But this time, it’s different, something has changed and now it’s difficult to see how the dream or vision we hold could manifest. The cosmos hints that we need to work from the inside out, get under the skin, get down below the surface. We need time to figure out what is realistic, what we believe in, what is meaningful. Or, maybe we simply need to reframe what we see, look with the soul instead of world-weary eyes.
Venus and Jupiter’s connection dares the heart to open a little more. It’s okay to hope for something better. It’s okay to smile or laugh or feel the heart skip with joy, even in the midst of grief or disbelief or all manner of life’s hardships. Happiness is as ephemeral as a butterfly, and all the more beautiful for it. Steal a kiss from the heavens when offered.
Degrees and Times
Venus 03°Ta42′, Jupiter 03°Ar42′ – 19:33 (BST)
Saturn 25°Aq14′, Neptune 25°Pi14′ -22:52 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – The Captive Butterfly by Edward Atkinson Hornel
The Captive Butterfly
The Captive Butterfly




Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation 🐇

-Moon 12 of 13-
This Moon calls on us to cease the cycle of hatred and violence, and cultivate compassionate communication. It urges us to clear our mind from past conditionings and cooperate with a Higher Plan. The totem of this Moon is the rabbit, with its capacity for 360 degree vision, it can see what is coming from behind, above, and from the sides without turning its head.
The 260 codes of the Dreamspell Book of Kin are galactic meditations that unlock the function of our 360 degree vision by activating our holon (higher self).
Do not lose heart. Though the world of the 12:60 is in shambles and brother fights against brother, the codes of the Book of Kin contain the immediate harmony of the new time. … Pace yourself through the harmonics and wavespells of the Book of Kin and the magic of synchronicity will increase on your behalf.
(Dreamspell Instruction Manual, p. 70)
-Noosletter #115
Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation
Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation

Kin 13 ~ Red Cosmic Skywalker

The number 13 is called ‘Cosmic’ and its keywords are ‘Transcend, Endure and Presence’. The 13th day of a wavespell is the last stop of a journey that had a beginning, many stops along the way and a final destination. We all began on Red Dragon and now we are here. The ‘enduring’ aspect of the number 13 refers to the processing you must now do, to take in and absorb all you have learnt during this wavespell. This prepares you for the next one. The number 13 is powerful, magical and it demands that we respect it. It teaches us that we must strive, struggle, cry, fight, and ultimately earn our victories. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and when on the spiritual path, Spirit tests you all the time and measures your worth. Hence the meaning of ‘endure to transcend.’ Today you may suffer a little but it will be worth it in the end.
Today is Red Skywalker and keywords associated with it are ‘Explore, Space and Wakefulness’. The Skywalker is always trying to wake us up, shake us up and get us motivated and outside the door. Skywalker also insists you approach things with an open mind. When we have a Red Skywalker day, it’s helpful to practice these things. However, when it falls on the last day of a wavespell, the adventures have the potential to be ‘enduring’. Then again, this particular Red Skywalker is Kin 13, and 13 is the sacred number that holds a great deal of power.
I always enjoy this day personally but you never know what to expect from it. The kind of an adventure you go on today has the potential to lead you astray. You’ll make it back alright but you’ll have a story to tell. The Skywalker also entices us to expand our minds and so the energy can be a bit trippy too. The adventure you go on today could be all inside your head but that’s alright as long as you are exploring.
Today’s Guide is the Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’. What a poetic guide for this Kin 13 special day. All this potential ‘enduring’ and open mindedness may actually lead to some evolution in our lives. Plus, the Red Earth also helps us with our synchronicity which makes for a most helpful guide…pointing us in the right direction. Try to remember as you go through this tough but powerful day that the suffering isn’t in vain but it can help you evolve.
Today’s Challenge is the Blue Night, the dreamer. If you are Blue Night, it’s difficult for your dreams to come true. You need to wake up and take the opportunity today offers, just have some open mindedness and you may find solutions. As it is also a number 13 day and therefore enduring, this makes it harder than other challenging days. I would just stay in bed dreamer and hide under the covers.
The Occult power is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty and Art’. Magic is a beautiful thing; may you have a magical ability today to see how beautiful the world is and may you appreciate the beauty in everyone you meet. The Yellow Star, much like the Yellow Sun, gives off a lot of light when in this position meaning that magic is easier to see. Expect some magical sparkles today. The best thing about Skywalker days is the fact that the Yellow Star shines so brightly. This teaches us that going on an adventure and being a little braver, can lead to beautiful experiences!
The Ally today is White Worldbridger, people born on these days are good at providing a bridge to cross, they are the perfect Ally for today’s adventures. Call upon one, if things get too enduring. If you don’t have one in your life, take a leaf out of their book. Use some diplomacy in all your dealing and try to see both sides of an argument. This is a peaceful energy and hopefully will come in handy on an otherwise quite disruptive day. If there is any day in the Tzolkin that you find difficult, there is always something positive in the StarChart for the day. Look to either the Ally for friendly assistance or to the Occult power for some magical help. The Guide also is good to focus on as it can lead you when you are a bit lost.
Kin 13
Kin 13


13 BEN – KIN 13
31 MAY 2022
I endure in order to EXPLORE
Transcending wakefulness
I seal the output of SPACE
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I AM guided by the power of Navigation
31/5/2022 = 4/5/6=4/11=4/2=6
4.5.6. – READY SET GO🚀🚀🚀 – from EARTH🌏 to HEAVEN!✨🕊✨
31 MAY – last day of challenging MAY – hip hip hoo-ray! 🎊🎉🎇
31- Genius/Think outside the BOX
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
5- Freedom/Liberation/Change/Transformation/Movement
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
11- Illumination/Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Cooperation/Partner/Duality
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 13 = Cosmic Consciousness/Goddess/13 Moons/Natural Lore
KIN 13, Tone 13, SKYWALKER TRIBE 13 = 13.13.13. = TRIPLE COSMIC GODDESS codes today!!🍥 💃💃💃💃🍥
13.13.13 = 4.4.4. PLUS MAY 31=4 =
Exploring all 4 corners of NEW EARTH!! 🌎🌍🌏
And so we have arrived at the final destination of our journey with IMIX our RED MOTHER DRAGON 🐉 where we have been incubating deep in the Womb🍥 of Creation…
Our main focus has been reAWAKENING our feminine aspects by attuning to the importance of LOVE, nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Our focus has been on self-love, self care and nurturing our-cell-ves and our kin. Getting in touch with our softer and more feminine aspects in order to embody the Divine Feminine CREATION energies in our being. This has been necessary in order to build up our self esteem, confidence and acceptance of our value in the world.
TODAY we have reached the 💞CULMINATION of our B-EARTHing cycle💞 and we are BIRTHING TOTAL COSMIC BLISS!! ✨🍥🐣🍥✨
Day 13 is about EXPANDING this energy of Divine Love and Compassion out into the entire Cosmos! It is time to step up into our expanded and Divine Cosmic HU-man presence and be seen in all our Divine glory.✨✨✨
We commenced our journey on Day 1 – 19 May, 2022 with KIN 1 our RED MAGNETIC MOTHER DRAGON 🐉❤. We were MAGNETICALLY attracting, through our HEART portal all the love and nurturance that we desire.
Yesterday we experienced the LOVE❤ born from UNITY👭 and connecting with our kin, through the Universal Communication Grid. 🌐
On day 13 we transcend the need for Earthly or Human LOVE❤ from our Mother, and realize the EXPANSIVENESS of PURE COSMIC LOVE🍥💞 that exists throughout the Universe, easily accessed through the state of pure PRESENCE.. our realization that ❤ALL IS LOVE❤ – everything is born of LOVE💕 and we all eventually return to LOVE.💞
Yesterday the CRYSTAL💎 tone enabled us to connect to the GGG – the Galactic Global Grid 🌐 or Aethernet! Now that this is broadcasting, today the STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS,🌞 can connect to our star families and brethren throughout the Cosmos.🎇 ET phone home!!! A brilliant day for CONTACT and communications in any form with your Cosmic friends.✨ Ask for a SIGN and be prepared for some giggles!✨
COSMIC 🍥– Tone 13 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – transcends, POWER – endure, ESSENCE – presence. Total EXPANSION encompassing your magnificent presence.
The 13th day of the Red Dragon Wavespell is the one that gives closure. As we see the totality of what IS and we start shifting our perception, we awaken the Mother Goddess within us and accomplish what we have been expressing through love, nurturing and compassion!
Through the power of stillness and pure PRESENCE we have transcended our Earthly needs and can experience the total COSMIC SOUL EXPANSION🎇 through BLISS 🍥🍥🍥🎇🎇🎇💗💗💗
And so mote it be, precious hearts! A brilliant day for dreaming, astral travelling, time travelling and Skywalking! 🍥
✨Tune in and align with the endless Cosmic flow to access and receive the greatest BLISS CODES in the COSMOS!! 💞💞💞
Today’s question is “Now that I have embodied more LOVE and accepted my TRUE value, how do I EXPAND that into the Cosmos?
What is my next BLISSFUL adventure on 5D EARTH?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
May you navigate your way throughout this expansiveness of the INFINITE Cosmos🍥 discovering the endless LOVE 💕 and bringing home all the treasures you deserve.
Happy adventuring Space Cadets! ✨💞✨
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Tomorrow is WHITE WIZARDRY DAY💫 to the POWER of 3✨✨✨✨
GET READY to enter into the realms of high WHITE MAJIK for the next 13 day cycle.. This wavespell is where we have claimed our COSMIC presence, and stepped up into our POWER. We can then create endless DIVINE WHITE MAJIK 💫in our world, through the power of our enchanted HEARTS! 💞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED COSMIC SKYWALKER🍥🚶BEN is tribe number 13 which represents the COSMOS🍥 and today’s tone is the COSMIC🍥 tone – number 13! The COSMIC SKYWALKER is KIN 13.. so this KIN naturally has a 13:13:13 frequency.
Falling at the END of the month of MAY on the 31 – 31:13, is especially fateful – giving another huge dose of COSMIC energy operative today. This is the most UBER expansiveness your soul can experience throughout this 260 day dreamspell journey.🎇🎇🎇
Watch out for Solar Flares☀🔥 – waves and EMR spikes – rocket fuelling humanity’s EXPANSION🎇 today! EVENTS of COSMIC proportions are highly probable! ☀✨☀✨🎇
NOTE: A celestial EVENT of grand proportions worthy of our COSMIC🍥🚶 SKYWALKER, is due today as EARTH passes through the trajectory of a massive METEOR SHOWER🌠🌠🌠🌠 expected to display up to 1,000 meteors/fireballs an hour… 🎇🎇🎇🎇
Best viewing is in ARIZONA and UTAH 🌎– southern states of the USA..
The number 13 also represents THE GODDESS👸… so this 13:13:13: code is signalling the most EXPANSIVE PRESENCE of our MOTHER GODDESS, 👸spreading her infinite LOVE and DIVINE NURTURANCE throughout all of CREATION!
Very appropriate at the end of the RED DRAGON🐉 WAVESPELL as we are b-Earthing the CHRISTOS🌞 consciousness in JUNE , as we all RISE up in our Golden/Rainbow Christed/Sophia BLISS bodies. 🌈🌞🌈
RED SKYWALKER is the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing HEAVEN ON EARTH and today COSMIC BLISS is accessible to all. 🍥❤✨🎇
RED SKYWALKER’S energy is expansive and totally unlimited in form. SKYWALKER is the Galactic Shaman who can travel anywhere through space time to retrieve wisdom, information and energy codes bringing them through as the Angelic Messenger. A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such LIGHT in human form, they feel the vibration of Heaven. 💒 In the past this energy was experienced through a guru or master or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person.
✨❤Now the time has come for YOU to embody this vibration❤ so that you can become the MASTER once again. ❤✨
RED SKYWALKER can ignite a deep yearning within you for reunion with SOURCE.☀ ❤☀
From this blissful space of love and compassion, you also have a desire (embodied in physical form) to serve the LIGHT. ✨This is the place in you that has the courage to fully express unconditional love, from the deepest depths of your being.
✨RED SKYWALKER asks you to bring this HEAVEN to EARTH💒 in your daily life.💞
❓What would that truth look and FEEL like?
✨LIVE as though you are already in 5D EARTH. ✨🌈🌎
As this reality is lived, it touches and awakens the same truth in others:
✨ “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in HEAVEN.”✨💒🌈💞
NOTE: If the star glyph for BEN/RED SKYWALKER appears in your own personal Galactic signature, in ANY position, then today your SKYWALKING powers will be EXPANDED exponentially and you can effortlessly access COSMIC BLISS! 🍥💞🍥💞
Exploration, expansion and awakening are the qualities of Skywalker, making it a great day to explore our physical reality on this planet. Expand your awareness and explore infinite possibilities from which to create.
✨✨✨Today is a BRILLIANT day for STAR GAZING, meditating, astral travelling, bi-locating, teleporting, remote viewing and time-travelling throughout the Cosmos.🍥
If you prefer to stay Earthbound, then perhaps seeking new adventures, navigating through new territory is more resonant. Get ready to EXPLORE New Horizons and new EXPANSIVE experiences.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED COSMIC EARTH 🍥🌏 CABAN’S key words are Navigation, synchronicity, and finding your path. It is crucial that BEN follows the SIGNS and has a Star map✨ to traverse the cosmos.
BEN must have a lifeline attached to his spacesuit in order to return home safely to EARTH from his OUTTA this world adventures. Every adventurer needs a SAFE place to call home! Floating endlessly in the Cosmos without a purpose can soon become futile. So look for the SIGNS and pick up the trail so that you can navigate to a more beneficial space, for your next adventure and expansion of your soul in the next chapter of your life.
❓Where to next? Where are you headed? Contemplate this question in your day dreams today.
✨ASK NOVA GAIA – to provide your upgraded G.P.S. to assist you in navigating to NEW EARTH! 🍥✨🌈🌏🌎🌍
COSMIC 🍥🌍 CABAN as today’s higher guide is elevating our consciousness on EARTH for greater expression of 5D BLISS..💞💞💞
This great COSMIC PORTAL is opening the GATE to NOVA GAIA and inviting all the STAR EXPLORERS to TASTE the new BLISS filled experiences.💞
🎵Aaah, SWEET❤ MYSTERY of LIFE now that I have found you! 🎶
The GARDEN of EDEN is OPEN to the GOLDEN HU-MANS once again!! 🍇🍓🍎🍒🍍🌴🌈🌏
SUPPORT: WHITE COSMIC WORLDBRIDGER🌈 🍥🌉CIMI in the support position facilitates the DEATH of old cycles today and builds the rainbow bridge🌈 to the new realms you seek to explore. CIMI can bring forth all the new 5D connections, people, support, knowledge and resources needed for your expanded Missions in the fields of BLISS.💞
The power of CIMI is through the act of SURRENDER, so get out of your own way and allow BEN,🚶 CIMI 🌉and CABAN🌏 to steer you in the right direction to manifest your WILDEST dreams in the greater COSMIC flow. 🍥🍥🍥
💞SWEET SURRENDER 💞 to the COSMIC BLISS💞 filling your presence.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER:YELLOW MAGNETIC STAR🌟 🌠 LAMAT provides another portal to help you access all these multi-dimensional realms today, in your search for unlimited HARMONY, peace and BLISS throughout the Cosmic realms.
The MAGNETIC STAR✨ enables you to ATTRACT all that you need to access and attain this heightened state of BLISS💞 in your life. This STAR brings you all the blessings through this wondrous celestial show – the METEOR SHOWER🌠🌠🌠 and the link to the BETHLEHEM✨ CHRIST-MASS STAR ✨ through the STARGATES – 18 months prior.
You can now attract your beautiful kin, and beautiful LIFE, to reflect this new Harmonic Matrix in our newly b-Earth-ed world.
LAMAT🌟 is shining brightly upon us and revealing the utmost beauty, elegance and harmony that is amplified by the MAGNETIC STAR🌟 as we radiate our LIGHT✨🎇 illuminated through our pure PRESENCE.
With nothing to do, say or be – but simply just SHINING✨ through your being🌟 – totally at PEACE with your authentic Divine self. As you independently SHINE your LIGHT reflecting the beauty and elegance that surrounds us, you become woven into the eternal tapestry of Creation through total ONENESS. ☀
Wonder at the beauty and radiance of our natural world and how LOVE and abundance naturally flows, as our Creator and Mother Gaia provides an endless supply of resources in the infinite cycles of nature. Open your eyes and heart to this beauty to align with the Goddess and allow her expression to flow through the b-Earthing of our New World today.🌎🌏🌍🎇💞🍥
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE COSMIC NIGHT🍥🌃 – AKBAL rules the deep subconscious realms, as well as our intuition and access to COSMIC ABUNDANCE☀✨☀ through the DREAMTIME.
As we travel through these expanded states we become FREE to explore, discovering the infinite abundance that flows throughout creation. Now that we have transcended our primal desires and expanded our physical vessels with DIVINE LOVE, we become SOVEREIGN beings, feeling more confident and secure in our value and rightful place in the Cosmos.
Through transcending our inadequacies, fears and limitations we can now OPEN to more gifts, blessings and soul EXPANSION through purely holding SPACE in our state of pure PRESENCE.✨✨✨
AKBAL holds the GOLDEN KEY to unlock the DREAMTIME and access our Collective New Way Dreaming in this wonderful New World we are co creating. The BLUE NIGHT governs your sleep time and journeying, and together with BEN the SKYWALKER makes for a SUPER DUPER Astral travelling combination. ✨🍥✨ Particularly as it is a SPIRITUAL realm day of the highest octave.
Hold onto your GREAT DREAMS and let your intuition guide your adventures in wonderland, remembering to come back home with the treasure in your arms! The COSMIC ABUNDANCE is NOW FLOWING.🍥☀✨🍥
And so mote it be, precious hearts! A brilliant day for dreaming, astral travelling, time travelling and Skywalking! 🍥
✨Tune in and align with the endless Cosmic flow to access and receive the greatest BLISS CODES in the COSMOS!! 💞💞💞
Today’s question is “Now that I have embodied more LOVE and accepted my TRUE value, how do I EXPAND that into the Cosmos?
What is my next BLISSFUL adventure on 5D EARTH?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
May you navigate your way throughout this expansiveness of the INFINITE Cosmos🍥 discovering the endless LOVE 💕 and bringing home all the treasures you deserve.
Happy adventuring Space Cadets! ✨💞✨
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Tomorrow is WHITE WIZARDRY DAY💫 to the POWER of 3✨✨✨✨
GET READY to enter into the realms of high WHITE MAJIK for the next 13 day cycle.. This wavespell is where we have claimed our COSMIC presence, and stepped up into our POWER. We can then create endless DIVINE WHITE MAJIK 💫in our world, through the power of our enchanted HEARTS! 💞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Psychedelic Deep Space Artist – Maxime Shummer DIVINE GRATITUDE





Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs : https://www.patreon.com/posts/65746655



We call upon our Divine benevolent Ancestors to walk with us, guide us and assist us on our Earth journey🙏🏽✨
We call upon our most Divine benevolent Ancestors of the Stars to remind us, show us who we truly are so we may stand in our power and be who we came here to be.
I call upon myself. The Ancestor, Returned to self master myself.
Asé 🤲🏾🌈💫
source: https://www.motherofstarkeeping.com
benevolent Ancestors of the Stars
benevolent Ancestors of the Stars
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker
How to perpetuate?
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker
Explore, Transcending Surveillance with the Power of Space
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker
The Cosmic Tone (OXLAHUN) takes me to transcend the logic of linear time, which limits my life, until I expand to radial time. It’s the key to time and presence, it’s receptivity to what’s really happening, while it’s happening. The state of presence grants a depth to the sensations – intimate, targeted information that is within the living intelligence of the moment.
The Red Sky Walker (BEN) represents the connection between heaven and earth. It is the end of the duality between body and spirit. Is the space time traveler, the messenger of prophecy, an explorer of dimensions. The Walker vibration invites me to transcend limitations, participate in the evolution of consciousness by exploring new paths and walking new lifestyles. Connect heaven and earth by unifying intention and action. Use every opportunity to observe and discover. I value the energy of space and its power to influence my consciousness. I explore the ability to reinvent myself continuously. The HeavenWalker is the space traveler who can jump between dimensions to help me find heaven on Earth. A person with cosmic wisdom is considered a sky walker, a wise one. The Heaven Walker symbol represents two pillars of heaven and two pillars of Earth that do not touch each other. I am the missing piece for the pillars connection. I am the one who has the ability to draw the pillars of heaven to earth. Bringing the pillars together in me can be seen as a reconciliation of my masculine and feminine aspects. The Heaven Walker energy brings much inspiration and deep spiritual understanding. Today is a day to open consciousness and plunge into the silence of my soul. Today I need to let go of all the tensions of dualities.
Presence is the thread that connects everything in life. The presence of life is what we all share, the Universal Life Force that unites all things. The presence of the spirit The Presence of Love The Presence of my Cosmic Self. I am present in every moment. I rejoice in the possibility of transcending all limitations and persevere through life’s waves – to be fully present throughout my lifetime. In every moment I have the opportunity to transcend supposed limitations and lift my thoughts beyond conditioned behaviours. Being present, expanding and feeling my relationship with life, and coming to understand suffering as the beauty of human evolution, facing life as an eternal journey.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker
I persevere with the intent to explore
Transcending the vigilance
Seal going out of space
With the cosmic tone of presence
I’m guided by the power of navigation
“I explore my spaces, I travel through my mind and I am the messenger of the art of loving. “
Phrase : Mirta Blassia
TOM13: Cosmic (OXLAHUN) – How to perpetuate?
POWER – Perseverance | ACTION – Transcend | ESSENCE – Presence
SEAL 13: Red Sky Walker (BEN)
POWER – Space | ACTION – Explore | ESSENCE – Surveillance
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker
Kin 13 Cosmic Red Sky Walker

Today is Red Cosmic Skywalker day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Skywalker, (tribe 13 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), explores, wakefulness, space.
Red Skywalker encourages you to explore space inside and outside of yourself. While exploring inner and outer space, remain wakeful and aware of your surroundings. Your wakeful and aware explorations may take you into the dream state, or any other plane of existence. Remaining wakeful and aware while exploring will reveal new things, places, and ideas to you. When you return from your explorations, these new gifts that you picked up along the way will allow and encourage you to share them with others. When you share these messages with others, you bring the process full circle, thereby helping bring the realms of heaven and earth closer together.
Cosmic tone of Presence, (step 13 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), endure, transcend, presence.
The highest creative energy aspect you can aspire to is to remain present in the moment, experiencing life as it unfolds in the now. The concept of the timeline which includes past and future is an illusion. The only time that truly exists is the ever-present now. When you project out of the now into the illusions of past or future through craving and aversion, (I want this, I don’t want that, what am I going to do, etc…), you take yourself out of the present moment, the place where life is truly happening. The act of remaining present in the moment is what enables you to reconnect with the one.
The Cosmic tone represents a spiral that moves from the outermost point of the spiral back inward toward the center. Through the act of remaining present in the moment, you are gradually making your way back to the center point of the spiral that represents the one, to begin again. Due to this dynamic, as you travel along the spiraling pathway of today’s Cosmic tone, you will find yourself moving closer and closer to the center of the spiral to begin a new 13-day cycle with a new archetype theme beginning tomorrow. As you move closer to the center of the spiral, you will notice the energies and themes of the next 13-day cycle begin to merge into your consciousness and thoughts. The 13-day cycle beginning tomorrow is White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Remain present in the moment with exploration, wakefulness, and space, traveling the spiraling pathway back to the one.
Day 13 of the 13-day cycle themed Red Dragon, nurtures, being, birth.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Tithi Laudthong
Red Cosmic Skywalker day
Red Cosmic Skywalker day



In the Red Dragon Wave Exit Portal we find the Wanderer of the Red Skies resonating with the Cosmic Tone, representing the Prophecy of the Law of Time, which states that Time is Art and the Earth can become according to this law, a gigantic piece of art put in act of every human being.
Pacal Votan embodies this Prophecy and José Arguelles is the one who disseminated it in the last 25 years that were missing at the end of the 2012 Cycle, when, based on the superficial counts of the Mayan Galactic, significant concentrated cycles of time, during which the Earth was submerged in hypnosis of Time = Money .
A new frequency is taking root that will produce a general vibrational change, such as to give us the courage to jump towards the Unknown which is the direction in which the Sky Wanderer’s journey opens us.
And which one will this unknown be?
It will be what we have never been able to contact about ourselves, the depths we thought so far unfathomable because we were afraid to even breathe.
Staying asleep for eons has taken a toll on our state of consciousness and awakening can be slow too.
Now we’re puzzled because the acceleration is such that some aspects are shown to us almost cruelly.
Yet the moment is right now, because the new frequencies that have been coming in the last few years are the result of the end of the cycles of 2012.
We are therefore in a natural flow of activation and today this Portal is particularly important as a reference point of the current evolutionary path.
In fact, the Cosmic Sky Wanderer, kin 13, contains a vibration that summarizes itself a lot of the teachings related to the Calendar of the 13 Moons and its function as a map of our New Self.
Breathing today we put in valuable information on an intuitive level about what awaits us shortly.
At the conclusion of the Red Dragon Wave we are integrating a great teaching that has to do with Presence, the ability to deal with what is happening while knowing that it is a life experience necessary for our evolution.
We are here to explore unknown spaces.
This also implies the breaking of some walls, beyond which is the vastness of infinity.
It depends on what you choose to activate in your life and what quality you want it to possess.
There were beings who paved the way for us too. We can honor them by abandoning our fears to take advantage of their work and we too will cross the path to the Altre.
The timing is perfect and everything is racing to lead us in that direction.
The Sky Wanderer is one who explores the unknown and does so because he has gained a good self-awareness that allows him a good maneuver space inside his unconscious.
So it can bring light where it is needed and expand the inner movements outward to emanate a vision from the Heart and make it manifest.
What we’re going to close is all that we don’t need anymore. Don’t set limits, just observe what needs to be left behind and let’s try to do as little resistance as possible.
Walker of the Red Cosmic Skies, kin 13 represents the transcendence of purpose/teaching.
Having reached the bottom of the path, the Dragon now leads us in front of a portal, which is the exit from this Wave, to enter the next teaching with a new luggage of Essence and Knowledge.
A strange being suddenly appears next to us, it is the Wanderer of Heaven, who will be our companion towards the Unknown that fascinates and attracts.
From Dragon to Wanderer, from Earthly Essence to Galactic, the journey is complete.
Now, as Maestri we are ready to face another entire Tzolkin cycle, to enter fully into the galactic awareness of our true Nature of Beings of Light.
On the final day of the Magnetic Dragon Wave, the Sky Wanderer opens the portal of energy back to where it came from, after traveling with us and feeding us with its high vibration teaching.
The Cosmic Sky Wanderer is the quintessence of the seeker of Truth, because he is the one who dares to explore the unknown in order to find what he is looking for, in an attempt to build a world that resembles him, that vibrates high .
The wanderer knows no obstacles or fear, because his travelling, his going, comes before anything else.
He is the final component of the Dragon Wave, as meaning that the encounter with our Essence, which favored the growth of Presence to ourselves, which the Dragon allowed us to do, leads us to emerge the bravest side in us fearless and untamed bear that of the one who always goes further, because he knows his roots (Dragon) and is not afraid to meet himself.
The Journey through the Galactic Archetypes concludes.
From Magnetic Dragon, our most atavic earthly part, we become a Wanderer of the Cosmic Heavens.
The daily encounter with the various energies of these intense days has set in motion very powerful resonance fields, which allowed our consciousness to awaken to very ancient, very distant memories, located in recessions p the depths of our very Essence. These memories, like shy spring flowers, have gently surfaced and accompany us now to reclaim all that we’ve ever felt is right for us.
We are closing the chapter of our life that led us to the outside experiences. Reuniting with what we are, we can from now on walk the road to Home, with a difference: we will have a clear perception that we have already arrived, that we are fulfilled, that we feel full and in perfect synchronicity.
Tomorrow starts a New Wave, that of Magnetic Wizard, where we will learn to run out of Time as Money, to enter Time as Art.
The presence that we have learned in these 13 days, starting tomorrow we can use it to create our reality: the White Magician will in fact teach us to put it in a well-focused attempt to draw all our creative power!
The guide today is the Red Cosmic Earth, kin 117, of the Enchanted Wave of the Red Magnetic Snake, which represents the integration of the sense of oneness with the planetary consciousness: the Earth is a living being just like us.
Helping ourselves, we’re helping her.
Cosmic Red Sky Wanderer
Kin 13
Persevere to Explore
Passing the Attention
I seal the Output of Space
With the Cosmic Tone of Presence
I’m Guided by the Power of Navigation
Mondi lace in orbit on my partner/analogue day,
traveling into unknown spaces, both internal and external, experimenting with my new just conquered and completed version. Always ready for new upgrades.
Art: infinity. visual
Cosmic Red Sky Wanderer
Cosmic Red Sky Wanderer





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