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Right now: Moon at 2°46′ Virgo, Sun at 13°05′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long- forgotten culture.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Capricorn.



Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Two guardian angels bringing protection.
Sabian Symbol for 3º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 3º Virgo.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com

January 2nd, 2021
The Arcturians
To feel your world immersed in a wonderful new light spectrum. The welcoming of the New Light Paradigm, the celebration of life, renewal and light advancement.
We ask you to travel within this light frequency, connect more deeply to the Crystalline Light particles, to discover your true connection, your Light Mission in this now moment.
To see the week ahead of virtual manifestation, deep core understanding and your role(s) in assisting Gaia and all beings.
To observe the beauty of nature, the fresh flowers of a plant, and those that shined before now returning to the living system.
For your own lightbody can be observed like a plant flourishing with new growth, of wonderful new flowers, leaves and stems. As your growth is exponential as you reach the skies, the never ending limitations of your world.
Like a plant, your role is to flourish in the crystalline light, grow and expand.
Release aspects back to the living system as you grow and advance.
The observation of nature has many answers – to observe the cycle of life – for Gaia speaks.
Be open to messages and insights as you awaken to life, your light family.
To the Rhythm of YOU, the vibrational hum of your Lightbody – the essence of YOU.
Know the Answers you seek are before you…
To Follow the Light Path….
As the New Year Begins…
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
❤Thank you Artist❤
In Truth… God / Creative SOURCE / Great Spirit is the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that Encompasses All Consciousness on All Planes and Dimensions throughout the Multiverse.
The Omnipresent… Omnipotent… Omniscient… Creative SOURCE within All Creation.
As all Great Masters, Saints and Sages have told us the Temple is within.
By going within through Conscious Prayer Meditation and other Spiritual practices we expand in Awareness… in Consciousness until we BEcome ONE with the ONE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS… THE ONE of All That Is.
The only difference between us and HIGHER Dimensional BEings is they have Access to and Utilize more of the Unified Field… the ONE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS.
That Access in NOW on Earth like never BEfore… a Golden Opportunity for everyone who is willing with pure intent to take a QUANTUM LEAP in CONSCIOUSNESS in this NOW Moment.
It’s Time to Stand Tall in our own Divinity and make UNIVERSAL LAW the Law of the Land for our planet Earth.
Universal Peace… Brother/Sisterly Love… Individual Freedom and Prosperity for ALL.
With Sacred LOVE of ONE
~ 💜 ~
Photo: Solar Energy Portal of the New 5D Earth – photographer signed
Keep your eyes to the skies
Much is being revealed
Beings of light from all over the Galaxy are here assisting with this glorious transformation and celebrating our accomplishments Their presence is becoming more and more known
Many have felt isolated through the healing process
We are truly never alone, always guided and protected and loved beyond measure
As wholeness is embodied,
new rainbow tribes are or soon will be coming together to rebuild what we have already created energetically on the physical plane
Many will be moving away from larger cities into smaller communities which are highly connected to nature and natural being
Your new rainbow tribe and the solutions are in your community
Emerald cities of lights will be erected all across the globe, Many will choose to live amongst the trees
Many will be shifting their focus away from or less active on social media/facebook and becoming more engaged in their communities
The world has changed and so have you step out and shine the world needs your light
If you are being called to relocate trust the calling and that all that you need will be provided
It is Done
Nothing/no one can stop this glorious transformation
We are home💙
There is nothing to fear
The whole universe has you covered
A whole new reality awaits you on the other side of fear Fearlessly leap into the unknown

~Alana Fairchild

Welcome 2021
This year is a 5 vibration. The 5 is powerful – a paradigm shifter.
When energy and consciousness has stagnated, the 5 spiritually aerates, ushering in the beautiful breakthrough.
The 5 vibration is one of the divine feminine numbers, along with 8 and 13.
These numbers feature strongly throughout the year, along with 7 and 22, both of which relate to harmonising with higher wisdom. The sacred purpose of the divine feminine is to facilitate liberation for all beings.
The 5 frequency is an expression of her liberating intelligence.
Those of us on the spiritual path know that it can be unsettling at times, even chaotic.
We also learn that it is wise to trust in the process of our life journeys, engaging rather than resisting or fearing.
What transpires this year will provide our souls with the energy, the circumstances, and the opportunities to shift from stalemated to creative.
The cosmic play through the year is a portent for profound change. I invite you to become bold of heart, simultaneously holding and surrendering yourself to the divine alchemy of your spiritual growth. Doing so will magnetise an abundant supportive grace to your heart, and into our world.
The 5th chakra is the throat centre, Vishuddhi.
The function of the throat chakra is to metabolise and prioritise, organise and express. Its nature is protective and purifying.
It is selective, discerning.
It is nourished by truth, depleted by deception and inauthenticity. Where 2020 belonged to the base chakra and the dark goddess Kali, whittling down ego and teaching us about interconnectedness of sacred ecosystem, 2021 supports the soul to process, metabolise and express what we have learned, trusting in our creative power to set new realities in motion.
Presiding over the throat chakra is the goddess Saraswati, the luminous creatrix, cosmic swan and divine sound. She speaks and worlds take shape accordingly.
She teaches us to build our integrity, our alignment with our hearts and our truth, so that our words gain potency.
They can become tools for healing, for building bridges, for letting go with peace in our hearts, for building the vision, no matter what the doubters may say.
Saraswati is the great master of manifestation, particularly of the seemingly impossible.
No opinion or karma can withstand the pure potency of her unwavering intention.
Rising from the black ocean of Kali Ma that engulfed 2020, Saraswati is clear and courageous intent for spiritual renewal and sacred rebirth. Together, these divine sisters are enlightened allies of the soul, and an unstoppable transformational force, facilitating the uprising of creative consciousness, freedom and truth for the spiritual benefit of all beings.
The 5 energy is not predictable. Neither are the ways of the divine feminine!
Success during such a year requires both flexibility and inner steadiness.
As we do the work to respond to Life, rather than become rigid or collapse, there is genuine possibility for overcoming long-term stagnation and liberating oneself from prisons of mind, body and soul.
Mars enters Taurus on January 6, after an unusually prolonged tour de force during the fiery sign of Aries for the last 6 months. If we take care to process rather than ruminate, the forthright and independent Mars in Aries will calm and ground the collective energies in the Taurean realm of planning, plodding, progress and appreciation for the restorative simple pleasures of physical existence.
Consider the sweetness of rest and relaxation that has been well-earned and you will be striking the right balance.
On Jan 13 the new moon in Capricorn initiates a fresh turn of the manifestation spiral in our lives.
The planetary push from the heavy-weight Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter that dominated 2020 can give way to clarity and perspective now, as we integrate and apply what we learned through the year gone by, and how to best move forwards in a conscious and creative way.
Capricorn is both a profoundly spiritual and material sign.
In esosteric astrology is the sign of the initiate – the one who is on a powerful spiritual journey this lifetime, the one who is passionately devoted to the awakening of the soul and aims to utilise ego as a teaching tool, rather than as an identity.
This new moon is a chance to consider what it is that would bring you spiritual and material abundance in such a way that the greater good, and your own soul, is honoured.
On Jan 28, the full moon in Leo, the sign of the heart and of the Sun, blesses us with love and light.
The Sabian symbol for this lunation is “the sun on the early morning dew”.
It speaks of a blessing to begin, the promise of dawn, and encourages our hearts to trust in what is possible this year.
Two days later Mercury kicks off its retrograde back-peddle through Aquarius.
Rather than worry and wonder if more of the 2020 madness is going to infiltrate 2021, let’s keep things in perspective.
The year of 2020 yielded deeply felt disruption.
To process such profound disruption and become able to extract something positive and then apply and integrate it into our lives requires time, reflection, energy and most of all, patience. Mercury’s backwards scuttle is a chance to break up the fixity that typifies the Aquarian stress response, and tune into the brilliance of relaxed Aquarian thought which is inspired and innovative.
Through the three weeks of Mercury retrograde and the shadow phase which prolongs its effect until March, it is time to get clear about our visions, our aspirations, our intentions – for ourselves and for our collective. Revisit, revise, release, renew.
January is pure potential.
What is our innermost soul voice needing to express this year?
What are our intentions and yearnings to manifest?
How might we open ourselves spiritually that our fulfilment as an individual can serve the greater needs of the collective?
May the jostling of the planets be received as soul aligning nudges supporting every being as we each tread our unique path towards nourishing divine fruition.
The Divine update on the outcome of global meditation and Gaia’s changes
January 1, 2021
Linda Li
Dear beloveds, the Divine wants to give you a quick update about what we have achieved with the global meditation.
The Divine says that the meditation was so powerful that the result of the meditation has amazingly shifted the entire planet and the overall Divine plan now has sped up even more.
The amount of energy produced from the meditation has brought the entire population to another realm, one octave up the Divine says. And that has never happened before. For that, the Divine and the company of heaven are very grateful. The Divine wants to thank all of the light workers for a job well done.
In terms of individual light workers who participated in the meditation, the Divine has recorded the individual progress and will let the individual know. The Divine has also selected enough of the individual participants so that in the future, when the ascension process and the Divine need help, the Divine will ask these individuals to come and help with the Divine and the company of heaven. In contributing to the meditation, these light workers have made themselves known to the Divine and the Divine appreciates that.
Now, what is coming next will be Gaia’s changes. The process has already started. Mother Earth is already moving. The Divine is monitoring and the Divine team is also working nonstop.
In the next few days or so, the process will become more intense. Light workers have been notified. And the Divine wants you to continue to be alert and go with the flow. Just know that the planet has started her remapping process. And the process is global wide. Be alert for changes and stay in the heart, the Divine advises us. And know the time has come.
I love you dear angels of my heart. I am your Mother God. Go in peace now. So it is.

As you settle into the energies coming in today, you may notice an upheaval at first, a deep stirring, agitation, and irritability. This is just a gathering and clearing of the old within making way for the new. Stillness, peace, grace, clear, open, light, rebirth, renewed, fresh perspective, non attachment, neutrality, empowerment, and Sovereign Divinity are the new energies coming in.
Take time to make your connection to Source a priority in every now moment. These new energies are calling forth All that You Are. There is a beckoning for complete Onness with Source. Old patterns and routines will not be enough anymore. We must except complete responsibility for our Personal Spiritual Journey and this requires putting in real work if we are to achieve our Divine Mission.
We must put in place and eagerly process a daily practice of meditation, clearing, and communication with our higher self, guides, helpers, galactic family, angels, Archangels, and Source. 2021 is set to be a year of much growth individually and collectively.
Much love,
Sun in Capricorn sextile Ceres in Pisces – Whatever is going on, there’s always time for kindness and compassion. A gentle smile, a nod of understanding – these simple gestures can make all the difference. Support your body by eating foods that come straight from nature’s pantry to give you real sustenance. Delight in organic artistry – pink sunsets, wild orchids, green upon forest green. Nature’s palette feeds the soul.
Reach out to your soul sisters – mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, siblings, girlfriends. Nurture your friends, family and neighbours. We are all flowers of the Earth, united at the root by one ancient Mother. Under the shining light of love, life blossoms.
Ludwig Knaus
Degrees and Time
Sun 12°Cp31′, Ceres 12°Pi31′ – 17:08 (UT)
source: leahwhitehorse.com
Painting – The Girl in the Meadow
Kin 19 ~ Blue Rhythmic Storm
The number 6 is called ‘Rhythmic’ and it’s key words are ‘Organize, Equality and Balance’. These days are great for fine tuning your balancing act. Are you working too hard or not hard enough? Have you been letting important things slide because you’ve been partying too much? The work/life balance is important to get right. On number 6 days we are reminded to address any issues that must be set right. This gets us into a better, more natural rhythm and so, if you want to hit your stride today check yourself for wobblyness. This equalizing energy will sort you out.
Today is Blue Storm and it’s key words are ‘Self-Generation, Energy and Catalyze’. The Storm can be quite disruptive and even though it is a double Storm day, the number six is so balanced that it calms the storm down and harnesses its energy in a practical, helpful way. This will give you the energy to re balance your life. Sweeping changes can be made today and like a breath of fresh air, storm can blow away the cobwebs and invigorate you.
Today’s guide is also Blue Storm and so that’s a double helping of stormy weather.
The Challenge of the day is Red Moon so people born on a Red Moon will find it hard to make those changes. It’s not impossible, they just have to try harder than the rest of us. No one however is going to be laid back and ‘going with the flow’ today, not when the moon is in a challenging position.
The Occult Power is the White Wind, the communicator. The reason I enjoy Blue Storm days is because I always receive a magical message. This is courtesy of White Wind being in a Occult position. The information you receive can greatly help the changes you go through today.
The Ally is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. If you need some illumination to shine on you today, seek out a Yellow Sun. If you are one – you too can be a big help to others as Blue Storm is your ally and it’s intense energy is something you are very familiar with.
6 CAUAC – KIN 19
2 JANUARY 2021
I organize in order to catalyze
Balancing energy
I seal the matrix of self generation
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
2/1/2021 =21221 = 2/1/5 = 8
2 – Twins/Partners/Cooperation
1- New Beginning/Leader/Authority/Original
5- Freedom/Change/Movement/Transformation
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Source FLOW
KIN 19 = 10 – Manifestation/Leadership/Power/New Beginnings
A very powerful catalytic day! The energy is extremely transformative with TRIPLE purification powers at play!.
The second day of this New Year of 2021 proves that we are in for another hugely transformative year in the name of PLANETARY LIBERATION!! 💥
Buckle up Planetary kin! 🎢
Day 6 of the enchanting WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ Wavespell is where we catalyze the White Majik 💫 that the WIZARD🧙‍♂️ brings forth, in unison with DOUBLE STORM, to totally and majikally transform our HEARTS❤ and our lives in ways we never thought possible!
RHYTHMIC 🚴☯️– Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. RHYTHMIC power enables you to get ORGANIZED in order to create BALANCE and HARMONY through the equalizing of forces. Rhythmic is practical energy allowing you to get things done in the physical REAL world..
The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory! Time to get organized and balance your daily life!
A great code to start the New Year CLEAN – so start decluttering, space clearing, trimming and pruning all that is stagnant, old, outdated, broken and not in alignment with your new energy.
KIN 19 is a formidable force💥 as this STORM has the FENG SHUI☯️ rhythmic power as it’s tone!!! This powerful STORM not only totally demolishes the building, but it brings in the STREET SWEEPERS to clean up its mess, so that all that is left is a clean slate upon which to commence rebuilding!
Keep an EYE on GLOBAL developments today, because whatever is uncovered, will be totally DEMOLISHED 💣💥in order to bring in more harmony for humanity and our planet… anything corrupt, discordant or creating inequality will be brought to BALANCE today… very SWIFTLY! The scales of JUSTICE⚖ are in effect!
STORM WARNING 🌪🌩🌨– TODAY we have a DOUBLE BLUE STORM 🌪🌪– For those who have not completed their PURGING – DOUBLE STORM comes today to sweep up the remnants and finish the job! We are about to go through the TURBO WASH cycle!🌀🌀🌀
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: BLUE STORM 🌪🌩🌦CAUAC brings great transformation, change, disruption and self regeneration. BLUE STORM is the initiation by FIRE,🔥 the LIGHTNING 🌩 STORM
🌪🌨. The arrival of the THUNDERBEINGS🌩 who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, BLUE STORM represents the STORM, the thundercloud full of PURIFYING rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality. BLUE STORM is the purification of the ‘body temple’ and the ignition of the light body.
In these last years of the 26,000 year Mayan grand cycle, BLUE STORM comes to help you in the disintegration process that moves you from separation to Ascension. This initiation by fire breaks any false containers of self that cannot withstand the flame of transmutation. Only your true identity will live through these fires, for you will be reborn in the HEART of All That Is.
WHITE WIZARDS 🧙‍♂️ do not FEAR the STORM – indeed when they are in divine alignment with the elements🔥💧🏔🌫 and the natural world they KNOW that
Once they become ONE with the STORM they can harness this tremendous energy, catalyzing it for CREATION and growth.🎆.. Nikola Tesla was a GENIUS at this – harnessing tremendous electrical ⚡currents for his experiments and inventions – even conducting them through his own body!
When Jesus was asleep in his boat and a great STORM🌊🌊🌊 arose at sea, his Apostles became very fearful that their boat would capsize and they would drown, so they awakened him and asked him to intervene. He calmly used his Majikal powers to placate and BALANCE the forces catalyzing the STORM displaying that we do indeed have great powers over the elements of nature when we focus our intent.
✨In these tumultuous times it is vital that as wayshowers we follow the example of Jesus and remain CALM and BALANCED in our center, and utilize our powers to placate any chaotic or discordant energies and bring back HARMONY from the chaos. In order to do this we must first hold LOVE❤ and PEACE 🕊in our HEARTS, and then radiate this out to balance any opposing forces, simply washing them away with the power of our LOVE. 🌀💗
BLUE STORM provides the water that purifies and quenches your spiritual thirst. In this state of consciousness, you stand willing to SURRENDER everything as the STORM waters wash over you – inside and out! SURRENDER everything. For in the FINAL surrender you claim your true power. You give up what you seem to BE, in order to become fully what you are. You step into the fires of the unknown, and you are changed forever. Allow Blue storm’s energies to PURIFY and cleanse you in preparation for your rebirth..
NOTE: If you are done with purging and are on the road to Self-Mastery then today’s challenge is how well you can stay CENTRED and BALANCED – NO MATTER WHAT!! Calmly seeking refuge in the EYE of the STORM! 🌪As the energy is doubled and on the PHYSICAL plane, we may see many storms unleashed by Gaia for purification and balance. We also may see other “STORMS” evident around us, or on the Global stage. Lots of mud slinging is also likely!
SUPPORT: YELLOW RHYTHMIC SUN ☀AHAU peeks through the STORM clouds🌤 and begins streaming the radiant light codes that will fully anchor throughout the following day of YELLOW RESONANT SUN! Wisdom and en-LIGHTEN -ment! The RHYTHMIC SUN will illuminate all the shadows in order to organize to release this density in your cell-ves. The purpose of the STORM is to prepare us for enLIGHTenment – once the dross is washed away our bodies are CLEAN and PURE enabling the embodiment of more LIGHT.
Once we are cleansed and purified we begin to SHINE our LIGHT💡 becoming the ✨LIGHTHOUSE in the STORM – ✨the BEACON of HOPE✨ for others to find safety and refuge from the chaos of the STORM. 🌪🌩⛈
You are not the same person you were yesterday, last week, last month or last year! Tremendous soul growth through releasing, detaching and self generation has transformed you into a new wiser and brighter version of yourself.
Expect many RAINBOWS to appear today! 🌈🌈
Our WORLD is rapidly transforming at an accelerated pace with the aim of reorganizing all global systems for greater FREEDOM, EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and Planetary ABUNDANCE! The basic requirements for an evolved race of EN-LIGHT💡ON-ed Solar 🌞 HU-MANS!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE GALACTIC WIND 🌬🍃IK teams with the White Wizard 🧙‍♂️to bring forth the refining energies of Spirit.. honing our vessels to allow us to be stronger clear channels.
The GALACTIC WIND as the SUPERPOWER today is focused on sweeping clean any incongruities that exist within your being, that are not aligned with the new 5D principles of modelling TRUTH, integrity, equality, fairness and honesty in a transparent manner. We are now part of a GLOBAL FAMILY and so our values, beliefs and actions must NOW reflect this TRUTH.
The WHITE WIND 🌬💨provides the messages of Spirit, through the whisperings of the wind. The STORM🌪 merges with WHITE WIND 🌬💨 and is thus Divinely directed in its path of minimal destruction for the purpose of bringing you to your most beneficial destination unharmed.
✨Follow the guidance of Spirit✨ to best utilize and navigate through these powerful energies for self regeneration!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED RHYTHMIC MOON 👸MULUC gifts you with heightened GODDESS powers today – with more sensitivity and intuitive senses tuned into Spirit’s channel.. The shadow of RED MOON includes negative self-talk and self deprecation, that is, hiding the fullness of your LIGHT. Forgetfulness and lacking awareness of signs and synchronicities voiced by Spirit is also a challenge of MULUC so get ready to PURGE these shadow aspects.
RED MOON also brings forth another layer of PURIFICATION🌨 🚿power, working synergistically with BLUE STORM🌪 to PURGE every last remnant of any toxins or density that you have been holding in your body, mind or life.
To reap the gifts today MULUC asks you to become an empty vessel and take off your veil of forgetfulness and shine your LIGHT, becoming the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to the remembrance of your true LIGHT the voice of Spirit will freely flow through your purified vessel, filling it with the GOLDEN LIGHT from AHAU🌞 until your cup runneth over! 🏆
Today’s question is “How can I catalyze the POWER of the STORM to organize for more BALANCE and EQUALITY, MAJIKALLY transforming my life and our world?”
Buckle up StarBlossoms the DOUBLE STORM IS HERE!!!! 🌪🌩🌪🌈
May you seek safe shelter in your CENTRE until tomorrow, when the Sun rises on a new dawn! ⛅🌤☀
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏
NOTE: Some excerpts taken from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏
PHOTO CREDIT: Divine Gratitude to unknown Artist🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Guardian Alliance speaks
Genetic Integrity re stored.
Lyra Aramatena Gates open..
Katie Russell

 added 3 new photos to the album: Golden days 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛.

1. In the name of Saint Germain, I call forth a shattering of the veil in the collective consciousness, so that people will awaken to the realization that money is meant to be a medium of exchange and a short-term storage of value. It is not, and must never be allowed to become, an end in itself.
The Golden Age is real.
Oh Saint Germain, your violet light,
makes the future oh so bright.
Consuming poverty and strife,
all people have abundant life.
Your violet flame the Earth does seal,
the Golden Age is now for real.
Oh Saint Germain, your Freedom Flame
perfects the Earth in God’s own name.

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