The Ascended Master ~ ANCIENT LIGHT TRIBES ~ Alahandran – The First Ray ~ Royal Blue Flame of God’s Will

The Ascended Master ~ ANCIENT LIGHT TRIBES ~ Alahandran – The First Ray ~ Royal Blue Flame of God’s Will



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Awakened Avatars of the Blue Ray Venusian Lineage

Today we have a very powerful Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar with Galactic Signature Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun, This is Solar Resurrection of the One True Light. This is one of the clear signs of Pacal Votan.

With this GAP day and after the 666 Gateway yesterday we had massive Energetic Waves of powerful frequency flowing into this realm from on high. These Intense pulses of Light appeared on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 55 hz, 2 peaks at 29 hz creating an 11:11 Portal and a big blast of white light at 60 hz. Fifth Dimensional Energetics coming in.

There has been a full bleed through today from the old 3d earth into the new 5d earth but no fear we are on task as we are resolving this dilemma in the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

We call in the pristine origin of the primordial alchemy to clear the oceans of consciousness. We deal with pollution by dilution. With the clarity  of insight we release and let go all not in resonance with the higher frequency of Pure Love and Light.

Let us Now get right to the Source of the matter.

I Am the First and the Last, the beginning and the end. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am that I Am. I Am not a thing and every thing. I Am Death and I Am Life. I Am the great beauty and the great sordidness. I Am this and that, neither here nor there. I Am the void and full. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

As Galactic Guardians of the Rainbow Tribe of New Earth we Stand Tall and Firm, Anchored into Pachamama as we Rise in this Grand Awakening of the New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!

Right now: Moon at 24°14′ Virgo, Sun at 17°24′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Two chinese men talking chinese (in a western crowd).
Sabian Symbol for 18º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Gemini.



Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A flag at half-mast in front of a public building.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Virgo.



Paramhansa Yogananda


If you tune in with the thought of God and hit the nail of delusion with the hammer of right thoughts of Truth, you can overcome delusion.
Destroy all mortal thoughts by substituting a thought of immortality.
Day and Night, Affirm What You Really Are
Unceasingly repeat to yourself this truth:
“I am the Changeless, I am the Infinite. I am not a little mortal being with bones to break, a body that will perish. I am the deathless, changeless Infinite.”
changeless Infinite
changeless Infinite

The Ascended Master

An Ascension Master is a Being, who through his own efforts and hard work has paid for all his karma, left the cycle of rebirth and gained Mastery over himself.
An Ascension Master is a Being of Light who is not in the body. An Ascension Master has had many lives in a physical body, just like you – and through these lives, their free will and hard work raised their vibration and consciousness to such a state that they have cleaned out all their karma .
The Ascension Master is not the person of the past life, it is not the person from the lower self who has ascended, in fact the Ascension Master are the Higher Self of the person who has tried to ascend. Therefore, when you invoke Jesus, you are invoking the person from the past life of the person who has ascended and surrendered to their Higher Self. It is not the person of Jesus who responds, but it is the Higher Self of Jesus who responds.
We all have a Higher Self and all the Higher Selfs of those who strive to ascend are Masters in waiting. All Higher Selfs are great Beings who constantly strive to become a Being of total Purity and Light, constantly work on their own process of ascension.
There are many Ascension Masters, some recent and some ancient, some whose names we recognize and some names aren’t in our conscious awareness – some so ancient to be mythical to us now. Regardless of who they were in their countless past lives, they are now returning to help us in our process of ascension, because this is the time for many to ascension.
The Ascended Master
The Ascended Master

Philippe François

A whole life is being recreated
The light in you grows and grows, expanding and elevating your presence.
You notice it like a certain fatigue, a certain emptiness. Feeling kinda empty in your thoughts
Some think it’s brain fog (smile) but it’s not.
It is the fullness of your being that enters and aligns. And that energy has no agenda. She has no preconceived ideas or no ambition.
And as this energy IS, the frequency and vibration of your Infinite Totality, present and expanding in your incarnation, the composition of your energy field is transformed.
The truth of your being IS very simple, it rests in your form, emanating light alters everything. By allowing this inner light to expand, you begin to return to a state of being that has always been within you, but which was in a sense hidden .
You begin to emanate an eternity that is timeless, spacious and free, allowing all life to pass and unfold as it is.
The Divine Self that IS, arises in you and in fact, in everyone. This eternal, infinite inner light opens up new ways of expression, but above all new ways of being.
The light within you knows that there is only love, only harmony, that the infinite ONE from which all come, welcomes everything with an openness of love.
You are free and whole and intrinsically divine and the world is transforming…
Centre yourself in the truth of your being and be at peace.

Ra James

We are going through a lot of expansion fast. The next two weeks will be so powerful. If you have felt like your waiting on something, these are the energies to be making things happen in. The Summer Solstice is the 21st. Expect things to open up so much energetically in the next two weeks. We are on an official count down til the Solstice. This is a magical time where spirits and fairies are able to cross easier into the human world. It’s a time to really connect with the spiritual as the veils are thin. That means we have so much coming through right now. The veil gets thinner during this time, but stays thin into Winter. That means the spirit world is merged a little extra with our own right now.
Expect a lot of spirit activity as there world collides with ours. This could be seeing spirits, sensing something, feeling things, or even just waking up more during the night. Your loved ones will be around you the next 2 weeks, as during this time they can enter our world more easily. They will walk among us during this Gateway. Spirit may be trying to get your attention right now. You may be getting straight messages, you may just be getting goosebumps, or be thinking of them. Ways your picking up on them around you. Just as we are connected to certain souls in life, so are we in death.
They continue to connect with us, guiding us from the other side. That means there is way more going on and coming through with the spiritual. Right now we are doing a lot of clearing as we prepare for the Solstice. That means lots of energies flying around. You may want to do extra protection work. The light of the Solstice is going to be bringing powerful activations. Expect the next 3 weeks to bring some powerful DNA upgrades. That’s why the Solstice is such a powerful time to be doing healing and activation work…
Ornate Hawk Eagle
Ornate Hawk Eagle

Photographer 📷 @ppsittacus_photograph

To KNOW thyself means understanding that you are already ‘whole’ and contain within you everything you need, ever, EVER!!
You realise that everything you thought you were separate from is already connected to you.
You simply have to go within and fetch it from inside yourself (The Quantum Field) by removing the limits and barriers that were created by your own mind.
You are already carrying your bag of dreams and purpose around with you every single moment, you always have. You just didn’t realise you had it with you this whole time.
The version of you, you are working for, already exists.
IT’S YOU 🔥 🔥 🔥
Knowing ThySelf equals Abundance.
Lady Sciencia 💋
Beloveds, if you find yourself overwhelmed, confused, emotional, trapped in mental loops- or any manner of despair- bring yourself back to your breath.
Place your hands on your heart and breathe long and slow. Allow yourself to breathe easy as you are being “unwound.” You don’t need to “do” anything. The unwinding is happening for you. Simply sit and breathe in peace.
As much as possible, allow yourself to be the witness of what is happening without identifying with it. It is all simply “energy in motion.” It is all energy moving in a manner to assist in your “blooming” and propelling you through a Divine tunnel within your HEART.
All is truly well. Take it nice and easy. One long slow deep breath at a time.
You are so very very loved.
Love Is. Love Is. Love IS. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God IS. ✨🙏✨
Breath of God
Breath of God
JUNE 5 2022
We are inside the 666 gate,
the energies arriving are pure blessing of love and they are being received by all,
bringing back the memory of a time when Love
and Divine Intelligence were seen, felt, lived and experienced
by all!
These energies carry such a high vibration of Light
that can bring one in bliss and completion
but if one has not properly study of the self,
the akashic records, not corrected, not cleansed, not known and not healed the inner child,
all this blessed Light will be bringing all those unresolved traumas, emotions, memories, distortions
and energies to the surface, to be seen, felt and addressed.
So for many this gate will be very challenging
but also will be the one that will truly bring resolution, correction, awakening and liberation from all the old and worn energies.
Because the strong nature of these energies and because they are mainly addressing the brain’s function
and bring great change in its synapsis,
we might witness episodes and symptoms such as craziness, heavy depression,
disorientation, forgetfulness, sleepiness and dizziness,
so everyone is advised to follow their inner guidance of safety in case of driving or operating machinery during the next days.
The Feminine and the Masculine are now opening connections
to come together again in a new field of Life.
Same does the human brain.
New Living connections will be created between the two hemispheres in order to co-create inside the one new and revived field of Life.
After this huge change in the human brain that the 666 gate brings,
expect the human Twin Flames Essence to start being embodied
faster and faster
and the Divine couples to becoming closer and closer.
They are being drawn together by their own Soul Essence,
until their final and complete Union,
that of the Heart, the Lion’s Heart!
Blessings of Pure Bliss!
5 ΙΟΥΝΙΟΥ 2022
Είμαστε μέσα στην πύλη 666,
οι ενέργειες που φτάνουν είναι καθαρή ευλογία αγάπης και λαμβάνονται από όλους,
επαναφέροντας τη μνήμη μιας εποχής και μιας κατάστασης που η Αγάπη και η Θεϊκή Νοημοσύνη
ήταν απτές και βιώνονταν από όλους!
Αυτές οι ενέργειες κουβαλούν τόσο υψηλή δόνηση Φωτός
που μπορεί να φέρουν σε κάποιον την αίσθηση της ευδαιμονίας και της ολοκλήρωσης,
αλλά αν κάποιος δεν έχει μελετήσει σωστά τον εαυτό του,
τα ακασικά αρχεία του, δεν έχει διορθώσει, καθαρίσει, γνωρίσει και θεραπεύσει το εσωτερικό του παιδί,
όλη αυτή η ευλογία Φωτός θα φέρει όλα αυτά τα άλυτα τραύματα, συναισθήματα, αναμνήσεις, παραμορφώσεις
και ενέργειες στην επιφάνεια,
για να τις δει, να τις αισθανθεί και να τις λύσει.
Έτσι για πολλούς αυτή η πύλη θα είναι πολύ δύσκολη
αλλά και θα είναι και αυτή που θα φέρει πραγματικά την επίλυση, το ξύπνημα, τη διόρθωση και την απελευθέρωση από όλες τις παλιές και φθαρμένες ενέργειες.
Επειδή η ισχυρή φύση αυτών των ενεργειών και επειδή αφορούν κυρίως τη λειτουργία του εγκεφάλου
και θα φέρει σημαντική αλλαγή στις συνάψεις του,
μπορεί να είμαστε μάρτυρες επεισοδίων και συμπτωμάτων όπως τρέλας, βαριάς κατάθλιψης,
αποπροσανατολισμού, λήθης, υπνηλίας και ζάλης,
επομένως, συνιστάται σε όλους να ακολουθούν τις εσωτερικές οδηγίες ασφάλειας για την οδήγηση ή το χειρισμό μηχανημάτων τις επόμενες ημέρες.
Το θηλυκό και το αρσενικό ανοίγουν τώρα συνδέσεις για να έρθουν ξανά μαζί
σε μια νέα Ζωή, μέσα στο αληθινό πεδίο.
Το ίδιο κάνει και ο ανθρώπινος εγκέφαλος.
Θα δημιουργηθούν νέες ζωντανές διασυνδέσεις μεταξύ των δύο ημισφαιρίων
προκειμένου να συνδημιουργήσουν μέσα στο ένα νέο και ανανεωμένο πεδίο της Ζωής.
Μετά από αυτή την τεράστια αλλαγή στον ανθρώπινο εγκέφαλο που φέρνει η πύλη 666,
περιμένουμε ότι η ανθρώπινη Ουσία των Δίδυμων Φλόγων θα αρχίσει να ενσωματώνεται
όλο και πιο γρήγορα
και τα Θεϊκά ζευγάρια θα έρχονται όλο και πιο κοντά.
Έλκονται κοντά από το επίπεδο της δική τους Ψυχικής Ουσίας,
μέχρι την τελική και πλήρη Ένωσή τους,
αυτή της Καρδιάς,
της Καρδιάς του Λιονταριού!
Ελάτε μαζί μας για την
Αυτοί που έχουν το εσωτερικό κάλεσμα, μπορούν να μου
στείλουν μήνυμα για τις λεπτομέρειες συμμετοχής.
Ευλογίες Αγνής Ευδαιμονίας!
Come Unto Me As Little Children
You are born into this world with the eyes of pure innocence and the loving embrace of divine grace.
Though wisdom imbues your consciousness, the mystery schools of ‘The Earth Walk’ recommences each incarnation, for those sincerely seeking to free themselves up and remain in High Heart communion with divine consciousness, the ultimate healing of the reincarnational process and cycles is obtainable
The Inner Child is an aspect of self that allows the free flow of emotional exchange to remain open to, and allied with Self and is supported by the affection of all the kingdom collectives of this planet.
However, if the Inner Child is overridden by the personality self, false ego and faulty intelligence and the avoidance of unresolved trauma played out throughout many incarnations, the inner child begins to act out and misalign with its true nature and function.
Enter the tantrum thrower phase
And thus starts the journey of returning to a state of Grace and Godhood.
We all get there. This is a done deal, as this is the true nature and true reality of us all.
In this way, we can remain rest assured that no one is ever truly forsaken.
The Krystic cellular memory banks within us, are by nature wisdom keeping transmitters and responders that allow the total sum of what you carry at a soul level to be felt and known by you and all dimensional beings you are vibrationally in communion and sacred exchange with.
This is the true ‘Pura Lingua’.
Throughout the multidimensional realms of Earth we all co-exist, communicating via multifaceted dimensional aspects of self unto Self.
It is through this process, that your auric field, containing akashic records, may be scanned and recorded by nature.
In this way, the true nature of Self is revealed as it develops self guiding regulatory systems that disseminate frequency match exchanges occurring, which in turn allows ongoing upgrades and downloads, whether we a conscious of what is occurring at a personality level or not.
Having said that, intending that this exchange is consciously received, ups the ante on what occurs when we are a conscious player within The Field, interfacing with other star beings evolving in consciousness.
This function filters through to our subconscious and conscious states via omens presented through nature and our dream state and in ways that our consciousness can readily assimilate and absorb.
Detailed directives and knowledge may be imparted in ways that are progressive in exchange and momentum.
Within you are source receptors, and it is through these encoded receptors that your ‘direct connect’ as soul pathways are forged, met, absorbed and disseminated as Source encoded teachings. It only takes that one step further to ground and alchemise for the whole of humanity and all beings evolving within and on the surface of our planet.
We are all entrusted with upholding Sacred Mastery of 3D alchemy, which manifests as our ability to hold true to our innate timelines and optimal reality, beyond what the outer reality dictates within the preconditioned, limitations and confinement of separated 3D consciousness
As more continue to move into this profound state of primordial alchemy, we are instrumental in helping humanity to help themselves
Directing this function in pure spontaneity and playfulness is the authentic Inner Child.
The Inner Child not only holds The Master Key that opens the doors to vast realms of cosmic consciousness, it also ensures that these vast and varied exchanges are continuously streaming through to us, in a way that are able to be disseminated consciously by us.
When integrated the Inner Child is able to be in its natural state and role as consciousness bridger
This organic process allows for direct communing with the Wise One within – the one who mediates within the Inner Realms of Earth. The Wise One holds and has full access to Gnosis – All Knowing, throughout All Time, All Space and All Dimensions. Although held predominantly in our Divine Mind aspect – it is through our seemingly unconscious mind that this knowledge is made accessible when certain initiatic processes and meta methodologies are undertaken and successfully achieved.
Therefore Underworld initiations are an essential component of the dimensional layers of our Earth Walk.
Residing in the Lower recesses of the Underworld, are our unconscious disconnected, fragmented parts of self. These rogue aspects are coerced back into a reunion with the Wise One, who provides necessary initiatory rites of passage,the spiritual protocols and the mediation that is required there in.
Through this process, we are less distracted and are able to reconvene in direct counsel, as part of The Greater Councils overseeing the continual renewal of conscious evolvement.
In this way, The Wisdom Keepers of the Inner Earth realms are therefore privy to freely gain complete access to the Earth Core Oracles of Galactic Gaia
Hand in hand with the Inner Child, the results of these activities are recorded and communicated to us in tangible ways and what is relayed back and forth, consciously unfolds according to time, place and circumstances beyond our earthly scope
In this way we are continuously lead on a path of rich growth and discovery and may be rest assured in the Knowing that we are never ever really left behind.
Each soul story holds tangible messages, vibrant omens and confirmations, delivered through the divinity held in nature.
The true nature of the soul is Satcitananda, which translates from Sanskrit as eternally full of knowledge and bliss
May the wind in the leaves sing to you freely
May the dew on the leaf moisten your brow
Seek not of the forest for mundane frivolity
The mountains and chasms therein rejoice when you call out to them
In the silence you will hear us beckoning you once more
As in the womb, our rhythmic pulse will feed your own heartbeat and attune it with that of the Great Mother.
And so shall you resynchronize to this sacred rhythm, that of eternal life
And as the veils of illusory play do fall you will gain the Keys to the Kingdom
For in innocence your eyes doth see the truth of our collective wonder
May the Wise Always Be Actualized.
– By Raeline Sqs Brady



We ancestors of humanity speak now. (I am seeing a variety of types of beings who are all glowing with love. They are standing in a group observing Gaia and observing us.)Those of lower dimension are not with us. Those who have interfered negatively for their own gain are not in this place.
I Alahandran speak. (I am seeing a tall bald male being in a blue suit with big blue eyes who is smiling through his gaze. I am sensing that he is trying to make his face appear more human but it is flickering and I see that his eyes are quite big and dark but still friendly.) Yes galaxygirl, there is no need for appearances here. I Alahandran speak. We are those who are among many who eagerly await the turn of events. For we love humanity and are very involved in the progression and success of this ascension earth project. We have lent our time, talents and scientific mathematical skills to assist in any way possible the upliftment of humanity.
(Thank you Alahandran. He bows to me.)
You galaxygirl and many others, you are holding the light, millions of you, strong. It is approaching the billions. One soul can hold immeasurable light. It is the immeasurable light that is required for the success of grounding the photons from the suns. (I am seeing a bright light of suns all lined up sending light of the purest white to the earth. It is so bright I can’t see anything for a second, I am just simply light, within light, surrounded by light. I am home.)
I Alahandran am speaking. Beloved ones, you are home. We are beaming you the remembrance of home. Home. Home. You are home here. For you are light, here. The light is here. It is within you, see, in this moment you are home. In this moment you can feel us, for we are with you. We are your star family. We look the same as you look for within our different body suits we too are light. We all collectively breathe light onto you, now, our love onto you, now.
(I am seeing beings of all sizes and shapes all within different uniforms, all highly intelligent, loving beings. This is much like the Star Wars movies where the characters have various appearances, but these beings are loving, determined, very strong.) We uphold the light. We are beaming our message through this one for the time has come for the light holders to handle more light.
(I am feeling the hair on my head burn as they send light to us, I hope you can feel it through these words. I am seeing there are codes of light language in golden letters activating our DNA and igniting the inner fire. I am seeing our chakras light up and beam turning on one by one as humanity awakens and their chakras line up with the suns that are lining up.)
It is a grand cosmic event. The excitement is palpable. Beloved ones, you are the event. You are the light. We bow to you, great beings of love. We are eternally grateful for your service to the light. You came here, you volunteered to be here, to make this place that was so dark into a place that was only light, beauty, peace and prosperity. Many of you are waiting for the great financial reset. We see the great spiritual reset as far surpassing the importance of this, for naturally with elevated consciousness of course monetary and financial elevation will follow. It is like a mother holding a child’s hand as they walk side by side. The mother leads (spiritual awakening) and the child follows (financial awakening). And so all is well served, all is well grounded, and all is well underway.
I am Alahandran. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak. (He is tearing up, his great big eyes are all watery). Yes galaxygirl, you are seeing tears of immense happiness. My great great great grandchildren are upon your planet and I am watching over them. We are all heavily invested, in this moment upon Gaia, for you are the delight of our hearts. I am your ever Alahandran. (He bows, taps his fist to his heart and steps back into the light.)
~ galaxygirl


Many speak of the Starseed Lineages of Light living on distant planets in vast expanses of the universe.
I wish to focus your attention on the many portals of Light, access points on our planet. The Ancient caves, to the deep fissures in the depths of our oceans.
For the awakening, is the Uprising of Many Species, many civilisations reaching a cellular advancement in their own timelines.
Understand, it is occurring beneath US, deep in the core of Gaia, around US as a collective species of Light, our Mother Gaia and Within US.
To expand your Light Recognition to SEE our Planet awakening to the Ancient Slumber of Light Uprising.
As our Ancient Ancestors awaken from their sleep. Know they have been waiting for this Now point of awakening we have now reached 🙏.
Be Open to these concepts of Light Advancements as many Ancient Light Civilizations are eagerly anticipating our Global Uprising.
The Ancient New Earth Light Lineages are Feeling the collective cellular calling of Humanity, Awakening in Light.
Know this is a very exciting time for the Light Lineage of our reality.
See the Ancient Light Brothers and Sisters awakening before you, as we collectively awaken in Light.
For Mother Gaia is releasing her shackles, Feel the New Earth Light.
With Love For Your Journey this week.
Together We Awaken in Light ❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika


Many changes and adjustments are happening around the home and family. Your role today is to ground and find stability to support your children and other loved ones who are detoxing the narcissistic paradigm. Generationally this is ending so your past, present, and future generations are no longer trapped. God is ensuring this is the end game for your bloodline. You can use your position today to set boundaries for others on their behalf. Help them be at peace as they release old belief systems during this major paradigm shift.

Earth school for you is over with final exams complete. This is the end of all your efforts to free yourself and genetics from the karmic loops that repeatedly blocked you from unconditional love and happiness.

Balanced healthy loving relationships are ahead after your rebirth. Continue seeking solitude and following your inner guidance system as you leave the past behind. Remain faithful during this transition and transformation.

It may be frustrating at times, but doesn’t need to be over-complicated by over thinking. Create solutions through options and possibilities. Slow down and observe the abundance of nature that is around you. Focus on healing and connecting with Source. This will reveal the Wisdom and direction to maneuver through your options and decide what is best for you.

You have everything you need ahead to prosper and thrive with the abundant supply from the Most High. Know that this is all unfolding in God’s perfect divine timing.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Planets and Stars over Lake Superior Waterfall
Planets and Stars over Lake Superior Waterfall

Credit: MaryBeth Kiczenski

The Moon is in Earthy Virgo today, emphasizing attention on the smaller details of life, and the fine print of things we say, express, and communicate. The Moon is Trine to Mercury, Venus, and Uranus which are all in the sign of Earthy Taurus. The Moon is also Trine to Pluto Retrograde in Earthy Capricorn.
There are incredible celestial alignments happening in the skies today, bringing a lot to our attention in our physical and ethereal world. In situations such as this, the veil thins, gateways are revealed, and portals may be opened. This alignment creates a 5 pointed Pentacle where we get to dwell primarily in the 3D to tackle what needs our attention.
We are being grounded in ways we may not expect, and that could contribute to feeling stuck in motion or stationery. But this isn’t a slowed energy per se’. Vibrationally speaking, some of us may feel we’re at a standstill while moving, so the concept of “time” may radiate differently to us. We may notice blips on the clock, a sense of speeding up or slowing down, and shift atmospherically. This is a moment in which we can better take snapshots of visions or exchanges and interactions in the ethers by suspending them in our minds. We are more likely to catch the small whispers coming through telepathically, or the little nuances that lead us to sense when something has been altered, such as our general timelines. I liken it to the moment Neo noticed the glitch in the Matrix when the black cat walked past him twice, to denote the coding had been changed. This happened right before a significant ambush battle he and his group faced.
For us all, we must pay close attention to the ambushes and little traps set before us, sometimes traps we set before ourselves. Sometimes, we must stop to observe the glitch, so we can analyze it on a deeper level and decide our next step going forward.
The idea here is to observe the little things; things we’d often overlook if we were in too big a hurry. This is also where we get to inspect the nooks and crannies of our sacred space, and better guard them energetically where uninvited things may be getting in.
This is a fantastic time to bury our crystals in the sand or soil, and allow the Earth to cleanse them of the vibrational radiations they have absorbed while protecting or holding space for us. We can clean out the clutter so to speak, energetically or even physically, by tossing out or donating what we no longer use like old clothes, furniture, or collectibles. Clutter collects dust, but it also collects stagnant pools of lower vibrational energies. And in those pools and pockets of stagnation, shadow energies can manifest and anchor there. Grief, sorrow, disappointment, depression, and anxiety all can fester where we don’t let the light in. We can literally leave behind dark clouds of our own making, that we unintentionally become affected by later on. This is why it’s essential to cleanse the spaces we decompress in most.
Animal totems that would be great to work with today would be Badger, Bull, Deer, Porcupine, Opossum, Mouse, Garter Snake, Tree Frog, and Raccoon. They teach us how to ground, pay attention to the smaller details of life, and move at a pace that fits us best. They are born with a natural defense system, that fends off predators without having to go into battle directly. We are reminded that we too, have an innate defense system, that shields us and protects us when we activate those frequencies of high vibrational current within ourselves. This is what creates a veil of separation that keeps us apart and protected from lower vibrational forces.
Embracing Mother Gaia today can keep us grounded. And releasing all that no longer serves us can lighten the load we have been carrying. Not all storms bring hail or high winds. Some storms help us let go of the rain our soul cries, so we can be free of what weighs us down. This is how we rise above.
Debbie Edwards
Artist Credit: alexandriaslens



Adrienne Elise

Mercury is now direct, but we are still feeling suspended in time with Mercury in square to Saturn. Mercury transiting the Taurus/Gemini cusp, means we must come into our voice of expression, in order to progress forward in this human evolution.

We are claiming back our ideal timeline by standing in our spiritual truth. Mercury will come into a supportive trine with Pluto and move over into Gemini next weekend. We must free our mind and begin to create our own reality.

Venus, at home in Taurus, will come up to Uranus next weekend, and then go on to conjunct the North Node of the Moon at the middle of the month. There’s a new direction for the feminine, an activation of the Goddess archetype. The divine feminine is becoming more and more available. Venus in Taurus is learning to feel worthy of her divine feminine embodiment.

The divine masculine is being set free, with Mars coming up to Chiron at the middle of the month. Mars, at home in Aries, is having an opportunity to drop the old stories of woundedness. We are having an opportunity to claim our inherent strength and life force. The warrior in us is ready to stand up, and rise above. We are coming out of the dis-empowered victim state, and getting ready to show our strength and resolve. We will never give up fighting for a world that is good, and right, and true.

This is our quest, but somewhere we got off track. We are coming up on a powerful Sagittarius Full Moon on the 14th, that will put the Sun and the Moon in square to Neptune in Pisces. We are facing the wounds of abandoning our spiritual truth and connection.

The Sun and the Moon will also be in a favorable aspect to Saturn, speaking to a turning of the tide into the Aquarian Age. We can no longer let our feelings of failure in our spiritual quest, keep us from getting back on that horse. We are claiming back our future. We are taking back our power and moving the wheel of time. Its an activation of the Ascension timeline. We are rising above.



Elves Chasm Grand Canyon
Elves Chasm Grand Canyon

photo by Eloquent Images by Gary Hart

First Quarter Moon in Virgo. Sun in Gemini semi-sextile Uranus in Taurus. Mars in Aries semi-square Saturn in Aquarius – Constant questioning can lead to analysis paralysis. Sometimes, the only way we can know whether a project, relationship or job is going to work out is to decide to do it. Practical experience can teach us far more than facts and figures. Give yourself the opportunity to get better, to practice skills, to heal. The goal isn’t necessarily wrong if plans fail. Maybe it’s just the process that needs to change. Tinker, tweak, make alterations until the system functions smoothly.
Whether it’s professional or personal, commitment and maturity are essential to structural integrity. Whilst you may fear having to show your true face, transparency is key. Take responsibility for your happiness where you can. Make your core values a foundation for life. You cannot and should not hide who you are to please others. Be real and present.
Degrees and Times
Sun 16°Ge38′, Uranus 16°Ta38′ – 10:35 (BST)
Moon 16°Vi50′, Sun 16°Ge50′ – 15:48 (BST)
Mars 10°Ar14′, Saturn 25°Aq14′ R – 20:18 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Painting – ‘Girl at a Sewing Machine’ by Edward Hopper
Girl at a Sewing Machine
Girl at a Sewing Machine


Our Galactic Signature Today Is
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun – A Pacal Votan Clear Sign And Galactic Activation Portal Kin ☀️
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun
I channel in order to enlighten
Inspiring life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of free will
I am a galactic activation portal enter me
#note: Yellow Resonant Sun guides and teaches us to directly experience the super-luminosity of our Essential Being, our real Self, by observing resonance and by being sensitive to intelligent, vibrational energies that always surround us. This discernment allows us to cleanse and clear our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels. Yellow Resonant Sun – encourages us to work with elements that support and reinforce our inner Fire of Light by being receptive to Life’s resonances and natural vibrational flow, which allows us to tune in and match vibrations. By doing so, we can and will arrive at unlimited options that elevate and redirect our existence, finding limitless pathways to right alignment. Our passion for life illuminates the way. Yellow Resonant Sun – reminds us that this understanding allows us to access a state of attunement in which we are invited to serve as Vessels of the Mystic Muse.
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun



Kin 20 ~ Yellow Resonant Sun

The number 7 is called ‘Resonant’ and its keywords are ‘Channel, Inspire and Attune’. The 7th day occurs bang in the middle of a wavespell, so it’s a great day for checking your progress thus far and ensuring you are going in the right direction for the reminder of the wavespell journey. As the number 7 is all about fine tuning your intuition …this suggests taking stock today will be greatly aided by your psychic abilities. Some regard the number seven as lucky. If you tune in to the energy of this number today and the result is that you channel some helpful information, well that’s pretty lucky isn’t it?
Today is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment, Life and Universal Fire’. This sunny bright day is a Portal day which only happens twice in the Tzolkin. This gives a bit of intensity to the sun’s rays so be careful and don’t get sunburnt. Many ideas will pop into your head today as the sun is always illuminating and transmitting information. Plus, it is a psychic number 7 day which aids the downloading of wisdom. Expect the light to shine on things previously hidden to you and with your path so well lit today you should make good progress. The Portal day aspect offers us an opportunity to go through a Portal where we can be enlightened. The door is being held open for us and the path is brightly lit but only you can make that step forward. Don’t be blinded by all this light but embrace the chance to awaken. ‘I am a Galactic Activation Portal…enter me!’
Today’s Guide is Yellow Human which represents ‘Wisdom, Influence and Free Will’. The Yellow Human symbolizes the chalice….and humans are vessels with potential to be filled with wisdom. Trust yourself and know the universe is always trying to show you the way. Whether it’s through dreams or coincidences we all channel messages, may they guide your actions today. The combination of numbers and guide makes for a very interesting day full of intuitions. If you are hard of hearing when it comes to that subtle inner voice, try meditation or whatever method calms your mind.
The Challenge for the day is White Dog which represents ‘Love and Loyalty’.. and so if you are a White Dog, the sun may not shine so brightly on you today and the answers aren’t so forthcoming. No worries, mind you too can tap into your psychic powers to learn what you need to know. You know how to have fun and you have a stubborn streak and these two things combined can make you tenacious about having fun instead of thinking about important matters that require your attention. Your choices more often come from the heart rather than the head. Today be stubborn about addressing your challenges and you too can channel wisdom and go through that Portal. For the rest of us, matters of the heart are best left to deal with tomorrow as today we are all in our heads. There’s a great deal of information to download today and so our attention is diverted away from love.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon, the symbol of rebirth. And so with the nurturing Dragon in a magical position, there is potential for a magical rebirth to occur. Or another way to see it is… that understanding magic will facilitate renewal in your life. Any cave you explore today may contain hidden treasures and magical objects.
The Ally is the Blue Storm, if you need help making changes consult a Blue Storm because they specialize in change! If you are a Blue Storm you can be a great help to others today. When in this friendlier position the Blue Storm offers changes that are more gentle and less disruptive.
Kin 20
Kin 20





7 AHAU – KIN 20
7 JUNE 2022
I channel in order to ENLIGHTEN
Inspiring LIFE
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of Free Will
ENTER ME!!! 💥💥💥
7/6/2022 =7/6/6 = 7/12=7/3=10=1
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 20 = 2 Partnership/Cooperation/Union
20.20 ☀☀☀
KIN 20 and AHUA is tribe number 20! TRIPLE AWAKENING 👀 POWER on a GAP day! KAPOW 💥💥💥
A very powerful Ascension code today – following yesterday’s 6.6.6. 1st Heaven’s Gate opening.. we are in another very potent Rite of passage. This GAP day and TRIPLE AWAKENING CODE on the highest TRIBE☀ in the DREAMSPELL is powerfully ACTIVATING the incoming Solar Flares ☀ and Ascension energies. A very dynamic window for the STAR🌟 BLISS 🐬SUNS☀ to RISE UP as HOMO LUMINOUS! ☀☀☀
Today we complete our 20 day journey through the tribes in column 1 – the first column of the Tzolkin Calendar. Tomorrow we commence our journey at the top of column 2 – emphasizing partnerships, coupling and team work during this DIVINE HOLY month of romantic JUNE.
All these energies are SUPER magnified today due to the G.A.P💥 (portal) DAY.
TODAY is the day to SHINE YOUR INNER LIGHT, very very BRIGHT! ☀
RESONANT 🔮– Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channels, ESSENCE – attunement. A very potent code today as we are fine tuning our channel and aligning our emotional body with our spiritual Rainbow/BLISS body.🌈💞
The path to en-LIGHT💡ON-ment is through the emotional body, which is directly linked to the Spiritual✨ and BLISS 🌈bodies.. The mental/physical bodies are directly linked to each other, but one cannot access the BLISS💞 body through these channels. Clearing and mastering the EMOTIONAL body is the KEY🔑 to Ascension. Today we are attuned to the EMOTIONAL REALM -giving us direct access to this BLISS. 💞
The RESONANT tone very powerfully ignites the manifestation potentials today as it provides the ability to fine tune and channel these majikal WIZARDRY forces.
💫❤💫 Remember that it is our VIBRATION that will energize our creation, and that this is broadcast through our EMOTIONAL body, rather than our mental body. So it is uber important that we are stable, calm and receptive to our feelings, and what frequencies we are actually emitting, as a transmitter to the aetheric realm.
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the MAJIK💫 through this present moment that is available to us all. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which is divinely PERFECT on a White Wizardry Wavespell day! Day 7 and tone 7 = 14! Double Majik!💫💫
Day 7 in the WHITE WIZARD Wavespell brings extra majikal💫 power with the 7 Magician’s frequency. The WIZARD enables you to access great SOURCE☀ POWER through your HEART ❤ portal, magnetizing and magnetically attracting your desires. A DREAM code!


Today we have ✨☀✨PHENOMENAL LIGHT CODES ✨☀✨ pouring forth from the Great Central Sun ☀through our Galactic Sun🌞 to FUEL our Planetary Ascension.🌎🚀..
Spend some time today VISUALIZING this great Golden Solar energy☀☀ beaming forth from the 2 SUNS☀☀ into every HU-MAN being on EARTH and raising their frequency so that GAIA’s frequency can be jet propelled today!🚀🌍🌎🌏🚀
✨Visualize all consenting souls becoming FULLY AWAKENED 👀 and rising into their God consciousness – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. 🙏🙏🙏
DEAR ones, PLANETARY SOPHIA-CHRISTED STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 – today we are turning the tables – and FLICKING the LIGHT💡 switch to FULL LUMINOSITY.. 🌞
☀✨BRING ON THE SUN and the new GOLDEN AGE! ☀☀☀
✨we COMMAND that all siphoning cords of ill repute are SEVERED permanently as we call back our FULL LIFE FORCE…🔥🔥🔥
✨We COMMAND that the global energy created from this EVENT be channeled through the GREAT CENTRAL SUN🌞 and upgraded to the GOD FREQUENCY🎆
As the energy returns though our Galactic Sun☀ and into the core of Mother Gaia’s HEART💗🌎 it is used as 🚀fuel🔥 to LAUNCH and catalyze our Planetary ASCENSION to the next stage of our collective evolution… with HARM TO NONE – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL…
Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish. Adonai Tsebayoth! 🙏💗🙏💗
Today’s question is “Can I ATTUNE to and feel my inner SOPHIA -CHRISTED LIGHT ☀shining brightly, as I RESONATE in FULL alignment with ALL THAT IS – SOURCE?🌞
“How can I broadcast this RADIANCE to the world?
Our completion today results in our total metamorphosis of the Golden Butterfly breaking free from the chrysalis, stretching its wings and taking its virgin golden flight, carried by the winds of Spirit into the SPOTLIGHT! 🔦
Divine blessings for stepping up onto the WORLD STAGE and radiating your LOVE and LIGHT universally!💗 🎆🌞
We are now FULLY b-Earthing this new GOLDEN AGE! ✨☀✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
Let us welcome the SUN to SHINE in all its glory to the newly EN-LIGHTEN-ED STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 of the New Earth – the original CHILDREN OF THE SUN! 👫👬👭☀
That we be guided to hold the presence of the potential of Nova Gaia🌈🌍 today. Holding the presence of the Seed of our own illumination, harmonized by the beauty of our capacity to transcend life and know ourselves as pure STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 of Universal Fire🔥… pure light…🎆 Enlightened🌤☀🌞 life…
RESONANT SUNS ☀☀☀shining brightly… as we all merge into ONENESS, one central SUN☀ returning to our SOURCE ☀ through Unity Consciousness.
As you express unconditional love, you become more than you previously perceived yourself to be. You become ILLUMINED,💡 the full manifestation of your divinity. In the embrace of your humanity, accept yourself and others unconditionally.
🌟MAGNIFY your full presence today!
🌟RADIATE and Be limitless.
🌟Accept and understand the nature of judgement, fear, light and dark within yourself and others. Love and accept yourself and others as you are, freed from previous boundaries.
☀You are the dawning 🌄of the new Soul-ar Age.🌅 ☀
Now we find ourselves in THE GREAT AWAKENING 🌄 We have the opportunity to retrace our steps, to return to union with our Original SOURCE. ☀ We who have deepened the illusion of separation, are now poised to retrieve what seemed to be lost forever. Through the gift of rebirth and Ascension, we are reclaiming our original state of union with God/Goddess. We are going home!!!.
✨✨I AM THAT, I AM! ✨✨
HIGHER SELF: YELLOW RESONANT HUMAN 😊 EB is preparing your circuits for DIVINE transformation as the higher power today. Become empty, that your thirst may be quenched by the bounteous gifts poured from the GOLDEN🏆 chalice of the Universal Fire. 🔥🔥🔥Open and receive all that YELLOW HUMAN offers in the chalice of your own body.
The RESONANT HU-MAN is directly aligned with DIVINE WILL and is a conduit for the expression of Spirit through Divine Service.
YELLOW HUMAN represents FREE WILL and WISDOM. The wisdom that evolves from attuning to and aligning with DIVINE WILL. Surrender to the Universal Mind and your cup will runneth over with Universal Wisdom. Once filled with wisdom, it is the turn of the Divine Mother, to fill your golden chalice with the unconditional DIVINE LOVE of SOURCE and creation energies. The well from which to drink, then manifests your desires.
Today EB invites you to channel the wisdom of SOURCE, and decide to become emotionally independent as SOVEREIGN 👑 beings. .
Inspired by the LIGHT of AHAU ☀ you find resonance through the power of wisdom to live a truly INSPIRED and ENLIGHTENED LIFE. 🔥💥💡
SUPPORT: BLUE RESONANT STORM 🌀🌩🌪CAUAC finalizes its actions from yesterday’s BLUE RHYTHMIC STORM of purification and cleansing. The purging and cleansing of the dross, preparing your vessel to ensure a smooth transition into your new Self, beautifully transformed.
The RESONANT STORM is working synergistically with the YELLOW 💛 “boys” and these TRIPLE 20.20.20. AWAKENING codes to propel our ASCENSION passage today.
We allow ourselves to be the energy generators catalyzing this great LOVE and LIGHT guided by the wisdom of our Creator. The RESONANT STORM is attuned to TRANSFORMATION – the transformation that catalyzes your eventual en-LIGHT💡ON-ment!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RESONANT DRAGON🐉 IMIX brings forth the power of Mother Goddess and the infinite creation to begin anew, reborn and shining brightly, even better than before!, The New Birth, the primal birthing of being, that comes from the union of our great father the SUN, ☀the LIGHT, and our great mother 🐉– holding the LOVE and nurturance.💞 Initiating the new, primal response to ushering in the New Earth, with the nurturing caring ability of feminine creation matrix….
IMIX gives you the impetus to birth your NEW you!🐣 The projects, the campaigns and the marketing initiatives all in alignment with your unique Divine plan.
Use your SHAMANIC MAJIK💫💫 with IMIX to energize your Vortex of Creation 🌪 to fuel your passionate creative impulses. This is RAW primal SOURCE energy at your disposal today!
IMIX as the SUPERPOWER today is powerfully providing the CREATION MATRIX for b-Earthing NEW EARTH.🌍🌎🌏🌐🌈..
The Sophia Dragons🌹🐉 are bringing forth the feminine Sophia LOVE/Wisdom codes and the SUN –☀ the CHRISTOS – holding the Masculine – Soul-ar Christed codes. We have a very powerful UNION of our Sophia/Christos bodies today..✨💞☀👑
Very DIVINE enchanted MAJIK 💫 activated through our precious HEARTS. ❤❤💞💞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RESONANT DOG 🐕OC challenges us to examine all that is not derived from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, loyalty and pure DIVINE DEVOTION to our cell-ves, our family and to our DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER GOD/SOURCE..❤❤❤.
Any betrayals by the DARKNESS will be REVEALED in FULL SUN – LIGHT☀ today…
It is TIME to hold full FAITH and TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN for HU-MAN-ity.. Our DIVINE parents LOVE US unconditionally and support us in our EARTHLY experience.. KNOW that it is time to go within and IGNITE the deepest connection to our CREATOR… attuning to the PUREST CHANNEL of LOVE, WISDOM and inspiration to guide our soul’s and our collective ENLIGHTENMENT.. ☀☀☀🎆🔥🎆
The RESONANT DOG brings forth the LOVE❤ that receives from every multidimensional corner of the universe, all coming home to the great darkness of our Divine Mother’s womb… The pure presence of ONENESS transcending all right and wrong, the pure presence of love and truth of ONENESS☀
Open your pure HEART❤ dear ones and receive.
Fill your chalice with everlasting and infinite unconditional LOVE💖 from SOURCE.☀☀☀
Today we have ✨☀✨PHENOMENAL LIGHT CODES ✨☀✨ pouring forth from the Great Central Sun ☀through our Galactic Sun🌞 to FUEL our Planetary Ascension.🌎🚀..
Spend some time today VISUALIZING this great Golden Solar energy☀☀ beaming forth from the 2 SUNS☀☀ into every HU-MAN being on EARTH and raising their frequency so that GAIA’s frequency can be jet propelled today!🚀🌍🌎🌏🚀
✨Visualize all consenting souls becoming FULLY AWAKENED 👀 and rising into their God consciousness – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. 🙏🙏🙏
DEAR ones, PLANETARY SOPHIA-CHRISTED STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 – today we are turning the tables – and FLICKING the LIGHT💡 switch to FULL LUMINOSITY.. 🌞
☀✨BRING ON THE SUN and the new GOLDEN AGE! ☀☀☀
✨we COMMAND that all siphoning cords of ill repute are SEVERED permanently as we call back our FULL LIFE FORCE…🔥🔥🔥
✨We COMMAND that the global energy created from this EVENT be channeled through the GREAT CENTRAL SUN🌞 and upgraded to the GOD FREQUENCY🎆
As the energy returns though our Galactic Sun☀ and into the core of Mother Gaia’s HEART💗🌎 it is used as 🚀fuel🔥 to LAUNCH and catalyze our Planetary ASCENSION to the next stage of our collective evolution… with HARM TO NONE – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL…
Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish. Adonai Tsebayoth! 🙏💗🙏💗
Today’s question is “Can I ATTUNE to and feel my inner SOPHIA -CHRISTED LIGHT ☀shining brightly, as I RESONATE in FULL alignment with ALL THAT IS – SOURCE?🌞
“How can I broadcast this RADIANCE to the world?
Our completion today results in our total metamorphosis of the Golden Butterfly breaking free from the chrysalis, stretching its wings and taking its virgin golden flight, carried by the winds of Spirit into the SPOTLIGHT! 🔦
Divine blessings for stepping up onto the WORLD STAGE and radiating your LOVE and LIGHT universally!💗 🎆🌞
We are now FULLY b-Earthing this new GOLDEN AGE! ✨☀✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
NOTE: Some excerpts taken from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury ❤🙏





Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :




Prayers and Invocations to the First Ray~ 💙

Royal Blue Flame of God’s Will
The Prayer of Surrender ~ By Master El Morya ❤
Beloved Father/Mother God, into Thy hands I commend my being.
Use my Love, my thoughts and my life in selfless service to Thee.
Release from me all that hinders the fulfillment of my holy purposes and Ascension.
Teach me to be kind in the ways of the Brotherhood of Light.
Direct and establish my lifestream in ways that, daily and hourly, my true identity in God manifests.
Beloved God-Presence I AM, Eternal Father/Mother God, May the covenant I made with Thee be totally fulfilled! May I live my life to feel Your Love and see Your Light!
May your Will manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven!
Into thy hands I surrender my being, that through me, God be glorified in all things!
And so be it! Beloved I AM.
( Repeat 3,6, or 9 times)
(From Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia) ❤
Master El Morya
Master El Morya
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun
How to harmonize service with others?
Kin 20, Yellow Resonant Sun
Illuminate, Inspire Life with the power of Universal Fire
Kin 20, Yellow Resonant Sun
Kin 20, Yellow Resonant Sun
Humans are echoing beings. Whatever energy you are exposed to has the ability to resonate and vibrate at the same frequency. I realize how my emotional, physical or mental states can be influenced by the vibrations around me. When I improve my perception of energies and vibrations, I can be more selective about what I bring with me. This discernment directs me to my state of alignment in any situation, and causes me to surround myself with things that inspire me. The Resonant Tone (UUC) transmits: vibration, creates resonating structures, which can be felt on many levels. I know the frequencies I am currently navigating in, I exercise my ability to help others through vibrations, I follow the frequencies that are good for me. Tune in!
The Yellow Sun (AHAU) means Zero and Twenty at the same time, representing the union of everything and nothing. Being our local star, the Sun is the lens through which we receive radiant energy emanations, information transmitted directly from the center of the galaxy. I receive the grandeur of Universal Fire, let it ignite and illuminate my inner Sun – my inner source of divine light. I awaken to the precious reality of who I really am – a spark of life’s great fire that lights up eternity. Releasing all layers of personal identity and conditioning, I can rest in the sacred emptiness of my essence – Pure Life. The Sun is a reminder that I am, at this very moment, the center of all that is. I am the crown of creation, infused with the solar mind chart. I am love visibly! As I express unconditional love, I become more than I ever realized I was. I become Enlightened. I accept myself and others unconditionally. Let go of limitations . I accept and understand the nature of judgment, fear, light and darkness within myself and others. I am the dawn of the solar age.
Harmonization means to be in alignment with your desired vibrations. Harmonize with my Higher Self to align and enter into harmony. The more I tune into my higher nature, the easier it becomes to channel information, energies and forms. I pay attention to the resonance of people, places, situations, thoughts, emotions, conversations, and I see what I tune into to see what feeds my spirit. Leave everything else aside.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 20, Yellow Resonant Sun
I channel with the light end
Breathing the life away
Universal Fire Matrix Seal
With the buzzing tone of harmonization
I’m Guided By The Power Of Free Will
I am a galactic activation portal enter me
“O crown of illumination, may you walk through my doors with purity, wisdom and with the essence of love. “
Phrase : Mirta Blassia
TOM 07: Resonant (UUC) – How to harmonize service with others?
POWER – Channel | ACTION – Inspire | ESSENCE – Harmonize
SEAL 20: Yellow Sun (AHAU)
POWER – Universal Fire | ACTION – Enlighten | ESSENCE – Life
Galactic Activation Portal
Clear Signal of Pacal Votan
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun
Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun
I am the Enlightened One
Coded by the yellow sun
My number is twenty
The totality of the universe
I was conceived to meditate,
From meditation I was born and for many eras I’ve inhabited your abyss
I am the higher truth and life renewal
Spin the cosmic wheel of law
Teaching the immaculate mind among the stars
I am the harmonious guardian of the glowing fields of infinite light
I get called by alot of names
They just name my look though
My cloak you call sun
The enlightenment of one is the enlightenment of all
I am the fulfillment of the prophecy of Hunab’Ku
To awaken all beings simultaneously is my task
Been waking up in a lot of places
And everywhere I go I only know by the name Tulan
Tulan of the awakened
To know me is to know the light of truth
Who lights up all things
Coded by the Yellow Sun
Coded by the Yellow Sun

Today is Yellow Resonant Sun day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Sun, (tribe 20/0 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), enlightens, life, universal fire.
Work with the element of fire, and the sun. Fire tends to burn fast. Be sure to continuously feed your fire so you keep from getting burned out. Fan your inner flame. Ascend and burn with total illumination. Yesterday’s storm clouds have now burned away, leaving you feeling the spark of divine life-force energy that is the source of all of life. Yellow Sun has the special distinction of being both the end and the beginning of the 20 archetype cycle. It is the 20th tribe on the archetype cycle and at the same time, it is also the 0 numbered tribe. Many consider one to be the beginning, but in actuality, zero is the place that all things originate from. What our backward perceiving culture defines as one is in actuality zero, and vice versa. When you think about the concept of being all one, do you picture a line or a circle? Imagine one of anything, use yourself as an example. You are one individual, you exist. In order for you to be able to exist, that then means that your non-existence must also be a possibility. How could you exist unless there is a non-existence for you to exist from? If you were to put that concept into number code, existence = 1, non-existence = 0. This means that in order for one to exist, zero must be present first. Zero or non-existence defines and makes one, or existence possible. Zero exists all by itself without the presence of one or any other number needed to make it possible. Zero is the all one. Zero is the mathematical equivalent of God, the source of all life. Zero is also the number that represents the Sun, the source of life here on our planet. Zero is all beings in existence combined. We are all zero!
Resonant tone of attunement, (step 7 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), channel, inspire, attunement.
Seven is the center of the thirteen-step creative energy cycle. Seven also represents the seven major energy centers, (chakras), that are found in the center of your body. Seven is the mystical, magical center. During yesterday’s tone 6, you went through the balancing, equalizing, transformation of catalyzing, self-generation, energy, (Blue Storm). This transformation helped you to get centered. From a centered place, you become an energetic chameleon, able to magically tune in, match vibrations, and resonate with all frequencies. Today you will find that you are especially magically attuned and resonating with the frequencies of enlightenment, life, and universal fire.
Magically attuned enlightenment, life, and universal fire.
Day 7 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Jeff Sullivan
Yellow Resonant Sun day
Yellow Resonant Sun day



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